210 Min: Start Online Business, Website, Social Media, Start Podcast, Build Alexa Skill | DPVlog 035

210 Min: Start Online Business, Website, Social Media, Start Podcast, Build Alexa Skill | DPVlog 035

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So, now is the time for me to actually massage, and relax. Because I am just, done with, those 200, plus minutes, tutorial. For. You guys I've, been documenting the complete step-by-step process, starting, from scratch right. Everything. Documented, its, raw uncut, version, nothing edited all, right so here, we go make, sure you choose this only, if you are thinking of the long-term business and, not, the short-term if you are thinking of getting rich, quick then. This is not for you you can skip this video but, if you are thinking of building a brand building, a long-term business online. Starting. From scratch this. Is the perfect video for you in 2018, so, let's dive into that and I am gonna relax and chill and, go to sleep and you, make, sure what's, till the end of this video come through it again and again because this is gonna give you so. Much of value so I'll see you in the video. Hey. Guys welcome. To this particular, episode I am super, excited because, I'm, gonna actually go through a live process, I'm gonna, go and take. You to a live walk, through step by step process, where I'm gonna build something, online. With. An idea I just have an idea in my mind right, now I have not done anything, else I would be doing everything, starting. From scratch till, the point like like if I give you the points this is what we're gonna do we're, gonna do our research in the niche we would do keyword research we, would make sure that our brand, name is unique, on social media platforms, all the, accounts can be created, on Instagram, Facebook Pinterest. Tumblr podcast. Twitter, all those, accounts I'll. Make sure that we buy your domain we, buy hosting we change the DNS installed WordPress, with your side put it on put. It on automation. Somebody. Into Google Google Analytics, Facebook, pixel setting. Your site on automation, for content, creation on your site so that you don't have to like you can just create your site, and forget, and all, the content would be there live for you, alright just, leave it aside then, creating, and setting up IFP, d for, automating. All your social media accounts, through your website and Instagram account, creating. Posts, for Instagram, setting, up your podcast, with one audio file distributing. It across iTunes. Google Play pocket, cast and major, major, major, audio platforms, with. One single click and, it would be distributed, your podcast, would be distributed, to every. Single, platform alright and you don't have to pay anything for podcast, on top, of that we would list, last, but not least we will be converting that podcast into, Alexa, flash, briefing, skill, all right I'm gonna actually turn off my Alexa. I have this Alexa right besides me so. Alright. So I just. Turned off so, that whenever now if I say Alexa, that would just, start right because if you are at all into Alexa, or if you know about Alexa, you know that is a wake up word you can change the wake up word but I have kept it Alexa, and that's the reason why I don't want it get up every time I see Alexa, right, yeah it's sleeping no all. Right so I'm. Gonna put. My phone on DND mode guys because. That is super important, because, this is not like a five or ten minute video or, 15 minute video or 20 minute video because. This is gonna go long, I'm gonna, think aloud at times you would be wondering what I am doing but, I would be thinking aloud I would be building something in front, of you live, I don't have any clue what I'm gonna do these, steps, are something, which I have just jotted down I would, do it live in front of you all the search part all the creation, part and let's, see how we go about that, and. And. I'm. Super excited so let's dive into that without the further ado and the. First step, obviously if. There, are any steps which I just insert, I will just make sure that I keep it over here and I try to have, this screenshot. Uploaded. Online so, that you can just grab this screenshot, somewhere, and what, are the resources I would be mentioning, in this particular episode whether, you are watching this episode or video, on a.

YouTube, Or Facebook, or, Instagram. In, a short aerial clip or maybe Instagram stories or snapchat stories, or whatsapp stories wherever, you are watching this particular, episode all. The resources which I mentioned all those, resources would, be somewhere, around this, episode whatever platform you are accessing. This particular, content, right now or watching me right now whether, it's my blog as well whether it's my website you, would be finding all the resources, somewhere. Around this episode, if there, is a button below then, right. Below this video you will see somewhere, depending on the platform above the video below the video somewhere, around the episode alright so don't worry about the resources, which I mentioned all those resources would be pillow. Or something around this episode, so let's dive into the first step. Researching. Your niche and keyword. Research. Now, first. First thing is you have to have some idea right, let's just compare that with, something which you want, to create online like if you have a hotel business or you. Do have hotel business but you want to create a delivery, app on, mobile, so, that is what is into, a restaurant business or food business, right that is the broad category, so, that, is what your idea you have some idea first, thing is you need to have some idea based. On which you will research. Your, niche, and do some keyword research to. Make sure a couple of things which will go in your life so, first is that idea, so, what I have is just an idea on which I am gonna apply all those things my idea is to build something, around, gratitude. All right where, I can practice gratitude, if, you are not an available gratitude, gratitude is, simply, expressing, your thankfulness. To, something. Or the other all right every single thing on based. Based, upon that idea I would build something, online so, let's, let's actually edit, this particular thing I would mention start. Online business I. Would. Say this. Is inside, a segment known as gratitude, so. On, based. Upon that let's go and check. The first step I'm gonna write all the numbers as well as we move along so this is the first step all right research, your niche and keyword research so first thing which I do is I probably, go on Google and I would write. Gratitude. And. I'll. Keep on seeing all these results, and. As. You can see right in front of me I have this particular, volume CPC. And competition. I'm not gonna go into all those terms because this is not a digital marketing, class or something if. You are watching this particular one or try to do your own research as, well because all, these, terms are true, so, so much important, so, I'm going to go into a little bit of it all the, time but not be in depth training program, for all those little terms, so, these, this is something which I see because, I have a Chrome extension installed. Which is keywords. Everywhere. All right so. What. I'm going to do is I. Am. Gonna. Write over here all the resources which I use so let's say keywords. Everywhere. Chrome. Extension. All. Right so. That I can just jot it down all of those things later, on inside. My video what I do is once, I finish off this particular video because this is gonna go a little bit longer and. Below, this video or somewhere around I just put up one. Piece. Of document, where I have, all of these things on top of that if.

