2018 Luxury Lifestyle And Travel Business Opportunity

2018 Luxury Lifestyle And Travel Business Opportunity

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I'm, reminded. Of a great quote by st. Augustine which, says life, is a book and those, who do not travel read, only one page. Super. Quote very, true, me. Personally I am fortunate, to be well-traveled, I've. Stepped foot on six continents visited. Many, amazing, countries, and done. Things I will remember, forever. So. What, hooked me on good life, it's. The opportunity. To actually travel, at cost. Save. Money every, day and. Make. Money all. At the same time in fact. Paying. Retail, again once. You see this is simply. Nuts, and. I'm. Going, to show you that. It's not too late to start, living the good life starting. Today. Let's. Continue with, an easy question. So. Why aren't you living the good life. Simple. The. Two most popular answers, are one. It's too, expensive, and, too. Too. Little time. You. Have little, extra money and even. Less time. So. What can you do about it. Well. Today, we, are going to write this, wrong, there. Are no, more excuses the. Answer is here. Why. Do I say this well, we all look for discounts, and, we. All want to be first, in or, at the front of something. Big, huge. Really, this. Is what good life is the. Opportunity. Should. You recognize, it is right. In front of you. So. What. Is good life. Good. Life is a private, members-only, travel. And lifestyle, benefits, club, now. What does that mean, what. It means is you get, access to, deals, unavailable. To the general, public and. Big. And here life. Changing, income opportunities. Now. I know you want to skip directly to the life changing part but. At least hear, me out first, on the. Benefits, what. Are they all about let's. Talk about what membership, to good life really. Means. Membership. To good life means, just, that living. The good life, let's. Start with travel, hotels. Over. 950,000. Hotels, and resorts worldwide. Cruise. Getaways, my. Favorite, any, cruise anytime, anywhere. I've. Been on 14. Or so cruises in my life and I. Love this way to travel, in fact. I could live on a cruise ship. All-inclusive. Resorts. Yep. All included. Resort. Condo getaways, they've. Got over. 6500. Resorts worldwide. But. That's, not nearly all of it there's. More. And. Here's. The more part, continuing. On there's, staycation. Getaways. Specially. Negotiated, prices for. Those three, to five night getaways, and hotels, all around the world. Fantasy. Getaways, these. Are the bucket, lists trips. Once-in-a-lifetime. I've. Been to a few of mine including. The pyramids, in Egypt and the. Australian, outback, but. Still plenty, to do. Moving.

Along Good. Life also has, shopping. Retail, dining. Out sports, tickets movie tickets and, a, ton more all, at, reduced. Prices. Save. Money, every. Day. They. Even have a travel, concierge, if you. Need help booking, or planning a trip they've. Got a concierge. That'll do it all for you, so. The question in your mind now is how. Do they do it it's. Really, important, you, understand, this. How. Does good life do it to. Put it simply there's, only one, supply, chain for. Instance there's only one Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas there's. Only one, Norwegian. Cruise Line, there's. Only so many destinations that. You can go. What. Matters, is not, where you go but. Where you access, the supply chain why. The. Price. You. Can travel two, ways you. Can go as a member of the general public which. Is where you go through the global, distribution system. And these. Are all the sites you already know about Expedia. Orbitz, Travelocity. Priceline. But. For all the, price comparison. And promises. Of the lowest rates and biggest. Discounts, well. You. Really aren't you're. Still, paying. Retail. They. Take their wholesale, cost, markup. The price to make a profit and you. Pay it its. Retail, they. Couldn't stay in business otherwise. Now. You can continue to go that way or, you. Can choose good, life. Good. Life is, a. Members-only, private. Access, true. Cost. Travel. Site, what. This means is when you travel through good life you aren't. Paying for the retail markup. They. Make their money on memberships. They. Have no, reason, or desire, to markup. Or raise, the prices. When. You use the, good life benefits, you. Were traveling, at true. Cost, and that's. The secret sauce, so. Which would you choose retail. Or good. Life, good. Life it is, who. Really wants to pay retail again. The. Choice is. Obvious. But. I'm a little biased and you, need proof, so. Let's take a look at living, the good life, let. Me actually show, you real. Examples. Of everything. They, have to offer you. Let's. First take a look at a hotel right here in Boca, Raton Florida in, fact. I can, see this hotel right, from my balcony, it's. The Waldorf Astoria here, in Boca it's, a four night stay at, a four-star, hotel on. Expedia. It's, five, hundred ninety, seven dollars per night, I kid. You not now. That, same stay those same nights same room comparing. Apples to apples the. Same accommodations. To good life is just. One hundred fifty, eight dollars per.

