2018 Spring Commencement - College of Engineering / W. Frank Barton School of Business

2018 Spring Commencement - College of Engineering / W. Frank Barton School of Business

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Good. Afternoon, please. Rise. For the. Processional. The. Wichita State University. College. Of Engineering and, W, Frank Barton School of Business. 120th. Spring, commencement ceremony. Is now open, please. Remain standing for the national anthem. Oh say. Can you, see. By. The dawn's, early, light. What, so proudly, we. At, the twilight's. Last gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes and. Bright stars. Fine. Or. The. We. Watched. Were. So gallantly. Streaming. The, night. That. Our flag was, still. Oh, say. Does, that. Star-spangled. Banner'. Or, the, land. Of. The free. You. May be seated. Thank. You Troy Fischer caleb, Foust Jake, cyclist, and Matthew. Weber for, performing, the national anthem. Good. Afternoon. I'm. A nun deciding, of the W Frank Barton, School of Business, we. Are pleased to welcome parents. Friends. Relatives. Students. University. Administrators. Faculty, and staff to. This important, occasion for, you the graduates. Joining. Me on the platform today, is dr., Jodi falkowski, our University. Grand marshal, who carried, the mace and led the processional. Dr.. Pitrowski is, an associate, professor in the W Frank Barton School of Business. Jodi. Please stand and be recognized. It. Is now my great pleasure to, introduce a, very special group. Every. Great University. Has a dedicated, faculty and staff. These. Are the professionals, who teach in the classroom in the laboratory, work. Individually with, students. And provide, advice about their careers. These. Are also staff who maintain, the University, and ensure it operates, smoothly each, and every day, Woodall. University, faculty, and staff present, please. Stand and be recognized, please, join me in acknowledging the, faculty, and staff of Wichita State University. Thank. You. Graduates. You're. All here today to mark the end of one. Leg of your lifelong, journey. Of learning bad. Of students, here at Wichita State University. Well. You may no longer be on campus every day you, will always be a part of our soccer family, it. Is my pleasure to ask Courtney, Marshall, to, welcome you into that community. Thank. You Dean Desai, it's. My pleasure to welcome you here today and, be the first to congratulate you give yourselves a round of applause you did it. You're. Now a part of an important, and unique group of people who represent Wichita. State University around. The world you're, now a member, of the Shocker Alumni family that's more than a hundred thousand, graduates around the world, we, truly believe that each of you will excel, because of the educational, foundation that, you have achieved here, at Wichita State University, as you. Make significant, strides towards. Personal, and professional success. We encourage you to stay connected to your alma mater and by. Becoming, a participant, in activities. With your Alumni Association we're. Going to help you do that by giving you a one year gift membership in the Association, because we want to celebrate you and your successes being. Member of the Association. Helps enrich our worldwide soccer Network it creates, opportunities, for engagement and can actually increase the value of your degree good. Luck on all your future endeavors and, once again congratulations. And welcome to the Alumni family. I would. Now like to invite Paige, Hungate, to the podium for a few remarks. Paige. Was the student body president. This past year. Good. Evening to my fellow graduates like. She said my name is Paige Hungate, and I had the honor of serving as a student body president, president this past year and trust, me when I say I am so very excited, and happy to be graduating today alongside each, and every one of you so. Two years ago when. I hit a lull in my education, I was concerned about where I was going and what I was going to end up doing and one, of my best, friends sent me a quote. That is uh stayed, true to me to this day so it goes a little something like this it. Says I began, to realize how important, it was to be, an enthusiast, in life if you are interested, in something go, out at full speed ahead embrace, it with both arms hug. It love it and above all become, passionate about it lukewarm is no good that. Quote from then on really became my motto I really, realized that I needed to go full steam ahead and everything that I was participating. In and I needed to find things that I was passionate about, needless. To say I try to live by every, single day from now on so. I think that as we graduate we can really keep this motto in mind and everything, that we do no, matter what our degree is if. You if, you find something you're passionate about go, for it go out at full steam ahead you, love cats rescue, 30 of them - my engineering, folks you love doing integrals do so many of them why not. -. My I, guess. You just really need to show your talent off because we, spent so much money getting, to this moment right here and why not go out into the world and do great things I'm.

So Confident, in our class of 2018 there's, so many bright minds and people who are going to change the world and. I'm so honored to be graduating, alongside each of you today, as always, it's a great day to be a shocker thanks so much. Thank, You Paige I would, now like to invite Provost, of Wichita, State University dr., Rick Mumma to this podium, to introduce our, next guest. Thank. You Courtney, good. Evening shockers. Come. On, good. Evening shockers. So. It's my pleasure to, introduce the, president and CEO of the Kansas Board of Regents this. Is the policy board that oversees higher. Education. In Kansas, it's. A tradition, that someone from the board greets the graduates, of each of the Regents, institutions, we're, honored to have dr. Blake, Flanders, with us today before. Serving, in his current position dr.. Flanders, served as a vice president, for workforce, development for. The Kansas Board of Regents and provided, executive, leadership, to, the Kansas, post-secondary. Technical, education, Authority, in this. Role he was a state leader for issues involving. The state's post-secondary. Education. And training system. Including. Targeted, expansion, of engineering, and nursing. Programs, dr.. Flanders, also, led the state level evaluation of, research proposals. Within the experimental, program to stimulate competitive, research. Born. In Ed's in Kansas, dr., Flanders, is a graduate, of Colby Community, College in Kansas State University, where, he earned a Bachelor, of Science and animal science, the, Masters, of Science and animal science and a doctorate, of philosophy and, curriculum, instruction please. Help me welcome dr. Flanders. To Wichita State University. Thank. You Provost, Mumma. President. Bardo members, of the faculty, and staff and all the Shockers that are here to celebrate this special day I am. Delighted and honored to bring you greetings, and best wishes from, the Kansas, Board of Regents thank. You for allowing me to be with you today.

