2020 Is A Gift To Your Business (If You Let It) w/ Dan Jourdan - Ep 6 - The Pete Primeau Show

2020 Is A Gift To Your Business (If You Let It) w/ Dan Jourdan - Ep 6 - The Pete Primeau Show

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How could the virus be the greatest gift to your business. If you let it. We'll be discussing, that with dan jordan. On, episode. 6, of the peep primo. Show. Show is brought, this show is brought to you by my book sell a million 101. Tips for furniture, and mattress store owners, to sell another million dollars or more. This year, get it right now on amazon. Welcome. Dan, jordan. The man the myth the legend. The deej. The sales, energizer. The arbiter. You know that is some claim. Here it is uh november. And, you're going to say you're going to make another, million, this year. But i guess in the furniture, business. This is where you make your money isn't it. Well you could you could, you could. So. Do you want to talk about. The the virus, first or you want to talk about your book first i want to talk about your book first. We can do whatever you want to do. You talk about the book. All right, i'm going to talk very briefly. Because i have a lot of questions. For, the deej. This book. Sales proverbs, wisdom of the ages. Is one of the best books i've ever. Read. Now it's not a how-to, sales book. It's actually. And i have this marked down. It's actually, a how to be, a successful. Person. In sales book. And there's daily, inspiration. You should get this book. You should, read it for five or ten minutes, every day for the rest of your life. I know i am. But. Dan i want to ask you. Why you wrote this book. Um. It's amazing. That's about the nicest thing you could ever, say that was really. Uh. Sounded, heartfelt. It is. It is brother, it is. Well you know, the. A lot of times in the world of sales like you tell somebody you're going into the into the sales business or you become a sales business they almost feel sorry, for you, you know they're almost like oh gosh so you know nothing else worked out so i guess you're gonna have to do that. Uh but that's that was never what it was what was like for me you know growing up. I was in a uh. Just kind of like an immigrant. Population. Everybody had their own business, i grew up in an area, a bunch of jews, so everybody was jewish, there, including, myself. And. It was just common knowledge, that uh. You know you're not going to get into corporate america, listen there were no jews playing football there's no, you know in the in the world there's no like middle managers. At that time you know, so, everybody. Had their own business, i mean everybody just had their own business, you know the uh the maxx, had a little pharmacy, store. Uh, uh the, uh hurst teams were into, into like, fabrics, and things like that, i had a guy who was a spice man he used he was a jobber he would go around and sell spices. To businesses. It's really cool so everybody had their own the zestman's, had a construction, company, everybody had their own business. Uh including my dad and so. It was. It was very. Common. That you would go over. To someone's house or you'd hang out with them and their parents would talk to you, but the the main refrain. Was. You gotta get a trade. You need a trade. You need that just to fall back on, you can go do whatever you want to do, but you always want to fall back on, a trade, and so. You know my trade was sales, baby i figured early on, you know, you could get something for this price you could sell it for this price, you could capture, something in the middle, it's the quickest way to get into business for yourself. Without. Investment. And so i'm, a big fan of the industry, and. And uh i kind of wanted to share that enthusiasm. For it and. And, and i think it has a bad reputation, that things you have to. You know kind of. Foist yourself, upon people when, it's really the, the opposite, if you want to be a better salesperson. First be a better person. And then people get attracted, to you, how was that for a long-winded. Explanation. I was like, okay. The deeds, get to it already. Why did you i was gonna repeat it why did you write the book, but you. You were there you knew what you were doing, hey what business was your dad in. My, dad. Uh had. Several. And he was a terrible. Terrible, businessman. But he was uh. He was able to just use his hands, and and and work it out and eventually, do it and so he had several, when i was uh, probably when i was just born when i was really young he was in the wig business. And uh he would like back then people would make wigs it was crazy things we started a little wig manufacturing. Place, and here was his downfall. One day a bunch of uh, there were japanese, guys and they came in and they wanted to inspect, his uh, uh his, his plant and everything was really cool and he he was showing off his stuff and everything was nice and then about three weeks later, they came out with something called synthetic.

