2018 School of Business Undergraduate Ceremony

2018 School of Business Undergraduate Ceremony

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Leading, the academic, procession will be over 800, graduates, of the graduating, class of 2018. They. In turn will be led by two column, marshals. Following. These graduates, will be representatives. Of the, Smith schools illustrious. Faculty, and staff led. By Dean Alexander. J Tree antis and senior associate dean Michael. O ball. Note. That the leaders of each group will be carrying maces, since. The Middle Ages University. Processions, have been preceded, by the carrying, of the mace a symbol, of, the university's, authority, to govern itself and to grant degrees, now. Ladies. And gentlemen please welcome the graduating, class of 2018. You. Please. Rise for the singing of, the national anthem, which. Will be performed, by graduating. Senior, scythe, Shonto. Alum. What. So, proudly. We. Hailed. At. The, twilight's. Last. Rites. And, bright. Stars. Or. The. Ramparts. We watched. Were. So gallantly. Streaming. And. The. Rockets. Red, glare. The. Bombs bursting. In. Air. Gave. Proof. Through. The. Right. That. Our flag was, still there. Oh. Say. Does that. Star-spangled. Banner. Yet. Way. Or. The, last. And of. The free. And. The. Home. Of. The. Brain. Please. Be seated. Presiding. Over these exercises. Is dr. Alexander treant, Asst dean of the Robert H Smith School, of Business. Good. Afternoon graduates, of the class of 2018. Good. Afternoon, family, and friends of the class of 2018. And. Good, afternoon to our distinguished, guests into members of the Smith School faculty, and administration, I. Welcome. You to the commencement of, the Robert, Dave Smith School of Business, so. That together we may honor our graduates, who, have completed the requirements for, The Bachelor of Science degree from. Each. Of us sitting on stage, from. Every teacher who. Taught you and every, staff person, who made your Smith experience, possible, we. Offer a well deserved congratulations. Give yourselves a round of applause. You. Should be proud you've graduated from, one of the preeminent business, schools in the world at. The Smith School the best students, the, best faculty and the most challenging, problems of our, global interconnected. Society, come. Together in, ways that, are transformative. And far-reaching. We. Are a center of collaboration. Innovation. And. Fearless. Ideas. Every. Day Smith, ideas, and Smith people are, moving, beyond labs and lecture halls to. Make a genuine, and positive, impact on our economy our. Society and, our, world, today. You, become. One of those people you will, go out into the world ready, to create value, for your organization's. Live. Lives of meeting and purpose and impress. The heck out of everyone, who meets you. Many. Of you are wearing cords, and multiple stoles today in recognition of your activities, and academic, honors, one.

Such Chord I'd like to point out is rose. Gold in, color and designate. Students, who contributed, to the senior class gift. It. Is a special, person who will give back to their school prior to graduation, and I would like to thank you for your generosity and leadership. If, you're wearing a Smith philanthropy, cord please, stand so that we can recognize you. The. Occasion, of your commencement is a time to, celebrate journeys. To. Celebrate beginnings, and endings. And all the amazing things that happen in between today. We look back on your journey and look. Forward to, your future. Some. Members of the platform party will be introduced, as the program proceeds, at this, time I would like to introduce other, platform. Participants. Please. Hold your applause until everyone. Has, been introduced. Reach. An Ellen fish member. Of the University, System of Maryland Board, of Regents. Professor. Ritu, Agarwal, senior. Associate, dean of research and, strategic initiatives. Chris. Dax assistant. Dean of development, and alumni relations. Patricia, reich assistant. Dean of career services. Zachary. Israel president. Smith, undergraduate. Student, association. Professor. Michael foo, chairperson. Of decision, operations. And information technologies. Professor. David goddess, chairperson. Of marketing. Professor. Kurt grimm chairperson. Of logistics, business, and public policy. Professor. Stephen, Heston, representing. Professor proble a chairperson of Finance. Professor. David Kirsch representing. Professor K Bartol, chairperson. Of management, and organization. Professor. Martin Loeb, chairperson. Of accounting, and information. Assurance. This. Platform is, not large enough to contain all, who have played an important, role in making this day possible in. This, regard a special, debt of gratitude is, owed, to the outstanding faculty at, College. Park and the Robert H Smith School of Business and, to, the dedicated staff who have given so much of themselves to. The graduates. Also. At this time we respectively, request that, all attendees. Remain, seated throughout the entire ceremony in order, to provide full recognition to. All graduates. Let's. Begin by hearing from a member of the class of 2018. Dr.. Michael ball senior, associate dean will. Now introduce our, student speaker I. Am. Now pleased, to introduce our, student speaker Cheri, Levine, who. Is graduating with, a Bachelor, of Science in finance and a, Bachelor of Science in, Information, Systems, sherry. Participated. In two of the most prestigious, academic, experiences. Offered, by the Smith School, she. Served as cohort, representative. In the quest Honors Program which. Brings together students. From Smith with, students from engineering, and computer, science to work, on interdisciplinary. Projects. She. Also she. Was also an, equity analyst, with the student-led, lemma, senbet, fund one. Of 12 students, who manages, this, $1,000,000.