Now. Graduates, this, is an amazing, accomplishment and, I. Know this day and all the festivities, that come with it symbolize, many years of study, hard. Work and commitment. And. I would say that your timing is very good. Business. Right. Now has a ravenous, appetite. For. Talent, in the workplace, particularly. Engineer. And business. Talent. But. I would say that we believe the aim of higher education. Goes. Beyond helping, graduates, like yourselves, to succeed, professionally as, important, as that is. Rather. We know that higher education still. Remains, the best way for people to improve the quality of their own lives, to. Raise the standard, of living for their families, and to. Make an impact in our, community, and in, our world and I, hope you will leave that, kind of legacy. You're. About to transition, from student to alumni, and, you. Will always remain, a part, of the Shocker nation, but. You'll also become an alumni, of the Kansas, Regent system and I, hope you will join the. More than. 350,000. Alumni residing, here in Kansas. With. Your credentials, and academic, awards, you, can go anywhere but you don't have to you can make Kansas your, home I. Wish. Each of you joy happiness and, fulfillment, wherever, your chosen path takes you class. Of 2018, the. Kansas, Board of Regents offers our collective, congratulations. Thank. You dr. Flanders for those congratulatory, remarks. Next. I would like to invite the Dean of the College of Engineering dr., Royce Bowden, to the puddin. As. Many of you know dr. Bowden. Dean of the College of Engineering will, be leaving this summer after five years of service to Wichita, State and over. 30 years in higher education. Under. His leadership the, College of Engineering has, increased, the number of bachelor's degrees awarded, by. 47%. Opened. The new experiance engineering. Building, and raised, over 21, million dollars of gifts and pledges towards. Student scholarships, faculty. Chair positions, and equipment. These. Are extraordinary, accomplishments. And we are very grateful, please. Welcome dr.. Bowden. Thank. You Provost Mumma that wasn't in the script by, the way. It. Is my pleasure to, introduce mr., Tom, Gentilly. Mr.. Gentilly was named president and CEO of, Spirit. AeroSystems in, August. 2016, after joining, the company in April as chief operating, officer. Prior. To spirit he served as president and CEO of, GE, Capital.

Overseeing. Global. Operations. IT, and. Capital. Planning he. Serves on the Executive Committee, of the Aerospace, Industries, Association. And. The. Governing boards, of the. Kent the Greater Wichita, partnership. In Kansas. Big Brothers, Big Sisters in. Addition, tom, is a champion, of spirits, good neighbor employee, Giving, Program and, he, also serves, as a trustee. Of, the ALS. Finding, a cure. Organization. We. Are honored to have Tom with us today, please, join me in welcoming mr.. Gentilly, to, Wichita State. Thank. You very much Dean Bowden and good evening, please, let me add my own congratulations. To this year's graduating, class of, engineering, and business students, congratulations. Also to your parents, I know that they are all very. Proud of you as well right now and. Many thanks to president, Bartow Dean, Bowden and Dean, Desai for inviting me to speak at this year's commencement it, is truly an honor. Earning. Your degree today, is an important milestone and, represents. A lot of hard work and dedication. The. Experiences. You have collected and the, relationships. You have built in the past few years have. Helped to shape who you are today and will, continue to, influence, your future, but. Regardless, if you are getting ready to start your dream job, or you're. Still looking for your first opportunity or, getting ready for further studies, today. Marks the beginning of another journey as you, begin to think about your future career and continued. Personal development, I, encourage. Each of you to write down your, grand, vision for what. Impact you can have on your community, and society. You. Have already demonstrated, energy. And creativity to get where you are today, so. Set the bar high and stretch, yourself have. A bold vision you. Will miss every shot you do not take I use. A framework when, I coach people about career development PI. Performance. Image. And exposure. Performance. Matters it, is. A threshold issue at. Any given time the. Most important, thing you can do is the, job at hand as well as you can think. Of every job or position you, get as the, one from which you will retire. Dedicate. Yourself to exceeding expectations, in. Other words you, have to perform well in your, current role to. Get any consideration for, future advancement. While. People with your deliverables. Over. The course of your career you. Have developed an image a reputation. Everyone. Should have a spike a core. Competency, that truly distinguishes, you go. Deep in at least one area, do. What you commit to doing. You're say do ratio, does matter and is critical in building, trust and relationships. Be. A good teammate no. One likes to work with the jerk, think. Of your reputation as, 360. Degrees, earned. People's, respect. Help, out others if you, do, someday. When you need help people. Will help you and believe, me. Everyone. Needs help throughout their career, think. Of it like building political capital if you. Build enough and develop. The right reputation. People. Will go out of their way to help you it's. Not a binary transaction. However the. People you help are, not necessarily. The ones that will help you one. Of the most important skills you will develop is networking. And persuasion. No. Matter how senior, you are in any organization. You. Have to get buy-in and build. Consensus. To initiate any major change. Also. Remember. That you are constantly being, evaluated. Just. Like you prepare for class prepare. For meetings and make meaningful substantive. Contributions. People. Notice and it. Adds to the development, of your image and reputation and. Exposure. Matters, to, get in the consideration, set for, a new position, key. Decision-makers. Have to know who you are and what, you can do. Document. What you do and show, how it has impact. You. Do not need to be a shameless self-promoter, but. Don't be afraid to, highlight, your accomplishments in, the appropriate way, you. Should also get involved in as many activities as you can that will get you noticed, that. Can include community, activities, special. Projects, and cross-functional. Initiatives, also. Think about activities. Outside. Of your organization. Oftentimes. Industry, associations. Professional. Societies, and volunteer, organizations, are, looking for, people that can, bring your fresh perspective, and energy, those. Opportunities, are great. Ways to get exposure and, and. To meet decision-makers, outside, of your own organization and, even, inside it, when. You're a more senior, and start, to manage people giving. Exposure, to, the members of your team will. Be one of your most important leadership responsibilities. As. Your career continues, no, matter how successful you are I regret. To have to inform you that not everything will, always go well, your. Career journey will have many twists and turns there.