Hair, Back then they were using raw natural hair and using, and they. Lowered the prices, of these wigs, to practically, nothing. And so that put them out of business for the first time, and then that's. Pretty much how everybody. You know grew up figuring you're gonna you're gonna do something you're gonna get your business going, you're gonna wind up blowing the whole thing up and going out of business and starting from zero. Several times in your life. And, that's not a bad thing, it, builds that muscle, and i think that's in the sales business it's the same thing, you're gonna get beaten, up. Which is good. Because you know how to start. From zero, over and over again, and the secret, is. After, your career blows, up and everything happens the secret is. There was a i'll ask you pete primo, what's the definition, of a business. The business. Yeah what is the definition, of. What the purpose, of a business, is to have a customer. A. Man. So do you know why. I know why i know that. Talk because i listen, to the deeds, daily. And you should too. The deed is amazing. You need to listen to him every day. Go ahead. If you can wake up in the morning and that's your focus, how do i get a new customer, today, how do i get in not you know things are all messed up and it's impossible, to do and that's the challenge, with this whole, uh virus that's going on right now, it's kind of. It, programmed. People, into thinking, heck we have to wait. For this thing to end hey we have to wait, to be allowed to do this again. And you know we can't get new customers, because, blah blah we can't, it's the wrong question. The question needs to be, how do i get a new customer, today. Listen it's been the worst thing that ever happened, uh you know people, we were just previously, speaking to people in uh in england we were talking about. Uh the blitz and all that stuff i mean people were people lived through, war. People lived through kind of real tragedy. Real kind of, you know, uh, pandemics. That were going that was slaughtering. Millions of people all the time we've been all for this before, and yet. The people that are able to survive. And thrive, in this mar, in this environment. Are people that are comfortable. Starting, every, morning. From zero. And making, something happen they don't watch the news baby, they make the news. And that's the mantra that you wake up in the morning you do that. And you got no problems, you got no worries you got no stress. And everything's, good in life. It's that easy by changing your mindset. I'm on a social life here, primo, i love it i love it so i want to dig into that just a little bit okay. Yes. So. What you said is a hundred percent, true. Let's talk about some things, that you should do, in the morning. And let's talk about some things that you shouldn't do. All right, like okay, we were just talking, the other day a whole rundown. And i'm actually putting together a program that's going to give for the for the sales person. How to manage, their day it's very important, so first thing, is you got to worry about this my dad used to say this danny. He would always talk to me with this whenever he gave me advice, he's a great guy. Um, and uh he only had a sixth grade education. Lost his dad uh in the holocaust. In auschwitz. Um. Had that you know in his mind, loved america, just loved america. Every time he gave me advice he would start like his danny. In this country. And then he'd give me his. His advice. And so, uh one of them that i just remember early on he said danny in this country. You can worry. Or you can work. Can't do both. You know. That was this thing it was just very simple, and so, what, worrying, does nothing, for you the only thing that does something for you is getting out and making things happen so, the first thing to understand. Is, if you you have to have hope that the future is going to be better. Another one of his things. You could have, if then, if you have hope. If you have your health, you have hope, and if you have hope, you'll have everything. So first thing is. Eat an apple in the morning. I mean. You know the p what's the expression, an apple a day does what. Keeps the doctor, away. Everybody, knows that. Here's my big fear in life. What if it's that easy. What if all you had to do, was to eat, a flippin, apple, every day and you'd be held i mean, my biggest fear is i'm going to one day, die. I'm going to go up there i'm going to say you know god's going to welcome me in it's going to be pearly gated, come on in, my good and faithful service you've done well, but you know. If you just ate an apple a day you wouldn't have been here for 10 more years, your putts, what are you what are you wasting, you know what if things are that easy.

