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How, are you my friend I hope you enjoyed, the part 1 of the Elio Papa, sourcing, hack if you get a chance to practice and, translate, the website and narrow down through the criterias. We showed you in, the video that will be the best let's, move on to the second part we're, going to continue, to screen out the. Best of the best of the suppliers so we can partner with. Welcome. To the part 2 of the, yo-yo Papa, sourcing, hack in this, section, we're, going to find, and qualify, our suppliers, using. Our four steps and we're, going to buy from them these, are the four steps we're, gonna find out where, they are who, they are and, what they do and, how we're gonna get in touch I'm, going, to use a specific example. To walk you curate step, by step let's get started now. Keep in mind in the first part of the video we have applied, these screening, criterias, and screened. Out. 200. Companies, we're going to use, one company, as a specific. Example, to investigate. If this company qualified, to be a good, factory, for us so, let's take a look at the, supplier, footings. Under, a plastic, products. Company, poutine. Should be their registration, location, let's see where they are first. I want you to go to google, map in Alabama. Sourcing like I said we, prefer, our supplier, in this coastal line and I even gave some names of the provinces. The, rule of thumb to give, you a quick tip is if you look at the China map, any. Provinces. South. Of Beijing, and, north. Of a Hong Kong and Macau so, along, this coastal, line that, will be good because then, we can transport, our goods to the port easily. Pay less shipping, if they are all the way in the inland, China, not. Only we have to pay the domestic, transportation. All the way to the port also the risk of product. Damage during the transportation could. Be higher as well so keep that in mind now, let's just type in our supplier, city, just. Copy and paste. And. Search. This. Is a, detailed. Map all you have to do is to zoom out and, see the. Relative location. As you, can see Fuji is right here. It's right, along the coastal, city they have the, port, right here, Fuji. And is the promise province. And the footing, is the city now you don't have to worry your supplier, is right. By the port, let's go back and find out what they do, three. Quick ways to see exactly. What this company, does first, by name if you look at the name you can quickly skim, through them this company, called themself, decoration. Company, carpet, company this is the plastic company. Where, we used as an example the. Clothing, company as, you, can see here if you look at the, name, of the company it can tell a lot of the product, so, this is a polymer, company, you can see this is all yoga, mat so, the three quick ways of a screening the company. Is to look at their name look at their main product description. At the, same time looking, at the pictures, that they are representing, themselves, remember. When we were talking about Alibaba. Sourcing hack the reason, we, wanted, the supplier, to have the concentrated. Product. Is because. You. Want this company to have the buying leverage, when they buy the raw material, so their cost it, is lower and because they. Produce this, product daying, and, date, out their workers skill is most likely higher. And the. Quality. Consistency. Is, going. To be higher as, well let's, go back to our example, because we, know where, our supplier, is located, this company, fuging. Shun do a plastic, company they, are near the port and we like what we see here they do plastic. Products. Main, products, are you, girl Matt and the picture is representing.

The Company, very well and they, have 82, employees. With, the certification, should, we, need, it so let's open up, the company, link okay. Let's get this website, translate, first, as. You. Can see these images. With Chinese, characters, are not going, to be. Translated. But we can see these little tabs of the company profile, contact. Information, these are the two that we need to get information most. So, let's screen, through this website very, quick they, have some individual, product, listing, here with surprise. Reception. Area. Factory. Area with, the rolling production, machines. Test. Report, you, got the idea basically, we, are quickly, screaming, through, this company, by. Looking, at their. Production, area their test report, their product. Concentration. To. See if this supplier, is worth well for us to contact so. It looks, like this is a very decent, supplier. By the look of it let's, go back to the table and to see if we can get in touch with this company, this. Is going to be the biggest, hurdle things, you don't speak Chinese. There, are a couple ways to get in touch with its supplier I'll show you but, before. We do that let's, quickly save, this company information, because we are so interested, in doing business with them and we spend so much time, finally. Get to this point a lot of times we have so many screens open, and then, we forgot which supplier, is which supplier, and then we have to go back and redo so let's quickly save, this company link. Into. Our little research note I have this little template. Here so I'll. Put, the link here just in case this link doesn't work in the future I also like, to. Clip. Snap. A page. Information. Right here in case I need, to contact. This. Person sometime. Later. Or gave, to someone else who know this company so. This is their detailed. Contact, information. You. Can pretty this up as you, as much as you want to if you have a particular, product.

