23 Lakhs ++ Live Trading Profits || BankNifty Options || Anish Singh Thakur || BoomingBulls

23 Lakhs ++ Live Trading Profits || BankNifty Options || Anish Singh Thakur || BoomingBulls

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Hello guys, my name is Anish Singh Thakur, and welcome to this live trading video, where I have used around 15 to 20 lakh rupees and booked a new profit of 24 lakhs in one day, in Intraday. Now, how is this possible. By using such a huge capital how we converted this into profit, and that too on the expiry day when the market is so volatile.

If you want to see this, then you'll have to watch and hear this very carefully. There is a lot of learning attached. I wish that the video.. you'll surely get to know about amount how do we maintain our psychology when dealing with such huge amount.

But observe what was the process. Most important.. I have named this trade as the wolf trade because from the last 5-6 days I'm just sitting and watching the market. I'm not trading.

Just watching the market. Watching for the right time to enter, with highest probability of winning. So what I did, how I did it, you have to see all that. Please watch this video patiently since video is long in duration.

And at the end, in the outro of this video, I will give you two important tips. two important tips which were useful for me in this entire trading session so that you can also do it, right? I don't want you to watch only because of my profits, you won't earn profit, nobody asks for a loss from you. Just that if someone is trading with such huge amount then how can it be successful, how one will book this profit by making this successful. That's what you need to know.

Let's start. This is a very crucial point. The day's Low is about to break.

It is the first 15 minutes candle. But this day is already bearish for me. Why is it bearish? Let me show you how I do trade in a larger timeframe.. analysis. Look at this. There was this head and shoulders pattern.

It won't be visible at this timeframe. It will be visible here. There was a proper head and shoulders pattern in Bank Nifty. Okay? And Bank Nifty is not able to break it's support line continuously. 36,760. So the market opened with Gap Up today and this red candle is directly showing the sellers' strength.

It's completely telling you that the sellers are overpowered. Now the VWAP is here itself, and here itself you have moving average, 200 moving average. This is the trend line. Breakout has been achieved for all and this candle is about to close. I'm telling you it will close at this tip only. If this candle starts to fall now then we'll see a good fall. We can expect a decent fall.

In fact, we can achieve the target up till here today. This is 100 moving average in 30 minutes. Can you guys see this? We can achieve target of at least up to 36,400 And we can definitely achieve 36,500 So it depends on closing of this candle. Look, it is about to decrease, 8 seconds are left.

If this candle closes now nd the next candle appears, then it could be a wonderful fall. And yes, the market is starting now. Okay, it has started giving us.. Yeah, so it has started giving us the fall, but the fall up till here is already expected. Till 768.

After that we guys.. as in some trading of ours will start. I have taken the trade in very good quantity. You cannot see the P&L today.

Why you can't see the P&L? You know. If you see the P&L, you'll start feeling uneasy thinking should I exit or not. That's why I will totally avoid. Even when I will land on this page to check the open interest, then I won't see my P&L. Maybe you guys can see. Because today's day is extremely volatile.

If one green candle also forms, I'll lose all my profit So I cannot have any expectations from the market. Zero expectations. Okay.

Alright. Let's see how soon we achieve the fall. How much should we.. we have to take S2, or we can take S3 target also.

S3 target is the main target of 36,400 But I don't think we'll be able to achieve whole target in 1st half it's well and good if achieved. But it will take a pull back and move. So I think we should also book profit at a crucial support level.

Okay the market is falling, yes, it is reaching.. it has come, bro, it has come at our level. Nifty is also starting to fall. Nifty is also starting to fall. Bank Nifty has also started to fall. But this is the..

this is a clear cut support level which breaks now. So, it will be very good. Perfect. What't the time? The time is 8:00 over here. 8:01.

Alright. So I'm just going to write down the open interest over here. Open interest is 1623975 I had to see it after all. Okay, that is too good P&L.

