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[Music] hello hello dear friends long time i know but i am with you now and something happened to me yesterday that connected so many dots for me so many dots that i felt compelled to share this live talk with you today so i am opening up this platform as well as all of my other platforms for conversations for connection with other people we want to define social media for what was intended to be and that is a platform where we can come together in real conversations in conversations that move things forward for us in conversations that make us feel seen that make us feel appreciated in conversations that really matter to everything that we are doing in the world to everything that we are becoming and to everything that we want to be in the world i have titled this life as you've perhaps seen that 12 secret hashtags to elevate your game in life and business why did i call them secret they are not actually secret but because on this platform not many people are using hashtags to connect to communicate so something radical is going to be revealed during this live so just keep up with it and i will tell you when that radical thing happens i think you will recognize it as well so to start with i want to um i am i'm looking forward to sharing this platform with you and i'm going to be showing up here a lot more often and i will invite you to participate in this conversation not the conversation that matters to me but the conversation that matters to you because there is too many uh conversations going on that don't really see or hear each other people are missing the point right and there is we are over saturated with information with information we don't need right so i want to bring you back inside here into the experience of your life that really matters to you and when you feel your most comfortable and vibrant in this environment here then you can easily radiate that and influence and impact with from that state of being i hope that that is making sense and i know it will make more sense as i try and describe each one of these secret hashtags that we can connect through our conversations so what happens on social media when we post something our friends people who are you are there on my friend list for a reason i want to have a conversation with you and you know i don't want to hunt you down in messenger because i know you are busy same way that i am busy i cannot scroll through 20 or 30 messages a day in the messenger and do everything that i am doing and be and be having a real conversation with you i am transparent with my conversations so if you have a look my posts here are public there is a reason why my posts are set to public setting that is because i have absolutely nothing held back everything that i give you is the highest value that i have inside me it's the same value i share with my children the same conversations that i'm having with them are the conversations that i am open to having with every single soul brother and soul sister out here okay so to me it really matters for you to understand that this platform here on which you're watching this video whether you're joining me live and i can see that someone is watching live i want to say hello and if you see the post from stream yard if you give them permission and want to say hello and participate while i'm doing this live you're welcome to do so otherwise if you catch me on the replay please use use the hashtag replay tell me that you have watched this tell me how it's resonating with you and tell me if you want to be part of this kind of conversation enough with things we didn't ask for things we don't need things we we are bombarded with this is a conversation that matters both to you and to me and to the world that we want to live in the world that we are creating together right so having said that the first thought that came to my mind when i was quite young was how do i show my love how do i what's the best way that i can give my love and i have a younger brother so he was always a receiver of this life he was the first point of call and i want to share the first hashtag that comes here is make a difference right when you allow yourself that what you are learning for that to become a window into somebody else's um perspective when you allow yourself to model something for them you are making a difference so the hashtag make a difference is connected to me with the highest form of caring loving and giving right so you learn something you want to share that that is how you make a difference you cannot make a difference with theory with something that hasn't moved you from from the center of your being so if something was part of your experience then do share it with me use this hashtag make a difference and the reason why i said these hashtags were a secret is because if you use them i will regularly check all of these posts so that i am able to have a conversation with you when you post something on your own profile or page that i can join the conversation there with you my friend um hello marina and thank you thank you so much for for joining me and for watching this live um i i really want to stop and and pay attention and and acknowledge you if you are taking time to participate here with me live i don't know if i will be able to follow all of the comments but thank you for joining me and thank you also to everyone who will watch this recording it really matters that we start this conversation because we have perhaps let things just slide you know and i no longer want to do that i want to have real conversation but i do not want to have them in private necessarily because guess what my conversation with you out in the open can help someone else right so there is no need unless there's really something private that you have to share with me then i will invite you to share it with me through my email i will send you email if you tell me catherine