21 Lakhs + Live Trading Profits || BankNifty Options || Anish Singh Thakur || BoomingBulls

21 Lakhs + Live Trading Profits || BankNifty Options || Anish Singh Thakur || BoomingBulls

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Hello, guys. My name is Anish Singh Thakur. And I welcome you to my live trading video, where today on the expiry day, I have booked around 21.5 lakh on the BankNifty option. So, do you have to watch this because I have traded 21 lakhs? Yes, that is what you see. Big profits in the thumbnail. But, if you too are a trader who takes BTST trades, or who do intra-day trades, option trades, and if you want to learn something.

I promise, you will get to know a lot more good things. You must watch this video because if you are taking BTST trade, and the gap up opens in your direction, and if there is a little pull back, you sell it. Or if you are doing a normal intra-day trading, if the market goes up and if there is a slight pull back, you exit it out of fear. If something like this happens, or if you would like to know on which set up to buy or sell. This video is for you. You will really enjoy the video. And don't watch this video casually. Not like just for name's sake.

In this video, I have taken the BTST trade the previous night, so, whatever I have analyzed through out the night, and what I am planning for the next day. I am planning the trade thoroughly. And the next morning I am executing it. There is so much to learn! I took up a BTST and earned a profit of 10 lakhs.

Then I went for an intra-day and booked profit of 6 lakhs. Then again went for a third one and got a profit of 5 to 5.5 lakhs. This type of trading you will get to watch and you will love this video. So I want your complete attention and your time.

I want you to sit relaxed. You may 'like' this video or just click 'watch later'. Watch it on a big screen, TV or laptop. If you are watching on mobile phones, try to use your earphones. And because I know that this video is going to get a good reach, I am going to give you three important trading tips, at the end of the video.

So make sure you stay with me till the end of the video, and I will give you most important tips, which I would like to share with you as a trader. Ok. Thank you so much. Let's start the video. Hello, guys. I have taken a BTST trade, which I will execute in the morning. So, I thought it will be like a live trading video. I have to tell you some back story, as to why and what trade did I take.

So, let's start. The trade which I have taken is BankNifty, a call buy of 30,000. which is right here, strike price of 30,000.

Why did I take? Firstly, just see the fib levels, according to that 50% break has already happened. High chances are there to reach 61.8%. Ok. So, firstly I would like to tell you that I was traveling. I was in a birthday party.

And I don't trade while traveling. But because of the team or when you go through your super set ups, you have 2 to 3 years of experience, and you know if something happens, what are the data points to check, what other things are to be checked. If all these things get aligned, then why not take the trade? So, I have taken a BTST trade, in 30,000 call. How much quantity and all the stuff, will see tomorrow. And I will tell the plan, 50% level has broken, and this is not the only reason. After this we will see that people who have seen my EMI video clearly, I have made you understand that, whenever we have a 50 moving average break out, and if you have a 200 moving average target ahead, then you should definitely go for it.

If you want to see, have a look at all these. On 25th September B broke out like this, and then it got closed, market opened and then hit the target. Then again it went up and we got this target. This is what might happen. I will tell you the plan. If we have little gap up in the market, we will take this target.

We made an entry at this break out level. We made an entry at this candle. I will tell you about advance level price action. If you think that I will take after the candle closes, then we will loose the opportunity like this. So, I will give you a tip, whenever the body comes to the resistance level...

Like the test has been done in level 1, 2, 3 times. If the body closes here, you take the entry, because this is going to break it. If it doesn't break, then it will close somewhere here. So, 90% times it works, almost 80-90% it works. I always take on these candles when it closes on the tip. And it works and the breakout happened.

We have entered around here, so this is our plan. From here till 200 moving average, we have to take the target. That is around 230 points. It's great and an awesome target. After seeing Dow Jones if you feel that there is not a good gap up, it is a very small gap up, a normal gap of like 20-30 points.

