16 Types of Students on Picture Day

16 Types of Students on Picture Day

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This. Is class Oh. Welcome. Welcome to, picture, day keep, your applause. Yes. Anyway. You know they say. Thousand. Words but. Photoshop. Tells a thousand, lies. Okay. But. You're, in the capable hands of. Letters. Okay. Everybody you sit down here and when I call you lift your prosthetic, in here for to everybody. This. Should be. Picture. Day such, a waste of time oh look, at the bright side we get to leave the classroom for a while yeah, it's. Just getting this over with here so, I heard missile Akash is a world-renowned. Photographer yeah. I heard he works of top designers, that Shinya would, you even breathe. You. Say blueberries. All. Right, Vaska, we have. Let's. Move on. Okay. Nix Nix Nix Oh. And what do we have here. I mean things myself ah. Surely. Full of shit like this I'm sure we can work something out. No, give, them to me but. I spent, all night making these, no. No, no just give them to me. With. Me oh my. Take. A picture. You. Crazy. Fantastic. Yes, more more. Okay. Next one now look at the camera and smile. My. Nose. Smells, maybe. Try to. Just. A bit okay okay now, again look at the camera, in three, two. Okay. Maybe, you stink happy touch the kids are a bit the bees they using cones the mermaids, everything okay think about the good things that look. Into camera and do that. Tyler. Still photo and send it to you. Kids. Your time to shine look into camera and smile 3 2 1, sorry. What is that was, what no. One. More time we. Didn't. Even think about it, put, your hands on your left put. It on your left leave, it there do not move okay. Three. Two one, aha and smell okay good they have done finished thank, you that. Wasn't so hard was it. Okay, next please. Okay let the sacred job. What. Do you think you're doing I'm trying to share some poses I got, mr.akash. Maybe. You can just sit on the chair please, are. Here yes, on the chair. Okay. Look. Into the camera and smile, three, two, one. Look. Into the camera this is the camera not there yeah, oh but I'm trying to do some candid, poses just. Look. At the camera. In. Three. Patient. Look. Good I mean. You look good every day but exceptionally. Good today I bet. That one photo can't capture the pretty I can capture nice. Oh thank. You. Next. Girl soon please okay. So when. You're gonna ask her to be a girlfriend, oh yeah, it's pretty obvious when we do forget it. Okay. Sure. Hello. Madam madam, madam looking. Good. Sorry. Could you please turn. The other way but, this is my booty angle yes, what all photos have to be a uniform, amazed, okay. She's so beautiful, you can't wait to finish this water and, put it beside this one. Why. Did you photoshop yourself, onto a baby. Now. Look into the camera and, smile, for me three two, oh wait. Actually can, you go a little bit higher. All, right three, two one. Oh it's a bit too, high. It's. Gonna make my body looks small it's over here we come closer here. Cos theology's, yeah it's. Too close. How, about you come over because I'm good at taking selfies, selfies, yeah. You, will take a selfie. Hey. Guys if you don't mind me asking right how do you guys always look so good in photos I. Mean. We have pretty similar features, right I think it's not would fit me. Right. Of course do what best is right oh. Two, hands good. Okay. Next. Oh. My. Is. It the electing sir. Nevermind. Detector pitching. You. Have drawn thought oh boom don't leave. The. Camera and both, for me yes. I. Feel, the energy give, me more more, energy, yeah. Big. Yeah bigger, bring your energy okay, okay. I'm. Having so much fun. Put. Your. Head. It's, a medical mission and I need the stock issue so I can be oh. You, guys see what you see it she. Needs just a breathe. Okay. Mix Belsen, yes yes. All. Right. Such. A big jaw yeah. Can't. Keep my eyes of it it's. A picture. Yes, yes. Yes. Think about confidence. If everything. My, friend, confidence. Yes. Okay. Oh, what. A beautiful, dumb handsome, boy this, is the camera okay in three.

Two, Water underneath. My girlfriend. So. Obviously, we are ready to get him carry. Pistol. But I'm begging everyone here upset. He. Should keep his person. She, still feel. All. Right look if you come on. You. Take, a picture more loving with a beautiful, couple. A lovely, lovely cobalt. Fantastic. Both of you it's. Okay. Okay. I want, so hard just, give, me. The. Bright side there's plenty of. Cynicism. I. Can. Be handsome too all right. What. Is this what, is this this. Isn't okay process, fashion I am. Sorry but it is standard procedure to, show your uniform, so, you have to take it off. Zip. It up stick up the zip. I, need, someone to help me. Write, the car your pants no. How. About I stick on my pants. How'd. They even help. You. Please hurry up there is a lot, of people waiting in line for you. And. What, is this, it's layering, in. This. Fashion. Anymore. Let's take the picture look at the camera. Yes. Okay finish get it. Okay. Next person. This. Over with look at that look at the camera three three one. It. Doesn't even go here what. Even, go to this good I need at least for my job interview Thanks. Can, you pay up for me passport sighs. Okay. Wish me luck. This. Guy's. I'm so it's like that check this out, this. Is my dad, this, is my grandad. And this is my great granddad, and this is what I'm going to be. Right. Enough bye hit. Anhydrous. Ellicott I'm. Sorry. Sorry I wasn't ready oh I wasn't ready okay. Hello. Hello, ticket. Okay. Look, into the camera and. My. Mom told me to take off my glasses first. I'm. Gonna do something funny later. Okay. Let this take victory oh look in the camera. Was. There good mr. Lapp gosh I will check it yes. What. Is this what. You. Are in the water. I know. Do. Not do it again, it's. Too late, do. You mean check. The other phones. You. Know what you know let, us have the teacher the teacher please, come. Yes, let me show these kids how it's really done. Look. Into the camera. One. Two three. Okay. Sorry. About that babies kick a lot. Okay. Sorry. Sorry the baby was kicking the baby was kicking the lights are too bright you, see babies. Like tentative, yeah how, much I'm looking. So they come on Adam and 3-tier. World end. See. But we. Just. Need to sleep just leave it's, okay. Lumia. Three. But. You. Didn't charge a battery so we must you, are fine I. Give. Up on this. From. Team I sit, it opens up a little football I'm. Here I'm. Here. Refill. My photo now. Anytime, now. Are. We gonna do this or not that is, what. Do you think you are wearing. Whatever. Whatever. Colors. Like with you now. Exhibit. All. Denise. Have you gone crazy, where is your discipline, gives, me a break, I passed out at the club last night and I lost my phone, you, should be glad I event her not to do it I don't, know what's going on with you but, if you choose to keep this up I will expel. You from the school. Here. This, will help you sober. What's. The point, what's. The point we, need you to stop spiraling, out of control Denise, it, was funny at first but, if you keep up with this you're gonna get expelled yeah, but I, spent.

