2018-2019 Annual Business Meeting

2018-2019 Annual Business Meeting

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Crazy actually. It's all natural it's all all, good gray here it's fun why don't you stand join, me we have a little bit of a different evening tonight but we start with a time of song and praise and opening. Up the scripture. Let's. Pray. Father we. I. Am thankful to be here this evening I'm thankful for your, love for. Your grace and your mercy Lord. In. And around my life and through, my life Lord thank you for the good that. Can happen in. Our lives because. Of your, truth because, of the Lord Jesus because of your Holy Spirit and, because. Of your truth in action father. Help us to be a people who, act. Upon. Your word who. Take. Your word and bring, it into our hearts, and, rest. Our souls upon, you and Lord. Stand on your truth and proclaim. It in our. Time and in our generation, and in our location and. Lord. To be, people. In a church that isn't. Afraid and and will proclaim, you and your truth and your love here. And throughout the world. Thank. You Lord for, our. Church the opportunity, to be around believers, help us this evening to in. Our time of praise. To sing from our hearts or in our time of opening your word to hear from you and to. Learn of you and Lord. In our time of administration. To do things decently and in, order and in a way that pleases you in Jesus name Amen. Standing. On the promises of, Christ bikie. Through. Eternal. Ages lattice, praises. Ring, glory. In the, highest I. Will shout and, see standing. On, the promises of. God. Standing. Standing. Standing. On. The promises of, God my, Savior. Standing. Standing. How. I'm standing, on the promises of, God. Standing. On the promises that, cannot fell, when. The howling, storms of doubt and fear or sale, by. The Living. Word of God I shall prevail. Standing. On the promises of, God. Standing. Standing. Standing. On. The promises of, God my, Savior. Standing. Standing. I'm. Standing, on the promise. Standing. On the promises of. Christ the. Lord. Bound, to him eternally. By love strong. Overcoming. Daily. With the spirits. Or. Standing. On the promises, of God. Standing. Standing. Standing. On. The promises of God, my, Savior. Standing. Standing. I'm, standing. On the promises of. God. Standing. On the promises, I cannot fall. Listening. Every, moment, to the spirits. Called. Resting. In my saviors, my all in all. Standing. Standing. Standing. On. The promises of God, my. Savior. Standing. Standing. I'm. Standing. On the promises of. God. Jesus. Water. Friend. Forces. There's Jesus. Lover. My. Soul. Friends. May forgive. Me, for. The. Same. Me he. My. Savior. Needs. Me. Hi. Booya. Her. Savior. Saving. Helping. Keeping. Loving. Me too. The. Jesus. Water. Strength. And. Weakness. I myself. In. Here. Tempted. Tried, and. Sometimes. Baby. He. My. Strength, my. Victory. Wins. Ha. Yah-ha, save.

Your. Heart. Saving. Helping. Keeping. Loving. To. Be. Jesus. A guy. And. Keeper. Oh. Storms. Are bugged, me. Know. My. One. Person. You're. You're. Saving. Helping. Keeping. To. Be. Take. Time. To be home. Speak. Off. With, aye. Ah. And feed, on. Friends. With God's, children. Help. Those. Who, are we. For. Getting. In. Blessing. To see. Time. To, be. World rushes. Spend. Much. Time and. See. Jesus. Ah. Looking to G. Users. Like. Him. Thou, shalt be. The. Friends. And I come. Like in dishes. Time. To, be, home. Like. Not before. Ever beat. Enjoy. Your, inside. Stay. Follow, thy. Still. Trust. In, his, world. That, song is like a, parent. Talking to their child and, giving them instruction, on life you, know I read, you read through those words and you think that's someone with a lot of wisdom. Writing. To, a lot of people over the years and hey. Take, time to be holy here, are some things that you can do in your life to have peace in your life the please the lower to be a follower, to see Christ at work in your, life that's such a peaceful song. Amen. You may be seated. Hey. All. Right Thank You Jeremy. Jessica. How. Is everybody. Good. Welcome to first Bible Baptist Church on this, exciting. Wednesday, evening, we're glad you have chosen I am pastor, Kevin one, of many. Pastors, here. Grateful. To, be a part of the staff and what, God is trying to do and among this, church and community. This is our. Annual. Business, meeting. Before. We commence with our meeting we will have, an. Offering, we will receive I'm, gonna give a short message, we'll. Have a time of Prayer and then, we'll get into the. The. Meeting. Itself if. You have not heard betty, Chatterton, did. Pass away over. The weekend, her, calling hours, are. Tomorrow, at new comer from. 10:00 to 12:00 and it'll be a service from 12:00 to 1:00, o'clock I believe they're at. New comer so if you have the opportunity. Betty. Betty, chadderdon, was, one, of these women, I don't know how old she was anybody. 95. I was gonna say 200, but if you say 95, she. Was just this this. Just. This beautiful old woman, of grace and, just, wanted to serve God and wanted to be here. She, lived in Hilton. And and and. She would come to church on Sundays. Even when she couldn't serve the Lord anymore she. Still wanted to be around God's people she. Served in awana she served at Northstar Christian Academy she served in every capacity she loved, and being around children and and what. A beautiful saints of the Lord she. Was in, this life and I'm sure she's enjoying, life, even, more right now so we. Rejoice please do pray for her, family, I believe if some of them have been coming in from out of town and. Just. Going through all of that, as well there's rejoicing, but there of course is mourning, as well. Aaron Esteban a, the. Pastor, the worship pastor that we hired from. Austin Texas is still trying. To he will be coming here eventually but he's trying to sell his home, and. There's you know those are just one of those things you can't make happen, he. Has had a lot of traffic in the home just, waiting for a good offer so if you would pray for the. Esteban a family. And all, of them we. Have in your, bulletin, announced, that we want to be a blessing. To them as they arrive. In. Order for them to transition from Texas. To New York we, want to be able to take them shopping if. You feel so inclined you, can put. On the. In the offering plates on an envelope Aaron, Esteban A's name or you can go online and, you can give that, way my wife and I have done it online so. That we can be an encouragement, to them we. Have a men's conference, coming up we. Have sent out some save-the-date, it's been in the bulletin, man, we want, you, to be a part, of this, we. Want you to invite other men to this this will be a tremendous event mark, Trotter will. Be the preacher coming, in he is part, of one Baptist, Church Billy woods Church, he's, an associate pastor there he, was a, boy I want to say for, 20-something, years he was a pastor in New Philadelphia Ohio.