You're Watching this on youtube I just have time stamps alright I just try, to have time stamps, for. All the individual, things so let. Me do one thing let, me just have a piece of book. With me and write. Down all of those, things or rather I'll just do it later on let's see see this is what I do all right I'm thinking aloud, just, trying to bring value to you to. The best but, times. Times I just make sure I'll have time stamps later on but this is the one which I wanted to use so keywords everywhere, is the Chrome extension which I have installed, and. Which. Is keyword, tool, and. Paste, it over here which. Is the second root source which I am using alright. Oops. So that become a link. So. It's it's great alright it's great I didn't know that it can become ugly but, I don't want that as a link, so. Rather I will just write the name all. Right. Key word to. Dot. Io. Keyword, tool on I that. Is the one which I am using right now and over here I just press. YouTube. Because, most of the times I personally. Would create video content so I just research, on YouTube you can do it on Google as well that's perfectly, alright so, on YouTube, I'm just gonna write something, like. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. And. Let's just search for it right, make. Sure you insert, the target country which you want you can change it over here if you press the Search button previously. So, gratitude, in US. English, so, it will give you overall, global thing and. We are doing our keyword to search how many people are searching for this. Term and terms related, to that so, over here as you can see I just move this thing up as, you can see all of these things are shown but only if you upgrade keyword. Tool or I go to pro level then you you, can see all of these things but I don't want to do that so I'm going to click on copy all and now. This key words everywhere extinction will come into picture so I'm going to click on that Chrome extension. Click. On bulk upload keywords. Let. Me just move this again, here. And. In. This box I'm gonna paste all of those keywords which I have just had, and, right. Over here I can just click, on get matrix. So. To process all the keywords for us and we'll give a search volume CPC, and competition, alright, so, I am going to click on CPC. And arrange. That in decreasing, order so, all of these are now in decreasing. Order. Let's, try to do over research. Based. Upon that so what I'm looking for is search volume which should be higher so that if people, are searching for, that term it is good for us if people, are not searching for it if we, are building something out of it it's off useless because people will be seeing that you have to do your research very, well guys then. You have this CPC, which is like if it is higher then, it is cost per click so, the more CPC, it is the, better it is for you as a marketer because if it is higher then more advertisers, are paying money.

For That particular, keyword, all right and then. Competition, is always between 0 and 1 where 0 is the lowest competition, so try to have somewhere. Around, 0. All right the lower the competition the better it is so you have to have a combination of high, search volume second. Is low, I mean high search volume high, CPC, and, competition. Should be less, so average, of that usually you just have to do your keyword to set like that so. Gratitude. Meaning, gratitude. Do you like real definition. Gratitude. Attitude. Gratitude. List mm. This, is looking, good, but. That is not actually, sounding. Like me like like it doesn't have a good, name, all. Right so I'm not going getting. Anything over here so now what I do is let. Me just go to another tool which is lean domain. Search. All. Right lean, domain search let me just right over here. Lean. Domain. Search. And. Right. Oh here, I'll just say gratitude, and let's click on search domain so it will give us ideas, all right searching for domains that contain, gratitude. And, now. If, we see. Gratitude. Program, if you link, take I'm just gonna scan, through it quickly, and. Try. To have a name which is like easily. Spoken. And it. Is easily like. It. Should be easy enough for people to understand, right you cannot, have something like. Like. Like a tongue, twister kind of thing good attitude where. Now this is a little bit confusing right people might misspell, where, with, W, a are, then. Gratitude. Logic, little, attitude, that. You gratitude. All. Right gratitude. To show, this. Is looking nice guys, oops. Gratitude. Sure. So. Let's check the domain availability. And, bingo, guys once I click on that as you can see, gratitude. Show.com, is still. Available but, below, that it is mentioned gratitude, issue is not, available on Twitter so, that might be a little bit problem, but we'll figure out that out later, on but the good thing is domain, is available, gratitude. Show, dot pong is. Available. So. This, is a good sign for us and I'm liking that name as well so I'm gonna go back to. This. Particular one and. Let's. Just write gratitude. Show and. Search for it or rather this box is already open so let's edit the keywords myths you, need all the keywords and let's just write gratitude, show, and hit. The get metrics. So. Gratitude, show the. Search volume is zero, oops. Status. Very, very less. Gratitude. Show the term is very less. Let's. Just search on Google if we have anything for gratitude show, gratitude, over. Here. Has. Zero volume CPC. Is zero competition. Is zero now. The. Thing over here can, be something, different, alright now think think for different clean lines do. Gratitude, a show is not been searched, for that name, is a little bit catchy just. Assume if you have a podcast and. If. You have something like a gratitude a show people will think that yes it is a show when something is produced, every single day so that is like, psychologically. It is good on top. Of that gratitude, show has a keyword gratitude, which is being searched for like, 50,000. Times or sorry, it is like 2.5, lakh or month, and CPC. Is also good compression. Is super, low so, it's a great sign right. It's a great sign so. Crappy you can, be a good one for us. Graticule. Can be a good one good one for us. And. I'm just trying to think aloud guys thinking, aloud. So. I'm, fine alright, researching, your nation keyword research I am fine with this one you, can just dig down deep, for this one but I'm fine, with this, one so I'm gonna change this color. Just. To mark it done, so I'm gonna click, whoops, not. This one how. To undo, can. I click on this yep. You. Want to fill in this color. With. Green and I. Don't know how to do that yeah background so I guess now Bing. So. Let's. Change the text color to. White. Or. Black, yeah. That's, fine so, researching, your niche, keyword, research. This. Is something which we are done, all right so. We, are finalizing, this and let me just write come over here as well gratitude. Sure this, would, be the. Name for the brand on which I would be building, everything. From this point on onwards, and. So. That's that's the, thing which I wanted to do in the first step, now we'll move ahead with, the second, step which is making, sure your brand name can be unique on social, media so now the second step over here is all, about, this. Making, sure your brand name can be unique on social media so it's just write down second. And. What. We'll do is let. Me just first close, all these, tabs, which, we had just opened up latitude, should calm the lick let, me just keep this one open up now. What. I'm gonna do is. First. Is Facebook or, rather. Or. It's Blue Beam check is done so. We, just write do with your. Domain. Is. Available. Or. Let's. Just write it down doing. Then. We, want to check it whether Facebook, account.

