14 Free Online Tools for Amazon KDP to Grow Your Publishing Business

14 Free Online Tools for Amazon KDP to Grow Your Publishing Business

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Are you aware of or are you using many of the FREE  tools that are available for publishing with KDP?   Yes, there are plenty of paid tools but there's also  many, many free tools you can use to scale your   self-publishing. Now make sure you watch through to  the end of this video because I'm going to provide   you with a free download resource which lists  all these 14 Free Resources or software programs   that I'm going to be talking about in today's  video. Now my name's Romney. If you haven't been to   my channel before, it's all about creating, building  and scaling your self-publishing business and I'm   also the creator of the Publishing Accelerator  Low and No Content Publishing Course. If that's  

of interest to you, just make sure you check out  the links below. So let's get into this video now   where i'm going to be talking about these 14 free  software tools. There are some software   programs that allow you to have like a 14 day free  trial and we might touch on a couple of those, but   the other 14 I'm going to be talking about  are free and you can continue to use them   to make sure that you can actually help with  the development of your books, keyword research,   niche research, many, many different things you  can actually use that will actually help you   to generate more sales. So let's get into what  these 14 resources are or software programs   and just make sure you stick around for that  FREE Booklet which I've created for you which   you can download to get all these resources  we're talking about. So let's jump onto it now. So let's get into this because there's  quite a few that we need to move through.   Now Book Brush I've used for A+ content and  I'll leave a link below in regards to the A+   Content which i've used Book Brush fo. Basically  it's a great free tool you can use to do  

book mockups and so I'll show you quickly how  this works. Now for each of these I'm not going to   be able to go into a great  deal of detail otherwise it might take a long time   so let's log in and i'll show you a couple of the  options that you've got available to you. So what   i would do here is go to instant mock-ups to start  with and that will help you with your book mockups   and what we have is a number of different options  we can choose for free. If you scroll down further   you start seeing the padlock and they're the  ones that are locked for paid subscriptions   but if we were to go to down here and we  did say 3D then we've got these options here.   If we're to choose a Camping Explorer book  and we might go down here and let's choose   this one just here. Then what we do is go 'convert  now' and then this will actually convert it for us  

and give us a PNG file that we can upload and look  at. So let's have a look at 'download the images'   and it gives us an option here to go and download  it. So then i do the image and there it is. And you   get get a number of different choices you can  choose from with Book Brush with how your book   might look so that might be a hardcover book  for example, it doesn't look particularly good   with that with that gray line but there might  be another option we can choose so let's just   scroll down a little bit further let's have a  look here maybe something like that could be   better it just depends on the size of your book  as well and you get to choose square or vertical   sizes so you might have a book that  would look great in this sort of   picture with it might be an educational book  so just go 'convert now' then we wait for it to   download and then we upload or we so we download  the image and we wait then what we do is click   just here. Let's have a look at it and there we  go and it brings up a mock image of your book   for A+ content plus other marketing that you  can use as well so that's Book Brush and you can   use this for a lot of different book mockups as  well. Remember there's a lot of locked ones but   you can also choose quite a number of free  ones as well. Let's move on to the next one  

this one's called D.I.Y book design. Now if  we were to do the same similar book let's   just choose that camping book as well so what  we do we do a single or we can do composite.   So composite will give you a few you know if  it's on the ipad and you might have an e-book   version of your book but let's just go a single  and we choose..... this one just here. Then what  

we need to do is upload our image. So we go next  and we upload our cover image which i'll do now.   So i've uploaded my front cover now then  we go 'next' then what we need to do is   choose the different sort so we've got a jpeg or  a png. Let's go JPEG and then it converts it for us.   Let's click on it and there it is it's all done  for us and that's a great a way to be able to do   a quick DIY book cover mock-up and that's just  a free tool you can use as well so let's just   go back so that was called www.diybookcovers.com  and thy're 3D options and you can just choose what   you want to do and how you upload as well it's a  png or jpeg as well. So that's number two. Let's go to   Number three. Number three is your kindlepreneur  book description generator. Now i know that KDP do   have the generator when you do upload your book  but still i find this a bit easier and there's two   book description generators that i will show you  and what i'm going to do is quickly put a book   description here and then it gets converted and  then on into a code and then i'm going to show you   how you can actually make sure it's exactly what  you want. So let me quickly just get a description  

