222: Down Syndrome Awarness, Navy Seals, and For Purpose Business

222: Down Syndrome Awarness, Navy Seals, and For Purpose Business

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Alright. Jerry go and live on video standby, for audio. Alright. Good day and good evening ladies, and gentlemen, welcome back to another little fuel show so. This evening I've, got to repeat. Co-hosts. Returning. To, bless your ears and also bless your eyes on, YouTube so, this, gentleman, is. He's. Been on I lost track a few times we'll have to catch this this is number 3 this is number 3 there you go so let's catch, you up in case you knew her subscribers, okay, so you. Got a therapist, whose turn entrepreneur with. A fine arts and philosophy degree, he. Guides people though from every, walk of life from. MDS. To artists to even shoe salesman so he's a lifelong, creative. At cran healer and he's. Been lucky to parlay his work with innovators. Into a brand, that, features interviews with creatives. In diverse, fields including. York, Times bestselling, authors, my, favorite here Navy, SEAL, commanders. Are. Storytellers. World-renowned. Healers, top podcasters. Forbes. Business. Gurus, and so, much more mm-hmm, well further ado welcome back to the show Jerry. Garza thank. You so much and I could use all of that energy because we had a little chat before we got rolling here and it was me. Whining about the fact that I was up until about. 3:00 a.m. mixing. His show with. Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson which, was a lot of fun yeah, I had to get up to 5:00 a.m. so not. A whole lot of sleep going up and. In, terms of like focus, and acuity, right now I'm. Not a peak but I thank God I bring the energy so you. Could. Absorb a little over the audio waves and over the Internet's since we're tied, in over zoom we're gonna zoom some energy your way, yes. So, quick pause on that this, is a great example ladies, and gentlemen that the, hustle never dies but, also you have to respect, your circadian rhythm, rest. Recovering is it. Is so important, do, you know yeah, yeah I think. Act that I do push limits like that. And. Know. Where the boundaries are it. Reaffirms, the Val it's a value of key, concepts, like sleep yeah, yeah, you know there was time periods in my life I'm sure you did that had, time periods like this - especially, in training, where. You, don't, have. The benefit of getting sleep but yet you're still having to perform, I like. Having choices now. What. I can sleep and, being a business owner I can kind of choose when I sleep and when, I push the boundaries so yeah. I will, admit I mean you, and I have talked so many times I've done your show, again. Ladies and gentlemen - e-media, t double, OWI, any, dia -, e Mediacom. But, we'll, get into that it's. Funny because you had that seals background, right like you went through that training and I had the firefighting backgrounds why we vibed a little bit's a few times we. Might even one day even officially call it a bromance I'm not sure so, okay. I kind, of feel like it's plus, dinner. Close. The deal maybe a little, dinner you know a little, scotch or something I don't know anyway. You've. Got such a crazy background and crazy history. And. Yes you know I've pushed it you've pushed it it's funny you brought that up I literally had it cuz, I'm finally working on the book I, don't if I told you that and so. I'm trying to think up new chapters, to include cuz I already had a decent outline and, you. Just brought up another one which I had to figure out now how to call it but you just triggered something because, when you said those, long hours where you having to push the envelope and we used to work 16-hour, shifts on the fireline you know in the mountains and I can I literally, flashback, when you said that -. Its. Nightfall. We're, doing night burning operations. Because, that's it's safer, that the Sun is not there to help amplify, the OP in the environment, and amplify the fire it's kamar when, there's no Sun and the. Wind there's no wind but I remember, having, a standard, chainsaw, my shoulder, and you're, just staring, into the dark, the. Fire, is behind you like the whole like picture.

Standing On that we actually lucky enough to be on a forest road so I'm standing on a dirt forest. And. Everything is glowing behind. Us because you, always turn your back to the fire, it may sound weird to some of the listeners but you. Turn your back. To the fire or as we called it the black because once it's done burning, its black and you. Look to the green or you look into the darkness if it's a night operation. Because you, want to look for. Any embers, flying, over, the road to. Potentially, make sure it's not gonna start another. Fire in that, other side of the road we're trying to hold the line right the road is the line you can't make sure any, of that ember wash ignites. Potential. New dangerous fires on the other side so. Anyway I just after. 16 hours I'm ever one time we did we did we pulled like a 20 or a 21 hour shift and. It's I think I've actually fell asleep with a chainsaw on my shoulder, for a couple of split seconds right and it almost said you feel like you feel like your balance change and you're like whoa and you catch yourself you wake up you're like yeah, and, then I remember actually slapping. Myself in the face to. Make sure that I got that out of my system I. Just. Say well, first. Off what, a phenomenally. Cinematic. Scene use painted, it guy I want to produce that there, we go secondly, I was having flashbacks like, that too and I like you're standing up sleeping story because when. I was mixing the I've had two seals on so I had mark divine on and then I had Brent Gleeson on huge, huge man by the way Congrats, that's awesome yeah yeah. Mark Devine I actually was in the same seals class with him he was in training with me I remember you telling me that on the past show that's. Like so cool to see like how far you guys have like changed, but coming back together he, was a freak show then too like I remember he, who he, wasn't picked at so. So wouldn't seals come in you know like when you're in training everybody's, just kind of sizing each other up trying to figure out like, who's. The Alpha all right no. You guys are seals so or SEAL training so like everybody's, an alpha well, sort, of we were all scared to death but then there was Mark Devine I remember, like. And I talked about this on that show, when.