Will Be setbacks and, failures. What. Will matter is how, resilient, you are and what, you learn from, your mistakes I, have. An analogy I'd like to share many. Of you are familiar with the, handicap, system in golf that, allows people with different abilities to. Compete on a level playing field. For. The engineers in the crowd I have some math a golfers. Handicap, is based on 80% of the average of the, best ten scores in your. Last 20 rounds the best of the best, but. I came across an interesting analytic. Many years ago called the anti, cap it is. The 80%, of the average of a golfers worst ten scores in their last 20 rounds the, difference between the handicap, and the, anti cap is a, measure of the variation, in the golfers game and, I can assure you my game has a lot of variations, so I'm quite familiar with that but. As I reflected. On the handicap in the anti cap it, occurred to me that there are some analogies, with. A person's, resume, many. Of you have probably been actively, involved in developing. And refining your own resumes, recently, for. Job interviews, and applications. So. Your resume reflects. The, very best of everything, you have done all. Of your many strengths. Accomplishments. And successes. But. What does your anti, resume, look like all, your weaknesses. Failures. And disappointments. Those. Are things that probably, only you know about things. That you would have never discussed, with. Your parents, your friends or colleagues. The. Jobs that you did not get the. Projects, that failed, the. Rejections, the, schools that did not accept you the, missed deadlines, the. Embarrassments. And, yet, those. Failures, and weaknesses probably. Did more to shape you as the, person you are today and the person you will become than. The successes, in the accomplishments, I know mine did as. An example. One, thing that was on my resume for a long time was, that I was the valedictorian of my high school class but. At our school the, valedictorian, did not get to automatically, give the commencement address there, was a competition I entered. And lost that. Is on my anti resume, and no, one else knows about it well all of you do now because I just told you but, nobody did before and. It's one of the reasons by the way that I'm so happy that you invited me to speak today at your commencement. So, so, make sure you. Know what. Your anti resume looks like sadly. You, will keep adding to that anti resume throughout your career my, anti resume continues, to grow every day also. Be. Resilient. After. You're over the disappointment, generated. By, an anti resume experience, reflect. On that experience, and learn, from it remember. That bold vision that you started forming today as you, leave the campus of Wichita State University do. Not give up on it no matter what happens, find, new ways to win and avoid. Being too much in a hurry, regardless. Of how successful, you are you. Will spend most of that career in front of you working. Your way up to your objectives, you. Will spend relatively, little time in your final stop whatever. That happens to be enjoy. The journey and build, lasting, relationships along. The way I wish. You all great success, in whatever you plan to do you. Have been fortunate to, benefit. From the great professors, mentors. And, resources of WSU, what. You have learned from them will, serve you well. Keep. Investing, in your own personal development, remember, the PI framework. Perform. Well in every, role you do leave. Things better than you found them, build. An image, and a reputation as, a great team player who, delivers results, knows. Everyone, and is, very persuasive, get.

Exposure Inside. And outside of your organization, that. Takes energy so make the effort and keep. Track of your anti resume, learn. And grow from your failures, and disappointments. Be. Resilient and take, time to, enjoy the journey you. Will all be successful, I'm quite, sure of that so, good luck to all you congratulations. And thank you. Thank. You Tom for those, words, of inspiration, I'm. Also glad we were able to subtract, from your anti resume. Of. The over. 546, candidates, receiving, undergraduate. Degrees this spring. 212. Received, qualified. For, honors based on their work completed. At the end of the fall 2017. Semester. With. Members of the Dorothea and Bill Cohen, Honors, College and, students. Graduating. Summa. Laude, magna. Laude and. Laude, please stand and. Be recognized. You, may be seated. There. Is another group that I wish to recognize. With. All current service members or. Veterans, including our, students, wearing the red white and blue cord, representing. Our nations, flag please. Stand. Ladies. And gentlemen, through. Your service, and the sacrifice, of many of your brothers and sisters. This. Nation, stands great. You. Protect, and preserve our freedom, and in. So doing ensure. The foundation. Of our, education. Process. On behalf. Of a grateful University. I thank. You how about another round of applause. We. Have now come to the conferring. Of the degrees and, graduate, recognitions. Dr.. Dennis Levicy. Dean of the Graduate, School an associate. Vice president, of research and technology, transfer, will. Present the candidates for graduate, degrees, dr.. Hernandez, I will. Present the W Frank Martin School of Business candidates. And, I will present the college of engineering candidates. For, undergraduate, degrees, to President John Bardo, who, will confer those degrees. After. The degrees are conferred. Candidates. Will come to the stage to be individually. Recognized, as. Graduates. Cross, the stage they, will be awarded with a scroll in a, Wichita, State University, challenge. Coin from. Their University. Graduates. You have earned the right to carry, the coin of your, University. Do. So as a constant. Reminder of, your, belonging to Wichita, State along. With the other alumni, faculty. And, staff. President. Bardo and Dean Libous a please. Come forward and present the doctoral, candidates. Will. The candidates, for the Doctor of Philosophy please. Stand. Mr.. President, as dean. Of the graduate school I present, these candidates who have completed the requirements prescribed. For the Doctor of Philosophy degree, they, have been recommended by the faculty, and are presented for the conferral, of their degrees. Thank. You going to City upon. Recommendation of, the faculty and, by virtue, of the authority vested in me by the Kansas Board of Regents I confer. Upon you the appropriate degree, with. All the rights privileges and, responsibilities. Thereto. Appertaining. Welcome. To the guild of scholars. Please. Be seated. Will. The candidates, for master's degrees please, stand. Mr.. President, as dean of the graduate school I present. These candidates who have completed the requirements prescribed, for. The requirements, of the master of Accountancy Master. Of Arts Master. Of Business Administration. Master. Of engineering management and Master, of Science the candidates. Have been recommended, by the faculty, and are presented for the conferral, of these degrees. Upon. Recommendation of, the faculty and, by virtue, of the authority vested in me by the Kansas Board of Regents I confer. Upon you the appropriate degree, with. All the rights privileges and, responsibilities. Thereto, appertaining. You, may be seated. With. All the candidates, for The Bachelor of Business, Administration please.

