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Hey. Friends, so today I'm really excited because, I have another, really motivating. Cleaning video for you and it, is a two, day intense, whole house clean with me and I'm, going to be cleaning everything. In my house I'm gonna be cleaning the kitchen the, living room the basement, that, looks like a bomb went off in it my, bathrooms. Master. Bedroom, laundry, room I'm gonna be cleaning, it all so let's get moving let's. Get going and let's get our houses clean, and you're definitely going, to want to check this video out because, I've had, to clean up something so, gross that, ended up being a huge disaster, with, our dog after she had surgery, when, I say this is an intense clean I'm not lying to you guys. So. Before I get started with the intense cleaning I needed, to treat some stains on my, twin, girls as clothing, so, it was time for them to move up to six-month clothing. Which I was so excited about and, when I pulled, out some clothing baby girl clothing, bins from our basement, from my older daughter there, were some stains on them so, I used my trusty, stain remover, that I whip up myself. It is just. Simple it's Dawn, dish. Soap baking. Soda and hydrogen, peroxide, it's. Basically, your own version of OxiClean. And I love it it gets rid of everything, on our clothes and so, there's different ways you can do this but I kind of go to lay 0 and I just dab a little bit of dish soap on the stains sprinkle. Some baking, soda and then I poured some hydrogen, peroxide over, it and rubbed it in with the toothbrush, this. Is just how I do it there's multiple, ways you you, know you can premix, the cleaner beforehand, but, this is just how I do it and it's just super quick, and that way I don't have to spend the time mixing, it beforehand, and then. I just let it sit for a couple of hours while I got started on the, downstairs in the kitchen and the living room and I had planned on running a load of laundry, later that night before bed so I was going to let it sit for a good at 3 to 4 hours. So. I just started out by picking everything up from the kitchen you know the counters and then on the floor of the living room and just putting things away kind. Of decluttering and this. Video I spent cleaning for two days, and I wanted to do some deep cleaning, I just wanted to take care of some things that had been on my list to tackle, that I had been putting it off you know like cleaning. The window Tracking's, because that never needs, to be done so I just had kept putting it off I wanted. To deep clean my bath and my shower and then something. Unexpected happened. That. We had not planned for our dog, had an accident while we were out. For, dinner and we had ran. Our robotic, vacuum, so, you're gonna get, to see the aftermath, of that and, how we had to clean it up and I also had to clean up a mess that happened in our bathroom, by one of my kids so this, is a true, a super. True real life cleaning video that I could not make up if I tried so. Stay tuned for that as well as some adorable, pictures of my girls because you guys tell me all the time that you love seeing pictures of my girls. So. I was using my brand-new mrs., meyer's acorn, spice cleaner, it's a multi surface cleaner, to wipe everything down and I am, loving the smell I love it so much, it smells, like fall in cinnamon, and just left a really nice fall. Scent, in the air as, I was cleaning and it, worked out for me because, I've talked about this but I was newly. Pregnant last fall and the old mrs., Meyers the pumpkin, and the apple cider scent, just. When. I was so sick I can't, even smell, those, cleaners anymore. So, I lucked out this year that they have a new set and I'm loving, it.