Anyone will be attracted that bro, I have to take it. But if you want to follow the process you follow the.. you.. no matter that goes back we just can't see it. We don't have to see it. Today we will completely follow the process. And we'll try to achieve 100 EMA in 30 minutes.

Either S3 or we will at least try to achieve S2. If this candle closes, it'd just be amazing. It's very important for this candle to close. 200 moving average. When the second candle broke

that is when we made the entry. We have achieved a good result upto that point. The second strike price that we have, I have a lot of expectations from that too. And I have a lot of expectations from that. Alright then.

Let's see. The Low of first 15 minutes has broken out. Today Bank Nifty has opened with Open High, Open Low Bank Nifty has opened with Open High. Nifty has a lot of strength because IT sector is going up in order to support Nifty.

Energy sector is going up, and PSE, government banks already.. not government banks, sorry, there is already lot of movement in enterprises. However the Low has broken out here. We are waiting for this Low to also breakout. The target is set till here for this upto 200 moving average. Let's see what happens in this.

My breakout has been achieved here as well. That's it. Very big targets can be achieved in Bank Bifty also but we won't try to achieve a very big target or a very.. big one like 600 points or 800 points.

We'll try to take minimum risk, S2 or S3 or check if there is some other key moving average. Let is close first. Second 15 minutes candle also matters a lot. I just want a closing below 36,760 A closing below this would mean, that would be just amazing.

Would be amazing if closing happens below this Well, what about open interest? Open interest is increasing, price is falling. Nice. It could be a short build-up day. Short build-up day means these are the new fresh short to be, anyway, we do have time now after all.

Look, it is moving back. That's why you always have to be ready. You may be proved wrong as well.

Such huge amount can be lost after earning too you have to be okay with all that, okay? Now if you come here, let's take HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank has given the breakout. The target of HDFC Bank is 1563. Okay. HDFC Bank is in our favour.

It was yesterday too. IndusInk Bank also is taking support over here. ICICI Bank also is near the support. But it's moving in our favour only.

Kotak Bank maybe it has broken down one key moving average. Axis Bank is going bullish. Bank Nifty is also going bullish. Look.

SBI, so what is SBI doing. A Gap Up has been opened. But there is heavy selling in SBI. See the volume bar. It is around.. Great amount of volume is falling with the new one.

Then PNB, I can see all of them below over here. I can't see a good sense out of that. So banks are a bit.. fundamentally the banks that are there of Bank Nifty they are doing great work. Nifty is little bit bullish. These are the same levels if you see guys.

These are the same levels that I had given during market analysis on Sunday. Look, the market is opening exactly from there on Monday and is bullish Anyways we'll talk about that later. It has taken a break. If I get a closing here then I will hold guys.

I mean with conviction. Or else I would feel uneasy until that time. Anyone would feel uneasy in such a situation. This is a good trade which I think should be taken with a good conviction. 'Coz when the opportunity is appropriate, then you must trade.

If it is not, then not a problem. Whatever this trade maybe.. break... let's see. Till then let's check option chain also. From option chain, today we guys should.. I'll tell you what we should look for In option chain we should look for at which strike price is highest open interest situated.

Say around 1.. Highest why? As in max pain.. is what I can see here guys. I can see it to be around 15,300 No, I can see it's around 15,200 It's around 15,200 Okay. This means

according to this the market closing should be somewhere near 15,200 The market could go sideways. But it's not final Max pain means maximum pain would be felt by option buyers approximately if the closing takes place around this. Then that's what happens mostly. But price action is obviously very important. Let's focus here. It happens. This system is very important of putting stop loss, for a new trader.

And experienced people should have so much power that no matter happens, you accept the loss. Book the loss. I wish that a second red candle forms here. This will form a high price rejection and it would be totally confirmed that this candle, Our day is bearish, so, I would add more quantity.

Because an evening star will be formed here, in case it forms, which is being formed though. Evening star at 5 minutes timeframe. Plus, on a 15 minutes timeframe gravestone Doji will be formed. Both of them mean the same thing, the market is going to fall.