He Came in there, was something different, about him yet a certain, readiness. So that it was built in and it. Turned out nobody. Knew at the time but he had years of meditate. In training in Zen, meditation. Training which he brings into his brand now I am, but. Anyway you would never expect, outsider, looking in until you learn marks, branding, and what he does was seal fit and everything never. Would expect that. Yeah, unless unless, you, know him because if. You, don't know his background but you've. Been with him you get a sense that he's much, deeper, than just his, seals, training, and. That's the benefit of what he brings to the community is he's, got a deep skill set in terms of you. Know bringing awareness and, consciousness to, training, rather than just the physicality of it and he's doing it at a pretty high level now he's bringing it back to the government but, anyway what. I was gonna. Riff. On there is your standing up sleeping. Story we used to get rewarded in, seals by. Getting. A two-minute standing nap. Which. Was pretty cool close. Your eyes ya know it was it was a huge reward because you are so stupid, and silly from cold and. Fatigue. Because you'd be up for days at a time and they would give you like here's. A 10 minute sleep cycle. You know like under the boat or and then, you know when you're constantly. Running and moving. 2, minutes standing up sleep is a great, reward. Yeah, and, what. I was gonna. Point out is when I was mixing those shows and revisiting, that time period I was. Reflecting on how, great it is not to have to do that. That's. A good point I mean it, was a different lifetime or a living lifestyle, a lot. Of amazing lessons, learned and some. People who hear those stories that you guys share it's like what, heck. Were you thinking. I've. Gotten that a few times from the fire stuff. That's. Like you dude you can't knock it till you try it and yeah, we're gonna and, when I do look back it's like yeah. I mean it's a great like it's, a great story, that's. Like yeah do I really ever want to go back and do that again probably. Not yeah, I think I would pick like you know the. Himalayas, or something in standard. You know like I feel like I should try that I forget. But the first time I ever heard this but like you know what it's like it's actually on one of those entrepreneurial, shows like you think up a crazy idea and market. It like it's like underwater basket-weaving. That, sounds challenging you know let's throw out some scuba gear and like go try and weave a basket underwater. Grant. You have the risk of drowning and possible, you know no. Oxygen issues but other than that I mean sounds, way better than having to stand for 20 hours watching, a fire line or in your case. Rewarded. To get like a couple of minutes of shut-eye while standing, like you know I love to sit down with good standup yeah. We'll. Also deep respect for people that do take those leaps because, it, doesn't, reach in you in terms of experience. And, there's. Some intangibles. About putting yourself through those kind of challenges, that translate. Later on in life well, that's, a great point because.

What. You do you, know for people's brands, and how they grow and what I do is different maybe different but similar it's. Interesting because. Even. To this day I'm. Interests here your feedback, you. Don't realize, how those lessons, are still, blooming in different. Ways and manifesting. In different ways as we progress throughout, life like you think oh it's already been a couple years like I served, in 2010. And 2011 so, it's like alright well it's been seven, eight years you know but. I'm still. Seeing them trigger, and release different, things no. I think you're absolutely right I think, we evolved through, our, through. Our biggest trials, and it's, a lifetime in. Terms of what they can do for you and what they bring to your life like. Well for instance the Navy SEAL thing I never, expected, to go back and be interviewing, mark Devine who happened to me in my class you know class 117, Navy SEALs and here. I was almost. 20, years later a little bit over 20 years later. Established. A brand you, know taking leaps in terms of putting, myself out there in the media. And. I did some research and ran across them and I you, know I was like hey think I know this guy you, know it's amazing like how those relationship, that relationship and I've seen this repeatedly, as a therapist, on how, relationships come, full circle and, there's bigger processes. That move us together and, back to your point. We're always taking. Those past experiences. And in. Adding. To them and enriching. Them and, growing with them. You. Know part of my my. Story which, previous. Listeners probably know since I've been on the show is I didn't. Graduate. But, straining. I failed, out so, part of my own journey has been. Resolving. Some of those, some. Of the reflections on that stuff and and. Making. Use of it and I have. One, of the biggest things I remember us chatting maybe not word for word but, you, know when you it's it's funny right when you have really good conversations this. Is a great little pause that's. One thing I love about podcasting. Is like. The last show I just recorded, at. The end I was like I hope you had fun like I normally do and she's like she's, like yeah I will tell you she's like I've been doing this for a while she's, like I was an early podcaster. She said you, really asked, me some. Really, good questions like I again. I don't interview it's a co-hosting, but we're having a conversation but I'm actively. Listening. Yeah, and, I'm intrigued, and I want to dig into certain things that strike me differently. And say. Well my point is it's not a pat my back but we're going back to this point is that as you.

Progress And I progress. We're. Still hearing things differently, as we go throughout life we're still seeing things continuously, different, we can connect them back to past experiences and get that deja vu but they're gonna they're gonna manifest, differently, this year versus, last year. And. Quick rewind for the listeners. You. Your first episode I believe was episode 69 it, was yeah. April, 24th, 2017. We aired it it was episode 69 up hustle pioneers. Of insight with Jeri gara then. Actually, what the heck like I was technology, let's do some screen sharing people for the YouTube here he goes oh so. There's Jerry back on episode 69 right cut, oh yeah, look at that because he you're rocking up here today I was straight straight out of the corporate right there yeah. Exactly, so I'm kind of hinting out here right your transition, and then you. Fast forward to April this year literally. Almost aired around the same exact day a hundred, episodes later, your episode 169. Interesting. Little clean-cut there. But. Doing, things definitely to hit there we're talking about flow state the, growth shitstorm, remember that yes, and q, h3 podcast. Launch so like there's, there was shifts, from different. Podcast, brandings, you, were still transitioning, out of your corporate therapy type of stuff you were integrated, in with getting, more entrepreneurial. And now, we fast forward to today I mean since April I mean look how much it's, that we're recording this ladies and gentlemen on October, 5th, so, I aired this his. Last show on April 16th, and I know I recorded, it at least a week or two in advance of that so basically six. Months later. Let's. Catch up right. Like what's what's what's been going on in just six months bro, a, lot. Right. Always. You. Know I like I like this why I'm enjoying our reconnection this is good I do I enjoy going on your show because I, like. That opportunity. To reflect back on on, the process, of change in business. You. Know the brand I think what, I've gotten clarity, on. First. When I stepped out and this is what we talked about on the first show is, the. Business was going to be around wellness I didn't really think I would be scaling, the media and a falling in love with media, right, so. Then that becomes a premier. Product, in terms of what I'm doing and bringing that that out there and it was focused on. Illustrating. People's stories, of overcoming challenges but. More importantly, like where people make the. Leap to where things get easier so, listeners, can really get a sense of you. Know what the tools look like for people and, as, I've been evolving. More, and more of the creative aspect, of podcasting.