Stand. They, have been recommended. They. Have been recommended, by the faculty, and are presented for, the conferral, of these, degrees. Thank, you you decide, upon. Recommendation of, the faculty and by virtue, of the authority vested in me by the Kansas Board of Regents I confer. Upon you the appropriate degree, with. All the rights privileges and, responsibilities. Thereto appertaining. You, may be seated will. The. Candidates, for The Bachelor of, Science in, aerospace. Engineering. Biomedical. Engineering. Computer. Engineering. Computer. Science Electrical. Engineering. Engineering. Technology. Industrial. Engineering. Manufacturing. Engineering. And mechanical. Engineering please. Stand. Mr.. President, these, candidates, have been recommended. By the faculty, and are, presented for, the conferral, of these degrees, Thank. You Dean Bowden, I'd. Also like to add my my congratulations, and. Thanks, to Dean Bowden for all the work you have done here in the College of Engineering and Godspeed. To you and your family your children. Thank. You. Upon. Recommendation of, the faculty and, by virtue. Of the authority vested in, me by the Kansas Board of Regents I confer. Upon you the appropriate degree with. All the rights privileges and, responsibilities. Thereto, appertaining. Please. Be seated. We, will now recognize candidates. Individually. As they come to the stage with. A college of engineering, doctoral, candidates, please come forward with, their dissertation. Advisor to. Be hood. Adam. Carleton, Lynch. Mohammed. Al Koresh. Sallah. Yaya, a. Hammadi. I. Met. A goon. Abdul. Razak. Chanel. Omid. Cirrus. Shabbir. Me Mom. Vishnu. Torresola. Dave. Cindy. Our. Mason. Joy. In, Zen. Sarah, jurrac. Come, Sahar ready. Pat. Lola. Congratulations. College of Engineering doctoral. Candidates. Graduates. Well. The college of engineering masters. Candidates, please come to the stage to be individually. Recognized. Jeffrey. David. Why D. Pedro. Figueroa. Raymundo. Janeth. A Sanka. Center. At Mei. Li. Lin. Win. Fam. Andrew. David. Twice me. Abhilash. Lingam. Rumia. Sultana. Nita. Twos Zora. Matthew. W, mckenna. You. Are oz, Shrestha. Krishna. Chaitanya. Kunekune. De. Manasa. Mu. Charla. Durga. Bhavani. Uluru. Naga. Have, Isha, recruit. E. Sneaked. Ha, Mandell. Shruti. Raja. Moen. Sigh. Lakshmi. Bhargava. Turla. Potty. So. No, Swarna. Matin. Max. Atef a. Varun. Palaka. Khalid. Sadiq. Hamid. Divya. Vani dudu. Naga. Manisha, you, Jalla. Venkata. Naga, sigh. Bhaskar. Gupta, pearl a. Nathan. Moon. Tema, de gue. The. Keith. Sri. Harsha. Jana. Poo. Shravan. Kumar matter. Polly. Akshay. In, doaker. Raghav. Meny. Muhammad. Ali yamin. Faisal. Adil, gone, i'm. Abdul. Rahman al. Kitani. Nora. Ali, Al, Qahtani. Sara. Abdul. Aziz Al tamami. Rendu, joji, cherien. Rohan. Raj, Kumar. Roni. Simon. Ashwin. Rajesh. Dinesh. Kumar, Xalapa. Cushaw. Moen. Pan. Ciao Vaidehi. Pavan. Vellore. Kumara. Swamy. Warren. Ramesh. Rohit. Kuru. Thorin, ready, chilukula. Durga. Van tada. Suresh, capacity. Mega. Sham. Chinnu. Soccer. Ready. Azhar. Hussain, Mohammad. Sayeed. Tasimu. Hussain. Rahil. Beg, Mirza. Mohsen, thora. Anand. Vijay. Karuppaiyah. Karuppaiyah. Ravi. Patel. Aditya. Holkar. Rod. Vendrá, Deshmukh. Harsh. Kumar. DoDEA. Lacy. Montague. Bharadwaj. Deja. Vu aku. Vivek. Manoharan. Navin. Balamani. Bala. Murugan. Valid. Under pani. Pavitra. Who. Daya Kumar. Pani. Kumar. Hookah. Nickel. Guntur. A. Kaushik. Jeeva. Rathnam. Arun. Karthik. Man. Ohhara. Akshay. S Patil. Christopher. D, Timmins. Rajan. Shrestha. Raj. Kumar. Bata. Melanda. How. Hassan. Abed. Mubarak. Abdul. Majeed. Yaya. As, yo be. Hard. Endure sing. Sri. Rama Sri, Rama, Chandra, Murthy. New, Malik