As soon as it happens, may be within 5, 10 or 15 minutes, we hit the target and we will come out without a problem. And if we have an another possibility, and that is, the market opens above 200 moving average, it opens above 200 moving average, and we need not exit immediately. We will already get into a good profit. Above 200, I have a buying of 96 rupees. Already we will get 130, 140, 150. That time you can exit, 150 is our target.

Above that we have to try as a trader. Now... ...if it opens above 200 it takes the support and that's it. Whatever strategies I have taught you, recently also I have provided strategies for intra-day.

You have to mark one high and one low. Below low you have stop loss, and if breakout happens here, again you are going to hit a big target. On this day we hit a big target. The next day the target got much bigger. If our breakout occurs tomorrow, then our target will be this blue line.

Or this 61% fib level. Or... This is another case. After that we will try to hit the target from here to here.

475 points target is a very big target. Specially on the day of expiry, if there is a small pull back, the entire money will be lost. But by then you might be in the money, but still on the expiry day, it's very volatile. I am not sure what I will do. But if there is a bit gap up,

I will try to take more target, approximately this much. If not, then also no problem. We have taken for 95, even if we get 140,150,160, we will exit out. Till here we have done with our targets.

This is what we are going to do tomorrow. And if gap down opens, we need to check our crucial support, which definitely is the 50 moving average. Below that we have to put our stop loss. We have made a buy here, somewhere around 870. From 870 to 740. Stop loss will be of 150 points if gap down happens.

And more than 200, 240, 230, 235 points is our target. Then whatever it is, looks like a lot in my favour. Like if we talk about India VIX, it cooled off like 6.7%.

Let me take you to the option chain. If I can't explain you what Max pain is? Max pain is a data which until Tuesday, was at the highest, at 30,000. That means we had a hope of closing near by. Today, the data changed and the max pain reached 30,500. How do we calculate? We add open interest from call side and put side. We add all the entities. The highest one is known as max pain.

Expiry closes to nearby the max pain. This is a data point. Not necessary that it will happen, but chances are there.

So, the shift is from 30,000 to 30,500. That means the range has become much bigger. So, definitely we have the possibility. The market is already in bold run from the past 2 days. And I really like this setup. I feel this will workout. I will let you know the progress in the morning.

Alright? We need to talk more about it. I will talk to you in the morning. Good night, guys. Good night. Bye. Good morning everyone.

A very good morning. Right now the time is 07:30 AM. And this is our pre opened market. Let's just refresh and see. It has not opened yet. Closing was at 601.

And as I told you we have a small target, not a small target, a target, which closed at 883. Ok, the post market at 883. Exactly at this level. Right now we have a target of 219 points, which we may get in the gap up itself. If I get it in the gap up, I would like to exit the market. If the market opens above this, then we'll see what happens further.

It's the expiry day. There is no point of doing something tricky. Because anything can happen. Let's see where the market opens. Nifty is having resistance at this point.

It can be rejected and come down at 660 also. I had the setup and I was able to do the trade with ease and big capitals. It is not easy that you trade like... Once you get used to multiple screen setup, then it's not easy to trade in this normal way.

That's why when I'll recreate my set up, I would do more of these live trading videos. Now it was within my setup and I have done it, and I am recording it because my mind is clear. It's not easy to take decision when you are inside a trade. Anyways, we have spoken a lot. Let's reopen the market. One minute has passed. Let's refresh and see where the market is. Really? Oh, my God! 18 f**k.

I just don't believe it. They are kidding with me. If this is the situation, I am going to sleep off at 9.16. 13898. 898... Just 898...? Extremely bullish day is it? What the... But it will reduce when I refresh it again.

See... But it is... Banks are boom! F**k. That's a great news, guys. Great news. Nifty is at 783. 783 is also somewhere here. But it will come back I know. It's the bullishness of pre open market.

764, 163 points gap up. That's great. Okay, now. A lot of will power is needed. It is like a.... See, emotions gets striked up at the sight of money. That is the reason why I need to stick to my plan.