Is Available, with, that name we, want to check whether Twitter, account is available with that name we. Want to check whether. Instagram. User name is available or, not we. Want to check whether let. Me just maximize, this probably you will be able to see all, right so this is looking fine. Second. Is or rather. First one is Pinterest. Let's. See Pinterest, is available with that account or not. Then. We would be going into. Tumblr. Account. And. What. Is world's. Facebook. Twitter Instagram Pinterest. I. Guess. That. Should be more than enough all. Right for the time being and if I get any idea, I just are try to have. That later, on all right so. These are the platforms on which I, want that username so. Let's first see do Mena's checked all right so available. Let's. Say. Available. Yeah that's fine Facebook, so, to check what I am gonna do is facebook.com. Slash. Gratitude. Sure wherever. You want to check you. Check like this right. So. Already. There is a page. Alright. Somebody has, already creative, created. This page for. Facebook which is like good morning gratitude, gratitude show, let's, just see if this path page is active, alright so 100 likes only 100, people are following this, and. There. Is a website as well so. The. Last post was, done on November. 19. November. 23rd 2016, so this is not at all active page guys this, particular, one is not at all active so it should not be a problem with us this is what you have to make sure this if, the. Thing, is not available for you on a social media platform you just check whether that page or that brand is active, or not if this is not active, what we can do is we, can just tweak. It a little bit in our username and we created alright which, we'll do later on so, this is like we'll, do that part at. This, stage, so. Here. It is alright in the next step itself creating, Instagram, Facebook Pinterest, Tumblr podcast tutor accounts we just do that later on in the next step, all the accounts but this is our research right, it, is not at all active so that should not be a problem with you or we'll, just tweak it around in the next step how unique, it would be and we can just take this over with, our brand, right because we will be putting up consistent, content that is what you have to just make sure. So. It. Is not available Facebook, is not. Available. Not. Available not. Applicable, it, is like not available. Not. Available. To. Be required. Alright. Next. Is Twitter. Right. The same thing twitter.com, slash, gratitude. Show I, suppose. All right so there is something generation, grad T you know something but they are also not active guy is good news they are also not active and this is like 2013. Just remember and this is like 20, like. 2018. Five years all right as of now I'm recording this this is like March. 2018. So. This, is also a good sign Twitter as well so. Same. Putting. For tudi. For. Instagram, now for. Instagram, let's just go to Instagram, calm. Make. Sure you you are not logged into your account in Instagram. We. Just need all those things. And. For. Username I'm gonna write. Gratitude. Show, and click outside alright. So there is a green tick all right green tick so. This username is available so nobody has created, an account with gratitude show, on Instagram, with this username so it's great, and I'm so happy hi.

I'm So, very happy so. Now let's, just write it. Next. Is Pinterest. Now. For Pinterest I am fine if I go get that username, but still, I'm gonna just check it slash. Gratitude. Show. Let's. See if anybody. Has that. Account I don't. Think so or. Even if it is there I am fine. So this should be an optional, step I just write it over. Here. Optional. And, for, tumblr as well this is optional over. There the username is not that, much of an importance, you get to know why I'm telling you this later. On as we move along with this, particular journey. So. There is nothing like gratitude, show on Pinterest alright so we, are good to so let's close all of these pages, and. Let's. Come back over here so. Second, step is done we'll, just. Change. The color for this one to green and, text. To black. We. Are all set, alright, so Tuesday it's done now. We will be jumping into our third, step which, is creating Instagram. Facebook, Pinterest. Tumblr, podcast, Twitter. Accounts, right. So. Or. Rather I'll just remove this podcast, from here we'll, do that later on, because. That will be required as of now, we. Will be doing that over here setting up your podcast, with one audio file over, here so I will just write it create. A podcast. And. Set. Up your podcast, with one audio file, so this is the step so. It's go down, let's. Move, on to the third so. I'm going to write this three create. Instagram, and blah blah blah but for that, we. Would require or. Name so. We want a domain name so, I, would. Actually. He. This. Should not be the third step in that case because, what I want is you can just create a normal, gmail, account like gratitude. Show at gmail.com or. You can use your own gmail account as well but, I want to use a professional, email which, would have the domain all right so I'm gonna book a domain which is gratitude, show.com. Because it is available and. Then. Know what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna. Host. It on a hosting platform, and. Then. I would create an email, something. Like. Admin. At, gratitude. Show calm, and I, will use that email all, across. My platforms, alright for all the communication. That is what I want to do so, for that so this is see this is all live process guys this is all live process and trying to just bring. The value add the, max to the best, possible manner and thinking aloud over here and keeping it raw for you I don't want to edit it anything, so. This. Step over here just, because I need a domain now this, step would come on the top I would, also require a hosting, so this step would come on top. Changing. The David DNS, search should not be on top it should be it can be later on so, buying our hosting, and then now I just add one more.

Step All. Right so let's add one more step. Creating. A. Professional. Email. With. Your domain. Right. And let's, move this up. Right. Let's move this somewhere. Over, here. Alright, right. Below. This. Hosting. Space selects this you know. Great. Good to go so. This is our third step buying. A domain name and that is what I'm gonna do now so for buying a domain name I'm. Gonna use a resource, which, is named chip now you can go ahead and book. Your domain anyway. That's, perfectly, alright and. And the. Links for all of these would be like below now. Below this video or you will find a couple of links which would have my affiliate, links, I just wanted to disclose. This because I am very very transparent so if. You get, any value, even if you get one percent value out of this free, content, because, this type of content, is sold, in the market for like five, hundred dollars trust me guys $500. $1000. And I'm. Giving it all for, free I'm. Not charging you a single, penny and this, would be forever free so, if you think that it was of any value you can just click and click. The links below and that. Would give me a little bit of commission because that helps me bring. More and more value for you guys and invest. My money which, I get from you guys like, those commissions, inside. My knowledge, just, to bring you value more, and more right so that's. Perfectly alright if you just go and type namecheap.com. Or, you can just click the, link below, the. Video it's a named chip. Calm, and. I'm. Going to search once, again right, gratitude. Show.com. I'm. Just gonna mention this as well over here affiliate, link. Provided. With. This video. That's, fine, all right so wherever there is an affiliate link I just try to mention it so, that it. Is not at all like confusing, for you so. Totally. Depend upon you if, you want to click on that that's fine if you don't that's, also fine all right I still love you so, gratitude, show comm over here is available for. $10.98. For ear so I'm gonna click on this. So. We have added this to cart if. It is not available guys, you can just do your own research and, depending upon what we it is comfortable, for you you, can just go ahead and book this so I'm going to click on View cart and.