i just have something private to talk to you about i will give you then my email address so the first hashtag is make a difference share what you are learning be generous with that and invite me into that conversation i want to support you on that journey second hashtag is share the lesson share the lesson it's connected with the first one and in many of the communities that i have um founded in these last five years i have cultivated and practiced this um what shall we say tradition and custom of sharing maybe once a week just in a conversation sharing the most important thing that i have learned that week and when a group of five or ten of us shares the most important thing we have learned that week that becomes very uh valuable collection of insights of life wisdom of something that gives pointers directions hope um and you know maybe even light at the end of the tunnel to many other people so yes thank you marina i'm really glad that uh that this is uh that this is resonating with you and i will get back to you um as soon as i finish my live i will get back then to your comments so that i can address them properly so sharing the lesson if you want to share i already share in my private facebook group i show up once a week and share just one most important lesson that has happened to me that week and my members find that very useful so i am just thinking of sharing that with you here and with them so that you are included that you are part of that next one is define your meaning when we are having conversations the most important thing is that other person is getting what we mean right it isn't necessarily to understand us because we need to first and foremost understand us but to clearly state what we mean when we say something i think it's a game changer and again this is something that i have observed in the last five years and why am i just talking about the last five years because internet and online world has challenged us in different ways i am just imagining you i'm imagining your faces all of my dear friends here i am imagining all of you and i'm looking at a computer camera here in front of me right so we had to adjust in that way so defining our meaning these conversations we're having sometimes with people who who don't know us they're meeting us for the first time um so some of you who are part of my community you will know what i mean when i say masterpiece you will know that exact depth of that word for me because to me it's more than just creating a piece of art is how you connect with the innocence inside you and your highest purpose to create a masterpiece out of you first of all out of your expression in this world and then through that portal you have access to co-creation with the highest self that to me means masterpiece right and you might have had a different definition for yourself so when we're having conversation there is a need to say what we mean so that the giving the other person a chance to understand the full scope of what we consider when we say just one word like masterpiece okay so use this hashtag if you are thinking about this if you're creating a post on that subject next one is create your purpose the purpose isn't somewhere out there and you have to somehow magically uh find it in life it isn't mysteriously hidden from you your purpose is something again that is created inside you and the deeper you are able to to go inside you to pay attention to yourself to really um after and love this mind-body soul complex as i call it um the more you will be aligned and connected and you will see that oh you know this is my purpose and this is my purpose and the purpose isn't one serving thing your purpose is evolving as you are growing in life so to me finding um your direction in life that is aligned with who you are with your truth that is part of what i do on daily basis it's it's how i communicate so to me that is really an important subject for us to know truly who we are and then to know where we are taking this vehicle that we have been given to navigate this life and also how we look after it right so that is um that is what i mean when i say create your purpose now the next one really important one is open conversations and i have attached the other one there which is co-creator to me open conversations are exactly what is happening here with an invitation for you to join this conversation out here in the comments of this live video you are welcome to bring your opinion um your opinion your view your experience your insight your wisdom is always welcome here and there are no no wrong answers here there are no wrong conversations there isn't anything that can happen on the wrong foot if you come with that intention of having an open conversation right in fact many things have been created co-created i should say from that place of start point um that was in open conversations right so co-creator to me is the direct result of open conversations because when we talk we discover things that intrigue us about the other person we discovered things that are so similar to us we discovered things that really these two elements if put together can create something magnificent and so it goes right that is how things are created but without having that open conversation first it is difficult to collaborate on anything in life conversation is a starting point to everything so our words our willingness to share from this open heart that we have right um and that brings me beautifully to open spirit right open spirit is the highest that you have inside you that connects you with every single human soul we are all one we are all one people one race human race we are all one and the same we are all brothers and sisters here we are all here capable of giving and receiving capable of looking after each other capable of contributing capable of growing together so whatever is that spirit that moves you in the direction of another of another part of self