And, It's. Now working, with mark, are with Billy, wood they're in, and. What, does it douglasville I guess so. He, is a tremendous, speaker, you won't want to miss that mark, that on your calendar, and, be ready for, that that's March 22nd. And March 23rd, it's a Friday and Saturday and then he will be with us that. Sunday, morning, as well, February, 17th, we have a Membership, class coming up this. Is an opportunity, for you to kind of discover a little bit more about who we are as first Bible may be you've been coming for a season. Maybe you've kind of been checking us out a little bit you're thinking maybe it's time to make that next step that commitment, that says I want, to be more than just an observer, from. The side I want, to I want to I want, to you, to count on me I'm gonna be here I want to be used of this church okay. That's, what that's. What membership, is saying you know I'm in this is my family this is my church, we. Have a class, that describes. It goes through what we are and, who we are and what we believe and, what, we expect out of the members of our church the people that would say first, Bible Baptist Church is my. Home church that. Is coming up on February the 17th. It'll, be during the second service, I was, told by Dylan Briscoe this morning we already have about a dozen people signed, up, which. Is great some. Of the people they do just what I said they come in they sit and they listen, and explore. A little bit they discover, a little bit more about who we are as a church and. They. May not sign on the, dotted line for a couple months and other, people they've been here they know what's going on they feel very comfortable and, they, come right in I, have an opportunity, to. Ask, questions and feel. Very comfortable signing. Up as well we, have a spiritual, gifting class I believe that's in the bulletin as well coming up in March another. Great opportunity for you to explore who, you are, one. Of the things that we're doing in this church is trying to develop each. And every person to be a minister. Okay that, each and every one of us would use our strengths. That we wouldn't just have, people with a pulse and plug them in but, we would have people in the right position. The. Position that God has called every one of us and if you're a part of this church then, you are here because God has brought you here and we, need you to use your strengths. To build this, local. Church okay. So. Those are some things that are coming up we're, gonna receive an offering Paul if we can do that right now it's four beams. Beam's is a Bible, distribution. Group. The. The word beam starts stands. For Bible education and missionary, service, what. They do is. They. Send, free. King James hardcover, Bibles, to, missionaries, around. The world, okay. Free charge I say that now of course people have to pay for him I think I don't, know Dan if you know this seven dollars a Bible something like that it's around seven dollars a Bible right now so for, every seven dollars you put in the plate today it's gonna allow a missionary, on the foreign field to get a Bible that he can thereby hand out free.

Of Charge, dr.. Renae furet he came to Zambia a couple times I have a real good relationship with, him I've been here, this is. Savannah. My, wife her mother worked. At this ministry, for years and. They. Really do a tremendous job of distributing, Bibles, to. Missionaries. They, partner with Baptist missionaries around the world and they ship those Bibles, there it's it's, a tremendous, opportunity and, it's money well spent how, many all have a Bible. How. Many vol have more than one Bible, right, okay, there's people I, know, I was talking to Dan the other day there's people in chapada that can't, find it's, it's either ridiculously. Expensive or, they just can't find a Bible in their language. There's, there's places like that exist, still in our world today we take it for granted you, can get one on your phone you can you can have a couple hardcovers. Copies. In your car next to your bad and your dining room wherever it may be there's. People that don't have that beam's helped, solve, that problem, getting the Bible into people's hands let's. Pray and we, will receive an offering. For. Them father we are grateful for. Your. Revelation. That. Has been preserved, that. We may read it and be. Impacted. By your voice by, your breath father. Thank you for dr. renae furet and thank you for beams. Ministry. That has given out tens. Of thousands probably hundreds, of thousands of Bibles that have gone around, the world and I'm. Certain. Many people have been impacted, by I had the reading of your word god, we do pray even now that you'd bless this ministry, their vision their focus help, them to be impactful. Help them to be efficient, with the resources they get help, them to be creative in their ways of getting Bibles, around. The world and God would you bless this, congregation, thank. You for their generosity. Their, continual, desire to give, and. To. See your kingdom expand. We pray for your will. To be accomplished, now in Jesus, name Amen amen.

As I said we. Will be having our business meeting here in just a few minutes there, were a couple pamphlets. These. Green. Ones, that. Were. Available as you walked in if, you. Did not get, one of those. There, are still some, available, is that true Tim are there some back there. Okay. We're. Gonna actually what we're gonna do is shake hands for a second if you need one go. Grab one real quick now here's the thing I always like to be friendly and I like to say on Wednesdays, hey we're gonna stand up and greet each other and then somebody told me that I was doing it wrong cuz I said you have to you people you have to go greet these people and you people have to greet these people and then they said well, if these people go over there and, those people go over there then. There's nobody that they've really met, because everybody is just changing, sides. So. I said what do I do and they said you should tell these people to not move and these people need to go move. You. Guys want to stay ok. Cuz this side usually is the spiritual side anyways, right so yeah, so, tonight, we're gonna do a little bit different you guys do not move. Unless. You have to go get a paper or, use the bathroom or anything like that you guys. You. Have to meet these, people over here ok. You. Have to greet them with a friendly, ok, the, Bible says if you want friends. Show. Yourself friendly, ok, ready set go. One. On this side that means right and nobody else should be left on this side. You. Alright let's grab a seat. All, right if you don't have a Bible with you there are some free Bibles, available, available at the over, by the stairs as you walk in there. Free of charge you can take them with you we'd love for you to have one Wednesday. Nights we do a little bit more of a Bible study. I'm. Just gonna give a short charge. Then. Nichole Oakton will join me my financial, director and we'll walk through, the. Meaning we'll vote for our deacons and we. Will. Conclude. Our service, all, right let's pray together and we'll open up the scripture father again thank you for our Lord Jesus Christ God we thank you for the country we live in we thank you for the state and the county that we live in or, we pray for our leadership, our president, Lord we pray for our, governor Lord, we pray for our.