Night, That's. Saving, one. Thousand. Seven hundred and fifty five dollars, this. Alone is saving. More than you spent, as. An. Analogy, imagine. Your car is low on gas your. Local gas station charges, five dollars ninety seven cents for a gallon of gas the. Good life gas station next to it charges. Only one dollar and fifty eight cents for, the same gas, it's. A huge, difference. Which. Would you choose. Let's. Say you want to do more, than just stay in hotels, maybe. You've got a big family or one. A vacation, large and demand. More space or. A, hotel. Room might not be your thing the. Luxury, resort condos, you can also choose from have. Got multi, bedroom, kitchens. Living. Rooms you've got full amenities all. For, the same if not cheaper, than some hotel prices and, sometimes. Even, lower than your home mortgage, no. Joke. Good. Life has, an inventory of, beautiful. Luxurious. Resort. Condos all, over, the world literally. All over the world from. Jackson Hole Wyoming and, Hilton Head South Carolina to. Mexico. And Ireland you. Name it they've got it again. At. True, cost, prices. True. Cost. Try. Finding that on retail. Travel sites. Let's. Now move on to my favorite way, to travel. Yep. Cruises. They've. Got every, major cruise line on their site at guaranteed. Lowest, prices, with. A, 110. Percent price, match guarantee. This. Includes Royal Caribbean, carnival, princess Holland. America and, more. Cruise. With the most prestigious, cruise lines in the world if. You're, a cruiser like me they've. Got you covered, let. Me give you an example. Let's. Take a look at an Alaskan, cruise I have. Done this one different, cruise line but no less amazing, it's. A seven-day cruise with a balcony stateroom, same. Dates same room comparing. Apples to apples on. Holland. America's website its. 2025. Dollars per person. Now. That same cruise same, accommodations, through a good life is just. One thousand, four, hundred and seventy three dollars per person. That's. Saving one, thousand, one hundred five dollars and. There you go how. Would you choose to pay for this stunning voyage through. Holland America or. Through, good life. Let's. Talk about lifestyle, benefits, good. Life has. Online, shopping. And lots. Of it I'm, talking, thousands. Upon thousands. Of popular. Retailers, with, unheard-of, discounts. Deals cashback. And more. Shop. Til you drop and save. Money doing, it. For. Those of you who love, to eat out or. Let's. Say you're on vacation and, want to try a local favorite, enjoy. Half off dining. Never. Overpay. To eat again. Good. Life has, event. Discounts. Including. Concerts. Sports. Cultural. Arts and much. More at, a, lower. Price. Did. You think I was done I hope. Not, from. Lower prices, at amusement, parks to theme parks even. Movie, tickets this. Is. The good life and you're. Gonna love it. Spend. Less live. More. Membership. In good life has its perks. They. Have membership, plans to, suit everyone's. Tastes, and within. Your, budget from. The occasional traveler. And shopper to, the avid, getaway, enthusiast, and big, spender. So. What does it cost well. I'm about, to tell you. Let's. Check out good life's incredible. Membership. Model. It. All starts with silver and I. Really, think you're gonna like this in fact, I'm sure of it a silver. Membership which. Includes, over nine hundred and, fifty thousand, hotels, and resorts shopping. Dining, entertainment, flights. And even, rentals, is just. Eleven ninety five per, month yep. That's it not. Even a setup fee zero. It's. Ridiculously. Low and affordable. For, everyone.

