1 Month Travel Update!

1 Month Travel Update!

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Hey. Everyone. We. Fix my life real quick I. Was. Feel like I picked the worst times to go live. Because. Everybody, is working right now probably. Hey. Everyone, who's online with me right now. Say. Hello. Hey. Louise hey, girl. Everyone. Who's online say, hi and, the chat don't be shy I. Have. Not been online for, a while I feel, like. Hey. DC. Roughriders, um it's, going good I'm gonna give you guys an update and. A, second, here I'm gonna wait for a few more people to come on, everybody. Who is here I want, to see you don't, be shy say hi and the. Chat. Hey. Tamara I hope I said that right I know it's like either Tamara or tomorrow. Hey. Everyone, I. Am. Gonna. Give you guys an update now so. I. Realized. That it has been a month that I have been traveling, and. Yeah. It's been a pretty much a rollercoaster, it's. Been like this. This whole time. Hey, Sophia um. Weren't. Even begin. Probably. Around. The, two, to, three, week. Mark I started, to get really really. Lonely, because. That's the longest I've ever traveled by myself. Before. This trip the long as I traveled was in Egypt, but, in Egypt I only traveled I think it was like ten days and. So. This has been the longest I've ever traveled by myself. Um. Hey. Kidís. Everyone. Say hi in the chat I want to see you guys, so. Yeah. Around two weeks I was really. Really lonely like. Really sad and. There. Was like a few days were. Pretty. Much didn't do much I just kind of laid around hey. In a city and Beyond hey guys, so. That, was hard um I'm, not gonna say I got past, that rough, patch I'm still. Kind of in that rough patch I'm trying, to figure out how to deal with that because. This is my new life I can't avoid that I can't avoid the loneliness like this is gonna be here, like, all. The time so right now I'm just trying to figure out a way to. Fill. The void. Move. Forward from the loneliness. Because. That's what's kind of happening right, now but it. Also doesn't help like Greece is beautiful. And amazing but Greece is not. Really. The, best place for a solo, backpacker, I'm not even gonna lie a lot, of these islands, are like honeymoon, central, they're either honeymoon. Central, or it's like a retirement. Home I'm not even kidding like, everyone, is old and they're, coupled up so. That. Didn't, make it easy because. Like. On this island I haven't met one young. Person the, last island I did um before. That, no. So. It's been really, really hard and, Greece. I don't, think Greece. Should. Have been my first stop, because, this is rough, so. I can't, wait until Thailand, um are. They friendly you need those the, old people are Greeks. Greeks. In general, I. Can't. Tell, yet, I'm not sure if and I've been here for a while I mean I know the Greeks that I have hung. Out with they're nice. Course but like I. Don't. Know I just feel like, they're. Not outwardly, really. Really, friendly you, know what I mean, hi, I'm Mary Lada like, they're not they don't I don't, know how to explain it they're, polite, but they're not like super, super super nice like I expected, you, know like those cultures, where they're just like really welcoming, and they greet you with, open, arms but, they're nice I haven't had any issues well I've, had some issues here actually I will talk about that later in, a story time vlog but.

