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2 लाख महीना कमाओ  | New Business Ideas | Small Business Ideas | Best Startup Ideas

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Hello friends, today I have brought you a business idea starting from very uniqe and low investment. Friends who are seeing all these products in front of us. With the help of this, you too can start your own business with low investment. Friends, the best thing about this business is, Whatever we are going to show you inside the video. Friends, you have not seen or heard about this product before.

and friends, you can start this business from your area, from your city or even from your small village. Because there is a product in which you will not need to do much marketing. If someone in your area comes to know that you are starting the business of this product Then people and customers will come to you. So friends if you too are looking for a good business for yourself So today's video is going to be special for you. To know the complete information about this business, this video will definitely see the difference In this, we will show you a demo of all the products, for this, how much investment you will have to make and how you can earn the best profit by sharing a product. I am going to show you in details about this inside this video So please watch this video till the end So friends, let's see today's business video.

If you like this effort of mine, then like this video, like today's video, like my target 1000 likes, then quickly like this video Friends, sir is with us to give complete information about this video. Met Sir and get to know all these products and this business very well Hello sir, welcome to the YouTube channel "Business ki Bat", So firstly tell me about yourself or your company. Firstly i would like to give thanks to the youtube channel Business Ki Bat, To Tushar sir, who come here, and how their viewers can start a unique business and set their life. Thanks for your hard work. Hello viewers, I am Hitesh Patel, my company name is Eximburg International Pvt. Ltd.

Our company produce unique Ayurvedic products, So without wasting time, let me show you our first Ayurveduc product called Ayurvedic Cigrette, Now i take a pause, because you think in your mind about this product, So these are the products which give benefits to you, that our first product is unique, Ayurvedic Cigrette, This cigrette is same like the Tobacco Cigrette but, it does not, Include any Tobacco or any Nicotine. And it is made up from Tulsi, Green Tea and other ayurvedic ingredients. So it is benefitial for them, who want to quit smoking, And where we sell it? We can sell it to every Paan Shop and you know that how many areas are there, Where you can sell this product, if you become our partner. So i would like to tell you that, Today i bring that type of concept for you, In which you will do business of this Ayurveda cigarette. And you also help the people, and the good thing about this product is that, That Ayurvedic of our India, Which is very popular in Foreign countries, but it is not much popular in our India, So, if you start this Ayurvedic Cigrette Business in 2021, then it run very smoothly. And we are going to see many different products in this video.

if you also want to start a unique business, then it is necessary to get all the details of these products, So Sir, tell us about the next product, This Ayurvdic Cigrette contain 3 different flavors, This is the Mint flavor as we earlier told you, and we give, A fusion ball here, You have to press it, then you can smoke flavor cigrette, The second flavor is Glove Flavor, Which fells you hot, and it demands good in winter or monsoon season, And the third is Fruit Flavor, It is for the ladies smoker, The product are for, who smoke cigrette. So there are 3 flavor, The price of the cigrette is Rs. 10/piece, And we also make a small cigrette of Rs. 5/piece, as you can see, As our vendors go in to the market, Then the customer says that you product is unique but we need small packet for trial, So we make this packet which contain all 3 flavors of only Rs. 5/piece. So what is the benefit of it, see, We need 2 most important things to start a business, The first is that your product should be good, And the other one is that the should cost less, And we provide both the things, as our product is unique, Through which you can easily sell it, And the other thing is that our product is quickly consumable, The business will come again and again and the third thing, that the need in the market, So our product are needy products, like Ayurvedic Cigrette, And our product is unique, And the 5 one is that the market size should be large, so our product's market is very large. So this will be our first Ayurvedic cigarette, And the second thing, as Sir earlier says that Ayurvedic product, then our company, Run on Ayurveda with Modern Touch theme.

So this will be our first Ayurvedic cigarette. And the ayurvedic cigarette does not contain any intoxication, Then our vendors complain us that, Bring a product which include some intoxication, but no tobacco, Then we make this product, Which is Short Presser under Royal Stag Brand, Its use is very simple, as you can see that it is a small spray, So just before smoking our Ayurvedic Cigarette, See my expression change, So you have to spray it 2-3 times, Through which, it fulfill the need of tobacco, We add a mixture of Tulsi, Through which it fulfills the need of Tobacco. So we made this product for whom, who want to quit tobacco, but can't quit its Summon, So just spray it 2-3 times before smoking our cigarette, so our first product is going to sell on Pan shops, And now i come to second product which is used in beauty salon or cosmetic stores, So our brand name is Swash, You get all details of these products on youtube, This is that as you can see, The first product of Swash which is Swash Foaming Face wash.