You. Can just book it for as many years as you want like. Up to ten years but I'm just going to go with one year and. Just. Make sure whatever you need you can just click, over here coupons. Found save, money eight codes alright so there is something like open for me let's, click on this. Let's. Say. We. Are automatically, trying the best eight coupon codes available for you. All. Right, so there is something over here. Country. Coupon hunter, you just saved one dollar and three, cents I don't, know this is the first able time I am seeing this and this is like kind of funny and that is what I wanted to do guys I'm documenting this, completely, and. Whatever new things I come to know you. Were just seeing it in front of me continue. To check out let's say continue, to check out, let's. See that. All. Right yes, so do, madness the, promo code is applied domain. Coupon for March 2018, so this is like March 2018. Yes. I just saved some money who. You know now. Let's confirm, the order and if, you don't have any account, over here on. Name. Chip create, an account I already have an account with me so, I'm gonna just select. My account. Oops. Come. On. Why. Is it opening, up anyways. I'll just. Type it. Work. With fatigue and I don't remember the password so I'll have to grab it from this, extension which I use. Named. Chip. And. Sign, in and continue. Let's. Click on Pay Now. And. Like. So. It is authorizing, the payment now. Processing. The payment processing. Your order. Awesome. So. Now it, is done, thank, you for your purchase is the message which I've just caught and. I. Have, this domain all. Right I have. This domain which is gratitude, show, calm. So let's come back over here buying. A domain it. Is done so let's. Click over here. Change. The background to green, text. To black and, we are good to go now. What you need is a hosting, space, and. For. That I already. Have a hosting space guys and if. You are not aware about how. To. Buy the domain, then, I have a link over here which. Is on my blog which is digital, pretty, calm slash blog and. Right. Over here there is like how do you guys start. A blog and make money online this is a separate guide step by step in-depth. Training. Program, over here which is absolutely for free once again when. There is a step by step step one then, buying and purchasing wresting hosting, space so this is the link all right so I mean just. Because. That is something which I'm not. So. You can, just have this link, over here. Right. Select, it just load I. Will. Start a blog and. That's. It alright so inside this, the. Second step is buying, and purchasing. Hosting. Space on internet so click on this and there will be step by step process let me just click on that and, show. It to you so. Here. This right, all. Of those, steps, step by step so I am parsley using Bluehost right. Over you and. All. Of these steps like payment and everything guys all of those steps are mentioned. Over here and it's plain and simple easy, to use and once again the links which are there over here are affiliate, links alright, so, once again let me just write, our. Philia link, is mentioned. That's it. Cool. Enough so, buying, your hosting is done because, I already have it so this is the step which you need to do. After. This domain name alright so forth is done now, is creating a professional email, with your domain so let's write it fifth, step, and. Now. You need to log in to your cPanel you will have an email once you purchase your hosting you'll have your email through, which you will have to access the cPanel, you will have the link in your email so. I'm going to click on my cPanel. I have. Just bookmark, all the links and. I. Am. Going to log, into my account over, here. I. Have. Water as well so guys make sure you have coffee I. Don't. Know how long this will go but. I'm just trying to keep it raw for, you. Alright. So we are inside our cPanel, this is how it should look if you take it from Bluehost if you have or if you already have enough hosting account you, probably might know how to create an email if you do and then just follow the step by step procedure so, I'm gonna click on this email on the top and click. On create an email account and just write. Admin. And select.

The Domain ooh, oops. Oops, oops, oops oops. We. Just missed out on one point over here we. Will have to assign, our domain, inside, Bluehost. So that should be the step mentioned, over here alright. So let. Me just write it so. I just mention it over here. Assigning. Your domain. To. Your posting, and. Creating. Professional I just combined that step, together so, don't. Click on email first click, on cPanel, where, you were alright. So this, is like the. One which you landed upon when you log in to your cPanel now. What you have to do is click on domain. Click. On domains and. Right. Over here you'll have to click on a sign. There. Was a problem loading this request. Some. Problem or what there's. Some problem with the Bluehost. Let. Me just close this let. Me come back over here cPanel. See. These are the technical challenges guys which you might get so building. An online business yes. It is work from home kind of thing but then, it. Is after all business so you have to make sure guys put. In there for days there is a lot of effort behind, this things. And that is the example I want to keep this raw because you will see all the challenges which I might face like. The ones which I just saw so click on domains and I. Suppose now. When. Another step would come on top which is changing, DNS server we would require that so I'll tell you how but. Let's just click on to me alright so domain we click on looming and now, we will have to click on a sign over here or you can click on a sign a domain to your cPanel, account over here either of which ways alright it will land onto the same page so I'll click on a sign and. Second. Option is use a domain that is not already associated, with your account so click on this and. I. Will. Just write gratitude. Show.com. Alright. As, soon as you write it will start verifying. Domain, so let me zoom in, it. Will start verifying, domain for us and what. It say is that to verify ownership of, the domain gratitude. Short form that, means in short to assign our domain, to this hosting, space what.

We Need to do is we have to change the domain name, servers, that, is what they are mentioning, please point the name servers for the domain gratitude, show.com. To these, two and that, is where this step comes into picture changing, DNS, servers so let's move, this on. Top and. Let. Me just mention this step has fifth, step, and. Let's. Just copy this. Changing. DNS server. And. Assigning. Your domain to your hosting this would be the step now right. So, what, you have to do to change the DNS server is make sure you are logged into your name chip account and make. Sure you are logged into this particular account so copy this ns1, Bluehost comm. Come. Back to the name chip if, you're still on this page you can click on manage over here or let's, say if you are on your home page if you just log in if you missed out on that page so what, you can do this you can click on, account. And. Domain. List. So. That could land, on to your dashboard and just. Go, through, the. Domain which you just purchased all right so this is gratitude. Should let me just zoom in. This one as well. Alright. Gratitude, show now for this one click on manage, on the right hand side once. I click on manage. And. Scroll. Down a little bit it, load there. Would be something mentioned, like name servers, and we. Have to change them so name, servers right over here click. On this select. Custom, DNS. Name. Server 1 1, which you just copied and select. The other one which. Is NS 2 dot Bluehost calm and, over. Here alright, and click, on this small little tick. Mark which is right over here and we'd. Say is save so click on that and. Quickly. Read this affect, DNS, server update may take up to 48, hours, to take effect all right now. Let. Me explain what happens just on so. In. Traditional market, what you do is let's say it once again once again take an example of this gratitude show, if you want to open up a shop gift, shop with, gratitude show, as the name so, you might have a name, in your mind which is gratitude show but then you will require a shop which is a place, in the market right so. This name which you have your in your head is the, domain name which. Is from name chip and the, space in the market on which you will build your shop is your, hosting, space now, unless and until you don't put up a billboard or, a board, of gratitude, to show on that shop no. One would come to know that here is this particular, space in the market is for. Your gratitude. Show domain, all, right for that name so, that is what you have to do you have to point these. Two entities, which is the name of your business and the. Space, which. You are gonna run your business upon so these two should be combined and pointing to the same location, that is what is DNS. Domain name servers, in our online space, industry. All right so traditionally, what you do is you just simply, name. The space. With that name that's it but, over here what you need to do is you have to point them together and that is what we just did but just, to mention there is something known as propagation. Delay whenever you are doing this there, would be a propagation, delay and it might take some time for the. Domain name servers, to get propagated and point to the same location, alright so, come. Back over here just to check whether it is live, or not come back over here. Remove. This and once. Again write this and let, it verify, again let, Bluehost, verify. It again, and there. You go alright lucky, me I am doing, it live in front of you as you can see it, just took one or two minutes usually, it takes one or two minutes but it at times, it might take up to 48 hours so don't panic if this is not happening it might take a couple of more hours, if it happens good to go just like this one so it will mention ownership. Verifying, the, name servers for the domain latitude, show are currently - this this this scroll. Down deep, like, don't change anything else click, on assign this domain and when, you do so you. Might. Not see anything right you might see that page is not working this, is a little, bit of bug in Bluehost. But it is working in the background, and just wait for a couple of seconds. Over here this, page will refresh, don't try to click anywhere pills this, is something which I realized practically, when like, in, terms of experience, basically nobody's, going to tell you this so, I'm just going to wait for a couple of more seconds, over here and let's, see and that is the reason why I'm just having, this camera, rolling.

