2018 CSULB Commencement - Business Administration

2018 CSULB Commencement - Business Administration

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Ladies. And gentlemen please. Stand as we present to you the 2018. Candidates. For graduation from, the College of Business Administration. At. California, State University Long. Beach. Our. Commencement, tradition is, to honor a faculty, member who has given distinguished. Service, to the university, by, asking him or her to, serve as grand marshal this. Year for we honor dr. Judy, Strauss who. Is a professor of management, human, resource, management in, the College of Business Administration. She earned her PhD from the Henry B Tippie College of, Business at. The University of Iowa in, 1993. She. Teaches horses a human resource manager. Organizational. Behavior, diversity. In the workplace and international. Human resource management her, research has been published in journals such as human, resource manager. Jenny my dream, April science, journal. Others. Her. Research interests include diversity. Attitudes, personality. Equity, performance, and. International. Human resource issues. Was. While she served as chair of the management human, resource management department, group of 2015. 2015. Thank, you dr. Strauss for all your contributions to, the College. You. Ladies. And gentlemen, accompanying. Our graduates. At the end of our processional. Line our, distinguished. Guests at the University, and leaders from our College, in University. Vice-presidents. City relations, and development, stop. The Pels vice, president, administration, and finance, carbon. Taylor vice president. Josie. Associate. Vice president. PhD. Assistant. Vice-chancellor. Educator. Preparation, and, public. School programs, CSU. Office, of the Chancellor, Norbert. Sure chair. Academic. Senate Judi. Cormac, interim, vice president Dean. Of Students. Christopher, Steinhauser. CSU. Trustee, Andrew. Jones, executive. Vice-chancellor, general, counsel, and secretary of the Board of Trustees. Cabrera. Assistant. Director Associated. Students. Chair. Department, of marketing. A certain, culture, Sabine, ready chair, Department of, Management human, resource, management. You, lumbar chair, by Alomar, chopped. Director, Internet see business, brother Michael. Chun chair. Information. Ingrid. Marketing, director. Jasmine, your hosta Associate, Dean accreditation. I'm. Jane. Close Conoley president. Of Cal State Long Beach and I want to welcome you to the 2018. Commencement. Ceremonies, today. Is a milestone in our graduates, lives and we, are proud of their accomplishments.

So, On with the show and go, Beach. Thanks. To Andy hyung and his team and University Relations and development, for that great video after. A campus-wide, competition. Among, only current students, Cal, State Long Beach has a new alma mater and is making its debut for, you the class of 2018. The, winners and the lyrics and music categories. Are both vocal, jazz majors, in the College of the Arts the. Lyrics are by Christian Valdes and the, music is by Kyle Gabriel, Christian. Is also today's vocalist, and he'll perform with our incomparable, Bob. Cole Conservatory, of Music brass. Ensemble. Please, and joy. Home. To. Scholars. Artists. Dreamers. All, are. Come, here. Maker. Of. Tomorrow's. Leaders. Now, and, through, the years. Love. For. All that. Came, before. Us and. Sweet. Honor. Truth. And. Justice. Always. Black, and, gold. Rise, and. It. Forever ever. Higher. Angel. We shall. Beautiful. Long beach. Every. Each other. We shall remember. Beautiful. Long. Beach. Lives. We. Shall. Thank. You president. Connolly. Ladies. And gentlemen, welcome. To the 69th, annual, commencement, ceremony of, the College of Business Administration. Of California, State, University Long. Beach. This. Ceremony, is a tribute, to you our, degree, candidates, into your families, and loved ones as. Students. You have worked hard to earn new degrees, and we are proud of you. Students. Success in the classroom is, central. To everything we do at Cal State Long Beach but, we want you to be successful in, your careers, as well, when. I meet with alumni, regardless. Of when they have graduated, their, stories, of success, in life and career and, achievement. Of the American, dream comes. From, their time here at Cal State Long Beach this. Happens, not through entitlement but. Through hard work and determination which. All of you have demonstrated. Let. Me point out a few special, examples. Of this, falling. Truong I don't, know if she's where, she is if she could stand. Falling. Is our oldest graduate, today. Her. Studies in Vietnam, were interrupted, in 1967. By geopolitical. Events she, came to the u.s. in 2007. At age 65, became. A citizen, of the u.s. in 2012. And today, she, is graduating. May. I add she never missed a class even, though she commuted, by bus from Garden, Grove four hours per day. Other. Examples. Are student. Leaders who are in abbe sock and student orgs put on enumerable. Innumerable, events. With guest speakers, class. Tours company. Tours they. Display. Hard work and determination our, alumni, and friends who are mentors, in our Student Center, for student success devoting. Their time to, help our. Graduates cross, the bridge from classroom, to career these, are all great examples, of the hard work and determination that. Supports, our students but, there's one final group, that I'd like to point out for, their hard work and determination, CBA.