So Much time trying, to live up to everyone's, expectations. I I just want to be me. But. I don't think this is the real you Denise who. Cares about the real me nobody. Like to move me anyway even I hid, the real name. Well. Guess what. It's. My turn to take the photo now. Okay. The next person. All. Right all I need to do is look into the camera and take a picture okay. In three. Two. Okay. I need you to stop moving moving. Just. Sit still okay. Okay. One. Two. Three. Okay. So. How's, the photo mr. Lacroix oh good. Okay. You need to stop, moving like stop, moving. Go back there. Okay. In. Three. Two, one, and. Yes. Can, I go now what. Are you doing there, can. You come back here please. If. It's very hard to take this photo sis yeah. Let's. Go three. What. What. Are you doing, can. You please come back here we needed a kiss. I thought. We had like five shots already three. Two, one, and. Don't. Worry girl I'll fix it for you. With. You I have had it with you class, t1 p5 is and every one of you should be ashamed of, yourself. You're all pathetic in the sense that what you are you have every, chance to experience British, arts, photography, beyond. Your wildest, imaginations. But no. Yes. Right down the drain without, the remote. Remove. These, imbeciles. You. Know. It's the knees. It's, my turn to take the photo now. Shit. On you or me yes, indeed. It is your turn to take the photo now probably I mean I probably me hey doodle. Me sometime you know. Look. At through the camera gives me life give you our song give me fashion yes. Give me brilliance. Beautiful. Beautiful. Give me more give me ah yes. Hyper, so loud, cheap she wants this man she totally wants to. Take. The group photos, okay. Fuck. Everybody, quickly quickly quickly, time is money money is time let's go. Okay. Everyone I need miles, from your face for the last voter your, smile. Yes, very, good mass mass mass now, I I want, a fun photo fun, fuck America 2 3 give me a fun pose ok in. But. I think I'm going into labor. You. Come, ambulance, give. Me give me a huge payoff because I have more idea that I want to do what. Yep. Ok 3 2 1.

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Types of Student in Detention Featuring Debbie: https://www.instagram.com/debbwie Ridhwan: https://www.instagram.com/ridhwannabe Siti: https://www.instagram.com/zsiti_ Vincent: https://www.instagram.com/itsvincentsin Danial Ron: https://www.instagram.com/danialron Sierra: https://www.instagram.com/sierralixing Nicole: https://www.instagram.com/nicolekittykatx Kevin: https://www.instagram.com/kaleidoscovin Cherylene: https://www.instagram.com/cherylenechan Vicky: https://www.instagram.com/yklvv Amander: https://www.instagram.com/amandersing Pei Shi: https://www.instagram.com/speishi Sylvia: https://www.instagram.com/sylsylnoc Denise: https://www.instagram.com/denisesoongeelyn Trevmonki: https://www.instagram.com/trevtham/ Edwin: https://www.instagram.com/h0kkienmeee Ben: https://www.instagram.com/bentaggg Shafyq: https://www.instagram.com/heyshafyq Melissa: https://www.instagram.com/m.eowmelz Amethyst: https://www.instagram.com/pandamethyst Kiara: https://www.instagram.com/kiaraakitty Jia Yutella: https://www.instagram.com/Yutella Atasha: https://www.instagram.com/eyelinercigar

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0.I Was Dreaming 1.I Woke Up 2.I Went to Hollywood 3.I Met Justin Bieber 4.I Saw Piccaso's Best Painting Read in order 2 3 4 1 0

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Replay button one=one like 19:40 19:40 19:40 19:40 19:40 12:35

Just OOF

If you needed to print out to passport size then why are you using a uniform

Best Mr.Lakosh Moments 8:20 13:25

Who like the part that debbie big smile.Smash the like.

Ahahah tHerES aLot Of SEa iN ThE fIsH Lol indeed there is...

There’s plenty of sea in the fish right

dee kosh?

Mr lakosh is like 100% didnt really sign up for this


T1t5 is TITS Haahaahaha

At 12:45 Is totally me not to brag but when I take of my glasses they don't know me xD


T1T5 kinda remind me of something

Jianhao tan: hey guys ridwhan likes pei shi Guys: ridwhan and pei shi sitting in a tree kissing

This is soooooooo HILARIOUS !!!!!!!!!!

who is theh cheater

this racist

18:31 he smiled

9.16 terribly heart-broken face there... hahahahhaa..