Yeah. Um. When. Are you leaving there I'm leaving, on Sunday, so. I only have a few more days I'm about. To go to my last and final Island. Island number seven, I'm going, to actually you guys guess where I'm going if you know anything about Greek, islands, type, it in to, the chat let's see if anybody can guess my last. Island, that I'm going to. For. Greece I suggest. If. You're. Alone. Go. To the bigger islands, this, has actually been really hard first of all I've been in villages, the, entire time I've been here, villages, and so, that's really hard like this village, is like. There's three restaurants, and two stores and a pharmacy, and that's it so. There's nothing to do you, know what I mean it's like literally a place just to relax and not do anything. And. A, lot of the other islands, are not. As small but, small. They're like villages, so I, would. Stay with the bigger islands, unless you literally don't want to do anything. Hey. Hey. Ethiopia. What's up thank you for all the love. There. Are like, I'm from what I heard I think there's like over a thousand, islands. I need, to look that up actually, but there's tons, it's not even possible to reach all the islands there just like a thousand. Who. Creat, no I'm not going to create. Yeah. I will. Show you guys this tiny tiny, tiny village, and. I. Did. I walked around the other day and I and. I showed the, village a little bit yeah they're, so tiny it's crazy, still, I'm not like I'm in, shock I'm like and people, live here I don't understand, I'm like where do you buy your clothes, like. I don't. Understand, this. Like. They're grocery, store where they get like their grocery, groceries, is the size of a gas station I'm. Like but where is the rest of, the, groceries I, don't understand, but. Yeah teach their own it's, lovely. Like. If I were old this would, be a if. I was, old I would, 100%, get. A house and just chill here. That. Would be great. Yeah. You guys guess where I'm going next smallest, tell you my last and final island. Is that campus so. I don't know if you guys know anything about that Kanto. Zakynthos. But that is where the infamous, shipwreck. Beach is I don't know if you guys know about that if you don't google. It or just wait for the pictures but. It's like a beach, absolutely. Jaw-dropping beautiful. I think it's like the most beautiful beach. I've. Seen, and. It. Has like, a shipwrecked. Boat that's. Really cool Leah, why are you staying so long in Greece maybe you should try and understand when I say go to the next one yeah. This. I. Don't. Want to say it was a mistake. Because. I learned a lot but. Definitely. This was too long in Greece, because. And, it, sounds, like I sound so ungrateful, but, I'm tired of the beach I've been, on the beach every single, day for the past month, and that sounds really like ungrateful. But but. It gets, tiring. Because. There's. Nothing else to do I think it would have been easier if there was like stuff to do in between going to the beach but, when the only thing is to do is to, go to the beach it's just like yeah. Another. Beach I don't, want to and, like. There's a point where like the um the Sun was making me sick because I was in the Sun way too long, and like. You, know you know heat, exhaustion you guys know what it feels like when the Sun has been beating down on you for like a month and you're, just like okay I'm done so. I just hid inside because I was I was tired of the Sun it hurts after, a while. Hey. Leticia. The. Next, location, in Greece is that campus. Yeah. This one. It's. Been yeah. I, don't. Know how to explain it next. I'm going somewhere, I had. To set a time for this trip but yes you're right for, in the future I shouldn't set a time limit I should just literally. Go with the flow like once I feel. Like I'm done I should just go, I'm. Actually leaving a few days early though. Yeah. Exactly I, should just go to a place and then determine. At that point and then just like just. Sense how my body feels since, how I feel, um. You. Mentioned that your parents are coming soon um, yes. They are coming, soon they're coming on Wednesday.

