140. Полет на бизнес джете HondaJet. Полная версия (rus/eng sub)

140. Полет на бизнес джете HondaJet. Полная версия (rus/eng sub)

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[Music] [Music] class [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] open [Music] um [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] feature [Music] um [Music] um is [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] um [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] um [Music] [Music] zero [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] initial altitude [Music] is standby [Music] [Music] [Music] h [Music] here we go all right [Music] here we go so we're going to in each piece where it's already done oh no now we'll start there reflect this fruit's going to do the part text first left engine fire right engine fire shaker it's gonna do two channels of the uh shaker okay and that's gonna illuminate our switches all the cubes okay right here here done done next empty weight aircraft loading pilot 190 after dinner yesterday 160 160 zero here uh forward package 50 yep that's about right and 15 on the left right yep and so and then go back because we want to uh do the fuel we have to wait and balance again and then the fuel tab forgot it and then fob sync so we have 2220 on board sufficient for the mission right for one hour flight is good uh flight plan the same let's see let's just make sure yep actually i'm just going to delete a couple of waypoints here all right there we go yeah i just want to pay attention to people who look at this video so you can have and program full profile including verticals yes vertical guidance and if you need and you have any speed restrictions on a departure correct and arrival you can put it right now right here you can yep now if if they were already posted on the arrival is um required okay they would show or departure or approach they're going to show up there automatically automatically really and this can do the v-nav descent it can also do a v-nav climb this is what i imagine perfect so so then just work down the tabs on the left side there go to the weather and then if you go back since we're in the states here and we have xm weather available you can just say load metar data and it's going to load the weather in this is the one time when it doesn't know if it's the winds are variable okay it doesn't know what to put in there so go ahead and touch the wind and let's put in five zero or something yeah that's fine okay temperature 12 barometric three 3008 right yep okay and then go back and then back to take off data again and then just work down the tabs on the left we did weather go to runway it knows our runway length elevation heading it knows the gradient which is really helpful you've probably seen some airplanes a lot of the collins units they don't take into account slope but this does and then and we need to initialized accept takeoff. and then it's going to post the speeds for us 140 16 100 109. so v1 104 rotate 109 okay and then also gives you your trim setting as well 2.9

which you can set with your and since you're doing that the only physical thing we really need to check is the so you might as well do that yeah i did it oh you already did it yeah there you go and then uh perfect 2.0 set except take of data set and then hit next and so this is all this is these are the things that are new at the elite so the the original airplanes did not have the takeoff performance and they didn't have the climb the cruise and the descent performance either and really what all this is giving us is an accurate fuel over desktop calculation because it knows what kind of climb profile we're going to use it knows what altitude we're going to fly to and it knows um what kind of cruise profile and it knows the winds aloft and the temperature because of the xm data okay so with all that it's able to do a very accurate calculation on our time and therefore our fuel this is really important it's very very accurate how much you prefer to have over destination if you're flying to destination no alternate required what is your most people use a minimum of 600 i try to use 800 most of the time okay okay and like this airplane like most light jets are fuel critical mainly because of the difference in fuel burn at altitudes right up at 430 we burn very little fuel but down in the 20s at a fast speed we burned quite a bit so planning for a little extra fuel is important normal clamp yep 210 initial altitude flight level two to zero we're going up to 410. so initial 410 yep that's good we need to take clearance right yeah i'll do that next year okay four one zero set nothing on descent no nor and these you can all change if you wanted to do it a different descent like a high speed descent we could do that and the difference is it's just going to use a little bit more fuel and it does have a what they call an eco descent and i can tell you from experience that it does make a difference it'll save almost 100 pounds of fuel if you load the eco descent and actually fly it that way and accept initialization correct that's it that's it so let's see what we have on the weather variable visibility one zero 1100 scattered silhouette 2000 broken to 5000 over test temperature went to 2.7 altimeter 3008 remarks ao2 ils runway 5 left approach gps runway 5 right approach in news notices determine runway 1 4 3 2 closed taxiway alpha closed between runway 1 4 and taxiway alpha 2.