Has Really been inspiring, me and you may may, have heard it if you've been listening to my show so. Yeah so. It's gone from just purely. The wellness, piece to really allowing, people to dig into the life stories. By. Kind of blending, cinematic. Storytelling, podcasting. And interviewing. So. If you're a fan of podcasting, you know like gimlet, media puts out narrative. Storytelling podcasts. And things like that audio cinema, and my. Brand has been consistently. Moving towards. The. Storytelling. Aspect. The. Deep. Dive interviews, as is the, key component. But, I love producing stories so the brand is really expanded, in, terms of, just illustrating. The. Different mindsets, that people have and overcoming, challenges so. It's now it's it's more about life stories, and leaps of innovation. So. That's, been a big shift. I. Had, a cup, I had another show called q h3 that's what we had talked about last time I had relaunched, it and, that. Was with, basically. Conversations. With people are on the edge of Integrative, Health and healing you know I was talking with a lot of those people and. About. Six, months into it I realized I, don't, need to have the second brand because I can incorporate, it all into the stories that I'm utilizing on, the pioneers of insight in, grats, right, cause I could drive myself nuts by the way yeah, because, now, it's about it's, not it's not about the type of people it's about life stories, so that. Allows me kind. Of carte blanche on. People. Throughout. You, know different professional, domains and I love it it's. A hard move for me man remember, my tagline for the show is we fuel your health business and lifestyle and if you look at marketing, 101, you're. Supposed to niche right, yeah listen, niche down the further you niche down yeah. Or successful you'll be and I'm like well number one I'm not launching the podcast to monetize it so it's not necessarily, a business, per se yeah, and I was like nobody is talking, about these three domains that I'm so passionate about yeah. And why, not bring on guest co-host like you who. Can play amongst, the domains yeah, I got as I grew the show it's like wait a minute everybody, can, play amongst these domains so, the cool part of it was great, I got people coming from the business world I have people coming from the health world people. Coming from like the lifestyle guru like, you know meditation, world, or Zeo Yogi's, whatever world but, in the end especially, if you're online if. You're a lifestyle, yogi, guru and, you're, going on a podcast show you're. Probably growing your brand that's, more business related right right yeah so that's that's the beauty of what your it get the Epiphany now - it's like man, it balances, it needs, to be balanced, so I'm excited for you I love, it well, yeah I think that's a good, conversation.

For Us to have and it's one that we know pretty intimately. Yeah, and I'm sure we've talked about it before but you. Know maybe we can just visit it really quickly I think, it's good because the underlying principle that we didn't tap into that you and I agreed to talk about on this show today and. We never really pre-programmed, the format ever but I was like you love talking about giving and giving back and giving more and I you know I've converted my business a year this past year over to a for purpose business model trying to hard-code a certain percentage, to, get back cuz I'm always donating, and giving back and running charity events for like hard-coding. It into my business my brain has been a new metamorphosis. So like you and I Jones. Off of that. That, that's been another part of that transition that I've made too yeah, so, but yeah let's let's let's let's let's ball it all up man let's let's let's hit it well well let me let me just quickly, pull. That thread of which we were talking about before that. Whole notion of, niching. Down I, think, one of the challenges that I had and maybe other listeners, may have had this challenge too is when. You're niching down when you don't have a real understanding of. What you're doing yet, it. Can create even more of a barrier mm to growth right, because. You're afraid to get you bitty go, back outside that you, have a rigid idea of what you're supposed to be doing but you haven't made any contact. With. What, it is that, you're best at what, it is that. You're inspired, to, do at a deeper level because, now you've had the repetitions. To understand, where you really connect and Excel, and, what. Inspires. You, so. That. Whole notion I think there's some weakness around it. You. Because you end up having to chip away a lot, of the crap as you go forward and a lot of the crap that you're moving you're, chipping away I've found is some. Of the notions that have been instilled. In you from, kind, of cookie cutter methods, from other people that are trying to sell products, to, show. You how to create, a brand right you end up letting go a lot of that in terms of your own, brand. Development, and it's not that anybody's doing thing that's what we all do we all want to help we, all want to make, it easier for everybody but here's what I've discovered, there's. No shortcuts, to. Creating. A business and, it. Takes for North 101, yeah right it takes it. Takes intimate. Experience, with what. With. What you're doing it takes mastery, before you really kind of get a sense of what. Is it the core of what you want to do and you know it's been what only it's been about two years since I, launched. My brand, -. It basically took, two years for, me to get laser. Focused, on where, the growing edges, which is life stories, of, creatives. In every, domain but, also again. Phase, one or phase or, first year or whatever you want to call it there's. There's also just think, about you started putting in the reps I still, remember all this like we were I remember like like yeah I was motivating, you like yeah go for put in the revs keep keep, setting, up the esteem, the escape route right the transition. Plan yep, and it. Was a fun conversation because, we've all been there like I did. The. Part, of that transformation is, that it. Doesn't matter if you made the right decision or, the wrong decision Alicia making decisions and, you're putting in the reps this, is a common, theme that I'm now that's can, become a new slogan for the show because I feel, as I catch myself saying it all the time now like, just putting the reps I can't help it. You, know I were joking around about burpees before the show and. Then obviously the eight. Formats. The, the CEO way, he. Count bodybuilder, the brick eight count bodybuilder people let's pause on that well let's tie this end what we're talking about right. Because. We could tie this together okay. Don't let go your account, why why is he a count the, birth of the Burpee. Because. Back, I say this is the 90s the burpees didn't exist right and I think somebody was doing an 8 count bodybuilder, likely in the military, and, it was like we can make this shorter or, speed it up right cycling we can speed it up well, it will take out the you. Know the extra steps in here and just making a little bit quicker I have, no idea how it evolved I should ask, commander. Mark Devine on that one he maybe it's. Just it's also really two different forms of training you're doing pauses.