And this is the packaging, you get this product in this type of packet. It contains 3 flavor, like Aloe vera, Neem or, Vitamic C and Apple Extract. So how we use this product, See this is a very simple product like this, It is very premium looking brand, When a user press it 2-3 times, See foam is coming out of it and we can directly use it. We can directly use it, and the good thing is that it will not even deteriorate his hands, Or even he can rub its face even in the absence of water. And it is a Premium Product. An our second product under Swosh Brand is, as you can see, Swosh Vitamin C Syrup.

If you search regarding vitamin C, then its market is very large, In which people care their skin, So we make this vitamin C syrup for whom, who are very concious regarding their skin, And the main thing is that it is totally natural. And its using method is also very simple, it contain a drop which simply, Can apply it by taking it in to its palm, And if he use it regularly at night, then its natural skin, We are not saying that it will make you blond, we are saying that his natural skin start recovering. Because it help in nourishing the skin and help in making the skin better. And now i come under Swosh brand, -This is Lip cream, you can also see its packaging, -yes, its is has a very premium look. And this Lip cream product is related to Cigarette.

Let me tell you how? The lip of the cigarette smoker become dark, Due to heavy smoking. So we made product Swosh Lip Cream, for those who smoke cigarettes, it is simple to do it, just, -Firstly apply the lip cream, -Okay. Then their lips didn't burn if they smoke, And if he use it continuously for 2-3 months, Then his lips will stop burning. And slowly his natural lips will come. And we are not claiming that pink lips will come, it has never been proved. But his natural skin will come back.

And it is also made with Ayurveda? Yes, it is also made with herbal products. And the third product in this is the Lip Balm. So these are the Swosh Brand. And the third brand with Swosh Brand is Dark Kesha, As you can see, it is Dark Kesha. You already come to know it by its name, That means it is related to our hair, -So we made the product with herbal ingredients, as you can see, -Yes, okay. -Or with natural Herbals? -Yes, with natural Herbals.

That great, as you can see that this product is not available in other brands, It only give its name that we use this or this, But your customer can see live demo of the product that the ingredients are available in it. That's great. Now we cover retail outlet, And then we cover cosmetic segment, like beauty parlor or salon products, And now come to the third category that is Grocery Stores, Grocery is that market, where you go to buy your groceries. So we made 2 products for grocery market. This is cow urine testy cow urine you can see.

Tasty cow urine What do you think this is Friends, I tell you one thing cow urine is such a medicine. If you use daily I speak with guarantees. Not everyone says that I will never be sick yet But we are not able to drink that as well because his test will come apart.

What did we do in the mains that we made, keeping the quality of cow urine We removed the bad bass that was its border. You have added such a taste in it that you can take a natural, grow an immunty system. Stog your blood circulation system will strengthen your designation system.

If you are able to see, then inside it, we will see you here and this is the flavor inside But once you take a little, sir, do not taste it, no taste. It does not matter, as I was trying to try once, but I did not try it but for all of you and sir, I kept watching it. Not too bad....

It's a very good taste, I didn't think I drank cow urine Also good for health and taste is also good It was not a plan, I will give everyone a drink, so our viewers will also know that it is good Taste is not so bad in real If you believe that these are real cow urine then you vomit three times. But the thing is that this thing will benefit you There is another inside the market right now You all know that the time of working is going on, what you tell in the AYUSH Ministry of AYUSH will strengthen your immunity system. But sir, the problem is that his test is so bad.

Where are you unable to take Like no small children This is what we made, made of pineapple, it has flavor We added this flavor by recharging a bit So what will happen with this, like making tea When making tea, put this grease seeds So your tea test is that 1 level will be up and you will enjoy So it has two advantages that your tea has become tea, the second is that you drank. If you use it daily, then your immunity system is there, it will be maintained ok.....So this cell can be in the market This product is also ok What is my point, this time we downloaded it in Corona's time, so from our vendor Whatever roofing they requested that within the time of Corona, bring a product that will be useful The product we made is swash Mouth Productive Spray.

Sir have you brought the mask Please put ok.. This one just Spry to take simple it is to be able to even see Pocket Now Sir, tell me what is this product Now it looks good in breathing that something is different from the environment. The environment has become something that seems to have made a difference in breathing. Its mint test is coming Suppose earlier we did not wear masks, now we wear, then suffocation happens This is the thing that I have put on the massacre, is the whole medicinal virus made on the surface? If you put the mask on, then whenever you put a continuum, the whole medicine will sit and the body will go Then detox will keep your lunge So they are taking this from our doctor because they know how beneficial it is. This is also a good product that you can sell in the market Friends, one more thing I want to clear here is that all these products are Sir's own manufacturing unit.