Image. From, their, website that you can copy that over here and put down their, Chinese, price that, they stated on the website let's see here maybe is this one 34, Chinese money. Identical. Design then. You can just copy this product, image to, your excel and put, down there 34, Chinese money I have, this already formulated. Using exchange, rate 6.5. So that I have an idea how much it's gonna cost me a US dollar this. Is basically, just to keep your research, organized. As you are, spending, time. Looking. Through product. On this, company's, website, so. Let's move on to contact. Them seems we're so interested there. Are a couple ways to reach, out to this company, if you have a sourcing, agent the thing you are done you just gave this page of information, to your sourcing agent ask him to get you the best price things. You feel that this company is a good company if. You, insist. That I must try, to get in touch with this company to see if they can work with me directly then. Let's, try to use, this chat box try, to use this mobile, phone number, and try to use this company, website, link first. Is this chat box you. Can see it's moving it's. Moving everywhere. It's called, alley wha-wha you can download this, chat box it's, a third-party app, to, your desktop. Then, once. You click on this little check box you would be able to contact, your supplier through, this message, center, if, you manage, to get this app downloaded. And get to this messaging, Center I would strongly. Suggest you not to send a complicated. Message, because you don't even know if they speak English so I would just to suggest you to say something, like, we. Are a. Us-based. Company or. Europe based accompany whatever you wanted to say. From. Your, company. One. Six eight eight. Could. You. Or. Could. You ask your. Export, department. To. Contact. Us through. Email. So. We, can further, develop. The business. Here. Is, our. Email. Address. Okay. You got the idea with, your signature. Well. I accidentally. Sent, it so. We're gonna have to retrieve. This. Da da da sign, the first one is copy the second one is cancel. Or retrieve, so. Now it's gone, yeah. So this, is one way contact. Them through this, messaging. Center the, second, way, look. At this mobile number, a lot, of times if. You have the. V chat download. It on your phone or. On your desktop, you can look up this mobile, number and, try. To reach, out to the supplier, through, the V chat type, up the same message, because you don't know if this person is in, charge of the export, sales they have a very clear. Division. Within. The company, the person, who's in charge of, one six eight eight is for domestic market. Sales so, that's the second, way then, the third way is to click. This. Open. This company website. Well. This company actually has. Alibaba. Store, so. You. Can find this company, fuging, showing the plastic, and rubber company. Alibaba. And go. Through their traditions. And use. The. One. Six eight eight the, product, price you found it on their Chinese website use, it to negotiate wisdom. On Alibaba. So. That is the third way before. We move on I wanted to take a quick minute to remind you if you're not able to get in touch through this mobile number on WeChat, or, you're, not able to get this chat box downloaded. Or have your account registered. On one six eight eight don't. Be, frustrated. This.