So just now, like, this candle closes. And I've increased my quantity due to evening star pattern being formed. I was trading with around 15 lakh rupees, now I have added 5 lakh more rupees.

Our position is standing at 20 lakh rupees. And yes, I never keep a lot of money in my trading account. I keep withdrawing it. And as needed, I keep adding it subsequently. This helps me to make my positions and decisions. That, when I don't have to trade a very big amount, then I don't..

But since I have to do it today, I deposit it. Now when profits and all will get formed, I'll withdraw it. Okay.

So, the big engulfing momentum has been neutralized. One pull back has been achieved and that was my decision, that when pull back is achieved I'll increase the quantity. Pull back has been achieved and I have increased the quantity. Now it's time to sit back and have faith in our analysis, and technical analysis and price action data and everything.

Market is too volatile today guys. I was going to close, exit. And I just checked hat is happening in Nifty, Bank Nifty and Futures. Exactly maybe it's taking resistance after 200 moving average.

Exit hasn't been achieved in that yet. And evening start has been formed here now in Nifty. And, just in Bank Nifty and Futures at a crucial level it has formed one red candle. It's like very tough to trade today when it giving you as well as taking away opportunity from you.

Whatever it may be about to exit, and some loss. No problem. Let me see what time is it right now. Two candles are remaining. Let's see if this candle is able to stay below. It's again getting back.

Again getting long big rejection selling. This wick means a lot guys. This rejection explains something very deeply. ..selling over there. I just wrote down in my journal to be unemotional about the trades. Because it can even be a very good winning trade. It can be an extremely big winning trade.

But I won't be able to book with emotional state of mind I'll think my trade is so big. I won't feel good that I can accept this trade, like this is getting back now. Maybe I incur loss.

It's okay is loss happens, it's a machine. If I take machine as a machine, that is what's better for me. I didn't see the P&L till now even once. We saw it once.

It was 11 lakhs positive, but now it would be 3-4-5 lakhs negative, I guarantee that. That is something I won't see now. There is no point of seeing all this. Follow the process, observe the charts, these are the main superpowers of a trader. Avoid the P&L.

Forget about the money. Focus on the process. Take high probability trades. Don't overtrade. That's it It's easy to say but tough to implement. That's why it takes time. Let it be.

But just try the right things. Very good bro, some fall is starting in Nifty. It's more important right now for fall to come in Nifty because it's very strong.

The day's Low is 15,200 It's 15,200 It is coming. Let's see what's happening at the 15 minutes timeframe. Right now in Nifty 50 my favorite setup is going on. Big falldown.

Retest falldown. Taking resistance from an important area and then coming down with a 15 minute candle. Breaking the Low, 55, Doji.. Some of my hopes have come back with this trade. I have a bit of a need from this trade right now. Now the price action says fall, but still it's too early to be happy.

It's too early to be happy because there are four minutes left in this candle. I wish it gives me a closing at this level. I'm really happy. Bank Nifty, Futures saved me today. I was going to exit here.

Let me do a final check and see whether there is some important resistence here or not. 200 moving average was there. This is what has stopped us in this trade, or else I was about to exit from this trade. I guess I was about to exit. That's when I clicked here. And after looking here I saw that okay, it has not closed.

I still waited for the next candle to close, and I came back. Again, again it took support. Ah! That's good. That's something that we wanted, right? Yes! This is something we wanted. Very good Nifty.

Nifty suddenly turned out to be a friend! Such a big fall came in Nifty. Bank Nifty, where are you now. Why are you not falling like this? Very good! Very, very good. Very, very, very good.

This is the proper fall. Now, it's your turn. It came there. It has come there due to some other sector. It should come here also.

But still I wish the day's Low breaks down. Here is the day's Low. It has.. it has.. it has closed.