Town Representatives. And ask that you would lead them and give them wisdom Lord. Correct them where they're wrong and give them Grace and strength where they need it Lord. Would you prosper, us and help us to be successful as, a church that we would build your kingdom help. Us god that we would honor you and please, you no matter what the circumstances. Or the toils, the tribulations, of this life may be god. We want to be a people that worship and praise you in honor you. In all, things father. Thank you. Lord. Thank you for the resources, that you have given to this church thank. You for the, history that, you have given. To this church and the many people that you have used. To. Impact this community father. We ask that you would speak to us this evening we. Trust, that you are going to do a work in each, one of our lives would. You conform us a little bit more strengthen. Us God and allow us to go forth as the salt and the, light of the earth open. Up our eyes that, we may behold and be able to see your word hear. Your voice even, this night we pray in Christ's name Amen. Matthew. Chapter 16, is. Where we're gonna kind of start off we're gonna I'm, gonna put a couple verses up on the screen for you tonight and, we're gonna flip. Around a little bit but I love being with my Bible open, so even if I have it up on the screen. There, you go even, if I have it up on the screen we still. Want to open. Our Bible, it's good to become Bible literate find, your way around the scripture, as well, first. Bible Baptist Church, is. 52. Years old. This is a church that started, in the 1960s. Pastor. Mullin pastor. Maude lished Astor grace of course and now. Myself. Many. Thousands. Of people have come, through our buildings. We've had busts. Ministries, we've had summer camps, we've had or, we have awana and Bible institutes, and Bible. And Mission conferences. I remember, as a young Christian. Going to a week-long. Bible. Conference they, would have preachers. That spoke. At 9:00 at like 10 o'clock and, 11 o'clock then we break for lunch and come back in the afternoon and then we come back at 7 o'clock and night here, four or five messages. Each. Day, Monday. Through the. Whole week and these, big Bible. Conferences. And missions conferences. In which we had missionaries. From all over the world and powerful, speakers, that would come in and open up the word and allow, your heart to burn, for the things of God. We've, done Christmas. Performances. Where we just, did one this year or last year which, probably 4,000. People came through our church. There have been many building projects, many, activities, many, programs, many. Events. This. Church in 52, years has, sent out many, missionaries, we. Have supported. With. The tune of millions of dollars other. Missionaries. That were not sent from this church and local. Missionaries. As well we, have visited. The foreign, field. Internationally. We have been around. This, world. Attempting. To plant seeds that would grow. As. The gospel, would prosper, in those lands, but through, all of this there, really has been one focus. And this is what I want you to see in Matthew chapter 16. In verse 18, and that focus, is. To. Build the. Church he. Says in Matthew chapter 16, verse 18 I say also unto thee that thou art Peter and upon this, rock I will build my, church. Church. And the gates of Hell shall not prevail. Against. It listen, the, church is not, a building, but. It is a people, okay, it's, not the work of the people to. Build the, church but. It is the work of God. To. Build his people. To build his, church, the people are called, out assembly, if. You, will. United. By the blood. Of Jesus Christ and under. His, authority together, for, the sake of his, kingdom so when we talk about a, church. Oftentimes. We, think in our mind about a building, but. A church is not a building, this. Is a location. This. Isn't, a church, the. People are, the. Church so, when Jesus, said, upon. This rock I will build my church at no. Moment in his mind did, he imagine four, walls. What. He imagined. Were. A group, of, people. Called, together. And United.

Through, The blood of, Jesus. Christ to carry, out his. Mission. Into. The world are. You following me this evening our, vision. Statement, and first Bible is to is to, love God love people serve, others, and tell everyone. And maybe you've not, been around for very long but we all need a refresher, course on this the first the, first attribute. Of, this and and this is this is not something clever, we thought of ourselves this, is in essence, a little, bit of a modern nation modernization. Of the of the scripture, this is what Jesus, told us love God okay. With all our heart soul mind and strength and love our neighbor, okay, so our our, first thought. Here, is that we are to love God this is our our greatest. Pursuit, in 2018. We really tried to spend a lot of time focusing. On our, relationship. On this vertical, relationship. With, God, and obviously. You never stop, doing this but our we. Want to have a relentless. Passion. For. Our time, with. God knowing. That as we spend time, with. God critical. Intimate. Time with God that, we grow, nearer. To him and as we grow nearer to him we, become more. Like, him so, we thereby. Love. Him with all of our heart soul, mind, and. Strength secondly. We are to love people. So, first, we are loving. God is our greatest pursuit, but loving people is our greatest. Investment. In, 2019. We are attempting, this year to, find ways, to. Practically. Love. Our neighbor, okay, now we're not gonna stop, loving God so that we can now love our, neighbor love people, right but now that we are growing in our love for God we, want to do something with that love, we cannot just hoard. That love that God has put within us we, now take that divine. That that love that the Godhead can, give to us and fill all those void and we allow that love, to lose out into the world around us and. We. Love people by. Doing that, thirdly. We we, want to serve others. It's. Our greatest, call. It's, a humble commitment, to reveal, God's, love, in. Practical. Ways so, next. Year, pastor, Vinnie and and and the staff we are looking. At ways to help us to kind of stretch. A little bit and, get. Outside of those comfort, zones and. Serve. People that, we wouldn't normally, serve. The, last one is that we would tell everyone. This is our vision love God love people serve, others and tell everyone. And, I realize that. Telling. People the. Gospel, message can. Sometimes, be uncomfortable. But. This could. Be our greatest. Privilege. Is. To. Share the love of God. To the world around us as. I. Watched the news as. I. Read different. Articles, that are written as I, look what happens, in our. Laws. In, our. Counties, even, in our churches I. Feel. Like the world is upside down I, feel. Like evil, is, running. Rampant, and. There's. A part of me that says and. This whole thing is just. Over. Just. Cash in our chips what's. The point right. And then, I'm reminded. Right. That. The point is, to. Tell, everyone. And, sometimes. We do this we go but, there's so many out there that disagree. With me, that. Disagree, with the scripture, that disagree. With God so, what's the point the. Point is every.