8:55 13:01 Byyyyys


The clumsy student and i have a crush on him

10:02 "there's plenty of sea in the fish "

Wait this song is in the bo-rhap movie I think

8:55 he has Filipino feautures and I think I became straight but nah I aint :( help me

9:16 Trvev's face looks like he was about to puke

I am the one that has their hair all neat until it comes to the actual photo... I look like Einstein

2:08 I did that before and nobody realised XD

0:30 you know Diablo is Mexican for devil


19:22 the guy with the bad haircut. :p

i am the one who always nod head

I'm a mix of 2:15 and 6:20 :,l

I love this video

Can you please heart this comment pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jian hao: there is a lot of sea in the fish Ren xi yang: I do not like seafood and I do not like him

*A picture paints a thousand words but Photoshop says a thousand lies*


this was on my recommended and this is the best

What is the end card music? I love it so much.


denise is SOOO PRETY

I'm the photobomber


It's so sweet I want to cry

pop mie :(

There’s plenty of sea in the fish right?! Omg how many seas will I find in the fish?!


There's plenty sea in the fish

9:16 same

Do 7 types of drivers 1. Late 2. Careful 3. Racer 4. Texting 5. Criminal 6. Bad driver 7. Normal

Damn, that photographer is nicer than any photographer out here in Singapore for schools

I really need to know what backpack you have! It’s so nice


18:23 pop mie is from my country Indonesia

Can you tell me all your names???? newbie heree

Rip Ren yi xiang


The in the clumsy student is kinda cute

I’m not a fan of jianhoutan anymore . I’m sorry fans. I have a very hard being a fan. I’m sorry fans

THis is sooo hilarious. LOL


Our Denise is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy

Funny thing is I had school photo today

Wowwww hao hao gave Denise a drink and she become crazy and savage but now hao hao gave Denise water and she is fine now

13:25........the moment!!!!!

I’m the nervous kid

Can you please do types of students on the last day of school ?


Why do i hate Vincent all of a sudden Just because he was like "Is she talking to me? or you?" I was damn Mad.

so funn

Look at the bright side there's plenty *sea* in the *fish* Edit: here you go 10:00

Plenty sea in the fish?!

"I've never used YouTube before, but I might try it one day." ~ *_SUPDUDE_*

9:10 sad life reng yi xiang

Wha is the name of the clumsy

I will put this rating of NC18 for crush losing heart attacks jealousness rudity

10:01. Sea in the fish?

JianHao Plsssssss Plsssssss collaborate with ‘Charles The French’ I think you guys would make the best content together!


The butterfly 12:56 13:24

Press this Read more

Im so proud of denise

Nvm dont like that

The photographer is the interviewer of an interview of Shawn Mendes in Singapore!!! Is this correct??

when my parents ask me to sleep early even though its holiday 13:14

"plenty of sea in the fish" lol


The last photo is the best

Lol did anyone notice when denise entered the area Pei shi was sitting in the middle with Ren Yi Xiang and that other boi

10:11 this why i don’t do relationships witty remark about alone


This is the funniest video ever... I m dying laughing

4 Types of People Shopping The Chooser Vincent: Hmm what Apple shall I get *Gets* No The Spy Ren Yi Xian: Hey Chocalte Cereal? Jianhao: Time to get Ey Ey HEY IS There a GHOst? Goes back Ok No GHOst Wait What the Hell is this The Kid Denise: Yaya Inside the trolley All.: Welllll.... Denise: Push Me Push me All Push Denise: Weeeeeeeeeee *Smashes Potato Chips*


9:59 Plenty of sea in a fish? I thought shoild be plenty of fish in the sea

Can you do ep 8 in friendmily i will SUBSCRIBE ov you did ep in friendmily plzz

oops where is dan in the group photo?

I laugh when the clumsy student came a fell down and the guy that was taking the pic screamed

No. 1 on trending!!!!

So funny

Hahahaha lol


20:19 fashion

Y do ijnyxdtimd

can you make friendmily part 2?

4:30 mr lakosh what the f

My ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its probably Jianhao Denise is saying it to anyways Jianhao gave her a bottle of it

Hi so funny I like all your vedio. I please you to make much more vedio like this.

The guys at 6:47 are so cute

poor Ren Yi Xiang

Jian Hao: “ there’s plenty of sea in the fish right?” Me: wait what?

It's my turn to take the photo NOW

rip madam soot beng..

You guys notice t1t5 is tits

Theres plenty of sea in the fish? Wow so thats how they give birth!

I feel like madam soot beng’s pregnant is all fake

Who wants to ship denise and jianhao

0:46 what does that mean

sea in the fish

I know who JianHao Tan Like hes gf isss debbie i watch some long vid and i see a vid where JianHao KISS DEBBIE COULD YOU GUYS BELIEVE IT A LOT OF YOU THINK JIANHAO TAN WITH DENISE YOU WRONG I WATCH ALLLLL OF HES VID AND I SEE JIANHAO KISS DEBBIE k im kinda weird for saying a lot of thing sorry if you guys read this tooo long


*there are plenty of sea in the fish* Yup I know there is 10:00 What a fact

13:24 i dare you to press this

Plenty of SEA in the FISH?