29 seconds are left. When 20 seconds are left then it is like then it gets fixed approximately that it's closing. Perfect.

Quickly... Very good, very good. Here it's probably closing below. 10 seconds are left.

Nifty has done it. It has come near the t arget also. Yes it is.. it has closed. Market has closed. Now we can say that our trade will become a winning trade.

Great man. Our winning trade has started being formed. No.. no looking at P&L. No looking at P&L no matter whatever happens.

You just don't have to see profit and loss, otherwise same thing will happen, all of that would turn emotional. Let us book now, whether we incur loss or whatever it is. We were not waiting for so long unnecessarily.

There are three things in the market, there are four things, there are five things, small profit, big profit, breakeven, small loss, big loss. Saving yourself from big loss is important. Small profit may give small loss, you have to give brokerage on breeakeven. Only big profit is left with a trader.

Bir profit, and it doesn't come everyday that's why you shouldn't even trade everyday. The day when, like, my entire analysis of previous days was bearish if it starts going downwards or sideways. or if there is Gap Down and it goes up then goes down It goes sideways, and goes downwards and takes a pull back. Okay, finally shooting star kind of pattern They say shooting star in the candle now.

Whatever it is, it is shooting downwards right now. Very happy right now. Very happy, but still little happy at least the trade is working in my favored direction. I'll be happy when when I'll be able to follow the process now also. While following the process I'll exit at the right time.

Right time is either S2 or else it is S3. But S3 is way too far. When we'll see the P&L then we'll feel we should exit, because we have again come back near the same position. The 11 lakhs that we saw that was somewhere here. It'd be lesser than this obviously. No, I had increased quantity in between, somewhere here.

The P&L might be better. But we shouldn't see the P&L. Stick to our words, stick to our... Good. One more candle closed. It's coming. Very good.

This is called happiness. It has hit a target here of a horizontal line. Here also it ran from top to bottom. Open interest is increasing now. New positions are being created now. And..

the candle stays here for two minutes. The next candle can give a good fall. It has achieved here.. Oh man! The target has been hit here. Now there'll be reversal from here.

Nifty has hit the target. There is a very high selling volume in this candle of Nifty. kind of break these levels as well, but Nifty has hit the target. And my Bank Nifty can reverse from here. It's very tough right now. High volume is being achieved here too.

High volume selling is taking place. Fuck off patter has been formed in the volume. Little finger pattern has been formed bro, look. I don't know whom he's saying fuck off to. Is he saying that to me or.. It's telling the buyers to tell the sellers, but whatever it is.

Some people think of this as an entry signal and trade. One minute is left, oh my god. Breaking these levels. I don't think.. this is also such engulfing candle, and breaks Nifty. The next target will be formed at 15,100 I wish this just closes at same place that I told you.

It's making a morning star here. If there was bullish divergence here then I would have exit immediately In fact, I would have bought call. But because there isn't bullish divergence market is weak, it will take a pull back. It's alright. That's why it's tough to trade, become a trader. It's my experience that's telling me to wait, wait a bit maybe I might have to leave open profit.

That's okay, but why to leave a chance for big profit. There is such a big fall, momentum has fallen down All important levels have broken closing has also happened at 15 minutes timeframe. This.. candle has 8 minutes left Maybe it closes at the bottom. If it does we'll get one more red candle. A big target will be hit here.

And I want minimum 100... like 30.. 100 points more, 150 points more I'll be really happy I've definitely taken risk-reward ratio of 1:2. Let's do it 1:3, 1:4 today. Yes.

How much expiry, option I have to buy and trade, It's very tough. That's why there is a rule If you incur loss then don't take next trade let me tell you 2 stop loss rule Make rule of 1 stop loss on expiry day If it's 1 biget then stop trading because account will be damaged with 2nd stop loss Very important tip 2 stop loss a day rule Change it for expiry. 1 stop loss a day rule. That's it. If you do this then you can trade on expiry But if you do multiple or overtrading on expiry day, boom blast.