Next. Up Gold which. Includes everything from silver, plus. Ads cruises. Staycations. And fantasy. Getaways. Gold. Is just. 3995. A month with a ninety nine dollar set of. Platinum. That's, the top, platinum. Includes. Everything from silver, and gold plus. Luxury. Resort, condos and a. Travel. Concierge, for. Just, 59.95. A month and $1.99. Set up it's. Amazing, it's absolutely, amazing. Just. One bucket, list trip or, cruise or hotel, stay, can. Pay for itself, with the money you can save. But. I'm not done there's, more, I've. Always wanted to say that anywho. Let's compare. Good life prices, to. Services, elsewhere. Now. Your eyes may bug out but, remain calm I, personally. Know people who've, paid these other prices. It's. Not make-believe, programs. Like this do exist and people, are shelling out big money gladly. But. For the same benefits, you. Can either pay ten thousand, dollars plus three, hundred annually. Or. Choose. Good life for. Just $1.99 set, up and, 59.95. Per month if. You're, an occasional, traveler, and chopper which. Sounds more appealing. Two. Thousand. Dollars plus three. Hundred annually. Or. Just 1195. Per month with, zero setup. There's. No comparison. At all, good. Life is unlike, anything, else that's out there good. Life wins hands, down. Don't. Get ripped off and pay ten thousand, dollars for, the same thing good life gives you. Well. That's the product that's. The, membership, side of this as I. Said spend. Less live. More if, you're. As happy and the fused as I am, you're. Ready for the even more exciting, half of this presentation, the. Business, opportunity. The. Life-changing. Part. Now. Let's talk about the, really exciting. Stuff, let's. Talk money, how. Many of you are here for the money, this. Business, presentation. Will show you what. It means to, be a good life independent. Business, owner or. IBO. For, short and how. Being one can, really, really. Change, your life. Unlike. The Expedia's, and price lines of the world good. Life does not have a tremendous, marketing, budget nor. Does it mark up prices to, retail, just. As I showed you, but. What do they have they've. Got you and me. And a. Lot of other people, like us, by. Simply, sharing the good life with our friends, family. Sharing. It with co-workers, and even strangers. Good. Life is able to offer a unique, compensation. Plan that. Rewards, IBOs, for. Sharing the good life with. Two goals in mind. One. More, money in order. To live the good life you. Need to have more money and, who. Doesn't want a money, tree, you. Know I'm strangely, captivated. By this tree it's, true, but. We must move on. To. More. Time. Wouldn't. It be nice to just relax and, decompress, from, everyday life in. Order, to live the good life you need. To have more, time and enjoy. It as you go. Which. Brings us to good life's three, game changers, here's. Where things really get, fun and the. Enormous, potential of this opportunity, can. Change lives. How. Does good life make, this all possible.

What's. The secret sauce to. The business opportunity. Well. Good. Life makes this all possible with. Three, game, changers now. Hold on to your seat for game changer, number, one. Game. Changer number one the, $200. VIP, Club Card me. I have. Never seen, anything like this. Again. Over nine hundred and fifty thousand hotels, and resorts to, choose from no. Gimmicks no strings, no commitments. You. Have a business, based, on a product this. VIP. Club card that. You can give away to literally. Everyone. You come into contact with and you're. Giving them a gift that says. I don't care where, in the world you want to go I am. Going to show you how. You can save. $200. On travel. And by. The way please, be a skeptic, don't. Believe me check it out for yourself make. Sure this, is real, that's. What excites me the most because. When I hand someone a card they're. Gonna save over, any other price, they can get. It. Doesn't, matter if they go to the hotel directly if they, go online or. If they talk to a travel, agent this. Is going to save them real, money. So. I hand them a card they activate, it and realize, it's, real. You've. Given someone a two hundred, dollar gift. What. They don't know is that. When you give out this gift that, keeps on giving by, the way you. Are earning money. Now. Where in the world have, you ever seen a product that you can give away for free that. Saves the person money whom you gave the card to which. Is an amazing, benefit and. You. Get paid as they use it and. Here's. What's happening, when. You give someone the card they're. Gonna use it and when. They use it you're, gonna make money and they're. Gonna realize very quickly that, if. They use this card and you're, making money Wow. They, can benefit, by doing this too, so. What's happening, is that it's opening, the doors for thousands. Upon thousands, of people that. Can get into this business and for, the first time succeed. And not. Fail. For. Me that's, the most important, thing good, life has to offer you. Don't have to convince or persuade, anyone. That. They need this product nor. Do you have to hard sell them lotions, and potions I, found. From, personal experience, that 9. Out of 10 people can't. Sell or don't like to sell they.

