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Oh my, 98. Reason. Team of the year the base 11 players from around the world all get special, cards and put into one individual. Team these been some of the highest rated players in the game so, as well as getting them in my foot drafts I'm trying to get the boot off retro, world, record as well do you want to get some team of the years as well then here's our like and subscribe buttons in the next five seconds and you will get team idiot in attack next week winger, formations, free for free for my team of the years nice, come. On Ronaldo. Neymar or, Messi, Oh, team. Of the season, Messi it's, 98, rated, not is 99, but, but considering. We've, already, had, the team of the year 1 I'm probably glad to take her April when she a night that year player was destroyed took on an international, man of the match all, incredible, we were going Messi left, wing Ronaldo. Oh. No. Way, 99. Team of the season ran out dog and Messi. Oh but this video I'm trying, to get all the team in their cars and surprisingly, enough no joke, Ronaldo's. More common, than Neymar, so I'm gonna go team Lea Neymar, now, the, final, man to finish this attack, Luis, Suarez revive, the MSN attack come on please MSN. MSN, it. Is msn. Messi, Suarez, Neymar, has been revived, 99. Ps2 BAM young when he was at Dortmund, all these cause looks sick but, we're gonna have to go with tango. Louie Suarez, look at that for an attack oh Jesus. Gonna go left mids and it's a big pick what I thought I was gonna get a stinky pick so I went left mids ah we're. Going for interval, and legends Wesley Sneijder cinemates. We've got Lampard. Josie, manager, he doesn't, work at all, I really. Want to take him some a Chelsea fan but, that's just stupid so, I go cruise other, side can have the pogba know. We have Silver's, and coffee, I'm not having coffee at like 9 o'clock at night I'm not gonna sleep we Tate Larsson I fall was an icon legend card but who knows right, mids uh I guess. You, play in the BBVA and she's struggling - Leo Messi okay, this is going incredibly, defense.

I Want to be seeing team of the year Sergio Ramos the, other team it is marcelo. And dani alves I can't get inside eleven because they're wing-backs all right and left back Sergio Ramos me or go Dean kuna. By back, when he was French oh you know, what that basis, alone will take kuna by next. Team are beside to have we got all. Four and, French. Nationality, could, come in handy of Kula by E to me fair man of the match tango Aires, mascherano. Look, I'm a sure honor for extra racing other side, Ramos me Oh. Ted. The Ballon d'Or runner-up, Virgil, Van Dyke. Southampton. Days as well days, her phone back he's, gone from that and into getting a 96, car last year Wow. We take big fudge adding go BBVA. I, guess, come many peas in the BBVA bench. Keeper, can we have a novice we. Take it da you're Elvis isn't, too bad it's, a 189, with. A silver, bang in the middle come, on run out or come out to play a fool I pronounce gonna be on this one d. Marya oh that. Could, work maybe, we'll, see our Bay or 95. Oh my, god didn't. Know I was in 95 informed bail 99. Base as well come. Out to play that's, gonna shoot the reason incredibly, up surely. And then if you put this random guy in the middle are we looking at 91, we've got the name are the Suarez the Missy the bail we, just need the rinaldin, we just need it uh I thought, was gonna be on that border, Mike, on wow we're. Getting so many throwback cards this is so nostalgic, I'm sure man see Eman Nasri, I guess, he could work for chemistry, but, we're planning on getting renowned us to the go racing, come, on we, need some big players soon a barb, oh well we get everyone, ID one come, on please Oh, racket. Itch works for Kim Plus free nice and, now, it's ninety one rated this is looking cooler. I don't know what's gonna use this be honest we need the Ronaldo we, need that Ronaldo, doesn't. Look like it's coming last. Chance to get Ronaldo and. We got team of the year and out oh I, told. You one, of her name are earlier he, would come back cr7. With, 98, pace dribbling. And shooting oh, my god sweet he said the world record we can actually set the road records, and look how many years ahead we are if the ring goes up to 92 Oh, My. Gods Oh My, gods this draft is crazy. Look we, need to fix Kemp mascherano, there ah there's. No one who could work many doesn't work, even. You at centre-back do. You work +2 there or plus 2 okay we can get the chem we've got 2 team in the years this is crazy. Ah none. Of them helped your, can. You work your, Belgium, and you. Link up to Van Dyke we're, try it Plus free, ok, the rate has gone down but we really, need the chem here boys all, three, be Louise, plus 2 or plus 2 we've got plus 2 there are we need 2 more chem we need to get rid of fan die how are we gonna do this I don't know I need, to get full come on this Cokie gets, me one extra count I think he fits in the position of here's, the problem Sam a dog holes rating Coakley, makes it drop we have to go Sam it off and final. Pick ah. I. Don't even get the cam we're tape Reed Morris that was a year Lester, one it is well but forget. About Lester listen, food think about like em all bracing it was apparently we don't even have the racing you serious, I do.

