2021 Quinnipiac University Commencement - Undergraduate School of Business and School of Engineering

2021 Quinnipiac University Commencement - Undergraduate School of Business and School of Engineering

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Testing captions. Dr. Judy Olian, President of Quinnipiac University for [PROCESSIONAL WITH INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] Good afternoon everyone . I am Debra Liebowitz , Provost and I am pleased to declare Quinnipiac University's 2021 undergraduate commencement exercise for the School Of Business and the School Of Engineering officially open. Please stand for the national anthem which will be performed by Taina Echevarria one [NATIONAL ANTHEM] O say can you see by the dawn's early light What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave Please be seated.

I ≫DEBRA LIEBOWITZ, PROVOST: Thank you. So please be seated. I am honored to be here with you today. As I complete my first year as Provost, I have been consistently amazed by the resiliency of our students. Our graduates here today have completed their studies in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, and that they have continually shown resiliency and risen to the challenge. Class of 2021, you are on your way! We You could not have made it that your faculty and staff who helped you get here.

It has been a challenging time for us all but we have continued to keep our students and soon our graduates at the top of all of what we do. Supporting, educating, and along the way, learning from you , our students. So Class of 2021, I invite you to rise and acknowledge the faculty who were sitting in front of you here and thank them for helping you to get here today. [APPLAUSE] Alright! Now you think you're going to sit down, but you are not - it could be like squats , you know how graduation sound --ceremonies are , but I also around the perimeter are people who help support you all along the way, they helped to bring you to Quinnipiac, support you while you were here, and so how about if we take an opportunity to thank your family who has joined you here today . [APPLAUSE] You guys cannot all see, but I see if you family members waving back in support so now you can sit.

I will take a moment also to recognize who is here with me on the platform . It consists of our commencement speaker who you will meet in a few moments and also University administrators and the deans of the schools of business and engineering. And so it is now, however, before I introduce them - my honor to resent dockage Judy Olian, the president of Quinnipiac will bring you greetings on behalf of the entire University community. ≫DR. JUDY OLIAN, PRESIDENT: Hello everyone! Welcome on this beautiful , dry day at the foot of beautiful sleeping giant here.

I cannot tell you how thrilled we are to see this kind of gathering back where you belong on this Quad live and in person on campus as students who may have missed greatly over last long few months . And then mom dad, brother, sisters or loved ones , it is so heartwarming to be able to welcome everyone back here on to this beautiful campus on a very, very special day. I am really filled with joy and we all are to see the Bobcat family here together again . Even with mask on I see the special assignment , pride and joy peeking over the mask with your smiles. I would like to welcome our esteemed guest and speaker , Colin Highsmith. I am so privileged to count him as not just a member of our board but as a true advisor , guide, mentor and friend . He will be introduced shortly and we so grateful you joined us today . You are always available to the cornerback community and you will share your wisdom and my journey with us .

A quick check out , the Board of Trustees member who is a proud father today at Quinnipiac . It is wonderful to see our trustees joining us in these special moments. And I see my colleagues, friends hear who are our faculty and staff who have made it possible for us to be on ground , one of the minority of campuses that was able to be on ground over the last year . Thank you to our faculty and our staff who were exceptional in pivoting and made for the truly transformative learning and living experiences that are the hallmark of what we do at Quinnipiac. Thank you to each of you. [APPLAUSE] Allow me to take this opportunity to express our really collective profound gratitude to our two deans , Dr. Matthew O'Connor of the School of

Business and being Dr. Justin Kyle who are returning to the classroom this fall and will once again be full-time faculty members within their schools but not after tremendous impactful leadership in each of their schools. Dr. O'Connor led the School of Business for the last 12 years and was pivotal in extending accreditation of the school's business and accounting program last year , launching several new degree programs throughout his tenure and played a critical role in creating our 10th year financial conference in the world . Thank you , Dr. O'Connor. And Deane, Dr.

Justin Kyle was the founding dean of our School of Engineering in 2012 and has helped elevate the school statute and innovating offerings in a short time because of his constant focus on the shoring curriculum and hands-on learning experiences keep pace with the latest market needs . Our School of Engineering students have basically a guarantee or we say here, 99 percent success rate upon graduation , and they are quickly snapped up for employment by leading companies across the country including General Dynamics and Boston Scientific. Thank you, Dr. Justin Kyle for all you've done to form the School of Engineering to be what it is. [APPLAUSE] I know that a legacy of both deans will continue to live on for decades more and we are so pleased and fortunate you will both be part of our family in a faculty role. And now to our graduates, we are here to celebrate you today , you made it! You made it will and together . This day would be an extraordinary milestone in each of your lives under any circumstances , any normal year, but is all the more important and noteworthy in extraordinary year for the Class of 2021 because of what you have persevered during a really challenging year . You did that with grace, with maturity, with resilience, with good humor and with kindness. And you were able to thrive in academics and in your extracurricular activities.

I give huge credit to each of you for your consideration to be considerate of the whole throughout your years at Quinnipiac but especially this past year. Our students do not just think of them selves, they shall deem care and consideration for fellow classmates, members of the community and we don't just live in a bubble here goes for the broader community regionally and nationally. I have watched you speak up and take action for social justice to advance inclusive excellence, I have seen you put your talents for greater good and for the well-being of our community ahead sometimes of individual needs. That is not just the reason we were able to spend our entire school year together on ground and in classes, but you also help those around you . The School of Engineering students as examples we did pathways in Hamden, you assisted schools for girls who code, and you help local high schools improve their math skills, partnered with the town of Hamden to design and replace a deteriorating pedestrian bridge at Pine rock park and you build a rating garden to manage storm runoff.