You, Guys will not believe where I'm meeting them I wanted. To do a surprise blog. But I feel like sometimes. I'm exhausted keeping. Secrets, from you guys, like. It's all it's, exhausting. So. I feel. Like whatever. You. Guys will find out right, now. I'm. Meeting, my parents in the place where I just, left dun. Dun dun. Guess, who has to go back to Switzerland. Me. Hey. Kevin OH. After Greece Switzerland. I have to go back to so to end. The. Food. The. Food is good but, 30. Days of, the same food like literally note I've been craving, like. Onion. Rings I want a burger, I want, french, fries I want like regular, food, because. Here. Like I said there's three, restaurants. Or you. Just have to like sit down and eat and. There's. The vegetarian, options are limited so. Yeah. But. The food is great but I just haven't, had the, biggest. Selection, of food. Yeah. So yeah I think I'm done with the secret it's like fun but I come over it and zox ting because I want to talk about it on social, media but then I can't. Um, yeah. I'm, going back to Switzerland. Yeah. You guys. Are the first find out I'm gonna be back on side to end on Sunday it's, gonna be the best day, ever, I'm, literally. Gonna cry, when. I. Step foot. My. Land in, Zurich. I'm. Going to be in, Switzerland. For two weeks, I think. Two. Weeks. Luckily. I don't go, back to Basel, I actually do have to go to Basel to pick up some stuff I left there but. Uh. But. I'm gonna be spending, time in spirits. Spirits. Is I, don't even know what the heck I know where it is but I can't tell you where it is I don't know. So. You had a visa, for Switzerland, is that what you mean. What's. The purpose of going back when you are on world tour. So. Long. Long long time ago as soon as I said I was going to Switzerland, my, parents. Booked. Their. Their, tickets, to visit me already they already had booked this probably, back in like December to. Visit me because they're awesome like that, so. Didn't. Know I wasn't gonna be here in September so they already booked the tickets to come to Switzerland so I can't like not. Come. Like that would be so rude and I really want to see them so, yeah that's just that's it that's, it there's, nothing there's nothing I could do about that. Yeah. Yeah it is actually yes it is next interlaken, now yeah, yeah. But speech is really beautiful, so I. Think. It'll be okay Basel, was bad, vibes. Being. Away from Basel, I will be fine I think. Medan. Greece, trash. Just. Kidding I don't know I haven't, seeing anybody cute, here. I. Haven't. Seen, anybody cute, I don't, I really, haven't. I. Thought. They would be right. Wouldn't, you think Greek guys would be like really cute and uh. Nothing. To, look at. Yes. You guys are gonna be my parents I'm so excited, that's. What I'm excited about I'm really excited, to do like vlogs, with my parents, I hope. They're equally as excited, I've been telling, them. Often. That. Hey. You guys are gonna be in the vlog with me and they don't, they. Don't believe. Me well I think they believe me but they're not prepared they don't want to be on the camera, you'll. Probably get to witness that it's gonna be a struggle but I'm gonna get them on the camera, I'm gonna, get them there uh. Cam. Asked. What. Do your parents think about you being a full time traveler, oh I. Should. Do a Q&A I'm, not gonna answer that I actually, don't know the full answer to that anyways. So. Yeah. If you guys have questions that you want me to ask my parents start. To message, me and I'll, do a Q&A with my parents. No. Yeah Cecilia no Greek gods over here. No. What. So, what do you intend to do when you come back to Switzerland will you continue teaching oh no. Chris, I'm only there for two weeks that's, it I'm there for two weeks and that's it then, I'm out then I go to Thailand, I. Do. The walk behind them sneeze, ha. Ha, yeah. I'll, probably, do that. I'll. Get them they're gonna be so mad the whole time but I'll get my parents, on the blog's don't worry. Hey. Jermaine. Hey. Dslam, thank. You. What. Do they think about the rude people in Switzerland okay I need to write these down somewhere. I. You. Should write down these questions. Okay. I'm gonna write down these. Questions, keep asking me questions so I can ask, my. Parents these, I'll, do a Q&A vlog they'll, probably be like one of the first vlogs I do with them I feel like they might agree, to, that, it's like structured, my, parents are Swiss you guys have to remember that they're Swiss lists they're. Not like like if. You, had a level of 1 to 10 in swiftness, I'd say they're like. Let's. See. Six-six. Okay. I'm starting to write down these questions. You. Do not have a trip, to Dubai yes I have a trip to Dubai planned. That. Is in November so, once. I leave Thailand, I go to Dubai, -, I have, like I'm hosting.

A Trip basically and. I. Have about, five girls going. I opened. It back up by the way if anybody wants, to still go to Dubai. Anything. Else I should ask my parents. Chris. Asked. So. What, do, you actually wanted to be in life an entrepreneur, a teacher a traveler, a model. Um. To. Be completely, honest. I. Just. Want to be a mom that's. Like been. The, number one life, goal, is to. Be a mom that's all I want to do is be a mom I. Don't. Care about anything else I really just want to be a mom. Right. Now this. I'm doing all this stuff because. I'm. Obviously. Well I could be a mom but I don't want to be a mom by myself I kind of need a person, right. Here to. Have a family with, so. Since. I can't that's why I'm doing all this other stuff but, really. As. Soon as I find somebody that, will let, me have babies, with them and, stay. Home with the kids that's all I want to do. Okay. So why, did they leave Switzerland. They're so secretive they don't even really tell me why they do so why they left so soon, times I think that they like or, in some type of like secret like, I don't know, criminal. And then they had to leave or something they're, so secretive why, did they leave, Switzerland. I knew. That question would come up why. Did. They. Adopt. A, black. Child. Why. I. Did. Ask my parents to move back to Switzerland with me. Um. Oh. Wait. Oh you said it for your parents house all my parents don't live in Switzerland so. My. Parents don't live in Switzerland no, they don't they moved from Switzerland, when they were. 30. I. Think. When. They were 30 they, moved to America, oh thanks. Cam I hope, so I really can't wait to have kids I just want to have kids. But. Unfortunately, I don't have anybody have kids with so Sam. I'm. Just writing down the question sorry. Um. Think I would fight them on in Europe. I'm. Not gonna lie I'm like a. Complete. Hopeless, romantic. It's sickening, okay. So, literally. Like I was like oh I'm gonna like walk down the street one day and somebody's, gonna put into me on accident. And like, be like oh my god you're. So beautiful like, what's, your name and, I'm gonna be like oh it's Lee yeah I'm. Gonna be like oh well um, would. You like to grab some coffee real quick and I'd be like yeah sure, and then like we would talk for hours and hours over, coffee and then BAM we'd have kids duh.

