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good afternoon welcome to today's we're going to  call this one a vlog because this is vlog style   we're just freestyling really aren't we yeah  it's saturday afternoon 1pm and we can't really   tell you what's going to be throughout the whole  video because we don't even know ourselves do we   all we know is we do can tell you parts of  it and the first part is i'm going to hit   the beach soon with j our new employee and  give out we're going to do some old school   advertising 100 leaflets i'm going to give out  on cattle beach well jay's going to give up   and yeah see if we can drum up some business  for tonight's barbecue seems a bit quieter yeah   it's been quiet it's been quiet it's gone quieter  because of what's happening in russia and ukraine   i believe that's why it's gone a bit  quiet it seems quite out there right   so that's the first part of the video uh another  part we're gonna show a resort very close to our   shop maybelles family is coming tomorrow  yeah tomorrow i haven't seen them like   one year i think since november 2020 when we got  married hey yeah i bought one year over one year i   think you're a bit nervous about meeting everyone  again happy excited though right yeah so that's   the first time they see maybe i was coffee  garden yeah so that's going to be exciting   very nice in it and we'll have some time with  them so yeah we're just going to roll with it   and video throughout the week like usually weekly  vlog coming your way right now guys let's go down   now i'm going to go and meet jay and hit the  kata beach is that it anything else no let's go   okay let's go find jay and hit the beach  okay we're at carter beach i'm with jay   how are you jake yeah i'm fine we're good and  we're ready to go 100 leaflets there's only 100 oh   the sun has just come out yeah it's going to  be hot though we'll walk around here and give   a mouth while we're here this is where i always  get a burger from good burgers from here hello   how are you i always get burger from here nice  burgers or coffee the coffee's good here as well definitely more quiet than usual  hey seems quiet not so many people look on the beach doesn't look very busy a few people but it was  definitely busier than this before i think it's going to take a long time hey  bro how you doing all right how are you good   we've been to the shop so we've  come on to the beach and said   jay just hit all the sun lounges because it's  going to take a long time and it's so hot let's see we'll show later in the video how it how  we uh how it turns out will we get any business   i think could work hey old school works  years years ago so why won't it work now   don't have to be everything online not everyone's  online some people are getting offline aren't they   i think i need to jay's doing his  thing working the work in the beach 100 flyers i'll have a ton by the end of  this i've been here two years i don't got   time so i'm not going to get one in an hour  we'll see anyway doing a good job there jay a while to warm up now he's getting  into it and just giving them to everyone   you're getting the hang of it now jay you're  doing good job now now you started boom boom   okay we're at the other end of  qatar beach you're all right jay   okay yeah we're fine how many have got left first time giving leaflets up yeah  you're doing good you're doing good man   yeah we'll get these given out and then  we'll see what happens tonight if we get   more people what do you think yeah more people  yeah let's hit the hit the sun lounges here yeah so the idea of the leaflet is put nice colorful  pictures on there you know make it look good   and the qr code so you scan to find the directions  and then we've got some good reviews on google   you'll see the reviews and maybe go oh yeah  this looks good let's check the place out   that's the that's what we're trying to do here   let's see let's see huh okay i could i would  give them out myself but i'm not allowed   that's why i have to pay jay to do it  but hey give jay some work to do um   any kind of work even with a work permit you  can't do labor kind of jobs okay we'll give   the last 13 out on the high street here in qatar  uh another thing i wanted to say i forgot on   the lead on the flyer it says 9 till 10 pm that's  when we're open now we're over from 9 until 10 p.m   this has been the first week we've stayed home  for till 10 p.m and it's been pretty quiet   me and maybelle have done three days in a  row nine in the morning until 10 at night   all the day all day at the shop it's proving  harder than i thought we've come to a new location   we've got about 50 left katanoi beach  check out how many bikes are here catanoy beach is right next door  to kata beach and smaller so   in the past it used to be so busy packed not sure  what it'd be like now let's go and have a look quite a few people so this is catanoy beach water's looking  beautiful look at check out the waves nice busy used to be a lot busier [ __ ] so much busier  used to be packed to this place i remember coming   here in 2018 getting to the beach their entrance  and just turning around and leaving was that busy that was nice some people just  recognized me from sweden called me over   so they should be