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22 Minutes Business Consultation Footage - James Sinclair

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So what you need to do it's a couple of things you need to do if. I was you walking, in your shoes, it sounds. Like you know what there are battles two, fires sort, or be down have a credible war plan which, is most entrepreneurs, so, we don't know why we fights in those battles we sort of do but we don't really know why and that's not good enough so, we need to do is birth finish stay on your business, when's my business can be finished and ready to sell to someone else even if you don't want to sell it yeah and this is crucial so. Basically what. Could happen is over ten years you could find that you're doing the same year at school on repeat so. You've just got a little bit smarter, doing the same year at school a little bit smarter doing the same year at school what, happens, then is you have a making you're, not making progress. And. When you're not making progress you then end up hating the business that's the same with our friendship, so if we're not making progress in a friendship or in a relationship we, want to get out of those those. Situations. If we're not making progress in education we, end up hating school want, to get out the bloody school. And. That's the situation, that you have there what you have also is you're an operations manager you've pushed yourself into, a management position where, you just fight battles, that's what managers do they fight the battles coming but, the generals, have got to come up with the war plan. And. You need to get yourself to be you know not a sergeant and a captain, you need to be a general of your business and you need to work hard to do that first of all you need to get rid of all these low value tasks, that it sounds like you're doing get, yourself a PA where. Do you live so you could probably have an amazing, PA for twenty thousand pounds a year that would all your customer service that will manage all your team do your payroll do all of that stuff so it gives you time to focus on just getting customers. And, as soon as you put yourself into the sales manager, of the business rather than the operations, person it's hard to find a good sales person you, need to find a good operations, person.

And. That's what business owners are good at you you've probably got the first few contracts, in your business you went out there and done that stuff you, were the architect, of, the first and if you the architect, of getting the first customers, I want you to do that full time and, well then bring in so much more revenue into the business that then you can afford a really, good salesperson, in the business before. You do all of that know what, I want you do is get in your car book a hotel maybe, for a weekend on your own tell, your wife wait downsize, don't fear right, I think jakey like that and. Just say no I'm going to plan what my business looks like what's the finish of my business I don't want no one there, I want, to afford myself just 48, hours to plan what this business looks like now. The, story, that I always put as the analogy to go along with this is, people that go through the education, system most, people go for education and. It's a disaster, they don't know why they're doing it do kill time but, when you meet someone that says I want to be a barrister or a lawyer or a doctor going. Through the education, system they've, said, what their war plan is so, all them battles, that they're fighting for education, to get through get the best possible grade so I can go to college then to go to university, to become a barrister doctor, lawyer they, know why they're doing it and therefore they find those battles with so much ease the. Problem is with an entrepreneur, you become the judge jury and executioner of, your life there is no judge there is no jury there is no executioner, you're the bloody person, that fits all those roles so, you answer, to no one and therefore you can, be. Busy being busy. The. Next thing about the PA thing that will change your life absolutely. Change your life for 20,000 pounds a year you won't be, just rewarded an extra 30. Hours, a week to, actually grow your business, rather than run your business it sounds like to me you're really running. The business not building the business which again is most people, so. If you can for. That tiny, weeny, little investment, don't think you know I think a lot of people think, you know I've got a bloody Pai sound I write I'll show off like just get over that as soon as you can and don't they're, not fudge, the system and get a family member to do it or someone, that's a friend you know get a proper, PA not. Lord Sugar would have like bloody you, know a prime minister would had someone, that will you, know like, that I mean some of the tasks like if I'm feeling a little bit peckish to you in the Dan say it's my pay I can you go and get me some lunch give, me more time to actually do this stuff rather than you're never gonna say that's your wife she's, just gonna think no get your. Lazy gear you know so I want you to be able to you, know use this PA to give you more hours, customers, transform. Your life Chris absolutely. Transform. Your life then, it's all about systems, and processes. And. And. Putting the right stuff in place but. Until, you see. It's all about you know there's only 24, hours in a day we all get those 24, hours if you're you, know spending. Ten hours a day on family stuff and blah blah and you then, four hours of leisure and then 10 hours to yourself if you're doing operations stuff, for, eight of those hours, then two of those hours, on growing the business terms. Of getting customers, I'm gonna flip that and when you spend two hours on operations, and eight hours on growing, the business. So. People ask me what have you done what you've done is I've you know I've spent more time getting customers, doing, deals raising. Finance and operations and I'm what bloody goes on in this business anymore because, I've put a selection. Of great. Management, into the business it's. A great business works on this and I'll teach you this later and, it's this little process here it's a plus M equals s there's, entrepreneurship, plus management, equals success you're. Spinning too much in the M M is very important, don't get me wrong you know you look at a McDonald's. Or a Starbucks or Costa Coffee or an apple they're micromanaged, businesses.