Faculty, Will you please stand and be. Recognized. Come, on everyone. Without. Your hard work and dedication to, Student Success today. Would not be as happy, and enjoyable, as it is. I call, that reaffirmation, from, above but okay. So. Through hard work and determination we're. Here celebrating the success, of the class of 2018. I. Released. You today to continue, your, pursuit of the American dream. Congratulations. Class of 2018. Now. President, Connelly will give us a few remarks thank you. Thank. You Dean Solt I appreciate, that he. Did mention a few that's a hint. Well, hello class of 2018, and congratulations. To each of you and certainly, to your families, friends faculty staff, and, other, mentors, who have played important, roles in supporting. Encouraging. Perhaps. Occasionally nagging. But, always teaching, and guiding and loving you during, your years at Long Beach State University. I know, each, of you is grateful, to each, of them and I, want to share my gratitude as, well I'm thankful for the, difference you've made, faculty. Mentors. Family, friends, in the lives of each of our graduates and in. The life of our university, so thank you very much, each. Year I puzzle about what should I talk, about at graduation, I don't. Have much wisdom and, I know you've. Been encouraged, off these, four years but today, I decided to single, out one issue, that. Is meaningful actually, to all of us most of the time but. Perhaps especially. Today is, particularly. Meaningful. You. All have a lot of new things. To. Consider, right now, and. I'll talk more about that later and but, most of these are pretty big in terms of jobs and where you'll live and, new relationships, so. On and so forth but one smaller thing that's new this. Year for 2018. Graduates. Is you are the first speech graduates, to have a commencement, on this field when. Yeah. I hope you like it when. The need to when they need to move the ceremonies, from upper campus to, this location was announced, it, was met with some concern. As, dismay. About the change was shared it gave me some time to think about and reflect about. Why do humans, sometimes have trouble with change all, of you will be in the change business. As leaders, so I think. It's. Something we might share also. Unique, to this ceremony is the premiere of our new alma mater that you just heard authored, by current students Christian Valdes and Kyle Gabriel, in contrast. To the venue change when, it came to the alma mater nobody, seemed concerned that the old was being replaced by the new and the untested this. Lack of reaction gave, me another pause to. Reflect on human behavior what, makes change feel innocuous. Inevitable. Or even, positive I'll, share just my bottom line analysis. Of this conundrum and hope you may find it useful as, you navigate all, the changes, you will face or certainly. You will implement, as leaders, in your, professional, fields because I can guarantee you that managing.

