24/7series: Episode 6 | Mississippi River

24/7series: Episode 6 | Mississippi River

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Stop. Number six in the Bassmaster. Elite Series, here, on a flooding, Mississippi. River, we've got torrential downpours. And the river is changing. Literally every, single day the water is rising but. I am stoked, just, to go up north and fish the grass fish the pads and really. Is my favorite way to fish. Can. You go around. And, get my frog box out of the side of the campers please. All. Right. Next. Up ladies. During his first season on the Bassmaster. Elite Series. These, really, scary. Now. I could just kind. Of imagine, that I did, almost, all, the. MCS. Would not, admit to it by the auditory ailments Peltier Bunny's name and Ida forgot where I was for a full second you, don't forgive me you are great day great day James we had a lot of fun out there no I'm just kidding No, thank you guys for coming out I have it I had a really blessed day you know it's raining I'm. Hoping. I can do it again tomorrow but uh conditions. Are changing so it's going to be it's, going to be different great, start keep, it rolling. 24/7. Right here in the rain. About now. Thinking, I. Don't. Want to catch a bass tomorrow. It's. Changing. Fast. Stuff. That I. Got. Bid on in practice it. Was all, underwater. And. Current. Which. I kind of expected, but you just don't have very many options you, gotta start finding a new stuff. Sure. Literally. God. Please. Just give. Me something, dude. I'm. Their, heads. Since. I was going into my line. Yeah. Oh. My. Gosh God and, look. At that fish. Look at that tank. Let's start trying again here, back to three. Months pound baby. Dude. I get, that. Was that same fish it, was gosh, I almost blew it. Now. We're talking about white get, ready for toss 12. Seriously. I need, to catch one. Don't. Cover me all day. What. You pets. What that just happened. Doesn't. Happen it. Doesn't happen does, it does, but. Make. It. What's. Right or wrong. What the sister L write the song scribbled, on the page to give praise up both sides just, liquidity finding my substance, in a symphony but, afro that was meant to walk on floats, barkos ba Mon don't cloud now speaking, to these demons, that wanna beat best, mistakes, that taught me what covered my face hardened, and was the part of me as I please let us read the pages to my R to see my artistry, is stained by the blood of the King of France yet all I smell is ring and all I see is half steps never to fill a full measure now. My. Commitment is submitted, to the fools pleasure Book of Life secured, in the truce Ledger the. Hand at our office remain steady. I'll. See you tomorrow yeah thank, you. There. Was amazing. Like, 40, minutes left to go. 14. Seen, them name many never, to race only for place the pain in me grace washes, over the string dizzy untouched. Is where my place the ones I thought of lies yet I'm on the press pride keeps me speaking fight last and my brother from stress but, I decided, to become a king among the tongues of man my weakness gets the upper hand still, the burden is draped to serve my god, those. Who see. The. Seed water takes root. Words. Hunter. Had 15. Pounds 13, ounces yesterday. With. Desperate love to stick around and, hang with us through the weekend, 14. Pounds, 8 ounces. 30. Pounds, and 5 ounces. 100. Frog has his eyes on his first championship, Sunday, appearance. Through. The first cuts and I know it's. Always a lot of pressure drops, off at that point and I bet you gotta be looking forward to getting out there tomorrow I haven't, even thought about it honestly I'm still kind of shaking because at, 2 o'clock I'm. Doing it 3 and I. Had nine pounds, so literally in like 40 minutes I looked up this guy and said lord I need a bite he used to give me a sign he gave me 3 4 9 pounds, instantly so, really. Blessed day and I'm just you, know I'm thankful to, get those couple bites right at the end so I'm pretty good size I look, forward to seeing you tomorrow. Like. I said before there's, not a lot of difference between he's, finishing at the front or, in last place and, today. Was just one of those super special, days that you. Know really, they happen all the time I want to believe and have faith that those. Things are going to happen and it's, just an, awesome, reminder that, you know what you're. Never out of it. My. Liver, man. I. Started. Today love. To get him into championship. Sunday looking. For 12 pounds 15 ounces so, far 13. Pounds, 9 ounces. You're. Sitting in 12th place right now yeah. I don't think that's gonna hold up man I've had a fun week here and really just you, know I just scrambled, every day in this mississippi river it's rising a, lot, of fun you know I'm, throwing my IVA Garcia's, new, Jen.