Really Don't me. Included, but. Along comes this card and I, don't have to sell anymore I can. Walk up to someone and say hey. Do, you travel, here's. A two hundred dollar gift from me to you please. Take it and enjoy. That's. It and repeat. I can. Hand out these cards all day, long, to, everybody. I come, into contact with and guess. What happens people. Are going to use it and when. The people you hand the car to use it you're, making money I get. Smiles, thank-yous, handshakes. And hugs every. Single, day, if. You're. A business, owner this. Is a superb. Customer, appreciation. Gift think. Of it the VIP Club Card can, even be co-branded. With your, company's, logo. What. Business owner wouldn't, want to turn a financial, drain like, pens buttons, and mugs into. A revenue, Center, this. Is a no-brainer. Let's. Talk specifics. How. Exactly. Does this VIP club card actually work. Here. Are four examples of, how, a customer, or a cardholder, saves. Money and how, you earn money, let's. Say a cardholder books a room at the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando, the, internet price. $148. VIP. Card, price just, $99. Which. Means they saved. $49. And you earned. $24. Second. The Tokyo Marriott, Hotel internet. Price. $252. The. VIP, card price just, one hundred sixty seven dollars which. Means they saved eighty five dollars and you, earned forty, two dollars. Third. Up the, intercontinental. Toronto, Centre internet. Price. $283. The. VIP card, price just, one, hundred sixty, seven dollars which. Means they, saved. 115, dollars and you. Earned fifty. Seven, dollars. One. Final example the. Wynn Las Vegas. Internet. Price a whopping. Twelve, hundred, seventy. Four dollars, the. VIP, card price is just, two hundred and fifty eight dollars, which. Means they. Saved, yes. They, saved, one thousand fifteen dollars, and, you. Made one hundred. Dollars. The. Max you can make for, a VIP club, card just, like that, in, short. Fifty. Percent of a cardholder savings, up, to one hundred dollars becomes. Revenue, for, you, there's. No selling, the. VIP card, you, simply, hand people not. Only saves the money it also. Gets them excited about, the business it. Gets people to want to be involved with good life they're. Joining good life because they're saying I want, to do this myself if. Jeff, can earn money saving, me money I can. Too, and that's. How it works. Okay. Let's, break this down let's. See what happens, when someone uses the card for. Illustration, purposes, I'm, going to make this super easy, let's. Say a hotel internet rate for three nights totals, five hundred dollars the. VIP club card, rate just, so happens to be three, hundred dollars which. Means this, person saved, the max per card of two. Hundred dollars first. Great, job to them for choosing good life. Now. Who makes money and how much. One. Hundred dollars goes, to you they. Save two hundred you. Earn one, hundred as they. Save you. Earn, now. Twenty five dollars also, goes to the person that introduced, and enrolled you into a good life this. Is huge. Why. Imagine. You introduced good life to a local, business who, has five. Thousand, ten thousand or twenty five thousand, customers. You'd. Earn twenty five dollars each time, a VIP card they, hand out gets, used up, me. I'd hit every business, I can think of knowingness. This. Is in my opinion the. Best customer. Appreciation, gift there is because. When a business, owner makes money they, get excited and when. Their customers, love it they dance, with joy. Now. Third a second. Twenty five dollar Commission goes towards your organization. Meaning, your, upline, now. Hold on to your hat because. What this means is that when someone uses this card up. To twenty people get, paid, let, me repeat up to twenty people get, paid. Imagine. Someone in your 10th 15th, or, 20th. Payline. Who. You may never meet hands. Out a million, cards.