To. The enth degree but. They also have a good, strong II the, entrepreneur, the mover shaker and, make a doer and if. You spend too much time here and not enough time here you're screwed now also the other businesses, have too much time over here don't, invest in enough M so. Your first M will be in your PA the, management, DNA then manage your life there all we do your appointment settings and, we'll be away and, that 20,000. Pounds investment, in someone like that. Could. Make your call four million pounds a year on your bottom line because now you're a mark that's here you're, getting customers, person and if that was my business that's why I would do yeah entrepreneurs. And business owners start they serve right I need a marketing, manager a sales, manager or, a, fantastic. Operations, manager and, I'm like well they're three like to get good be my first of all good salesperson on wanting up worker BMW, Mercedes, someone walks through the door and I, can bring in 3 4 million pounds worth of sales a year and I can do that easily why don't want to go and work for a start-up and actually struggle. One of those guys they'll be on 150, grand a year a decent, sales person, can come on that sort of salary you're. Not going to get that person easy the. Same with the marketing business a very good marketing person even it becomes an entrepreneur, because I know how to get customers or, they go for the six-figure, salaries in the cities where they know they can do that really well and, you'll always be disenfranchised. With the mid-level, person, that, just doesn't think like you do they don't challenge your thinking that just be a technician, in effect so that's why I say to people, starting, up light you get, yourself, a PA so that you can do the high level stuff because, you're not just gonna get an done operations about a decent Operations person you're not going to pay the salary for then, you're gonna hate them and your stay the classic thing that entrepreneurs, say if, you can't do a job well do it yourself you know all of that stuff all they don't think like me that's because they're not you know you, know my management team are better than me if you come meet my MD aren't you but how can i how, can I have him if you met Lisa heck and I have in Genki drinks all my senior people how can I have them you got paid decent money but I didn't do that in the first seven.