You've worked with hundreds of taxpayers through the voluntary income tax assistance program to help some vulnerable members of our population prepare federal and state returns resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars refunded local residents. You have partnered with Columbus house , you have done consulting projects with local chambers of commerce , you have taught children about financial literacy, business and entrepreneurship , and you have danced your heart out for helping raise substantial sums for Connecticut children hospital and many of you have helped over 100 local organizations and basic things like planting and painting and cleanup. You have accomplished all that while juggling a hefty course load. Some of you have worked alongside financial technology in that center collaborating to create new business models and technical models in the Center for innovation and entrepreneurship will stop you design cutting age -- cutting edge fabrication and even trace the steps of a cybersecurity breach in our network systems and security classrooms. You are so well prepared for future careers continuing Quinnipiac's position of positioning graduates at the top of their pack in terms of your professional readiness. As I look out today on this gorgeous Squad I see engineers, cybersecurity experts, software developers , analysts, data analytic experts, consultants and strategists, financiers, auditors and tax specialists , managers and leaders who will bring new products, new devices, new technologies, new ways of doing business of transacting of managing working and living.

And you will bring these new developments to fruition , he will invent, you will make and build, you will discern patterns and interpret trends that improve the quality of life for a wide cross-section of society around the world. In developed in less developed economies. Hopefully he will also broaden access to these advances and you will make life better for a broad swath of the planet of humanity. Sure, a very tall order, but you are prepared and equipped to do it. It has been a challenging year but we are definitely coming out of it.

For many years to come I am sure we will look back at this year of the pandemic and try to make sense of it. We don't yet know what we will know, about this issue and what was learned, but for me there are already for key or initial takeaways. One is that our life can be totally up ended very suddenly by something we do not control. Second, that we have to focus on what we do control. And we are better able to deal with extreme challenges if we are flexible in adapting, if we are resilient , and if we use others to deal with those challenges. One third that we are social animals .

We crave community and contact and if we share joy or grief or hardship together, we are fortified by that shared experience. An forth that we can solve the , complex hearing issues way better if we work together, if we pool our knowledge , our problem-solving capabilities, shared resources and find ways of considering the good of the whole. I learned some of these lessons from our community and faculty and staff and from you as students and how you responded and how gracefully you conducted yourselves.

You with courage and resilience of the last year. We are so proud of you and we will follow your life journey with great interest . You are going to remain a Bobcat life , welcome to the alumni Association of Quinnipiac. And know that you will always have a home here at Quinnipiac , your home away from home and we hope you come back often.

So congratulations to the class of 20 21, you've made your mark, we cannot wait to see how you continue to change the world and congratulations to mom and dad out there . Today is the date you have one last mouth to feed , person to support and your family. Congratulations everyone! [APPLAUSE] ≫DEBRA LIEBOWITZ, PROVOST: It is now my privilege to introduce Dr. Matthew O'Connor the dean of the school of business who has she noted after his very successful tenure as dean of the school decided to return to the faculty . I think the success can be summarized by a threefold increase in the size of the business school and all of the work that goes into creating that space, those programs. But I think on a personal level I want to say that in my first year in this role I cannot overstate the extent to which I have been benefited from Max really sage wisdom and sense of history about the institution and thoughtfulness about its future directions, and I am very thankful that I will be able to continue to benefit from that wisdom . So I ask you now to give him a warm welcome as we thank him for his leadership and ask him to come forward to address you, the graduates. ≫DR.

MATTHEW O'CONNOR: Thank you and good morning everyone and welcome to today's commencement ceremonies. For the schools of business and engineering. What a treat to be able to share the celebration with all of you in person and on the Quad. This is truly wonderful. Commencement is a special day - is not just a transition from student to alumni, it's a public recognition of significant accomplishment and the start of a lifelong journey that will build on everything you've learned here. And for their parents in the audience it is a big day for you as well. Congratulations! You will hear this over and over again, but it is true , they could not have done this without you.

For me personally today is also a day of transition. I am completing 12 years as dean the business school plus one year as interim dean , that is 13 years has it been post-op it has been a good, long run. And since we are talking about commencement, here is a quick calculation: 13 years means I have read just about 10,500 names at commencement ceremonies. That is a lot of names. And I have to say it is really a truly wonderful 13 year experience. And that is because of the great people here at Quinnipiac University.

So I want to thank President Olian and Provost Leibowitz for their great leadership . Quinnipiac is in good hands and I expect a lot of great things to happen going forward. I also want to thank other members of Quinnipiac's administration ? too many to name here. I want to thank former president and former Provost for giving me the opportunity to be a dean.

A special thanks to all my dean colleagues including my friend, dean Dr. Justin Kyle was share the stage for today. I want to thank associated and assistant deans, directors and secretaries, some of you have put up with me for 13 years and that certainly deserves a public thank you. Quinnipiac is known for the tremendous dedication of its faculty.

I want to recognize all of the faculty at Quinnipiac University. But obviously a very special thanks to the faculty of the School of Business. You guys are great and it has been an honor to work with you and Sir Richard dean.