It's very important to hold on expiry day only then premium increases A trader needs to accept premium completely Okay. Thank God it.. Indiavix betrayed me. It cooled off again.

It's going to become red again. It is a deceiver. No problem. Just wait for 2 minutes. Let's see where it closes. Perfect guys. Again it became a deceiver and became red again Okay.

Evening star can be formed here and here on the 15 minutes timeframe if it takes rejection and breaks, that would be amazing. Let's see what happens next Open interest increased. New positions build up New positions have built up in market 1 lakh 63 thousand no, it was 16 lakhs 32 thousand 16 lakhs 51 thousand Positions are now open New contracts are here Vix is increasing. What we wanted is happening. I will trade only when I get what I want okay This is what I want. I'm getting what I want

We are getting what we wanted. That's good. It was a pull back. It's good that we waited and bared this And now this 5 minutes are left for tis candle to close. 5 minutes are left If this closes here, next candle is red and it very good red color. Perfect, perfect. Our target

about to get hit. Target about to hit. Thank you so much God. Good target.

Big target on the way Here also target is of 20-30 points I'm exiting the trade now. Again Vix has increased from 1.1 to 1.7 And we've booked lot of profit, we have made lot of profit. And the profit can.. market can reverse anytime Exit the trade now Let's exit this first Everyone asks why you always take 2500 only because that is what is allowed. Because we can't exit quantity that is above 2500 We can't exit above 2500 But I'll not behave like kids since my record will break today I don't care about record Sometimes it happens that a person gets into record thing and thinks let me make profit bit above 25 lakhs Now..

I've behaved childishly like that earlier 1 lakh.. if it's 99,000 I would do reverse gambling I would think, I wish I made 1 lakh profit Short sell happened Shit... Okay guys 20 lakhs booked let me exit from the third account first Okay. Next trade can also be taken for bigger targets What about IndiaVix Look, I think I should not trade more than this If I get an ultimate opportunity only then I would want to trade this, otherwise I have faced loss from last two expiries last week, of 4 lakhs 3-4, like last week I incurred loss of 10 lakhs from last two expiries. That's why I like a wolf I was sitting for the right day to hit I hit at the right day I recovered all my losses I booked new profit And now I'm going to keep this profit to me Then let's see here too Fine. Okay guys I'll see you in the outro video more than this If I lose something because of silly reasons, I'll tell you that also.

So I'll meet you in outro video. Thank you. Perfect guys. I just entered over this place after seeing the high wick rejection Guys, this is not able to break this level Same here, it is also not breaking this I made an entry again. Save.. Save strike price 3700 Put I already bought In The Money I left Out of the Money I didn't take At the Money also because I could have faced some loss Now we guys can hit this target Target 510 has also been hit we had booked here this has also been hit, we can take this also now Let's see Let's book these three at least This ends here itself.

S3 is at 434 434. This is at 290 is too much guys Alright. Very good target has been hit I think I wanted to take a little more target I took it in bearish momentum Very good. I knew this will happen because of the price action and data readings and few things Still I didn't trade in my safe account I didn't trade in it. I do everything

in my main account, I didn't trade in it We should exit. We should guys. Let me wait for one more minute. We should exit at the momentum of red candle only Vix and all is fine We can exit guys We won't cry and think that I want 30 points in Bank Nifty now. We can exit the trade right now as well yes because crucial support has been derived in Nifty I guess we should exit Great. 23.8 lakhs booked. Nice Exited.

Exited guys, exited The position is at 23.8 lakhs Good. I'll see you in the outro video, okay guys? Thank you so much. Now after this we'll do new trading. Alright, so, you saw the video and I know you would have enjoyed it It was a roller coaster full of emotions And we enjoyed it, we enjoyed it a lot. So last time I earned 21 lakhs, that was a BTST trade we did that Intrday but this was totally Intraday We started from zero itself So you saw that firstly I took a trade of around 15 lakhs and then when pull back came again then I invest 5 lakhs more, I used 20 lakhs and made them 24 lakhs. First 20, then 19, then 24, something like that.