In Front of me so that I can talk to you and you, can get to know what I'm actually doing what, I am actually feeling what I'm actually expressing. Because. It's very important, alright it's very important, and. Another. Hack for this one is I used, to do this earlier if the page doesn't load or, if there is nothing happening for maybe one or two minutes what I usually do is I just press, refresh and. The. Assigning project. Assigned, domain thing is already done alright I just, realized that but I am just gonna wait for a couple of more seconds because right at the bottom if you can see right at the bottom over here over here I don't know where but I'm talking about the bottom. Left, corner on, my screen bottom, left corner as I can see there, is something mentioned as waiting, for my bluehost.com, and they're you right, it's, just little flashed so guys just make sure this page takes time I don't know whether it is a bug or it usually takes this much long but. I don't. Know alright so just wait for a second have patience patience. So. Now that, domain is assigned alright that domain is assigned. Changing. DNS server and assigning your domain to your hosting this, step is done so, now I can successfully do this as, green. Color or let's. Just change green text. To black. Alright. And the. Sixth this step finally, is creating, a professional email with your do me alright so I'm gonna click on now, so. Click, on hosting once again and, then. Click on email which we were doing earlier so, click on email. Click. On create an email account and, write something like admin, you can write anything over here alright you can write anything, admin. Add, gratitude. Show. Now, this domain is something which you can select so I have, multiple, domains over here. If you have only one domain that's perfectly alright so, gratitude, show.com. So now I can create an email I'm, just going to write my, password. Over here. Alright. And. Roundcube. Is the one which I select for my default web client. Unlimited. Mailbox size click, on create, and you are good to go alright. Cool. Enough and, now. Another step which I do is I, click on forwarding, I. Want. All my emails, which, come to admin, at the, rate. This. Gratitude show.com. Land. On to my gmail inbox so I don't have to go anywhere else so what I click on us I click, on add email, forward. This one is admin. Add. Gratitude. Show.com. And. All. The emails which come over here alright, I want to forward them to this. Gmail, account this is an optional step for. You if you, are fine you can just skip this step and that's the reason why I'm not mentioning this as an extra. Step but click on submit and I'm. Good to go alright, so if I receive any email, I would, be receiving all the, emails which come to admin, and gratitude show.com. Forwarded. To I me and you and also at gmail.com this is the gmail account which I usually use for all these kind of purpose so. This. Step is done right, this was plain and simple very. Simple. But. Super important, guys at the same time super important, alright so. Now we'll, jump into the seventh step and let me just close this. Seven. Step which is creating all your, social media profiles, right so let's jump into that so, first let's. Create this Instagram, account and for that. Probably. I won't require all of these tabs let's just let's, just close all of these we won't require them anymore, so let's go to Instagram, comm. You. Can do this on your mobile as, well or by downloading this, app I'm, sure you all would, have in, account. And. Here. We go a. Mobile. Number or email. We. Write this email admin, at the rate. Gratitude. Show calm. Gratitude. Show, username. Is available. Password. Just, keep it whatever. You wish to have. Let's. Click on sign up. All. Right so it's asking us or. To. Follow all of them I don't want to do any of those, let's. Save this so.