And While. We're on the topic of talking, about my dog and her accident, in this video I'm curious. Are you guys a dog, or a cat person and, I want to see are you team dog. Or you team cat. So. I recently got these new, mr., Clean Magic Eraser, sheets. They. Are brand new and I couldn't wait to test them out I knew there were so many places in my house that I could use them and one, of the places that it suggests to, use these sheets is on a, glass, stovetop, and, I was really excited because I hate my glass stovetop I just I hate it with everything, in my body food. Gets stuck on there you know if you boil water over, it gets stuck so I was excited to try it and I can tell you guys it did a really good job I, was looking for something that I couldn't put in minimal, effort when I just, need to you know quickly wipe that stove, down and these, sheets, did a really good job and I can't wait to try them out in my shower, and my bath and on my baseboards, and my, doors in my house. Can. You guys tell me what do you like to see me clean let. Me know down below what, areas, of my house what rooms what do you like to see me clean. I gave. You. And, then I moved on to doing a quick scrub, down of my sink and this is one of my favorite, things to clean in my kitchen I just find it so satisfying. And I don't know I just feel like there's nothing better than a shiny, clean, sink, and let me know down below in, the comment section what, are some cleaning, tasks or jobs that you find are the most satisfying, I have, a couple and the sink is definitely, one of them especially when I get all of that dirt that, gets trapped between, the sink and the countertop, I don't know if you guys know what I'm talking about but. I just find it so satisfying, when I have a clean sink but let me know what you find satisfying. If, you guys are enjoying this video will you please give me a thumbs up that, helps let me know that you guys like this content, it also helps, me with YouTube, and let other people know that you guys find my video motivating, so, please give me a thumbs up as well as subscribe because, I love to have you guys on this journey of mine. Cleaning. The slider door window tracking, again was something that I had put off for a while and I, just started out by using my Dyson, to vacuum out all of the fur the cat hair the dog hair and the dust that was trapped in there and then, I sprayed a mixture that I had mixed up myself of just. White vinegar, and water and then, I used a paper towel to wipe everything up and I even took a butter knife and wrapped it around a wet paper towel with some vinegar to. Get into the creases of the window tracking, and it looked so much better. And, then, I just used a microfiber, cloth and some of the acorn spice multi-surface. Spray to, wipe down my, kitchen island and as, you guys can see my kitchen island is like an off-white color, so, it tends to show a little bit more than, the darker, cabinets so, I like to clean this and wipe it down on a weekly. Basis, or so. If. You, guys are finding this video motivating. I'm gonna put my cleaning playlist, in the description so. If you need some more motivation and. You want to check out some of my other cleaning videos go, ahead and check it out below and I, don't know if you guys knew this but you can save the playlist so when you need to clean you can just put on your TV or put it on your phone, crank, up the volume and you guys can clean along with me I love doing that it just gives me so much motivation and, I have plenty of cleaning, videos that go back about two years so, you can go back watch, some get, some motivation, save, the playlist on your account and hopefully I can help motivate you and help you clean whenever, you, are, cleaning. I will. Give. And. Then. I roped my daughter Avery into. Helping me clean up the living room because let's, be honest she made a majority, of the mess in the living room. Somewhere. Between, you, and me it's. A piece of magic that we need. And. Then, I took Avery downstairs, with me to the basement and cleaned everything up, and I feel like when I talk about cleaning up her basement I always feel, a need to defend, myself, or, Avery and all the toys we have but. She's, just being a kid she has fun playing with her toys it does get messy and we had some friends over the night before we had went out with friends to dinner, and then, the, friends came over and the kids played and had so much fun and it was really late when it was time for them to leave and I told them not to worry about cleaning because usually all the kids will go in there and clean up I told them not to worry about it we would take care of it the next day so. That's what we did I took Avery down there and we cleaned. Up. So. I'm gonna show you here in a minute what happened with our dog and the disaster, that we had on her hands so, I've talked about this and other videos our dog recently had surgery. Nothing. Serious just some benign tumors, that, they removed and, it was three, weeks ago and she should have been healed and all better by now but the stress had taken a toll on her and we, have been through the wringer with her she.

