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How, are you my friend I hope your day it's beautiful, I have, to warn you today's, video it's going to be a little bit boring but. What. I'm going to teach you it's, going to be super, exciting. Because I'm gonna show you a new way to find, the. Direct. Factories. From China. Most, people use, Alibaba. Comm, to, find the Chinese, suppliers, but. There, are so, many. Factories. On one six eight eight the, Elio, Papa comm if. You're using a sourcing, agent you're, sourcing agent is looking, at Elio, papa calm, as well, so, I wanted, to teach you how, to find, those factories. Elio. Papa calm, the only challenge, is that this website, it's in Chinese is a b2b, platform. Designed. For Chinese, business. So we have to jump through a lot of Hoops to find the, good factories, for, us if, you're new to this channel my. Name is Yu Ping nice, to meet you I have been doing sourcing, for so many years I have a lot to share with you be sure to subscribe so let's. Get our research. Started. Okay. My friends let's quickly go over today's agenda so. You'll know what's going to be covered in today's video, first. We're gonna quickly translate, this one six eight eight the, Chinese website into, English then. I'm gonna show you how, to enter. The correct, search, keyword, in order for you to get a good search. Results. Then, we're. Gonna spend, most, of our time find. And qualify. These suppliers. On one six eight eight because. That's what we're here for to, find good factories. After. We find them I'm gonna, show you how to buy from, this website, so, let's first, get, this website, translated. So we understand. What, we're looking for. Okay. My beautiful, friend let's hop on to one six eight eight, Elio, papa calm. As you, can see here this entire website. Is presented. To us in, these Chinese, characters let. Me quickly show you two, ways to translate. This, website, into, English, especially. For those of you, don't know how to do, that first way is to add google. Translate, these dashing, you, just type, in the keyword google translate extension, here, on the first link, it will, give you this little sign this is the right, google, translate, extension. You, just add, this. To your Chrome, browser and. Choose. To. Add this, extension. Now. This Google Translate is added, to our, extension. Bar now. If, we look at our one, six is 880. In Chinese, we, can tell the, Google Translate, to translate. This. Entire. Page. Once. We hear down that all, these major tabs, it's going to be English as you, can see it's not perfect. But, is readable. At least, the. Other way that I know which, is so simple, I just simply. Right click on my mouse I will see this option to translate, this entire, web page to English as you, can see here I just, translate. It just. Be, sure that this is not the function where, the Chrome, extension and we just downloaded, we can just remove, this, Chrome extension, and, we'll. Do the same and. It. Still works I'm not, a computer, geek I'm, only showing you the two ways that I know can, translate, these Chinese, website into, English, so let's, move on to the keyword research is important. To, know what. Is the, correct keyword, when we enter, into this field. When. You are on 168th eight.com searching. For a product there, are three ways to find a product I'll show, you the three ways but, I'll explain why, there, is only one, way can give you the best research. Results, let me show you the, first way is to use this camera icon, first, let's translate, this website. So. We know where we're doing for. Example if you're looking on Amazon, researching, a product you see something, really cool you wanted, to see if one six eight eight has it, let's. Use, our perfect. Yoga. Mat as an example. See. This first sponsored, ad if. We want it to search this. Product. What, we can do is to save this product, image, in. Our folder, and. Then. We, go back to 1 6 8 8 to. Use this camera icon. To. Search this, product, image just grab it double, click and they, saying it's uploading. Now. You can see the. Similar, product, image on. 1, 6 8 8 similar, to what you're looking for, is showing. As research. Result. Pretty, cool isn't it, the second, way to find the product, it, is to enter, your. English, keyword, say yoga mat just. Pay, down search this is search but we can translate this page first. So. This is yoga mat were looking, for right, and then. You get a bunch of yoga, mat, products. The, third way of researching. This product, on 168th, 8 it is. To paste, the. Chinese, characters. In this field first, let's translate, this page.