Not Serious you can't be serious it all comes. Down to this that, drive with two team, of the years the. Real ones as well, they. Only be a 190. If we gets who can. Please. BBVA. Manager, oh no. None. None. One. Who's a fan like none. One. Ah, there's. Nothing that you do for Ken I think. I might, go Argentinian. Manager, Honda, Maria I don't know I'm gonna go for this guy only, giving me a 188 but, I've seen something in my, head and it involves that Mike on I'm thinking. If I. Call, you in the middle and put Mike on on we, got a hundred chem I knew, that would work I'm a genius. Look, at that draft team the Seas messy t-midi, Ronaldo, and Neymar, the, bail 95. And heroes Suarez I'm, not getting a better job than that ever sucked probably, a good time to roll, on the next FIFA FIFA 17. Gave us team idiot dani alves Marcelo. Suarez. Iniesta, Cruz, there's, some cool ones so watch out for them hopefully, we can get them as captain please. Injects. It please. Team. In the year 98. Messi. Oh that's. A big one the best one debatably, Ronaldo, might have been 99, Reds you know what second. Best I think route I was 19, I rated mercy, gas and, he goes right mids mean we can still get bail an incredible, on right wing which, we have thank. You this, is looking, like it's going to be a good draft they, obviously doesn't have a team of the year so I'm not set again that normal one does to have a couple inform variants see you earlier this year was Luis Suarez, so I darling it again because the strike is always the hardest ones to get back on these FIFA's, I guess, none of them work so we're gonna go for bla T for racing now left wing knowing. Me I probably can get a 98, record-breaking, run out Oh a 97. In for one but, not the flippin team of the a1 knowing my luck and they might wasn't as humid here please, him he ran out oh yes. Seemingly. A messy and team, Lee Ranaldo I was, so scared, I was gonna get a over, Burien ba said, happy. For, your video there, you go, Fang that is an incredible. Star I came it field let's. Continue have some team mini midfielders, maybe okay, your BBVA, that's fine other sides, common, module, one, - I guess. You paying the BBVA there. Could be worse, there was no good left mids on this FIFA so I won't be disappointed, with anyone here I guess, we take rating, this is going really well defense I can only remember marcelo, dani alves and ramos, and you, know what, not, even close, hopefully. We, can get a gold enum it's not team o. Team. At a season, PK. I saw, Pepe, and I was like yes and then remembered this doesn't pay for amateur it's basically, a team of the year in PK, that's so good for chem as well now, let's finish it on the Ramos please. If. You believe yeah I won't be too upset I think you do okay I'm not too upset handing, gold it could be please. None. Of them work again. Schmeichel. Doesn't. Get a link farm, and don't get ink oh he gets one thing ah where, tea barman, okay, the rains not too bad I would love a beer a key part or a team in here keep our team, in here Noah you know what screw it yes. Free. Tea money is already, in the team whoa. If we hear the Spanish guy in here I guess, nor could kind of work so this. Is going well when, you get a full team of the air maybe we, need a lot of care man we need a striker, hopefully. Now I think, I'm gonna have to take you the Shriker you know what. +9. Easy, decision. The rain goes down but the chem goes up considering, we got Noah in the team we, need to focus on chem and may, I say that and he give me a 91, rated player which, is incredible. I just realized on this fee for you can go from right to left you have to manually go all the way over to. The bench modern-day struggles, I named I would go down the tree Glick, doesn't. Work we, need a left mids or like, a German, centre back I don't know, Hiro, Rooney. Oh do. I take him just often. A stouter, or, a spacer to improve the striker role by 6. Radians, we. Improve, the striker by 6 radians and be more powerful than the Rooney who won't make the bench swap you around it's still night you rated come on molesting, me you have chem if you're gonna give me bad picks, groomer, I've done a how we're gonna get chem boys I don't know how I guess we get BBVA manager, cuz Messi's, our position, bails our position, renounce, our position, we'll, get the chem with free team of years man that's crazy, didn't, get any more I don't even get many more but I always take the sweat fest issge a beer pong the whore be, for 12 legends, racing, or chem rating or camera, mullet, doesn't do anything we have got a Bundesliga, centre back and the, Bundesliga, keeper casimiro. I don't think if, Morecambe, so. We go racing come, on please someone. Big someone. Big casimiro. Does he work now. And. Zongzi French, nationality doesn't, do much Spanish. Guy in the middle. I've. Just realised the Spanish guy in the middle don't pay into BBVA that's why we're lacking him now let me go defenders, please just give me a Ramos, three pay Louise Oh.