Let’s see what happens. I know this will reduce slowly. Now it has become 716. Let me see. 716 is somewhere here. It will keep on reducing I know that. It will reduce till... Still, after 716... Still it is at 716.

Bharti airtel. Ok, let's see where the market opens. If in Nifty, the gap up is 100 points, then in BankNifty, the gap up is 300 points. 300 points gap up means... Yes, I think it's going to... Giving our targets at opening itself. If it opens, above 200 moving average, and so it will be definitely breaking this moving average.

This is the target that we can eye upon. Or let's see. If we get such huge gap up. Ok. Good, guys. We are opening 1% up.

That's great. After a long time we are enjoying such gap up. I told you, it's not that I don't take much of BTST trade. I rarely take it. Today I have taken a good quantity.

If you like to know the quantity, let's wait for the market to open. I will show you when the market opens. Okay? What's the time now? It's only 4 minutes now. Let's open the Indian time.

Here I need to wake up early. It's 07:30 now. So, let's see. Okay. So, it will open above 100 points.

No single looser. Extremely bullish market. Meanwhile let's check the world market. What about the world markets? What kind of global sentiments we have? Nothing. We got nothing. Nothing very special. It's the expiry day. We should book our profit and look for another entry.

If our profit is hitting our target. Target means you know this is our target. We don't need this. Let's draw a resistance line. It should not be blue... Let's take red color.

We will draw the fib. We should keep the chart very clean. Oh, no! That is not our target. This is our target. This one is our target.

Let's see VIX opens through which volatility. Only 2 declined, 48 up. Advanced, good news. Ok, so I will get a green tea for myself. Pre-opened market will close at 907. Let's see.

How many of you do refresh? Fast... Fast... Fast... Who does that? Everyone does. All the ones who take BTST trade. Irrespective of how it works. Maybe in his favour or against. Ok, guys. So let me get my green tea. Let's expect a gap up of at least this much.

How come you have done double strangle today? They have strangled us. Fuck**** up. Ok, guys. It's just one minute now. Just one minute now, we are getting gap up opening. Now I will show you the quantity. I bought for 95 and it's 94 now.

The quantity is in front of you. Okay? Let the market... If we had 4 screen setup, I would have opened simultaneously. It's not that easy. I need to see Nifty, BankNifty. I need to see two time frames. Anyways, let the market open.

It's 07:44 a.m. now. We need to see the market, VIX and we need to exit immediately. That's not easy. Look here...The market has opened. We are almost above the target.

Now, I am going to hold the trade. I am going to hold my winners today. It will break the resistance in first 5 minutes.

Let's see. -14% VIX was there. Now it's going ahead. The profits are going sky rocket now. We have reached on point at our target. Shit! This is the problem. What am I doing? On point target, target crushed already.

Still I am trying to hold my winning trade for 5 minutes. Let's see if it can... It has touched my target. Let's hope Nifty gives a breakout Hope it gives me R3 from R2.

I may get a debit here. I can open a small time frame debit here. Great! Great! Thank you so much stock market. Yes... Yes... Yes... We are about to break it. Profits going more sky rocket. Grips great.

Yeah. I think I may book the biggest profit of my life. On a single trade today.

Just we need to break 200 moving average. Now just waiting to close. VIX. Great.

Please go ahead. Hoping this week to be best week of the life. Monday was also a good day. Booked around 4 lakh something. Now let's see, how this works. -2 point for VIX.

Now, you need a very big heart to keep your position open in this style. You need to exit here. But as I told you according to my plan it has broken 200 moving average.

Now we need to wait and see where the closing happens. If closing happens above the candle, even 5 minutes of the candle. It's a good news. Hope I get it in the first 15 minutes.

But then Nifty punched a greed, it pre opened at 13898. Oh, my God! I have gone mad after seeing this. This level of pre-open market? Ok. Bullish, bullish, bullish... Great. Ok. Now it's retracing back a bit. Just see the opening. Opening was here. It came done and then it's going up.