Years. I've. Got a that my first employer was a cleaner I moved out when I was 17 and I start cleaning my own house a lot of stuff this 10 pound our that gave me some more work then about five quid an hour but then you, know that gave me more time to get customers, next person was a part-time administrator. Then a four-time, administrator, so, I could remove myself to do the higher value tasks, because I knew great I couldn't afford great people I'm good people don't want to go and work for startups. Really unless. It's a really well funded, start-up and it's a start-up with a person, running it that's got a vision and a history of doing it all before so, once. You've given yourself get, rid of all that 30. Tasks, important, tasks, that just need. To be done but not need to be done by you and, I think you. Know I do I mean I sit with loads of Brits, and entrepreneurs, there you know they they you, know they feel and what I want to say I've got PA I'll sound like you know it's like owning a Rolls Royce type thing you know I don't want to say I've got that why, not, it's, gonna make a massive difference to your life I mean their necks entman then you, know it's the same thing about getting an FD you know I've, got a fully qualified accountants, and the worst me you. Know, proper salary that's, better than my accountant, that you would get in practice, change, your life I should, have done that three years ago and I didn't it, took me longer to do it and I know the answers, I'm just citing ploor in you you know get, rid of that so that you can do the higher value tasks, every time you're doing a low value task answering, an email you. Know doing. A paperwork, exercise, like that then while this is a low value task someone. Else can do this so I can do the higher value task for the bigger vision of the business so, war plan first of all that weekend, away actually know what you want to build you. Know and sometimes. You know I just think it's, such a lonely place well we all do that you, know you sort of have to sometimes. No, one gives us permission to do that stuff because, you you're in charge aren't there it's a disaster, you know sometimes. You need the teacher to say no you should do this instead, and and it's, just I feel, sorry for us all really that there, is no one to turn to really, yeah you you your friends might be like you you, know most of my friends are not business owners you know my other half says to me why do I do all this stuff why do I keep grows because it's in me it's a DNA thing that, you just have to that's, who you are so. If it was me so, the the biggest skill in marketing, is understanding, copy because. If you're understand copy you can understand design so much better you can understand what makes a good website what makes people convert, you can then tell the coders, and the web designers, where to put stuff better so. The the best skill out of any marketing, and once they you know because if your script, in a video to get people to action you're, going to be a better video editor, once you understand copy so, an effect on me the, fact that you understand, copied to me is the best skill of the marketeer, know why. But if it was me I, would. Be building because you've already got that's already started, yeah yeah and you prefer marketing, I would build a marketing, agency. Start. To look to build people. Around that marketing, agency, so you'd even. If you have a source to another web company, you do their marketing reviews you do marketing, consultancy. So, you as you stop, doing the the stuff for them and tell them what to do yeah which, is far more enjoyable so. You critique, and review everyone's stuff you, start putting content. Out on LinkedIn, and YouTube, basically. What I do giving. Free advice away so you build a following then you get some consultancy. Clients you. Build that business up and you say I've got my marketing, business solely. To fund deposits, from my property business, because. Whatever business that you do you always in the business of marketing so. Your dual sourcing, business you're gonna have to be a marketeer, to, find the clients and find the properties. So. You always marketing, you never stop and if you don't want if you don't like marketing, and then don't be in business. It's. True. Yeah. Absolutely is true you've, asked me what I really see myself as, for my businesses, I'm a market, here I go. Over copy Pharrell, I know what good copy looks like. Yeah. Well. You have the one of the if. You're good at it I don't know I've been seeing some of your stuff but then you, should thank your lucky stars you just like most copywriters, not putting, it in the right box, yeah, you're, doing low value, clients, and not the good value clients, yeah, yes.

So You're, probably the, reason you hate is you're pushing for business not pulling business toward you, so. I are I just pour loads of literally. All my month one clients people with the word me on a bun so I've got waiting lists I literally. I could have hundreds. Of clients doing it I can't take anyone else on because I've, only gotten a fine, amount of time that's. Because I put all that content, out there on LinkedIn, on YouTube, like you guys all coming and you guys have been here today because I've done any paid for advertising, I've, pulled everyone towards me rather than push for leads as, soon as you can switch a business to a poor mentality, rather than a push mentality, you'll enjoy it alone yeah I. Just. Hate, businesses. Where you have to find new customers every month even if you've got other people work if you've got manage those people oh my god it's so frickin stressful, it's my first business there's an entertainment business we can't do a fantastic, party for someone like, waiting we go and do a wedding for someone they'd love us they think we'd fantastic, and they said well if you get divorced we think of us again you know like you. Know we're not accustomed, so it takes all that work to find a custom the bathroom you once or, forever, so, I just. I'm just not keen on that that's why you know these businesses, you're in one of my leisure businesses, right now a whole, methodology, is to get them to be into members we, know our members come ten times a year we know non-members, come one and a half times a year Wes why I love Day Nursery is you get someone at 1 years old they leave you at 5 the customer, repeats for 4 years every single month it's, why you like property to rent out and, you get a tenant and they pay you every single month most, businesses, don't operate like that they start from zero each month and then the smart ones like Netflix, sky. Insurance. Brokerage, accountings. Mortgage, lending where people pay you every single month it's, a lot less stressful so, if you are in the business of selling. Once as long as its profitable and, you invest that into other things then I'm alright with that or, you, you. Try in a way of getting, people to repeat buy from you so that the business, is a way of finding customers, for. You they're your most customers, but then you have your ideal customers, within that pond so. Let me give you an example of, that. So. Yeah here, would. Be admissions, but there'd be members, so that's or here there would be the Day Nursery but. We've got this two hundred thousand, visitors to, find the three four hundred ideal customers, for the Day Nursery and, the, five thousand, ideal customers, for membership, so, our most customers, the only buy from us once gives, us the chance don't over pour to fish in to find our ideal customer.