So what were those reasons due to which this became possible? First reason. The first reason is that all people mostly face loss on expiry day Why? Because market is very volatile You come, hop in, hop out, jump in, jump out, jump in, jump out, this continues. And you face so much loss then that so first rule is that to trade on expiry day only highest probability trade, the wolf trade The wolf trade means everyone says bull, bear, I say you should become wolf and do your karma I mean, you can see the target is in front of you there is complete quality, as in only then you have to trade not just on expiry or any day I haven't traded even once since last 5 days, in the last week I traded on expiry and faced loss the market was range forming and that day.. that week also I didn't do any trade So apart from that I watched the market the whole day and I have traded today. So the wolf trade is something, you trade when you see okay, this is what I want I trade only when I get what I want. I trade only when I get what I want.

So what I want? Some setup, you should create yourself First important thing is we have to trade the highest probability trade Okay. Second rule. Second rule is youare not going to jump in, jump out, jump in, jump out, You will make entry just one time with complete conviction You won't make entry again This is rule for expiry day This rule will change for other days. In rest of the days, 2 stop loss a day is the rule If 2 stop losses are hit you have to stop market trade But if it's expiry day, 1 stop loss a day rule.

If you get proved wrong even once stop trading then Why? Because if you get proved wrong second time on expiry day because 1st stop loss that is hit is big Volatility is very high premiums get exhausted very fast If 1 stop loss also damages account a lot all capital you invested in trading it will blow away at least 20%-25% of that Maybe upto 30% also So you can't even think of taking 2nd one If you take 2nd, I'm telling you my experience, more than 50% of your capital will get invested. You should never invest all your capital Even I haven't invested all of my capital I felt that yes, I invested good capital amount today, 15-20 lakhs usually I use 5-10 lakhs and I will increase that now in my good setups. So, 1 stop loss a day rule on expiry day I think all you traders out there would be feeling that That this is true If you follow this rule, 1 stop loss a day on expiry, and on rest of the days 2 stop loss a day rule Then a lot good can happen Okay. I'm not saying that

you become very strict with 1 stop loss.. If you can see properly that you sold and morning star is formed, then you can buy. But what am I refusing you to trade? You buy you buy put, then buy call again then again buy call and buy put I mean what you keep buying and buying sell, sell, buy, buy, buy, sell that we do you have to stop that Second rule is this, you will only take 1 stop loss a day take the 2nd one if it is a high probability trade But that mistake that we make if we face loss when we buy call immediately buy Put some people do that Even I used to do that before Less trading is the solution Highest probability trading less trading These two are important tips from my side. I hope you guys would have liked this video and you guys saw that I executed this complete trade on Zerodha Zerodha is India's best broker The link of that for opening account I'll give it on top of description I want to be the no.1 partner of Zerodha by 2025 and you are going to help me If you like the content I would see how many likes come. If 10k likes come on this video quickly then I would feel very nice.

I'm saying 10,000 target which can be achieved easily. 2nd, I am giving account link for Zerodha. Third, for Forex, almost 90% I have finalized the broker for that I'm launching Forex video very soon And I'm going to trade Forex aggressively with good capital So we'll do it together guys I hope your expiry was also good It was very good, the fall was very good. Market was already making head & shoulder pattern, giving breakout Okay. So, thank you so much for giving me your valuable time and subscribing this channel So please subscribe to this channel also if you are swiping & watching on Instagram please subscribe And such content will keep coming It hasn't been even one year since this channel has been active I think this is a 6 months old channel, this is a 6-7 months old channel actively So please I recommend you to subscribe to the channel and be a part of Booming Bulls, Booming Bulls YouTube family As well as you can also follow us on Instagram Anish Singh Thakur, and Booming Bulls.

Alright. Thank you so much. Bye, bye!

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