I am looking forward to rejoining your rings again as Professor of finance. But the real honor for any dean and in fact for anyone working at any university is the opportunity to work with students. And let me just state for the record Quinnipiac students are the best, the very best . [APPLAUSE] As a dean, every day that was challenging was made a little easier by a student. Every day that was good was made even better because of a student.

So to all Quinnipiac students, to the 10,500 business graduates whose names I read at commencement and especially to the Class of 2021, thank you and congratulations! [APPLAUSE] you, Matt. It is now my privilege to introduce Dr. Justin Kyle of the School of Engineering who as you also heard from President Olian was one of the first hires in the School of Engineering and has been its founding dean.

He has helped with his colleagues , faculty and staff build something from scratch that has grown to be extraordinarily successful and to have a cadre of graduates who have gone out to do amazing things. And in this past year, I have seen from my interactions with Justin a kind of really thoughtful engagement about students and about how to prepare students for where they want to go and how to help to get them there. I think we are all very fortunate we will continue to be able to benefit from that passion and expertise.

And so I ask that you now join me in thanking Dr. Justin Kyle for his leadership in welcoming him to address the graduates. [APPLAUSE] ≫DR.

JUSTIN KYLE: Thank you and welcome everyone and congratulations to today's graduates. There is a lot of people that you think are having a School of Engineering here at Quinnipiac ? former President , they all had the vision to bring engineers to Quinnipiac and a special thank you to my friend Dino Connor who housed us in the School of Business for the first for years. A special thank you to our current Provost and our current president for all they have done to ensure that we have the tools we need to educate our students. It has been wonderful joining the Quinnipiac community . Yes I started here nine years ago when using ring was two faculty members in a closet but we never felt alone. The entire University embraced us. They supported us, they help us out and we thank everyone for that.

Most importantly I need to thank my colleagues in the School of Engineering. The faculty, the staff have all been tremendous. You are really the reason we have the school we do today. And it has been my privilege to be the leader.

Finally, I will need to thank all of the students especially those students who have chosen to gamble on Quinnipiac when I stood in front of them with a drawing of what an engineering classroom might look like someday. You are tremendous students and you have done amazing things and we completely enjoy watching what you have done. We look forward to all the wonderful things you will be doing in the future. So thank you and I look so much forward to joining my faculty colleagues shoulder to shoulder as we continue to teach these wonderful students. Thank you.

[APPLAUSE] ≫DEBRA LIEBOWITZ, PROVOST: It is now my pleasure to introduce BS/MBA Patrice Patrice A. Luoma . ≫DR. LUOMA: Called and was elected to the Quinnipiac Board of Trustees in 2000 for and currently serves as a vice chairman. He also serves on the Board of Directors of first Niagara Bank and she was the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Center for arts and technology , a nonprofit that provides world-class market relevant job training and financial literacy training to underemployed and unemployed adults in the New Haven area. He owes a BA in economics and an MS in marketing both from University of Wisconsin Madison.

He also received an honorary degree from Quinnipiac University in 2008. It is my privilege to introduce our commencement speaker , Carlton Highsmith. ≫CARLTON HIGHSMITH: Thank you so much. And good afternoon everyone. President Olian, faculty , fellow trustees , deans , fellow members of the class of 2021 , welcome. And parents, particularly moms , belated happy Mother's Day.

The instructions I received from the administration for my remarks this afternoon are quite clear - Carlton, you have 10 minutes or less and hopefully less to inspire, to my date , and enlighten these young people and share your wisdom and give some solid advice. I intend to follow my instructions. I have three thoughts to convey and I promise to do it in less than 10 minutes. Again congratulations graduates - a you like another.

The fact he was sitting in the seat this afternoon about to walk across the stage to receive your degree is a true testament . . I would like to first talk about resilience and and you have shown us what a shining example you are of resiliency. No one could have predicted when you enrolled here as freshman in 2017 that you junior and senior years would be impacted by a global health epidemic . Be proud to have survived and interrupted semester we had to return home and navigate life as a college student now living at home and sharing to view veterans with your family post-op be proud to have mastered the challenge of virtual learning . Well done! But don't let the adversity of the past year forever define who you are or what you are to become . That how you survive that adversity your foundation. How you face down a pandemic , you got the work done , and how you maintained your friendships while following guidelines to keep us all safe. How you endured and triumphed over every disruption in every distraction . The last thing legacy of this Class of 2021 is not what you overcame how you overcame it.

And that that not only be the legacy but the your approach to life . Remember that obstacles show you how badly you want something. It is oftentimes hard for people to bounce back from adversity. So many falter, too many succumb , too many band and break - take the lessons of the past year and always hold fast onto your resiliency . You will be the one who endures. You be the one who survives. You be the one who overcomes.

You have proven you knew these things and more so no matter the severity of the hurdles, persevere. My personal journey to the stage is the most improbable one. Born into the segregated Jim Crow South of the 1950s, I encountered in that epidemic of my own very young age. An epidemic of exclusion and discrimination that imposed upon me many indignities simply because of the color of my skin. I was unable to drink at a public water fountain , forbidden from sitting down at lunch, to enjoy a hamburger , forbidden from visiting the public library , forced to attend segregated all-black public schools , watching with Hari and English that my parents were denied the right to vote . By limiting and restricting access to education , employment, housing and transportation Jim Crow laws deliberately sought to devalue the lives and constrain the potential of people like me. And to create a narrative that people who look like me were incapable of excellence and high achievement.

