261 Sundays | Short Film

261 Sundays | Short Film

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Merry Christmas, Bruno. It’s just us again. Hey! Hi! Ben bah kan? Hi! I’m Ashley and this is my fiancé. Thank you so much for being here. I’m sure your schedule is packed! We were so lucky to book you finally.

Dude, I forgot. My schedules been so packed. with weddings and everything, you know how it is with the planning. But, it’s Christmas.

Merry Christmas! - Merry Christmas, Ben. and we’re super grateful we got you last minute. Thank you! - No worries. I do what I gotta do, it's fine. so grateful to have you and I’m so excited to start our shoot today finally! Hey, sorry- Emily, hi! This is my best friend. She’s been planning everything for me. She’s my maid of honour.

She handles everything for me so go through her for anything. Hi! Hi… - umm, I’ve had my coffee already actually um... thank you. Should we get started? - yeah! Ok I’m gonna grab my bag real quick. - Let's go! He's so cute! Ben? Ben! Ben! Wait, I’m coming. Okay?

Ok. Ben... Ben Ben! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, Sima Aunty.

Are you just back from party? Uh no, I had a last minute photo shoot tadi. You ah. Hari cuti pun nak kerja. You need to learn to rest well. Yeah I know but its okay. Dah biasa dah. Can you don’t be so annoying? And... have you had your dinner?

No i haven’t but its okay. I’m okay. Ben, I have leftovers... okay? Now, I’m not asking you. I’m gonna give you. Understand? We used to have Christmas dinner all the time, remember? - Yes, I remember.

Okay, now what you do, Go and shower. I’m gonna go back and bring back your favourite mutton curry! You okay with that? - Ok. Ben…remember, some day there's gonna be someone who will cook for you… but today, now, it’s me, Sima Aunty.

Okay? - Ok. Sure? - Yea Ok go shower now. - Ok. Alright? - Alright.

I’ll be back! - Okay, thank you. Don't wink at me la. Ok, let's do this.

that's not bad... hmm... what else? Ah! Oops.. Oh noooo.... We’re going to India! Macam mana? Macam mana?! no no no...

You’re so stupid, Ben. You’re so stupid, Ben. You’re so stupid… You got that right. Over here.

Hey, how you doing? (laughs) Okay, don’t be startled. Just listen. Whats happening? Listen… or its going to hard for me to make sense. - He’s not talking. It’s not real.

Can you breathe? - Tortoises don't talk.. Take deep breaths, please. Come on. breathe. (inhales) Oh, Im breathing okay. Im breathing!

Breathe. Why you telling me to breathe? - wait! Get a grip on yourself, calm down - I should tell you to breathe! Okay... Take it easy.... Okay. Now why don’t you come a little closer? Come on! Yes that’s right. Yep. Now, what do you want to know? Can you tell me what’s happening? I don’t fix problems, I'm friends with them! What does that even mean!? No one knows what it means but it’s provocative! It gets the people going! Did you just quote Will Ferrell? But he’s a wise man, Ben! Oh my god, you're talking with a different accent. what's wrong with you? - (laughs) Just relax...

It's not real - It’ll all be fine - tortoises don't talk None of this even matters. Just sleep. Dream of sheep and tortoises…tortoises? Yep.

Just sleep. Yes, thats right. Breathe in, breathe out. Yep. All this wasn’t a dream… Ben, hi! I’m so sorry I’m late. - It's okay.

Umm, shall we? What? No coffee this time? I was thinking we could have a more proper meal instead. Good point. Shall we? - Yeah! Um, about the photo of you. I just- It was sweet, really. I liked it. Thats good. - (chuckles)

You should eat some. Yeah, yeah of course. Isn’t it good? - Mhmmm Was this a date? Um… I... I guess.

Um cool. I... I guess we should go Wait… do you have plans next Sunday? After you. - Thank you!

♪ I just can’t stand the tension, without you I'm nothing ♪ ♪ sweet darling, I miss the times, when I'm sad and cry ♪ ♪ and then all it takes is your kiss and I’ll be fine ♪ ♪ sweet darling, I wait the day, when you’re on the way ♪ You should come in. - How's the water like? It's nice... cold... ♪ and i hate to say but you make me lose my mind. ♪ ♪ and i hate to say but you make me lose my mind. ♪ umm... We’ll see each other again? I’d like that. Alright.

Well, I guess... goodnight. Wait… Goodnight. Ben! Sorry, sorry, I’m just…I’m just tired Okay. Eat up, eat up. Get some energy. Sima Aunty? Yes? Have you ever been in love? I’m sorry if it’s a bit sudden, I- No, no. Do not apologise.

Of course I’v been in love. You remember my late husband? He used to watch over you after school and he’d make sure you don’t feel lonely. And nobody wants you to feel that way. I remember. I understand.


2020-12-27 20:54

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