Its so funny because jianhao fall

Please make video on types of neighbours

Class T1T5 more like CLASS TITS

Jianhao said there's plenty of sea in the fish and I say there's plenty of fish in the sea

Denise ini here so beauty

Big smile! *does poses* Him:BLEH! Hao: *Falls of* Him:WHO IS THIS Everyone:...

18:25 its that pop mie??????

16:28 Name of music?

*my life is fantastic*

Like zoinks scoob only using 0.00000001% or my power I can *destroy the universe*

Your my favorite and all of your friends sorry if this is late

what is this normie trash

Students..? Why is there a teacher..?

Poor Ren Yi Xiang


I love Denise

did you guys see that only vincent wears a coloured shirt

21:22 his tooth was not black anymore lol

At 20:58 wtf

"There's plenty of sea in the fish right?" -Jianhao

20:32 Ren Yi Ciang was right

Why did i watch this whole thing..

10:00 he said 'plenty of SEA IN THE FISH RITE??'

Kevin sacrifices his hair again...

Little did they know that mr Lakosh was their classmate before..

13:25 13:25 Selling Replay buttons (For free)


I see you're eating pop mie

16:19 teacher got tatto

deekosh is so funny and his voice I'm a Singaporean to I saw him real life

The restless student tho

8:22 Lol

Is it me or is Ren Yi Xiang's cry sounds like cat's long meow

It's fashion

I miss Mr muttu raja

Go singaporians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My school don’t have single person photo only class photo

The photographer is so done with this shit

The cry he did

I had my photo day today

Who noticed the camera int he reflection in 17:07 -17:09

This is actually really funny

1:57 the photographer said "b*lls*it" but in french

There are plenty of *-sea-* in the *_fish_* hmmmmmmmmm

waitttt, what about the emotionless one (the one who doesnt smile)

After someone comforts you it feels so good specially when it’s your best friend or your boyfriend

Messed up

They resend up it’s plent of fish in the sea not many sea in the fish

The Butterfly

10:00 haohao: theres plenty of *sea* in the *fish* ex Dee

Denise looks so beautiful

he was speaking a dialect. ka sikat ba nimung bisayaa ka looooooooooool

Hao Hao I ship you and Denise

0:30 my classmate’s name and pablo is my classmate’s name

When Denise wasn't a good student I wasn't either

Just kidding that would be gross


Same to you too

2:18 this was me

The photographer is the host of do it for the money

10:00 there's a lot of sea in the fish?XD

lol you eating pop mie Jian hao btw what is your religion?

"Santa Maria Inahan tabangi kami!" Inahan is Mother, Tabangi kami si Help us. Santa Maria is St. Mary. BTW I am a filipino.

I wanted denise and jianhaotan to get married!

Why aren’t u uploading upload more plsss

Why deos JianHao give me ranz kyle vibes

Tbh I Like Denise's Picture The most! Sorry Jian Hao

I’m Karis,Hin Kei

I laughed at every scene

Please make Denise and Vincent couples

She looks like chi

Hi jianhao tan loves your vid

Ridhwan 1.44

Its actually a little sad that i dont hear The word loh yeh moh yeh......right?

9:12 when I realize I forgot my hw.

9:10 top ten anime betrayals of all time


hello im thai you frind the THETWINNER TV

Can't stop laughing

Glad Denise is back to her normal self again =o=

10:01 plenty of sea in the fish? I thought is plenty of fish in the sea

09:59 "There's plenty of sEa in the FiSh right??"

The butterfly one was so funny

13:23 HaoHao was like.. Jianhao: NANI? WTF?

The photographer is gay

is that dua lipa

The clumsy person is me failing my dreams *also describes my love life and life*

also #Yassqueen

Jianhao go to INDONESIA ITS Cry good And You Have to try eat Martabak ITS very very good

Im sure jinhao has a crush on denise

the boy at 7:00 oooof

hashtags #YaasssQueen , leave a like if your in the #YaasssQueen Group!


What i am Unexpressive Student

20:59 No more double chin leh


Pls do types of people during class trip and types of mobile users

11:46 .. he looks like an Indian

“It’s my turn to take the photo now.” -Hao

“There’s more sea in the fish, right” -Hao

Behind the scene From Philippines

JianHao and Denise seems so cute together!

Do u like denise??

Let’s play a game! Click “Read more” to start. Here we go! The last number of the likes this comment got is what happens to you now: 0: You are ugly 1: You need to leave a like if you didn’t, and if you did you are beautiful (Or handsome if ur a boy) 2: You are going to be blessed soon 3: You are going to be a star 4: You are awesome 5: You are kind 6: You are Lazy but smart 7: You are cute 8: You draw well 9: Subscribe to me (Pokemon Productions) and you will be noticed by jianhaotan in any other video Thanks for playing! (Even though no one did

Every time you just have a plot twist like omg

Notice me please... Leave a like

Sneaky bastard i hate it when im the one in charge of editing

Hahaha nice videos JinHaoTan so Funny

9:14 Poor dude

Its it me or just ... t1t5 its reads tits kwkwkwkw



I’m dieing I love this video and please SAVE ME SAVE ME

Wait what 679

Are you shooting in Indonesia?

At 15:02 that was funny

18:16 Flash mode on

There's plenty sea in the fish right?

The girl who did the poses who thinks she's a model looks like a Filipino famous person

I feel bad for the guy who got fired by mr. Lakosh

Jianhao is such a Kirito Kirito - an anime character who attracts lots of girls. From “Sword Art Online”.