University. Endowment, fund. Sherry. Was also a fearless, leader during. Her time with the Smith School as. President, of her sorority Sigma. Delta Tau she. Planned events, and programs and. Facilitated. Board meetings, as. President. Of the operations. And business analytics, society, she, collaborated, with faculty, to create extracurricular. Experiences. For, her fellow students. Despite. Her. Lunging academic, schedule sherry, also, took advantage of, the, Global Opportunities Smith. Offers, she. Spent a semester abroad, at Picone University. In Milan Italy and. Participated. In a global immersion program, to. Dubai in Hong Kong a. Prawn. Graduation. Sherry, will join JPMorgan. As an investment, banking, analyst, in their, diversified, industries, group, in New York please. Join me in welcoming, sherry, Lavine. Thank. You dr. ball for the kind introduction, I am truly honored to be up here today. Thank. You to our Smith School professors. Administrators. Staff. Smith. Peers. Friends. And families. Who. Have supported us in our collegiate endeavors, to my. Fellow Smith, school class of 2018. Graduates. Congratulations. On reaching this milestone and. Being here today. Congratulations. On, the classes you chose to attend the. Individual, papers you wrote the. Group presentations. You gave the. Online simulations. You completed. The. Organizations, you joined the, organizations, that you led and the, friendships, and connections you, made. Congratulations. On reaching commencement. Commencement. This. Is our commencement, ceremony. Commencement. Signifies, beginning. Though. We are here to celebrate celebrate, our graduation, and undergraduate, accomplishments. Our purpose, is not to focus on our departure from the Smith school. Rather. We, are here to embrace the beginning of the next period of our lives which. Has been enhanced, by our undergraduate. Education, at the Smith School as. I. Begin addressing the opportunities, that Smith gave me to, begin my next chapter, I thought. Of my first BM GT course introduction. To the business value chain where. I worked on my first college, team project, I, thought. Of the first club in the business school I joined for. Me it was the accounting and Business Association. I. Thought. Of experiences, that many of us share. Joining. One of the honors programs, enrolling. In fellows, leading. A Smith organization. Becoming. A TA. Walking. To the employer of the day table just to get donuts or chick-fil-a. Visiting. Classes in which we may not have been enrolled just, to see our peers. Joining. A business fraternity. Adding. On a second, major changing. Majors reverting. Back to our original majors, and, pretending. To frequently, need advising, assistance, just to visit the academic, advising staff. May, be that last one that's just me. And I've realized, that these experiences, within, the Smith School have. Given each of us the opportunity, to, become our own Smith's. Smith's. Come in many forms. Traditional. Smiths include, blacksmiths, Goldsmith's. Locksmiths. Tunesmith. Swordsmith's, and our, Maryland state desert the Smith Island cake a. Smith. Just, like a craftsman, is one, who creates, or performs, with, skill, or dexterity. The. Smith School has inspired each of us to, become our own Smith's, in the areas in which we are most interested. We. Have each studied, for hundreds of hours to improve our skills in our select.

Majors. We. Have utilized our teachings, from BMG tea 367. In our interview processes. We've. Exercised, our acquired knowledge through. Internships, and hands-on, projects. We. Have attended Smith sponsored, corporate events to determine our, ideal career paths and, now. We've. Reached the beginning of the next chapter of our lives where. Each of us may. Elect to create, or perform with, skill, in our respective fields. Some. Of us may become audit Smith's performing. Successfully, at an accounting firm, others. May become startup Smith's utilizing. Knowledge from management and entrepreneurship. Courses to, generate outstanding. Businesses. We. Have wallstreet Smith's consulting. Smith's system. Smith's and marketing. Smith's, we've. Each become calculator Smith's through our first finance course. We've, become professional, writing Smith's Excel. Smith's and free food Smith's. Each. Of us have, been given the opportunity through. The Smith School to explore the skills and information we, wish to take with us into, the next stages, of our lives. We. Are not here to celebrate our departure from Smith, we're. Here to celebrate our new beginnings, which. Have been enhanced and shaped by, our undergraduate. Experiences. At Smith as, we. Enter our next beginnings. The next stages of life we. Will each exemplify. The Smith Schools teachings, through, the Smiths we have become as undergraduates. Congratulations. To the Smith school class of 2018. Thank. You. Thank. You so much sherry that did break the world's record for both Smith's in five. Minutes. What. Is my great pleasure to welcome today's, commencement, speaker. Dana, Bert's Kovan who, is a group managing, director, and head of human resources for. Global. Wealth Management, at, UBS a global, financial services, company. Dana. Is a proud, Terp with, an undergraduate, degree from the University of Maryland and has, had an enormous Lee impressive, career her. Energy, drive. And relentless, focus have, her have earned her the name hurricane. Dana. Dana. Has been champion, for employees, throughout, her career as part. Of two large-scale mergers, in the industry. Credit, Suisse Donaldson. Lufkin & Jenrette and, Morgan. Stanley Smith, Barney she. Played a critical role in the integration, efforts, championing. What was best for employees, on both. Sides of the mergers. At. UBS Dana, developed, and led the rollout of the most generous, and progressive, employee, policies. In the industry, including. Caregiver. Caregiver.