Change Is in the job description of every leader first. While, people may or may not like a particular change, they definitely do not like to be surprised by a change if they don't understand, why it's necessary, so, I've adopted a new rule that you might also, consider, first. Set out the problem then. Invite ideas and solutions and finally, offer, a change that is clearly tied to solving, a problem people care about these. Steps, may save you a lot of negative emails might, have saved me a lot of negative negative emails, to a shorter. Way to say this is an inclusive. And iterative process, matters, when, managing, change, second. While, accepting, that you can't please all the, people even, some, of the time a change, that it's clearly beneficial. To a person, or community is obviously. More easily embraced the. Lesson however that I've learned is that we as humans tend to judge change as good, or bad by, how it affects us personally. This. Is not really one of our best traits and certainly. As leaders you'll find that sometimes you must make changes for the common good not just, individuals. Good but, to the extent you can link change to personal benefit, the, change may become more acceptable, certainly. Change tied to only being new may. Very. Likely be unwelcome, finally. When. You have change management, duties in your future careers remember. To be flexible, and inclusive allowing. Others to have some imprint, on the change is likely to make it more palatable in the, case of our venue change most, of the concerns I heard were about losing, our treasured, traditions, especially. Our live music, so. When possible find, ways to make the biggest impact with, the least amount of change, after. Years of hard work and dedication years. That included, many new experiences for each of you the, fact that you are here, suggests. You have the flexibility, and curiosity, to, manage change and, that's a really good thing I know. All, of you have a lot going on right now you're excited, to cross the stage and get, on with the next stage of your life you. Are thinking about jobs grad school finding new places to live having new. Adventures, and so on but, please take a moment to soak in right, now the love, that surrounds you the. Whole campus community, is rooting, for each of you to have a satisfying, happy. And meaningful, life and that. Is something that will never change I, hope.

You Stay connected to the beach certainly. Join the Alumni Association and, enjoy, how your degree becomes more valuable as your network grows with, every graduating. Class with, each student faculty, and, alumni, accomplishment. And with every innovative, community engagement, your, degree, becomes more valuable to you and certainly, to the world so, one final time at least for from, me class, of 2018, go, Beach. Thank. You again president, Connolly this. Is a special, event for our graduates, and a special, day for their, family, and loved ones in this beautiful California. Sunshine, we. Do have one special guest on our platform, party I'd like to introduce that's. Chris Steinhauser the, newest CSULB. Trustee, and, superintendent. Of Long Beach Unified, School District Chris please, stand and be recognized. And. Now I am, pleased to introduce a, brief video, featuring, the distinguished, alumnus, for the College of Business Administration, the. Highest Alumni Award bestowed, bestowed, by the, Cal State Long Beach Alumni, Association. John. Palmer, received, his Bachelor, of Science and accountancy, in, 1977. Currently. A financial. Operations, consultant, he has led the finance, division of major companies, including. Esterline, leach International, and Panasonic. Corporation and, has mentored many aspiring, finance, professionals. And, now. Let's, watch the video. My. Name is John Palmer and I was vice president finance, of each International, and. Right now I'm semi-retired. Let's, that's too special for me this university, is that my wife and I had our actual, very first official date here at Long Beach State and we were still in high school we, came up here to the library of research term papers so it, means a lot I mean if it's been part of a life just from the very beginning of us as a couple the, College of Business gives, you a really strong foundation, to take, forward and through your career I had, a boss that used to say one of the worst, places to manage your company is behind desk so, if, we keep, that kind of fun the process, is to go out and, meet with people learn with people accounting, or little counts are typically, introverted, by nature you, can't be you have to be out there and learning, people meeting people and expanding. Your network and then, you'll become more successful. Just, get out from behind the desk and, get, it and get involved in different projects, volunteer. For different projects, and be. The one the first one who raised their hand to say hey I want to do that and. That's the way you can actually get out behind that desk and be part of that business and help to grow it's. Always a long beach graduate that stands out so you, know I would suggest the new graduates go out there and take that legacy, and bring, it forward and, show. That the long beach graduates, are the best. Now. The moment, you've been waiting for, we, will now confer, degrees on our MBA, candidates. Out. Of respect, to your fellow students, and their families, please return, to your seats after you receive, your degree and remain. There until the ceremony has been completed. Mr.. Jamison price, and, Ms Morris, Oden will announce the names of the candidates, will, the first row of candidates, for the Master, of Business Administration, degree.