Jin hao is very naughty

Anyone realize class t1t5 stand for tits

What ever happened to mr mutraja

What kind of school pictures did yall have... should we be worried? Blink twice if we should call 911

Can make a video that when Madam soot beng becomes a non strict teacher


Can you do another QnA pleaseeeee

6:18 rip

16:50 I cry

like mr.lakosh he said that photoshop tells a thousand lies and the guy he photoshoped himself onto a baby said cause im her baby duh so does that mean thats a lie not the truth

0:34 him swinging tho


13:01 - how I look when I'm around my crush 13:25 - how I look when I'm around my best friends

S A C R E B L E U S H E B I T M E ! ! !


8:20 is the sound I make when I drop food

I dare you to sing deepthroat in front of your boyfriend

what! sea in the fish

Debbie is fabulous12:59

10:02 — “There’s plenty of sea in the fish right?”

your guys are not even a good match anyway

T1t5 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Is the teacher really pregnant

Well umm tomorrow is picture day for me...

For some reason at 9:39 That cry cracks me up so much z Lol

Weird guy ahhh

Can i ask ??? Is nicole your sister???

Did he just said a philipine word St. maria tabangi kami mr. Lakosh

Where is denise


Hello, I'm from KeNoN Ch. I'm FC. I like to watch your script a lot. I am Thai.

You are indonesia? Yu eat pop mie

Has anyone noticed the class number is t1t5= tits?

bagi orang indonesia itu yg di pegang popmie kah?? yang orang indo nyasar like yah

Sea in the fish

what did i just watch

Why is it “ plenty of sea in the fish?”

Im from class B00-B5

Do Types of students at swimming class pls.

This one is really nice

You'r happy now youtube ?

Yes, there is plenty of *sea* in the *fish* right? ;)

I ship Denise and Jian Hao Tan!

Is JianHao Tan in love with Denise .

Are you is an asian boy


I’m literally the unexpressive student lol

The photographer spoke in Filipino and Cebuano in 13:12 to 13:14



Jian hao Tan the rambutan born in 1961 don't know what is 1 plus 1

Make a trip to Malaysian,Johor Legoland

Anyone noticed “Tits” from the beginning.. T1T5 am I right

Debbie so pretty

My entire friend group and I: 20:39 YAaAaAsS QuEeN

Dont you guys wear a tie?

Who actually took screenshots of these people???


Does anyone realise that class T1T5 kinda looks like class tits or smthing

You will be givin 5 numbers and chose one as your age 19 5 7 14 23

Why is Madam Soot Beng pregnant?

Sea in the fish? Isn’t fish in the sea? (Or am I being dumb)

sierra is so cute and beautiful

I like Kevin’s picture

9:17 How many chins is that?

I had my class photos yesterday lol

I am the unexpressive student

"sea in the fish"

13:12 - 13:14 santa maria inahan tabangi kami are they bisaya are you kidding me.

Tbh it was hard to watch!

"There's plenty of sea in this fish right? "

T1t5 = Tits

9:56 "sea in the fish" XD

Anyone else think of guava juice

To me jianhao tan is an idol, an inspiration , and the worlds best youtuber.. i love for his hardwork, passion, and the most important thing His smile☺☺☺☺

13:25 needs to be a meme

14:18 Me when my Mom caught me not doing my homework

It's funny

I miss the old denise please come back the smart one :(


1:10 meee I dont care/know about fashion but i LOVE food

Denise studying for upcoming exams

13:14 When you caught someone eating your cookiez

Daamn 4million views already But when will you guys hit 4m subs?

10:00 theres plenty of the fish in the sea right? I do not like sea food HABRIEBBAIE UW LET ME FIGHT EM

10.01 isn't it 'plenty of fish in the sea' and not 'plenty of sea in the fish'?

Pablo devil licorice Nice name

4:25 WHAT THE... its obvious funny and cursing

3:35 that little.... well never know


12:57 look at her braids or locks,then look at 13:03,how did she do dat

I like how he fell down when she was simpering like that

I think.... *It's time to take my photo now*

13:25 tho ahaha

When i accidentally swollow a gum 13:25

Do 10 type of person in party Lazy lady Boring boys Poor boys Jesus boy Angry girl Handsome boy Beautiful girls A girlfriend A fat girlfriend A kind man

Like is you agreed

At first I thought it was funny pei shini is dating someone else but after the scene where ren yi Xiang defended her against Kevin I wanted to cry

20:40 my mom trying to be “cool”

Are you A pG family friendly channel because look3:37


2:16 that's me on picture day lol

I love this vid and this is not hate but I realized that the title says 16 types of STUDENTS on picture day but the teacher was on of the categories

13:02 What i think 13:25 What i dont think

2:21 me but then I smile because the camera man makes fart noises. Anybody else

I didn't know they had picture days at universities LOL learn something new everyday ^w^

Can u pls do a types of examiners in exams


Will the teacher be okay?

This is your IQ


Make one more video

I’m just a little dinosaur that will disappear in all the other comments on this video God loves you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

My ship has broken

13:07 "Ooh la la, santa maria inahan tabangi kami." yall, where are our visayan filipinos who speak 'bisaya' at? LMAOOO

I thought Denise was a good student


Threesome= three people Twosome= two people Handsome= one person

12:56 is hilarious

Lol why does everyone in this video lol good taking pictures?


13:30 that face kevin made

11:18 she SMILED!

what is the ending music?


2:26 me at the class

Is one of the students pregnant

10:20 When someone calls me fat when I am skinny af.