on. T-bar. Garage. Rajan. Panikker, sir. Hoon. Janardana. Jonathan. And. Pnina. Hakala, potty. Karthik. Karthik. Your. Son. Chris Java, har. This. One. Chaitanya. Kena. Come. Sushil. Bezawada. Akash. Sanjay. Veera. Rahul. Pradeep, Khan occur. Genie. Hasmukh. By, Patel. Amita. Chandra. Shekar, bonaga. A. Shramana. Hot. Row. Akilah, ready. Toda. Saranya. Borodin. Jana. Siri. He. Krishna. Mohit. Vala vetti. Who. Mayor a, mood. Whose, money. Who. Mom, Namir. Rami. Ramsey. Movea. Sada. Munir. Chu. Li. Chiao. Chin. My, malady. Harshit. Joshi. Varun. Siripu. Ramu. Ravi. Teja, nalada. See. Chante Rao. Ponary. Baumann. Maharshi. Our, Kijana. Sigh. Rohan. Ready, godom. Congratulations. College of engineering, masters, graduates. At. This time I would, like to invite the Barton, School of Business dean dr. Desai, to, the podium. With. The W Frank Barton, School of Business masters. Candidates. Please. Come to the stage to be individually, recognized.

Michael. S, sharbat. Stanny, Slava can. Chava. Tyler. Thomas. O'Connor. Jared. Francis. Ross. Hummed. Aarif. Mahi. Roger. Win. Steven. Andrew. Pile. Tai. Shan. Win. Michael. Joseph, Rogers. Parker. See, McConnachie. Alex. Patrick, Walters. Alex. James. Carlin. Logan. Allred. Christian. Coleman. Kilgore. Austin. Daniel, Johnson. Miranda. Ashley. Davidson. Ryan. Douglas. Hagah Bush. Joshua. Edwin, van, Berkeley, Oh. Stephanie. Dawn, Harper. Diamond. Lockhart. Carrie, Blaine. Ami. Mehta, hotel. Hailey. Nicole Acker. Christina. Nicole, Martinez. Taylor. Ashley. N Pels. At. Senuke, a. JEA. Ba a. So. Know, Mel Joseph. Henry, J, Jess. Molly. Grace. Hitch. Alexander. Arturo, Carter. Erica. Dawn. Cameron. Congratulations. To Barton School of Business masters. Graduates. Will. The candidates, for the bachelor's, degree in business please, come to the stage to, be individually, recognized. Aubrey. Lynn, Burkhart. Graduating. Magna. Laude. Michaela. Jazz, Reeve Williams. Jacob. Lewis, Archer. Summa. Laude, Carmen. Anika, Resco. Morgan. Marie Ward. Alexander. Holbrook, Miller. Graduating. Laude ryan. Conner, yerkey. Karina. LeAnn Tuggle. Laude Maria. ELISA. Are, say. Barakat. Laude, Joshua, J, Geisler. Brianna. Lynn, Valentine. Magna. Laude Lucas. Andrew, Sinclair. Laude Gregory, Richard, Rubert. Jesse. Oliver. Danyelle. Louise. Gilmore. Kevin. Tran. Phillip. Golden. Kennedy. The, third. Bonnie. Our motto, armando, Ornelas. Peyton. Baker. Magna. Laude Puri, quoi. Summa. Laude, Alena. Qiao. Vanessa. Corrales. Xiao. Ming Chen. Graduating. Magna. Laude. Magna. Laude austin, chase. Stephan's. Magna. Laude, Reagan. And lebesgue. On. Ação. Shia. Sit. Kathryn. Diane, Johnson. Tamarah, dinar. Danner. Summa. Laude, Anthony, Clinton, Heitmann. Drew. Jordan. Benning. Christopher. Bryce, Naugle. Hamid. Phallus. Commad. Abdul. Rahman a, Lotte. Be. Turkey. Saud Amari. Kyod. Sawed almari. Muhammad, Monsour. Graduating. Laude. Anna. Patricia. Patricia. Rodriguez. Laude Brennan. Daniel. Mater. Samantha. Lynn Meyer. Laude. Alicia Marie, Thompson. Laude Erika Danielle, need. Harrison. James, hey, Doc. Laude, Jacob, Garret, right. Magna. Laude. Whitney Joe felt, wrong. Matthew. Dean Kaiser. Alexander. Lauren, Hamel. Justin. Michael, Kaiser. Kellan. Sheffield. Philby. Summa. Laude, Toby. J Van Cleave. Magna. Laude, Adam, Jeremiah, Ritter. Magna. Laude. Colby, dawn, woods. Laude Kelsey. And Cowan. Tiffany. Joe, cook. Laude lacy Lachey. Murray. Jamie. Plant. Lori. Lynn. Goodwin. Nerja. Sawmill. Shaw. Magna. Laude, Natalie, Elizabeth, lash. Shana. Michelle, Mascarene. Oh. Charlotte. And. Coggins. Klum. Lauda, Lisa. Lucero. Cervantes. Sarah. Mackenzie. Harrison. Muhammad. Danielle, Fahim, bin, Muhammad, nursery. Nick. Muhammad, as rainikka, sonsoo. Jaime. We're. Done in, Tula, muck. Dizzy. Abdul. Hamid, luckily. Allele. Krrish. Krrish, nah.