coming for a coffee soon where's jay lost him well the  people on this beach have been   more accepting than one end of cutter beach no  one even took one hardly these are taking them nice to meet you this is the katatani resort on katanoi  beach i think it's quite popular one   for the reason being this is right in front  of you beautiful lovely some people would not   stay here right yeah yeah so that's it one left  well done jay you've done an awesome job mate   proud of you uh let's go and we'll  see the results later tonight we need yeah good job well done man awesome let's get out of here it's hot hot very hot yeah okay it's almost time to find out the  results of leaflet flyer distribution   it's five o'clock we're going down to the barbecue  get ready let's see i think we might get a few   people we've got nice weather like a few you  know subscribers anyway said they're coming   out yeah and let's see if we get any more people  shall we shall we okay the barbecue is underway no he doesn't like the camera barbecue  is underway salad bar hello salabah kebab sticks sausages charcoal here's suck sack the main man top chef wow proper loaded up today and that's it ladies and gentlemen let's  see how this place looks in a little while   empty right now it usually gets quiet  this time of after uh late afternoon we shall see so as the sun goes down on  mabel's coffee garden we prepare everything   and get the show on the road empty to begin  but slowly but surely people start to arrive   we want to know does the leaflet distribution work  now we can say most of the people came from our   youtube but definitely one table was completely  from the leaflet and one table was a subscriber   that we handed the leaflet so with a good result  in the end and a good busy evening was had thank you to our only customers tonight  thank you very much thanks for coming where are you from new jersey new jersey   traveled all the way from new jersey to mabel's  coffee garden thank you very much spaghetti   bolognese no no i'm tomato sauce what's your name  amber amber thank you thanks for coming awesome okay i'm here with ian from the  uk a fellow brit from the uk   from newcastle sunderland thanks sunderland from sunderland and yeah thanks for  coming mate you had a good time in   maybell's coffee garden brilliant  yeah it's fantastic we're gonna do it   really good we'll do a taste test people think  i'm lying when i say the coffee's so good   well it certainly looks good who did  that uh latte or babe new that's good and they just had the full english breakfast  and that was how was that the body was   fantastic good good glad you enjoyed that  awesome and i'm going to put a link to   ian's channel what's it called  bachmann tight mackermann thai   what's with makkham makkam is somebody from  sunderland from sunderland not from newcastle i knew that i knew that and thai is nina but  nina yeah nina his video knows now yeah honey she had the tiger and curry and your channel is  going to be based in in paddy it's going to be   based in a lot of videos or a number of videos so  far but in the uk did some in the uk when i went   back for when we went back we were in paddy and we  decided to buy a house and we moved back to uk for   four months to sell the house we had there we sold  everything up and then came back but we haven't   had a chance to do any videos since we came back  because we've been so busy refurbishing the house   okay yeah but now we're starting we should  have done some videos refurbished i have i   have actually done that i just haven't put it on  i want to see it before for the year and after mate it's the best cappuccino we've  had today that's for sure yeah yeah   it's early thanks for coming here i'm going to  put a link to his channel in the description   thanks a lot thanks a lot man cheers i'm gonna  have a coffee now myself goodbye okay i'm here   another shout out in the garden gerard gerard  from australia australia sydney sydney and uh   how's your holiday going mate yeah good god it's  good to finally be here after last week a while   to get back into phuket yeah it definitely took  a while to a couple of years a couple years two   years february 2020 is the last time i was here  yeah uh been in contact with jared for a long time   messaging on facebook you found us on youtube eh  yeah so definitely i think um richie is probably   one of the biggest influences for me to start my  own youtube channel with us yeah have a go at it   uh jared's channel what's it called  skipping the tire skip and a tie   it matches in with the other one mac and a tie  yeah so i'll put a link to that in the bottom uh   tattoo mate yeah we're gonna get that done i got  it done last friday and saturday two-day session   six hours on the friday another six hours on a  saturday night i don't know just fixing it up   from what it was to blend it into one but it looks  good yeah doing a few different things here and   tomorrow we head to hawaii after having two weeks  in phuket gerard's tucking into the full breakfast   how's that mate the best in puke the  best in phuket exactly check that out good going down well going down very well yeah  so that's gerard skipping a tie i'll put a link   in the description and we had a couple more  guests it's a bit of a