Less. For, example we wanted to Serge the yoga. Mat instead. Of entering the. English yoga, mat here we, go to google, translate and. Then. We translate, the English yoga. Mat. Into. This Chinese. Simplified. Characters. Chinese. Simplified. Character, is what you need to look for and then you copy this. Chinese. Character, and go back to one six eight eight and paste. That into, the. Search field this, is the yoga mat in, this website and you hit on search. You. See now, I want, to compare out of the three method, which. One gives you the best, research. Result, is it. The method number one using. The picture, to search for a similar product the, cool way of finding, a product or is, using. This, English. Keyword, and find. The similar product, or. Using. The Chinese characters, as Chinese, characters, through, the Google Translate, and we paste it here and, hit. On search, which, way is better, if. You know, how the website is build, one six eight eight you. Must have guessed it the third, way pasting. The Chinese, characters, into, the search field give. You the best, results. Let's, see here, by. Using the Chinese, characters, we have a forty. Eight. Thousand. Related. Products, because. This entire, website. The database, is based on Chinese, characters, not, the English keyword, as you, can see here the yoga, mat as a keyword, when you hit on search there's only one, hundred ninety nine related. Product, when, you use the picture, to search even, though you. Have a very similar, results, identical. To what you're looking for almost, but. It's not very, reliable for example. If. You wanted to search this product. That has a patent this yoga mat has a cool pattern on top you. Want some, factory. Who can do a cool, design for, you this. The search result. You. See here is nothing related, to the yoga, mat you're looking for let's. Take a look at the Adler example, where, yoga, mat is in a rolling, image, and this. Was. The, databases. Showing, you they're just looking, for product. Has, the similar, shape or, even color, patent, to, give you the search result, so. That's why I wanted, to point out the, right way it is to search by the Chinese. Character. You, can translate, this website. Now. You know, your search, result, it is correct. Always. Start. From the right place if you are spending, your time looking, for things but. You're not even, looking at the, complete, data then, you are wasting, your time so, keep that in mind always paste. The Chinese, characters, into. The search field now. We know how to enter, the keywords, let's start. The, steps, of a finding, factories, on 1 6 8 8. Okay. My friend we're going to find where. Our supplier. Is located. Who they are what, they do and how we, are going to contact, them we're, not going, to give up until we find a good supplier, we're. Finally, on one six eight eight comm, let's, go through the steps first, we copy. This. Yoga. Mat Chinese, character, then, we paste into, the search field and then, research, we.

Can Translate this page now. Now. It's English, what, you see here is by, product. The, website, is returning. Fifty. Thousand. Fifty. Thousand, eight hundred eighty four related products. What we're gonna do is. To. Sort by suppliers. To see how many suppliers, are offering, these product. You, see here these, are the suppliers. About, ninety. Six hundred. Companies. Are producing these product, now, we're going to apply the. Criterias. To find, the, right factory. To work with you first. I'm gonna show you how, to use. These building, criterias. To screen, out a, decent, size, of us suppliers, 9600, is way too many, we, need to narrow them, down using. These criterias. And I'll show you which, ones are, important. And which ones aren't relatively. Not that important, and then, after, we screen out the, suppliers we're gonna use our four-step. Qualification. Criterias. To further. Narrow down the best one so, first let's, translate, this page into. English, you. Will see these are the screening, criterias. By region, by business, type by. Number of employees, and a new turnover. The sales number, their, popularity, and, number. Of years, they have had a good, business. Standing. With the one six eight eight website, the, purchase, distance, the, strength business, I will, need to explain to you so you know how to use this by, your guarantees. Certification. Report so, let's, go through these screening. Criteria and, then we will string out a decent, number of factories. For us to pick and choose the, first screening, criteria is, by. Location, where the factory, is located, first. When I saw this I thought that was a good feature but, what I find out is after. This feature get translated, into English. When you click on certain region, it doesn't really scream, so I would, suggest you not to start from here the. Second, criteria. Is the business, type whether, its production, type where is the trade, type, in, here they translated, as business, model you would think this will give you a good, screaming. If you don't want to do business with the agent, or trade, company, it really doesn't, so we'll leave these two criterias, alone for now the, third one is number. Of people, you might opinion, number. Of people, in the entire screening. Process, is one of the three that I consider. The. Most important. Screening, criteria, why. Is that because. The, size of the company speaks. A lot, about the, type of the business for, example if I say I want, my supplier to be small less than five this, will give you a lot, of, trading. Companies, because. They have a few people just, trading, out of their office look at this. They. Have a five hundred square, meters, can. They call themselves a, factory, probably. Not so they acknowledge, that they are a trading, company so. What, is the right screening. Criteria for. This number. Of people, working, for the factory, well. My thought is this minimum, 50, between, 50, to a hundred employee. Company. Is a small. Sized company, but. It's going to be a lot more flexible, working. With you between. 100, to 500. Employees. They are medium-sized. Factory. They, are mature, so. Between, these two probably. Is a, good, start, for you to pick out a good factory to work with when. The company, is over, 500. Employees look, at this five hundred to a thousand, more, than thousand, there are gigantic, companies. They, do huge. Wholesale. Business, and this, is Chinese, facing. Website, they sell to, other, retailers. So, if you are trying to find a factory, to work with on one six eight eight eight I would, suggest you to stay between these two. Screening. Criteria fifty. Two hundred and, hundred, to five hundred so. Right now if we don't put any screening, here we have ninety six hundred if they choose our factory, size to be between, fifty, two hundred. We're. Now seeing twenty, six suppliers, are selling. These yoga mat let's. Continue and. Translate. It is one, at a time. Annual, sales, volume, this doesn't matter to me because we're gonna apply, other criterias. To figure, out how, strong. This company, is so I'm gonna leave this alone. Popularity. Doesn't, matter the, number of years, right here we're going to leave it alone for now because I see, that, Alibaba. Is putting. A lot more emphasize. On these, two criterias. For their one six eight eight website, what. Exactly, is a strength business, the accurate, translation. Should be strong. Business, strong, business, is actually, a project. That Alibaba. Launched, on one. Six eight eight website. They. Intend, to promote. The. Power, sellers. Basically, the companies, who can qualify, to.

