2.5 Lakhs ++ Live Trading Profits || TCS + Adaniports || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

2.5 Lakhs ++ Live Trading Profits || TCS + Adaniports || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

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Hello everyone! My name is Anish Singh Thakur. I welcome you to a live trading video Today we trade in Adaniports and TCS. In TCS, there was no news, price action levels were so great that, You’ll get to see it in video In Adaniports there was news also and price action levels were also there.

I, not only trade in news, When news plus price action base, both things together come in front, Then I trade that So, you in this video, if are to learn trading that how to do directional trading, Not non directional. That how is directional trading done, and, Not non directional. That how is directional trading done, and, In fact, in Adani I even did hedge, So if you are to see options in futures, How can we trade directional? In this video, you will get to learn a lot of things.

Means today I at least 5.30-6 lakhs profit book, 7-8 lakhs profit could also have booked, Even then why I accepted 2.5 lakhs rupees? It was in my hand to exit, still 2.5 lac rupees why? Because we have to set a stop loss, we have to set a target and We have to respect our target and stop loss. So my target is not achieved if then I, a bit after towards trailing Stop loss had to exit.

Had to take trailing target. So with full emotions, you will get to see. Means it may be that you very much find this video hard Means in it what I learnt? So I whole in outro video, I will tell you 3-4 points, that will be very valuable in your life. Ok. So come now. Let’s do the work. let’s see this video nicely

See this video and you meet me on outro people. Thank you so much. Alright guys So as you know, right just now, I have taken all the positions, that I had to take. And, now, quickly let’s show you the market. The market, and let me tell you reasons first of all, Have to study market that Nifty, opening gap up, now it’s coming down, ok, Because it’s going near all time high, And if we talk about in index then banks are very weak, ok? Right now IT sector is strong, IT sector is most strong at this time. So what I have taken positions in front of you, see, In Adaniports, have gone long on futures, and on TCS, have gone long, ok? and on TCS, have gone long and also buy the calls So let me tell the reasons of both, why have taken? First of all, let’s come to TCS, so TCS if you will see, So in this time frame, if you will see, so you see, In a big pattern, market making one inverted head and shoulder, was sitting here.

if we go, on small time frame so just if you see again you will see the same thing over That market after doing a dip, was coming here. If according to price action, we have these previous resistance levels Basically which ones? Basically if we are to see, then I am giving you serial answers, Recent resistance happens to be the most important, if it opens over this, and gives breakout, You can go long. So that’s the reason we are long on TCS, which has already given us a very good profit, Quickly I will tell, where to book the target? In Adani, why have we entered? In Adani, we have entered that in this, Today it’s results are also to come, See earnings are of there today. And earning I, if you know me from many days, if you are a new subscriber then that’s a different thing, If you are an old subscriber, then you know, I don’t trade news, But, I love to trade price action. If we see price action, according to price action, the market is, Is moving up, the way it moves, one, according to wave nnumber, 1 2 3, Market structure, if I take you to small time frame, if take you to smaller to smaller time frame, Then again you will see support, again, one double bottom, double bottom, Triple bottom and we got support here After that even more smaller time frame, will take, where I had to take action, So again you will see that Adani ports has now break it's 400 moving average, After breaking, in it decided that, if it over this level is opening, Over it, it cannot give closing, can you see it? It gave yesterday, at day end, But then also I didn’t do entry, so, because this in here, today, gave gap up opening, So we have entered in this.

And where’s the thing about TCS, TCS has also it’s one important moving average, That is, 200 moving average, has broken. So now, just give me sometime, so I will tell you when to book profits, These are early morning trades. So to us, it might happen, in first half, good target may be achieved, So I will tell you. Just give me sometime. Alright guys, in this, my target has been decided. See, the most important level that was there for TCS, that, Now, it was this, this level. It breaking that has left with power.

So the next level which are being looked by us, That’s this 3273 to 3260, near this, are getting level. So according to price action, this level which is seen, 3259 or 3260 should say, So this is a very important level, which is a big enough target. TCS now, yes, not a very big target it is also, if it’s to see, Exactly 3257, 3257 is going to be our target for the day for TCS. So we this, in here just now, let’s set, that This is our target 3258. What is the stop loss? The stop loss is the previous pivot point. The previous pivot point is what? This.

This is seen by you people? This. This area which is here, this a very important support is there in that, Day’s low has also been made. So what we will do? We have entered nearly, nearly, of this, this, when this came up again, we did it here. So we. The genuine stop loss one should put is here. But what we will do? We will keep a little bit safety, And the previous low which was, here we will keep stop loss.