Staying resistance at that point. No problem. It's okay. It's okay. Let's not look at our PNN now. If we look at the PNN, we may get emotional and take a wrong decision. Let's be a better trader. Do not look at your PNN. Very good. We are going up.

VIX at -1.5. Yes... We have gone bullish now. We are breaking the levels. We are breaking. 7.5 is the... 8 lakhs is the highest intra-day profit I have ever booked.

In a single trade, 8 lakhs. Let's break that level today. I think we are breaking it. Smoothly. Yes, we are breaking it.

Broken it. Yes, we are breaking in. Let's see more than that. If I can... What do we call this, guys? 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7. We will make a 7 figure trade today.

Yes! We have done a trade of 8 lakhs plus. We are more than 8, it's 8,25000.00. No, we have crossed 8,33,000.00 in a day. We have done it. It was fun. Still holding the trade. Still holding the trade. Let's... Let's break.

If we could hold until here... We would become superman! I am so happy. I was going to be doomed when it went down from 8 to 7.

So, let's stop now. We will look to book further profit. So, now it's the time. Second green candle, go ahead. Shoot up. Perfect! Perfect! Second green candle. Okay, we have touched seven figures in our lives. For the first time I am seeing seven figures in a single trade.

Yet, my heart beat is not running fast, like saying, "Don't wait, exit." No problem, buddy. Follow the process. This is the result of following the process. We should follow the process. It's great! Just be simple call buy and hold, without edging or without selling. It's not easy or whatever.

We haven't used half... No, we have used half the capital. We have used about 7 lakhs in this trade. That's great. Let's proceed at least upto R3. My, God! Gap up opening and we are hitting our target like this.

That's great. Okay. I think I am going to book my profits. Now, wick's reading... It's pulling on the resistance. Let's exit some quantity now. Not everything.

Here's the exit. Okay! Great! Exited the trade and booked the profit. This is the first seven digit profit. I am on the verge of crying. It's 10,65,000.00, bro? It was 4 lakh odd on Monday, leading to 15 lakhs in this week. BankNifty has taken all previous revenge.

I mean it covered all the losses, of father, grandfather, uncle and so on... BankNifty has emerged victorious. What a right place to take exit! Now, I will remain totally in the money... After getting totally secured, we will take our decision. Let's see, guys.

I think I am done. I have never booked such a big profit in my life. And I don't want to risk it now. I don't want to take further risk At what price did I sell? At 224 from 94.

220 or 230 is good, but we went for a sell at 224. Now, keeping in mind my intra-day loss, I don't want to take any risks. Now, we will enter and exit only if there's a good reason.

Okay? So we will proceed to enter and exit when we see a good reason behind it. Perfect. Okay? So, I'll close this video now. And if at all I trade, I will record it.

But I will not record if I am not going for a trade. But, I am going to share some important tips. I am too happy today. I'll share a few important tips with you that will help you. Because of that I was stable enough to go for the trade.

At this point a little greed wouldn't matter much. No problem. But I'll share a few tips with you. It's going on. We need not bother where it is leading to. Until it gives a pull back to us. Okay?

So, just chill and relax. I'll see you in the outro video or in the next video. Guys, I am so sorry. I had made a total live record. And because of a manual mistake, I could not start the record.

Fuck! Anyways, let me revise for you. We made an exit at this point. Again, I have made a buy at this breakout. When it was high break of the day, I made a buy again.

And then I made an exit. Because Nifty and Reliance were weak. Again at this high of the candle, a made an entry here at BankNifty. At this point it was a buy, and this was my target. It was fetching good profit, but even then I did not exit.

Now, I have made an exit at 13,400. And guys, today we have booked this intra-day profit of... I am so sorry. I should really feel bad.

I was doing live trade and I was talking about it too. But it couldn't get recorded. I have not done any over trading.

This which maam had bought in the money call, I randomly exit because I didn’t want to waste my profits In today’s time extra greed is not good. I’ve exited that, now again we bought the trade, then six lakhs fifty thousand we booked again. Sixteen lakhs booked using the capital of eight lakhs only.