That That extension which I use is LastPass, and. Fine. Enough so over Instagram account is all, set. Alright gratitude, show this is the username I am NOT going to do anything, right now over here it's, just account. Creation, process right. And make. Sure you open up your email. So. I'm opening up Gmail why because I have forwarded all my emails, from, admin, a great, gratitude. Show.com, to my gmail so that's where have. You seen over here right so there you go so this was sent to what admin. At latitude, show.com but as will forward it over here so that's fine I can click on confirm your email address and. Oops. The email for this account cannot be confirmed make sure you are confirming your email on the device where you are logged into your Instagram. App. Alright. So I am logged in to my another, app over here so, let me just all about. And. Now. Probably, and log into this so it should work now confirm. Your email address. There. You go thanks you have successfully confirmed your email so, I have a lot of. Instagram. Accounts, just to name a few so this is my personal account guys digital. Pratik where I keep on sharing some fitness, and marketing. We, use every, single day alright so this is just one of the accounts I have several different accounts. This. Is the one which is active, for my personal, thing this is the personal, account which I have on, which, daily, on daily. Basis I have one piece of content in the morning with fitness, and in, the evening, I would have like. Something. Related to marketing thing, alright so fitness and marketing and, this. Is the personal account where I put up quality. Content on this. Thing all right other. Than that I have, means. Account, as well but I'm not gonna show all of those things anyways, so. Over. Instagram account is are done all, right next step is we. Want Facebook. So. Log in to your Facebook account. And. I'm. Gonna go click. On this oh. I, love, this man he's one of my mentors. Come. On yeah. And click. On create. Page. Now. This should be like brand or product artist, band or public figure, entertainment. Cause or community. Local. Business company, organization or, institution. What. You should be having. Let's. Say brand or product. Let's. Select the. Category. As. Website. Product service, to. The movements. So. I'm doing it live in front of you by is so brand. I can. Say brand. Gratitude. Show. Let's. Go into this and let's see what categories, this. Is giving us. We. Do create a writer public figure professional. News. Personality, movie, character, motivational, speaker. We. Can say motivational, speaker because that would be gratitude or coach. Graphic. You shoe I would say coach. Because, this. Would be more about like or let's, say. This. Only alright so I am fine website. Right. Gratitude. Sure. Let's. Get started. I'm. Gonna skip, all of these part we'll. Create the, profile, pic and all of these things later, on. Alright. Cool enough. Let's. Close all of those create. Page username, now at, times, it is allowing, us at times it won't allow view it would ask you to have 25. Page, likes bare, minimum on a page to create. A username but, this is allowing me so let me just write, gratitude. So. Let's. Just see if this is available it is not definitely because we saw that earlier, alright this username is not available, so what, I'm gonna show you this gratitude. Show. Gratitude. Show. Or. Best. Or, daily, gratitude. Show. Alright. So, that is available I'm going. To click on create username, and, then. You go I have just created that, so now facebook.com. Slash daily. Gratitude, a show is the, page name and fine with this one alright because I'm gonna overtake, that page, which already is gratitude, show by, putting up consistent, content you will see me putting the content on autopilot like crazy. Alright so. Facebook. Is done let's. Go to pinterest.com. Live. Process guys I so, much love documenting. This and I've. Been doing that since past, 4 years now and, that's what you actually saw right, right, over here if you see. So. That's my old account right. Over here yesterday only I had, posted the 600, videos since 2014. My, youtube journey. And blah blah blah, and there is an entire episode. On that, particular, thing right, people give you this excuse, that they don't have this they don't have that blah blah blah things like that so. It's all about this alright so this is like a long episode, where. I am mentioning everything. Over here, so. Watch this video if you, should you, like it but I don't know why pretty dress is not opening. Impressed. Is. Down. Or something. Every. Sit down I'll just skip that part right now.

Pinterest.com. Is, not opening up. Yeah. So. Anyways I just refer. To Pinterest, later on so Pinterest is left so. Let me just have it in notes. Pinterest. Node. Opening. So, I'll do that later on, ah tumblr. Account yes that is necessary, so. Tumblr calm let's go to the tumblr.com, I might. Be logged into one of my accounts so. Let, me just, delete. Or not. Delete let. Me just log out and. You. That's one of the main pages, which. I have. Let's. Click on signup. Get. Started. Email. Is admin, at the rate. Gratitude. Show, calm. Select. Your password. Oops. By. The quality admin. At the rate crack. You show.com. Password. Username. Corrected. You show. Sign. Up, so. It is available great how, old are you 29. Next. Almost. Done I'm, not a robot. Live, on this. But. So we'll have to select of five different things let's see I just. Randomly selected. So. This. Has nothing to do with you is I'm not going to personally use this anyway so. That's. Fine if I select anything let's, say travel and. We are good to go next. So. This is just to create your feed. Over here and that's fine we're not going to refer to this anyway so, we need to refer and verify. Our email, address that's what they are asking for so here it is this is me. That's. Why I asked you to open up your email. Congratulations. You are a real user and we are good to go alright so we don't require anything else we done on tumblr, as of now so. Tumblr, is also done Twitter. Next. Is Twitter. Let's. Go to twitter.com. Sign. Up. With. Admin, at the rate. Gratitude. Show.com. Let. Me just click on get started. Sign. Up. India. So I'm gonna skip this step oops. That. Was an alarm. Let's. Try to have gratitude show I'm sure that is not available so. Over, here as well we will try to have so on. Twitter. All right on Twitter you don't get maximum, characters, all right so that would be like 15 characters I suppose if you count like one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen sixteen, fifteen, or sixteen characters alright. So over. Here. What I'm gonna do is gratitude show. And. That's. Fine I'd have, w double. W double. W that's funny. W-w-w-w-w-w-wait. So. Let's click on next, so. That's how I username, and, congratulations. We, might have received an email for this as well if. Not. It will come later on that's fine so. Let's go, this. Is what it is asking let's, say continue. No. Thanks. You. Can do all of those stuffs later, on continue. And. Our. Twitter, is, there so now there, is an email, which, is there in our inbox it should be there let's refresh, so. It's still not there. Let's. Refresh. So. It might take some time probably, so. That's fine I just. What. Do you say I just. Is. The email right here so. I'll just confirm. That later on that's fine with me so. Now this step is done only. Pinterest is not done but that's fine so. Seven step is, all, done. Green. Text. Is black. Find. In a way so, we. Are done till this point and our. Next step is to install, our WordPress, right so, 8-step is all. About, installing. Wordpress so let's, go to oversee. Panel again so, I'm gonna close all, of these pages, except, this email I'm just waiting for the Twitter email to come but later on I'll just do it. And. Let's. Close this as well let's, open up cPanel, and. I. Have sip of water guys do you have coffee. Coffee. Is so essential for, these, kind of things it. Has caffeine it. Keeps you focused. But. Don't take it over lose. So. I'm gonna go into this, cPanel, make sure you are into cPanel, click, on install, WordPress over, here. And. Select. The domain of. Yours so if you have only one domain you. Get one selection I have multiple so I'll have to select the gratitude show, for, myself, and depending. Upon what you want you can just select up double W or without, w-w-w. So I'm going to click on gratitude show.com. Make. Sure directory, is empty click. On next, if. You. By. Mistake if you write anything on directory that would be a big blow for you because that would install. All. Of those things for you on that, particular directory, so make sure it is empty I'm. Going, to write this as gratitude. Show. And. You. Can change all of these later on alright the. Username is for. Me I would have. Gratitude. Show. Gradually. You show. Admin. WP. Alright. Gratitude. Show admin. WP. Or. Otherwise. Just, because we cannot change the username in all and that is a little bit private so I'm gonna just pause. The video over here I'm gonna. Fill in all of these or, rather that's, fine.