And So and that, and that's, the part of sales and that's the part of business. What if it is. That easy. For you to succeed. Just to do. Little things. And the little things are. Wake up early. I mean just, wake up early. If everybody else is getting up at. Eight. Get up at seven. Wake up miss the traffic. You know how easy it is to mister you're 15, minutes away, from missing, of course now there's no traffic anyway, but you're 15 minutes away. From, being more prepared. Than. Everybody. Else. By waking, up, 15. Minutes, early. You know who wakes up 15 minutes early. The winners. Wake up 15 minutes early. If you want to be one of the winners wake up, i mean it's it so it's the simple little things. Um i cold call every day i'm a big fan of cold calling i i find it the most peaceful, part of my day. There's no pressure whatsoever. Uh you can't lose a customer, that you don't have. You can't lose a friend that you don't have, they're just a name they're just a number it's no problem, there's no expectations. Of anything, why wouldn't you do it every day. And have an opera and every day i get a lead or two. When i do it i do it every day i do it for an hour every day, not because i want new customers, or need new customers, at that point, i do it, for me. You know for an hour a day i get to talk about hey listen what if you could uh if you could help me my name's dan, um i'm with the company we work with companies just like yours, to get you more customers. Regularly. And consistently. Who would be the person i need to speak with in regards to that, and so every, you know 100, times or 50 times or 20 times or 10 times a day. I get to, tell my pitch. To myself. And let it ingrain. Into my head. And so if somebody stops me on the street say how you doing or what do you do, i don't have to think about it it just spills. Out. Because i've already brainwashed. Myself. That anytime somebody asks me what i do, i know i'm getting. A new, customer. These are the types of things that, so, repro, instead of programming, yourself, that you can't do everything. You're programming, yourself then you can what uh another thing and i know you shared this with me, you uh you don't listen to the, news. Absolutely, not. Yeah i don't know what's going to myself. Right i want to show. So, in 30 to 60, days. I'm going to sell a lot. Yeah, it's it there is and and what happens is in your if you don't watch the news or you don't listen to, to any of that stuff, uh that. That's, step one step one is you know, kind of, pushing the you know controlling, what's coming into your head and and pushing that stuff away and don't allow it into your head but then you have to replace, it with something. And uh left to your own devices. Uh, it will be replaced with all sorts of bad stuff and all sorts of self-doubt, and all sorts of problems that can can, and so you have to intentionally. Uh. Just uh, in, make an influx. Of, of what you want, to go into your head, you you get to control. What comes in your head i have a little mantra, pete you want to hear it. Yes i do, okay so i i say this. Um. Probably, 30 times a day. But, absolutely. Before. I'm going to a big meeting or meeting someone for the first time or. Trying to make an impression i want to get my whole, i want to get my juices flowing, i say, i say these words i say. I say i lead not follow, i believe not doubt. I, i, i win not lose. I make the news i don't watch the news i'm a leader i'm a force for good i'm a force for god i set the standard i defy the odds i stand up i take charge i win. But i say it differently i say it like this i say i lead not follow, i believe not doubt i create not destroy i make the news i don't watch the news i'm a leader i'm a force for good i'm a force for god i set the standard to fight the odds i stand up i take charge i win, and then i walk in i'm like an animal, i mean you couldn't say no to me at that point you could just, just, feel your own intensity.

Grow. Right from there when i give, speeches. When i used to in person. Around the country around the world. You know with hundreds of people standing, up, saying that and it's like, after they got done saying it their arms are in the air and they're like high-fiving, each other they don't even know why. But you can replace, all that negative, thought, with positive, energy. And when it comes to sales, and whether that's furniture, sales, or, or. Internet, sales, or computer, sales, or, any kind of sales, what you're doing is in every conversation. A transaction. Is taking place. And, a transfer. Of energy. Is taking place and the one with the most, energy. Wins. Amen. So i'm going to read you something out of your book. The strong, sales. Person, doesn't get emotionally, involved, with the news of the world. But the time waster spends, valuable. Thinking, time energy, managing, world affairs. And yelling at the tv. From the couch. Yeah, that's right. You know sometimes, you're you're, you're in the car, or you're driving, you're listening to the radio, and, you know you're solving, all the world's, problems and you're getting all worked, up and you and you know what happened and and you think you're gonna change russia, i mean you think anything you're gonna, you're thinking is gonna do. And and, and then, one day i was actually, in this process, and i you know you run entire, scenarios, of what you would do. And i thought to myself you know they, are not, thinking, about, me. At all. And here am i here i am. Thinking about them. Which will affect. Nothing. I actually. I started thinking, i i am. I am sinning, against, god. By wasting. My time all i have in life. Is time. I had a, i. With marriages, people have multiple, father-in-laws. So this was one of them uh, earl geiger. And, uh earl was a great guy, and he he actually. He was a corporate guy in the cool time like in the 70s. And he actually did the merger, between. Uh, rollins, corporation, which you may or may not have heard of but they own orkin now so he dealt with otto orkin which is a pest control guy and they. They merged that business with rollins, and it was a big. It was a big kind of corporate, deal, and so he was the only. Non-family. Member. Uh. Of the rollins corporation, in management, dues vps, sales. And uh so i was, this was before i was married and i was going to meet him for the first time and he was a big dude the biggest corporate guy i've ever, met, and um. I went there to meet him he wanted to introduce, himself to me and all this stuff. And uh. He uh, here's someone who really valued, his time he would fire people if they were, if they were late. Um. Because he was worried about time and he and, one of the first things he said to me he said. Uh he said danny you can take my uh job for me, you could take my cars from me. You could take my houses, you could take my plane you could take. You could take everything, from me. Even my family he goes i can get all that back. He says you take one minute of my time. He said it's gone. Forever. Amen and the day you realize, that your time is your most, valuable. Asset. Is the day. That i will feel comfortable, with you. Spending, time with my daughter. You know that was. That was his thing. Time was his most, valuable. Asset and so here you are. Wasting. Your life. Benjamin, franklin says time is life. It is you know. So you know pissing away the most important. Asset, in your life. Thinking about, something. That you have, literally. No control, over. And. Never will. Yeah that's a sin. It is something to be avoided. And, if, all the people that watch this and all the people that are in furniture, sales or any kind of sales. Your day should be spent, thinking. How you can make yourself, a better person. So you can attract, more customers. So you could earn more. So you could live the life, and contribute, to the world. As god intended. So let me just do a shout out to my, rsas. That work on the retail. Floor. Guys. You guys, we just had a incredible. Amount of traffic, and now it's slowed down again. So in your downtime. The most important thing you can do as a retail salesperson. Is to become the master, of your craft. And that, includes. Becoming, the absolute, best salesperson.