14:15 Now that's what I call a twist!

8:20 omg i love his reaction

"You're crazy, crazy Girl, but i like"

13:14 “Santa Maria inahan tabangi kami” wait, was he speaking in vernacular???

*I like how Denise came backkk.*

I love Mr. Lakosh he's awesome

Actually its a complicated question but plzz do answer it... Whatever video I upload, its first view( which is seen before the video starts) is not under my control(actually any part of the video is displayed )how can I change that using my phone...plzz do reply...

10:01 "There's plenty of sea in the fish right?" *lol*

Mr. Lakosh sounds like my dance teacher XD sorry if I spelled it wrong

Yay ^^ Denise turned normal again!!

-well on the bright side there's plenty of sea in the fish- *_OoOoOoOoOoO i LiKe sEa iN FiSh_*

hey guys for school i had to make a survey, can you fill it in for me , thnx. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=zrpvyrp8U02GgaBihPf_RkZEqpt2BYRBjS5syQ4Wea9UN09ZQTdFTldOMzY5WkNMTjEwWUMzSVIxRS4u

I wish I was the photo bomber!! But I am the absent because in most of my photo days, I get sick for some reason

at 20:07 she was talking to jianHao Tan

Jianhao is so cute

santa maria tabangi kami omg r u visayaaan?!

ควาย55 ผมขอโทษคับ

I will come to Singapore on April

3:38 That little bitch

13:11 "ohh lala santa maria inahan tabangi kami" i didn't know you bisaya :/

The photographer is so funny

10:02 Best Advice Ever

MHM! 20:41

Hello jianhao sin/cos

Plenty of sea in fish..?!?!?!

Hey just suggesting, can you make Denise date someone? Like maybe Ben?

Make “11 people at the hospital” to match wt da ending

I am having my worst day so far 1 like = one prayer

Is she actually pregnant

Yay Denise is back yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I love Debbie soo much shes soo beautiful girl

9:30 *my car engine when its trying to run at -40°C*

Zhat little beetch

That little bitch

11:02 pee sound


13:01 Debbie changed


11:18 the girl was smiling

This is Mia

“there’s plenty of sea in the fish right”

Love is bad, don't try it

The guy with white hair looks like manolo in philippines

I'm the butterfly

"There's plenty of sea in the fish right?" LOL. OMG. MY LUNGS. 10:00

Is the inexpressive student is Vicky?? Maybe she dyed her hair

When did Denise get so sassy??

So sad for Ren Xi Xiaing 1 like = 1 girlfriend.

I just realized that T1T5 spells tits

Jian Hao you should do types of people during recess

R.I.P Ren Xi Yang. You tried oofles

Then there’s my classmate It was last picture day and we each got chalkboards to write our names. Well he wrote down papi. AND THEY LET HIM. I was just like wth wrong with him!? XD

8:16 omg that's me

I am literally the inexpressive student 100%

Diablo means devil

lol my favorite part!! ahhhhh!!!! "okay, everyone calm down, but I think i'm going into to labour.!"

Hello Jianhao Tan Can i please meet you coz im comeing to singapore in 2 days From Galaxy Wolfie

Finally ridhwan is back

There’s plenty of SEA in the FISH lol

Plenty sea in the fishes xD

Yes smart denise is back I like smart Denise she beatifull I like him

I am the unexpressive student. I get yelled at because I don’t smile. Kinda sucks

8:20 8:20 8:20 8:20 8:20 I have replays there free!

Who is funnier If Kevin comment If Ridwan like

haha so funny

I know people say “ oh when you do this you get alot of likes” , but I’m telling the truth, no one ever likes my coments or replys to them and youtubers keep deleting my coments

Ren Yi Xang try harder man to win Pei Shi

R.i.p Reng Ine Xquag

Do a class prom plsss PROM

this is so funny

Lol this video is funny

Oof what's the song at 4:31

Why Denise look like that :o

Is it werid I photobomb people

4:15 *Aspiring Model* 19:21 *You can have photography beyond your wildest dreams!* Which one is it???

Yay the old Denise is back now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Round of applause

The clumsy is cute

When are you going to make a new video?

I was helping my brother with his homework when I came across this question: Denise constructs a triangle with angles measuring 64 degrees and 32 degrees. What would the third angle measurement be? I am pretty sure that the Denise in class T1T5 would actually do this.

9:11 damm

Even I missed the real Denise

Who else took a moment to pause at each one of Jianhoa Tan's photobombs?

13:02 : how I think I look 10:28 : how I really look

At 13:20 it’s too funny

Types of bus drivers. 1. The bad driver 2. The one who trys to get in a crash. 3. The fast one. 4. The slow one. 5. Mean driver. 6. Annoying. 7. Very Very friendly..

8:20 me when my phone rings in class 8:33 my teacher hears it and tells me I have detention

6 types of fans. 1.The obsessed fan. 2.The one always at their concert 3.fan who gets all the attention. 4.the scandal. 5.The fan who gets so much attention 6.the fan who is always late.

Retarded low grade primitive comedy. Nobody other than 12 year olds and older people who still think and talk like they are 12, would find this funny.



Yay! Denise is back! I am happy that see will be herself. She works hard, she just has to remember to take a break every once in a while. She shouldn’t care what everyone else says negatively about her. She should be who she wants to be, not what people think she should be.

Finally you made Denis a Good student again I love it thank you and please make more class t1t5 video's

That sneaky leetahl b-

8:20 dis got me shook

i was soooo happy when the real denise came back !!!!