You're. Gonna hack my side that's fine. Let, people hack my side that's fine. Brad. Did you show. WP. And. Definitely. I'm gonna change the password later on. So. I'm going to keep this evil, let's. Click on next. So. As soon as you click on next it will start installing, WordPress. And within. A few seconds you make. Sure guys you ignore, all of these things but, within, a few seconds, your. WordPress, would be installed, on your side and then you can start, building your website on that alright. So on. The next step, we would be going into installing. A team similar, to Facebook will, try to create your site. Like a social media site, and. That. Is just one party thing just create a lot of things alright and the, theme which I'm gonna use I'm going to tell you everything where, you can get it with. It it's free or not, if you wanna use the free version how, to me if you use paid version, how it would be and things. Like that alright, so let's. Just wait for a, few more seconds, over here WordPress, is installing might. Have seen we use even I do it a lot of times in which, if, there is something like processing, going on they. Might just pause that but for, this I want to just keep it raw and there you go installation. Is complete. And. I'm, gonna click on here, so. You'll also receive an email for, this, but. You can click over here and click. On gratitude sure calm. This. Is the username. And. This. Is the password. Click. On login. And. You. Would be able, to run your website. Bingo. All. Right so. Now, this. Step is also, done. Where, it is installing, WordPress, let's, come over here. Text. Is black. Background. Is green. Super. Alright. So in the next step we, would be installing a team similar, to Facebook and then try to build something. Like a social, media site for our website so let's dive into our ninth, step, so, I'm gonna actually just, name, this step as the ninth, step, and installing, a theme similar, to Facebook so. The, team which I'm gonna use is, from. Happy, themes dot-com, and for that as well I'll have a link, so. That, link. Once. Again half now affiliate link affiliate, link for, the. WordPress. Theme. Alright. And. Happy. Themes I already, have an, account. With them cyber member so. I'm a paid member for them.

So. I have all of these themes for, me so if you see how that thing looks like and what is the theme or we are used we. Are gonna use something. I'm gonna show you right over here. So. We are going to use this theme all, right so. Let's, first see how the free, theme looks like. If. We remove the free so, this is how the free theme would, look, like all. Right it. Is not having any thumbnail. Over here it is not having thumbnail over here and, probably there are plenty of other things which you cannot see over. Here but when you. Log. Into your dashboard you will realize, how things, are missing and if, you see, other, protein. And. Remove. The frame, so, this is how the protein. Looks, like all right I don't have all the pictures and everything and this, is looking very much, more nicer. And on. This free theme you won't have any button for like comment, share on the. Paid theme or the pro version you will have everything, like likes, comments. Share its legs it's like a Facebook, thing alright it's. It's more of a Facebook, kind of look, and feel you. Can have all these buttons. And. Plenty of other things like you have ad banners, you, will have bottom. Thumbnails, and, many, other things so, I'm going to use this, particular, theme, which is paid one and, for. That I have this zip file. Which. Is paid it is my sheer pro. And. It. Is downloading, so, I'm gonna go into WordPress. I'm. Gonna say I don't need help. And. Before. I install. Excuse. Me before, I install anything, over here I'm. Going. To my plugins and I'm going to remove everything I'm gonna have my website plain, and simple clean, alright. Plugins. So for all of these things guys you, need to understand, that how. The. WordPress works and things I'm not gonna go into details, of all that. You can pretty much learn in the, guide. Which I gave you over here alright, how to start a blog and make money online in 2018, that, thing would take you through the complete process of, these. Things, what is the plugin how do you install how do you upload why do I click over here and things like that so, if you learn WordPress go over there but this, is something where I will go. Very very quick. So. Do not delete oops. Delete. All of these plugins of line okay. So. Slowly and steadily it started, deleting all my plugins. Next. I would go into, settings and permalinks. Now. What is permalink, once again so you can just go and refer to that blog article I select post name and I will save the changes. I'm. Gonna. Go into pages and. Delete. This pages, will I know about anything I won't clean web site right I'm gonna go into trash and delete it from there as well delete. Permanently. Going, to post and see if there is any post yes there is demo, post trash. Going. To trash delete. Permanently. And. Bingo. All, set now I'll go into appearance and, themes. And. It's. A suite for it to load alright, so click on add view. And. Click. On upload theme and this is the zip file which, I'm gonna drag over here and click on install now so to start uploading. The. Theme. For. Us and within a couple of seconds it will be ready to go you, just need to activate that. Alright. So click. On activate. And. Now click, on this to, view your site open, that in a new tab and look. At this how it is looking, like alright, plain and simple now the, theme which you are seeing over here let's go into WordPress themes and. Let's. Go scroll, down to this one then, let's look into the demo the. Theme which you are looking is something like this one alright, it's ready but, when you upload it it is not looking like that so anyway, you are using a team guys it won't be like that is just a demo version what.

You Have to do is you have to build everything and, that is what I am going to do so. Like. Installing, WordPress, installing the Facebook a theme similar to Facebook this. Is done I would. Just say this, step as. Background. This green text. As black. So. This step is done, now. We will be installing the necessary plugins, but. Before that, what. I would do is. Alright. So this step should be going, a little bit down. Little. Bit down and. Yeah. It, will go really cute down I will, just move this step upwards. I'll move this step as well upward, I'll move Facebook. Pixel step as well upwards, all. Right so. Now we will be installing Google Analytics, so that you can measure the performance whenever, you are doing that and. For. That we. Would, go. To google.com. Slash. Analytics. And. I'm going to click on sign in analytics. And, I only have multiple, accounts so I'm gonna click on admin, at the bottom and, click on. Create new account. Just. Say this website, name is gratitude, show website, name again as gratitude, show, website. URL, HTTP. I'm, gonna install my 80 PS SSL, certificate, later on so I'm gonna go. Here and put. HTTP. From. The beginning gratitude. Show comm, industry. If you don't see any of your industry, over here you can see other, if. You get that's, fine people in society, for me that's fine. Or. Anything. Else. Reference. Laws. Okay. Beauty. Fitness, order. People. And society. I'm. Gonna select my location, timing. Reporting, time zone and keep everything, up. Click, on get tracking ID. Select. Your country. Accept. The conditions, click on I accept the. Reason I am doing all of these a little bit fast is because this, is something which like. Is digital, marketing I mean I'm not here to teach your digital marketing I'm here, to teach you in this video that, how we. Can have one idea here. And there everywhere, alright, and build a business all of that so. I'm going to click over here, this. Is a tracking code so I'm, going to copy this and. Paste. It, in my website so, go into appearance click on editor. So. It says that the, score should be copied, and pasted in the head of your, website. So. I'll click on I understand, and right in the editor on the right, hand side you will see header, dot PHP, click. On header dot PHP, and, in. This, opening, tag below. That hit, enter and paste, the entire code click. On update file, and. Refit. Refresh, your website once, you, will not see any changes but that code is, active, it gets fired right, so, if you can see right over here one active users right now so and the one who is right now on the website all right so this installing. Google Analytics, is done. So. This, is the tenth step. Which. Is done. Let's. Make it black, and green. Next. Eleven step is submitting, your site to Google and getting. Indexed, so. For. That I'm gonna go into google.com. Slash. Webmasters. I. Missed. It. So. The tools which we use for this one is. Moving. Webmaster. Which. Is also known as. Google. Search. Console. All, right so it's what I'm the seen. Webmaster. Is the old name and, search. Console is the new name so as you can see search console, but in the link they still have the fastest so. Click on add property, and. Mention. Your, website. Which. Is HTTP. Bla bla bla that you. Show.com. Click. On add. Alright. And it will ask us to verify your ownership so. I'm going to click on alternate, methods over here and. Select. Google Analytics, because. Our. Google Analytics account is already. Installed, alright or, integrated, with our website and make sure the gmail address which you are using to access Google Analytics and search console it should be same only then this will work click. On verify. And. It.

