22 Dirty Business Tactics You Should Be Aware Of

22 Dirty Business Tactics You Should Be Aware Of

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We. All know that Wall Street gets, up to some pretty shady business, but. What about other industries, a recent. Reddit AMA, asked, people what dirty tricks were, common, in their industry, and, commenters. Served, up a filthy, feast, from, construction, cons, to salary, scams, from, food fraud to, timeshare, tricks here. Are some first-hand. Accounts, of 22. Dirty. Little industry, secrets. But. First why don't you click subscribe and hit that notification bell, while you're at it because, if there's one company, that's definitely, not doing anything shady it's, here at besties alright. So, without further ado let's, look at the 22 dirty little industry, secrets, number. One taking. Longer than needed, this. Reddit user lets, us know how asphalt, and paving companies. Will cheat cities, in fact. If you've, ever seen a road project that's, taken way longer than it should have, user. Lemurian, lumber lad tells you why I worked. Very briefly, at an asphalt, paving company, it is. Apparently, pretty standard, practice, for municipal, construction. Projects, Road building bridges. Highway. Repair, etc. To, intentionally. Take a long time at the start of big projects, it works. Like this it's. The beginning of a construction, season and your, company is dirt poor bid. On a huge, job that you don't have the materials, for when. You put up the road under construction, signage, you, receive, a percentage, of the payment, in advance of the actual work, use. That money to buy the materials. For several, smaller, and high, profit jobs, a month, later you, finally have enough money to buy the materials. For the big government, contract, that, you've supposedly. Been working on all along this. Is why you'll often see road, closures, that seem to go for way longer than makes, sense that's awful. No, wonder roads take so freakin long to pave. Number. Two trial. Candidates. This. Is a shady, business, tactic, that's not only really lame but, it messes, with people's lives to, this. Reddit user named, Cooper tells, us what online retail, companies, might, do to poor unsuspecting. IT, guys, they. Say not. Sure if this is an industry practice, but. A very popular, online retail, company, in my country has, no in-house, web designers, or any. Other, IT staff, beyond, your generic networking. Techs, anytime, their website or back-end systems, need work, they simply advertise. A permanent, position and give, the job of sorting out whatever they need doing as a trial, for the candidate once. Completed, they, then inform, them that the position, is no longer available and send them on their way they've. Been doing this for years, Wow. Imagine. You're going in for a job you're. Finally excited, to be doing what you love and then, they pull the rug right from under you that sucks. Number. Three phone. Networks. We've. Always had a sneaking suspicion that, some, phone networks, were doing, shady stuff but. Now it's confirmed thanks, to the reddit user, 2006. Diplomat, they. Relayed, this story about phone networks, and texting, that you may find interesting. Texting. Service always, requires, no, extra, infrastructure, on your phone or on the network the. Size of the text message is limited, by the amount of carrier, signal, that your phone sends, out every, few seconds to notify the tower where it is what, time it is etc, so. That the network can keep, your call life, that. You pay extra money for texting, is pure, profit for the phone company, they, have never added, any bandwidth, for texting, it's, always been there as the, normal, maintenance of, the network. Number. Four Airlines. Apparently. The airlines are trying to make us pay even more money while we're on the plane just, listen to this story from, a pilot, that goes by the username wings. Zero zero eight as.