Marketing. Consultants, it's a great business yeah, shishi you've just chosen the copywriting, thing don't. Don't get into the business of building people's websites and, all of our consultancy. Business that shows, people how to get customers the, reason most people come into my stuff is if they want to know how to get customers and, find. Business. Owners, that, you can educate on marketing they don't won't do the marketing they'll just be a great client because they'll understand what you're doing yeah. It's. All about content, first of all so that you poor not push most. People are pushing for business if you can start put in business toward you life. Becomes, fabulous. So. Be content, marketing it works but you've got to invest like two years into it most people give up that, so that they'll see someone do some content marketing comply do so at large reviews and all these things I'll have a go I do, one video as I'm really worth now after day that end video hasn't really worked I mean I literally do stuff every, single day and we've. Had more successes, in the last two months compared. To the first two years. It's. Two years of work done nothing but I didn't mind whose leverage works I make a video will, reuse that video so, I'll make this a video and also make it as a podcast a lot basically I want trying to get as if you're doing unleveraged, work work this once right. And. Then repeats and repeats you, have to do it again and again and again that's, not smart to do but. I try, and fit myself into, only. Doing once work so. Buying, a business I said deal I'll do it once and I get paid forever I write a book I do it once and it works me forever I make your video or do it once again work forever soon, as you're into that life, changes, absolutely. It changes, so when you think about my early career I'll do a kids party for, someone and, then that was in I don't think I'll do another kid's party another kid's party to another event hire, another piece of equipment I thought, oh what Cordish is so stressful I I was in this world where I had to keep on getting customers, getting customers, then. And then I had my properties that I was just building up on the side of weigh myself on a tenant, and, that, stayed there for seven years and paid me every month money had to do the world once then, the deal buy the property, once find, the tenant once and in that situation it stayed for a long time I thought oh my, god what a business like this that's. Why we like property investment, deep down if, you deep, down look at why we like property investment, is because, it's, leveraged, work and, it's. Passive, and you. Can find passive, customers. But. The most customers, are unpassable, it, about creating, a system that, the impassive customer, some, of them becomes passive customers, yeah. That's, why every you meet someone who's got decent, insurance brokerage, they have a great life because at the end of the 12 months that customer goes actually I still got this property I'll need it reinsured, again I still got this business I need it reinsured, again so, they find the customer, and they repeat of, what, a fabulous, business now it's my accountants, they can predict pretty much what, their turnover looks like in five years time. Because they know their customers don't leave them same with commercial, lawyers and solicitors my solicitors, been my solicitor. For twelve years and. She just gets more and more work for me every year she's found me and I repeat the. Problem is still sourcing, thing is you, might find some high net worth in individuals. That will buy a property, from you maybe, once every two years but you got it's just I was, a hard work thing. Whereas. You could use that deal sourcing, knowledge you build up find, your own deals by, your own deals but you're gonna run out of deposits, but not think about business as profitable, they, can just show you just say well my marketing, business funds.