One Of us can, tell, someone. Else and, that, person we, can make an impact in. Somebody's. Life, that. Is. Beautiful. Impacting. Them one. Person, at a time, we. Don't need to have mass Crusades, we. Don't need to we don't need to you know put airplanes. Crossing. The skies of Rochester, with you know big signs of God, loves you what. We need to do is simply. Where we work in the, neighborhoods, that we, that. We live we. Need to open up our mouths and we. Need to speak, not. Just live it living, it is important, but, we need to speak the gospel to people in such a way that they can. Hear although. Not. Our primary, function to build it's God's we, have, a role we are laborers, together with God we, are in it, with, God, that, we would make his, name. Great, among. The nation's to praise Him to, worship Jesus Christ to live, in accordance with the, leadership, of the Holy Spirit and the directives. Of the scripture, we are to be a people, that, resemble. Ease us. So. When so. When people say will show me Jesus. Show. Me who he is what does he look like. Here. We are oh. No. Your name is Kevin not Jesus I know but, but I'm a I'm, a Christian, I'm, a little. Jesus. I'm, supposed, to resemble. Now I get it I'm imperfect, but, I am supposed, to people, are supposed to look at us, the. Called out, the. Holy the peculiar, they're supposed to look at us and see. Him. Okay. That, is what, we are to do it is God, that is building the church we are laborers, together with him look in 1st Corinthians chapter 3, with me. 1st. Corinthians, chapter. 3. I'm gonna put up a just, this one verse but I have a if. We look in verse 6. 1st. Corinthians chapter 3 and verse 6 says I have planted, Apollo's. Watered but. God gave the increase so. Then, neither is he, that planteth anything. Neither he that watereth but god. That. Giveth the. Increase he. Had this is God's work. Well. Not when I come into the office sometimes, I feel overwhelmed. That. I am the eye I'm, one of the pastor's, here at first Bible Baptist Church, and I somehow, have a spiritual, responsibility, and. I'm trying to reach I Drive past do, you ever drive through neighborhoods and look and see. There's. People living in those homes you. Drive through an apartment complex and I think to myself there's, hundreds, of people here that don't know Christ that, don't go to a church that that that don't have anybody to be the light and the salt in their life and it weighs on me, and I think to myself what. Are we gonna do how, do we do this whole thing and then I look at a verse like this and I see that, it's God. That. Does the work it's God that, gives the increase it says in verse eight now he that planteth and he that watereth are, one and every, man shall receive his own reward according to, his own labor, for, we are labourers together. With. God, ye, are God's husbandry ye, are God's building. We. Labor to. Make God's, name, great. Among, the nations that. All people, from, every nation from. Every tribe, from, every tongue. From every people. Would, call, out and give, God, the, glory. That. Is due, only, to. Him. We. Praise God with our mouths, we. Can praise God with our hands, with, our time with. Our resources. We're. Not talking, about a church. Service. In different areas, of the world to. Plan a church, is is. Wonderful. Okay, and a lot of times when we a missionary, says I planted a church again. What do we think we, think about somebody who built four walls in, the. Ukraine, who. Built four walls in, Zambia. And he put in a dress on it and says I planted, a church no. He built four walls. What. The missionary, is trying to do and what we're trying to do is, build. The. Church. The. People, of God, that. There would be a group of called, out. Divinely. Washed, by, the blood of Jesus, Christ people, that. Are so. Impassioned. By the grace, of God, in his love that, they would give their life to, love, him, love. Others serve. And tell. Everyone. That's. What. We are called it, is now the church, armed. With humility. Armed. With wisdom armed. With discernment. Armed. With grace. And, armed, with truth, armed. With forgiveness. And with love armed. With hope, armed. With the presence, of God. Himself. Armed. With a. Revelation. That comes from. God and inspired. By the life, and, person. Of, Jesus. Christ himself. We, don't, just have a, nebulous. Record, we have a God that, became, flesh that, we can look at and follow, and say this is how he did, it there Bob therefore, this is how I.

Should. Do. It, see. Our work is not done, we. Have a quality. Church building, if you look around we. Have quality programs, we, have discipleship. We have Awana we have missions, we have counseling. We, have Sunday school we have teen ministry, we have marriage. Ministries, we have life groups, we have a lot of good that is being done at, this. Place, but. 990. Man-otaur Road is. Not. The. Church. That's. Just the walls of, a building at, the end of the day, this. Is just material. The. Church. Are. The people. We. Are to be a people that. Live. For. God God. Is not building, a structure on earth, and. God does not need, real-estate. God. Does not need, walls. Or, hallways, or, pews, or lights, or, heaters or air conditioners. God. Is not calling people to, a temple, in fact God has made. His. People. A. Temple. That's. Who we are looking Acts chapter 20, I didn't put this up on the screen I want you to turn, Matthew, Mark Luke acts. And. I'll finish up with this text. Mack's. Acts, chapter 20 and verse, 18. And. He says and when they were, come to him he said unto them you know from the first day that I came into Asia after what manner I have been with, you at all seasons verse 19, serving the Lord with all humility, of, mine and with many tears and temptations. Which befell. Me by lying in wait of the Jews and, how. I kept back nothing that. Was profitable unto. You but have showed you and taught, you publicly and from house to house and I want you to see this verse in 21. Testifying. I under I underline, at my Bible testifying. Both. To the Jews and also, to the Greeks repentance. Towards. God and, faith. Toward, our Lord Jesus Christ, see, what he's saying here in this text is I have lived, my life I have testified. To you, the, need for you to understand, what is repentance, and what is faith, in our, Lord Jesus, Christ now verse 22 and now behold I go bound in the, spirit unto. Jerusalem, not, knowing the things that shall befall me there Paul. Says I'm. Not really all that worried, I know that God is in control my. Responsibility. Is to testify. To. The Jews and to the, Greeks. Irrelevant. Of the circumstances. That behold. Me verse 23, saved that the Holy Ghost witnesses. In every. City saying that bonds. And, afflictions abide. Me but, none of these things move, me neither. Count I my life dear, unto myself, so. That I might finish my course with joy I. Like. Joy. How. Many all like joy I. Like. Joy and the, Ministry which I have received of the Lord Jesus, Christ. You know what ministry is talking about to, testify. The. Gospel. That. Word gospel, what's it mean.