You Can be, become. But you also have to spend time with the. Product. And. If there's a piece of furniture. That you have not experienced. Yourself. A mattress, that you haven't laid on. You need to do all those things. During your downtime. You should never be sitting at your desk. Not doing, something. To make you better. It could be. Writing a thank you note to the customer. One of the things that propelled, me. From. Being, a. Very good producer. To. To, a. Million dollar producer. Was writing thank yous to people who didn't buy. And i would literally get customers, that came in and said. We just bought something, but we just canceled, it. Because, it took too long, and. We got a thank you from you. But we did not get a thank you. From the sales person that we bought from. So here we are and we want to get that set that we were looking at. And. If you don't think that happens. It happens. Happen to me. So, be, as productive, as you can be with every moment, don't let a moment, go by. Don't sit in the back. In the cafeteria. Drinking coffee, after coffee. Talking, about everything that's wrong with the company. Why don't they have more inventory. Why don't they have a better finance, program why don't they have this why don't they have that, don't do that john f lawhen used to call that losers, in the lounge. Stay away from that, be productive. And, when i think of productivity. I think of the deeds. You are the most productive, guy. Please, i tried to get this guy to talk to me i blocked out an hour i thought. I'm pretty good i'll keep this guy on the phone for an hour. No, was not happening. Absolutely, not, after about. Eight minutes, was the longest, i could talk. To the deej, because guess what. He's got so much business, coming in. He couldn't talk to me he goes this is an important phone call i gotta go i'll call you back, and like the mensch that he is he called me back. But. Being proactive. With every, moment, that you have, in the day. Is critical, to your success.

Doesn't Matter if you're a business owner, it doesn't matter if you're a sales rep it doesn't, matter if you're a retail salesperson. Make every, moment, count. I'm sorry yeah and that, that really shows. When you do the research i remember i was given a presentation, once to a manufacturing. Firm they made, like regulators. And things like that, and uh so i put one of their pieces, uh on, on the screen. And, i go and all of you know what i was trying to make a point about sales people and i said uh, you know i don't care if you're uh you're in human resources. Or the truck driver. Or the guy who makes these things and these things and i put a picture of one of the things which was, uh was a regulator, but i knew exactly i'd done my research, it was actually an rv, lp, propane, regulator, dual tank automatic, changeover, valve. Boom, i remembered, the whole thing, and so i i made my presentation, with them and i said you know i don't care if you're in human resources, or a truck driver, or the guy who. Changes the gasket, on these things which of course we all know is an rvlp, propane regulated dual tank automatic change rover valve trying to show off some, some punk in the back. Room, screams, out of me goes you know on that particular, unit you don't need to change the gasket. Screwed, up my entire. But. I got business from those, people. For the next three years. Doing their conventions. And the reason, is. They knew from that that i had done my research. On the company. I knew. Not my stuff, so well. I knew. Their stuff. And so in your retail, so when, when you're selling something, to uh, in your. Your furniture, things. You really have to find out. Where this piece of furniture, is going what are they thinking, what's their decoration, style you find out about them. What they're going to use it for if it's a guest room it's different than it's if it's their bedroom. Or if they're kid they're they want their kid to move to call whatever it is. You find out what they're using it for. And you be that consultant. You know. Step out of the way and let them buy. Exactly, i hate to be you know jeffrey ginneber says that people hate to be sold. But they didn't know you were, you knew jeffrey. Uh get him her stuff, i i am a. Guy he was. Jeffrey, get him or i got him on my cell phone. Here's my man. He uh. He does great things. Just, absolutely, great things as a matter of fact, the, the reason i got on linkedin, is, uh jeffrey, had a. A seminar. In cleveland. And he said. If you don't know, what this, is. Forget about it you just need to get on it and start doing it i didn't even know what linkedin was at that point. Now i have over 14, 000. People that i'm connected, to. But i mean and there's people that have a lot more, but, i did not know what linkedin was and i just took jeffrey's. Advice, and got involved. I wasn't involved in any social media, before that seminar. Um. Yeah well you know jeffrey. Here here's the purpose for social media. And it's not necessarily. What you what you think but what when anybody's. Thinking about buying a big purchase from somebody, or it's a big deal in their life. Uh, they're gonna just like you would look them up who am i dealing with, they're gonna look you up.