Pauls Intervals holds. And things of that throughout the different positions to make sure you're hitting every single position whereas a burpees, is more fluidic, and much, faster so you could cycle it different so it's gonna be different heart conditioning, different all that. You. Know you know exactly what you're talking about I have no idea they're both hard and eight-count, bodybuilders take a little bit longer oh god yeah oh yeah we were joking around because I I remember doing them when I was our fire training well when, you're not on a fire that was what we're doing for our PT and, it was so so fun to learn that yes, did. I ever tell you I'm sorry I'm not gonna I'm gonna bring us back on track I got the skill set to do that we still talked about giving and we're, gonna finish, up this conversation, we're, having on the branding but, when I was in training, I actually. Got. To spin this thing called the wheel of misfortune so, when you do things really bad when you're in seals training there's, this giant wheel that, looks like you're the wheel of what. Was that that shows the, game show wheel. Yeah wheel of fortune so it's the same thing they have this big pin wheel that, you spin okay, makes the noise tick tick tick tick tick but on it it's not good things it's only bad things right. So I. Had. A, home. Challenging. Things or they're just definitely bad things no they're bad things because, you're. Bad things because you're. You're constantly, being. Asked. To exercise, about 18, hours a day in you're constantly in motion you're averaging, like 200, miles you. Know every three or four days or whatever in terms of running and all that kind of stuff when, you get extra things, tacked on believe, me it's a bad thing okay but. One time I spun it and I had to do. 1508. Count, bodybuilders, oh dear, Lord for, lieutenant. Ryan Zinke, who happens to be in the White House under Trump he, was our instructor, at the time Oh interesting. Interesting. Story right all, right so we can leap back leap. Back side weight, by weight it was they give you a time limit or was just you got to get 50 no no that I'm done well this was at about 4:00. In the morning, this is when after we had done an, exercise, where it was like a two-mile. Ocean swim that we had done on a recon. Exercise. And I had lost the swim buddy I thought he had been eaten by a shark, exactly. He, hadn't been eaten by a shark he got knocked, out in the surf zone and, that's. Really bad to lose your swim buddy so that's yeah. How I got 1500, yeah no, man behind, yeah, so Zinke the way he did it was he just pulled the couch out of his office. Edie. He. Asked me to do the, 1508. Count bodybuilders, and he watched me do everyone he didn't fall asleep his eyes were wide open. Oh he, literally laid on the couch yeah. Next, and watched, you do 1500 of them yeah like inches away yeah. Why yeah oh man that's some psychological, warfare, where, oh, wow I love it yeah it was brutal so. Let's. Go back to you yes. Evolution. So we talked a little bit about the evolution of, what it looks like to. To. Grow a brand I'm putting, in the reps and making mistakes and, making mistakes before you really get a clear notion of what you want to do I think and. I don't even think that's a fair way to frame it you're always I feel, a good, business is always evolving right, in. Terms of if you want to keep pace with change, yourself, personally, in terms of your own growth but pace of change in, terms, I'm stagnant. Right and all that stuff so the. Second, aspect that I've been changing in is the giving piece like you you were referring.

To In your own business, I've. Powerful. Evolution, right I think, it is and I'm not kidding we're, not kidding I well. Here's. The reason I really kind of wanted. To make that a major, part of our brand first off I'm a socially conscious kind of person, um I you. Know want, to align with socially. Conscious, businesses, and people like you. But. Secondly I think there's a. Tricky. Life principle, that I've come, across which, is. When. There's, when. There's, growth. That's happening but, there's not big leaps that are happening, I found. That. Giving. Often. Produces, some amazing, results I didn't expect, and. I'm not doing it for this and, I'm not talking about like well I need to give so, I can get something really great from like, you know out of Lyford no I mean that is a side effect it does for sure I think it's. Nice to want you, know, it's. Nice to you, be. Open to a good outcome but I found that it's been a really good thing when. I'm in need of some sort of. Extra. Step and, let and I'll give you a clear example what, I'm talking about because I'm not making any freakin sense right now I found you before the audience so let's give it an example so I could understand. How valuable this is yeah right so my, business has been steadily. Growing. In terms of brand influence, and there's a lot of people that. Really. Like the direction and want to get become. A part of it but. One of the challenges, I've had is a business, owner is, I'm. Scaling, a media brand and there's also a wellness component, to what I do so I work with people, on the Wellness side whether that be through coaching or, therapy, and I'm. Really kind of at this phase of my growth keying, in on creative. And creative, entrepreneurs. So. There's been some challenges, for me in terms of how I want to price things and what, I want to put priorities, on as a business owner in terms of pricing models, and. I found myself doing, this, kind of thing like well. I'm not sure I want to see, this client. Because, they're not at the level, that. It. The. Financial, target that I'm looking for right, intermediate, like a pricing tier or like a pricing tier yeah so, I, was. Having to make decisions about. Basically. Stepping. Forward to be of service to people and I and I and it started to be a grind I'll be honest, and. It was presenting, some challenges, to me in terms of like just, typical, things like guilt you know like basic, emotions, and things like that, so. I was having it. Was about to a two-month, period where I was really trying to figure out if I wanted how. I wanted to manage that and I, said you. Know what I think I'm missing out on right now. And, that is just the opportunity, to give, forgiving, sake, because. Being. In the business. Mode I think I find, myself constantly. Assessing. What. Makes. Sense in terms of the growth of my business, and. How. Do i. How. Do I stay healthy in that process mm-hmm. However, in the middle there's, this there's this other space which is, forget. About the outcome, this, isn't about any sort of outcome forget, about. The. Long term what. What, can I do right now to be. To. Offer something that. Represents, the best of myself so I realized. My brand was a little, bit selfish it's hard for me to say, but. It's true, ugh, award that I've had to go through a couple of times yeah in, cell instance. There's there's. A difference between I think selfish. And, um. Doing. Things to help, yourself, and I found I was kind of moving towards selfish, a little, bit well, you have to one. Thing I've learned is uh there's, no such thing as what's, a quote there's, no such thing as a pour a floor. Antipas you know it's like okay you want to be giving, my. Whole thing of embracing, financial, success was always a struggle because I didn't grow up with a lot you know the, end yeah, listen. The more. Success. Or a financial, freedom you can create it doesn't you know this doesn't mean you have to be a millionaire like you, know if you live debt-free and, you have no, bills and you, continuously grow your income streams, through. Things like bring you joy that. Allows you the more flexibility, to give back and do more things right so it's this. Has been part of my growth I'm with you it's, well. It's it. Creates kind of a mousetrap right like does you, know um so I was in that trap a little bit and I and I basically just took a big breath one day and I'm like look forget about the. Outcomes forget about where I'm trying to track financially right now what can I really do, that's.