Paid Leave paid. Elder, care leave and personal. Coaching for new parents and their managers. Dana. Also championed, the design and rollout of the, innovative, career, comeback program, at UBS, the. Program, offered, women who, had taken a career break to raise children a 20-week. Paid internship. Followed. By placement, into a permanent role when. They were ready to re-enter the workforce. UBS. Received, more than 1,200, applications. To, fill the inaugural, cohort in. Her. Passion, for people and workplace, excellence. Dana, represents. The best of what a high-level executive, can be I can. Think of no finer role model as you, begin. Your career journeys, please, join me now in welcoming Dean, of RIT's Govan. Thank. You Alex for your kind words, good, evening faculty. Friends and family, and, congratulations. To the class of 2018, on this, major life, accomplishment. Thank. You for having me I'm truly, honored and, humbled to be with you tonight and when. I was asked to speak tonight I thought a lot about what to cover and I, wanted to talk about a topic that gave you ideas that, you could apply as you started your lives in the business world in fact. I wish someone had covered the topic with me 25, years ago when, I started out in my career the. Topic, that I want to talk about is leadership. It's. Safe to assume that, each of you wants to build a career that you're proud of and, having. The right leadership, skills and is an essential, component to doing just that but. Before I talk about leadership, let me tell you a little bit about me I did. Graduate from this fine institution in, 1993. I do, fear that you're doing the math right now to calculate how old I am, but. I hope that at least a few of you are saying wow she looks okay for her age I. Remember. Years ago sitting, right in your seat I didn't. Know what I wanted to do or, what kind of a career I wanted to have but. I've been incredibly fortunate, to be, in the center of some of the largest and most complex. Business. Ventures, and transactions. In the industry, but. I've been even more fortunate to, learn a lot about people perhaps. Even too much I've. Seen a lot in 25, years I've, worked through market, crashes, and I've, watched employees. Make, choices, that were detrimental. To their careers, but. I've also met, outstanding. Leaders, leaders. Who were compassionate, and thoughtful, and driven, and leaders. Who took a deep personal, interest in developing. Other people, leaders. Who showed me what being a great leader looks like and I wanted to share with you some. Of the lessons that I've learned over the years but. Let me start by addressing, whether leaders. Born or made and I, have no doubt in my mind that leadership. Can be taught and, we. Have an amazing, program at UBS, called, leading the future where, we do just that we. Teach people about leadership, and it's had a profound, impact on me, even, as a facilitator, for the program so, I wanted to share with you three, concepts, from that program three. Of many in it because. If you want to experience personal, growth and, differentiate. Yourself, as a great leader you will, apply these three concepts, so. First, leadership. Is about altering, what people think is possible, and right by. Understanding their, worldviews. -. Leaders. Think listen. And speak differently, than, other people do and three leaders. Speak, respectfully about, the past. Realistically. About the present, and, optimistically. About the future so let's, explore these a little bit, starting. With the first, leadership. Is about altering, what people think is possible, and right by understanding their, worldviews. Leadership. Is not I repeat, is not about where you sit in an organizational. Chart or how, many people report into you, leadership. Is truly, about your ability, to influence how other people see things and sometimes. You'll find and, I'm sure you have already that people will resist change, but. The problem is we oftentimes fail, to ask why why.

Are They resisting, the change they might resist the change even. If they think it's the right decision because, they think it's not possible. Frequently. You'll, hear comments like we don't have the time or the, resources or. The expertise, to get that done it's not possible. Or. They. May resist because they don't think it's the right decision it's. A bad idea you'll hear it's a bad business decision, we. Need to deal with both kinds of resistance, and as leaders, you. Can change as I said what, people think is possible, and right by understanding their world views, so what our world views, world. Views are shaped by our life. Our, life events, how our families, live the relationships. That we have with, our friends with our parents, are traveling, of course our education. We. Form rules and stories, based on all of this and it, helps to shape what we think is possible and write all, of those experience, do just that, so, in order to change or even, understand. A, person's. Worldview you need to realize a couple of things number one we, all have them you have them and I have them and again they're all based on our past experiences. Number. Two we, firmly believe they're, right they. Are our reality. And number. Three we surround, ourselves with people that reinforce, that they're right and we, call them friends because. That's what friends do if business. Is all about relationships the, more you know about the people around you as you go into the business world and their. Experiences. Thus their world views the. More you can influence them I say it all the time we. Hire employees, at organizations, yet human beings show up instead, let. Me give you an example of something happened with my own team I was, working really closely with management, as we were changing the business focused. And as you change a business focus often times you, have to redesign the compensation. Plans and the, organizational. Structure clearly. It was a massive, effort for my team which I was incredibly, excited about when. I excitedly, brought this news back to my team I. Was, met with major resistance Alex perhaps this is where Hurricane Dana came from, after. A few days of friction, I went back to my team and I, took my own advice and I asked them why why. Were they resisting, this change I asked, them if they thought the proposed, change, was. The wrong business decision, or if they just didn't think it was possible and, what they explained, to me was, while they understood, the business decision, and they actually thought it was the right one it made sense to them that, based on past experiences.