TheREs pLenTy Of sEa iN ThE fISH 10:00


I'm the one who doesn't know that it's picture day


I just understand what class T1T5 stands for

1:36 that's what I wanna do for photo day ;-;

The teacher was so funny

The camera and the camera nan needs a massage

I am one of the unexpressive student

isnt that the dude who made that dumb sOcIAL eXperIMeNT to see how mAd armys can get?

Madam soot beng

Did anyone realised that T1T5 looks like TITs

9:35 me when my mom takes my phone

Poor ren yi xiang I pity him

20:41 #YaassQueen.

Please make a video for madame soo beng baby

Please come to India

Okay i ship jin hao and denis now

I LOVE DENISE AND HAO HAO!!! But Hao Gao was funny!!!


17:09 i thought haohao will askout

Actually she did sign up for this otherwise how did she get the job


OMG Jianhao I luvvv ur videos, they’re so funny and kinda relatable too

8:19 i love the way he scream


Unexpressive, and clumsy student I am

13:26 Jianhao fell for his girlfriend again

if you came to india , then deffinetely come to delhi and in delhi, there is a city called pehladpur. mplease come. a request from a 12 year old girl

JianHao and Denise anybody?? Nope? Nobody shipping? Oh ok.....

9:34 to 9:44 hmm the sound of crying is the same and Jian Hao Tan face turn left

I seriously legit ship Hao and Denise


13:13 bisaya proud pilipino

I feel bad for kevin, im acually crying(im not english) lol but i luv the video dohhhhhhh

Oh my i ship Jianhao with Denise

That's why I love jianhao tan cause everything is so kind

At 10 :00,hao said there plenty of sea in the fish, he actually said it wrong



I have picture day in two weeks ;-;...I'm sorry we have a stool but I'm so tall :/

It’s not at all relatable but absolutely hilarious

10:02 There are plenty of sea in the fish HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

At 18:53 Jian hao: havent we tooken five shots already?? Me: uhh that was 4

There's plenty of *sea* in the *fish* right?


Awww kevin looks kinda cute in the picture

It's rightly said: A true friend always inspires his friend to be as good as perfect...and can turn the nature of other friend.......you r dat frnd Jian Hao......U made Denise understand dat everybody wants and loves the real her...U r such a true friend......

11:22 kill meh he tried to snap like a girl

I love your vidos

20:40 Same sis

Is Mr. Lakosh a Filipino? He speak some Cebuano words

Sub to me please

Hi love you video

did the photographer said "santa maria inahan tabangi kami"?

Is this an actual real school that’s doing this or is this fake

may I know where you guys live?

Did anyone notice the photographer is wearing A LV scarf

At 9:59 instead of plenty of fish in the sea he told plenty of sea in the fish

When Denise Comes.What is the background music I love it please tell me what is the name of the Music.?

"Zat leetal bee-"

10:02 lol Sea in the Fish is supposed to be turned around

Walau eh

14:11 It's too late!!!!! So funny!

#yassqueen For Mr.Lakosh

did he just say "santa maria inahan tabangi kami" ? On 'the butterfly' part Its a prayer in phillipines!!

Ooh lala, Santa Maria,inahan tabangi kami???

10:02 i think it a problem cause there's no sea in a fish,you said there's plenty of sea in the fish right ????


3:36 ll

that photographer is a whole mood

Wait What

I ship Hanise #Hanise

11:14 rhidwan's outfit magically change

Hey there is a plenty of fish in the sea right

Photo day for me was two days ago lel

Does anyone know the name of the outro music?

when is your next video coming

Did you say blueberry? I said bulberry...


21:22 this what I say when it's school time

There are plenty of sea on the fish like what

Love is bad. Don’t try it. Story of my life.

Is she really pregnant?!?!?!???

Mr. Lakosh: THIS LITTLE BI- (to be continued)


this video so funny

Go to philippines

This video is weird?

yay this is asian people! What type is it?

Denise is weird now

20:00 >U

i bet this is how some photographers feel when they come to schools for picture day XD

4:30 what the

I feel bad for the teacher

Hao 22 minutes You managed TWICE as much as usual


I'm literally the second student that took the picture

Is dee Kosh the guy from Ryan Sylvia

Dee kosh is fucking annoying

T1T5 uhmmm is it just me or does that mean TITS...

I'm just laughing so hard



Where is the new video

To Ren Yi Xiang: it's because in the party video he likes Melody and broke up with Pei Shi


Class T1T5 lol

I kinda feel bad for Dan

18:09 I love his accent it's so funny lol

Why did this video take such a serious turn? I CAME HERE FOR LAUGHTER, NOW I'M WORRIED FOR DENISE!!

The clumsy student

1:07 that girl is not even pretty to be a model

3:35 too funny



where is Nicole????

4:48 to 4:52 night change to day

Off 6:18 !!!

Hey! Can you do a video where Class T1T5 go on a school field trip? It would be great!

7:06 When ur mom finally got your card in school

What about the kid that had to miss it for a cruise (Just me)

Omigosh poor Ren :(

Wow I didn't expect the girl from 12:56 to be very beautiful at 13:03. And BTW if I were to choose any one of the student of taking photo it would be the clumsy one which I am all the time.

9:59 Jian Hao: There's plenty of sea in the fish Me: its FISH IN THE SEA

Lol,anybody realised that Jian Hao said there is plenty of sea in the fish instead of plenty of fish in the sea?

i'd like to be in class T1T5 too please-

14:18 after seeing my test paper

I like your Videos Hao

13:10 OOH LALA .... 13:15

I want the original Denise with her glasses and hair and most importantly ATTITUDE!!!