actually alpha three taxiway alpha four closed i left runway five right out of the service they have a very long atis here use caution and slower areas are not visible from the tower alpha portion of the taxiway hotel between taxiway hotel 4 and taxiway echo portion of the approach end of runway 2 3 right and portion of traffic pattern parallel to the approach end of runway 2 free ride greensboro clearance honda test 52 information bravo clearance back to greensboro county test 52 greensburg clearance cleared to greensboro airport via the tricia one departure bob's transition as filed maintain 5000 expect flight level 410 one zero minutes after departure departure frequency one two four point three five squawk five two three one okay hon test 52 cleared to greensboro via tricia one bodz is filed at the five thousand we'll expect four one zero twenty four thirty five squawking five two three one on five two read back correct device ready to taxi with bravo my gosh this is so cool ah yeah all right and then you do have there's see the controls here there's two buttons one of them controls the lumbar support in and out and then the other button moves the whole seat back up and down so that can give you some more comfort too perfect so seats and seat belts i see them parking brake set cast messages and doors are closed you can see the only thing we have external power cockpit fan control manual we needed uh electric voltage we have 28 engine start okay that's it yeah so when uh when you go to start we'll start the right one first you're gonna push until you get a green and then the idle yeah and then you're going to come out of pull the trigger and then up into idle okay there we go and you can immediately go up but the faded will control all of it for you starter you've already got a light off 866 switching departure you see it starts very fast really fast very cool also yeah ict 300 set that's it engine is on and we can start immediately second one okay ignition start mode itt raisin and to rotation looks like it's a good start beautiful okay engine start engine instrument check engine 90 is not required external power disconnect so one more thing about the fedex which is very nice is that it has complete control so if there's a hot start or a hung start any problems it's going to abort the start on its own and that's just what it should do yeah it's going to give me a message just said start fail and all you have to do is uh disengage this that's it perfect yeah and idle ground title is higher because we don't have gpu right and what it's doing right now is it's going through the ice test i'll show you here um here's one of our synoptic pages it's running through a self-test on the icing system so that left engine's running up because it's taking bleed air and it's heating up the wing for a test it does the engines the wings does the tail and that all happens in the background you don't even necessarily notice it's happening right but we have to wait until it's finished because otherwise no we can text yeah because we can buy the time we taxi down yeah it'll definitely be done okay you can continue on the checklist that will have a couple of things for you is not required avionics flight data uh we have five thousand here right it's already so departure is loaded you could hit the toga button and we'll wait on that because we'll wait and see if they give us a heading flap set for takeoff check the position going down i don't see it from here but it looks like it's taken speed brakes okay so you can test the speed brake you go back with it and you see the extended yep and then you can retract retracted cabin science has required parking brake release ready to taxi yeah i'll give them a call greensboro ground honda test 52 at the factory ready to taxi with uh bravo honda test five two green square ground runway five right taxi via mike hold short runway one four okay let's actually be a mike to um five right and we'll hold shorter one for hunter's 52 can you pull the taxi diagram here yeah sure i don't want to do heads down during taxi so left yep left turn and we're straight down to mike and then we're holding shorter runway one four towards the end there okay okay clear to the right backside clear tower following lima on the rnav 3-2 a circle to land five right november four one niner probably greensboro circles sounds um how about this i'll work on the checklist while you're taxiing i'm sorry south of west of the runways for right base runway five right by right clear to land when's your three zero four four take off brakes check circle clearly before takeoff flaps on trims two zero it's set speed brace retracted we know this and there's no message as messages we just have cap uh cockpit fan control manual navigation we wait in f or heading right what is it told data so that is our speeds okay flight guidance briefing yep okay so we're gonna take off runway five zero right we have nine thousand feet available runway in case of any emergencies below 80 knots what do you use yeah you could just use v1 because this airplane would that the cast message are are tied to the phase of flight so if we get any any abnormalities it's a serious one okay any abnormalities below v1 we can import in case of uh above v1 we can import in case of engine fire engine failure loss of directional control we don't have tr so nothing to deploy maybe speed brake only and in case uh if any abnormalities except of these four we're gonna climb 1500 feet egl emergency checklist figure out what happens and come back to this airport we don't have we don't we don't [Music] all right so let's talk about the take off um so we'll roll onto the runway you can hold the brakes initially you're going to come all the way up to the take off this deton which is full forward holding the brakes yeah that's fine and then um we'll check to make sure we're making takeoff power green is matching 38 38 release the brakes i'll call airspeed alive um when you rotate you can rotate straight up into the flight direction runway one four monitor tower on the other side okay we'll cross one four and monitor tower honda test 52 this is a button to talk to yes yes very comfortable nice so you don't need to push this button we clipped across right across clear right uh left side clear okay so you're gonna all whites will automatically engage yeah it's tied into the safe taxi system with the garment um so you're gonna rotate right in the flight director bars positive rate gear up do you want me to get the gear forward i'll take care of that you'll so positive rate gear up and then at 400 feet it's gonna be flaps up and then you're going to set mct which is just back to 6216 okay one click here yep right turn and then our hold short is right here to the right all right shannon tower 63 charlie how's the spacing look in november 6 3 charlie's again and the departure is the trisha one flight runway heading i don't see any restrictions here yeah there isn't any okay good climb heading zero five four to fourteen forty then on the heading zero five zero okay straight for a ground through two runway heading runway five right cleared for takeoff when three twos are at three hey runway heading to take off five right contest five two yep run away greensboro tower runway five right clear to land when calm breaks sure yeah we can hold the brakes might as well get a max performance ready yep ready one two three power set first woo airspeed's alive sure 80 knots peak month 60 91 turning right next time get up there's 400 feet flaps up and mct perfect [Music] i'm going to give you that five two two bravo charlie greensboro approach altimeter three zero zero seven okay after takeoff checklist landing gear your damper engaged i see that departure harness has 52 climbing three thousand for five thousand radar contact climb and maintain seven thousand turn left direct wayne kept seven thousand direct wayne on test 52 number one two six whiskey alpha descend and maintain eight thousand uh descending that's right skyline two bravo charlie squawk one seven five six white guidance it means fms right yes ice protection not required i don't see any reasons cabin sign eventual heat not required so looking good after takeoff checklist completed uh pressurization check i see one two thousand on test 52 922 bravo charlie runner contact three miles northeast of the burlington airport green square while temperature zero zero seven that's right declared to the danville airport as foul climb and maintain three thousand so rate of climb is three thousand right now yeah which we could even do a little bit better pitch right up into those bars for 210. uh correct yes sir you're cleared via direct 45 crowded there were six fourteen zulu greensboro departure ident clem and maintain unbelievable how to test 52 contact atlanta center one two eight point eight good day twenty eight eight hunters 52 g'day it's unbelievably quiet in the cabin it is yeah in a cockpit i mean so i don't feel engines any completely afternoon atlanta hana test 52 climbing 9.8 for 1 2 thousand a hundred five two atlanta center right to climb maintain flight level one niner zero flight flight level one nine or zero on it says 52 48 21 maybe a slight delay at flight level two zero zero just for a few minutes to do some opposite direction traffic above remember three zero volts contact atlanta center on one three five point three five all right here's the other thing that's great about the honda jet have you noticed that we haven't really messed with any of the systems yeah because automatically yeah it's all automatic whether it be fuel or pressurization the lights so you got to concentrate just on the flying part the navigating communicating so it really is a single pilot friendly airplane this is true so we still maintain 3 400 feet per minute this is great and uh you see any flight time yes we all i can bring that up for american 2246 atlanta climbing maintain follow up with two zero there's our wheels up four minutes right how long it takes to get to 41. yep this is a plan so 1500 in five minutes less than five minutes american 2246 maybe a delay by level two or about a four nine average time to 41 with the normal conditions now we're probably looking at like 20 i'm going to guess 22 23 minutes 20 to 23 minutes okay it's hard to say because they're giving us contact watch level offs at lower altitude 8.9 or 2. and we're gonna cross traffic away known as eleven o'clock about two five miles level two one zero e120 american 2818 climate maintained followed with two three zero there is 584 air traffic is uh one or two o'clock about three zero miles above the level five level two zero zero twelve hundred right now fuel consumption rate on a clear it'll be about half that 41. i see 2.987