They. Didn't believe it was possible given the timeframe so the team's behavior, was driven by their worldview, from past experience, after, I was able to understand, that world view I was, able to address the issue get. Them the resources that they needed and the, power of understanding worldviews. Allowed. Us to execute, collectively. As a team so now let's shift to the second concept, leaders. Think listen. And speak differently, than other people do let's. Start with how they think when. A leader here's, a new idea or a concept they. Resist, the impulse to, apply their own personal, worldview, they. Keep an open mind and they, employ would all call possibility. Thinking a great. Example of possibility, thinking is one. That I saw during one of the mergers that I was involved in it, was a small group of us that were brought under the tent and told, about the merger and this. Was a huge, endeavor, there. Were major differences, in the cultures large. Financial, risk massive. Integration, efforts, not, to mention there absolutely, would, be short-term business disruption, some. Brought under the tent thought, that it was a bad idea they, focused, on the negative the. Disruption, the potential, loss of jobs while some, employed. Possibility. Thinking they. Thought about the synergies, that could be realized what were the business opportunities. That lay ahead and what. Were the best practices of, the two legacy, firms that we could bring together into, one the. Latter group was thinking like leaders, they, were excited, by the change and they spent their energy and creativity. On solutions. So. That's how leaders think differently, how, do leaders listen differently you. Guessed it it's possibility. Listening, people. Listen in one of many ways but. A few are action, and evaluation. Or possibility. Listening, in evaluation. And action, listening, you're, listening, to quickly determine, whether something is right or wrong useful. Or not useful at. But. The problem, is as you're evaluating that listening, if you, deem it wrong or not useful you. Immediately, stop listening, because you've tuned it out conversely. If you deem it right or possible. You, kick into action and, you're automatically. Thinking about who will do what and when and again. You've, stopped listening. Both evaluative, and action, listening, are very. Common, and very valuable in, both education, and in, business. We. All have responsibilities. Assignments. And the Associated, deliverables, but, good leaders resist doing this until, it is actually time to evaluate or. Time to take action that. Last mode of the listening the one I mentioned before and, the one that good leaders consistently. Embrace is possibility.

Listening, So. With possibility. Listening, you're listening, openly, you're, listening, to learn out of curiosity. And most importantly, you're. Listening, and you suspend, prejudgment. It's. Really, hard to do this but. It is so valuable and, valuable, to you in both business and in, your personal lives, last. On the topic of leaders, think listen, and speak differently, is. How leaders speak differently, there's. Two different kinds of speaking they're speaking for and they're, speaking about and leaders, speak, for, ideas. And people that they believe in the, big difference in speaking, for has advocacy. It's, with passion, and it's personal. Speaking. About on the other hand is simply, reporting the facts it's the information so. I'll give you an example if I, go to a business meeting and I want you to meet my colleague, mark mark. Has been at UBS for 15 years as the head of strategy before, that mark worked for Morgan Stanley for, nine years in both their finance and Treasury Department, in this, example I'm speaking about mark it's, just the facts so. Now I'll speak for Mark I want. To introduce you to my partner mark I've had. The pleasure of working with Mark for, the last four out of his 15-year career where. He's had tremendous success. In strategic. Marketing, in Klein, analytics, and a major impact, on influencing. Our operating model while. I've only had the pleasure of working with Mark for the last four years he. Has absolutely, lived up to his reputation in, the industry of, being, one of the most creative. Dedicated. And execution. Oriented, executives, I know does. It sound different, when. I speak for mark, it's, personal it shows, my appreciation. For his commitment, with. Passion, as his advocate, so. That's how a leader speaks, and. Finally. The, last of the three concepts, leaders. Speak respectfully about. The past. Realistically. About the present and optimistically. About the future many. Of us do one or two of these things well but, it's really important, to do all three so, let's start with the past whether you're starting a new job or a new role in an organization you can't walk in and say what's wrong it's, important, to respect your predecessors. And the processes in place as many. Of the people that helped to build those processes. Are still there and you'll, insult them with your criticism, I've, seen so many new managers, walk, into a new role and talk, about the mess that they've inherited it. Turns people off and good, leaders don't do it next. On being realistic about the present, and optimistic. About the future I once. Had a colleague who was the head of operations and, he wanted to do a town hall for. His thousands, of operations, staff it. Was a well-known fact, among his team that the technology. And the processes, needed an overhaul his. People were really frustrated and he, wanted to get them excited about the changes, ahead that he had worked really hard to. Put in place for them, he. Was hugely, optimistic about, the pending changes but. He didn't speak realistically. About the current issues he, didn't acknowledge or, address their frustration. And he lost the crowd he. Lost the opportunity, to show them that he was grounded, in realism, it. Was very difficult for him to recover to get them excited about what. Was exciting ahead, so. Those are the three concepts, around leadership and. I know I've thrown a lot at you so, here's what I need you to remember as you go out into the world number, one leadership. Is about altering what other people, think is possible, and right by, understanding, their world views, two. Leaders. Think listen, and speak differently than other people do and number. Three, leaders. Speak respectfully about, the past. Realistically. About the present and optimistically. About the future and I, firmly believe, that, leadership can be taught and if you employ some of these tactics you, will be a better leader and a better person, and please, remember leadership.