Made from there, you do not have to take any tension regarding quality Especially today I have done it live So let me tell you one more thing that if you keep this product in the market, then your hundred percent will run Sir, now talking about business, see the product is very good quality, it is very useful. Useful for people who want to do business as well If you talk about the marketing of the product that the market will be sold, but how will those people market it? See whatever our product is our main job, sir, make a good product And what else do Now a big thing has happened inside the partner because Yes sir, See, the partner takes the equal risk, takes equal growth as the company takes growth And there is a hold everywhere So, whoever makes us the area search partner of the district, we give it the first sport that the marketing material As you may be able to see, the second one does the Distic material. His own impression should be made his name in the market, so what have we done that you are seeing our swosh product.

Look inside the product if you are able to see the bottom We print his name Ok, whatever customers will join you for the exam, I want to tell you With the name of this product, your branding will be put under it, which beauty salon means that beauty salon is Those who are connected with you, print by their name and give it So what happens to him that he is a customer, he will feel that this is the product of the client Then it will feel a bit familiar and they will get a mark in the market So lets do this, any client connects with us Talk of marketing, sir, now come to the main point that if anyone wants to start this business, how much investment should they make for it What we had before was too much Ok, then we have denied that we get so much inquiry from everywhere that you can reach everywhere We made a status jacket model of what we do inside 50000 OK, let's take a minimum investment of 50k. Let us consider it as an example of whatever area is distic that Nagpur is inside Maharashtra. Let's create district distribution partner's district distribution partner of an entire area with them What happens then that any person will inquire and work after that, we will not give it So this inquiry will be given to those who are our area sales partner. Within 50k you will get all the goods of your product, you have not received any deposit. In return for your investment of 50000, you get the product and the goods are given. Ok, if I talk about the profit margin inside it, how much profit remains for the Exemption of its Exemplar? If anyone takes a product of ₹ 50000 from here, Ok, if I talk about the profit margin inside it, how much profit remains for the Exemption of its Exemplar? If anyone takes a product of ₹ 50000 from here, then how much profit will he have over it? Let me tell you that our product ranges from 12 to 66%.

How can you put it, I can not say this to you right now, believe that you will earn 10000 and earn 5000 You can also earn 25 Because the margin is more, if you exceed the margin of the product, then it is more If that cigarette is done, then it has a little margin inside it but it is more conservative You can take profits of 12 to 60% in more contacts. And Sir, I want to ask one more thing that there will be a lot of people who want to try that you have invested 50000 very little investment for a business. But the one who has to do business remains a risk factor If someone wants me to use Mangwa as a sample or in a packet of specifics at my house, then I start this business Are you possible to have this thing available from you? This thing can be done from our place, so what have we done on amazon.in world.co.in all our products are available So if anyone wants to use a single product, they can do it from there and you know that Amazon is interested from there you will also get quick delivery. And instead of doing all the work, we do not write to you in their discussion, so no one can say that there is a use of single product, then you can call from there Since if you feel interested, then you will do all the work, we will give you an inquiry form of Area Sales Partner If anyone feels up, then the data that is available will come to our customer support team.

He will first check that you have ordered any document to check the details. After that, if that area's self-partnership opens, then they will tell you how you can be sir So with such a procedure you can work under the description below and inside the video you have been given their numbers, then you can call there anytime under working hours Is your area distributor's partnership available or not Ok, friends have got to know one of the very good things here that if you as a sample you can buy from Amazon, then for example only you will get the MRP price on whatever product. You will find its link in the description below this video, if you want to connect with them, then I will give all the details in the description below this video. To connect with Sir, you can call Direct Sir, Single piece you can order from Amazon, you will get the link for this video in the description below. If you want to get more information about this business about this video, then you can ask by commenting below this video. I will give you the rest, call them and you will get to know more by talking with them.

So first of all, I would like to thank you that you took time out for us and shared such a wonderful concept for our veiwers. All the veiwers after Thank You So Much Business, you watched the full video and always want to go ahead if you want to go Gujarati Gujarati is in our blood, Sir, you are also Gujarati We believe that business is our livelihood, we only grow from them You can add carelessly with us but Now the same habit which is in us will be carried forward, so no one can stop you That this carav will continue like this Friends, I hope that today's business idea will like what the video likes, liking this video, sharing this video because by sharing yours, someone can get a good business. So let's meet you guys again with a new video..

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