32 97 honda says 52. good day afternoon atlanta hana test 52 climbing enough well 2 1 two three zero city two line of center uh roger here in just a minute okay so we probably need to level up here right yep and what are you gonna do with power just keep it now yeah we'll leave it there leave it there from the maintain level three [Applause] no we go straight to 41 and we need about five minutes up there i just hold 34 for now and i get you up to the guy above me and uh we'll work on it sounds good thanks for help you see we're still climbing okay [Music] maintain five two four zero index 31 31-17 clear at parker do not exceed 3-0 not spacing okay direct parker and don't exceed uh three zero zero knots for spacing abac 317. 5184 contact line of center 132.62 what was the climb crate when you climbed with passengers on board previous flight the same yeah it's about the same but you level off at 11 000 right this was your max oh on the last flight yeah on the last flight no we went up to uh 20 uh flight level two four zero two four zero yep okay what is different from uh garmin uh other pilot i flew before it's always indication here yes what do you exactly want to use can you give me more information while we're still climbing on these two mods like csc and cpl because i never saw it in a different airplane um once we level off at 41 i'll actually show you how the cs615 that is for uh okay heading three one five uh vectors honda five two speed control okay and how that works is if the thrust is somewhere in between mct and maybe not all the way back at idle but it has to be less than mct um and we're at a captured altitude we can push the cruise speed control and it's going to hold our current speed and it's going to adjust the the n1s to maintain that speed so it's like it's similar to what you might have with auto throttles but it's very it's a more basic version of that okay so we don't have a full other throttle no it says f52 climbing maintains 350. climb three five zero on test by two it's very helpful in the terminal area um at a busy airport they might say maintain 200 knots yeah and you're busy doing a lot of other things it's going to stabilize 200 okay and then the cpl button it stands for couple and what you're really controlling is see the arrow indication there so it's pointed to the left it's telling us that the autopilot is okay 26.77 hunter's 52. get it hey romeo center welcome atlanta honda test 52 climbing flight level three one two four three five zero honda 52 atlanta center roger and what are your plans today we just need to get up to flight oh four one zero uh for about five minutes and then return to greensboro coffee uh november eight seven eight possible five seven point five seven and we burn a little bit less than thousand right now we don't have true speed here right yeah here's your true air speed oh i see ground speed and all of this is configurable all these yeah because it recalculated it's mainly because of our flight plan because we had this round-robin flight and it's it's already deleted part of the flight because it was such a sharp turn 2081 a lot of fun but yes the fod is very accurate and that's really because of the performance that's based into the fms okay leveling off three five zero see the guy oh yeah that's probably our traffic we ought to go turn left heading two seven zero okay left turn two seven zero on it says 52.