Shiva. Bhakta. Asia. Alyssa Catherine, Moore. Alexis. And, Alexis. S. Who. Conquer. Allison. M Boone. Vong side. Laude jacob. De Bourg. Graduating. Laude, Michaela. Murray yonder. Courtney. Carlin. Laura. K. Brockway. Graduating. Magna, laude. Summa. Laude stephen, michael, Sawatzky. MOOC. Magna. Laude, Jason, Austin, dough. Anu. Raj, Kivar. Donna. Victor. Brinke. Who. A low. Jacob. Alan, Jackson. Will. Henry. Fell, halter. Trevor. Ray, Hawkins. Keston. Treve. Aaron. Our win. Cyl. Magna. Laude kale. Robert. Watch us. Douglas. Michael. Mumma. Brian. Fellow. Tory. Drew, Bronowski. Daisy. Valise. Houston. Joseph. Howry the third. Elizabeth. Strunk. Tianna. Jean, go, sh-boom. Lauda. Madeleine. Elizabeth, pulls him. Tessa. Michael. Schepis. Noah. Michael. Wolfe. Addison. Lee, Wiley. Jonathan. Michael, Duvall. Combe. Lauda Jacob. Corey treat. Luke. Evan. Comarca. Antoine. II, Adkins. Adam. Blake, Tabor. Emanuelle. Barrera. Magna. Laude elizabeth. And, omus. Laude, Tiffany h vu. Tessa. Theresa. My. By, Theresa. Dome. Carrington. Joven, Bruce. Brandon. William, Van. Melody. Cherie Munsell. Kayla. Marie, bishop. Courtney. And, Childress. Maria. T, win. Jason. S, winters. Christian. Williams. Combe. Lauda Justin. Truong. Andrea. Cynthia, Martinez. Combe, Lauda Blake, Aaron, shown. Summa. Laude Patrick. Michael Burris. Jacob. John, James. Eric. Alejandra. Laude, Jocelyn, de, Villiers. Laude JC. Edward, Lee freezin. Peter. Andrew. Gaulden. Ricardo. My. Aditya. Come. Lauda samantha. Lee bailey. Magna. Laude melissa. And. Hamilton. Laude andrew. William field. Megan. Tessa, daily. William. Fodor daily. The 3rd. Logan. Timothy, Kirk hearts. Anthony. Fong my. Mark. Nerim, nerim vato. Collin. Raye, Edwards. Nathaniel. LaVere Hermes. Graduating. Summa, laude. Alia. Zakaria. Al, Moussaoui. Eamonn. Marcone. I'll, say, hearty. Laude, jihad. Sami, and, Kassar. Laude, penny, fan win. Therese. - rez lock. Miller. Shannon. Are, Crummles. Jeffrey. Blaine. Curtis. Magna. Laude. Laude Nicole. Lynn, Jasso. Alyssa. Murillo. Magna. Laude chelsea. Aileen. Pinkerton. Logan. Daniel, Rundberg. Jeremy. L Hoover. The. Austin, we're a surreal. Yuri. Georgie, magna. Laude. Rodney. Rojas. Laude qui, Henry. Ho. Jessica. Ray Rao. Albertson. Magna. Laude david. Michael. Thakur. Keaton. Thomas, timís. Monica. P Lewis. Kitana. Angelica. Chantal, Lynn. Woods. Jalisa. Rochelle. Peterson. Hye-young. - Lonnie mocked. Seer. Karina. Vargas. Eric. Katzenmoyer. Laura. Kristen, Hayworth. Laude melissa. McKinney. Jared. Keith. Beynon. Jacob. Glenn, nicely. Magna. Laude. Tanner Blaine, Huff, boom. Lauda. Luke. Michael, Roy. Glenn. Lewis, Sutton. Darren. Austin. Lee. Laude, Jocelyn. Galicia. Fanny. Oh Cho, uh Castro. Chandler. Renee, been, way. Magna. Laude a. JH. Carpenter. Magna. Laude, Jordan, Janet, newbie. Nidia, gorilla. Mackenzie. D, Gardner. Come. Lauda Brisa. Gallegos. Selena.