Going To allow me to take a breath as not, just a business owner but as a person, and and really. Create some value for my brand. And I have. A son, who happens up Down syndrome, I've talked about that before in the show and I think, I decided. That any revenue, that I'm gonna make on the, media and that I'm gonna give 30%, of that to launching a pure, mentorship program for Down syndrome youth, so. I created, GoFundMe. Campaign. It's. Called miracle, to me I joined, in on it yes you did you were one of the first people to actually give and I think that was the first I like being the first yeah you were the. First. And. I have I still haven't done a. Media. Campaign around, it the concept, was just, to. Have a channel, that's. Gonna allow people to know that this is what. My business is connected. To we. Should do a joint, Facebook. Live session. You. Can do that I mean from iPhone iPhone easily, to but you don't to be in your office but you can go Facebook, live on each other's feeds oh that's, cool I didn't see you you, know the Facebook stuff I'd stay away from Facebook, I haven't done much I know but it's like I have, a bigger following on Facebook in my personal, friends. List and I have likes on my living right yeah. I. Can imagine, yeah it's crazy so let me just let me just finish that up real quick ya know 33% of everything that I do in terms of media is gonna go towards launching, a peer mentorship program, for Down syndrome moss which is basically. Putting. Pairing. Up. Pioneering. Down syndrome youth that are out there and jobs and corporates, or acting, or things like that with the younger children. That are in the school systems, because. The model right now basically is. Children. With Down syndrome youth, are paired up with basically adults. Typicals. Right, and that. Crazy, alignment, by the way they're so different from. Life experiences, and such yeah absolutely so, there's no generational. Bridge so what I'm trying to do is create a program that, allows a. Generational. Peer mentorship bridge. To. Move forward and then also to help placement. With putting. Young. Down. Syndrome adults, and. Adolescents, into. Mentorship, opportunities and. Real companies, with. More than just kind. Of like mascot, rolls but there's real, packages. Attached and real rewards, and real positions, so. That's the big picture vision behind it and as I go forward from here, on out 33%, of everything I make just. In the media aspect, is, gonna go through that see. Yeah that's I think you know I talked a little bit about it by every, year past couple years I've gone on to an event called thrive.

Make, Money matter, the. First year I went was there second, year doing it that was in San Diego the last this year and last year they hosted back in in Vegas like they did their very first year. But. It's a powerful, event that just brings together world-class, entrepreneurs and, speakers and the whole message, behind that event is to. Teach, how. To make your money matter it's okay to embrace financial, success there's people there from real estate backgrounds. Nutritional. You know entrepreneurial, successful, companies to startups. I mean it doesn't matter they've Jack Canfield has spoken there all kinds of the world-class influencers. The long story short is that the. Big theme is bringing. People together under the common message of teaching. You that as you grow more successful. If, you truly want to push your success through the top and truly, want to create, limitless opportunity. Is the. Sooner you can align yourself, to create a for purpose business model which, is what you've done which is what I've done is, it. Just changes the whole world because now it's like wait a minute when you look at your percentages, it's. Like oh wait a minute I'm scaled, to increase, my profits by 50% this year well. If you've hard-coded. Say. A 10% giving, right so that means I'm. Growing, my company. By 50% and oh that means that increases, my giving, by a. 10%. Ratio do the math right so it's like whoa so. You're aligning your success, in your growth and it. Pulls the for-purpose right along with it and you're fueling that fire at a whole different psychological. Level and when, you put that into your branding, you help people see that dude you're a bigger you're, a bigger thinker, this, isn't just about profits it's like dude if I get if I become more successful and I help other people become more accessible we, all together are creating more purposeful. Results, along. That way, yeah. And I, like what you're saying it's. It's, alignment, and I would also call, it balance for, me because. It's not about putting out a brand that's, attached to a. Charitable. Piece you know I don't want to just you. Know kind of showboat, that and make it about that it's not I know, it's really honestly about, I I. Think for me, it's. About balance, in in the business, like business. Isn't. Everything. In life it's, a, for. Me to move forward. To. Give to to, people to give to. To. Create opportunities. For people to take big leaps in their lives I that's really important, to me it's it's not really about how much even how much money I'm getting to to, creating a mentorship program like, I want to create it's, really about just that honest act and I'm and, I spent so much time and, in, you.

Know Knee-deep in my business and doing what I do that. Knowing that that's. There, it creates, a deeper sense of well-being for, me and I operate like you're saying in a different level. And. If I can do some good in the process and if everybody, could do that that's great but, I don't expect that out of anybody know it just now it's made it made sense for me at the at, that time it's. Funny because I was scared at first right, it's like you know as. You're trying to grow and, you're doing, the metamorphosis, you know a man it's like you're looking at the dollars and you're looking at the bills or if you have bills or not and you're, trying to make everything work and then all of a sudden you make that condemn to saying wait a minute I'm gonna hard, code in the beginning I only did one percent right and then I've increased it like every you know six months I was like okay let's let's go to five right let's go master, plan is like wow with. No debt and. You. Know financial. Freedom like, what if eyes you've done 33%. Of just your media division like that's a major commitment yeah. But. That also now house. You more. Reason, to grow success, of that division because, I dude that's. There's. A big chunk that could start fuel in that fire again once you hard-code that percentage away like I even have a separate online bank account so. The income hits my primary business account there's a transfer, happening, every, single week and that, money goes away I never see it again life goes into that account until I'm ready to do like a I actually did a big donation I ran my annual, following. Firefighters, to honor, the hotshots memories from Arizona I do that workout every single year and this. Year a. Current. Hotshot unfortunately, lost his life. I wasn't. Even do the fire per se was unfortunately, he was a mirror. A bad, tree, in. A wilderness situation and, part of the tree they call them widow-makers snap. Loose came down hit him in the head and killed him and. He. Left behind his. Fiancee. Not even married yet pregnant, with their first child. So. There's. Now actually a hotshots Association, which I was very excited it exists when I was doing this so there's now they've created a worldwide hotshots association and they put out on social media and everything else cuz I still follow all the feeds and, I was like whoa and I, had no I had no game plan and where the funds this year from the t-shirts I had made and the workouts we did like where was it gonna go and. Over. The past two years I started actually supporting local fire departments, the volunteer fire departments now you normally do that but when. I see some like that pop up it's real it's happening it's totally tied to my purpose I was like boom, and then. I didn't sell as many shirts as I was hoping to and I didn't like the funds I raised but I'm like oh wait a minute I have, my for purpose account hmm, there's hundreds. Of dollars sitting in that account mm-hmm, so did. The transfer, just jacked a donation up all went right into that that fund that we were putting together for the for his fiancee, that, felt so good like I have chills and goosebumps right now because I know you can hear in terms of our conversation, and right it just changed, around giving I was like ah. Okay. I mean I'm still building this event it's a small grassroots event, so I was hoping to do better okay look at good gym badges that's like wait I've, got more money sitting, here it's all for this reason yeah yeah how, do you want to do that I I don't. Want to get woowoo but I'm gonna get a little bit so that comes with it ya know, so there's. A the, deeper principle that I was alluding to earlier like. There sir the things that you do in life that you can't really make sense of but you see met major, changes, that kind of happened. You use the word manifest, before, that. That follow, taking. Acts like this so one. Of the things I didn't talk about is managing. Debt. In business, right and, when, you're doing that sort of thing because, I kinda. Myself. In the startup phase hmm. I'm, constantly. And that's what I'm struggling with where, money's coming in where it's going out trying. To find a good balance for that and this. Was a central, part of the conversation, about wiring, into my business model giving. When. I was least. Should. When I was in the worst position to be thinking, about giving, its, where it came up and, I'm. Not exactly sure why I just, had insight, into what my business was doing and it was all about just the business growing and, I, was like you know what I'm not in the position to do this I have more.