Fours With the new spiderwire, stuff rate I think that really made a difference, power pull down make, long long casts, I'm talking 30 40 yards on a frog, and that's, best. Way to flow this way for me to go fishing so I had a fun week blessed, week and thanks. To everybody for showing out and hopefully. It's, good to be here tomorrow nothing's, gonna happen well, we'd love you to stick around we'll find it at the end of the weigh-in. Former. Bass Pro, it's. A good or bad tournament so lessons are still being taught and you. Know understanding. That the, process, of trying. To get there and trying, to do well is these. Are the moments, that I'm, gonna remember forever.

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Keep up the good work. Your video skills are amazing. Your gonna Win one soon!!!

Your videos are so bad ass! I want to meet you one day! Congrats on how your bass fishing career is taking off and you are making your name known! One day I will be at the staging tanks with you one day it will come.


Man this is one of my favorites so far man. It was so intense! I love watching your videos man. Editing was killer in this one too. Keep up the good work! Maybe one day I will get to meet ya if you ever fish NC.

Love these videos my Friend! Keep them coming! Best of luck to you in future tournaments!

Thank you and thanks for watching!!

Great job Hunter! Loved the intro to this video and the music. Looks like that win might be coming sooner than later. God bless.

I’m hoping it is!! Thanks Max, God Bless!!

Great video...as usual!!! Love watching you work brother!

Like Max said! God is good! I look forward to seeing you win!!! No pressure though...I know you put the work in!

Thanks bro! Hope all is well!!

what frog were u fishing

I’m doing a frog setup vid that will explain everything

To many people are sleeping on your channel man, you could have 200,000 easy with this quality!! Keep it up!

Hopefully we will get there soon! Thanks man!!

I had to watch it again it was sooo sick! What frog were you using primarily??

Hahah! Thanks man! I’m doing a frog setup video and I’ll explain everything!

I love watching your videos!! Keep up the great work! GBO

Sick video straight fire!!!!

Great video definitely a win in your near future!!

What is that tat

Love these videos man but we need Larry the legend to fish an FLW tournament

Way to keep it real brother !!!!!

This video was sick. Crazy editing skills. Good luck man you deserve it

Thanks for watching man!! Good luck to you too!

Better than googan

another great video great finish in the tournament

Thanks Jimmie

You make the best videos hunter! Good job at this tournament

Congrats on a top 20

Thanks Mike!

Man on Fish frog fightin violence!!!! I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!!!! Great vid as always sir!!

Hahaha! Thanks for watching bro!!

Quality performance as always bud

Thanks a lot Matt!!!

Wowee, wow, WOW! Such a sick edit man! Great job!

Thanks for watching man!!!

What music do you use in your videos really like it and would like to add them to my playlists

Sweet thanks love watching you fish

Sorry guys, I thought I put it in there. When I get a minute I will list it.

Dont know if I'm missing something, but I dont see anything for music in the description. Thanks

Some of the music is listed below in the description.

Great video man. Keep up the great work.

Thanks Chris!

I saw fletcher fishing at portage lakes the other day on Monday

I gotcha, seems to be pretty tough everywhere when it starts getting this hot out! Thanks a lot man!!!

Hunter Shryock Fishing It is pretty tough right now. Not many big fish shallow. They’re mostly in those deeper ledges. Congrats on 18th finish at the Mississippi! I know you put tons of work in and it’s great to see it’s finally paying off bro.

Nice, is it any good right now!???

Wow man! That’s awesome!!! You keep getting closer and closer! You’ll get it. You believe in yourself and remember that your #1 fan out here believes in you too!!!

Thanks bud it means a lot!!!

3:27 **makes flying pig squeal noise**

This is amazing! Such a good video! Love that backwater frogging comeback at the last second!

Really appreciate it!!!

The boat flip on that

Those last minute catches on day 2 were CLUTCH.

Wasn't sweating it at ALL.. HAHAH! Sike!

motivation for DAYS!!!!

Right ON!!

Awesome to see your prespective on this event man! I watched bass live and wondered how you were doing. I know this event set right up in your wheel house. Amazing job as always my dude.