This was BTSTed. Ten lakhs was intraday trading. Only 30 minutes i have traded and now i exited form it. I don’t want to take any extra risk. I don’t want to quit, I'll even won't trade this week. This week I won't trade, definitely won't trade tomorrow.

And this week too I might not trade. ON monday, I've recorded it, and I will also put that. Because you like to watch live trading. I was busy so couldn’t post, will also post four lakhs ones video. Booked, good profits using for buying option. Not by selling, by buying having conviction in my own analysis, in my direction, my own targets without any hedging I didn’t do it. You can do it.

But still I’m telling you this is also possible. If we have the right experience and right mindset. Anyways guys, I have to log, I’m feeling lot sad, lot happy but feeling sad too, because I have spoken for so long live trade with record and its not getting recorded now. By mistake I clicked on that button, I couldn’t on the recording, I felt I switched it on. But such bad things big or small happens in my life often.

I don’t take it in negative way. I take it positively, keep my mood normal. I sometimes do lot of work and it gets wasted, I start it all over again. I had prepared the trading video for you.

But brothers, I spoke for 50 mintues. I made it and was happy and when checked its not recorded. Sat for one minute went again in my room prepared it again and uploaded it. I am like this person who doesn’t mind on all these failures in my life. So that is why now I’ll

tell you few things in the outro video, okay. Let me write down everything in my journal, this is the biggest profit of my life. Seven figure first time I’ve touched it. And seven figure too I touched sixteen lakhs. Thank you so much, Market, God, Market participants, FIS everyone, thank you so much, my subscriber watching me.

Now, let me close it, write now everything in my journal and come back to you with an outro video. Thank you guys. Okay, it’s time to enter the trade, okay, same, same, same coin, we'll go ahead and buy. Okay Same we are going ahead with the same coin. Yeah, little bit, little bit more quantity as we are having two, three confirmation, one from doget site.

…wait, wait, let it, let’s add the quantity ones its breaking this barrier as well. We’ll add the quantity when its break this barrier as well. Let it break, no problem. Two minutes twelve seconds. Best strike price, good money too and its whole number too. Let the quantity break it then we will increase it.

Stoploss is simple, below this. Let’s understand fifty points stoploss and have made the entry here. Day time hundred points high, below four fifty, right. Daytime high, minimum daytime high target. We’ll see the remaining readings and we will see, if required.

We’ll buy more. If it breaks this level, its a, chances are better that we're again going to hit the base high. Okay, now, the magic thing is even if this candle will not close above this level. But,

even if it doesn’t close still if it closes its body then I’ll increase quantity. Because it will break and if it breaks the next candle is bullish, I’ll too enter, now it has break. Why? I had informed, okay, I think the video was not recorded, its price action trick, it’s not breaking then it come behind forming wick. Full body close here, it will go bullish, solid bullish.

Let’s enter, more, add, more quantities. If this is closing at this level, this candle, it breaks, then it breaks here. Coupon is ready; we’ll add, two thousand more quantities. And imagine if we don't, oh, its going, its showing.

We’re going ahead and buying it. Okay, why did we do it? Just check the wicks reading and the momentum its going up, candles is loading and we are done. Flag and pole, BIN guy will buy it anyhow See I told you, it’ll break the, it’ll break the candle.

We have broken it, we have broken it, okay. We have broken it’s and now going toward guys today’s high. Okay, added some more quantity, have add here, then we put the stoploss, because it’s last trade. ... Its okay to risk one or two lakh rupees fifty thousand, seventy thousand, one lakh rupees to make something like that or higher than that you have to have that courage to let go some of your profits. Not everything, not unlimited loss,

something like that. Okay, by anyways I’m like bit confident in my analysis in the trend direction and there lot of things in my studies, that is why I added the quantity in here here's the stoploss, now the quantity added here here's the stoploss, it's small stoploss. Reward of this, is how much, reward of this is so much. Okay? How much was the reward of it? Reward for this is so much. Sixty! So let’s see. I’m pretty sure, I’m pretty confident right now that this candle will, after this candle will go up.