But just like you persevered and triumphed over the COVID-19 pandemic I managed to survive and triumphed over the pandemic of exclusion and discrimination. I ignored every attempt to dim my hopes ? my dreams. I succeeded in bouncing back from most every setback. I recovered from every act of injustice and from every discriminatory deed . Like you I was resilient . Sadly there were too many who like me who did not ? Michael did succumb to the pandemic of exclusion and discrimination and many were blown off course and hopelessly lost , so many shattered dreams. Who knows how many talented professors , scientists, engineers, doctors , lawyers we will never know. Because this country intentionally excluded them from their rightful place in American society. Simply because they

look like me. So much brilliance lost, and such a loss for the country. So if and when you face adversity in the future and most of us will - recall how tough you are and think about how tenacious you were and remember how resilient you are. One thing that will further bolster your resiliency is knowledge and the more you learn the more confident you will become in your ability to bounce back. The more you learn the greater your number of options

for bouncing back. That brings me to my second thought I would like to convey to you this afternoon. Prepare to become a lifelong learner. Professors you will enter are evolving. Technologies will transform how work will be done over the coming decades. These will create new career opportunities

unimagined just a few years ago. Imagine this - in 1980 I bought my first mobile phone. It was the size of a shoebox. I carry it around in a small suitcase. Today I carry an iPhone. It is the size of a credit card.

The iPhone has more computing power than all of the computers that were on Apollo 11 that landed on the moon in July of 19 ? . [Audio Lost] 1969. I know that because 19 69 two months after they landed on the moon, I am bold as a freshman in college. My first computer science course was taught in FORTRAN so new technologies and approaches to problem-solving and new ways to work are emerging and increasingly rapid rate. Being a lifelong learner does not necessarily mean seeking another degree and it might belted out but it will mean attending an array of professional development programs, certificate programs and training workshops , executive training courses and seminars all to refine and upgrade your skills and competencies. Doctor Olian , her management team, the deans and faculty's here equity back just completed a new strategic planning process does the theme of that process was making Quinnipiac University of the future , a center for those lifelong learning programs we are talking about for you in the future.

So as you leave here to launch your career, don't lose touch with this outstanding University. Leveraging correctly your relationship to QU and it can become one of your greatest resources. The expanded lifelong learning opportunities that they will provide you here equity back will be many invited formats and many virtual so stay abreast stay in touch with developments on campus and take advantages of those resources as they become available to you. Also become active in your alumni Association. Share your experiences as you move into the next phase of your life. Listen

to others as they share theirs. You will be amazed what you will learn. And that leads me to my third and final thought to convey . Build , nurture and maintain strong implicit relationships. The most successful people I know form new relationships over time with people of many different backgrounds. Successful people try to strive to know and understand the life experiences of others.

It does not matter to them where people fall on the political spectrum , successful people I know reach out to all . They listen , they learn, they question, they probe will stop and most important way, they have a self-confidence , humility, and courage to evolve and expand their perspectives and points of view. Because they do , they grow into more enlightened professionals and individuals. Certainly one the most crucial lessons from the pandemic is relationships matter. Interactions with other people matter.

Perhaps the most important relationship you formed of the past 40 years here at Quinnipiac ? my college roommate for 50 years ago remains my closest and dearest friend. Cherish and nurture those college friendships and relationships. As you head out into the world, be intentional about building new relationships and remember successful relationships rely on transparency, trust and mutual respect. As you build new relationships , be open to establishing relationships with people who do not look or think like you.

Embrace diversity in all of its magnificence and wonderful forms . I did welcoming and people of many different backgrounds, the needs and orientations. I have benefited enormously because of it. You will discover as I have that our differences are small and our similarities are immense.

You will learn as I have learned that the proximity of our differences reveals our common humanity. Congratulations Class of 2021! [APPLAUSE] ≫DEBRA LIEBOWITZ, PROVOST: Thank you very much, Carlton. Do you know what the next part is? Are you ready tea come on let me hear it. I will now introduce Dr. Matthew O'Connor who will introduce the students for their degrees. ≫DR.

MATTHEW O'CONNOR: Will their candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration please approach the stage. Marshall's, please direct the candidate to the platform. Flawer Bardales Emily Ann Jason M. Galvin Marcie Lynn Andrew Michael Livingston Yolanda Nagy Felix Omar Perez Joe Leigh Ruiz Agnieszka Rupar Krysti I will now read the names of those candidates participating in today's ceremonies virtually. Bennett Kayley L.

Blanchard Melissa Ann Brown Andrea Michelle DeFrancesco Davell Hill Heather L. Chad Peter Trofimchik Christopher Grant Williams Sr. Bachelor of In back of candidates for bachelor administration please rise . Madame President I have the honor to present from the School of Business that candidates for the degree Bachelor of Business Administration. ≫DR. JUDY OLIAN, PRESIDENT: By the power vested in me by the Board of Trustees I hereby confer upon you the degree of bachelor of business and is with all of the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. Congratulations!