Has Just been so stressed and we've been trying to get her to feel better we've been to the vet multiple, times she, developed some anxiety. As she has got older, and even though she was on put, on anti-anxiety, meds, after surgery it didn't help the, vet told us that they've never seen a dog, this. Affected, by something that was you, know fairly routine, and this is a big vet we take her dog - well, anyways we. Decided, to, go, out to dinner we were gone for maybe an hour and. I. Made the mistake of running our robotic. Vacuum the Roomba while we were gone because you know I love, the. Vacuum lines well when we got home I walked in and I could smell something. And. I look over and, she. Had gone to the bathroom she had pooped and the vacuum had gone over at this so not only was there poop ingrained in the carpet was, in the vacuum it was. A mess and guys I should have thought. About you know filming, it or showing. You guys how we cleaned it up but to be honest I was just show shot shocked, and. Freaking. Out that we just got to work right away we, use some just basic cleaners. That we had around the house to, clean it up initially, that did not take care of the stains and then. The, next day we rented, a carpet cleaner from Lowe's and that did, the, job that, did such a good job you can even see if you look closely at my carpet you can see lines, the. Carpet cleaner did a great job at got everything. Up but, what I wanted to do is kind of go a step further even though the carpet looked refreshed felt, refreshed I still, wanted to go in and sprinkle some baking, soda and, let. It sit overnight to. Really absorb any odors, and kind of refresh in the carpet and that I was going to vacuum it up it up, the next morning, if you guys ever, a big mess definitely. Go rent, a carpet. Cleaner, those heavy-duty big carpet, cleaners do a really good job. So. You guys can tell by my change of clothing that it was the next morning and I just started, out by vacuuming, up the baking soda that had been sitting on the carpet all night and at this point you, can't see any remnants of any poop that was in the carpet so if you guys ever have a mess on your hands when it comes to carpet I highly, suggest running one of those machines from a home-improvement store, and then. When, I was done, doing that I was gonna move on upstairs, and start cleaning our, bathrooms, and our bedrooms. I've, been using a lot of the Grove collaborative, cleaners, the mrs. meyer's and method cleaners I use all over my house and I love them but. That's not all that I use you'll see here that I'm using the Clorox cleaner, for, my bathroom, I will be using a method, foaming, bathroom, cleaner here for my shower so, I kind of like to mix it up but. I do love, growth collaborative, if you guys want to check them out there's a link down below I know. You can get some products, in certain stores but they don't have everything and to be honest some of my favorite, products from them you, can only get online and, they come straight to your door so it's super nice but go check the link out. Good. Tires. Before. You, went. Down. So, after I sprayed and wiped everything down with the method, foaming, cleaner in the shower I went, in with, my dish, soap that I fill with white distilled vinegar and, Dawn dish, soap and then described, everything a second time I've really, been enjoying doing, this double, cleanse of my bath and showers I just feel like it does a really good job of getting everything, nice and clean in there and I also love, using this one in the shower door tracking, which. Gets so gross I hate cleaning the shower door, tracking, but the dish one definitely. Helps get it way cleaner. Say. That. You're sorry. We, turn the page to, make up. I'm. Going try Scott, you wanted. Was. Enough. Maybe. Changing. So. Something else I wanted to cross off my list before today was, because. It's September, I wanted to switch out my, shorts, and bring, my sweaters out so, every, year in September and May I switch, them out so I like to keep my sweaters in my dresser drawers and so. I put, my shorts. Away and brought out the sweaters I am ready for sweater weather. So. I really. Needed to scrub this, shower first, off did, you guys just see that dirt or whatever was in the bottom of the bath this, is the bathtub that my daughters use they. Are not dirty they are not covered in dirt but I don't know what why, it's dirty like this I clean it every week but. This. Is why I need to clean every week because the dirt just seems to sit there in the bottom of the bath so I needed to take care of that because it was dirty but. Also because. The. Previous night my. One of my baby girls had pooped. In a, bathtub I don't. Know why this, week just, all of the poop, happened, to happen. To me but, it did so I really, wanted to disinfect. And clean this. Bathtub. If you guys have. Kids if you have babies if you have pets you guys probably know what I mean, but. It was just quite the week but.

To, Disinfect, and clean I sprayed, some seventh-generation. Disinfecting. Spray so I sprayed it all over and let it sit you got to let it sit to actually disinfect. So I let it sit while I clean the vanity, in there and then, when, that was done I went in with a Clorox, cleaner to really scrub it and then went in for a third time and use my done my. Vinegar, and really, scrub the bath and it just looks so shiny and I just felt better because it was disinfected. And clean. So. Then I hurried up and started, in my laundry room and I wanted to go, super, quickly, true. Speed cleaning, because my baby, girls were going to be waking up in a minute and I wanted to get done before. They woke up so I got in there I mopped wiped everything, down and, I used the method. Antibacterial. Spray it smells, really, good I forget, what the scent is but, it. Smells super good. So. The girls had finally woken up and I fed them we played and we hung out in their room a little bit and I needed to finish cleaning up their rooms so I brought them in there but they did want to say hi to you guys they were in a great mood playing with each other, babbling, and cooing which, has been my favorite lately they just complete, my family, and I love them so much but. They were just gonna hang out and play well I had a few things to finish up in the room one. Of them being their six-month, clothing, so, it just blows my mind that here we are we're, switching on another, size and, they. Are a little over five months but, they were preemie babies they were born at 33, weeks so, I'm just happy that they're chunking, up I love those baby chunky thighs and moving, on to another size and a, majority of their clothes was from my older daughter Avery. They're almost on the exact same, timeframe. As, far, as the time of the year so, it just works out so good that I can reuse all of her clothes so I pulled them out and, I. Had wanted to hang the 6-month clothing up in their closets, but I didn't get a chance I, was, just able to pull, out their three-month clothing, and then do a few other things like, cleaning and wiping things down in their room I just, I wasn't able to get to everything that I wanted to and that is something I've recently learned as a mom of three I don't always get to everything I want to get to but that's okay that can, wait another, time I will get to it hopefully, soon. Me. Um. By the way.