Even. If they don't all get used holy. Cow. You're. Getting paid on VIP. Club cards that get used. Now. With that said I am not making any income. Claim or guarantee, there. Is no guarantees, to success. Good life simply, gives you the ideas, information, tools, and strategies, to. Help you and your organization grow. Who. Got. That out of the way and you didn't even notice because, this VIP club card totally. Rocks. Okay. Simply, put if someone, saves 200. You, earned 100. Couple. That with commissions generated by. Referring, other IPOs to good life and. Generous. Uplines Commission's this. Is mind-blowing. Folks. You. Have something here that is amazing. This. VIP Club Card is driving, this business and it's. Going to drive people into becoming, a member, customer, or IBO, which. You are going to be paid on via, fast start bonuses, and even, residual, monthly income. Even. Better, is that. You'll be able to see the transparency of, which, cards have been activated, which cards have been used and how, much on each card has been used right, from your back-office. Game-changer. Number two a little more about, the VIP club card. Every. Single card has a unique activation. Code which. Means it's keyed to each individual, IBO. It. Doesn't matter if you give them a card or, they pick it up off the ground you. Can toss a card on the ground leave, it there for someone to pick up and as. They use it you. Earn 50%, of the savings. This. Unique activation, code on each card also. Means that when a person uses up the 200 dollars and wants. To join as a member or. Enroll, as an IBO and make, money like you handing. Out their own cards they. Are tied to, you, so. That's what the VIP card is all about making. Money by. Helping others save, it which. Leads us to game-changer. Number two. Game-changer. Number two the. IBO, team, tree. This. Is where we start talking about leveraged. Income monthly. Residuals, and even. Teams. You. Are gonna love this one. Here's. A sample representation. Of your, organization. As an IBO I like. To think about your organization. As a two by twenty shared, social, network. What. Does that mean well. This is you here and you've. Got two, positions, below you followed. By four in your second pay line eight. In your third pay line and I. Call it a pay line because. You get paid on all of these people in these, positions. The. Next is 16. 32. 64. 128, and, so forth and remember. All you, ever have to do to, get paid on all these positions in, your. 2 by 20 is to. Enroll just 2 other ibos into, this business as. IBOs. Enroll under you your. Organization. Grows and doubles, each pay line down, 20. Levels. These. IPOs like. You are growing, their business through, handing, out VIP, club cards and enrolling. Happy, members who. Want to save money and maybe. Even earn money themselves too that's. It. Let's. Say for illustration, purposes, you've, completed, all 20, pay lines in your to buy 20 shared, social, network how. Many total positions, do you think that is, 10,000. 20,000. 50,000. Nope. If you. Said 2 million, positions in your organization. You'd, be correct, but. Look check, out where, the company is now. You. Have the chance to seize this opportunity today. In its, infancy or you. Can wait and kick yourself in the butt, my. Suggestion, stop. Waiting and start seizing. By. The way this. Tree only represents, 13, pay lines there. Wasn't enough room for all 20. So. How do you qualify to start earning in. Roll20 ibos 10, what. As I. Briefly stated, a few minutes ago how. About just. Two, all. You need is two. People, who. Say holy, cow this. Is their ticket to the good life it's. That simple if you. Know two people or, two people you've handed, out the VIP club cards to who. You may not even know, enroll. You. Qualify, for residual, monthly income, from, literally every position, under you that has a membership. Everything. All. The ibos in your two by twenty organization, that have memberships. Every. Customer member they, hand out the VIP cards, to that, get used. Everything. It's. All generating, CV, or commissionable. Value, now. Remember, you aren't begging people to buy or sell lotions, and potions, you. Are showing people how to save money and even. Earn money, they. Are going to come to you, all. This simply. By giving them something entirely. Free. Okay. Let me make this complex, image simple. Every.