Or else I’m okay with the stoploss. No worries, no worries about it. This could be a pull back. There's a big fall. Bears are trying to get hold of the markets, We need to be ready to exit the market, Alright? Candle will close now.

Has become a double drop. Neckline is also created. This is our first line of defense.

If this does not break, we'll have confidence, if this breaks. Like, we should exit the trade. And this is the last line of defense. It's a definite exit for us.

You see this, just now, I saw that, aggressive, call writing thirty thousand seven hundreds call. In very high level, call writing is going on. Short seller are doing this right now. Extreme genuine OI, can you see? Extreme level of resistance at thirty thousand five hundred all writers, are here now, to short this.

Report writing, as such thirty thousand is going now. This is the range now. Okay, Let’s see what happens, what is happening? If it crosses thirty thousand five hundred, then its too much, too much short covering. Market will be in extreme position if it breaks, but it's not easy. to breaks that level, lets see, to break that levels. The best thing is that we are in the money, right! In the money means small pull backs will not affect us.

Even today if you're after making my video. Out of the money trade you're doing, on expiry date, you'll see. You'll know your result, if you're watching the live video on online trading. Having three hundered points in the money, I come here, come down here, even then it does not make any difference. It means to much aggressive panel won't drop. But, if its out of the money, then it would mean almost zero, almost sixty-fifty percent my capital would have lost, one red candle.

That is why, on the expiry day on Wednesday we should always be in the money. As it intraday trade if you are doing. To sit for so long, its like some other level and doing trade for so long. Just have to remind myself, that I am. I want to be neutral, neutral.

I will only do what is right, i will only do what is right, And what is right? Right now, the right would be to hold on to your trade until this line of defense, if it breaks that too much mental exhaustion is there, close the day, that’s it. And if it is breaking your levels try to take this target. Let’s see, let it consolidate. Many times, it just touches and run away. Now if this candle of mine closes for this level, in this area if it closes.

We are still in the money, we didn't have any extreme loss. One and half lakh's loss might have occured i don't want to see my panel. We have had no break here too in viva, another one, we have to hold that too, until it is hold we will hold. Until the viva is up here, until then ill be there, stoploss at both the end are coming up. All the calls, now no calls would be left.

Stoploss would've ate it. That's why you'll never trade with your full capital in your options trading. Never, use full capital of your full portfolio twenty, thirty percent. Maximum use in options trading in buying. You can use more for selling.

But for buying never use full capital. Specially not out of the money, Be in the money put use, less capital. Look, what a big week it has become. With so much long week rejection buyers supported, took the market up. [Not clear] didn't break. They recovered it.

Ok guys, there you go again. Congratulations to everyone. Who stayed with there analysis. This is something at f**k all the put buyers. Out of money is zero in account. Look at.

Be in the right side of the trend. This is the advantage of staying with the trend. Now, I'm thinking of opening my UPI.

Did you see? Back to where they came from. Oh dear, such a big engulfed candle. RIP all the calls sellers and put buyers. Now, it is going up. Ok guys, see what happened.

What angle ping candle has become? What bullished triangle have we made in the 15 min time frame. This is another entry, bro. You can enter more, if you want.

But, it's ok. Good enough quantity. Crazy, If I'll increases it more, then I'll become emotionally unstable. Already, this is my third treads from morning. In spotloss one I didn't hit till now. Good, everything is good over here. Now, let's see.

Getting craziest followers in Instagram. Too many followers are increasing. Good. Eighteen thousands is also on the reels videos. All good.

Congratulations to all the call buyers. And put sellers. Let's go, to a new journey. or, above twenty lakhs. Let's go.

Again, we have reached the day high. It's here, day is going to be high touch. And, okay, Nifty has also reached the high of his day. Perspect Perspect. Then now, Next candle is very nice.

Where are you? Lasted is back Nifty. Lasted broken all it's previous resistance. I don't know where to profit now. F**k, f**k. Let's make a target of four sixty two now.