maintain flight level three six zero climb fight level three six zero han says 52 can i get it for you yeah yeah sure vertical speed 1000 feet per minute gonna climb 14 minutes blue streak 56 37 contact indianapolis center on 134.22 um that's cool delta 33 clear to atlanta hartford airport video direct andre to join the andre one arrival delta direct andre for the andre one arrival to atlanta lionesses three seven zero five four zero zero november three seven zero romeo papa wanna center roger and then you're gonna have to wait for the engine now it's going to adjust the end ones to hold that 0.69 excellent bluetooth 5637 back with you uh that was three three two two correct options probably want to get across that traffic yeah he's waiting for us to mct okay honda five two climb and maintain flight level three eight zero thirty eight okay climb level three eight zero honda test 52 i'll do v speed sure and i can leave it here where i can move it yeah you might as well go to mct since we're climbing and then just take off one click yeah there you go three nine zero oh i need to stable and wait for sync right here and i want to center over i can click this one are you going here and uh 0.7 yeah that was my fault this is the maximum right point on the flight level 410 what is your best max so this would be a typical cruising altitude for us maybe here at about 16 39 40 41 43 because up here we're still getting really good true air speed but the fuel flows see how much better they are at seven at 43 we're doing about 300 pounds aside except that 416. can you see somewhere time for fuel fuel onboard i meant for how long we're going to fly through the jet five to travis factor climate maintain flight level four one zero okay climb play level four one zero on it says 52. all right 22 35 clear to the atlanta heartfelt airport they direct andre to join the andre one arrival right andre andre yeah that's one of the items we could put up here normally i've got that in endurance um i guess uh let's see yeah there's probably that's probably in here too i guess i'm usually used to seeing it up there let's see activeperf let's see [Music] delta 3-3 contact atlanta center on 124.37