And Uh you know two things can happen one thing they can find out you're an axe murderer. Not good. I wouldn't say do that but even worse. What if they find nothing. You know what would you think. If you looked, somebody, up. And you found virtually, nothing, on them. You would think you have the wrong guy. So, social media isn't necessarily, the quality, of content, that you put out there, but you have to have, a presence. If for no other reason. To uh outflank, and outsmart, all your competitors. That are sitting back waiting for other people to come in. That reminds, me of a great jeffrey gitmer, quote, it's not who you know, it's who knows you. And that's. You just gave a seminar, on it so thank you deej, that was awesome. I'm gonna do a commercial. Uh timeout, i'm gonna read a quick little chapter from my book. And i bet you dan that you know who this guy is and i'm about to talk. About. Chapter, is be like joe joe gerard, that is, who is joe gerard. Joe, gerard, is a guinness, book of world records. Recognizes. Joe as the world's greatest salesman. He did it in the automobile. Industry, between. 1963. And. 1978.. When you went. To joe's office to write up a car you would see pictures, of his customers, with their new cars and thank you notes, written to joe. Even though he won hundreds, of awards. They were not featured. In his office where the customers, could see them. All they could see. Is pictures. Of other happy customers. And thank you notes. That was joe communicating. With his decor. My, my customer, is the most important thing to me, you can be, happy. Like my, other customers, too what is your store communicating. To your customers. Knowing what your customer, likes, and doesn't like. Is the key to giving them an atmosphere, that is interesting, and engaging, be like joe. Show lots of happy customers, enjoying. Your stores, great products. Along with their thank yous. That your store has earned in yours. And that will lead to more sales. And more profits. So, joe gerard. You know walked on to a, a a, lot. Did not ask to take any cut customer. Uh ups. All my retail sales people know what ups are ups or customers, coming in, he did not line up he wanted a desk, and he wanted a phone. And he wanted access to to the dealer's, inventory, to sell it, and he became the greatest, salesman. Of all time, in some people's estimation. Certainly the greatest car salesman, of all time. Yeah, and he was wonderful but can you imagine, what a monster he would be now with social media. I mean. It just feeds right into what you said before. He was putting pictures, if someone would buy a car he put a picture of happy pill well he would take that picture, you put it on social media. You know you get your picture. Somewhere, posted, on a larger, site, you don't just look at it you look at it and then you share it to your parents, and then your parents share it to somebody else and they share it to other people, and it goes all over the place, yes making themselves, feel good about themselves. But showing off more of yourself so this is you know an important feature of getting on there, and working it he was you know brilliant, before his time, uh when i got first started as a stockbroker. Uh uh, you know i didn't have, first of all i didn't go to college, so, i wouldn't get hired i had to get hired, as a cold caller. And you say all he wanted was a desk. And a phone, well. Me i was, actually, cold calling, for somebody, else for the broker, so i got a corner of the desk. I got it and i had to open up. They gave me the corner of his desk and i was if i get somebody on the phone i'd forward it over to the guy and then the guy would go ahead and do the work and i had to open up. 40, accounts. Before, they would allow me to apply, to be a broker so i had to open up 40 accounts for somebody, else. That was that was the uh the in, to that thing and all you needed was the phone but i learned.