Be Featured, as a strong, business, they, have to have, the, strong sales volume, backed, up by. The good on time, delivery, record, and the. Quality, so, this. Is not, like you pay 10,000, Chinese. Money and then you will be featured, as a strong, business, Alibaba, actually, has a deep, qualification. Process to. Qualify, these companies, to, be featured, on the, strong, business, this little. Screening criteria if, we apply, this criteria. Right now our supplier, count is, 2,600. If apply. This as. You. Can see the. Company, count went, down to. 215. Companies. These are the, companies, that are, power, sellers, has, good, quality, and good untimed, delivery now, let's talk about this. Criteria. Is translate. First this. Fire guarantee. How does it work, this. Fire guarantee. Is actually. Sellers, guarantee, to the buyer what. Exactly, they're guaranteeing, the. Seller is guaranteeing. The. Untimed. Delivery, and the. Way they guarantee. The on-time delivery, is to, put, in, 3000, Chinese money. 3000. Yuan in. Ali pay, as an, escort, money if, the, fire doesn't. Get, the delivery on time as, agreed. Then the buyer can file a claim with the. One six eight eight since, the seller has three thousand, Chinese yuan in, s core, then, the, fire doesn't has to worry that the, seller dis, build the claim that's, how it work if, we apply, this, criteria. As. You. Can see here, the. Number of company. Doesn't change why, is that it. Is because, the. Strong, business. Most, likely, they have good, quality, and they also offer, by, our guarantee, if, I take out these, strong business, as you can see here if I take the screening, criteria out. Our. Original. 26, hundred, companies, went down to, nineteen. Thirteen you see the logic here right if we only up why 5200. Employee, companies. Then we. Will have 2600. Companies. Competing. But, if we apply the power, sellers, be, strong business, then, we will have 200, companies, but, if, we only want, the companies, who has the seller guarantee, then, we, will have 1900. So meaning. We need this, power seller to further, string, out which, company, we wanted to work most, the. Last one, the. Last screening. Criteria is, a certification, report. Yes, you, can apply, this, at. The same time because. For. A certain, product you will need and you will definitely need, the certification. If, you apply, here. We. Can see that there, are 200. Companies. Between. The 5,200, employees, that you can choose from out of, all these screening. Criterias. I would. Say the. Size, of the business number, of employees. And, the. Power, sellers, the strong, business. And also the buyer guarantee. These. Three, definitely. Are a must. Depending, on the product you can add your certification. Report now. We screen, out 200. Companies, to pick and choose let's use, our screening. Criteria to. Pick a couple, that, we really wanted to get. In touch if, you have followed, along so far you probably realize, that we have not pay, attention to any of these Chinese. Cost. Of the product, because, we wanted to be efficient, with our supplier. Research, find. The factories, who has the capability, then. We, can guarantee ourselves. To find the product, now, let's use our four steps to find our factory if you remember, in.

The Alibaba, sourcing, hack video I, especially. Explained, in. The supplier name there are word elements. The, registration. Location, their actual, company, name the. Concentrated. They're going to produce and, the, type of the partnership. If, you have not watched the Alibaba, sourcing hack watch, that video first if you did watch it I would strongly, encourage you to review one more time because we're going to use these screaming. Criterias. That I explained. In the Alibaba. Sourcing, hack let's, take a quick, break and make this video the part 1 of the, ileal, baba sourcing, hack 1 6 8 8 in, the next, video in the part 2 of the video I'm gonna show you how to find, and qualify. Our suppliers. Using, our fourth, step, method, and once. We find a good one I'm gonna show you how to buy from, them make, sure you, subscribe and, turn on the notification. Bell so when I release the second part you will get it right away my. Friend I appreciate. You spending time, with me thank, you so much for watching I'll see you in the second, part.

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