Is Not where you sit on an organizational. Chart it, is never too early to, start acting like a leader you. Can always think and listen. For new possibilities and, people's. Behavior, does make sense given. Their world views and remember. To speak for what you believe in and on, doubting yourself and I, often do you're not alone in the, words of a University, of Maryland, alumni, Larry David, who's, had an amazingly, good career, he once said I have reservations. About everything, I do thank. You for having me here congratulations. To you good, luck in your careers, and on becoming great leaders go Terps. Thank. You so much data for these inspirational. Words to, our fearless. Leaders, of the future, to. Give you a small token of appreciation. As. Dr.. Victor Mullins associate. Dean of undergraduate, programs, will present the class of 2018. Graduates, will. The candidates, please rise. Dean. Tree entus I'm. Very pleased to present to you the. Graduates. Dean. Mullins, I am honored to recognize these, graduates, who, successfully, completed. All requirements. For The Bachelor of Science, degree. We. Will now recognize graduates, who are members of my four party. Say. Shantou, a love double. Major in information systems, in accounting, graduating. Laude. Sherry. Labine double. Degree in finance, and information systems. Graduating. Magna, laude. We'll. All other graduates, please remain seated until directed. To the platform, to receive our, congratulations. The. Following students, are accounting. Majors. Anthony. Taylor. Johnnie. Castro. Sanger. Raymundo. Danny. Chacon. Pamela. Gonzales. Murugan. Loretta. Tacky. Kyle. Pet. Tyo. Mussoorie. Animal. Oniy to Loudon. Young. Colleague. Mark. Mao. Devon. Thrasher. Arriba. Aslam. Allen. Bellisario. Nardo's. Kizuna. Bethlehem. Man gasp - Amon. I see. Christina. Lo. Que. Flu -, Danny. Matthew. Martin. Ian. Miller. Gregory. Leonhardt. Christian. Dago's. Chi. One. Each, in. Ian. Monroe. Zachary. Risk Fleur. See. Chat huh. Patrick. Jackson. Lot. Out of South video. Dania. Valencia. Kevin. Parks. Sarah. Or weeds. Alexandra. Poor goes. D. Lang. Erica. McBride. Maxwell. Auerbach. Andrew. Kim. Robert. Lewis. Anastasio. Romero. Sydney. Juhi. Andrew. Chun. Thomas. Crying. Charles. Chomp. My. Hair Hussein. Makes. It mom. Connie. Pan. Jonathan. Lee magna. Laude. Michael. Knew. Sean. Come. Calvin. Tried. Verónica. Novoa. James. Scaletta. Kendra. Patrick. Kyle. Carly. Tiffani. Tran, Kim. Jaclyn. Cannell. Alexis. Calvin. Ciao. Joseph. Prop. Donna. Bethell dolor. John. Neil. Cavuto. Soo. Ji kim. Yong-pan. Chiandra. Tinto. Might. Go forward. Roba. Neon. II drama. Mom, Seiji, ozawa. Laude. Tori. Bish's. Lothario. Soglin. Bryant. Bowen. Shane. Bauer. Dora. Jose. Chavez, Torres. Absolutely. Good. Guess. Claudine. No. Nicholas. Reid. Salameh. Width tamarind. Channel. Brandon's. Going. Hey. Jacob. Curtis. Stuff. Daniel. Brother. Oh Lydia, Sandler. Heather. Madigan. Jessica. Martin. Sydney. Kovac, magna. Laude. Keaton. Jacob. Matthew. Creager. Christina. Bassel. Gabrielle. Matthew. Not. Samuel. Ford. Thomas. Flip says. Fernando. Fernandez. Jew. Turret. Francesca. Vaughan. Alvaro. How. Qian. Andres. Medina. Fun. Big Wang. Lena, tray, war. Diego. To you now. Shawn. Men live. Jennifer. Miller Department, of toll honors. Alison. Reznikov, magna, laude in. Tinsel. Shall. Elude. Lynch. And. Manglu. She. Nina. Lane. Lauren. Nathalie. Laude. Samantha. Makris. And. Earth Kivar, to laude. Miranda. Boo Donald. Gabrielle. Darker. Seth. Toes. Here. Champion. Calvin. Cam. Jamie. Clots, back. Kevin. Barthélemy, inany. Karen's. Alya. Veronica. Beltran. Karolina. Cuates. Vanessa. Montillo. Bread. That Torres. Sandra. Thomas. Taisiya. Krilova. Jalen. Cook. Elizabeth. Hale Shire. Juliana. Presley. Press, South ski. Luke. Farrell. Michaela, McKay. Joshua. Singh, shin-soo. Victoria. Tata. Hitachi. Sarah, tested magna. Laude. Allison. Her skin is. Allison. Conde. Hunter-stevens. To, everybody. Kristina. O'Connell. GE. Wilson. Ryan. Braun. Connor. Hands. Gaetano. Liberty. Joseph. Ness, Catelli.