Martinez. Jennifer. Cabrera. Magna. Laude, Amy tui warm. Graduating. Laude, Palmer. And. Caleb. Christopher. Turner Hernandez. Daniel. Carlos. Tricia. Que, her, Mar. Sara. Marie. Castleman. Kayla. Rose, Luciano. Alex. Sterling. Peters. Danielle. Janae, Fleming. Magna. Laude, Wade, Scott. Mace. Edgar. Ratana. Z. Odd. Kunis. Oculus. Graduating. Laude. Erica. Adkins. Brice II, Russell. Ishita. Seen. Jamie. Rivas. Amanda. Christine, Woodard. Terry, Lynn. Townsley. Jackson. Thomas, Peterson. Magna. Laude, Bailey, Adam, Bryant. Magna. Laude Derek. Dwight poems. Combe. Lauda Austin. Scott, Daniels. Glen. Edward. Manning. Cox. Thomas. Baron, horse. Laude. Keanu, shell. Durnan. Magna. Laude brittany. Marie, Lavin's. Chase. Ian. Golf. Summa. Laude sarah. Sophie. Carroll. Laude emily, kennedy. Cool. Found. Julian. Marcel's. Johnson. Graduating. Laude, Tereus. Williams. Boom, louder Kaylie. Michelle, Eggbert. Moon. Our. Canoes. Canoes. Suton. Muhammad. S Abu, flame. Abdul. Aziz, Saleh of colloquial. Congratulations. Barton, School of Business bachelors. Graduates, you. May now move your tassels to. The left. At. This time I would like to invite the college of engineering being, dr.. Bowden to the podium. Will candidates, for the bachelors degrees in the College of Engineering please. Come to the stage to. Be individually, recognized. We, are pleased to. Recognize the next. Two. Graduates. We. Are pleased to recognize the next, two graduates. As recipients. Of the. Herald and Melba, Sullivan, award in engineering, this. Award was established in. 1966. In memory. Of mr. HW. Sullivan, and, it's. Given annually, to the. Graduating. Senior, or seniors. Who. Have achieved the, highest grade point average, for, work completed, toward, an engineering, degree, so. The first of the two, Sullivan. Award. Recipients. Graduating. Summa. Laude. Nathan. Allen. England. Also. Receiving the Sullivan, Award and, graduating, summa, laude, Josie. Elizabeth. Ech. Laude page. Elizabeth, Hungate. Melissa. Marie, daily. Laude Christian. Wallace, may. Khun. Lauda Connor. Patrick. Ralph. Come. Lauda, Colton. Robert, Dean, -, vork. Laude william, a, Murdock. Magna. Laude Elliott. Richard, Walker Hemant. Kumar. Ah drew, Arthur. Darsh. Brian. Win. Fam. Danielle. See. MacLean. Laude, Larkin. Sage, Harris. Brandon. Gary, Hildebrand. Mario. Abramov. Oh. Ryan. Ike Bush. Tanner. Black. Come. Lauda Diego. Armando Garcia. Renteria. Steven. Xavier. Velazquez. Perez. Magna. Laude. Alfredo. Maquette. Miguel, fields. Laude Manny. Theory. Ow. Barbosa. Chasni. Adriana. Cesar. Nicholas. Dean. Cook. Magna. Laude Timmy. The trend. Andrew. Van, win. Laude taylor, ray. Haas. Laude, Tyler. Cole. Summa. Laude Jacob. Allen, Everhart. Yang. Kim. Lee. Jonathan. Raymond. Tinto. Casi. El Shaw. Servando. Dominic. Gonzales. Graduating. Laude is, Nicholas, McNeil. Laude Ian, Andrew. Santry. Frederick. Shields. Fair, jr.. Magna. Laude, Jorge. Eduardo. Mosqueda. Espinosa. Summa. Laude. Joe. David. To volt jr.. Magna. Laude. Dennis, Manuel, Sandoval. Magna. Laude, Levi Seth, man. Timer. Ozma. Khan. Jesse. Glen low. Josiah. Avery. Gerardo. Ignacio. Arboleda. Gonzales. Khalid. Al, materi. Laude Francisco. Xavier. Motiti. Nez Arevalo. Umair. Zaman. Magna. Laude Muhammad. Ahmad Mustafa. Site, Arun, Prabhu. Bond. A Megillah. Amber. Lee Fisher. Emilio. Rocha. Graduating. Laude stephen, gong. Laude Conrad. Lee Walter. Knish. Gupta. Bruce. Tom amore. Laude Todd, Anthony, van, der grift jr.. Bhishma. Raja, Karuna. Graduating. Laude Muhammad, Abdul Majeed M vanassa. Laude, al-zubayr. Be, khalifa. Sharif. Abdul. Aziz mitrik. Al-malki. Mota's. Al, rahman. Abdulaziz. Mohamed a. Alpha. Coffee. Omar. Daya Coderre. Saleh, Musleh. All. Majnu. Knee. Fadi, Ayman, Girgis, summa. Laude. Magna. Laude and, Dom. June. We came. Lola. Hola, Guapo, Joshua. Oj. DeAndre. Chad cone. Muhammad, ibrahim. Al. Dakhil. Laude are. From Napoleon, of. Abu. Column. An. F Michael, marrow. Come. Louder, Wilhelmy. Tobias. Tobias. Clary. Clary. Laude Graham, karani, Ambati. Laude, Isaac, ward breath, our. Laude, Jeffrey, W, Hammonds. Magna. Laude Jason. Robert says eski. The. Drew, Christopher. Pearson. Magna. Laude, Brock, Allen, Milford. Laude Zinn. Way, Kuang. Kung. Lao de. Maria. Lucia. Talavera, zurich. Een. Magna. Laude Maria. Alejandra. V. Ellos, Cardenas. Samantha. Taylor, stewards. Magna. Laude, Fatma. A brew. Behrouz. Magna. Laude, Amy, Phoenix. McClain. Abdul. Aziz Awad. Algebra. Summa. Laude Caleb.