I've, Got some good news for you. It's. My job to, testify. To. The world around me there's. 7 billion people pastor, Kevin I can't reach 7 billion people God's. Not asking you to reach 7 billion people he's. Asking you to testify. To, the world around you here who. Is your world. Testify. Means to give a a testimony. Or, knowledge. Of something not known to, others. The. Purpose of first Bible Baptist Church is to be a people that love, God, love. People serve, others and tell. Everyone. We. Are, imperfect. We. Are, not, holy. In, all of our ways. But. We don't need to stay there, we. Need to be a people that strive. We. Need to be a people that recognize, that, God, himself. Jesus Christ himself, is. Worthy. Of. Us. Giving. Our life, to. Him we, want to faithfully. Labor as I. Believe, the Lord Jesus Christ, is going. To return. Very. Soon. With. The with the shout of the ark angel. And the, Bible says the dead in Christ shall rise, and, then and, then. Those that remain will be caught, up in the air and, forever. Shall be with the, Lord. I. Believe. That sound is, going to happen. Soon. So, fast Kevin when, soon. May, be very even soon right, today, I like that right. Until. Then. What. Are we supposed to do. We. Are to testify, we. Are to be a testimony, to this, world that, the world may, know the, repentance, and the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ and receive, the. Grace of, God. That. We yes. Would. Receive salvation, which, means I am forgiven, of my sins but, even more importantly, than my personal salvation is, that, I now. Saved, am able to worship. The. One who created all things and. Everything. That's, why we exist. 52. Years ago the. Church was started by a pastor, that said I believe. We. Need to build a church. Didn't. Need an address, he. Needed to impact people, and that's. What our business is. That's. What a business meeting is you know we. May look at numbers in a little bit we may talk about resources, and a little bit. But. The business. Of the. Church is. Reaching. The, world, that. The world may. Worship our God. Let's. Pray together father. Thank you for our Lord Jesus Christ thank you that we. That. We have a business, that, you have given us a calling and occupation, to, testify. God. Would you take away my fears and my doubts and unbelief and allow. Me with courage and and and faith to. Open up my mouth to the people that. Live. Next to me that I work with that I play with God. Help me. To. Testify. To. Love you, love. People serve others and tell. Everyone. I'll. Pray all of this now in, the name of Jesus. Christ amen. Mrs.. Oakton would you please join me please. If. You've never been a part of a business, meeting. You're gonna, have a lot of fun. The. Business, meeting is officially, called, to. Order. Nicole. Is going to read our prior business, meeting. Notes and then, we will ask for a motion to accept, these. Okay. So our last business meeting, was January, 31st of, 2018. So I'm gonna read them the minutes from that meeting. Those, that were present Reverend, Kevin, pesky, trustees. Deacons, and members pastor. Gave a devotion, from Matthew, 28:18, through, 20 he, then called the meeting to order old, business, the, minutes of the last meeting were read by Nicole Oakton a motion, was made by Hank McLeod McLeod, to, accept the minutes seconded, by Dan Dutton the, vote was unanimous to, accept the minutes as read. An update. On the sale of the property of 1025, North grease Road was given there. Is, expectation. That the closing date will be soon, new. Business, the, Deacons have voted to refinance, and consolidate, our loans at Canandaigua. National Bank this. Move will help us reduce our debt the, new loan rate will, be at 4.8%. Which. Is a 20, year loan it. Will reduce our payments, by, $8,000, per month, Nicole. Presented, the budget, which runs from September 1st, through August 31st. She. Explained how that works the Deacon board has, approved the 2017. 2018 budget. And Nicole, explained that process. Questions. Were taken concerning. The budget and the. Projection, figures. Pastor, Kevin explained, that the deacons are divided, into subcommittees, these. Committees, are financial. Norstar, Christian Academy and FB, BC campus they. Will be advisor advisory. Committees, to the pastor. Fellows. For the new deacons were passed out. The retiring deacons, were Dylan Briscoe Jeremy. Demarest Rick rate Jim.

Gray Harry. King George. Miles Bryan, Shay and Ben, Wang the. Results, of the, deccan election, are Bob. Kaiser Alex. Luke Gary, by Kirk Brian. Burnett, Mike, Marton John. Stoffel, Jason. Storm and Roger, record, they, will serve for, the years 2000, 18 19. And 20. Let. It be recorded that on February 21st. Bob. Kaiser was voted in as the trustee, of the class of 2018 through, 2020. Pastor. Kevin asked for a motion to close the meeting at 9:00 p.m. and, it, was made by Bob Kaiser and seconded. By Bryan Shay it was, unanimously, accepted. Pastor. Kevin prayed to close the service. So. We will do the. Same thing and I will ask for a motion to. Accept these. Minutes, as read. And. I, have somebody to second that. Michael. West to second. All. In favor raise your right hand. Anyone. That opposes, raise, your right hand, no. Hands. Are up, so. For, the record let. It just be known that all hands were raised in favor. Pastors. Gonna announce old. Business. Ok. So just as, Way of what, happened, with, some of the things that we talked about that, Nicole just went over we, did end up, refinancing. Our mortgage. Debt in May. Of 2018. What, that meant is. We. Extended, our loan to be a new 20-year loan that. Will be, refine. And refinance, but the interest will be. Renegotiated. In ten years okay, when. We did this this decreased. Our. Monthly. Loan payment, by about. $8,000. Which gave us obviously. A little bit extra. Extra, cash each month and as. Well last year we sold the property at, 1025. North Greece for. 65,000. Okay, so, those things did, happen. As, way. Of old business new, business, for. This year we are in the process well, we have hired Aaron, Esteban, a as. I've mentioned as our worship pastor, he. Debut. See if you've been around for some. Length of time Dave Yossi, was the. Worship, pastor, here for some years, and. Him, and his wife Michelle moved, to Florida, to take some teaching positions, that. Position. Has been filled. Part-time, with jake Fabry. We've been looking, to bring in someone, to handle. That more full-time so Aaron and his wife Adriana have accepted, that position they. Will hopefully be arriving, as their home sells and, we. Want them to be on staff here in March. Some. Other things that are happening we. Are in, need of a new South parking, lot if you park over on this side you. Have noticed. Our parking lot is kind of falling. Apart and. So. We what we did is we begin, to, look for. For. Companies. That could, fix. Our parking lot for us, let, me kind of explain. Nicole. Mentioned this we have three Deacon. Committees, so there's, 24, men on our Deacon roll at any one point, what. I do is I split, them we split them into three categories a, campus. Committee which is really a maintenance. Crew. That, helps assist Dan Dutton these. Guys are, your, blue-collar, --is-- type of people or maybe small business owners this kind of stuff that, no different, trades and have wisdom experience, in these area we, have a finance committee these. Guys are, your you know CPAs. And, finance. Guys and advisor guys and, then, we have a North Star Christian Academy committee. These. Advise me and help me with issues, about, education, in the, school so when, it came time to figure. Out the parking lot I. We, asked these committees, to go out and get bids. For. The job and I think they got five or six different bids they. Came in we looked at those five different bids, and we began to weed through we. Went and actually looked at the properties. And. We looked at their work we talked to their. Customers, and found out if they were satisfied, then, we brought back those, and, we, gave, that information, to, the Finance Committee and said here, are the whatever was two or three that we like now. We want you to look at the numbers and they, went through looked at those numbers picked.