My Property deposits, it's a fund may get more property that's my purse of income more, marketing, ins property, and then a fund the fun out of it so. Then you would list and so you need to come up to your profit you've got your revenue and then you need to list what your dream team looks like when the business is finished in say five years time, so. That's, the. Classic. Thing is to do is it is good. Most people, actually, see the pattern going around here is you're not forwarding, yourself just, to cut up the days to, work out what your wall plan is you, sort of know but you don't really know so if you go to a private equity company and. They go right let, me just walk you through what a private equity company is they meet you know yeah we light you Jimmy we're going to put three, million pounds investment. Into your business but in five years time this is what it's going to look like this would be the profit this would be the revenue this would be the team that are running it and this would be you. Know then it said this will be the value of what it will be like in five years time and. That's how they think yeah, and that's why they're always so successful, in they make a lot of money you know if, you look at Facebook, private. Equity venture capitalists, they put money into it and they said right we wanted to do this this and this when. It's finished, that's, the best thing that we, as small business, owners I'm, not talking about small business owners someone turning up to thirty million quid so that's most businesses. Well we can learn from those people. When. You think about property, investment your buyer and you go right in ten years time I think it's gonna be worth this and this is what the revenue though I'm going to make out the property yeah, actually no don't know you, know the finished deal with the property, the. The business right. There's so many anomalies, but why does there have to be so many anomalies let's. Do it think of it as a property deal now I want this this, business to be worth this this and this by, the time I go and sell it what. So this is the common theme is. There's. A but, you've all got great business I'm not you know but it's just night when. You know what you want to build and what it looks like when it's finished, and I think it's a really pretty like when you go what. The American, people they like really proud I want I live in a big, house you know like I want to have this and I want more business to do this I think we get compressed. Here in the UK by achievement, school not to be, too showy or fee and. I'm not you, know going out there and telling the world but when you look at politics, you think about politicians, the. Ones that we follow are the ones that can tell you what their end game is whether, we like them or not and that's really crucial so, I do this little trick with people, are so 9/10 politicians. That you know and they struggle to get past five and they, will mention people from both sides of the political sphere so they'll mention Jeremy, Corbyn they mentioned Nigel Faraj Donald, Trump always gets a look in whoever. The prime minister is at time so she. Gets a look in Teresa and. Boris, Johnson they're the five that, people quickly like that comes straight off of their head. Before. They have to really think about it then they might say the chance to exchange. My. Comes. Reminder market is other. Than the prime minister was only there because of title so. The other for Donald, Trump Martin Nigel Franz Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn are very good at marketing their messages, so that's people on both sides of the political sphere now. They do this thing where you can attract or repel to, them so. Some. People might be repelled. - Boris Johnson, other people are attracted to him so, much Jerry Corbett attracted, him or repelled to him same with Donald Trump attracted, or repelled but you know what they want to achieve and that's why you can be attracted, or repelled and at the end of day that's great marketing in many ways you, are attract, or repel people, and you know what their endgame is and that's why you're attracted or repelled to them now if you can copy, those famous politicians. They can say you, know Boris Johnson lights every Monday. In the telegraph you, know he's putting out marketing he's I mean that man if you want to know what great copywriting, is by the way read an article by Boris Johnson whether you love him or love him it's like it's.

Like. Genius. Copyrighted. And that is genius I mean it's, funny it's readable, blah, blah blah we're, going to wrap, this up on which answers is that what you sends me yeah. Okay. And. So but these guys you know like Donald Trump people you know that, simple look things like Zynga he wants to build this bloomin wall and, everyone, knows what is n Kane's heart that's it and note for the people that are really attracted, to this get the immigrants, and all this rubbish. They, can be really, attracted. To that they know the end that they know what it's finished plan is and. You. Know I'm the same with Jeremy Corbyn you know it wants to. Tax. The rich more and you know people that are attracted to that can get really attracted, to that or they can be repelled and you. Go have it a manifesto, really game and, that's what successful, people have a manifesto, of what the future looks like and what their endgame is.

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