Guys, I will tell you what that just now, in TCS such a good movement has come That our nearly, nearly in TCS target, after such a big candle happening, a pullback will come, We are going to book our profits now, such a great movement has come that We are going to book our profits. That is above more 7 rupees It is above more 7 rupees, which is not a very big amount, so In this momentum, I will be booking my profits because my target has nearly nearly come. So, because this is options in this liquidity happens to be more lesser, That’s why we in this will put limit order and will put it on sell And this our profit book has been. Ok? It’s about futures, in futures also we in this will put limit order, ok, And in this our profit will automatically be booked Ok.

See, slowly, slowly we have booked our profit, 1500 quantity are left, So, 1500 quantity are left, no problem, yes This will also automatically book its profit, and TCS is also booked. Now the thing comes to manage Adaniports, And if we are getting any other good opportunity, we will enter that as well. And I have an opportunity in front of me, I will tell you which one it is okay? Just give me one minute.

Alright, in front of you, in our TCS also target is just going to hit only. In futures also our target is going to hit only. Why have I booked? Because such an unusual momentum which happens to be there guys, Such an unusual momentum see, it’s like, one rupee, of one rupee’s thing it is.

it’s going to be, just, within one rupee, our target will be booked. So such an unusual momentum comes, and if you trade in first half, Then you can definitely book the profits. Because now in this, movement will go sideways or one pullback will come, but You don’t expect that it will go boom, boom, boom Means like this big, big candles it will go on making. So you can’t expect.

So that is why I booked the profits quickly as they are here. Alright guys, so now of Adaniports i'll give you analyzation, what exactly is happening with Adaniports, Adaniports, we have taken entry, after taking you know, Let me close this now, so that waste is not seen, So now after consolidating, around 11:30 it has started giving movement, Little bit in positive zone it has started going, ok. The whole of time it has done consolidation, very strong support is there in this point, Then also stop loss has been put here, why? Why such a big stop loss has been taken? 1., 1.23 per cent, Above 1 per cent I never take stop loss in intra day trade, but This is a very special case; this is a special case because Today is its event, today it’s result is going to come, Around nearly 1:00 results will come.

So that’s why we have taken the stock, So how are we managing this? Let me tell you stop loss and all, everything, see, Right now, a little loss it’s showing, see, how much in futures has been bought, That much out of the money put has been bought. In both of these, stop loss has been put, what stop losses has been put? Let me tell you stop losses what have been put. In both of these, if stop losses hit, then one limited loss coming, A limited loss coming, will stop here. But this will start giving profit, And when it giving profit, completely cheap, of 4 rupees, If heavy moment, movement comes because it’s results’ day, I told you, It’s results' day, completely heavy movement comes in down side, Very big movement, 4,5, of 3,4,5 per cent, then this will hedge us. Will take out profits for us, even if we will not become overall profitable, It’s not a, it’s not something that your profit, put will give you profit, The loss which will happen to us, from our long position, It will compensate that, it will more or less compensate that. Like now to you, of 250 rupees, of 4 rupees is it, In this movement will come very much it will expand, Because in OTM, if 3 to 4 per cent’s movement comes down side, thenThis of 4 rupees, easily will become 15, 20, 25 rupees, Very much expansion will come inside this, if a very big fall comes then And if a big up comes then, these 4 rupees will not be able to become 0, Then also 1 rupee, 1.5 rupees, something or the other, will return us 16000 rupees.

If in this our 25, 30, 40 thousand rupees, 50 thousand rupees has been put, 40-50000, yes, How much has been put? nearly 50000 rupees of our has been put money in this, So in this 40-50000 rupees, we will get 15, 20000 return only, according to me, And this much risk has to be taken, if we are to hedge the position. Because we, we have to manage down side, so, so this will give profit, So doing this I have managed a little risk. And the rest risk how have I managed, stop loss. And now time has come to trail stop loss because movement has started to come. So let me tell you again, in option how is it put, We this future, this, this is spot chart ok? This is spot chart, now in this spot chart Now in this spot chart, let me show you, we have put stop loss in this place. Of previous day, of 245 below, it's low So if I show you here, this is its CE’s chart, So we have put the stop loss where? This is previous day’s low, this is previous day, near to 11,245, below that 27 5 rupees' stop loss we have been putting, it’s simple So, that’s it.

So like this only we have to use, ok. In this way we, now we will do trail, alright. Now we, our Risk/Reward, can trail, Now, one side trail I will shift, I will shift the stop losses to this, around 692, 690, let me tell you after doing, ok. Just give me sometime. In a very much crucial resistance level have come, that is, EMA 400.