VIP Club card that people in your organization. Hand out which, gets used and, remember. Every. IBO - you. Earn money or CV. On, whether. An IBO in your organization. Has 416. 378. Or. 5002, customer. Members you. Earn money on them. Gone. Are the days of you signing up just one person, yourself, an. IBO. Below, you may. Be a business owner handing. Out tens of thousands, of VIP, cards, even. Seeing multiple, large organizations, naturally. Occurring below you will. Not be unheard of. That's. What's so exciting about what good life is doing that's. Something, that has never existed in this industry before. You. So. What makes game changer number two so special, team. Work of course through. IBO, teams. What. Exactly, is an IBO team. Okay. Let's say you've got your two ibos which, enables you to start earning from, your two by twenty shared social network, but. You. Don't want to stop there why. Stop when it's just starting to get exciting. What. Happens when you enroll a third IBO and so, forth, well. You, start to create IBO. Teams. IBO. Teams allow you to help someone join good life and start. Building a position, together. For. You each, IBO, team creates. A new free pay position, and. A new. Two by twenty shared, social network. However. Instead. Of needing to enroll to Ivo is yourself, you. Enroll one and they, enroll one that. Equals two. All. Right translation. What. You were really doing is this you. Were helping people join the company you. Are sharing an IBO position, with them it's, a team and, what. Do you share in this position money. You. Share everything, that position. Creates, and makes. Which. Means for, each new IBO team you start you. Not only create another two by twenty shared social network, but. You also get another paycheck, so. Each circle, which, represents, an IBO team is another. Paycheck for, you and another. Paycheck and another. These. Are all paychecks. These. Are paychecks, in addition. To your original two by twenty shared social network, it's. Never been done in this industry this is incredible. If, you've. Stopped blinking at this point and your eyes are stuck wide open I think. You're starting to see the big picture. Now. In, addition to game changers one and two good. Life's got even more ways to earn money as an IBO let. Me start with quick pay bonuses, there. Are quick pay and retail. Bonuses, when, you enroll IPOs, and customer, members. Believe. Me these bonuses, add up quickly when, you're earning up to 75. And 100. Dollars a pop. There. Are also achievement. Awards like, a car and recreational. Vehicle as your. Organization, grows and you grow within the company, there. Are even leader rewards, where, a percentage, of the company's revenue comes. Back to you, but. Wait there's even more and, by. That I mean, game-changer. Number 3. You. GameChanger. Number. Three the, legacy, tree the. Legacy, tree is a, company-wide, bonus. Compensation. Tree filled, as ibos. Become, qualified and time, stamped in, now. What does that mean, when. You understand, this you'll. See this, is what's really, going to propel this company, to, international. Global growth because. When you understand, what this does you will. Be left speechless. It. Doesn't matter where, you are positioned in your IBO team tree or when. You joined why. Is this important, here's. Where I blow, your mind. You. Can qualify and, enter the legacy, tree, before. I BOS. In your upline do. Here's. An example, you. Enter, the legacy, tree and our, time stamped in on March 1st at 12:52. P.m.. Alice. Who, is above you in your IBO team tree and enrolled. You maybe three months ago. Qualifies. And enters, after. You and is, placed below, you in the legacy tree, it. Doesn't matter where people are in the genealogy, of the entire company, its. Company-wide. This. Is what Good Life calls the, crossover, effect, what. Does that mean in the. History, of this industry if I. Enroll, someone into my organization, other. Organizations. Elsewhere, in the company's genealogy. Meaning. Outside, my. Two by twenty shared social network, won't. Ever see a penny from it. Not. So in the legacy tree it. All becomes, one. This. Is what blows all other, companies away it's, that different. What. You do in your organization. Now, benefits, IBOs in other organizations. And vice versa. For. Instance, Bob. Pat. Alex. And Joe, are, not, in your IBO team tree organization. Yet they. Qualified. And entered, the legacy, tree below. You, you. Are now going to get paid for their efforts I'm not, kidding.

Whether. The person is here in the US or on. The other side of the world, it doesn't matter and. Remember. Most IPOs, are coming, from outside, your organization, in the Ibo team tree, yet. They are time stamped after. You and below, you in the, legacy tree as it continues, to grow and grow. Now. How do you initially, qualify, for the legacy tree. Any, IBO with. A gold or platinum package, or. With. 20 member customers, is eligible. To qualify. Now. How do you actually get, into the legacy tree. The. Exact, moment you either personally, enroll to gold or platinum, IPOs. Or. Enroll. 40, more customer, members, your. Time stamped, into the legacy, tree. Now. Here's a question I often get if, you. Personally, enroll to gold or platinum IBOs. Into your team tree to, qualify, for residuals. Can. These same two IBOs, also. Enter, you into the legacy, tree, yep. That's, it you're, in have. You ever seen, anything like this before. Here's. You you've. Entered the legacy, tree now. Everyone. Else in the company who enters the legacy, tree comes. In after. You. Now. What about the money the. Money that funds the legacy, tree comes. From the VIP Club cards its. Money coming from all the memberships, and money. Coming from dream, destination. Dollars. Remember. This. Spot is in addition, to your IBO, team, tree spot again. This. Is a bonus, compensation. Tree. Now. Watch. As the legacy tree, grows, and grows. There's. You again as the, legacy tree, grows, and grows. There's. You again as the, legacy tree keeps getting, larger. There's. You once more as good. Life's legacy, tree, continues. To grow and adds. Ibos not only from the US but. From other countries, as well. Yes. I said, other countries. The. Legacy, tree is a one, world genealogy. Meaning. IBOs from all over the, world and. Ibos, from other team tree organizations. All, join, one. Bonus, compensation. Tree in the, order they get time-stamped. If, you. Get any sleep tonight then. I fail to explain this properly because. The legacy tree, redefines. One, world genealogy. As we. All grow you. Succeed. One. World genealogy. One. Team one. Dream all. Over, the world people, are going to start joining good life, every. Country, that comes in comes. In under you, folks. This. Is truly, unbelievable. You.

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