Debt Than I know what to do with right right now to move, to my next stage of growth but. I'm gonna create this anyway I'm telling you Scott like immediately. Things. Began to change, in. Terms. Of the. Quality, of clients, that were coming in the the. Quality of guests, that, have been showing up for my brand and, you know just all a million. Tiny things that I can't really detail. In here because I'll be putting people to sleep but, there. Is something, to be said and you know kind, of the perennial religions, kind of have that built into every. Every. Get giving, is part of every perennial, religion, you know that tithing they call it it's, must I I think there's something to it it's. It totally is whether I mean I don't care how you it if one of its woowoo, factor, if it's, the universe's. Energy, balance. If it's your flow state if you're into the religions, it's your faith, your religion, I don't. Care in, the, end it. Feels good it feels right, and then you start attracting the. Right people and the right entities, will also get that well I think it's about relationships. Oh god, yeah it's what what meaning, like a business, is just another relationship, so I imagine my business is, you. Know potential partner just, like you. Know if it was a marriage. You know if you're in a marriage you want a partner that's conscious, enough to give. To. Offer something, to give with no expectation. Of return that, makes for a good relationship so, I think when you do that in a business good things happen, just like it would in any other relationship. Now. If you want me to get into the physics of that I can't, do, that you know I can't quantify exactly what's, happening there but, I have seen results consistently, at different points in my life and, at. This period period, uh there's, definitely created. A shift well, and since we've been talking about it, this. Is a powerful screenshare, we need to be launching, here so there's my little guy there's, your little guy ladies, and gentlemen I'm sharing, this so you if you're hearing this I don't care if you're not a big youtuber, or not go, to live the field comm click on this episode once his airs for. Jerry Gaara and I'm. Gonna link everything the, GoFundMe page will be linked in the show notes you, follow him on LinkedIn too he shares it in his post there I'm gonna be cross sharing and tweeting it but, you, know he's launched its official it's not BS, like you see Jerry there with a son you got some other pictures of your son you launched a GoFundMe, it's it, that, that's right there the biggest thing is committing right I'm, putting, myself out there we're, gonna make it happen and even. If you don't crush it on GoFundMe, the fact you've hard-code, your business now it's like yeah, this is just kind of a conduit to write well know that it's happening it's another portal if people want to feel like to want to be a part of the same mission yeah, you know and that's been another thing that I've been. Finding. On the other side of this is now that I've taken this step just, to make it a reality. Conversations. With other charitable organizations locally.

Have Really been ramping. Up and awareness. Around, this. Is. Has. Been growing which has been fun there's a there's, a woman in West. Hartford area where I live in Connecticut that's. Starting a cafe, that's run by all special needs children. In, gus-gus, is for now so. He can't quite go to work as a waiter yet but, to. Get me a go-getter you never know know but we're basically. These conversations. Of other socially, conscious business people, are stepping forward and, some. Of these people are related, with some. Of the eight organizations here. And so, it's some exciting things are happening around to them I'm excited well, and I saw, you post about this organization up up by you the Connecticut, Buddy Walk that was on September. 8th right, and. You, got Gus's noemi's there what's that all about so. Every, year the. Families, of the. Very, lucky parents, that have children with Down. Syndrome, I'll come together for an event called the Buddy Walk and. It's, the, state puts it on and it's. To raise money and awareness, Down. Syndrome, and to. Start to promote inclusion in. The school systems, and and, in, the businesses, in the state and. Basically, just to celebrate, what, it's like to, be related. And to have a family member who has somebody with Down syndrome I, think there's a the. Cultural perception, around Down syndrome, is changing, luckily. Because. Of this era of media. That we're in that there's been more exposure, and, people. Get to see how, wonderful, people, they are yeah, so, you know that's happening, on a statewide, level here, in Connecticut, with the Buddy Walk they do great things and, they we raise I think they raised over $200,000, this year which is great I mean just and this is your campaign page right for Gus yeah, we did we did you, guys exceeded, your goal you hit a lot of 11% you set a goal to go at least 1,500, hit the 1675. Yeah, so which is great right cuz like you got the GoFundMe but, then you went ahead and like again let's, let's really contribute to these guys right, and and, exceeded, your goal cuz I've done stuff like this for years like multiple sclerosis cycling. Events everything else and I, will. Say there's, there's such a wide breadth, of opportunity, to give so. There's, really, just aligned, with what aligns with you I mean if you have a child with Down syndrome clearly, you're probably to support programs like this if you have a family with a multiple sclerosis you're probably gonna lean that way or. You've got people like me where if I, got it in the budget I just and I know people like you it's like oh you know I'll throw a little his way up throw a little our way I'll spread, the love well. It changes things and I'll go back to the concept of relationships, is yeah if you have a cause that is dear to your heart or if it's if it's not even a cause it's something that you're into in terms of promoting the health of community. Or people or or, the planet whatever it happens to be when, you take a step like that. The. Change, and the, subtleties, around the changes that happen personally. I. Do. Wonderful, things for you in terms of the relationships, that, you. Know meeting new people in, terms of the way that you're relating to yourself, in. Terms of taking away your. Focus, and attention away, from things that might not necessarily.

