11 Online Marketing Tools

11 Online Marketing Tools

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Eleven. Online, marketing tools that can help your business now these are tools that I use in my business I currently make millions, of dollars in my marketing business and you. May just be starting but. I'm gonna explain why each of these tools is useful, and gonna help take your business to the, next level. Online. So let's, go check them out. So. Eleven. Online, marketing, tools these, are all tools I use in my business I, do millions of dollars a year but even if you're just starting these, all these tools I'm gonna go over can help out your business in some distinct, way now I'm gonna be talking about email marketing keyword, tool site builder ads by deep analytics, marketing automation SMS. Text analytics photo, editing screen capture, and an, integrations. Tool in this, training, and I'm gonna be doing it right. Here on my. Computer, so I'm gonna walk through, each of these eleven different tools, I'm. Not gonna go deep, into each tool but I'm going to explain, what my favorite, tool is in, each of these categories in, how, I use that in my business, so hopefully you can learn how, these. Can help you in your own online business. Let. Me get comfortable I have a bad knee I don't know if you know I a CL. Soccer. Injury, it might got severed, and might, I have to have a reconstructive. Surgery on my knee I won't bore you with the details but let's check out these tools online so for email marketing, one of the best tools there is is MailChimp. Now MailChimp. Is a free. Email marketing, software. It's, very easy if you want to build an email list MailChimp. Is perhaps the best place to get started, because it doesn't cost you anything and you can email people and create. A big list of hundreds of thousands of people, so, that you can reach, out to the people you want to consistently. With your business meal chips a fantastic. Tool once, again the, price tag it's one of the only free. Tools, in the, marketplace, most. Other email providers, also they don't want you to put up any affiliate.

Links Whatsoever, so if you're in my business model, which is affiliate marketing companies can. Be kind of hard on you because they don't want you constantly, marketing, stuff MailChimp. Is generally, alright, with a lot of that stuff as long as you're on a paid subscription once, you start building your email list you want to get on a paid subscription so check, it out and again you can sign up free, so, the next three tools I'm gonna go over actually all keyword, tools so I you, know I know that I said the numbers eleven this kind of brings up to. Fourteen, or something but these. Tools are very useful, the first tool is Google's keyword planner so. It looks sort of like this choose, the right keywords, and Google's. Keyword planner is probably, the, original, marketing. Tool and it's also. Probably. The most commonly, used marketing. Tool, around. Even, today and it's 100%, free. Okay, free. So what you're doing Google's keyword tools you can find how, much search volume, in there is for a particular keyword, so let's. Say you're thinking, of creating, a company around to. Thinking. About creating, a company around uber, for you. Know find you, know finding, a personal, trainer you know find. A personal, trainer, you can get an idea of how, many people are searching for that term, in your. Particular area, now this can be very useful if you're marketing, something or if you just want to know how expensive, that. Term. May be if you are bidding on it so you can see here we, have let's, let's, zoom in you know we can say okay we'll cost us $2. To place. An ad on this, on the search term for every time somebody clicks or, you, can also see the amount of number, of of. Searches. You know of, clicks. You can expect to get for somebody searching, find, a personal, trainer whatever. Business you're looking to go into you kind of want to have an idea of if people, are searching for that product, or service that, you are offering and also how much that costs so this this, helps me out a lot what I use, this for in my business, is you know for my youtube videos for instance I want. To make sure I'm putting out content that people are in interested in you, know a good example would be if I searched the word best. Click. Tracker, okay, that's, something that I think is pretty important, how to find the best click tracker but, what I'm seeing here is that nobody. Actually searches. For, that term and, what I could do is I could actually just you know I could go back and I could try to type. In multiple different ways best, click tracker. Top. Click. Track or click, tracker, and. Click. Tracker and, I. Could see if people, are searching any sort of variation, of that word and what we're seeing is that people, search.