and i'll place it just here so what i've  done is just pasted from a word document   the description so what you can do is just  highlight the sections and then you can go   bold you can do heading four you can go down  you can make these italic if you want to   you can just do all the different things that  you want product features that might be bold   keep going down if you wanted to you  can highlight all of these oops you   can highlight all of these as well and you can  do a numbered list or you can do a bullet list   so that's all right so what i'd need to do is  probably just go back and get rid of these dashes and then we go down and you might have  buy now in bold you just go up here   and you can also add different little symbols here  as well so if you wanted to rather than have the   dot you could have a tick and you get rid of the  dots as well but that's you but that's the way   you do it then you go down you go generate  my code and then it gives you the html code   now what i would normally do is copy this so  this is under kindlepreneur i then go to another   free site called 'ablurb' and what i would do  is I'd paste that code then it would actually   show me exactly what it's going to look like for  KDP now if you wanted to the KDP were limiting   the size of the header which you could do  but you could still try it if you do an   H3 then that brings up that boldness  a bit more then you've got all your   numbers there and you've got the product  features and you can simply copy that code   like that and then you would place it in your  KDP description area when you're creating a book   so that is the fourth free software program  and so that's called 'ablurb' again I'll leave   all these links in my free download. Now the  next one i use a lot it's called 'combinepdf'.  So if you had two different files that you wanted  to upload or two different pdf files perhaps you   might have been using canva and you've got  a 100 page limit and you want to combine   100 page with another 30 pages what you would do  is upload both your files and then combine them so   let me see if i can give you a quick example so if  i had just a front page that said this notebooks   belongs to and then i had another main manuscript  that i wanted to also combine so i would then go   to pdf combiner so if i had a composition notebook  final manuscript then what i would do is i'll just   show you what that looks like it might be just  pages unless this is a purely an example. It might   be just line pages so if we wanted to combine  both of those what i'd do is go to upload files   i grabbed by this notebook belongs to then  i'd grab the next file which was this one here then i would then combine and wait for it to load up then what i do is go to  this and then it combines them and what you need   to make sure which i didn't do was make sure that  they were both exactly the same format so this   book here that might have been a 7 by 10 inch  but that might have been 8.5 by 11. So you just   need to make sure that when you do combine uh both  the documents that they're actually the same size   because if these two files don't match in regards  to the size and you're not getting you're going to   have problems when you're uploading the kdp but  it's just a really good software free software   you can use to combine pdf documents if you find  that you might have a separate this book belongs   to page or you might have a page at the end of the  book you need to combine to the main manuscript   then combine pdf is a good  one so let's go to the next   one which is our KDP Publishing Cover Calculator.  now you may have seen and used this one before.   What i like about it is it actually helps you when  you're using Canva to create your book sizes so if   we had a paperback and we're doing a black and  white paper type let's just do white. Page turn   leave it left to right manuscript we're doing  inches if we wanted to do a 8.5 by 11 then what  

we do is enter the page number so just if we did  86 pages then we would calculate the dimensions   it would give us the dimensions here so if we were  doing a front and back cover on canva we could use   this width and this height to do our dimensions or  you can download a template and the template will   then give you exactly what it needs to be so if  we just double click here and have a look then it   will give you the template with all the dimensions  as well this is a great tool if you want to be   ensuring that you've got the right cover  dimensions when you're doing it again i'll leave   this link in the free download resource i'm  providing you. The next one is our USPTO trademark   search now this is a tool which i think is  highly recommended just to check for any   trademark infringements so if you're creating a  book then you want to make sure you do a search   on the title to make sure it's not trademarked  so you go to basic word search and or title   search then what we would do if we did a cursive  handwriting book for example and we did submit in   query then there were no records that were found  so we could potentially use that for our title   now if you did uh dot book i think it's something  like this where it could actually have a trademark   yeah you're just going to be very careful see  these sort of come up you just can be very   careful when you create titles if you were to use  the word like dot book or dot create dot book and   they're the kinds of books that people have become  unstuck and got in to issues with amazon before   so that is our trademark search the next one is  our amazon asin search so this website you can   uh check on different books to find out what is  happening with their keywords and how they're   ranking and their reviews so i've just put in  an ASIN number here let's just have a search   this will then do a search of the book give us the  the pricing the title subtitle it's published by   the reviews then it goes down here number keywords  how it's listing in regards to the keywords   we keep going down here it's got different main  keywords it's tracking for the search volume   and you can also get a download report but  that is i believe gonna cost you money and   you can see the search volume as  well in regards to the main keywords   so it's got quite a lot of data that you can  find as part of the free search of it as well and   that's a really good one so it's called amazonasin  let's go to the next one now this is where if you   have if you want to check out what the uh sales  or how much it's generating with uh revenue   you might have a book that might be ranked at 1290  it's a paperback sales per month we leave that   and then we just do so there we go calculate  sales now if your book is ranked at 1290   you'd be getting approximately 1833  sales per month or 122 sales per day   so therefore what you would do if you want to  calculate what a book might be that could be   price let's say at 7.99 so do 7.99 multiplied  by 1833 for the month so it's getting 14   645 dollars in revenue for that particular  book so you can use this tool to calculate   these sales based on the bsr of a book the next  one we're going to look at is categories and   sometimes i know you find it hard to get the right  string for categories you can use publisher rocket   but this is another website where you can  quickly find the category so if we did alphabet for example if we had a like a letter  tracing book then you go down here and you can   find the actual string of what you need to do  so it'll be books and then juvenile fiction   concepts alphabet or it might be books juvenile  nonfiction concepts alphabet there as well   and you can then have a look so this will talk  about the different categories of the main issues   so it's a good category browser to be able to help  you find the right categories in the right string   for when you need to search for that when you're  loading up your book so that was called kindle   kindle breaker sorry kindleranka.com next one  is keyword io so this is where you can choose  