Be, As important, I mean just everything starts to shift when you make it a reality, and even, something as simple as like a GoFundMe, page like you're saying I think. It's just that principle, of seeing. Seeing. Yourself take right actions, that. Does the wonderful, things I I, gotta, tell you I mean. Let's. Tie this directly back to business right let's look a sales and marketing in general yeah, I've been in sales a long time before. Fire after fire I I help people grow their brands now I I, still sit down and do business development meetings, and close deals for my biggest client so. The. Biggest thing that I coach, some of their sales people on is I, don't. Talk business. Like. What, I when I sit down with these buyers and these people that are with these big companies I'm like I'm. Reconnecting. On past conversations like, I'm listening, I'm finding out do. Any of their kids have any conditions, do, you, know I you, know do they like golf or me like I'm a mountain biker and a cyclist, and a skier like I'm looking for common ground but. Also when you do things like this and then, they ask in return like well what are you been up to well, if you don't mind me sharing IMAX, seriously. Excited about this and, I'm not asking them to donate I'm not it's not about that it's just you. Have, amazing. Unique, stories, that. They were not expecting, yeah no I think that's great because what you're talking about is a principle, of moving. From being. In a relationship for a transaction, sake, to reciprocation. And there's different there's a different, level of, in. Terms of equality of connection, that comes from real, relationships. That are about reciprocation. And that's the power of good podcasting, too right is this the this, of listening like we're having a two-way. Conversation. That's. What the most successful sales. Professionals, out there will coach you on and teach you is that you can't, be transactional. A canter yeah. You, know and need to. Bring that. Briefly. To my business. That's. Been part of the evolution, that I've had in my business, is even. Though on the therapist, and even, though I'm a coach, and I facilitate, groups and workshops and things like that and, there's a certain level of service that's wired into it it's. Still, transactional. It still, can become, transactional. And when it becomes about the service so, with the way I've been evolving, in terms of my brand especially around the media's, I've, discovered one of the most powerful ways that you can really, offer. Something. To somebody is to open up stories, and that's through vulnerable, storytelling. Vulnerable. Storytelling, allows people to, connect. And to share emotionally, and that's, a reciprocation, process, right that, does wonderful things. So. This would kind of you know that's that's been a part of the process my process of evolution too, is I. And I think we're all kind of hardwired to do the transactional. Stuff you know that's just part of. Participating. In culture, but what you're talking about is kind of bringing wisdom and you. Into. Business which is those. That's. One of the benefits of this. You know podcasting. That's one of the benefits of. Socially. Conscious business owners getting out there and sharing messages around what, it means to you. Create value in the world and, it takes people like us sharing that messaging, because I, had to learn this from other people too right it's this. Is I didn't, know this in the beginning no, nobody does it that's the repetition, are still figuring it out yeah.

I'm Only 47. I'm 48 now yeah I'm 41, so there we go. Decade. Now. Learning. The learning never stops I I had to rebind something about this the other day we still. Guilty of every once well saying this saying oh I'm not perfect, right I hey I now, hate that statement, hey it's a strong word because. There. Is no such thing as perfection and. We need to be making the mistakes which is how we learn we need to be just taking action and surrounding. Ourselves with people who may know a few more things than, we do right going. Back to the pocket your environment, and everything else and. I and it's I think so many people create. That paralysis, by analysis because. They're trying to everything right and in, your my case I think we've shared that today is that uh uh, there. Is still no perfect action there's actually perfection, in the imperfect, actions, you know what's even more bizarre about this and I love what you're talking about right here is I. Think. I've gotten some clarity on this as a coach you know working with other people but also as a as. An independent. Business. Owner and just, a person who's growing in life that. One. Answer for one person is not an answer for another and that scales, on every, level in terms of strategies, meaning. We don't even know why certain things work, for some people no, we have no idea, you, can take person from a person. A person B person C, they're all doing the same things and getting completely different results, and you. Know we have this kind of pattern. And culture of creating. Systems, and, trying to apply it to each and every person but there is something magical about living, that. That. Appears to be about learning mm-hmm. That, well. You you, can't just assume, that, because. Something works perfectly, for one person, it's gonna work for another why. That is I'm not sure, it appears to be there's kind of like different learning lessons that we all have to manage and all. That kind of stuff it's just pretty interesting. Thing I think, it. Is and the, people that are seen as the odd people out and the real weirdos. Are. Usually the ones creating, some of the most drastic, shifts. And changes in. Our world today well, you think of all the people on earth right, Tesla, air B&B right. It's, always the it's always the creative leap and the creative leap comes, from making no assumptions about what's going to work from. Vulnerability. It comes from you. Know not a that. Big piece not assuming, you. Know of course it's good to have some rails the kind of. Some. Strategies, to start to move with but I. I found this in my own business journey and you've maybe. Have found the same thing I don't know. That. The, rails are just kind of giving. You permission to lean. In and do the real learning because. Because everything, gets undone, and, you have to create. Something that's authentic for, you that works meaning. My brand is is gonna suck, until it's absolutely, authentic to. What I'm doing right. Like, to Who I am and what I want to share with the world and, people, pick up on that you, know especially. The especially, the you, know the the Jen wires and, you know the the, new generations, they. Can pick up on BS like nobodies, did I love the new millennial generation there's, so many people who criticize, it and that's, a big part of my target audience because I think it's our responsibility to, give back and, help guide.