Please Stand and come forward. Under the direction of. The faculty marshals. You. You. President. Connolly we. Present the candidates for the, master's degrees. Francisco. Elizondo. Liam. When. Adrian. Santiago. Jennifer. Haines. Naina. Jaishankar. Victor. And rudder Travis. Perkins. David. Lorenzo. Kelly, Volker. Phalguna. Patel, Justin. Chew some lip. Jose. Milan. Andrew. S Kirby. Governmental. Aquel Naranjo. Emily. Pay on. Jenny. Fung. Mekong. Sipowicz. Rona. Bordeaux. Xiaolin. Lydon. Madeline's, son Toyo Ching. Whaley. Or. Mundo, para. Brandon. Lee cool. Mickey. Tackler. Ruben. Aceves. Andrea. Brown. April. Castillo. April. Rose dela, Cruz, crystal. Cisneros. Alejandro. R Ruiz. She's. A Fatima. Scott. Schroeder, a. Granary. Ryan. Hill. Roberto. Lopez, Tom. Who. Crystal. Hobbs Villegas. Delfino. Lopez. On did, Mike. Smith. Cynthia. Kid the walkie. Vincent. Gwen. Kat. Graham lay. Robert. Decrease, Enzo, Kimberly. Viveur. Antonio. Bay, who saw Mary Stella. Heather flipping. Catherine. Leona settle, Mayer. Summary, Pierce. Devin. DiGiovanni. Brittany. I&L, oh Jessica. Lord. Ali. Was one Buju, wala horn, when. Shelly. Nakamura, Chang. Rihanna. Custer. Mila. Martin's. Alisa. Tyner, Julio. Camacho. Jeffrey. Shurtleff, Jessie. Santos. John. Know icky Monica. Fernandez. Fear. Parth Praveen, Kumar Prasad. Mishaela. Gunderson, Miller. Kyle. A Henneberg. Fernando. Reyes. Catalina. Rosenberg. Bianca. Clean. Savannah. Knox. Christine. Cool. Kobe. Bryant. Mean. I. Mean. I eat a moto Frank. Galliano. Margaret. Visits. Tracy. Lee. Eric. Hawkins. Paul. Avalos, on. China, junta. Hope Nicholas. Cruiser. T'lani. Kazim may. Be. Sons are born. Warren try silicates. Concrete. Sing. 20. Should teller. Twin. Kwok min, win. Preity. Tasha. Fernando. Garcia. Preston. Lamb. Edward. Estrada. Daniel. Resnick. Bond. Shaw. Who. Mon move any. Tara. Me Guido. Rodney. Rodriguez. Mantha. Nee-san Jose Jessica. Bo. Ian. Castillo. Anastasio. Anna, knows Robin. Nanda. Shin. Young. I'll. Get a hint, what. Does a honey. Alec said. Yankee. Chow. Michael. Cruz. Janessa. Sent across Whitmer. Via. Mathai. We'll. All of the candidates, for the Master, of Business Administration, degree. Please, rise. President. Connolly these candidates, have satisfactorily completed, all. The requirements for their degree and have. Been approved by the Faculty of the College of Business Administration, to receive their Master, of Business Administration, degrees. Candidates. You have been recommended to me by the provost, and senior vice president of, academic affairs, by. Your Dean and by, your distinguished, faculty, therefore. By the authority vested in, me by the Chancellor, and the Board of Trustees of the California State. University I. Hereby, confer upon each, of you who has fulfilled all, requirements the. Degree, yet. The, degree of Masters. In Business Administration, you, may be seated. Congratulations. Thank. You president, Connolly. Congratulations. Master students, I. Will. Now present the candidates. I'll. Wait a second. I. Will. Now present the candidates, for The Bachelor of, Science degree, in business administration, by. Department, or program well. The first row of candidates, for accountancy. Please, stand and come forward under, the direction of, the faculty marshals. President. Connolly we. Present the candidates for the bachelor's degrees, from. The department of accounting Michael. Stanley. Patrick. Pollution. Sergio. Panduru Jose. Camacho, the sacrum. Jorge. Fire. Gerardo, Reyes. Stefan. Shin, Tiffany. Home. Margarita. Lozano. Rebecca. Newcomb. Mark. Well, Brooke, Derek. Tigner. Jacob. Worman. Caleb. Short. Waylon. Gin Matthew. Hannah. Jose. Salazar. Zach. Gabor. Yesenia. Jimenez. Sbarro. Nice rava. Lizzy's, Yvonne. Solis. Randy. Gonzalez. Anthony. Parent. George. Caldera. Riley. Liggett, Brian, Mendoza. Thinly. Jonathan. Fujimura. V-not. Quinn bang Jose. Bravo. Natalie. Ha, David. Velasquez. Kevin. Kong. Randall. Suzuki. Goggin, deep team, Jordan. Chai. Adriana. De, haro. Johanna. Yvette Arevalo, Vasquez.