And now you can move your castle castle Degree for bachelor of science from the School of Business please approach the stage. Chelsea Abel Raquel Alyse Glenn Nicholas Adams Allexis Bruno Aguillon Anna Pirjo Ahmad Thomas Allen Lindsay Anne Allen Alexandra Marie Alvarez Olivia Katherine Amendola Robert Francis Anastasio Roy Scott Anderson II Nicholas Thomas Angelici Alyssa Lynn Arena Tinbite Ermias Asfaw Alya Elaina Ayoub Rebecca Hana Bae Emily Barbosa Cameron Joseph Barker Brenton Vito Bavaro Kevin Nimet Begis Liliana Betschart Christian Vat Biga Katerina Alexandra Bilcheck Austin Patrick Blais Madison Renee Bloomfeld Peri Y. Bongiovanni James Boos Gregory Arthur Bounos Nathaniel Charles Bowler Bridget Mary Boynes Daniela Branchinelli Logan Patrick Brandriff Mina Helen Breer Ryan Mirat Breitzka Jonathan Brigati Tanner Jacob Broschat Josephine Alana Buckley Claire Murphy Butler Juliann Correia Cabral Megan Nelson Cain Megan 's recipient of the marketing department achievement award . Devin Grace Cairns Benjamin Bradley Calaman Cristina Marie Camejo John P. Cannataro

Liam Estuardo Caplan Domenico Vincenzo Cappello Brianna Capristo Conor Richard Carignan Sabrina Carotenuto Brandon Patrick Carroll Jared Austin Carter Amanda Rose Carty Olivia Rose Cassidy Melina Castro Samantha Catania Michael Anthony Catanzano Anthony Vincent Cerce Pedro Antonio Cesa Marcus T. Chorney Alden Michael Christensen Frank Angelo Ciccotto III John Robert Clark John is an recipient of the Ronald Milligan award in the accounting department . Sean Patrick Cobb James Bradford Cohen James Collins Andrew Constantouris Ian Philip Conway Griffin R. Costello

Dylan Hamel Coxon Emilio Paolo Cucciniello Brendan Michael Curran Olivia D. Curtin Michael Robert Cusato Daniel Joseph Dalton Andrew Toner D'Autilio Andrew Christian Davis Michele De Palo Caroline Elizabeth Decker William Paul Della Sorte III Bryce Michael DellaBianca Gianna DelViscovo Brendan O'Brien Desmarais Alyssa Poonam Dindial Julia Dinota Matthew James Dionne Andrew Lee Dixon George Daniel Doulaveris Maria Theresa Drago Alexis Corrine Drucker Sarah Brigid Dunne Brandon Dushaj Jack Hunter Ebert Taina Marie Echevarria Samantha Nicole Erfe Michael Joseph Esposito Charlotte Healey Evans Michael Jacob Ezratty Andrew P. Fahey Ryan Matthew Falcone Stephen B. Falgoust Victoria Alice Fater Giuseppe Marco Fazio Ermias Fekadu Michael Joseph Felice Alexa Kara Ferrantino Jake Michael Festa Alexander Keith Feuilly Carolyn Faye Feurman Peter John Fischetti Jr. Timothy Joseph Flynn IV Camryn Johnson Formica Symone Anyae Foster Evan Fried Timothy J. Friedmann II

Nicholas James Joseph Fuller Michael Gerard Gaglioti Lawrence Paul Galasso II Christian Ditmar Gandet Madison Candice Anne Gandy Olamide Gbotosho Pierce Hunter Gerety Steven Lyle Geske Kylie Elaine Gethings Kristen Michele Giustiniani Ashley Anne Goebel Sarah Hannah Goldenberg Stephen Michael Gomez Max Silver Gottlich Michael Christopher Grafstein Kris Majed Haddad Megan Elizabeth Haddad Ann Noelle Hage Bradley Meshken Hagen Kiely December Hagland Katharine Coulter Haines Kayla Elizabeth Hardy Timothy Adam Ike Harewood Brianna Allyssa Hasso Christopher Harlin Hecht Ethan James Hepler Ryan Joseph Hilton Bryan L. Ho Ryan Patrick Ho Barbora Hrinakova Krystal Kostantina Huderski William Jackson Hurlbert Kelsey Nicole Irons Erica Taylor Isaacs Douglas Martin Jaeger William Nicholas James* Brendan Allen Jelley Thomas Bailey Johnson Ja'sean T. Johnson-Henry Spencer William Jorgensen William Marshall Joseph Giacomo Hunter Joyce Ryan Michael Kalagher Sahil Kassam Samantha Noelle Keegan Allison Rose Keller Gerald Richard Keller II Erica Lynn Kelley Shea E. Kelliher Justin Kemp Joseph Nicholas Kempsey William Michael Keresey IV Alexander Edward Khalfayan Jack Thomas Kiernan David S. Kim Caroline King Michelle Elizabeth Kirkham Danielle L. Kladerman

Rebecca Alice Knight Adam Brandon Koby Jake Vincent Kolb Matthew Fred Korner Gretchen Ann Kron Ryan Kozyra Bunyamin Kuru Tessa Mary Lagodich Lauren Lamberger Christopher A. Lancia Alexandra Langan Remi John LeBlanc Tyler Lebner Aaron Francesco Leone Jaclyn Cheryl Levesque Robert Lewis Giordano Philip Liseo Michael Christopher Lombardi Mollie Grace Lonardo Frank Lynwood Longley Justin Michael Lowenbein Laura north Lundblad John Ryan Mahland Connor R. Mahoney Liam Ryan Mahoney Carly Rose Majoros Max Hugo Mallinen Alissa E. Manos Domenic Paul Marcella Nigel Margetson Ryan Christopher Margiotta Luke Ryan MacMillan Daniel Joseph Margolis John Hunter Marsh Brendan Scott Martin Chloe Anne Martinez Edward Robert Martini Jr.