Waiting. For you leave. This. I. Wanna. See mistake. Like. A sudden, but ourselves. It's. Mom. Jozy. You, know exactly. No. I can't. Oh. So, then I just ended, my second, day of cleaning by putting the sheets on that I had washed earlier in the day and this. Was going to be it for the the, end of my two day cleaning, marathon. I guess I just love how everything is so clean and how it feels but I just know it's not gonna last that long but, that's okay, I'll. Be doing some more cleaning I'm sure I hope you guys enjoyed this video and you found it super motivating. And if you guys enjoyed, it will you please give, me a thumbs up let, me know that you found it motivating, if you, give it a thumbs up it helps me, know that you guys enjoy it helps YouTube know that you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe as, well as hit the notification. Bell so you don't miss any of my upcoming videos. People. Are telling me they're not getting notified when I post videos so make sure you have that bell next to the subscription, button and I have so many fun videos, more. Cleaning more, fall cozy, videos planned so, I would love to have you guys join me on my, journey.

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Hello Jamie! I have a question.. I have beige ceramic on my kitchen floor with a very light beige grout. Drives me crazy as I must scrub it on a weekly basis since my dog (great dane) drools around my island after she drinks. It leaves the grout dirty and will not come off by simply washing the floors with a mop. And yes there is a sealer on it! I was wondering if you had a better idea than I do and also if I got myself a steaming mop, would it clean the grout? Thanks for the great motivation, loving your videos and planning to watch every single one of them! Cheers from Montreal Canada! :) xx

Ohhh I wish I could help! I haven’t had that issue but I have seen something where you take toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and use that to clean the grout. However, I’ve never tried it myself so I can’t speak to if it works or if it’s safe to use on the grout that you have. It’s just an idea

Thank you for the motivation. I needed this. We just found out we’re expecting baby #3, after almost 5 years of trying!

Omg that’s so exciting! congratulations!

I love both but I'm team cat

Awesome video

@Jamie's Journey Your welcome

Thank you!!

Team dog

I’m glad you enjoy them! I like clean my whole house too!

Team both! I have a cat and a dog. Our 3 year old has a ton of toys too. I'm sure our 3 month old will be getting even more. It's hard to keep up with all of them!

The amount of toys grew and grew as Avery got older!

Team cat but we can’t have any because my one year old is severely allergic.

Awww that’s too bad!

Hydrogen Peroxide can help with stains. I had a similar stain on my off white colored couch and it worked beautifully but Im glad you were able to tackle that stain non the less! BTW. Team cat!

I Like Cats But I'm A Dog Person All The Way

Our house is a Cat House (only one)  SO WHAT your basement is full of TOYS.  You have a kid that like and should play all the time.  Don't explain yourself and sometimes it is quicker if you clean up yourself without Avery.  We not with you all the time so we don't know what Avery do off camera.  Love those girls.  Aren't they growing fast.  I need to get started cleaning my windows, but it is SO HOT out, I am still in Summer mode.  I cant do Fall Décor yet.  Love your Videos.  Big Big Thumbs UP

Thanks for the support Lynn! It makes me feel good that I don’t have to explain myself!

dog AND cat! :) I have two dogs, and three cats.

Very motivating!! It’s so satisfying to watch the canister to the Max knowing your carpet is clean.

I love both cats and dogs. I am an only child so they were my play mates. I use to dress my cats up in my doll clothes and stroll them around. I had so much fun. One of my dogs would play hide and seek with me.

I like them both too!

Your babies are sooo sweet. I just want to squeeze them and get some sugar. lol


Did the stains come out? Looking for a way to get my stains out!

They all did!

Team dog. We have a full blooded 14 year old male Boxer named Joe. He is the sweetest most loving most stubborn dog!!! Boxers usually don't have a long life so we have been very blessed to have him as long as we have. He is in good heath. He has a few stiff joints and has slowed down, will not climb our stairs but still so fun and sweet! Our kids adore him!


Oh no!

I know!! If only we had a camera to see what she was doing as it was happeneing

I'm team cat an dog

Team doggie...we have 7 at our home my oldest just moved out with her crazy cat and huge chocolate lab...however we have turtles and bunnies and fish and we love all animals such a sucker for a rescue baby

I love when you explain how you clean things! Thank you!!