rainy day here in phuket   we had a couple of more guests here in the  garden yesterday all the way from bolton and   they told me that the mother really enjoyed  our channel so i want to do a shout out to   joanie 82 years old all the way from bolton  like loves our channel hi joanie keep watching   the videos keep hitting the thumbs up and glad  you're enjoying the channel hope you're well there okay it's time to pick back up with this video  we kind of stopped the video for a while there   didn't we yeah maybelles mum and the rest of  her father the rest of the family came yeah   visited so we we keep time for them we took some  time out some family time we had a real nice time   didn't we yes did you enjoy on holiday again  yeah we stayed in a villa for a night didn't we   but we still had to keep coming back here and  doing things yeah uh you may have noticed a   bit of difference with me throughout this  video i've became ill also just that corbin   no bad timing i've got a cold uh and i've done two  tests over like three days negative just a cold   and i said to may belle before i said i always  used to get a cold around january february in the   uk because in some ways and i said is this this  is the time it's like my body still thinks i'm   in the uk sounds a bit weird but i still get cold  at the same time okay what next what now oh yeah   what it's saturday time for another barbecue but  it's been an absolute washout today yes very bad   rain i'm definitely stopped now i just did a beach  drive-by and it looked like a tornado was forming   huh what the hell and then it rained so heavy  it ripped down one of the awnings in the garden   but we'll see how it goes another barbecue tonight  um oh yes what is today today is 19th of march   somebody's been here for two years two years today  19th of march i've been in thailand now in phuket   two years so yeah how is it it's been good it's  been amazing it's been the best ever first year   is amazing first year was awesome when we had  like no responsibility just making video right   second year but still listen it's like one  massive experience two years feels almost like   four or more because we've done so much in such  a short period of time but yeah it feels good i   was buzzing this morning you know 19th of march  like an anniversary or something happy thailand   anniversary yeah i like i'm happy i'm still here  we made it two years baby and yeah we keep going yeah so we're gonna we're gonna keep rolling with  this video uh we still want to show the resort but   on a day like this it doesn't really do it  justice to go film somewhere on a day like this   there's also a seafood festival i think oh yeah i  got that beat maybe tomorrow we can go and get the   resort filmed and a little bit of seafood festival  to share with you guys we'll just keep going   the reality is i've got sick and you have to be  honest the reality is when you've got a business   you can't stop can you no you have to keep going  and we have to soldier on with the videos as well   uh we have it we'll be announcing some  news about our channel soon what we're   going to start doing we need to focus more on the  youtube as well and there's a new thing coming   later on that another time in another video   two years here richie's happy we're to celebrate  today what's been the best part for two years put you on the spot you're going to ask me okay  come on what's the best part of the last two years   what well you have to say our wedding our wedding  i'm marrying me thank you what's been the best what's been the best part of the last two years  for you maybe we're ready the wedding yeah we   got married we have this business the wedding  is there november 2020 opening this business uh   yeah learning along the way with this business a  lot has happened in two years eh yeah good time   amazing to keep going met so many  people yeah awesome i'm happy   best two years of my life i'd say what do you  think you can't count when you're a little   kid because everything's happy when you're a  little kid but you get older stressful times   but also happy times you know having a business  you know i think i've said it quite a few times   it's not easy it's not but you can't have  good day every day yeah you're your own boss   no one's telling you what to do oh that's what  i wanted to say what i really have enjoyed is   not having a boss not having them stringent rules  of be here at this time you finish it this time   i'm glad you're like i feel  like i have the boss now yeah   so you're the boss i keep trying to make  you i keep trying to make you the boss but   yeah not having a job like just defending for  yourself i love it much more than going to a   job and you know doing the same thing day in  day out having your own thing is pretty special   you want to go back to pp village for holiday yeah okay i think we'll stephan wanna come  here i'm gonna say hello to your mom it's stefan our neighbor all the way from sweden  who moved in how long have you been here now mate   two and a half months two and a half months  he's missing a couple of people juan will   say in a minute but shout out to stefan's  mum where's your hello mom and hello paul we're missing you you've only been gone a day okay  right let's uh crack on shall