Jonathan. Showman. Michelle Louie. Renee. Castellanos. Miriam, Valencia. Earl. Roy. So. Denny Wang. Ha. Oh Quist. Cecily. Livingston. Alondra. Olya and. Rico. Hidalgo. Jeffries. Ooh. Jacqueline. Torres. At. Word are Eduardo, Rangel. Nia. Alicia's, alibi. Yesenia. Rios, julene. When. Marina. Soo. Johanna. Best, coolness. Lehman. Keo. Jerry. Arguello. Lloyd. Are please. Dipesh. Buddha, Turkey, Justin. Lamb. Raquel. DeJesus. Lily. When. Liz. Angela. Cuevas, Morgan. Ross, Ruben. Rodriguez. Jr. Jake. Duomo. Jasmine. Romelo. Gregory. Papa jealous show, Louie. Joaquin. Avila. Holla. Evelyn. Tran. Matthew. Allen. Adham. Kenichi. Andrea. O'Shea. Barrett. Duncan. Zachary. A ball. At. Alberto. Ospina. Margaret. Gentlemen. Sad. Shape, Ronnie. Evensen. Kimby. Ashley. Reina hall his. Son move, honest. Tonantzin. Soledad, Rodriguez. Allen. Hermano. Jacqueline. Cause Mickey Kaufman. They're hard moon. Ahsoka. VJ guna warden, ah Rohan. Grando, Lama. He. Pleased Rodriguez. Jimmy lab. Wendy. Camacho. Joseline. Was it a. Sea. Bozell. Beatrice. Aguilar. Marina. Vanessa. Chung. Brenna. Da Habra. Kevin, Kim. Claudia. Castillo. Presa, centers. Cynthia. Barajas. Karina. And Trin. Carolyn. Austria. Chan. Monica, Chia, Alan. Caldera. Nina. Tron. Miguel. Legis amo jaw. Apodaca. Dalia. Our say, Jonathan. Pause. When. Kite door. Jennifer. Catalina, Oh Donna, Ruth, Deb meringue. Jose. Who's, Laura, I'm, aldana. Kurt's. Oshiro, ELISA. Bravo. Wendell. Rios. Mackenzie. Connie Sanchez. Josie. Wilson. Monica. Haulers. Alexandra. She Trina. Kyle. Booze eya. Show. Debts Agnes, of Barker's Carlos. Contreras. Kennedy. Romero. Adam. Doty. Maria. Guadalupe. Alvarez. Peers. Allison. De Pompeii. Daniela. Diaz. Felipe. Marvin. Lewis. I get a double ah Jeremy. Does, Kyle. Star. Matthew. Parris. Julio. Zuniga. Colleen. Really bet Connor. Reynolds. Ozma. Hoke. Christian. Jimenez. Taylor. Stein. Rosalyn. Mendez. Olivia. Perez. Sisya. One, Philip. Twin. See. Her one. Samantha, Pam. Jason. De metrio the Gila Bobby. Ever saw. William. Farr. Isabel, belong to us Michael. Reeve. Glen Chang. Adriana. Ramos, Andres. Ortiz, Lopez. Chase. Russy. Joseph. Chavez. Sonny. Maurice Scarborough, Taylor. Bartlet, Kathy. Tron. Cameron. Fung. It's. All Sanchez. Courtney. Lee. Arlene. Beyond, Maxine. Chen. Adela. Furry us. Yama's. Kalin, Robinson. Bravo. Ravioli. Outlet, or a. Rinsed. Wonkin. Dominique. Dupuis. Erica. Try cow, Jenny. Woke. Martin. When. Christina. Lay dark. Wine. Lilia. Patricia. Santiago. Nick, knew, Donna. You've. Not Amith, azzedine. Janelle. Where's. Alejandro. Herrera. Omar. Priests in yo read. Rodriguez. Hillary. Tran. Abigail. Esther