A Pilot I discovered. That some low-cost, airline, companies, will, set the humidity, on the AC to. A lower value than normal, to, just the minimum, legal value, to. Make you more thirsty and, more likely to buy drinks or water at the, absurdly, high prices. Number. Five, escape. Room as. If. Escape, rooms weren't frustrating. Enough Reddit. User, buffets, tells, us a story about how sometimes they'll, rig the games, remember. When you played that escape, the room game that one time and you got so, close to escape, but, just barely ran out of time yeah. Virtually. Every team gets to that point the. Game pacing, and structure, is almost, certainly, designed, that way unless, you are playing one of the really, competitive, official. Franchise, escape, games, the. Problem, is that the escape room players almost, always report. That they had positive experiences, if they, think that they just barely missed out on success, even, if the game itself wasn't very good so most companies, especially. Independent ones, require. They're in room technicians. To, ensure that players reach a certain point in the game either, through hinting, or suggestion. Or, sometimes, even altering. Or removing, puzzles, altogether, an in-room. Technician. Who, is good at their job will, be able to help out in a way that, makes it seem like it was the players who figured it all out when, in reality it, did, virtually nothing. Unless. You are a truly, terrible team or really. Annoying and pushy you are almost guaranteed to, just, barely miss out on escaping, I wouldn't. Say this is necessarily, a bad thing, but, after working in escape games for about three months I realized, how truly artificial. The majority, of the experience, is. Number. 6 Panera. Bread. If. You, don't want this awesome restaurant, ruined for you then, don't listen to this story from Cassini 21, we, used to work there just. Skip to the next point, if you don't want to hear it is, everyone. Gone alright here we go, exponet. Employee. Here, everything. Is microwaved. All soups, and pastas. Come in a frozen bag, reheated. For customers. Pastries. And bread come in half baked. Baker's. Just slap on some frosting, or fruit and heat it up it's, all fast food quality, but. With a good reputation, plus. It was, terrible, to work there really. Is that it honestly. Like I still might go. Number. Seven. Raccoon. Removal. Ever. Gotten one of those pesky little rodents, in your house well. It, Karissa. Might have an explanation why, I know. A guy who does pest, control who specializes. In raccoon, removal, he. Takes the raccoon from one house in the neighborhood, and then, takes and releases. It in another, neighborhood and then, waits for the people there to reach out to him to, remove the raccoon from their home. Number. Eight. Raises. Here's. A story from moderate extremists. That teaches you that sometimes you. Have to use hardball, tactics with, your bosses, people. Lie about salary, starting. Pay raises. Etc. All the time learn. To play hardball my. Office, had a lockdown, on raises, over three percent and going. Into an annual review I learned, that my boss had lied and underpaid, me for the starting, position, he, claimed they had a $60,000. Budget for the position, and could, not exceed it I found. Out that the last person in the job got paid seventy five thousand. So. I got an offer from a competitor, for, over double my current pay knew. They couldn't afford to lose me with the amount of work coming in and slid. My offer letter over to my boss during the review they, matched the offer gave. Me a $10,000, bonus up front and even, cut me into a percentage, of the business line the, meeting was awkward, as hell and it. Was difficult to do but it's business. Number. 9, landscapers. This. One is awful, because it implies that they're taking advantage of a poor sweet. Old woman just. Listen to this story from reddit user my moose killed itself. When. My grandmother, was in the hospital her, landscaper, and handyman, both contacted. Me to tell me she hadn't, paid them and that, they had been trying to reach her and on and on I'd. Already paid both bills from her account and when I questioned, them they, remembered, real, quick. Number. 10 France. Unfortunately. The, country, of romance, isn't safe from shady business, tactics, just. Listen to this story from, ctrl-alt-del. Tron 3030 in France. It's, hard to fire or lay off people, so when big companies need, to clean house a bit they, move the office, to a new location quite.

Distant, From the current one in the, process they, reduce the office, size from 50,000. Seats to, 30,000. Seats because, they've estimated that. Amount, of people will resign, rather, than endure a four-hour commute, but. Officially. Totally. You still have your job if you want we're. Not laying you off but, I need, you in the office, every day or you. Could resign if you don't like the new location. Nestle. Did that and apparently it's fairly common now for multinationals. Around Paris. Number. 11 severance. It, seems that Canadians, aren't as nice as they're made out to be at, least when it comes to firing people, Reddit, user mode. 1961. Says it best in Nova. Scotia Canada. Severance. Pay is paid on the average, of your last 30 days of pay this. Means that some companies, will actually reduce your hours, to, a minimum, for your last month with them if they're going to lay you off happen. To my wife she. Worked for this company for five years, worked, 35, plus, hours per week suddenly. She wasn't getting shifts, boom, layoff. Notice, happened. To other folks to. Number. 12, tracking. This. Story from reddit user fat qua seems. Pretty, darn scary especially, if you're a paranoid, person, when. I was in the process of moving into my current home I transferred. The title of my old home and land. To my sister, because. She was buying it and moving in when I left within. The next few weeks she started getting all the welcome to the neighborhood, coupons, and flyers. She, didn't even change her address so. I assumed companies tracked title, changes with the Register, of Deeds, the. Sketchiest, was a pest control company claiming. To have an existing account on the property, and recommending. She continue to use their services, the. Detailed, dates and changes, referenced. Termites, it was, all lies all the. Dates shown were while I owned the property and I, never even heard of this company before she received that letter so. It turns out that they are tracking, your, every move. Number. 13. Sneaky. Bodega, owner. This. Is an interesting yet, very sneaky, business, tactic, done it's. So interesting, because it's not done by some giant corporation. But, by some guy who owns a shop will. Let Reddit user king tycoon, tell the story an older.