12437 for delta three three uh let's see yeah hour and twenty four minutes to reserves so the reserves are like another hour an hour so it's about two two twenty 220 and with ground speed 300 we have 600 miles approximately right but we're into a big headwind here too yeah without wind it's going to be 800 so even not full tanks we can do a thousand miles yes okay if you have full tanks how many passengers you can take on board uh typically three three passengers and the max the max range will be max range is for a little over 1400 that would be at 43 by level 430 and that would be at long range cruise okay so we go slow and long time right although at flight level 430 the difference between high-speed crews and long-range crews is very small okay it's only like 15 knots maybe or less okay 40 watt i don't know if you can see the magenta bug on your speed tape there yeah so it's determining a high speed cruise at 41 000 at this time a little bit of light shots for the whole flight correct until you're ready to descend at 416 clear directions so this is my performance very efficient that's pretty cool honda five two while heading two five five heading uh two five five and we're actually happy to take a turn back towards greensboro okay i'm gonna work you guys back in as soon as i can we got quite a bit going north south right now so maybe coming up worse this airplane yeah the same like g3 i see this system yep and shaker yes is it half pusher it does yes it's got a shaker pusher and then on top of that with the new elite models they it has what's called stability protection okay and that's it's optional can you except 43 and then we'll get you back over to the east side of the traffic and dump you down yeah it sounds great we can do that honda five two climb maintain flight level four three zero turn right heading three six zero okay flight level four three zero on a right turn heading three six zero honda test 52 all right i see 43 and i can use flight level change for example and maintain 200 knots right definitely yeah and you could even do like you know mach uh 6-0 would be good probably that's safe zero so then you'll have to select level seven six six five xo so you can jump on 430 then you can level off oh yeah and accelerate right force at this temperature at this temperature at plus one unbelievable even at gross weight we could climb straight to 43. this is 735. 43 is a limitation yes that's the max and 40 and 43 is able to do because on the last 60 i have a limitation but nobody can climb to five three four 43 is very common okay because the beauty is that we're look at the fuel flows now i see this this is what i want to see this is great i try to get up to 43 anytime envoy 4150 contact atlanta center on one two three flights longer than about two two and a half hours probably united four ninety eight one center roger break skywest 37 onto five two turn right heading zero niner five okay right turn zero nine or five on says 52 frontier 1446 contact indianapolis center on 134.22 0.95 because uh 52 oh yeah that's just my call sign with honda you put this 52 in uh oh yeah i did not this morning no it's got the last one they're 50. we're close

how's the how do they know you're 50 american foreign oh this is what you filed and okay i got you in this case they use this one instead of 420 correct yeah a little easier i see so a little bit accelerated 365 through speed right now and this is what you usually see on the flight level for three seconds it'll get faster clear direct tracks to join the tracks three arrival okay direct tracks for the tracks three on test 52. it's good i have excellent and then if you wouldn't mind let's put to 11 000 november 5. smooth ride november five zero victor charlie 11 roger a light shot from the decent one shortly okay thank you honda five two defend and maintain flight level four one zero okay does that maintain flight level four one zero hundred fifty 52 oh one zero 41. and you can almost see