that is what i consider open spirit and all of my platforms are open spirit they come from that place also unconditional unconditional for love to be true to what love is it has to be unconditional and i'm not just talking about love i'm talking about every single conversation every single interaction every single project every single um i don't know project i think is the best word or relationship with another person in whatever capacity has to be unconditional if it's truly unconditional both sides are allowed to exercise the the true freedom of expression of who they are without fear of being judged right we don't like judging we are often so strongly judging ourselves and then we reflect that to other people so unconditional removes all of that so when you bring to your awareness am i being conditional somewhere in my experience here then you you question yourself like that and then you remove that element and see okay today i'm just going to try and be no today i'm going to be unconditional in my approach to this specific thing and see how that works out just try right just give it a go don't make up your mind until you have tried something so i i am absolutely for being skeptical saying is this really going to work for me you have absolutely every right to exercise that caution if you will in your life but every skeptic will actually try it and then and then see because if you go deeper into the definition of skepticism you will see that um it isn't just saying no this is like that that is different that isn't skepticism so it's a healthy thing to be skeptical but then say i'm just going to test this for myself always do that next hashtag i would invite you to use is this is your moment many of you who who have been friends for a while you know that i have a podcast that is coming now to the second anniversary two-year celebration so many conversations and so many collaborations so many absolutely valuable and beautiful messages and stories have been shared on that platform i would invite you to get involved in this conversation to come forth and ask me in the comments of this live ask me if i if i am ready to share your story because the answer is most probably going to be yes if you have a story that is going to be inspiration for someone else that is going to be a story that you overcame some adversity in your life that you have turned your luck as it were that you have um come out of a situation where maybe everybody else was predicting that you wouldn't and you have conquered that for any there are no small victories in life for any victory that you have noted in your life you have a lesson that is attached to that and through that lesson also that is part of your own purpose here right and i wouldn't say you have a duty but i am sure that you feel inside you when you share that with somebody who is now in that difficult situation that you were i'm sure you found that that is a ray of light for them that's a ray of hope right so that is that thing that connects us that is what makes us relatable it makes us show each other the the human side so hashtag this is your moment and you will be part of the conversation and probably be a featured guest on the podcast as well another uh hashtag that i have mentioned when i was describing to you what masterpiece means to me i was giving you the definition as i feel of masterpiece another one is play purpose masterpiece because i told you that when you connect the play play means innocence it means that playful lighter approach to life when you connect that with purpose and purpose means the highest calling that you can feel in this moment when you connect those two you are creating a masterpiece i have um this is just a very simplified version of this absolutely beautiful manifestation of your own creativity in life right because make no doubt you are a creator of your own destiny and you are either creating it unconsciously unaware randomly or you are aware of this and you have become a deliberate creator and you are co-creating your experience in life so this is very important and this play purpose masterpiece if you connect with me in those conversations oh my goodness those will be very very inspirational there are only two more hashtags to go and this one i am telling you here i don't know if i can make this any more public this announcement um and i certainly don't want to go and post it in the messenger but kill the messenger i'm inviting you to open conversation certainly open conversations with me because if you send me a private message you may miss my attention but if you direct it to me in this way i will respond to you and we will have a conversation the conversation that will uplift both of us and also have the opportunity to enlighten someone else we don't want to hide that conversation and keep it private the number of times that i have had one-on-one discussions with someone that could have benefited many people and we have said that and in some cases we were able if that conversation was recorded we were able then to cut that part and post it and share it to benefit of many so kill the messenger save yourself time this is exactly how you can gain more time in your life by doing this i'm inviting you to do it i'm doing it so as of uh as of after this you you won't be able to reach me through messenger as i said if you have something private to discuss then please just send me a message and i will give you my email and then for everything else my friend i always use this hashtag on every single platform don't be scared of using hashtags on facebook in fact i invite you to type in the hashtag like indigo and by degree and go and see the posts that have that hashtag the amazing thing is you will be able to see and participate in all of these conversations you will have the opportunity to put your comment there and to join in and also even if this was posted inside a private group you still get to see that