That's. What I thought, or I always thought like I would run into somebody like traveling, or something, and it would be like we would click we'd have instant, sparks, or something. Yeah. That didn't happen I don't think what happens, like that I kind of give up. Hazy. Bad or ziba after. All the traveling have you ever thought of settling down somewhere and if you have where would it be um. My. Kind. Of like. The. Purpose, of. Me. Being. Like. Part. Of the purpose of me traveling around the world is because I don't know where I want to live and I was hoping along the way I would see a place that I liked and then I could find a job there and settle so, right now I have no idea I have kind. Of I, have. Kind of dreamt of teaching, English, and Dubai but that's mainly because the money obviously, Dubai. Is cool but, really I just want to teach there because they pay bank. Okay. Um. But other, than that like other than Dubai there's not another place I really wanna go. No. Thanks. I hope, so someday I really, hope because if, I don't find anybody by. The time I'm 30 I'm going to the sperm bank. From. Your looks I can tell you. Want to be with a European. If. You, mean by European, like somebody liked complex. Like. Light, complected, that's. Not my type I don't, discriminate, I've dated all, races. But. I'm, I, am. Mainly attracted. To um. Brown. Skin, it, doesn't have to be black it could be Mexican. I'm. Like who else has brown skin. There's. More races that have brown skin but. Um I. Don't. Discriminate but no I don't just date. Anything. Um. No, I'm not on dating apps I do, dating, apps when I was younger. Those. Were fail. So. Hey. Jacqueline, thank. You girl. Thank. You thank you. Okay. Any. Other questions that you want me to ask my parents. If. You. Come up with some later just DM me on. Instagram. Or Facebook. So. Glad. I found your channel ah Thank You Elizabeth um I. Am going, back to Switzerland for two weeks to spend time with my parents and I'm going to Thailand. In. The modern world being 30 and no kids is not a problem Lee especially, in Europe women become mama moves when they are older than 30 I have.