Thanks for letting me know what you like!

team cat and dog! we have 2 dogs, 4 cats and a baby girl on the way

What camera do you use for your videos ?

Canon G7x Mark ii

Teamdogs #PITBULLS ♥️

Changing my sheets is satisfying! especially after a long day of cleaning, getting into a nice fresh bed.


We only had carpet in the bedrooms and then we took it out the kids room 1st and put down wood floor and then about a month ago we took it out of my bedroom and put down wood floors I’m so glad we did !!!!! It’s so much easier to clean especially we have a puppy and he has a hard time at night

I’m sure it’s much easier to clean!

Omg. I thought we were the only family who's kids poop in the tub. There's usually some poopy stains on the wall or shower curtains too. Am I failing?! I


I didn’t mean put team dog ! I have no idea where that came from and I’m so sorry. How rude of me just blame it on my chemo brain! Lol

Awww I love the name Chloe!


I think the stain remover will really help you!!

I agree! We will only run it now when someone is home!

Awww thanks for the sweet words! It helps to hear I’m doing a good job!

Yay! That’s awesome! Get it all done!

I did!

You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed my cleaning!

I like the Acorn Spice better than the apple cider too!! We tried our best but had to get a new one!


I do find it relaxing!

I just haven’t worn gloves while cleaning in awhile. No particular reason

I love it when all of my laundry is done!!

Thank you so much!!

I’m a little nervous to run it now! But I’ll just do it when they are home!

I know! I felt bad for myself but also for her too! But it’s all good now!

So many people are allergic to cats!

Thank you!

It’s crazy how long that stays with you!

That’s awesome! Glad we got to clean together!

Yesss! I totally know how that feels! I wish it would’ve been during a different time in the year because fall scents are the best!

That’s awesome!

It was hard not to freak out but I just tried to keep my cool! Luckily it all worked out!

Awww thank you!

Awe I have twins girls a Lydia and Addison. They just turned 10 and they were 4.12 and 4.14 when they were born and chunked up nicely by 5 months. Your babies are cuties.

Ooh I want to try those magic eraser sheets

I so enjoy all your video's!! Thanks for all the motivation. Love y'all

When you the Clean the bathroom

I do the same thing with our shower! I feel like it helps get it cleaner too no scum backed up anywhere

Jamie the speed cleaner

Cats 100%!!!

Team cat. I like dogs, but I love cats.

I love that you shared that you loved the smell of the Acorn Meyers , I’ve been waiting to order till I knew which was the best. Team DOG! Cleaning my socks, even the bathroom’ sinks and the tub/ shower are my most satisfying chore.

It just smells like fall to me!



I am not against cats at all. I had one for many years that I absolutely loved and miss her very much but we have two giant dogs now, so I guess.. team dog!

Dogs seem to be the most popular!

Your house is beautiful great job tho great motivation

Such a real video love it! Team dog! But i love cats too

I like both too!

Team fish

I find it satisfying too!

Thank you!

We love our lab too!

Thanks girl!

I’ve had people tell me about the razor blade to get stuff off! I’ve never tried it though!

I’m sorry your dog died!

My husband had me take 9 tests to be sure. We just couldn’t believe it!!!

Jamie's Journey thank you!!! We cannot wait!

Jamie's Journey lol goodness! What a week for you :) memories ♥️

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this or if you are open to trying it, but have you considered CBD for your doggo? My dog was having a lot of problems last year and while he didn't recover we put him on a CBD medication and he was a lot more comfortable and less stressed. Hopefully you all are doing better!

I love your cleaning videos. You know how to get in the crevices and everything! That's what I call cleaning. I'm taking notes!

I have cats, but I love dogs too. I feel for you with an anxious pet. Actually, I want to know what you did with the Roomba...?

team dog love your videos btw

Your baby girls are absolutely stunning.

Team dogs for sure! I've had several cats and dogs. They are both annoying tho!

Jamie how do you do all that with small children. You are an amazing mama

Vacuuming is my most satisfying

Awww thank you! That’s cool one of our girls have the same name!

You should definitely try them!

Thank you for watching!

Jamie, where do u get your big 3 wick candles?

Bath and body works! I love them!

@Jamie's Journey my only suggestion is to make sure you confirm purity and where they source their product to avoid pesticides. Hopefully your furry friend will be better soon!

We will look into it! No one has suggested it! Thank you!!

Thanks girl!