Trading, Platform. Is designed, for. Chinese. Companies it's not designed, for us, or European. Importers. That's, why Alibaba. Created. The. Alibaba. Calm. Instead. Of Elio. Baba don't, come for Chinese companies so, don't be frustrated if, you couldn't go too far, with one company just, continue, to look out, of, all these companies, of the. 209. Companies. We're going to find some company, that, is going to give you a very, good product, so for example this this, company, don't, want Tomkins yeah rubber company you go through the steps find out where they are who. They are what, they do and, how, you're gonna get in touch and so you just click on this company link. Translate. Into, website, and, then. Click on contact. Now. We're back to the same page where. You can see they have the chat box and they have the cell phone number and they. Have the company, website if you look at this website is. Not. A, Alibaba. Website is their own website. So. If, it, is their own website, you can contact them. As. You can see here they. Have an email, address here, you can email them, what you want you want it to get in touch directly so. Out of all these companies you just go through the steps find, the cup you try to reach out this, is an. Additional. Source of a suppliers, for, you to choose in, addition, to Alibaba. Now. Let's go back and wanted to point out a few symbols. On this 168, website. You need to recognize one. Is this little symbol, look. Like a bull, this. Means strong, business, whenever, you see this symbol in front of the company name that means this company. Is considered. A strong business, on 168th 8 this. Symbol. Means, this, company. Has been, doing, business. With 1 6 8 8 with, good, business standing. And then, this, third, one, the. Chinese, character, is factory. Whenever. You see this symbol. That, means this company. Has gone through, in-depth. Inspection. With. 1, 6 8 8 now, that we pretty much know how to find, a good factory, of 1 6 8 8 how, do I make, a purchase, let's just say I find. This great, company I'm interested. In this particular yoga. Mat I want. A sample then. What should I do so. We're. Going to quickly touch base on this I will explain three, ways to give you a point of reference each one of the buying. Method, may have a little limitations. Is up to you to decide which one works best for you the first way, is the direct, online purchase. On 1 6 8 8 with. The alley pail let me quickly show you how you do it this. Is the company we qualified, let's, say I'm particularly. Interested, in this, yoga, mat if, I click on this, shopping, cart it. Will. Lead to a purchasing. Page I can, add a quantity here, and. Then. I say order. Now if, I click on order now it, will, give me this, page, of, purchasing. Detail, how. I wanted to receive goods however. You see this warning sign according. To the requirement. Of, regulatory. Authorities. Your ally pay, account, balance, can, only be paid after the identity, information is complete, you'll need, to complete. The, information as soon as possible so it's. Telling me two things one. Is I did, register. An ally pay, without, the, Ally pay account, you won't be able to make the purchase second. I need, to make sure the. Identity. Information has to be verified, we're, not going to go through the alley pay registration. Process, if you really wanted to get this set up you just go to Ally, PACOM. When, there's the will there's a way don't be frustrated if, you cannot, get, this done smoothly, so, be patient and, try. To go through the steps the, second, way is to buy through. A purchasing, agent, whether it's a fee based or percentage.

Based If, you have found a factory yourself. You are confident. Then, you can negotiate a, better fee or a better percentage, because, you did majority. Of the work the, third way is to take the transaction outside. Of one six eight eight you don't need to go through their payment, system, Ally pay you don't need to work through, a sourcing. Agent you just need to do business directly, with this, Chinese, company, if they think about it that, is the majority. Of these global trade, happens business. Send money directly. To the, other side, without. These. Online platforms. Without these sourcing, agent I have suppliers all around the world we send the, money directly, to the. Seller the, only thing you need to be aware when you use this direct wire transfer, method is to make sure this supplier, has the import, license, if they don't like. Most of these one six eight eight factories, they don't have import. License, they do, business through, a trading, company you, need to make sure that, your. Paper, trail, is, very. Clean. Working. With, the trading company they appointed. To receive, your payment I have a specific. Video, talk about the. Risk of doing business with the Chinese factories. Without an, import. License, so make sure you watch that video. Ok, let's recap what. We learned between. The part 1 and part 2 of the videos we, know how to translate this, website, we, know what is the correct keyword, to. Enter, in order to get the best research. Results, and we, know how to find. These, suppliers, by, applying. The, right, screaming. Criterias. Remember. The three most important. Screening, criteria and, then. After, we find a particular. Company. We. Will apply, the. Four step, qualification. Process to. Get to their. Contact. Page if, we are really really, interested, then we take notes of this, company, and try to reach out through, the three different ways that we explained, in the video before, you use any of the 3 purchasing, methods to, buy from the Chinese, supplier, from, 1 6 8 8 let, me remind, you it is impossible. To, get a money back once, you made a wire transfer so. Make, sure you, have done your homework you, have a valid, dated, at this tiny supplier, you. Have. Negotiated. A good, price with this, Chinese supplier, even, though their, selling price on 168th, may, be a little bit cheaper than you thought and most. Importantly. You, have. Protective. Clouse on your, purchase order you got your trademark, design, protected. That's. Why in the power sourcing, course I teach. You step, by step to, make sure you, are guided, and protected. After. You purchase the course not only you learn step, by step how, to source. Your product. You also will. Join this elite, Facebook. Group this, is where I answer, your. Questions. Specific. To your sourcing, tastes, best. For, the iliopoulos. Racing Hank I'm pretty, sure you're going to be so challenged. To navigate, through this Chinese, website, because, you don't read the Chinese, characters, at all but, I always say to the, elite, team, members, in my sourcing course when, there is a will there is a, way, we gotta have to stay very, positive. And, resilient. Through this sourcing, process I wish, you a brilliant. Brilliant, day, continue, to do what you do you will be very successful I'll, see, you in the next video.

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