the there we go we're coming up to three three three four zero excellent ups 2932 atlanta center climb maintain flight level 360. i maintain level 360 now ups 2932 so we have tracks i would like to put on my screen uh arrival 1629 350. oops no you got it you got it right wing if you push in the top of this cursor honda five two descend and maintain flight level three nine or zero okay december 10 playable three nine or zero on it says 52 contact indianapolis center on one three four point two two three four two two legit fifteen thirty six zelda fifteen cleared to the atlanta heartfelt airport v direct andre to join the andre one arrival direct to andre for the andre one arrival delta 15. so tracks 11 okay after that we have dems i see dems deacon 11 ic 11 and from key can we expect rather vectors to run v5 right right we're gonna and i've got the rnav runway five right now i don't know i have gps on there okay if you don't mind uh when we leave eighteen thousand i'll go to switch to manually let's do like 1500 feet or so yeah i just would look like over here three seven zero on to five p flat heading zero nine or zero defend and maintain flight level three five zero i need you to hustle down please okay let's turn zero nine or zero down to flight level three five zero and we'll hustle down honda 52. spirit length 26 69 a lot of center welcome ups 29 32 four twenty two songs at a four sixteen delta seven nineteen expect directory for the answers uh andre and the arrival i can share just you know with the checklist when you're done with the checklist if you push and hold the wheel in it'll go back to what you had behind the checklist oh nice lining fuel elevation we have from fms right yep no not now but we may need it on the descent okay find the center foot exec 560 sir what exactly five sixty a lot of time to listen uh or we can listen right ages yeah i'll get this american twenty four zero four four one use caution let's increase the rate of descent hazardous weather information for greensboro airport area available on highways or flight service recycle runway hold short instructions contact round 121.9 refer clear and send taxi instructions advise on initial contact you have information charlie greensboro i like the elevation [Music] visibility one zero two clouds at one thousand six hundred one five thousand scattered ceiling two five thousand over altimeter three zero zero 35.

honda five two thank you contact atlanta center on one three two point nine or seven thirty two ninety seven hundred fifty two good day good night captain atlanta honda test 52 back with your flight level three five zero city two atlanta center uh roger just gonna maintain football two eight zero okay now flight level two eight zero on test fifty two fifty two out of thirty four leaving thirty four fly hitting a zero six five okay out of thirty four heading zero six five oh it says 52. zero six five correct pushing fifty six anonymously maintained two nine or so we keep getting this check reserved fuel but i think someone has programmed a bunch of extra reserves in there and i think that's because we have we're landing with 1200 pounds which is nice 42 contacting epicenter 134.22 34 22. have a giveaway put something

interesting in there all right so it looks like right now plus five and below we're gonna go ahead that's the only manual uh selection we need to make for icing everything else is automatic yep let's do our performance three three zero landing down three three zero forty three there we go increment to v ref if you wanted oh no no not today then all you have to do is six five two defend the main thing level two four zero down to flight level two four zero hundred test five two three fifty one eighty six put it nickel direct nickel 0.72 have it going let me play this church if i would like approach i don't have five right in 428 contacting apple center one two four point five seven today two four five seven american 428 today ss5 [Applause] at 26 heading 2-0-0 for haunted test 52. right tara not yet out of uh 26 2 6 0. you make that a 210 heading out of 26.