That That was the buy-in, for. The phone, is your friend. And it still. Is, now. Uh we're going to put something up later if you guys want to get i put something together for, uh the seven day blitz. Is for people who want to get started, again if you had a little if you're having a little down time you're in a little slump, the best way to get out of a slump. Is to pick up the phone, and talk to some strangers. And see if they can get them into the story just, things, happen. And i have a specific, way of doing it and it's dynamite, and you'll love it and all that stuff but, seven days from now if you go on this program, seven days from now you're in a completely, different position. Than you are today. It's that simple. But of course the phone is heavy, for some people. You know. It's hard to lift up their phone. So dan let's talk about making that phone lighter because you know i do have some uh, sales reps, here, and they do need a cold call. And you, know. Let's just, talk about. What makes the phone lighter. What makes the phone lighter. What attitude. That you possess. Um. About that call. Makes that phone lighter. Well, there's a lot of different things that i cover in the program, but, probably none more important than getting the right mindset. And the right mindset. Is simply this. It doesn't, matter. It just. Doesn't, matter, i i think i pete i don't know if i talked i got some really bad news yesterday about, a couple of uh. 26, year old boys that died, twins it was terrible and all this, and i'm thinking you know that matters. Uh. Being, worrying about picking up the phone. I mean big deal someone hangs up on you. Big deal. But the mindset, that you want to get into is simply this you need to, you need to warm up before, you play football right pete. Yeah, yeah, sure did all right, okay every, single practice what'd you do before practice. We weren't, warmed up. Every single game before the game what'd you do. Warmed up, we warmed up it's so you got to stretch you got to do what you have to do so, that would be the number one thing take 10. Strange, numbers, that mean, nothing, to you, there's no chance. In the world, that they could possibly, be interested, in anything did you have and, call them first, it's not for them. It's for you, if you knock out 10. And get that warmed up before you start talking, the worst thing that could happen to you is if you get your perfect, prospect. And it's your first call. You're not ready, the worst thing that can happen to you if you're looking for a job is to have your dream, job. Be your first interview. You're not ready.

So Warm up every day and then by the time you make the 10th 11th call, now you're in the zone you're feeling good, now hit him up. And remember. When you make the call, you're in control. You know people will say oh i want i'm leaving message they didn't call me back i actually don't even want them to call me back, they think so they're calling me back on their time, when it's convenient, for them, and they're in the right mindset. And here i have to react. To them. You know so when you make the call, it's the only time you're in control. Anybody who's married. Knows that, uh you're always searching for. Some place in life where you can be in control of something, you know. This is the only place you can be in control. One of the things that i think about. Before i pick up, on a cold call somebody, i don't know. Is i think about. The successes. That my dealers, have had. With. What i'm about to share with them. Could be a service. Could be. Product. But i think about. Some of the big wins. And what it meant to their profitability. And what it meant. And, when i make that call. I'm not making that call from me i'm making that call for them because. At some point. In time, whether it's at the beginning of the call, in the middle of the call. Things are going to get. Tough. And you're going to have to bite down on your mouthpiece. And you're gonna have to keep going. And are you gonna go. Just for your own benefit, or are you gonna go because you know you can change someone's, life. Yeah i mean those are those are the parts, that, i like the best. I mean, because, you know. When you, you can only grow through struggle. Uh and and and a little pain. And i think that's what you know that's where life is. And that's, that that's the respect, that you show, to your parents, and to and to everybody, into your children. Who want to see you go through all that stuff and. And. It always works out. When you move forward it always works you know uh. Patton used to have a great line. General patton. And i think about this often. Especially when i'm prospecting. And. He was. He was, i guess he was. In the middle of something, he goes well, when in doubt. Attack. And so if you ever in the course of a day and you're thinking, should i make this call or should i not make this call should i go visit them or should i should i walk up to them or should i not walk up to them the answer, is. Yes. Attack. That's great advice. That's great. Hey guys get dan, seven day, cold calling blitz, it's only 15. If you get it, and you think it stinks. Reach out to me and i'll give you the 15 bucks how's that. Well, it's dynamite. And it also comes with training program, there's a bunch of extras, just go to the site you'll like it but. You'll live better, if you get this book too and that's part of it too there'll, be an option for you to get that as well, there we go read. Read, that book every day this book. Is a book that i will read, every day, for the rest of my life i i told. The deeds this. Yesterday, and he, kind of laughed.