Zachary. Cracksmen. Nobby. Obrecht. Jim. Quinn. Shelly. HN. Sarah. No. Jonathan. Chang, departmental. Honors. Jacob. Grimm. Shin-bi. Cheese. Yewon. Young-hee, Jean Quan. Shin. Young. Shan. Shan wah. Catherine. Separate, departmental. Honors. Camille. Nelson. Jasmine. Samuel. Mallory. Kevin. Junk. Erica. Shields. Maruyama. School, a day. The. Following students. Are information. Systems, majors. Nicholas. Ross. Samantha. Levy. May. Cow. Sean. Daniels - love it. John. Doe. Brittany. Or. Nicholas. Tabler. Julian. Rocha. Magna. Laude. Nicoise, Samia. Charmaine. Qureshi. A, mere. Group unnie. Chelsea. Edwards, departmental. Honors. Thomas. Panto. Kevin. Lopez. Foreman. Collet. Koh-sama. Naive. Scott. Motika. Jana. Ding. Jimmy. Kaitlyn. More. Ruth. Dudley. Sherita. Ray. Trend. II. Actually. Douglas. Tom. G. Mandy. Somaly. Patrick. Lynn. Zakia. Randall. At. Adichie. Adebayo. Marcus. Washington. Amaya. Jabbar. Quentin. Kent. Now. Be Bustani. Joseph. Perdón. Van. With. Stone. Janet. Jasmine. Jew. Brianna, Williams. James. Wong. Who. Dey misra. Hutchison. Kayla. Supre. Shannon. Issue moto. Okay. Malhotra. Liam. Xinchang. Tweet. Ron. Mohammed. Jaya. Emily. Yeah, summa. Laude. Namita. Ramakrishna. Magnet. To loving. Daniel. Battle. Reema, Cavani. Are. You aunt, are. Z. Mutasa. The. Following students, are operations. Management, and business analytics. Nature. Can. Turn Mackey. Lavanya. Teaberry. Alia. Abdelkader. Jacob. King. Tiffany. Momentum. A. Brendan. Cox. Samuel. Panitch. Joshua. Backman. Brianna. Cobell. Madeline. Clark. Addie. And Armbruster. Madison. Tegan. Elias. You simply, say. Miranda. Myers. Theresa. M'kay. Knew. It. Anthony. Flu. Stephen. Heinz and. Unlawfulness. Pleiku. Win. The. Following students are marketing, majors. Brian. Jacob. Grant. Quan. Pear, Munez. Christopher. Fanus. Oh. He. Looked, up he. Shad, day. Julia. Katara. Chloe. Bourbon, - laude. Even. Poison. Departmental. Honors summa. Laude. David. Clots. Jordan. Reese. Abigail. Mariah. Bokun. Cheyenne. Bartolome. Olga. Sickened. Over. And, rue, de. Michael. Maxwell. Silverman. Madeleine. Owens. JC. Aisel. Shana. Itches. As. Stephanie Elena. Sandoval. Kevin. Lopez. Christian. Machado. Fantastic. Maurice. 9. Ryan. Friedman. Eric. Young. Amanda. Ferreira. Roger. Toe. Caroline. Summers. Melissa. Cascada. Vivian. Mendoza. Desiree. Neck road. Matthew. De Sousa. Daniel. Shacho. Michael. Luciano. Keon, Haddad. Alexander. Davidson. Amy. Gil departmental. Honors. Eric. Lyman. Emily. Banco. Diandra. Jones. Katie. Daugherty. Magna. Laude. Rebecca. Freedman. Rebecca. Leone. Colleen. D'Acampo. Andrew. Shapiro. ELISA. Dome at. Morgan. Free. Alison. Lieberman. Jordan. Goldberg. Madison. Tippet. Emily. Jacobs. Pile. Ashley. Cavanaugh. Bridget. Campion. Robert. Neal. Emerald. Brandon. Show. Daniel. Ganton. Hallelu. Departmental. Honors summa. Laude. Patrick. Brazeau. Thomas. Clark. Gary. Coons, Ellie. Katherine. Harris. Shayla. Coos. Alexis. Gord, Sookie. Eric. Higgins. Brett. Panitch. Oh. Phillip. Becker. Alexandra. Noise. Alright, Jared, nothing. Cornelius. Griffith. David. Turns up. Jay-bez. Seth, Durant, Mitchell. Vito, balloon. Alexis. Stone. Marina. Gonzales. Marcello. Chavarria. Just. Meaning Mackerras. John. Franco, Vega. Louis. Gomez. Laughs, Romina. Ryan. And Satsuki. Kyle. Lopez. Rebecca. Trujillo. Gearheart. Elizabeth. Cocoa bean. Caroline. Grover. Theodore. Harris, Cabana. Brianna. Polina. Sarah. Follow. Claire. Linton. Shwetha. Ayesha. Departmental. Honors. Laude. Melissa. Filmin. Charlotte. Lee cool, Amman Jordan. Steiner. Jacob. Hughes. Nicholas. Show. Nicholas. Garner. Catherine. Simona. Thank, You. Daniel. Jenkins. Caitlin. Nachos. Hisham. To love it. GIH. GIH. A. Food. Truck. Grace. Young, magna. Laude.