now it's two one zero on heading okay 210 on the heading out of uh 26. hunter 52. test five two fighting two one zero at this time okay right turn heading two one zero hun it says 52. that's not two contacts one center one three uh two point six two today thirty two sixty two hundred test fifty two get it [Applause] in at one four thousand see fifty nine followed off similar three zero zero eight okay we'll cross line at fourteen and two fifty southwest ten thirty four atlanta test fifty two back with your descending two five six four two four zero on a test box dude it's in and maintain five level one not zero for now okay down the flight over one niner zero hundred plus 52 [Applause] i see that one name zero how do you feel when you're flying single pilot i feel pretty comfortable yeah you get used to it like i said the airplane is really well suited for single pilot flying i'm gonna test through five two give me a good rate down to 19. okay good rate honda test 72.

one feet breaking 0.72 20 72 47 45 good day nice easy so when you cross 18 000 you need to push it again yep and what i did is i pre-selected this yeah the altimeter setting for where you pre-select it well anytime you're in standard if you move the um barrel knob it pre-selects it okay direct tracks tracks at 11 000 speed our discretion and uh double o six hundred fifty two hearing seven zero seven at last twenty five six five followed two three zero yeah let's set one one two three two trees or something and then yep okay now if you touch 11 000 fl 110 and then hit vnav direct and then it's going to sync up your vnav path here it comes [Applause] via pass capture perfect janice here's yours we can pull idi systems to see if any systems works right now anti-as you said yeah yeah sure i can go to craft systems yeah the status right yeah there's an actual ice protection page ice protection page and you'll see the those are always on um and the engines are currently on because we've manually selected them yeah about halloween yeah because it's going to wait until it actually gets an ice we'd get an ice detected here okay and then actually from these sensors correct yeah and that's what activates the wing and the tail i got you so other than that it's just electrical windshields and props on the left and right side got it excellent all right i'm going to push back to uh local altimeter and yeah you can actually add some power if you want and speed up serious short 707 atlanta center one three two point nine or seven three two ninety seven are you sure seven zero 270 it shows me profile right the profile they prescribe it in a high speed descent correct yeah okay i see and it's it's less efficient for sure you're going to burn more fuel if you descend at 270 test fox 2 green floor approach 24 35 okay order approach 24 35 hundred test 52 get it okay number 751 bible golf transfer parts radar contact climate maintain one two thousand turn right direct vault afternoon greensboro approach contest 52 descending uh one six one for one one thousand tracks information charlie five two greensboro ios five left altimeter three zero zero eight okay three zero zero eight any chance for or never five right onto five two clear direct copper iron five right approach all right direct uh cup coast is that closest no but i heard what we're trying to do there we could do coaster oh i got you all right uh direct coaches then for honda 52 all right direct closest honda five two appreciate it bosses checking in 2 500 climbing so we want to go to vertical speed mode let's say there we go and then you can take 34 [Music] [Applause] okay so a couple things about the landing um you can you can maintain probably let's say 180 knots or so until we get on to the final approach course okay and then maybe 160 or so and then as we get a little bit closer we'll slow back to about v ref plus 10. because the rep is so slow a lot of pilots remember contact atlanta that's right slow down all the way back at the final approach fix because it's it's going pretty slow five two defend and maintain four thousand down to four thousand honda test 52 4000 i see four um so a couple things about the sight picture on landing it's going to appear that we're very flat but the but we're actually pitched up quite a bit so that when you touch down on the mains you're going to have to deliberately de-rotate like slowly lower the nose down because if you touch with the mains and then release all your back pressure the nose is going to come down kind of hard because it may feel like maybe the nose wheel is just a few inches off the ground but it's really a few feet vertical track thank you not required this is vertical track to causes right yeah so it's calculated to cause yes and the other thing i use this a lot we've got the the blue arc there the banana that's pricing that with a lot of other avionics that's really useful so we're going to get to 4 000 slightly before us a little bit before closes i'll try to manage it sure sounds great off and then as far as the odd amp goes we'll wait until about 50 feet for the audio temperable goes away automatically right now you will have to manually disconnect but it does automatically engage on takeoff remember three problem i got to keep you on that down for a little bit for traffic going to the right side i'll get you turned to a quick base here in a minute i read that before development on the five two just verify you're stopping at four thousand cross cup it i'm sorry cause it's at four thousand okay yeah we've got the four thousand set we'll cross close this at four thousand honda has 52. ah that's what it was