Doesn't. Get me more cam that's nuts. Okay. That's, surprising. Please. Chiellini. Or, cure oh my, god er, I think does it kill me me. Racing. Ah it's. A massive, rate increase I think I need the cam boys do. You get me 100 cam he doesn't I should have taken QV me okay we got the cam nice I'll take a little one eight nine if we can get this bench audits 189. Could. Call 119 maybe. I'm praying. Or I am praying, please, it. Doesn't look like your boys my goal for this video was to get as many seniors, as I could get and considering. I got free I'm not upset about that guys are not dropped look, at the top players nice, well, done Alfie, Oh Pat myself on the back, I'm 21, and I pat myself on the back beaver 18 t-midi, - t-midi, harry kane a team, minion venucci, and a team of the year PSG, Danny Albers how did he get in that then which one of these two most of the team is Finn I guess you want free sent the mids you can get the Modric the crews and let's. Pretend under who the other one is the sentiment, can take more each to Brina that was that I don't know what one about t-midi, MSE that's. A best way to start, a team idiot foot drops all we, now, just, a team he ran out of t-midi, you team. Of the season Neymar, oh we. That's. Pre insane it's only one racing law then Lionel Messi Coutinho, for safe cam yeah, if you don't take risks in life through your probably, won't get good foot drops I don't know the only person, to complete its attack you're probably thinking like Cavani for chemistry no we're, going for msn we need Suarez, to relive the old days all. Costa. Griezmann. Would be great if that was his Barcelona card natto but it's not we're go for Griezmann 90s, across the board today so doesn't get chem none, of them do so we go for Eaton and Khedira okay, please just pop up. They. They took my words out my mouth I didn't, even need to say it k b b he's first ever team in ear cards the fever 91 was a can but this one was, a sentiment, it probably, makes sense ago for act ish but we're trying to get as many ideas as we, can can't say or mod rich can tell oh the.

Wrong Ma'juj, but you know what I can't, say no I just can't that, when I see nitrate my eyes they, just glow up 90s, across the board other than Khedira but chemistry. Nowhere, to be seen so that's what we're gonna try and save Mendy gets a strong it's KBB now, Laporte. A I don't know Oh daffodils. I guess. He completes the triangle, if only kdv still pay for Chelsea yeah I'm going that retro in this retro draft it's good 90s. Everywhere. Oh, Laporte. AI forty people see that year but obviously I was wrong for Tom, and strong links to Katy B and I'm. Gonna do that Plus free right, back dani, alves works now we've got David Luiz and we get Cedric, ah that is upset, okay Ingold, BPL, called the hell, all. Right it's not the team of year to here but, I can't, take an 83 over in 92. It has, to be the higher and the, Ray is 92, oh I, might just go for a BP our team and sack of the BBVA, players at this rate the, wrong Danny obeys Marcus. Alonso, wine Adam I'm fully, gonna go for I'm, gonna go for by I go, why now Tim just in case I decide to go screw it like that and Sackhoff, all, of them even a place and the. Reason and the Kem's held Ken's not too bad if we just get like a better. Left winger for, oh it's. There for a bbo team look, if I can just get like a hazard, or something we gucci like the shirts of the snakes on I'm not worried about a cameraman, getting 95s. Cole just, give me food camel ready just. Give me full chem already, too, easy just, need to improve rating better left back right back center mids and then. We get the lowest rated players in the game Silver's. Die bar is incredible, for Ben but guys I, need. Sent amid a write-back a left back it's. Great for racing, I can't use any of you how, am I gonna fit hammers him I have to think you've racing but where I will swing you in to be honest attack, so it midfield. Eason, Oh My. Gods, Killian and Boop eh, Oh My, Jesus I guess. If we can, get who. Do we need like a Cavani, we, can whack Neymar, back in the team I'm trying out one by fours and fives and, rub n is what we need for, that come on please, big, team of the year please, Oh. Fuff. These go fail, happy. Birthday. To, you. That. Was depressing go, up bail we, could go Van Dyke Lee he's not good yet apparently, even though you had an incredible season that season but, go Gareth Bale I guess, we could switch everything, round and like, can. I do that where I just whack him fail left back I guess, the rain gets improved then it could go night you free if it is then, we just need a write-back night you free, okay. We just need a right back that was great we just need a right, back or sent mids so, anyone could take out for wine Alden, not. Really no 192. It's left back right back and wine out and let me down but that's a sick hybrid, BBVA. BPL. Legal. Once we got on be paid but, we could just take him out and risk it for chem but, considering, Messi don't say cut the rating we're not gonna do that soozee many years of effort, too, bad beaver. 