the different area searching for so it  might be amazon again if we did kids   letter tracing then we do united states we do a  search then this will actually provide you with   the different keywords that you can actually add  as part of your uh seven backend keywords let's   get out of this and all you need to do is scroll  down and just go no thanks then you've got your   different keywords and you can just keep filling  in these and this will help you with amazon   advertising it can also help with your seven  backend keywords to get the right keywords for   your book and to make sure they rank the next one  is kindlepreneur again now i have created a video   about how you can effectively use QR codes at the  back of your book and i have contacted kdp to get   confirmation you can do this and it is all good  uh and i'll provide a link to this video in   this lesson as well so what you would need to  do if you wanted to create your uh URL code   then you would simply add whatever it might be  in here so let's go and grab a URL and second   see what might be easier  is we can just use this one   and we copy it well you can put whatever url you  how you want in there so if we just did this one   and we did download qr code then it  would do the qr code and you can do   uh a logo or a book cover image as well so that's  an optional option for you and then it gives you   the QR code and then you can just save that qr  code as you need to for helping with directing   customers back to more of your books through your  author central account or whatever that might be   now the next one this number 13 which i know  there is a paid subscription model for canva pro   but you can use so much of canva for free and i  highly recommend it it's one of those tools that   i use so frequently for book covers manuscripts  youtube thumbnails video creation presentations   so many features you can use with canva and i  highly recommend it and if you haven't been using   it give it a go under the free trial there are so  many more options available with the pro version   but that's not to say you can't use the  free version for a number of months until   you get comfortable with it and see if it's  right for you now the next one is uh helium 10   again use the free component of helium 10. you can  do so many different things with the free version   it's got so many different things with keywords  analytics product research have again used a free   trial check it out make sure that you test all  these different options before you purchase it   it can be you know it can be helpful if  you're doing a lot of research and need data   but between sort of helium 10 book bold publisher  rocket there's so many different features so use   you know choose one or choose two that you  think are going to be really effective for you.   So that gets it through to our 14 different  types of software that are free to use. So let me   just quickly go over them again. So we had  our Book Brush we had a DIY book design we  

have Kindlepreneur which helps us with our  different uh book descriptions and HTML code.   we had our uh ablurb which then converts it into  this sort of um captures the description for you   so you can easily see what it's going to look like  on kdp we had our Combine PDF that was the one   we did then we've got our KDP cover calculator  then we had our US trademark search   we had Amazon ASIN to check all those out then  we had our Book Sales Calculator we had our   Kindle Ranker for categories we had our keyword.IO for our keyword research we've got our QR Code   generator for helping with directing customers  back to more of your books and your brand   then we've got Canva and then we had  our Helium10 software,. so there are 14   different software platforms you can use for free  and that's not to say that that's all of them   there are so many you can use but i wanted to  bring to your attention the ones that i use   and why they're so helpful but remember to stick  around in the moment to get your free upload handout for listing all of these for you so   you can actually easily find  them and utilize them as well so that was a list of 14 free different  software programs you can use for KDP.   Now as promised, i'm going to leave a  link in the description for the free   download document that actually lists all  of these free resources and including the   free resources, there's some paid resources  or software programs that I personally use   that I'd highly recommend if you're looking  at scaling even further with your KDP business   and i'll either link or the book this is going to  be the one right here in the description below so   thank you so much for joining me on the channel  today and please, if you do like this kind of   content to give me a thumbs up, and subscribe and  hit that notification bell so you're made aware   of more videos that i create. So i look forward to  sharing more information with you in my next video!

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