We tried to clean it but had to get a new one!

Thank you so much!!

Thank you! I try and work when they are sleeping or my husband hanging out with them!

I like your way to cleaning your house day after day more progress I enjoyed and I learn how clean by different ways please you can write for me name of the products that you use and where I can find it

Love your voice overs, other channels dont really bother with them

I love to see the sinks clean

I like to see you clean the sink


Team cat!

Team cat

OMG and I also just got all my fall scents from Grove!! Love the acorn spice! I have apple cider and pumpkin as well, but I’m really loving acorn right now. Might have to order more.

I’m team dog, even though we also have a cat. Our cat is nuts! She loves to pee in my dryer..., yes I said it, MY DRYER!!! So we have to make sure it’s always closed. We took her to the vet to make sure there wasn’t anything going on with her, and the vet said she has a clean bill Of health!

Girlses? Girls is already plural....

Team cat!

I like cats better I still love dogs but I just prefer cats cause there so cute

Thank you! I’m glad you like them!

I know!

Jamie's Journey I’m scared that get a robotic vacuum just for this reason. Lol

That is crazy about your cat! And we had to get a new one just because it was too hard to get completely clean!

I am a home daycare provider (childminder) with 2 of my own children and a house cat. I know all about the poop messes! What a nightmare to come home too.

I have both, but team cat wins for me.

Cats are super cute!

Thank you for another amazing video! I am team

Dog and cat


My boyfriend was sick over my brand new sofa and carpet. We rented a carpet cleaner and it looks so much better. I do it yearly just to freshen it up.

Yes! It makes so much of a difference!

I think I may have cried!

A total mess!

I rilly think you have a beautiful home.

Team dog! I find vacuuming most satisfying. Also I subbed and liked!

Thank you so much!!

I get my music from epidemic sound and I already deleted the track from my computer! I will try to find it though!

Jamie's Journey thank you so much Jaime!

Jardin tour

Team dog

I use Mrs Myers baking soda liquid- or i love Soft scrub with Oxy cleans amazing & smells super good too

I’ve never tried the oxiclean before!

Thats hard because i have always had at least one of each this is the first time in my life i have had only cats but we hope to get a dog soon

If it hard to decide! Especially when you like both!

I'm partial to cats. I loved my husky she passed away from complications from eating tainted dog food. My dad just got my boys a German shepard puppy. We cant have pets in our current home but I hope in the future she can come live with us.

What do you use to disinfect and how often do you disinfect the kitchen?

I am a cat person but I lovecats

I used rubbing alcohol and mix up my own cleaner with water and dawn dish soap or Lysol wipes and spray! I disinfect probably once a month or more if someone has been sick

Team cats because I have one myself but love dogs to

Team dog for sure! We will always have a dog. Currently we have 3. Moose, Duke, Brandy❤ We also have 4 cats but they are rescue barn cats that couldn't adapt to the indoor life. Trent and Ella are the sweetheart cats that love their treats. And the other two are Meatball and Lucy (short for Lucifer) if you get what I mean...

#team dog i have 2 bully girls and they are just the sweetest girls ever they are big babies...

I swear I've seen many motivation cleaning videos and t he y all look like they pre clean before they do the video. Finally a motivation cleaning video that seems so real.

You have to take your dog for a walk either way... They need the exercise, cats don't. I prefer dogs, they're much more loving than cats.

I am team cats but love dogs as well

Poor Dog!! so I think I'm a cat person by heart, but our last two animals have been dogs and they have melted my heart! I was wondering if your shower is plastic or fiberglass? Also, Do you clean mostly on the weekends?

Team dog

Fiberglass! And yes!

Team dog. Though I font have a dog any more. We used to have King Charles spaniels when I was younger. Our first dog was called lady angel Lamont ( pedigree surname), funny Xmas story: one Xmas day morning after we got back from the midnight service she had gotten to the Xmas tree ate all the chocolate tree decks and the polystyrene apples. She had pink dye around her mouth. And because it had snowed that year when she went for no.2’s there were blobs of pink dye so u knew where she had been. Mum still has the red apple polystyrene tree decks and gave me a couple in my Xmas stocking last year x our second dog was called Freddie he didn’t do anything that naughty xx

Don’t not font

I love dogs and cats the same . Im a huge animal person . So really any animal . Now im scared of snakes and spiders but as long as they are outside im good with them too haha

U a so energetic dear are you doing this all works with out any help from maids

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