Them And. Know granted I I do, have to crack on them some, Millennials not all some the, again, guys you got to put in the work okay you can't just expect, everything happen sorry. But. That aside I wonder. A lot of things what's, that I wonder, about that sometimes, and this is gonna sound like really, weird. Be it from person if from a person that came through Navy SEALs and all that kind of stuff okay which. Is. Is. It always effort, that gives you the result oh no. I'm, not saying that I agree with that took ryoga Dunkley I believe in the mindset, I believe in the mindset, because your. Struggle, I believe, that does wonderful things in terms of character, and perspective, and all that kind of stuff oh and. Ruth. The millennial generation their. Mindsets. That they, want to do something purposeful. They want to do something greater in the world that's, for a lot that I've met and I know and I worked with I love, that because. It's. Going. Back to that giving theme right but we still need to direct, it and they still they. Start to be willing to put into work and make the mistakes along the path and it's okay right like you might not have the perfect job right now but it's a job right we, might not you and I might not have started our business if we didn't have the job' job or the thing, to get us where we're at then we started putting in the part-time, so the part-time side hustles until. We can start building the. Income streams to justify, the next big step like it's a process. But. III, agree, as far as the mindset, is huge mindsets, huge the issues, with my generation, you know the Gen X is the Y's etc. Is that there's. Still so much I. Don't. Want to call archaic. Thought maybe you got a better way to put it but. Generationally. Things were brought up differently right ya. Know why. I think even our generation Gen. X it's. A really strong part, of our message which. Is. Let's. Put it into a an, anecdote. That everybody, can relate to or saying. You. Know the struggle is real yeah. That's it basic, meaning. Like look. You. Have to be willing to to, lean in to fall down and to get up again to. Be stretched and to grow yeah, yes, that's, that's, one, truth, but there's also. Plenty. Of people that have managed to click into. Pretty. Powerfully. Comfortable, lifestyles, that haven't struggled, and. Maybe. Didn't have it all so there doesn't. Appear to be one. Truth in life which i think is pretty amazing and and, maybe, that's what we're learning with this new generation that's coming personally. I value, people that are willing to like. Say here's a wall and I'm gonna run through it I don't care if it's there you, know I can. Relate to that myself and, I think, there's great value in that and, I'm, also open, to seeing that there are other ways approaching, life that, produce results and, you. Know I think that's what you hear in terms of a cultural conversation, with you. Know Gen Xers and Gen wires is these kind of differences. In terms of opinions, on what's. The way to do things well you know sometimes letting go resistance, and just waiting. Waiting. Does. Create, some opportunities and, now personally, I'm not that guy no. No and, I'm, like no I would, rather be moving, forward I'd, rather be stretched, I would, rather, have. The awareness of understanding, what I'm letting go and then waiting for something to come around for a full circle for me did you step and do it true yeah, I mean again full circle back to the millenials again I mean I love the fact that they it. Seems like there is no limit to their vision and there they, see the. Abundance and the capacity, and their growing up in a generation where it's. There's such, a technological. Abundance, I mean. I. Was excited when I got a pager. Right. And. They do I think the only profession is still uses pagers of this day is the medical field, because. Of the frequencies. Amazing. How far we've come so, fast yeah, as. A millennial not even a millennial you could literally start, there's entrepreneurs, kids, daren't. Aren't even legally, allowed to do stuff, as an entrepreneur but they're already generating income because their parents are cool and they've, helped, make sure they get said the foundation these kids millionaire, yeah. It's like so. What way once you hit 18 like you're literally already a multi-millionaire, like how. These. Weren't even options, these weren't even in our sphere of thought when you know when we were kids like I was, thinking about baseball, and. I was thinking about what I was gonna be doing when I got out of high school I like the.

Idea Of being an entrepreneur that was scaling companies, and making millions while I was in middle, school that wasn't even on the plate okay like the the. TV show shark tank and you, see these, little kids like like not, obviously, not as young as your son but it's like coming, on holding hands with their parents right and. They're. They're pitching their company and, the parents are just stand there just in case, there's. A kid even in the who's, a Down, syndrome, young, adult I think he's uh. Nineteen. Nineteen. Years old John Sox I think oh yeah, yes. Like he's got a multimillion-dollar brand, he's selling socks for crying out loud like it's it's. A different world and and I think part of that you know to bring the conversation, and make it useful for the listener is you. Know I think it's standing on the backs of some of what our older you know our, previous generations, have done you. Know our our fathers, and our mothers. They. Lived in a pretty gritty era you know in terms of the 50s. And the 60s in, terms of doing some pretty difficult work, and then yeah they were impacted, by different, social issues. That. Obviously directed. Their thought, processes so right. Yeah and I I mean but to give us the the opportunity to live basically in an idea economy which. Is pretty exciting right now and. On. The by the way since this is Down syndrome month. Boom. It is John's crazy. Soccer, ugo.com. Yeah. And right. There they've got a pair of socks right there the symbolic, symbol, for Down syndrome. That's. Autism I bet but, they have all these different themes as socks they got breast cancer socks autism, socks like you, know not just cause Sox's. But it's cool to see they have socks for that our symbol, symbolically, tied to different causes but. Anyway, it's just cool and this was like created by a kid and his dad and. That's what that's what I want to do with my mentorship, program is you, know the, kids that are the. Four-year-olds. Like I have I have a son who's four years old look there's a there's a gentleman. Named. John who has Down syndrome who's, established, a multi-million, dollar sock company like he should be the one reaching out, to to, mentor you, know the children and that are moving forward yeah how cool is this one like Down syndrome superhero. Girl socks. I. Haven't been on the site I'm gonna leave this up for later I'm gonna go dig into this because. That's. Like a new style thing I'm noticed like I just I just could pick up another new suit, cuz I can use it for my wedding next year but, it's I have to go pick it up tomorrow and it's like oh you know I noticed everybody's wearing like fun socks again yeah. So. I feel like I need to go I feel like if I'm gonna spend money going. Let's let's full circle this right I've.

Grown. Very much as much respect as possible for for purpose, businesses, so, I try and spend my money with. For purpose businesses, so there's no little hack maybe you haven't been able to unlock the percentages, yet but, why not at least take an extra 5-10 minutes go online Google, a company and see if there's companies that are tied yeah, to, a purpose, and then, spend your money with them well. They ya know I think there's, value in that because those are people that are we've. Talked about the the, principle, of building, healthy relationships and, good relationships, those. Are the people, that are doing it, practically. In business, and they're taking steps to really build healthy cultures. Our. Brand. Both on the media side and. Also. On the Wellness side only works with socially, conscious businesses, and people that. Was that was a decision by me and it's been hard, I'll be honest because there's been people that have come forward that wanted. Media. Work done and also you know I'm, the coaching side that. The they're. The. Scope of their business isn't necessarily, one that's doing any sort of good for culture, for people that. I've had to make decisions on and I'm not exactly at. A place where I I. Would, like to be in terms of my mark you know financially. Right, my five-year plan looks. Like but but what you're saying is, you. Know there's there it looks, l

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