Out Who they thought was the best those. Two Deacon, committees, came together and, talked. About the way forward if we, were good in a good deal or not and what, this all looked like and then, we made a decision, so the. Company that we went with is actually magic seal so. Magic seal is going to be doing our south parking, lot the. Very last weekend. In June the first week, of July that, time frame the, cost of. The parking lot is two hundred and seventy, two thousand, dollars, okay. And. We. Have negotiated, that down we're not gonna do the the north side at this time they failed that we can probably get a good two or three years left out of this now. When I arrived, in. 2016. The church had roughly, a hundred thousand, dollars in reserves. Around. There and the. Deacons said we need a new parking, lot it's gonna cost four hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and. I, choked I. Looked. In my pockets, and thought I think, I should go back to Africa okay, and I. Prayed, and I prayed and I prayed and I want you to know that. God. Does, wonderful, things that sometimes you can't even explain, so. We, are going, to pay for this parking. Lot cash. We. Haven't had to go to the church and ask the church for anything else. Over the last couple years has. Blessed, our finances, and we have the money to, do this okay so, in 2019. They're going to, completely. Repave, the parking, lot and stripe. It and then, part of that two hundred seventy two thousand they'll, come back one. Year later and they will seal, the entire parking, lot again Andry, stripe, it again. Okay. Does that make sense okay. Any. Questions on that so far. Okay. Good we, also the finance team we we, we, dan dutton drives. A maintenance, truck, and. He. If you if you look at it he duct tapes the, defender, to it you know and it's. Yeah. You can see the ground it's really it's a it's impressive. We. Have also a need. To replace that, bob. Kaiser has done wonderful things and keeping that running and working. And it works well but it is time so we also have approved thirty, thousand dollars to purchase a. New, new, to us truck. Okay so. We. Are excited about that as I. Mentioned. Thanks. To Nicole and of, course the Lord Jesus Christ, God. Has blessed this church with the finances, to pay cash, and. We. Still have roughly, three hundred thousand dollars in cash reserves. Remaining. Okay, so, in 2016. We had only a hundred thousand, now. In 2019. We just paid two hundred and seventy two thousand, for a parking, lot and have three hundred thousand, left, over okay that's God doing, a cool work in and, through our church. I. Really. Do believe he has blessed us as we, are seeking, to steward. The funds that he has given to us correctly. And. Part of that is the, debt repayment. We, are, and. Nicole, can explain this a little bit more we are paying. Ahead. On our loan every, month we. Send more, than we're supposed, - in order that we could pay back that. The. That, loan, early, okay. Nicole. Is gonna talk about last, year and current year. Approved. Budget. Thank. You, I'm. Gonna speak to this booklet. Here, and if. You've had a chance to sum, through it at all and look you'll say well this is a business meeting there doesn't seem to be a lot of numbers in there and that's, because, a, couple, Sundays ago we, handed out this bill this booklet which. Really has, a lot of neat data, and numbers and facts, so, if. You don't have this booklet, I believe there were some at the back but so, that's kind of has, a lot of the numbers so that's. Why I didn't want to be redundant and put them in both places so. What. We wanted to do this year is we wanted to do something a little bit different. Rather than give you a line by line item. Spreadsheet. Budget. We. Wanted to take. Our. Line by line item budget, which is could be an about, a hundred and fifty lines and, we wanted to be able to prorate those, expenses. Out into. Our, mission, statement, so kind, of put, it together missional, ii and as. Pastor, kevin had, just talked about, love. God love. People serve, others and tell everyone, so. I am on this first page, that says especially, expense. Missional, II so. These first that first page, and. So, just to kind of give you an. Outline. The. Love God piece we considered, our weekly worship that, is our, Sundays. And our Wednesdays, and so, any expenses, that would relate to our. Weekly. Worship that's, what's at in that love God peace the. Love people this. Is the piece where pastor. Kevin talks about our church being deep you know the deep and wide well this is the deep piece this is our faith journey this is our discipleship. Programs, our North, Star Bible, Institute North, Star Christian Academy our, life groups this is our growth. Spiritually. So those, expenses. Would. Fall under the love people the. Serve others and tell everyone kind of combined we looked at those as as our outreach, and, the.

Serve Others is more of our local, outreach so here in the community, some. Of the events that we have like Scrooge. Gingerbread. House Family, Fun Falls summers, best days those. Are the the serve others, local. Outreach and, then the tell everyone is our global. Outreach, so our missionaries, and our mission strips and so, that's kind of how we, took. That budget we broke it into, those four, areas, so when you look at the graph that's up at the top it tells you what percentage of the, expenses, and it tells you for, the 1819. Budget. Year and this and then last year's, actual. Numbers now they. Look really close that's coincidental. We, didn't just take last year's actual, and create our new budget we don't do it that way but. It is coincidental. But I think one of the really neat things about doing it this, way I really didn't know what to expect I really didn't know how the numbers were, going to come out and. When you look at the serve. Others in the tell everyone it's about 50% of, our. Expenses. And as pastor, Kevin was just talking about you, know the outreach, into the community so. To see that. That we do spend 50%. Of our monies on that piece of it it. Was really cool to see that we. Really are spending our money. Where. We want it to go so, that was just a really neat exercise so, we thought we would share that with you for. This year so. We, do have, three. Different campuses for, those of you that aren't aware we, have three different campuses we have the church here at 990, North, Star Christian, Academy which, is in, gates. Our. School, which is pre-k, through 12th grade and then, we have grace and truth Sports, Park in. Hill in that North grease Road so what I wanted to do is just show you expense. Wise, within. Those three. Campuses. How our expenses. Spread. Out for that. And. Pastor, Kevin had talked about the. Budget, now. The budget process here, it's. It's. A very thorough process, we start in about April or May time. Frame and each. Ministry, leader is I. Guess. Encouraged, or asked to go through and think, about their mission for the next year think about where they want their ministries, to go what they think is. Going to happen in their ministries, and, what. Funds they think they're going to need for that and so they go through that exercise they, don't take last year's actuals, they just start from, the ground up they just start from zero and they say okay what's it going to look like what are we gonna do and they, turn that into me and. I put it all in there and then I I'll. Have a one-on-one meeting with each of them just to kind of go through their assumptions, and just. Kind of really feel out you. Know where they're at and challenge. Them a little bit and go. Through all of that and so then we go through that and I put all that together and then I pass it on to pastor Kevin he. Goes through it he and I go through and we review it all and we have changes, and once, he says yep this is good then it gets sent on to the Deacon board and then I tried, to send it to him and present. It to him so. That they have like three or four weeks to be able to really go through review. It come in ask me questions, which some of them do. But. It's a thorough. Review. Of all. The assumptions and, everything. That's involved and, then, I come back in August and, they. Approve, the budget so, we tell you all that because they just I want you to know that it's not just me. Sitting in a room or pastor Kevin and I sitting there it is there are a lot of eyeballs, looking at these, numbers and asking. Questions and feeling it out so it's. Importantly, it's transparency. It's accountability, and it's I think the process works well and it's, just very thorough, so I just wanted to kind. Of explain that to you now this year. What. We tried to do with the budget is we tried to be very, intentional. With. Including. Some of our capital, needs, we. Went through and created a five-year, look. What. Are we going to need in capital. And what, do we need to start saving for so we were intentional, to put those things in to. The budget this year and. Other things that kind of comes, to my mind was the roof so. We have maybe 10 15 years, left, on the roof but. I'm being told it's an eight hundred, nine hundred thousand. Dollar ticket. Well. We don't want to be in year nine going. So. What we're trying to do is make sure that. We have these monies and we're setting them aside so when the time comes we, have most or all of the money so. We are starting to be intentional. With that and look at what the needs are going to be you. Know five years out so we did that with the budget process, this.