Tarsal. Oh Torres. Ryan. Bad, news. I said. Aditya. The, following, students, are finance, majors. Nan. De l'année. Jonah. Panikkar summa. Laude. Gregory. Bell departmental. Honors. Nandini. Chaudhary. Johnson. Lo. Mustafa. Outside. Patrick. Coughlin. Elijah. Richardson. Desmond. Morrison. John. Horseman. Carlini. Are muzaka. Samantha. Booty. No. Natalie. Wilberth, commodity. You. Jo-jo. Drew. Huskily. Gerardo. Espinosa. Mika's. Fieldman, come. On a. Jeremy. Hikind. Daniel. Katsuyama. Navon. Ho summa. Laude. Paolo. Robotics. Magna. Laude. Brett. Way, to Meyer. Kenneth. Roosevelt. Judge. Kondeh, Li Shu ku na. Patrick. Similarly, come on. I will. Cheer, it timer. Period, I see. Adam. Harrison. Charlena. John. Jacob. Padrone ski. Kyle. Brown departmental. Honors summa. Laude. David. Mizell, ski. Departmental. Honors magna. Laude. Jamie. Grosser. Michael. Do, laude. Joseph. Carter le summa, laude. Daniel. Catherine. Gugliotta. Alexandra. Below, Co. Keith. Vasconcelos. Chad. Cruising. Michael. Whew. Harry. Gordon. On. Couch. Munch on de. Grâce. And Boozer. Jason. Perez. Robert. Emmet. Donna. For, easly. Yoon. Time. Julia. Madson. Madeline. Magna. Laude. Melissa. Laura meds departmental. Honors magna. Laude. Switzer. Ammar. To ascend. Daniel. Martinez. Anthony. Ventura. Shawn. Rosco. Alexander. Lowenthal. Jordan. Comfort. Daniel. Material. I'm. Lee. Taylor. Yeoman. Philipp. Lahm. Leticia. Flores. Kayla. Zeus. Justin. Lira. Joseph. Maloney. Melissa, scarred, star, magna. Laude. Jory. Shearer. Reed. Smith. Dylan's, vo. Joshua. Rich. Timothy. Dog. And rebirth. George. Lee. Laude. Alejandra. Smith-, c'mon babe. Daniel. Marzullo. Lena. Bauer. Rachel. Denton, come out a. Raymond. Collins. Daniel. Jenkins. Thomas. For long. Brian. Fick. Virginia. Sangster. Laude. Tory, Bogaerts. Kimberly. Livingstone. William. Chappell. Stephen. Seraphin. Trevor. Janoski. Rachelsanders. Lindsay. So much. Sam. Fight al. Noah. Ships come out a. Slowly. Shelter. Don't. Be smellin. Brittany. Royce. Allison. Grinspoon. Ronald. Ola. Ethan. Side. Kimberly. Johnson. Isabella. Calendar. Sofia. Quinn's all. Eleni. Bootsy, Kara's. Agostino. Gary. Matthew. Cooter minute. Nikhil. Terroir. Gabriel. De Castro's. Michael. Ronaldo. 19:19. Calendars. Car. Submarine. Lance, Tiana. Nikita. - money. Amy. Andrew. Creighton. Catherine. O'Reilly. Nathaniel. Zumba. Matthew. The treaty's. Zuri's. Dow. Michaels. On. Scott. Lost over. Jordan. Lee Lewis. Eva. Chen. Evan. Superman. Jeremy. Sabri o. Arjun. Kumar. Christopher. Alan. Jarrett. Lipchitz. Chandler. Kennel. John. Radcliffe. Martin. Gonzalez. John. Spies. Marshall. Miller. Jeffrey. Nam. Adam. Silver. Jeremy. Peterson. Nate, Adams. Coverage. Estar Yazdi. Hornet, Richardson. Hi-yah. He. Went long. Giu.