Don't want, Maximum is thirty thousands five hundreds, telling this since yesterday. It will have closing nearby, told you. Look, it gonna touch thirty five hundreds. Open one more candle. I think, we are at twenty lakhs now. Wow.

Look at the beauty app. Wow, wow, wow. I don't want to see. I don't want to see all that.

Please don't show. My heart will become weak now, guys. I also like money. Everyone like money. And this is a huge amount, bro. Huge amount. Till date, my maximum loss is eight lakhs rupees in March.

Yes,upto eight lakhs I have the lost maximum. And my profit is also eight lakhs rupees. 7 to 8 Lakhs. I have never made such a big profit in my life. Thank you so much. Thank you Let's start begin profit guys.

I need to start bookings profit now. I think, I should start. Should I do it? I should do it, guys. I should do it. I should do it. should do it.

should not do it. should not do it. It's too much, today. Hold Anish. Hold. Let me hold, please.

I think, hold dude, hold. Try to hold, try to hold, try to hold. No, no, no. It's not easy, it's not easy. It's not easy. But hold, hold, hold.

It's break out more misheard. Please do break out, bro. Let's exit, exit, exit. What to do? What to do? Let's exit, exit. Hold or exit or hold. Let's exit.

Don't think too much. Just do exit. If you can't do it. Can't handle it, what's the matter? You are not doing for anyone else, you are doing it for yourself. Finish it. What happens by doing live treads? Exit, exit, exit. Exit, exit ,exit.

So grateful, bro. What a day? Thank you so much everyone. And meet you in the out of video. So, you watched the video. And I hope, you must have enjoyed it.

You will also have a positive feeling. And must also have learned something. Okay. So, without wasting any of your time. I told you that I will give you three tips as a treader. I tell you. First tip that I repeat again and again.

If you are my new subscriber then please check my old videos. Most important rule, don't focus on your PNL. What do all treaders do? They take treads. By doing all exit-entry, just sit and see PNL in there mobile. Arre, oh, arre.

Increases, increases.Decreases, decreases. Should I get out? Like this happens. Full emotional unbalanced. Treading is all about emotional intelligence rather than your logical intelligence. You have to be emotionally strong. First of all, I know after listening to these tips, many of you must be seeing PNL. I know, I see myself sometimes.

So I know, this is a human problems. Try to avoid this, don't look at your PNL once you take the tread. I do live tread so I have to show.

Otherwise I don't see. What do you have to do directly? what do you have to do? You will only open this thing when you want to exit. Improvement will come. Secondly, stop loss. Today is most important thing

Must have seen, when I took third thread. How would the stop loss hit? I know, many of you will be on the phone. You must have left and until it grow up You must have demotivated.

That what should I but above this. This type of things happens right. This is the problem . Then. Let's see. Now I ask you. I'll give you answer in two ways. One is advance and other

is beginner. Beginner don't tread option. I'm saying clearly. Don't do tread now. You first, You first. don't treat till when, I give you answer of that. You do on future load. What happens on that? Stop loss that is required there, still better. Now, talk about advance. If I'm telling advance level, it's means you have emotional stability.

and you can see both loss and win. You don't afraid from loss and don't get too much happy after win. Because it can go. And this for you, stop loss is different.

You tell,where do you keep your stop loss? Where do you keep option, in premium chart or spot chat? Obviously to be on Premium chart. Now premium chart is different in every steps. But actually where should be stop loss placed? You tell me. Obviously on the index chart, spot chart. Now, stop loss of there should be hit and closed, right. Hit and run away What happens today? Same thing.

Overall, in option if you doing tread, it's very difficult to apply stop loss. Everyone give you different tips. My tips is only for advance people. Once you are emotionally stable, you have to decide if it is touch the level and if it is closed there, I have to exit, may be it get little red. That's why, we never put full capital in option treading.