we this is maebel's   favorite flower let's have a look i have one  baby it's growing yeah okay there's been a break   in the rain the gods are shining on us now babe  and there's no time like the present we must   strike while the iron is hot as we say in the uk  i don't can see behind us big buddha oh look the   clouds are breaking you can just see big buddha  that means we must try right now let's go and see   the resort the resort is just a little walk up the  hill from maybell's coffee garden one minute walk   one minute walk there's many options here we'll  talk about the options after because we have to   find out the option first off the boss lady let's  go in have a look resort the options are going to   be something like rent rooms monthly rentals or  even rent the whole place wow look a little walk   up the hill and you from here gets awesome big  budder up there look can you see him just about   so i am the owner gonna show you around we saw  one today this resort which is called into house   i like the view from here yeah it's nice and  green you can see our place just down there let's go in and have a look around shall we so  you have some rooms on the ground floor here   where you first come in let's go straight  to check out the pool and i think they have   the room with the pool view which is amazing  yeah full view rooms come straight into this   area here which is swimming pool oh yeah look  very nice pool clean what do you think mobile thumbs up and you've got some rooms up here look   we're gonna have a look up there nice view  rooms it's very original thai style right it's nice and green here hey i think you said there's an option to rent  monthly as well hey monthly and daily and weekly we won't do a voiceover with this one  we'll just do it like this you can see how   quiet it is around here and it's a bit of nature  we know because we live literally one minute away   so this is superior room let's have a look   two single beds everything you need really  yeah and it's also spacious as well aircon   bathroom oh this one's a double option  double bed bed looks nice and comfortable   wardrobe mirror and your bathroom everything you  need now let's go and check out some other rooms   so coming next um whole view good luck to him yeah so this is a double got a little sofa as well tv through to your bathroom your bathroom  at the back here yeah that's all right   bed looks confident yeah i'm gonna try it  out no fridge got your own little fridge   out to a nice little terrace here with a  decent view really jungle view and pool   huh the green stuff the green stuff the green  jungle garden stuff we like the green don't we   the next room babe the next  room is the monthly you can okay so this is the monthly  option fan room no aircon nice bed bathroom dated but has everything you need  on a budget this is pretty good   the nice balcony with a great view pool and nice balcony and you can use a you can use  the pool and everything can't if you if you   rent this room that's everything included  yeah paul internet electric water yeah   nine thousand a month nine thousand per month  everything included for four months just   bring your toothbrush and move it right little  fridge tv the best bits the balcony and the the   scenery you know it's nice and quiet around here  yeah so there's more than one there's another one   bathroom bedroom not as good a view but still the  same everything included for nine thousand a month   you're out of the way peaceful  quiet pool hassle free living yeah i've got to say the swimming pool  is nice yeah this one looks very clean i wonder can we come and just use the pool babe  lunch break okay here's another pool view room   nice bed nice sofa tv fridge this one's a bit bit nicer than the others i believe   bathroom yeah this is a nice one comfy bed  decent sofa straight out to the pool up your little terrace to sit here in the evening this one is a bit more there's many deals to be  done here i think maybe contact us all out our   details are always in the about me section or i'm  going to start putting them below the video in the   description box if you want to contact us about  anything um yeah some good deals to be had here the pool area is very nice hey  yeah some chairs for lounging   original thai style place very nice i like it let's take a swim babe you want a dip that's into house prices at the moment range  from 600 baht to 1000 bar per night depending on   season and time of year etc but long-term  deals and other stuff can be arranged   if you want to talk to us about it just contact  us our email is in the description box thank you so that's the resort we're going to  tell you the options soon because   they're coming to us shortly yeah into  house used to be run by somebody else   apparently now she has the ownership  of it herself again so we'll find out okay guys we couldn't show the seafood festival  because it's been an absolute washout hey the   weather has really changed and it looks like  rain all week but anyway that's it anyone   interested in anything in the video hit us up our  social media and our email will always be in the   description box now thanks for watching take  care goodbye see you in the next one goodbye

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