Julianna Tara Masseria Jacob James Mazzarelli Korina Noel McCarten Michayla Skye McGill Thomas Joseph McGuire Jack Christopher McKay Benjamin Ryan McTeague Justin Tyler Meduri Christopher Steven Megdanis Chandler Morgan Merz Zachary Thomas Metsa Nicole Dawn Migliozzi Joseph Peter Milazzo Colby Edward Milliken Gillian Rachel Mintz Dustin Robert Moffre Joseph Robert Mollica Jack Thomas Molloy Andrew J. Monahan Rino Antonio Monteforte Matthew Penfield Moore Michael Charles Moore Matthew Benjamin Morales Andrew Pierce Moskowicz Matthew Robert Mrotzek Declan Thomas Murphy Georgia Marie Murray Amanda Carol Nardone Kamilla Lucille Nella Paul John Nguyen Jr. Noelle Nicosia Jack Henry Nienstedt Gillian Mabbah Nsuh Thomas J. O'Brien Jr. Ryan Alexander O'Connor Connor Seneca Odell Brendan Patrick O'Hora James O'Keefe Hunter Alden Olson Cassidy Jacquline Osher Lindsey Osowski Myles Anthony Owens Anthony Joseph Palladino Bailey Lyn Palumbo Zane M. Parise

Cameron Louise Parry Maxwell Richard Partyka Anthony Louis Patella Juliana Faith Patrizio Alexandra Jordan Peake Kevin Francis Pedro John Frederic Pesce Humberto Padilla Jr. Matthew Scott Pelham David J. Petruzzelli Nicholas Vincent Pezza Alexa Angela Piro Giuseppe Piscitelli Nicholas Michael Pizzo James Peter Pontone Ryan J. Popielarczyk Nicholas Carlo Porazzi Nickolas George Poulianas Jake Francis Prato Joseph Daniel Preciado Olivia M. Preneta Maya M. Prorokovic Christopher Michael Pusterla Tyler Michael Pyne Joseph Giovanni Ragno Kathryn Elizabeth Ramsay Aidan J. Rausch

Gianna Rose Reimo Heidi Elizabeth Reinemann Ashley Ann Rescigno Christian F. Riddle Anthony John Riggi Jr. Dillon Michael Rispoli Kristen M. Roche Brenna Kathryn Rose John Luke Roslin Michael F. Rossi Rachel Sonja Rousseau Natalie Roussina Matthew Joseph Ruhl Reem Saade Nathaniel F. Santoro Lauryn Marie Santos Alexis Arlene Sawyer Griffin Jack Scaglia Katherine Amanda Schupp William Thomas Selinger Taylor Yvonne Sherwood Scott R. Shockley

Nina Cathrine Sica Ryan Silvar Nahom Melaku Sisay Alyssa Therese Smelser Steven William Smith William Walter Smolak-Traube Daniel Andrew Soliwoda Christopher John Solomon Grant Patrick Sorrentino Brian Matthew St. Cyr Patrick William Stapleton Justin Stefanidis Alyx Stevenson Joseph A. Straube Cailey Sullivan Ryan Joseph Swiezbin Nicole Colleen Sweeney Zachary William Swilling Garrett Sylvia Ryan Christopher Taccetta Caitlin Marie Taddeo Trevor Rocco Tamuzza Brittany Cristina Tessier Gregory Michael Thisse Chikerum Trust Timothy Clarismely Toribio Diaz Benjamin Joseph Toscano Michael Anthony Ulitsch Justin Utic Arianna Rey Valdes Eric Michael Vandermeer Jenna Marie Vanicky Dominique Gabriela Vasile Chase Christian Verdia Christine Grace Vilarino Reyna Alexis Villar Katelyn Jeneffer Villarie Kevin Patrick Wagner Ryan Robert Wanamaker Nicholas M. Welch Katelyn Ellen Williams Ryan John Wimbiscus Daniel J. Wiss Dahlia Alesha Worrell Bernhard Hagedal Wright Adi Yona Caroline Jayne Young Julia E. Young Jared Zerillo I will now be names of those who are joining us virtually.

Mary R. Allerton Thomas Richard Bennett Curt Bletzer Stephen Aaron Brisman Austin George Brissenden Eduardo Carvalho+ Ryan Richard Clements Alec Giancarlo Cottiero Brianna Cunney Dennis Andrew Danley Brian Andrew Diamond Matthew Steven Donahue Kyle Elias Dontas Emmett Henry English Daniel Lazar Feygin Matthew James Forcino* Giuseppe Luca Fuduli Brandon Gille Michael Jay Goglia Anthony John Gulliver Edwin Lorenz Hassenstein Vazul Arpad Hites Peter Joseph Iacoi Austin Nicholas King James F. Lagace Colt Luzzi Aaron Dustin Machado Nicholas Martin Mascetti Alex Cesar Masse Francesco Mata Kyle Stanley Maves Olivia Hadley McGrath Alexander Mochalov Alexander Christian Pierne Paul B. Ranallo Julian Michael Rigi Jeffrey Scott Russitano Jr.