We are going to cross EMA 400. It’s a very important resistance for Adaniports, so, ok, So we are about to even reach our first target,1:1.5, in 712 will get. Positions our must have come to green, I know. So see, this will start giving loss, but, to that, This will start giving profit instead of that, ok. So there’s no problem, this, this is not a complete loss, How ever much comes in, can’t be 0. Its expiry is on the last Thursday of the month of August So now we are little bit in profit Now what should be our second step? I’ll tell you.

Look I make this video for learning that how you can manage your winning trade. How you can- how fast you should cut your losing trade? We have to do things like this. Its not made to show green or red. Now I’ll tell you how to trail our Stop loss from here to here The most important thing, wait The most important thing Until now where did we keep our stop-loss Our Stoploss is at 689 I’ll show you Our Stoploss was on 689 Now we have to shift that We have to bring that It’ll come from this chart We have to – The today’s low made below that 695 2 rupees, 693 here Where will it be placed on future chart? This is call’s chart Here is the future chart. Here is today’s, this is future chart This is today’s low 696 So we, 2 rupees below 694 We have to place our Stoploss in 694 Look guys, This a very important thing to learn Do you see this? Here This is the thing We have to make it 694 694 that’s it. That’s all.

Stoploss Why we did not place it in option? Because when we are going to place Stoploss in option When we go to place Stoploss Even though its fees quality is 25000 If you make it 27 then it won’t allow It blocks SL limit, Its telling to put SL order So that I would have to exit by hand The moment my future Stoploss is hitting Meaning my exit came in genuinely Future Stoploss is hitting Means I genuinely proved wrong So I have to cut this by putting limit order. But there is no need to place Stoploss on this This is our hedge Don’t do anything on this. If a very bad movement comes downside Then it will protect us Ok? So that’s it guys So this is a good move that you see over here I’ll give you learning notes point by point at the end of the video Exact point-by-point.

Let’s talk about market analysis once. I shared it And it gave a great like movement In this HDFC and Auro and entry didn’t activate yet Entry activated on Britannia And it gave a great movement Very fast... right? Yesterday also it gave a good movement Today also it gave For intraday also I’ll told you that Britannia is a good stock Good for yesterday And swing trade is activated.

BPCL gave a good movement yesterday Already gave a good movement Only Asian and SBIN didn’t give a movement that they gave today 1.6-1.5 GRASIM great stock for tomorrow And NIFTYBANK and NIFTY levels were properly respected. Movement didn’t come Today a movement like this came. Look it came on BANKNIFTY and dipped back again.

So anyways I told everyone We’ll be attentive on one thing On what? that If Monday Tuesday, both days use levels appropriately Then it will be of use. Like didn’t come in Asian paints and SBI Levels did't work Now now it’s coming in use I am waiting for that to happen for a long time Which is not happening This Not even once the closing went above 400 moving average. Now 2 minutes left for this candle to close Again selling pressure is coming Look from this you get to know how important its moving average is Being respected This is very important right now If it’s close upward Then good for us But if not, then again its totally waiting for something to happen I’ll give you Guys Finally, hard work of sitting here paid off Finally, we have literally touched our target Ok Our first target touch here It just touched Ok so We’ll see here We have We are here right now So we have to book the profits The time to book profits is Just to have 1 candle closing So I’ll let you know First give me some time Alright guys, so the result is here The result is better than estimated and expected Ok? 13 million rupees profit Vs 7.5 billion rupees profit Year on year 12 billion was estimated 13 billion came And revenue is Rs 45 billion rupees Expected 36 billion rupees Still we saw a very big green candle And got to see a red candle again Now look this Now this This is a big problem To trade on news day, we should have a habit of enduring with such volatility Alright so now just time to put the trailing Stoploss below this green candle.

And let me do it And I’ll just book the profits If it is coming down from this great red candle You see right now is a very heavy exchange of hands look how high the volume has become. Candle is left to close And right beneath this Means a lot Below this I should accept that I should exit Even though in no profit or loss But after such heavy movements I mean such news Market would take 10-12 min And then it gives you a real response. So it doesn’t matter if the news is good in market The news which came on market, What’s the reaction on that news of market? That’s very important. Like till now we don’t understand the reaction of the market There is a green candle There is a red candle on 30 minute timeframe its 2G Its Nothing So after this candle finishes we know get to know that what’s the response We, let’s look We should have booked profit here But till then news didn’t come in front of me. it came now that this candle is also made. So let’s look, might be we will book profits If it comes back here Or if it touches here. Let’s see

what we can achieve. And very good news guys Not good news I mean good news for the Indian stock market Look at what a movement came in NIFTY What a great movement NIFTY What a great movement in BANKNIFTY. And I have told you in market analysis That SBI’s result is going to come.