what was that well i couldn't figure out why it was giving us a fuel reserve problem and it was because there was an alternate uh airport in there somewhere which could have been a long ways away yeah that's probably what did that and then as far as speeds go it's uh 200 knots for your flaps and this also for the gear and then uh 60 knots on the full flaps but you'll easily be slower than all that want [Music] no you don't necessarily have to at that stage i would probably just have approach flaps and once the glider path comes in then we can lower the gear okay and then a good target on the powers probably about 50 a little over 55 maybe it's so stable it is unbelievable it's very responsive too i mean you can make some turns if you want i mean it uh that's one of the things i really enjoy about the airplane it's great swift zero turn the left direct to bottom left bottom and test 52 is on the inbound turn from cosus test five two cleared rnav runway five right approach hey claire darn i have runway five right contest 52. okay flaps to approach and we can go down to 28 right yeah but you're uh you could yeah or you could stay here and your glide path's just going to come in that's probably the easiest and then you can probably even leave your power up there at that 55. you'll see it'll slow down and remember zero bravo november what's your on course heading so four miles before final approach fix 190 year above november zero bravo 52 back with you for uh aren't have uh five right we do have the airport site how to test 52 greensboro tower runway five right clearly and one calm okay quarterly on five right contest 52. okay we're 1.8 miles from the final gear down

sounds great okay below 200 speed check completed gears down all right let's get three green no red three greens checked we can go full flaps or wait a little bit i would wait a little bit but you could um we're still about seven miles out [Music] i feel like your damper is working on a yeah and that's why we tend to leave it on until we get pretty low it's a lot more comfortable for the passengers exactly all right this might be a good spot for your full flaps whenever you're ready three miles 160 below speed check completed flaps full then out here i'd probably maintain you know 120 to 130 or so until you get a little closer all right we're clear to land it's going to be a right exit and um all we have left is yawn amp yep your damper disconnected and i have vrf plus 10. on the way inside continue visual 500 checked minimums so once we get down to ground effect i'm just going to kind of have you hold this about the same pitch attitude if you flare too much it'll it'll really kind of float for you um and then we're going to wait probably till less than 50 feet before we pull the thrust back to idle all right looks good we got about ref plus five got amps away hold your power hold your power okay thrust idle just hold that pitch right there hold it hold it hold it perfect hold it nice okay i'm gonna get your speed brake forward oh we don't have reversals reversers and slide your feet up on the brakes and go full brakes go ahead really good on them so you can feel it nice very good we can go down the next one if you want mic five yeah i don't want to burn the brakes it's not my style five thousand so we landed about in uh three thousand feet yep that's normal five stop yep and speed back retract the test five two taxi man via mike monarch ground point niner okay i'll be a mike and we'll monitor ground contest right clear lima what are you doing on your outbound what's going on there yeah this cabinet wasn't all the way on nice job very good thank you did you pass the check right you did i think you're qualified this is november you haven't even done your first semester you haven't even done your first time yet you're gonna be just fine piece of cake it really is an easy airplane to fly it's so easy to fly for pilots that's great november five five seven extra julia taxi via delta kill over the ramp and we have taxi lights right now on correct okay nice job at the taxiing by the way a lot of a lot of people take them a little getting used to with the right i found it so easy so i don't feel any problems yeah you did great we got the spot with great weather super lucky i have bad news i don't know what's going on out there you expect departure clearance time is two three four six uh almost four hours from now is it the yellow line yep that's pretty close so parking brakes right next 30 50 yeah let me take a quick picture of our times here parking brake set real chocks installed rti systems we need to release it right we chopped okay definitely yep that's it released and batteries off that's it oh my god it's so easy man well done i appreciate it yeah that's so happy it'll be happy so it's a pleasure flying with you i hardly did it you just pulled it okay [Music] videos all right thank you so much for your help thank you bye [Music] you

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