Stewart. Crayons, departmental. Honors. It's departmental, honors magna. Laude. Daniel, Rodriguez. Emily. For CEO. James. Brett. Sam. Ivan. Alone. Assures, Ogden. Jake. Steinberg. Brenner. London. Michael, zabrowski. Joseph. Furman. Jessie, find out. Jeremy. Liz come on eh. Barbossa. Claire, witness. Arielle. Oppenheimer. Emilie. Legrand. Laude. Emily. Morris. Claire. Devon a departmental. Honors. I borrow. Me. Monica. Lawrence. Morgan. She'll go. Tory. Vino. Catherine. Myers. Laura. Wonderlic, departmental. Honors. Kelsey. Ford's, laude. Jamie. Palmer. Laude. Alejandro. Loras. Adam. East. Joshua. Caldwell. Stephen. Long. Benjamin. Brown. Trevor. Ferrara. Connor. Kota bonded. Michael. Or Astana. Connor. Stieglitz. Shane. Cassidy. Laude. Jacob. Karl. Take. A look. Bread. Fond magna. Laude. Thomas. Berrien. Michael. Crooks. Christopher. Meyer. Harder, Schaefer. We. -. Let me help somebody. Matthew. Brennan. And, her Miller. Scott. Ritter. Matthew. Shaky. Jourdan. Dunn. Allen. Brianna. Keilar. Me. Meno. EMT. Aaron. Newman. Jacob. Weiss. Johnny. Strickland. Brittany, Anderson. Tatiana. Simba's. Just. As Stanton. See. Marry. Andrew. Kenan. Dealer. Does. Sanger. Molly. And, there's normal. Natalie. Tran. Jordan. Art. Serena. Car, Ianto. Alexandra. Molly. Gabrielle. Nash. Michelle. Chao. Kristy. Power. Surround. Busy, why Oh. Lucy. Who. Sara. The guitar. Since. The Aegina. Taylor. Blair. Christina. Paris. Laude. Alexa. Kudrow. Christina. Ditto. Jennifer. Crimes. Nadia. Kuji-shi. Wow. Here, Tran. Patrick, Kelly. Brandon. Longest. Chase. Taylor. Diljohn. Melanie. Tyler. Brandon. Now. Folks getaway Mariana. Christian. Olsen. Reshoot. To charity. Rachel. Martin. Alexandra, Romano. Caitlin. Daniel. Chase. Michael. Grip Oh. Michael. Brent. The. Following, students, are international business. Majors. Joseph. Tippecanoe. To. One Union. Felicia. Ow. Tina. Anika, Cotter. Tomas. Reinhart. David. Laury. Michelle. Young. John. Rose. Samuel. Breck towel. Monica. Liddell. Aleksey. House. Isaac. Hembree. John. Bada furred. Jason. Oaks. Luke, Feldman. Not. Quit move. Hi. Son. Monica. Sir forget. Jasmine, Brown. Rockport. Jakub. Beach departmental. Honors magna. Training, new year. New. Year new you. Caleb. Jareau. See, ya. The, following, students, are management, majors. Entrepreneurship. Track. 1. Ody. Neasha Johnstone. Richard. Now. Us men. Congratulate. Topsham, shoot, clap. Joseph. Gregory. Eric. You. Jacob. Gallagher. Surely. You said name. Jab. Me tower. Zanny. Do. Jack, Rowley headland. Currently. Mommy. Ashton. Trevino magna. Laude. Christina. Rivera. Carrots. And tutti. Audrey. Wine. Spencer. Track. Jonnie, Cristo. Michael. Sheehan. Ryan. For Tula. Andrews, ago. Brandon. Crawford. Jonathan. Johnson. Eric. Chandi, are, Christian. Are to India. Jeanne. Sauvé. Meet. And. Do, we Sunday. No. We had. Okay. One. More time let, us congratulate, today's, graduates. Graduates. Of the Robert H Smith School of Business it has been a real pleasure to share this special day with you, my. Congratulations, to each of you on the accomplishments that have led to this day, we. Also honor, the people who supported, you who, believed, in you and who. In many cases paid. For you the, parents, of the class of 2018. It. Is with great, hope and optimism, that we at the Smith school send you out into the world I am. Certain that you will leave lead. Diverse, and accomplished, lives I know. You are happy to have your classes, behind you but. This, may be the end of college it is certainly not the end of learning as, you. Continue, to learn I hope you will share your, knowledge your. Insights, and your experience, with us and I. Hope that your life will lead you back to this learning community to. Mentor, students to, serve on a committee to. Speak to a club or to continue your education. Graduation. Is a significant. Achievement made, possible, by. Your own hard work but. Also by the support, of your friends and family members, and as. You graduate, I also, offer to you the Smith schools encouragement. And support. Take. Advantage of our alumni networking, opportunities, as you pursue, your careers stay. In touch with us and we. Will stay in touch with you the. Alumni Relations Office. Is even now checking. Your addresses, and the spelling of your last names, we. Hope you have a long and mutually beneficial, relationship. With, the Smith school. Every. Member of the Smith community is very proud of your achievements, we. Wish you well on the journey ahead and I. Look forward to hearing many good reports, of your, successes, in the years to come. Congratulations. I wish, you all the best.

We'll, Graduates, and guests please remain seated until the faculty has recessed, after. The faculty has recessed, graduates, are asked to please exit, the arena by any of the stairways, from the floor thank. You and have a great evening.

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