The couple boy is so handsome...


Who was actually pretty sad for REN Xi Xang

Danish is back!

16:31 What's the name of the music in the background???

That's what Indians get!!

_Theres plenty of sea in the fish, right?_

*Theres plenty of sea in the fish* - JianHao 2019

Did u say blueberry no bueberry

Has the teacher have her child yet?

9:30 what happens to me when i drop anything and it smashes. #imsoclumsy

Hahaha I LOVED this video

14:21 That's what I do when my friends is taking a photos around me

10:00 there’s plenty of SEA in the FISH?

Im screeching

Hao- well guess what Denise-hm Hao-it’s my turn...to take the photo now Hao- **leaves** Denise- **looks at water bottle** wait what???????????

Mr Lakosh was so funny that I played it a bunch of times

12:49 how does this happen?!

Teacher: I think i'm going into labor!! Photographer: Okay can we finish da photoshoot first?? I haz more ideas I wanna do :3 Teacher AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

1:10 meeee XD

14:10 funny


13:40 WOW fast!

There's a lot of sea in the fish


Jianhao looking forward to the proposal.

Class T1T5 is lucky because at my school for picture day you have to be standing in a line for what seems like HOURS and when you’re photo is done (most of the time I’m not happy with the result) you FINALLY get to sit down for like 2 minutes and then you have to walk ALL THE WAY back to the classroom

13:24 I laughed to hard ( my mums acc)

Clumsy person is totally me

10:00 you mean plenty of fish in the sea right?

i'm watched this like 3-5 times without getting bored

The one who take photo must do some more of this video

Who else thinks they want to get a "Group Photo?"

#JianHao Tan

7:52 Gurl erm your shoes...

I'm the type of kid that wears hoodies and wears the same pair of leggings for 3 days straight


What’s wrong with the unexpecte

Fox crying

Cat purring


The sneaky student is always me in photos lmao

Is Mdm Soot Beng ,for real, pregnant?

*there's plenty of seas in the fish* *I DO NOT LIKE SEAFOOD :(*

Congrats on trending!

oh id the sneeky student thing with the entire class

10:00 *theres plenty of sea in the fish right*

this is not accurate in my school no one except for some of the people actually dresses up in uniforms and that shenanigans

13:12 lol its our catch fraze for the filipino

12:51 my fav

Did anyone think of the chief in the kitchen in Aerial

2:29 me all the time

You don’t even want to know how much I laughed at this video. It killed me and it was my first time watching one of your videos



Fuck China and its yellow apes

Men theses kids !

Where is the real you denise?

9:33 9:39 chewbacca

8:20 that scream though XD

I almost burst out laughing

10:06 when I found out the reason my hot pockets were stolen because it left me for another guy to eat Edit: Btw that would be me

Jian good luck on your proposal!

There are more sea in the fish

i know why pe shi is with another boy on junhao party

who also cried with Ridhwan

Haha jinhao said "theres plenty of sea in the fish right"on 10:00

my daddy is pei

8:32 Dying of Laughter


Notch starts at 6:40

What happened to the teacher at the end


I really the way jian hao tell her to be her realself and the way she is. The best part was of jian hao photo shoot and the group photo.

I really like debbie and denise And debbie and jian hao are on couples already!!!!

1m subscribers for Ren Yi Xiang the more he gets love and gets a girlfriend


You're killing me XDDD

Debbie is so pretty in the thumbnail

When the battery died i thought it was my phone

Who knew that this guy was planning a wedding proposal? CONGRATULATIONS!!

I didn't know Dee kosh could speak visaya (13:12) like if you can also speak visaya

Picture day is hell for meh

class t1t5 means tits

Denise make her hair look different

17:14 eeeeeeeee

Is it just me or the photographer said “santa maria tabangi kami”? Hhaha

13:12 did he just speak in bisaya?

3:45 Me when I say no to tests


13:27 k.o


I saw Pop Mie

I'm laughing so hard until I go choked on my chocolate milk.

*_Who’s here after watching the proposal video??_*


14:22 Jianhao tan with his girlfriend

Mr. Lakosh is killing me of laughter

The girl that didn’t smile in her picture is smiling in 11:17

Jian hao make a year book on the picture day or sell them on your store

The photographer is getting so triggered tho

Just watched the proposal

Who is here after the proposal?

yes, i am part of class tits uh i mean T1T5

13:09 this is Debbie right?

I just realized T1T5 = TITS

8:20 I love that scream


3:45 is she a Indian model

If this was my picture day I’d be a happy lil bean

at 11:28 was the first time for me to see vicky smilling

Jianhao : There's plenty of sea in the fish right? Me: What?

Theres plenty of seas to the fish??


That nosie when he cried thou 9:49

2:05 you're crazy, crazy gurl!

Class T1t5 hmm

1 like = 1 prayer for RenYiTiqng

Why is he gonna be behind his great grandad

10:00 there’s plenty of the see in the fish right?

Is this in the Philippines?

there is plenty of sea in the sea 10:53. WUT

Congrats Jian hao and Debbie I can’t believe she said yes to his proposal Check out the video

“Cute couple” Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh “So sweet” Enhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Someone is Canadian

i like how playtime you ask to comment in the comment section but the comment section is disabled

Is it just me who can imagine the camera guy as Stromboli from Pinocchio.

PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!

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