Thanks brother! It looks ok on paper but it wasn't like that on the water LOL!

God is great, God is good no matter what. He never forgets us even if we forget Him at times. So much fun seeing you have your best tournament in my home state. Yahoo!!!! A win is coming!

Absolutely!! So True!!

Fantastic as usual, so much fun to watch! How bout that smallie on day 1, I love catching those on Erie, they put up one heck of a fight. Gorgeous fish too. Good luck on the next one

Hunter Shryock Fishing No way, on a frog, that had to be a blast!! I need to catch one on a frog now, never tried that lol

Thank you! There are some big ones in there to be caught for sure!! How about I caught two smallmouth on a frog that week!!

Best Regards from Germany - I Love your videos! It's always the climax of the week when a new 24/7 episode is aired :-)

Awesome! Thanks for keeping up with the videos, it means a lot! We have a couple more left to put out!

Amazing. Just amazing..

Thanks Gary!!

I bet it feels good to cash a nice check. Congratulations

It definitely doesn't hurt!! Thank you sir!!!

Awesome stuff brother

Thanks for watching!!

Absolutely love your honesty. Everyone who fishes knows this lowest of lows and highest of highs. We cuss then we pray we doubt then we praise. All in a days fishing. Can’t wait to see you win one brother. Keep fishing and making these great videos!

You described it perfectly! Now if we can just skip on the negative thinking in fishing we'd be set!! Thanks Greg!

Even with the stress of bass fishing being your job you can see how much passion you have and how much you truly enjoy it! You could definitely see how much fun you were having in this video! I don't blame you..lol..... Like you said you truly enjoy fishing the techniques you used at the Mississippi River.. I'm not sure if there's a more enjoyable way of catching bass except for maybe pitching a jig in some of those areas you were fishing which if I'm not mistaken you did at times during this tournament? Keep up the good work Hunter! As well as the great video content!!

No doubt! There is not a better way and yes pitched a rocket craw around as well. Thanks Russ!

Truly inspirational. Never Give Up!!!

So true! Never Give Up!

Another great video. Enjoy your 24/7 series! Been routing for you this season! Good luck with the rest of your season Hunter.

Way to stick with it and make a come back on day #2!! My favorite thing about this kinda fishin is boat swingin em in!!

Hunter Shryock Fishing dang right! Boat swingin 7’s & 8’s Greg Hackney style!

You bet! Almost like you know you got em if you just get them to bite because they aren't coming off!

4:51 am i don't need sleep this is more important

Hunter Shryock Fishing

My bad dude!!! I haven’t went to sleep yet, just finished the edit and uploaded it!

Looked like a lot of fun and the production of this video was on point!

I hope sooner than later! Thanks a lot for watching Bryan!!

I look forward to it!! Just keep working hard and it'll happen!!


Thanks man!! Yes, if we are around just shout out!!!

I know he would do the same! What goes around comes around right!?

I live in same town as Elite fisherman Dave Mullins... I seen in video that you helped him out with prop. Great sportsmanship in a world where everyone is out to get each other!

Really appreciate it bro!!

Thats the goal! Thanks for watching man!

Hunter Shryock Fishing oh, very smart

If you mean on my hand, I write the time I'm due back in on the back of my hand in sharpie marker so I never forget and never late. It comes in handy!

Hahah he just might !!! LOL!

Thanks bro!!!

HAHAHA! I probably did too when I seen it lol!

Thanks for the support bro! Good luck to you too!!!

Excellent finish, what a great decision to fish that backwater took out some hogs and saved the day.

can you please tell me what kind of editing software you use?

Yes, I use Final Cut Pro.

That shot at 14 minutes with the boat ride and the fish catches above it was bad ass!

kool video Hunter... will watch some of your others continued success brother www.2koolperformance.com

You should do a collab with the googans blow you up

Hell of a finish man and one badass video keep it up bro

I couldn't wait for this one to be published! Nice job on the Ol' Miss. Best of luck up on the St. Lawrence! Would love to see a top 12. Your videos are second to none, Bro!

Shout out to Abu Garcia for surviving those boat flips!

Great finish Hunter!! Keep hammering brother. Your W is out there!

Praise the Lord ! Man day 2, thats a testimony right there !!

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