post you might not be able to interact with it but at least you will know where this was posted and if that resonates with you you can then ask to join my community which you will be welcomed to but it is a private community because we are covering subjects sometimes um in um you know that members want to keep private they're discovering some things about their own um creativity about their own expression in life which um you know we just safeguard that and keep it in that container so all the conversations about creativity all the conversations about what i am doing about how you can reach me about where you can find me will be on this hashtag so having said all of that and i won't i won't go through them again but because i've done it one by one um i just want to tell you excuse me um i would like you to like to invite you to use these hashtags and to join me in open conversations right i am participating in all of the conversations that i have mentioned above and um okay let's let's do it let's run through them uh briefly i will just without explaining in too much detail i will go through them so make a difference how do you show your love make a difference share the lesson remember go go live or record a video or write a post or write an email a letter to somebody who you care about and share with them what have you learned in the past seven days what are those most important lessons in life that you learned you will see how that elevates both yours and their experience in life define your meaning tell people what you mean because sometimes some popular um meanings of of some terms have gone you know a little bit distorted maybe that original thing or maybe you regard it as something much deeper make sure that you define this and that you explain it when when you are engaging in those conversations next one create your purpose actively participate in discovering true life lessons where life is guiding you to go and how you are doing in that journey i would love to be part of that conversation with you open conversations oh my goodness they are everywhere and they're certainly going to be a lot more on this platform from now on all of the conversations that i am having with anyone will be open conversations and co-creator as a direct result of the open conversations come this beautiful co-creation open spirit be giving be giving of your energy be giving of who you are and don't worry about what is coming back if you notice that something is just you know being taken advantage of then then don't go in that direction don't go in that direction but don't deny yourself the opportunity to be giving to everything out there just give this energy is never misread right and you will reach the right people when you do that i promise you unconditional when you give and when you come from that open space of giving give it unconditionally ask yourself how can i be more unconditional today than i was yesterday and when you change your setting to unconditional my god the world becomes a different place i live that life and i have been witness to so many beautiful miracles where people have turned very difficult relationships that they have had with loved one into a just a collaboration just a concert in harmony that is what i want for you and you get it by you first being unconditional use this hashtag please because i want to be in touch with you and part of those conversations i want to share what i know from my experience and help you ask yourself the right questions this is your moment you have a story to share do you have a story that is going to offer someone else a hope out of a dark place you've overcome something beautiful and significant in your life something that was difficult something that challenged you something that no one else thought you could do but you held on to that belief share it share it use this hashtag and i want to invite you to be a guest on this is your moment podcast let's help the world to become how you to realize how beautiful and how complete in our imperfections in our incompleteness in our evolving we already are play purpose masterpiece i don't need to say anything more about this kill the messenger stop talking to me don't dm me just write it on my wall just send me a message there you have a question you have a proposition you want to collaborate with me you want to do anything that you want to ask or propose do it right here on my wall you are welcome indigo and verdigris that is the hashtag that i'm using across all the platforms and i am documenting this journey step by step my goalie five years five years of being absolutely aligned with the part that i am taking in life with the with my part with my truth i wouldn't recommend anything else to anyone else i am defining my own freedom i am defining my own success i am defining my own happiness and i am setting an example for people in my community for people in my family for everyone who comes in contact with me to all my friends so this is an invitation for you to join these open conversations use these 12 hashtags use them and you will witness that they are your gateway to a more elevated higher standard of life you will you will find yourself in a different place than where you are in this moment you will discover that there is more and that you can reach that more it's it within grasp thank you so much for joining me here today thank you if you have lasted this entire video please send me a comment again in that open conversation in the comments and tell me that you have watched this video and what has this video inspired you what was the hashtag that touched you the most what is the subject that you are talking about already or the subject that you want to know more about do join in in all of these conversations i will be i will be waiting to hear you and in the meantime i wish you well and i will be back soon take care for now bye bye

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