Year. So. These, next couple. Pages. What, we did is we took the love God. Love. People serve, others tell everyone and we gave a little bit more detail and we also gave. Some. Testimonies, so the sections that say don't just take it from us we gave testimonies. For, each of you know some of the ministries and for each of the areas just. So you could see really that, God, is doing such. A work within our church and such, a work within our ministries, and some, of these sessoms we didn't we weren't even able to put all of them in here but we, picked a few to, put in so I would encourage you to read through those I, know. One of them that stood out to me was um I think. It's in the love people section North. Start Christian Academy has, a international. Program and. They have about 45. International. Students, from, 22, different countries, and one. Of the testimonies, in there is. This. International. Student that, accepted. Jesus as our Lord and Savior so now she's saved she's. Learning. More you, know growing, in her faith and I thought about it and I thought what, happens when she goes home. What. Happens when she goes home and maybe. Her family, doesn't. Doesn't. Believe. The same thing she does or. Disagrees. With. You. Know her choice in her faith and, I thought we gotta pray for those people and, what. These. These students, I know that I think there's three or four students, at at Northstar that have been saved. And so, I started, praying for them just you. Know godsend them somebody to keep them encouraged, keep, them in the faith just. Keep them going so that was just one testimony. That really it struck, me and I thought what happens, when they go home but there are great testimonies. In here so I would encourage you to please, read through those and then you're, gonna find at the end of, each. Section, there's. These. Green boxes and it's gonna tell you like, at the end of the love God it says, 2018-19. Budget. Total seven. Hundred and sixteen thousand. So, that is the budget of dollars, that represents, the fourteen percent that you saw in the first page so, I kind of gave you what the actual dollars were for that, expense. Section and then where we came out the, year before the six hundred and eighty six thousand so at the end of each of these sections you will see those. Totals. So. Now. I'm. Gonna ask you to turn to the page that says balance. Sheet keep. Forgetting again microphone man, balance. Sheet items so, what I wanted to do over these next couple of pages is just talk through which pastor Kevin touched on. Most. Of these but just kind of talk through some of, the major. Balance, sheet items and one, of those is our debt so, at the end of August. We. Did have just under six, point three million. Dollars in debt, however. I mean. When you look at that chart right. Certainly. Going in the right direction we've, got a downward, trend but. It's still six point three million dollars, so. We are working like pastor Kevin said to, try to pay. Some. Additional, principle, to reduce that, debt and that the, the chart below that, says additional mortgage, principal paid shows. That for fiscal, year. 2018. We. Paid an additional hundred and three thousand, dollars towards. Principal, so that's above and beyond our normal mortgage. Payments. That the church would pay there, was a hundred and three thousand, and that hundred and three thousand mostly comes. From the, congregation. There's, a line. Item on the. Envelopes. And on the drop-down that says loan payoff and people, go in and they faithfully. Give to, that loan payoff weekly, monthly and that's, that's. What these numbers are now. January of 2018, we had one single donor come. Into the church with a $25,000. Check said. I want this to go towards. The. Loan so, that's why you see that big spike in January, that was a single. Donor giving, $25,000. And then in March, pastor. Kevin discussed, the, fact that we sold 1025. North. Greece road so $25,000. Of that sale went. Towards, additional. Principal so then one hundred and three thousand, dollars saves. Us about eighty one thousand dollars in interest, over.

The. Loan so that's I mean that's significant, that's a lot of monies, and. I know pastor, Kevin had asked, me. Last. Year he said what would be as a stretch, for the church for you know for debt for the loan and I said well I did some ransom numbers played with my numbers came up and I said well if we did a million dollars. Additional. Principal. We if we paid a million dollars in principle over three years, that. Would be a stretch for our church and that would save us just under five hundred thousand dollars in interest, over the length of the, loan. So. I went back and I said okay so the first year was last year 17 18 so how did we do, compared. To that and I'm, speaking, to. This additional, principal not the normal principal, that we pay and. The. Goal was a hundred and twenty four thousand, and as. We see here we paid 103 so, pretty, close to. What the goal was, so. If I take that. $20,000. And I roll it into the next year the. Additional principal, would be a hundred and fifty six thousand, or thirteen. Thousand dollars a month, currently, we're at about a five thousand dollar a month, additional. Payment so there's a little bit of a gap there per, month and then. In nineteen. Twenty it would, be a hundred and forty two thousand so we're still on track. We're. Still on track I was encouraged, I was, please, I was felt, wonderful. To watch God work all, of this out so. But I wanted to kind of give an update so a little bit behind but but, not not bad. So. I'm gonna take you to the last page that's his church capital. Funds and pastor, Kevin really he. Touched on this. About. The needs and and I don't really like this chart, this chart didn't come out so good so just look at me and I'll explain what's going on here in. Total, we have six hundred and seventy eight thousand, dollars in cash at the, end of August six hundred and seventy eight thousand, so as pastors Kevin, said we took three hundred thousand of that and moved, it out into our operating, account that is the account that we pay our bills from so. That's we call our operating accounts like your checking account so we took three hundred thousand we moved it over there that, leaves us with three hundred and seventy eight thousand, well, as we have talked about with the parking lot and the, maintenance truck that's, three. Hundred and two thousand, so of that 378. Three. Hundred and two thousand, is what I'm going to consider designated. We're going to spend it it's going to be gone so, that leaves us with seventy six, thousand. Dollars of, undesignated. Money's, sitting there for capital future. Capital. Projects. To save for. And. In. Addition, to that, well. I talked about we have the three hundred thousand sitting in the operating fund so that's kind of how the monies is. All split, up at the end of August, and it was discussed, as the, monies I consistently. See it over three hundred thousand, in our operating account then. We just transfer, it over to the capital account so that's kind of how we're handling. The money so. This. Is a good business meeting, because, I would, say financially. Our churches is healthy, we're certainly moving in the right direction we're.