If I have capital of fourty, fifty lakhs, one crore then we put capital on it. Eight,ten, fifteen lakhs rupees. So that is very important thing. So now, Now talk about [Not clear] I have started with eight lakhs and you also know this With our profit, whatever profit we make we can't use that on that day, it comes next day It's CB new rule. Let's finish everything. Comes to the topic. To put stop loss, put it on the spot price.

As soon as price comes, closed it and exit. If you have that much dare, then you can do tread. If not then, there is another tip, If you want to be more safe.

Put little far away, put little far away. Look, [Not clear] But if you go to the option chart, then it break it . If we go to option chart, break it. Because there are volatile. That's why, if you want to put then apply stop loss according to stop chart. But if want to apply then don't put it tight, put it far away. Otherwise you will regret too much. You know, what most wrong

things happen with treaders. You can read it, if you are really a treader. Went up, come to our price, Hit the stop loss and run to hit the target. This is most wrong thing happened.

Second thing,stop loss should be apply according to stop chart. Last and most important tip is have conviction in your analysis . Keep some confidence. Do you think that anyone underconfident can play good cricket. Or underconfident singer can sing good. No.

Confident or conviction should be inside the treader. On own analysis, on own experience. Now, why should is should have? So that you don't repeat same thing. You know, what that thing is? Don't do foolish exit. Do not do dumb exit. What is this? Done stop loss before price.

Dumb exit means my friend, my bro, my friend That, before actual exit, you exit from fear. Again goes up in loss. Oh fuck. After going up, buying in expensive get scared on a pull back. This happens.

I also done this thing many times. That's why I'm telling you third tip, Don't do dumb exit. If you are treading, you have done entry, set stop loss logical please don't go before stop loss. This is very important tip. It is looking simple, but this is very advance level tip.

Let anyone say anything. So done guys,I have done with the three tips for you, which will help you in this video. Lastly, those who are dislikes or haters, I say something good for them too. Bro, look.

You didn't born negative, right. Something happened with you, what happens I tell you? Happened so bad with you, because of telegram channel, people who gives tips. I don't know what services you had taken from whom. Suffered from too much losses. And some people are, actually 70% people are losses too much that they don't believe that can one person earn from stop market. Right. Don't believe. Watch not, what gossip happens in the market.

After buying all options can't earn. I know a lot of people. I'm in some group. I have my mentor, have my seniors They only go for option buying.

And they make money. Using risk management position sizing and and treading set up. Now, they earn from buying, I'm also earning from buying. And some people say both can't buying interday, can earn from long term only. So , so many gossip are happening. What is the truth? You know, what is truth? Whatever you believe.

What you believe.Now, what you believe that depends on you. So, you make your own reality, guys . You have heard many times. So, this thing I wanted to say to the haters and criticizer that please don't do this. Bring some development and

learn something. Do study. Become good treader. Rather than judging people and all. I hope you enjoyed this video and liked my tips. Now, I'm Now, I just want this much from you that I want maximum like in this video.

As soon as I get 15000 like, I'll make, I had already recorded live treading video. Just one minute. I had already recorded live treading video. I'm talking about this Monday only. [Not clear] I had recorded it, but didn't uploaded because I was busy and all I was out and my brother's birthday was also.

I'm going to upload that if I get 15000 likes in this video. I also want you to tag me in Instagram. If you like this video, if you like this confident level. If you like this tips, you find it genuine Please do it. And on Instagram tag me as well. And please share this video and subscribe it.

We are going to be a huge community of genuine treader. I didn't ask you to join my course, didn't ask you to join my telegram. I didn't ask your email I'd or number.

Please don't give anything. Just comment and learn. Thank you so much guys. It was [Not clear] Today, I was not able to do in my laptop this much capital. Today, set up good, after doing treading, I traded. Now, I'm going to make set up slowly, then I'll upload more live videos, and good video in which you will learn. I can upload about loss also. What did you learn from loss? That's why guys, wait for more videos, coming from Booming bulls academy.

And, I'll see you soon in the next video. Bye guys. Bye.

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