granado's, red. Bar act, Arab, Monica. Monica. Fault. Cristian. Castro. Marine. Hamid. Antoine. Banks. Ruben love. Joshua. David sanchez. Crystal. Joyce Alcazar. Mark. Shank. Kurt. Miguel salon, ye, Joan. Ponte. J. Vincent Iligan. Elise. Potts. Matthew. Jacob, Gendron. Connie. Chan. Ibrahim. He Jessie sir. Olli Yama, Matsu, Juhan. A. Mirror. Latif, Sean, a come. Sure. Ray Garcia. Ronica. Angela. Nong Khai Anna Ellen. Chow. Taylor. Emory Perez. Karen. Let, polka, Samba jazz. Randolph. Ruth. Wang. Jennifer. Lee, Yuto. Suzaki. Carlos. Mendes. Catherine. Knew it. Gustavo. Garcia. Jacqueline. True star. Laura. Liang. Tyga. Who, cafe. Wendy. Jenna --the Lau, Cameron. Fitzgerald. Suzette. Fernandez. Austin. Kerchner. Rene. Cervantes. 7. /, hain, Giovanna. Who you are. Cindy. Marilla. Julian. Euro. Melanie. Win. Andrew. Lamb. Linda. Hong. Sophie. Gwyn. John. Goren. Vincent. Putin, win. Vincent's. Din win. Michael. Hernandes. Charles. Epperson. Yi. Jing Wu. Liang. Zhi Zhu, whoo. Krishana. Gay. Eddie. My, yoga. Matthew. Kim. Darlene. Santa, Maria. Yesenia. Padilla. Tammy. Veon waver. Yeojun. My. Now. From, the Department, of Finance and. Lee. K Torres. Garrett. Ring. Issa. Larne the glitter rana, colitis. Luis. Lopez. Lauren. Rhea, Diana. Hernandez. Guzman. Michael. Sapien. Some. Will Ilana. Vanessa, Mercurio. Francisco. Mendoza. Kimberly. Garcia, Fuentes, Albert. Rivera, Brian. Williams. Melissa. - Ronnie. Kelly. Seaborn. Ashley. Marie bar, Dulles, Ryan. Castro. Queenie. Leak, are limb. Veronica. Gonzalez. Moshe. Goldstein. I'm. A Karen, Ramirez. Okay. Kiss a llamar dara. Castaneda. Gonzalo. Martinez. Natalie, Velasquez. George. Melgar. Cynthia. Come boom ah. Andrea. Archila. Salman. Going. Austin. Or can Eric. Paredes. Edward. Albert, Hwang Cody. Each Onaga Richard.

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Of The, California, State University I. Confer, upon, each of you who have fulfilled all requirements for. The degree of Bachelor, of Science, and Business, Administration. Graduates. You may now move your tassel, to the left side of your cap. This. Signifies, the completion of your undergraduate, degree. Congratulations. You may be seated. Thank. You president. Connolly. Graduates. Faculty, staff, of college of business administration wish. For you every. Good fortune, in your future endeavors, this, concludes, our commencement ceremony. The, grand marshal will now lead, the recessional. Please. Remain seated until the recessional has, been completed. Let. The recession, all begin thank you.

2018-05-26 19:11

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