Is Done alright it, is done click, on continue. The. Next step which you need to do is click, on crawl and sitemap. You have to submit, the sitemap, you have to submit your entire site to. Google to, get, it indexed, so that whenever somebody is searching for Google, online. They can actually see your sins how does the results on Google car alright this is how they come you have to submit it to Google you have to tell Google that hey this is my website so. Click on add or test sitemap so here, you need something for that come, back to your. Site over here go. To plugins click on add new and. I. Would go to, search. For Yoast su, which, will take care of all my sitemaps. Automatically, so click on install and this, will also help you in SEO this is the one which I personally use for all my SEO stuff click. On activate. Excuse. Me and, once. It is done click on settings over here I'll click. On settings, or, click. On su, over here what I'm the same alright. So let's click on settings, over here. So. It comes by default in, this one so, it's. A it's huge su issue you're blocking access to rewards, so go, to reading reading settings which is like settings, and reading so, right over there, right at the bottom you have this discourage search engines from indexing this, site so, uncheck, this and click on Save Changes and. Go. Back to SEO once again which is like used SEO and that error would have been gone, you, still have default, WordPress tagline even an empty one is probably better you can fix this in customizer, you can click over here or you can go to, setting. And you. Can go to general. And. Right. Over here where it says just, under WordPress, website that is a tagline you can just have. Expressing. Gratitude. Or. Gratitude. Or. Attitude. Of. Gratitude. Every. Day. Forever. Alright and, click on Save Changes now. Click, on SEO, once again and. There. You go you don't have any problems, now, now, go, to features for, this one. And. The. One, will it say is XML, sitemaps. Click, on that, so. It will expand it give you see the XML. Sitemap. So click on this and. There. Would be nothing right now alright because you don't have any posts, but just. Copy, this much. Copy. This one sitemap, underscored, index dot XML. And, submit. It over here, right. But, probably you should have at least one thing so, what I would do is.

Because. You should not keep it empty. So. I just have a random, page all right let's, quickly create some pages so that it has some data so, I'm gonna save as home. Alright. You can delete this later on and click. On publish. Let's. Click on add new and. Let's say this is about. Click. On publish and. That's. It alright that's it now, go to su, and try, to open, up your XML. Data. Click. On this see, the XML and, there. You go now you choose the data so, that's why I just created randomly, two pages, alright so, now, select. That much come, to your search console or webmaster, paste. It over here and click on submit. So. It says item submitted, refresh, the page and. We. Are all set, right so sitemap, underscore, index dot XML, it is pending so now it will start processing and whenever. We create new pages we don't have to do all the time all right just SEO plugin will take care of our sitemap. So, this step is also, done. Alright, and. Next. Is. Installing. Facebook, pixel on your site so that if you are doing any kind of advertisement, online, then. You can just have. This thing so, I'm going to go to facebook.com. Is, I. Go. To manage ads so. This is one of the accounts which I have and. Click. On all tools. And. Pixel. And next. And just click. On the details all, right click, on the details. Click. On setup. Click. On manually, install the code yourself go. To appearance and, editor. Just. Like you had installed, your Google Analytics code this, code needs, to be done inside, header dot PHP, again and it. Would be in head, segment. Right, so, either you can put it below or above it should be between head, tanks, opening, head tag and closing head tag so. It's fine if you put, that code below. Google Analytics or about Google Analytics that's perfectly all right what I generally do is I just press ENTER, over here put. It over here paste, it that's, it update, the file. Alright. Update the file, and you're good to go refresh, the page once so. That the pixel, gets fired, up. Right. That pixel gets fired, up so you are all set. This. Step, is also, done. It's. Turning to green. All. Right so the next this. Plan bingo. All. Right so that's, our tool step now is the time or to install necessary. Plugins which. Will help us in automating, our content, creation for website. All right so, we'll, look into that part but, I'll have to pause, the video over here guys because. I'm. Getting some messages, over here I've seen. That in notification.

Though, It was Andy, Andy I just scrolled, a little bit I am, getting one parcel, delivered I wanted, to keep this very, very raw and because. Of that I'm. Gonna pause this video over here I'll, come back once, I'm done with that and we'll, start, with this 13th, step. Here. Alright 13, step so, stay tuned and I'll, come back in couple of minutes alright so I'm back and I'm. Gonna, be are now jumping into this 13 step which is installing, necessary. Plugins which, automate, your content, creation and your website creation, right and. Those. Are, like. Like let, me just have that image open up I have one image, save. For that, so. There. You go, right. Plugins, required. Let's. Close this so. Here. Are the plugins which are required number. One is custom, share buttons, with, floating. Sidebar, so if you have no clue what or know these does doesn't, matter just to as I do on my. Laptop. Over here and you should be good to go all right so custom, and all of these are free you don't have to pay anything for this custom. Share buttons with floating sidebar, so I'm, gonna go into my wordpress, go. To plugins click on add new. And. Search, for. This, name custom, share buttons. Custom. Share, so i really, have that custom, share. Buttons. With floating sidebar this, is the one which you need alright and. That's. The, exact, one which we need so click on install and, after. You solve probably, guys if you are able to see anything in the like, lesson any. Horn, or disturbance, in the background it's because like. Somebody. On the, roadside is like maybe.

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