Matthew Charles Schimenti Philip Nicholas Sparacino Jr. Hilary Rollin Tod James Louis Trerotoli Odeen Peter Tufto Amanda Tully Patrick Benjamin Wayne David Henry Yardeni Elena Ybarra Ethan Jake Zagorianakos I asked the candidates for degree of bachelor of science that is meant bachelor of science from the School of Business, please rise. Madame President I have the honor to present from the School of Business candidates for the degree Bachelor of Science. ≫DR. JUDY OLIAN, PRESIDENT: By the power vested in me by the Board of Trustees I hereby confer upon you the degree of bachelor of science with all of the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.

Congratulations! And move your tassle. ≫DR. MATTHEW O'CONNOR: Congratulations to all of the graduates. Thank you. ≫DEBRA LIEBOWITZ, PROVOST: Congratulations graduates and now actual graduates of the School of Business.

And now we move on to the School of Engineering graduates. I ask Dr. Justin Kyle to introduce school of engineering candidates for degrees. ≫DR.

JUSTIN KYLE: Will the candidates for the degree bachelor of arts from the School of Engineering is approached the stage. Neel S. Bains Jamell Amaru Battle Andrew Vernon John DePass Ellsworth Treat Evarts IV Jacob Manuel Galiano Daniel Joseph Greenberg Sydney Angelina Halk Griffin Scott King Ania M. Lighty Michael John Murphy Will now read the names of those participating virtually.

Howard Calvin Byrd Reese DelGrande I asked the candidates to please rise. Madame President I have found them to present from the School of Engineering candidates for the degree Bachelor of Arts. ≫DR.

JUDY OLIAN, PRESIDENT: Thank you. By the power vested in me by the board of trustees I hereby confer upon you the degree of bachelor of arts and all of the rights and privileges pertaining thereto . Congratulations! And move your tassle. Congratulations! Candidates for the degree of bachelor of science from the School of Engineering is approached the stage.

John Vincent Agosta Frank Allegretti Joseph Almeida Gabriella Nicole Ambery Massimo Angelillo Paul LeRoy Bear Jr. Jillian north Biasotti Owyn John Blanco Hannah Elizabeth Cabral Anthony Calder Jr. Justin Aaron Carter Brenden James Cavaco Michael Francis Ciacciarella Seth Jouse Cornier Andrew Scott Cowen Adam Robert Curley Thang Huu Dao Sydney Lara Davidovitch Jeffrey William Davis Jr.

Nicholas Andrew Davis Justin Victor Delgado Paige Elizabeth DeMarco Alfonso DePalma Connor David Dickson Kenneth Angel Espinal Amanda Jinessa Etienne Vincent Michael Anthony Gazzillo Alexander Vincent Gentile Joseph Robert Germain Michael Sebastian Giannone Joel Rodrigues Goncalves Giovanni Alexandro Greco Jennifer Erin Hallbach Kyle Russell Harrison Matthew Raymond Hernandez Charles William Hewitt Jonathan Hogan James Jacobson Jonathan LaBahn Madeline O'Malley LePage Jonathan Thomas Livsey Corey Thomas Maiorino Joseph Robert Mannarino Ethan Joseph Moriarty Steven Mormile Phillip Nam Hayley Anne Neugarten Alexander Louis Petrarca Matthew Raymond Ramelli Brendon Michael Richardson Joseph Samuel Ruiz Kevin Steve Sangurima Samantha Scarpinella Jake Salvatore Scheblein Julianna Jean Shevchenko Stephen Michael Shute Dominic Smorra Jr. Paulo Antonio Rebelo F. Soares Berrak Seren Tekalp Elif Naz Tekalp Hasan Alp Tekalp Carly Angel Toth Sarah Elizabeth Veglas Jennifer Niemand Vignola Phillip A. Weingart We will now read the names of those participating virtually.

Brian Ezequiel Carballo Ryan Michael Clark Matthew Dean Di Lella Vishal Nigam Catherine Iolanda Norbury Julia Rose Wilkinson I ask the candidate to rise. Madame President, I have the honor to present from the School of Engineering candidates for the degree Bachelor of Science . ≫DR. JUDY OLIAN, PRESIDENT: Thank you. [APPLAUSE] By the power vested in me by the Board of Trustees I hereby confer upon you the degree of bachelor of science with all of the rights and privileges pertaining thereto . Congratulations! And move your tassle. [APPLAUSE] Congratulations to all of the graduates.

What a fantastic accomplishment . ≫DEBRA LIEBOWITZ, PROVOST: Congratulations School of Engineering graduates . So I am pleased to introduce our students speakers today and first we will hear from tassle and from the School of Business . She is a Management graduate . She is from White Plains, New York.

≫DEBRA LIEBOWITZ, PROVOST: Thank you for the introduction. Thank you especially to the Class of 2021. Congratulations everyone. During freshman orientation , we will all task to list our goals we wanted to accomplish during four years here . I kept a copy of my list I will read what I wrote. I was inspired to graduate with a four-part note GPA, make friends, find a boyfriend, be class president , and last but not least meet Harry styles . Most of these goals are not achieved that is okay we are here because we persevere. We have a life plan, we have goals and however we cannot project what happens next and cannot control what happens next. However what we can do is accept, learn and grow from what happens next.