Able To be intentional, with some of our saving, we're, able to pay, cash for the things that, we need so, this. Is a good one very. Good lord I. Want. To thank you you want to open it up to any questions does, anybody have any questions. You. Don't have to be shy so, one of the points of the business meeting is to be transparent, to the church we, know we want to be a church that can see in our window and know what, is happening, if. You have detailed, questions, certainly you can make an appointment with Nicole. Oakton and she'd. Love to go through as, much you can dan. You had your hand up but I'm nervous. Can't. Ask okay good the carry elbow. Okay. Any. Other non dutton questions. Okay. Great, so, next on. Our agenda is. Our. Deacon, vote. Okay. Now, we had a couple things that we had announced in the. Bulletin, and from the pulpit one of the things that we were going to do was we were going to, have. An amendment change. We. Were going to add some. Language about gender, and sexuality. And. We have removed that now one of the reasons that we removed that vote is because, our. Constitution, requires that we have a business meeting in, January. Of the year, this. Is February, so. Technically, it could be, an. Illegitimate vote, on that. Amendment, modification. So, we are going, to change, the. Time that we vote to a special, meeting which we will announce in the future it'll. Be very similar to this we'll come into the church and propose. A, modification. To the Constitution. And all, the members in. That. Our president will have an opportunity to vote on that so we, have not eliminated it, we have just adjusted. It for the because of the, timing. Of of. Everything with the closure of church last week because of that storm okay, so, now we're gonna move on to the deacon vote in, order to vote for a deacon, you do need to be a member of this church, so. We, have our bouncer standing up in the back okay they're gonna they're, gonna look at the membership role, if. You have to be 18 years old if you're not sure if you're a member you, have to think yourself have I gone through a membership, class have, I taken it you. Know pastor Vinny's here pastor and grace is here I'm here if you don't know we can look up for you and tell. And, you know we're not trying to be hard on you but it is part. Of the. Process. The, people that are on this list there's, 16, men, on the. List so in order for, you to have your name on this list you, need to be a member, in good standing for. Three. Consecutive years so sometimes what happens is somebody. Will join the church a good man will join the church from another church maybe they moved into town or something. And we like you and that's great but, we want some time to know who you are before, we put you on our Deacon, board or, select, you so this is this. Is one of the ways we kind of, process. People secondly. We also go, through our list of all the the men that are members in good standing and, we. Filter. Based. Bathe, based. On tithes, and. Offerings. Okay, so, meaning we want to see some financial, stewardship. From, these men, are they. Are. They, committed, sure they're members of the church but, are they committed. To obeying, the Scriptures, financially. And being good stewards. As, well, okay, and. Then of what we do is we take that list, of men and. I bring the. Pastor's, of the church. Together, in my office I put, a spreadsheet, up on the, wall and we begin to go through each, of these men before we do that we read through first Timothy chapter 3 which. Gives a, list of the qualifications. That a man. Must meet, in order to be a deacon, and some. Of the names I don't recognize, some of them I know very well and, as. We look at this long list of names that God has blessed us with some really great men in this church all. The pastor's have an opportunity, to say yes. Or no and and. Some some, one of the pastor's may know something that's going on in this person's life that would maybe disqualify. Him for, this year or you. Know may know something that would qualify him, that I wouldn't know we, then take that list, and we, send, it to the current D, kins and those, current, deacons select. 25. Men. On that, list so, now at the end of this we have 25, names, I then. Take those, 25, names and I send a letter to each one of those saying that you have been. Nominated and. It's now their right to accept. That nomination, or reject, that nomination, so, the 16 names that we have down here guys, why don't you come forward we'll pass these out the, 16, names that you've seen in the bulletin for the last four. Weeks veni has it been four, weeks are, have. Gone through, the process that I have just named, so Jeremy Demarest Bryan. Shay Eric, Bellinger Marc. Maynard, Benway. Ric.

Grape Randy. Weaver, Derek, Ross Michael. Nelson heaven, mandola. Adam, Wagner, Warren. Jones, Jesse. Smith Dave. King John. DiMartino. Julen, hey bar are the. 16, guys that. Are on this. List. Our. Church has. 24. Deacons, at all, times each. One of those deacons, are on a three-year. Rotation, so. Eight, deacons. Fall off this year and now, we're voting for eight, new deacons, to go in and replace. Them, each, Deacon, that falls, off is required, to be off for, a minimum, of. One. Year, okay. As. I alluded, to earlier the. Deacons that. You, are about to elect. Will. Be divided. In two. They will be put on one of three. Committees. Okay. So when you look at this list you, are certainly, welcome to, circle. Eight but. You don't need to circle eight and when. You look at this you, should be thinking in your mind. Where. Would these guys fit, in which, position would they serve the. Church and serve. Me okay, so, I what. I expected. Deacon's, to be is my, wise, counselors. For. The next three years I'm. Asking, them to. Help. My blind, spots, to. Give me wisdom in areas that I don't know or confirm. What the Spirit of God is doing and. Help. Me have the courage to move forward in. Some. Of those areas, okay. So. According to our Constitution. We. Must be in the. Sanctuary. To, vote so. Obviously. You guys are eligible, to do that right now but, the, remaining members, that are in Awana or in Summit, or in nursery, or in healing, journey or in Bible Institute are. Not technically, allowed to vote until they, walk into this, room okay. So. We are going to ask. For a motion to leave the meeting open, until. 9:00. P.m.. Can. I get someone to do that bobdor ooh, okay. And I need to. Second. That motion would anybody like to second, that motion, dan. Weaver has. Second, that motion, all, in favor of leaving the meeting open until 9:00 p.m. right. Hand. Okay. Okay. All opposed. Raise. Your right hand I. Don't. See any hands, okay. Note, for the record Betty. That all hands, have. Been raised. Okay, so I'm gonna pray with you and, our. Meeting, will not be, technically. Over but. When you have finished voting. You. Can give your, orange, you don't have to fold it into. 17. Little squares okay you. Can just it. Is fun yes it's fun it's fun to watch the Deacons get frustrated, right you. Can fold it once if you feel that you need super. Secrecy, or you can just hand it Tim Furness is in the back wave your hand Tim Furness that's Tim Furness right there hand, it to him if you, need a pencil, there are pencils still available. Right, there, for. Your use, okay so let's pray and, then. We can be dismissed, father we are grateful again. For. The quality. Leadership the quality of men that we have in this church choose from God, we ask now for your favor we, ask for your guidance we, asked for your discernment Lord. We, we. Know that you, are the one that ultimately appoints, leadership, but. God we also know that you use others, to do such things so. God would you use the wisdom of this.

Congregation To bring about eight men that will help guide and direct and advise. This church for. The next few years we. Ask for your blessings, God. We ask for your grace to abound we. Ask that we would be a church that, we would continue to build, god that you would, continue to use us that people would be reached. That we would be a people that would testify. To. The world around us bless. Us now god we want to see your will accomplish for we pray all these things in, Jesus. Name Amen. All, right after you have voted you are free to go if you do have any questions about the. Budget Nicole Oakton is available, not. Tonight but she's available for, a meeting at any point. Thank. You for being here god bless you.

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