And But i'm serious, i will read this book. Every day just like i read the bible. This is my sales bible, and i will read this, every day for the rest of my life. I promise, i i really appreciate, that and this has been, i really appreciate you having me on. To your show. And uh. Just so yeah i'm not gonna i'm not gonna let you go, right now. Just one more question. I, just want to ask you this question. You. Took a chance. Right after high school. You took a gamble. And. You. You bought a business. Or you opened your own business. And then you were able. Through hard work. And through a learning, curve. You acquired, the skills that you needed to acquire. Sell that business very successfully. So. Here's, the reason i want you to tell its story. I don't want anyone, to think of the deed as just a sales guy. If you have a business. And you're getting ready to sell that business. You better pick up the phone and call the deeds. If you don't. You're missing out, because he's going to tell you. What he did. Very early in his life, and take all the time you need to tell this because it's an important, story. Oh. About, that, first business. About the dj's country deli oh yes. Yeah so, uh. Very briefly. Because i actually do have to get on a sales call in a little bit, but did i tell you people. Okay, go ahead, i'm sorry but uh but i love this yeah so i when i uh uh graduated, high school for whatever reason things were going on with my family. I, somehow. Wrangled. Uh the college, money that my parents had dutifully, saved. For my entire, entire life. And. Uh. Took that money and instead of going to college, i bought myself a butcher shop, um i turned it into a deli it was a neighboring town i turned it into a deli dj's country deli after that. And uh. Worked really hard to get it running because i couldn't fail i mean i was the biggest disappointment, in the world to my family. Um, but uh. You know the first year i worked 365. Days, that year because that's how many days there were that year, the next year i worked, 363. Days, only because like christmas, and new year's fell. On a uh. On a sunday that year so i said what the heck. Uh but i was able because, of that. Constantly, being there and constantly, working something you can only do when you're 18 years old. Grew the business, and uh after seven years was able. Was able to sell it. But, here's the thing i took all actually i'll tell you how much i sold it for 170. 000. I was 25, years old at that point. A lot more money than you know certainly we ever had growing up i certainly anything. It was a lot of jack. And i took that money, and i put it all in an investment, account. And uh. That money. Through through, investments, and growing i didn't take a penny of it.

That Paid for my dad's retirement. For the rest of his life, uh because he had not saved the thing, and. Whatever with the challenges going so, whatever, happened. Uh that money that i had earned, from that business, i constantly. I could. I could feel like i've done my service. That i helped out my dad and i and i'm able to say that for the, for the rest of my life and i'm able to say that to myself. Um. That it worked out so i learned a lot of lessons, from it, and i, it, paid off. You know ultimately. In the sales world you know people always say you need to have goals you need to have these goals, and everybody has a car or a boat or a yacht or whatever they have but i never had that i'm, really materialistic. Like that. It wasn't my thing, but what i always, wanted. And i think it's everybody's. Goal. Is freedom. It's just freedom, to be able to say. My dad's going to be fine. I got it taken care of my family's, going to be fine. I got it taken care of. If we have to be somewhere. We have the funds to be able to do that and and that freedom. Is a different number for everybody. But it is a number. And. That goal is good enough for me. And so i, i, i, what i learned from that delhi, experience, and how i use that is that, you know, true wealth doesn't come just from cash. Uh, true wealth comes from. The feelings. And the ability, to to help others and serve others those who serve more. Earn more. And that ought to be your goal. Well, if you came here, to get, advice, on sales you got that. If you're an owner, and you wanted some tips on how to be a better owner you got that. But you know what you really just got. That's priceless. You just learn how to be a better. Person. Deed you are amazing. You're my hero. Everybody, should listen to you every day. And. Go out, and get his. Sales. Proverbs. Book. It's. My bible, that i'm going to read every day for the rest of my life. Grab it now. Make sure. That you, whenever, you see us whether you see us on a youtube, video or you see us on. Uh. On a podcast. That you like like and comment, i want to know what industry, you're in and i want to know what you do are you a sales guy are you a business owner. And dan i'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for. Making time in a very very busy schedule, and giving us such a great i really appreciate, you this was great, and i love your producers, too they're doing a great job. And i look forward to seeing you again but look, i'm already getting texts, i'm, supposed to get on another, zoom call. Guys let's go get em go. Do it do it. Take it easy. Take. Care. You.

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