We persevered through all the challenges, having his failures and changes that life but us. Today we celebrate our achievements no matter how great or small. From club meetings, getting out of bed but it was hard to, making deals and being able to go to the cafeteria by itself. For me was

becoming Senior class President . We have exceeded in many different ways during our time here. As we are proud of our successes we should remember to be part of our failures . In fact they made us who we are today. Our theories are the days the not so bright , I task we fail, the job we so desperately wanted to do not get, and then the (word?) that we never made it to. We should never --nevertheless beam with pride at our failures and turning them to successes .

Change good or bad is never ending and we will always experience it in change helps us learn well. There was a famous go by Mike Angelo that inspires me. If you don't like something, change it. If you cannot change

it, change your attitude. One way or another change is inevitable. For example some of us changed our major, some transferred to Quinnipiac, some had a change of friends, we all had a change of a university present and we had lots of clubhouses and we found new ways to party and lastly all of us had a loss due to COVID-19. Change is all about perspective. For me I develop deeper connections to my loved ones and I even tried to learn the piano even though I felt at that. The world is change we experience a matter how great or small we have grown the event, and moved on so it is ultimately made us better people. The life

lessons never stop. We all came in as a committed freshman but we leave a strong continentals. All successes and failures and changes the life what I have developed us to develop poised to take challenges on. You are shaping to the person you are sitting here in that cap and gown and it is okay to fail and for change happen. What matters is we learn from those failures and embrace changes. If you do not want to embrace the change take action to do something about it. Don't complain. Just like Mike Angelo

said. I hope that you celebrate today we cherish those memories we made here good or bad from orientation, meeting your first friend, the QU hockey games, and most especially, toads. I hope you're nothing but a part of yourself and the person you became here Quinnipiac University and I am sure where you go you will be amazing. Always remember you have people cheering you on. Congratulations Class of 2021 we made it, and you got this! [APPLAUSE] Thank you, Olamide.

Now our speaker for the School of Engineering is a graduate of the Industrial Engineering Program . He is from Farmington, Connecticut. ≫MICHAEL SEBASTIAN GIANNONE: Good afternoon everyone I want to preface this speech by saying this is an unfamiliar setting for me. This is the first time in a while I had some human to human interaction and I am not just talking to my computer screen. I am happy you having an in person graduation. I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to my family and friends for this constant support that led me to this exact moment.

I am truly honored to be standing here representing the School of Engineering , Class of 2021. I know that I am not alone when I say that these past four years have gone with a blink of an eye. Even though this was not how any of us plan our senior year to play out, I am proud of each and every one of you. But showing up , adapting, facing every obstacle that came our way. With everything that was presented to us, we proved that with a little determination and a lot of COVID-19 we can get through anything and come out on top.

The first word that comes to my mind when I think of school of engineering his family. To me family is the professors who welcomed us in the first day of classes stop we were excited but scared freshman. The entire engineering team has consistently supported us and help us and guide us on our individual journeys. They want to see us prosper in classes and gain as much knowledge as possible. Even if that meant assigning a problem

of 8+ hours. Looking back on it I know why they did it but I was not happy doing it. At the end of the day I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to build these long lasting relationships and is wonderful to know that they will continue to support us after we walk across the stage . They have given us a solid foundation and now it is time for us to build up from there. Family are also the people who started off as strangers that we met on campus. But now we can't imagine our lives without them.

We might be in different disciplines of engineering rather than his computer science industrial mechanical civil software, we could walk bound over similar experiences. One vivid memory that I recall is calculus 1 2 3. I feel I was yesterday with papers, white boards are filled and we would spend the entire there and sometimes all night grinding out the problems that were due the next morning.

As for me, that was me a way to get time management skills in check. Those memories we will remember forever . As targets were as difficult as the assignments were there was always smiles, laughter and jokes be made that did not make this night is bad. The School of Engineering curriculum was about us engineering students being able to solve as a team and as one unit. That is exactly with those lifelong friendships came from.

We were allowed to work together. From this everlasting friendships were made. We forced our friends to be the best version of themselves. And that is what family is all about.

I know we spent the last few minutes speaking about the past because good memories are always easy to talk about. I'm talking about the future ? that is what . It is filled with uncertainty and as engineers we do not like uncertainty. By concrete answers. But the future is also filled with hope , hope we will leave the world a little better than how we found it.

There's no doubt in my mind that Class of 2021 is going to do great things in whatever they do. I am proud of the amount of work we plan to get to this point in our lives. I wish everyone nothing but the absolute best. Before I end I want to leave a little quote for engineers out there by Albert Einstein who said scientists investigate what is already is engineers create that which is never been. Let's make a difference.

Congratulations Class of 2021. [APPLAUSE] ≫DEBRA LIEBOWITZ, PROVOST: Thank you, Michael. As we conclude today's ceremony, our new graduates will recess to my left. We ask that our guests follow. The faculty will recess out and graduates will follow .

Yes, please wait for the students to exit. I also ask that you be attentive to the number of people that are here and you fully clear the area and be attentive to the physical distancing as you are doing. You can meet people either at the car or by the Bobcat statute we look at photos. You will not be allowed to reenter this area , we have to clear this area in order to prepare for the next graduation. Number eight. And I still have a smile on my face because it is so awesome. On behalf of President Olian , dean O'Connor, being Kyle and the faculty and staff of Quinnipiac University , I offer my congratulations to the Class of 2021 graduates.

Please stand for the recessional. [RECESSIONAL] Instrumental music.

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