Noticed. That and I really love that about Europe, in America oh, oh, all. My friends have like three or four kids, so. That. I'm happy, I don't have that pressure anymore cuz I felt so, pressured. Now I actually feel pretty relaxed, I think. 30 for me though like I'm I'm a little bit scared of like my body changing, too much, to the point where I won't bounce back and. I. Don't. Want to be older, and have, kids I don't know that's. Just fear maybe, it'll change when I get thirty probably. When I'm 30 I'll be like I can wait five more years. Do. A blog on your parents cooking oh that's, a good one, coz my mom will probably cook a lot, we, have an air B&B and spirits, in Spitz. We have an air B&B, so, my mom will probably be cooking. Blog. With, mom cooking. That's. A good one you guys have great ideas, thanks. Louise I hope so. Cam. We're in Thailand are you going. Your. Sister lives in Chiang Mai oh my gosh can I meet her I will. Be in Chiang Mai, first, I will be there for, two. Weeks first. In Chiang Mai oh my god my laptop is dying, hey guys speed this up I'll. Be in Chiang Mai first, for two weeks and then I go to Bangkok, and then to the islands oh. I. Don't, know why I, thought you guys have kids I'm talking, to the city and beyond I thought you guys had kids I don't know why I thought that um. But. Yeah I also. Would want to travel with my kids too. Definitely. Cecilia. Why more Islands well. It's. Thailand. Those, Islands, are like epic, I have to see but that's why the islands are gonna be at the end of my trip so, by that time I'll, probably. Want to go back, to the beach. Yeah. I sent me a Facebook request I have like a whole page for, my travels, and stuff. Like that. Yeah. I think of some questions for my parents. It'll be so much fun it'll be a fun vlog you guys will get to see my. Swiss parents. In their element. Why. Did you decide to become a vegetarian um. So. For the past. Before. I became a vegetarian for. Like five years I was, I, only ate chicken, so. Then, I watched, that lovely. Documentary. I forgot, what it's called where. They showed, chickens. Like, in the. Pens like, rotting, and infected. Like, trampling. Over each other and then, like, just being dead there and then, you yeah. He's, still eating that chicken and then they're like all. The, pus in the chicken, if you're eating I'm sorry but, yeah after. I saw that documentary I'm like I'm actually, good, on. Everything. So I stopped. Oh. That's. So nice thank you I would love to meet people in Thailand I'm gonna be alone, for most the time my, best friend is coming to, visit me I'm really really excited about that um she's. Only gonna be there for, almost. A week, but, there's the time I'm gonna be. I. Will. I did. I've been filming, all the vegetarian, food, I've been eating in Greece I've been. Filming that and I plan to make like. At the end I'll make like a nice, blog. About all the vegetarian. Foods. That I've been eating and, I. Will do that as well in Thailand and. Now. I don't eat meat tea slim sorry. Hey. Regimens. I got about like five. More minutes and my laptop is going to die. I. Can't. Wait Sylvia, because I'm sick, I'm, honestly. Sick right now I can feel my body being so sick I have not been eating correctly at all like. I feel I honestly, feel like I'm on the verge of passing out. I'm. Like. So nonchalant, about it but. I've. Been feeling like this for a month and there's, nothing I can do the. Food here, that is vegetarian, has no, protein. None. Minimal. Carbs, it's just, like. Here's. Some vegetables. Okay. Before my laptop. Dies I, want some people because there's some people watching, that hasn't even said hi so. To the few people that haven't said hi just say hi and say where you're from how about that so I can give you a shout out. Valentina. Do you find it difficult to eat out as a vegetarian, in Europe yes. I, do it's. Ridiculous. Except, for London, London, was amazing. I ate amazing. There shoutout, to the UK, um. Elizabeth. Yes, I typically. Eat chickpeas, and all that every day but here, they don't have it in the meals and. This. Is the only place that how they had a kitchen all the other ones didn't have a kitchen. Hey. Hey. To South Korea hey what's up you stay. On my channel, I'll be in South Korea. Probably. In March. Hey. Sadie from. USA, I. Will. Be in Bali definitely, I'll be I think I'm gonna do Bali for my birthday in January so I'll be in Bali. Hey. Genuine, blogs in, New.

York. Hey. Rhetoric. 77. In Illinois, hey, David, from, Brooklyn what's up. Hey. Everyone. Damn. I got a lot of people on the East Coast. Cool. Where's everybody for the west coast they're probably still at work oh. I. Don't know why Elizabeth I don't know you're in New York that's so cool I might. Might. Be, flying in to, New York. Soon. Cuz. I'm gonna go home for the holidays. So. Most. Of the flights I looked up fly through New York hi, I'm Valentina in Basel, oh I. Might. Um. Yeah. I'll. Be in on. Sunday, you might catch me there on the streets. Yeah. I'll probably like, all the flights. I've seen, so far have like. 24. Hours or more lay overs in New York. That's. Gonna be exhausting, so I'll be there okay. Okay. Well. Anyways, thank you guys so much for tuning in on my, little update, I will, be back in Switzerland. On Sunday. So stay tuned for some Swiss vlogs if you have more ideas on what I should ask my question like my parents, questions. I will add them on the list and I'll see you guys the next one you guys have a beautiful. Tuesday and. Stay. Safe out there especially. If you're on the East Coast cuz I heard about the Hurricanes be safe alright bye, guys.

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