Fellow I know had, a bodega, and he'd, put a can of creamed corn on, the corner by the register. This was some time ago so. The can had, a price tag of 17, cents, he, sold that can of creamed corn to everyone. Who bought anything there if they, realized, that they were paying too much he'd. Just say he thought it was their can of corn most. People didn't notice though and he sold that same can of creamed corn maybe, 20. Times a day. Number. 14. Environment. This. Story, from too much prego, is sad, because, your climate, is really going down the toilet these days and we, should be doing everything we can to protect it. Apparently. Most companies don't care all that much, here's. The story, many, companies claim, to be environmentally, friendly. By, putting, made-up certifications. On their products, like. A frog in a circle that says rainforest, friendly there, are very few legitimate environmental. Certifications. It's, called green, washing. Number. 15. Locksmiths. She's. There, really are shady business, tactics, from every, industry. Who. Knew that a locksmith, could be rinsing, you well. Reddit, user flaxmore. Certainly, did because. He says a locksmith. I knew would, rekey, locks using, old worn, down pins, which. Caused the locks to stop working, prematurely. Without. The pins being crisp, eventually. The lock jams or the key quits working he. Would then await, the inevitable, call to replace them rekey. Them with good pins and be, good to go you. Could make an extra $65. Per customer this way we, never did I'm certified. As a master, locksmith, in LA into, a Loa but. We repaired, a lot of locks this charlatan, fixed, we. Complained, to the in LA and a Loa and got, his bond status, revoked. Number. 16. H&M. This. Tactic, that was relayed to us by reddit user third. Ambiguous, color doesn't, seem too dirty but. We'll let you be the judge when. I worked at H&M, we used to do some sneaky stuff with setting up the mannequins, or displays, whenever. We had a supply of shirts that were really ugly and weren't selling, well we'd, put the ugly item on the mannequin, and it, would sell out very quickly this. Isn't necessarily, the dirtiest, trick but it worked pretty well for pushing really ugly clothes. Number. 17. Donating. It's. Nice to donate money to a good cause but, you should never be guilted, into it, reddit.

User Bruce. Affirm tells, a tale of how one of their managers, used to do that I worked. At a caribou, coffee and our, manager, insisted, we guilt people into buying the pink komen for the Cure coffee beans by suggesting, that they didn't care about cancer, victims, it, was pretty distasteful. I saw. Him ask multiple people, if anyone, in their family had cancer, it, was inappropriate on several, levels. Number. 18. Previous. Salaries. Make. Sure that when you're getting a job you find out what the market value of that job, is. Boilermaker. 11, gives us a perfect example, why using. A previous salary against. You oh you. Make, $40,000. Well, we'll offer you 50,000. That's, a 25%. Increase in, pay your. Salary, shouldn't, be relative, it should, be what the market, value of the position is if. A job pays 75 thousand dollars don't. Pay me only fifty thousand, because I currently, make forty thousand number. 19 Jiffy. Lube this. Story from JM, Honeycutt, 8 shines. Some light on the popular, oil change shop, half. Of the so claimed, services, they offer at Jiffy Lube never, get completed, the. Store hours distributed. For employees, are directly affected by average, ticket sales which, means at least, when I was a store manager at one that, if we didn't have an average of, $65. At the end of the day per car and, we got written up. Jiffy. Lube is a dirty, evil, company that, takes advantage of people and that's why I left to take a lower position elsewhere, even. Though I made less money I knew, I wouldn't be selling people things they didn't need felt. Good quitting that place. Number. 20, insurance. This. Is actually, an awesome tip from user Ganga snaps and one. You should really keep in mind for your next car accident, if you, get into a car accident and your, insurance tries, telling, you that you have to or that, you should take your car to a specific. Facility to, get repaired, tell. Them to go blank. Themselves. You. Have no obligation. To any insurance company or repair, facility, you, can take your car to any body shop you like to have the repairs done and it's, against, the law for insurance companies, to tell you that you can't, however. They, often use tricky, wording to make you feel like you have no say, especially. If you're a woman. Number. 21. Casinos. This. Story about casinos, from Medic mass is both, shady and terrifying. Not. In the casino, industry but, I am in fire service, and we learn things like this, casinos.

Will Pump an extra, 1% of, oxygen, into the air to, make you more alert and give you more energy which, allows you to stay there longer and spend more money it's, also the reason casino, fires can be so catastrophic. Number. 22. Trucking. Well. Will, in this list with a story from annoying one and trust us if you, like food you, won't want to hear it I work. In the trucking industry and, it's frightening how much food product, is sold and resold after. Being rejected add. A customer. Have a load of cheese refused, because it was too warm but. Took it back to another warehouse cooled. It down and resold. It to another customer, I've seen it done with cheese juice. Meat. And seafood. Awesome. Now. We can never eat again. And, that wraps it up did, you learn anything about shady business tactics, are you angry at all let, us know how you feel in the comments section below. Enjoyed. This video hit. The like button, and share. With your friends, also. Subscribe to, our channel for more videos like this thanks for, watching.

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