Daniel, Ren. Suma. Laude chase, Dwight, Sackett. Laude Carol, Villa front. Alexandra. M Ortiz. He Menace. Fendall, when COC, Lugo. Wahi runo, Musa. Jay Z. Brush. It, Rajput. Tara. Khalid. Magna. Laude, treaty. Tamra. Pearl. Lucas. Addison. Mackey. Magna. Laude, Hein, min. Doan. Graduating. Magna, laude, Dylan, Michael, McAdoo. Magna. Laude michael. Olin. Emo. Laude, Mussina. He. Magna. Laude, Stephen. Kelly, Wiebe. Magna. Laude. Caleb, Arthur, Rettig. Colby. Michael, camp. Maxwell. Robinson. Brant. Jia. Yen Cole. Donna. Chandra, lock Shawn Ruby singer. Marlon. Bala Surya. W. Chin'toka. Fernando. Guy. On kanishka. Silver. Sarika. -. Shanta. Nanda. Kumara. Pure. Gamma gay. Kim's. Win-win. Van. Win. Magna. Laude. Summa. Laude V. Lee. Magna. Laude on. Whoa. Laude, Dow T. Lamb. Magna. Laude, Selena, yet. Win. Laude vu huge, win. Ben. Viet. Win. Come, louder Nia. V2. Summa. Laude thomas. Tram. Abdullah. Al baki seefox. Schwinn. Yi. Li. Farhan. Chowdhury. Laude ryan, dean, night. Summa. Laude, Sawyer, Leon. Krueger, Lesage. Summa. Laude, laura. Audriana's, Sanchez. Paredes. Magna. Laude mark, a war, Hearst. Laude pranaam. Sofia. Prasad. Oliver. Lopez. Laude. Shubham. Bhaskar. Hakurei. Magna. Laude, is. A Hayden kid. Wide. Timothy. Michael. Whose. Air Hameed. De. Shank Patel. Laude Besant, Papa. Laude andrew. Shrestha. Ananya. Yarra. Valley. Laude, Stacia. Elise. Scritch. Field. Whoo. Magna. Laude Sara. M Jones. Magna. Laude hannah, christine. Hyundai. Magna. Laude, Jennifer be Mattar. Tammy. II Dorsey. Magna. Laude jessica. May. Gale. Laude Nicole. Osiris. Ramirez. Summa. Laude, Jacqueline, DM ciao dang. Fatima. Ali, al. Wakil. Sarah. Abdul. Wall head al, cars. Sarah. Muhammad. K. Al-hasa. Come. Louder. Ashwin. Govinda. Raja. Come. Louder Zeeshan, Khan. Magna. Laude william. Edward, marsh. Magna. Laude, fayez. Hammoud. Ali, Whaley. Magna. Laude minh. Chau. Johnson. Vanessa. Tran. Shamon. Mills. Scott. Robert. Farwell. Magna. Laude. Amelia. Nice, sample. Laude. Garrett. Eugene. Wolf. Laude kaitlyn. Janine. Norris. Magna. Laude jessica. Lee Aldrich. Magna. Laude Jacob. Lee Griffith. Magna. Laude, Braden Kyle Stewart. Summa. Laude. Alexandra. Nicole, Dagan. Damian. Jr., Arendt. Magna. Laude, Casey, Marie, Shotwell. Landon. Joseph. Rosemary. William. John. Bachman. Joe. Lauren. Farrago. Laude joshua, logan, chase. S. V. Ramos. Alex. Michael, Haller. Graduating. Laude. Matt. Henkins. Laude. Pratibha. Basnet. Joseph. James, Johnston. The fourth. Magna. Laude, Thuy. V Tran. Wind. Magna. Laude my. Dang. Magna. Laude Samuel. Scott, Raimundo, Schwartz. Binh, Duong, dang. Ding. John Shan. Graduating. Laude Christian. Kenosis, um post, are a. Non, ABBA's. To fall. Ryan. Daniel. Ramsey. Summa. Laude Michael. Aaron, Lee. Jessica. Rose. Kazuki. Taha. Tanner. Worth. Daniel. Justin, Corey Airy. Jalal. Abdullah. Al dookey. Ali, Hassan. A, alali. Amar. Jakub. Algaas. Iam. Rami. Asadi. Graduating. Magna, laude Muhammad. Mustafa, a Al Nasr. Ayman. Abdul. Abdul. Jalil, al. Halal. Hamid. New. Of Salah, al, Muhammed. Magna. Laude, Maria, rice. Courtney. Shanice. Cabral. Jillian. Cheyenne. Steed. Bobby. Mark. Tang, bombshell. Magna. Laude, Brett Isaac, Johnston. Magna. Laude courtney. Diane. Allen. JC. Ashland. Good. Jimmy. Wash cars. Matthew. P. Kuruvilla. Eric. Ryan. Gordon. Purusha. Now, and Jonna, guna. Halacha. Congratulations. College, of engineering, graduates, you, may now move your tassels to. The left. You. May be seated. This. Concludes, the conferring of, the degrees and the recognition of, the candidates. Well, the banner bears please, come to the stage and take your positions, at. This time I would like to invite the president, of Wichita State University, dr.. John Bardo, back to the podium for, a few closing, remarks. Before. We conclude the, ceremony we. Have one more important, group of individuals, to recognize, their. Belief in the success, of the graduates, seated before us today, sustains. One of the great American dreams. Belief. In the importance of education and, to, education. To enhance the quality of life for individuals and. To, effect positive change in, the world here. With us today are those who have dreamed the dream with. Our graduates, spent time with them given. Them encouragement, and provided.

The Support needed to accomplish, this seminal. Life-changing. Goal of. A university, degree. With. The parents, spouses. Partners. Children. Friends. And extended. Family of our graduates, please rise. Graduates. Please recognize, them. Now, I know it's Saturday night but y'all can do better than that. And. Now it's my pleasure to reintroduce Troy, Caleb Jake, and Matt to sing the alma mater and the fight song. A. Martyr, wichita, stands, proudly, under. Sons. And daughters. Bow to the our hearts, with brains, we build. Hail. Alma. Mater. Hail. The grand mantis. Along. With, the yellow. Black. Or. Widget. Are. Mr.. Vegeta. You. To. Eat it all, day. Hey. Laughs I say be triumphant. The. 120th. Spring, commencement ceremony. Is now concluded, please. Remain standing for the recessional.

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