Just keep that Keep SBI Track SBI, I told you All this is happening because of SBI Look at the movement Look at the movement in SBI Movement in SBI is too big Look SBI broke all its target levels. And went to near it’s all time high Ok good We have track our Adani. Now the rally has started again. We should be ready to book our profits. Once it is breaking it We will see if it’s going, going and going This is the toughest time a trader has to face The toughest time Such that the profit that we have made might be lost But for the sake of process we have to let them go Because if we don’t follow the process today I could have earned 5 lakhs or maybe I could come out at 2 lakhs But I can’t mess up my process for 3 lakhs Because I will not be able to earn more amount otherwise.

That is why I’m totally focusing On managing my winning trade right now Ok so we have finally exited everything guys So we had an opportunity We had a wonderful opportunity. Ok guys so I’ll make an outro video for you Where I can explain everything in simple words What all things for you What are the useful things for you? Ok? Thank you so much guys. Alright. So you have watched the video. I hope you enjoyed it and have learned something from it. I think you feel bad now like me because you may think like you could have booked for higher profit but still why have you done for a lower one. So now let’s talk about work. The most important part is about this video.

The first thing is when we booked for profit in TCS, I have said that if we hit the target in 10 – 15 minutes then you should book, great profit is coming, but we have done it. But after that TCS went much higher. Seeing this most of the people become more anxious and buys at the top and regret. The pain of regret is too much. Here we have to control our pain of regret.

So that we learn from TCS. Same thing we learned it from Adani as well, I kept my target at 717 but it came back from there. And it was showing almost 5-6 lakhs of profit at Adani’s but I have closed it for 2.5 for the day and we have earned Lakhs from there. So this is very important guys. If you want to respect the target and stop loss, then only you can do trading. So if you have lost the profit, you don’t have to be angry and take the loss, No if you feel like trailing you need to exit trailing then you have to exit and you still have to be happy.

You should not ruin your mood. The third thing is how to manage the risk, how big was Adani’s Stop loss at earlier was 1.2%? but the target was also higher even though we didn’t achieve it the target was going higher but wasn’t able to achieve because we didn’t exit. And the more important than that, As it moved in my direction, How I trailed it by keeping day’s low that is the most important thing.

Everything is risk/reward. If there is risk, then there must be a reward. And if there is risk at the start then there will be a reward It was news day today. Definitely we could have made big rewards today we didn’t make too much out of it, but got reward at least we didn’t have a loss. So we have to manage risk Vs reward.

After that when the trade start, We should minimize risk always And not minimise this You saw I trailed Stop Loss but kept this open Thought to make a bigger target Who knows if we can see the movement up to 5,6,7 or 8% in Adani Recently it was seen in Sun Pharma that movement but I wasn’t able to get that. But still we know that the news days are like that. If the price action is jumped up, then we could have done it. These are the 3 things.

TCS, Adani and the exit of Adani’s where you should feel the most important one. So guys, this is the life of a trader that you have to always leave some money on the table so that you can make some more money And if I feel to exit quickly Then I wouldn’t become a trader, then I will not bring a quality in me to hold my winners. So I always try to hold my winners and I will tell you. Soon you will see a video when this quality of mine holding my winners, will give me a great reward So the most important thing on this video for you people is Please identify yourselves, who are you? Are you someone who is trying to achieve big win-size? Or are you someone who is trying to achieve big win-rate with small-small target and stop losses? Are you looking for big win-rate? Or looking for big win-size like me? If you are looking for big win size, then you only have to take very good trades like I rarely trade I trade only few times But Whenever I trade I always try to keep my targets big And if trade regularly then I try to keep the risk rewards at the level of 1 – 1.5 and prefer to exit.

So my personality type That is I’m finding big win sizes. So you have to know Today itself, first of all while generalizing You should think this thing That who am I? am I finding for big win size or big win rate? Both are very important. If you can improve on both then it is a very good thing. But I’ll first suggest try to work on any one of them first After working on one of them, work on the next one. Either work on win-rate now and later on win-size.

Or work on win-size now and work on win-rate later. Both- after achieving one of them, the other one would come on its own. So that is why I am working on big win size and to improve my win rate I am taking quality setups. So I hope all these things were the most important things in this video you would have enjoyed this video able to learn something from this that's why I uploaded this video. In the end we saw SBI and BANKNIFTY/NIFTY In all In NIFTY all time high SBI all time high So definitely I took a small gap-up trade for tomorrow morning Let’s hope that gap-up open The gap-up opens, I’ll exit the trade. So for tomorrow SBI is taken for first half.

Okay guys I hope you guys also made NIFTY all time high You might have also achieved something good. Ok? Alright guys thank you so much If you like this video let me know through the comments What are your views on the trading that I did? Ok. Thank you so much guys Bubye

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