19 was the first year to have 12 players in, the team of the year they added the Neymar but then you've got them flappy, Messi fan out of his attack a night no more to achieve and Ike hopefully. Even get some of them in this draft every, pair goes into right wing other than Alexis, Sanchez. Little, Sanchez, striker. Give, me a good pic to make up for that agüero. Nice. Now. Right wing we just need Argentinian, Messi. Why. Is Bill doing that like a for. What Alfie, I guess I'm gonna go Raheem to put but, we're on full chem okay we need not. That I remember, this game I'm getting flashbacks of, how, bad the drafts can be look, how savage this is this savaging my drafts I keep, Bernardo silver that's a bit better defense, unless it's a Van Dyke I don't care it's, Team of the Year Van Dyke thank. You that's what we're looking for, semen he is first, one tick, next to him just give me a promise of something just, give me the t-midi Ramos or cooler, by Britain's. Nuts okay the rain is incredibly left back knowing, me I'm gonna get Robertson I just know I, heard. Judy Alva we're. Taking it would take it Kem's all over the place but we'll make it work and she's leaving two buds let, me see when, we finish the style 11 I'll be right, back no. Laughs okay in gold we, needs that, Yashin or layman. You. Have to take him it's actually not too, bad but, it does need saving, and I, couldn't keep her please, odd. To hire only. Links up ah. We. Have to seat the hail we need the improvement, and why is my nose books, okay reserves you need to save me because this. Isn't going well I'm not gonna lie, Olli. And messy, overall. Marez I'm gonna go Maurice he's only one racing, lower, but he gets her to improvement, on the striker res, messy, wouldn't fit in here, we could've kept a bit better I don't know how we're gonna make this work I really, don't, rafinha, that's not the one we, need sentiment, right back left wing, we got a better message I think now we, do have to take it -, free but it's fine crispy or Jordi Alba maybe, we can do that and then like that.

Something, Like that we've, got options we. Just needs icons. Oh, Celia. Marcelo nah, scrub, that everything, back where it was put it back where it was that was great. Oh my, god maybe that that. Knife. And it's Knightly free the only thing was said to me about this draftees this man has a seemingly a card and messy, as this human ear card but beggars, can't be, choosers. I can't Britain's fine I'm just worried about the chem right, oh yeah. Shin I am, not worried about the collagen Sam is called. Young's can you send it back so, we don't get it chem improvement. Yikes. Does it go tonight you for free foot mister riyad mahrez there, let's have a look it doesn't, but, coming back sterling, left wing no okay, who buys your come out a team mentor. Coach gotta come out the team sumit, Annie Ibrahim. Or bitch, the, Milan man for, once does nothing, a sins, Yolo, I'm might take you okay. II bruh I don't know how we're gonna get chem we need some icons to pop and they popped beanie old getting the team +6, nice, just, a recent go out though does it go up he. Does it's 94 come on ex Latino, needs to send her meds are biscuits. Oh, just. Post guess watch for. Beanie own are, linked. Up to Marcelo. I'm. Gonna go. I'm, gonna go busquets I think. It paid off, +5. Okay we just need to send it back we just need a centre-back, Morrison, I go. Trent. +6. Thank the Lord I'll take a one line free considering. Is a hybrid I'll take that, come on someone for chem, I'll. Know, what's. In the back it's, Laura reading forgets the same great and doesn't Trump load. Can. You take to the other half before. Starting. A cell about Jesus plus to wait. That means if we go to Morris, because he's exactly, the same does it work right ring some. CDs, one camera M us we, can get off the manage I'm being dumb, come on one come off the manager pushes. He know there, we go toys -, t-midi is Van, Dyke and. A-19. Free on the first draft attends smashton. Way before you do anything click, this video here I got the world's first one line one I got, every single brand player it's the best blowjobs you're ever gonna see click, it you don't want to miss out on this draft.

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