For Click tracker with. Spaces. In it and, but. Nobody very, few people are actually searching, for best click track or only about 2,000. People, per, per. Month, around, the world or even searching, for that term click, tracker so. Maybe. That's a video I I, put, on YouTube or maybe that's a blog post I put up or maybe, not again, I use, Google's. Keyword tool to figure out what's important, to people because I'm biased what, I think as important, to people may, not necessarily be, important, people on a broad spectrum and you always need to keep that in mind when you're marketing, again in marketing, there is no ego, you're giving, the audience what they want another, tool that I really, like is called answer, the public, now this is it's, got a really funny homepage, like, you see right here it's this weird guy with the beard kind of pacing back and forth and what, you can do is you can find ideas, about. Keywords. That people search for so what I might search for is click. Tracker and I want to see what questions. People actually. Ask about, click, trackers, okay so. I would just type in my term right here and then I'd asked. Do this now. Questions, are great because if people are asking questions about, a particular topic it generally means they are, interested. The topic, is important, to them people, only ask questions, or type questions, into Google about things that their actual pain, points, and this gives you insight, into the, customers, mind and what they're thinking, so here, we go here we have a search how to create a click track, okay, and let's let's actually find. The data what is a clique tracker and we also. Have how, to create, a clique tracker but, we have very few, terms but, maybe if you, know I would want to do a video on what is a clique, tracker so, I could explain what, a clique tracker is, just. The people who are wondering what it is again. Nobody's, asking, how can it help me or other stuff there's, it seems like there's not a lot of action, on this keyword so it might not be something that I actually. Pursue, where suffice typed in a you. Know let's type in my own name actually. What's. Interesting if. I typed in get questions. Let's. See what questions pop up I get 0 questions, so nobody wonders anything, about me which is good I guess I'd like to keep it that way now. The next thing the, keyword tool that I really like is called ubersuggest. And, ubersuggest helps, you find longtail, keywords. About certain, topics, now once again this, helps us give us insight, into the customers, mind doesn't, necessarily, give us those questions that people are asking but. It gives us an idea of what. Other things people are thinking about in relation, to whatever we're doing so I'm gonna enter in my. Keyword here which is click tracker, let's. Check it out now what's nice about uber, suggests is Neil, Patel who, is the guru bind that says this, keyword is easy to rank for there's a 76. Percent, chance you can rank in the top 20 so. That's kind of cool I know that simply, if I put up a video about, click, trackers. I, can. Probably rank, pretty high for that and get some traffic and you, know I did see that 2000, people were searching for that word so here it says two thousand nine hundred people a month so, that. Could be pretty cool that's a very easy term, to to, rank for and, you. Know just by putting up a video on YouTube I could. Get some traffic for that so you know maybe there, aren't specific questions.

People Are asking just what it is so, if I were to do a video maybe I just put up a video about what is a click, tracker okay that's kind of interesting there's a lot of searches in September, for it but here are the other words this is what's more interesting to me is here are the other words people in, relation, to clique, tracker so, people are looking for click tracker click. Tracking, Google. Analytics. So knowing. About click tracking, in relation, to Google Analytics might, be something. I want to address if I put up a blog post about this topic. Also. I see here free. Click trackers, again if I put up a blog post or a video blog, about this, topic I might, want to address whether there are free, click trackers, out there and I. Would want to up you. Know and that kind of gives me insight into I wanted, to talk. About prosper. 202, which, is a self. Hosted. Tracking. And analytics, platform. For. For. Digital marketing so that's that's you know it's it's free, so, that could be something pretty interesting to address if I'm talking about click trackers, software. Double. Click tracker click, track or URL, then we have some weird thing right here which I'll just cross out okay so that, gives us some information we, know I know if, I'm putting up a video or a blog post about clique trackers, I'm gonna want to bring up the topics, of Google Analytics and. Also. A free, option for, a click track or when I talk about this subject this, has really given me insight into what people are looking for in relation to click tracking. Obviously. I I, use volume and I have no qualms. About paying 300 dollars per month to, use volume but in this case it's. You. Know it's it's clear to me that I, should be talking about you know the free versions, and the, Google, Analytics integrations. The next tool I'm gonna discuss, is a site, builder, now a site builder is such as click funnels helps. You just build websites, without knowing any programming, now I'm a big advocate of click funnels I use it for my websites. I'm, I'm a huge affiliate, for click funnels as well they have a great affiliate program it's, a great company, overall and I use it quite a lot we we, have a million visits to, my sites every single month and we're using click, funnels to manage all of that traffic, so click, funnels is a great company, if you don't have programming. Skills or technical skill like I do I mean, I don't have those, skills I. Suggest, you use clickfunnels, to help you run. Your internet business it's a great option and there, will be a link in the description of this video where, you can sign up for clickfunnels. If that's what you want to use to build your websites so. Great, option right there now the next set of tools is ad spy, tools ad spy tools are pretty important. The two tools I like the most or add beat which. Lets you look up a lot of a lot, of different ads on, display, networks, and native ad networks, such as Google, or Outbrain. Or, whatnot. Everything, except Facebook, essentially, but. It's very effective and their search features are amazing.

I've Been using ad beat for a while, another, great ad spy, tool is spyfu, okay. Spyfu. Allows, you to find, google search ads very effectively, and what, I could do is I could simply search you know something like Tai Lopez, comm. And, find. Where, else they are advertising. And what keywords they are showing up for okay. So that's. Very helpful if we're doing we're trying to find competitors, or keywords, to bid on lastest, ad spy. Tool is. Social. Ad scout now social ad scout will allow, you to see Facebook, ads and it's an ad spy tool specifically, for Facebook. Ads as you see right here you can just spot a bunch of Facebook, ads. -. To, spy against, there's a very easy way if you if, you don't have swipe files for, the affiliate program that you're advertising you, can go on social ad scout and find. Some find, some ads from from, competitors, and copy, those so you can advertise whatever. Product, you want really, great and effective volume, is our next tool this is what I call deep analytics. And this is a tool I use very often in my marketing, to get. Deeper, insights, into my marketing, campaigns, so, I can optimize. My. Ads this. Allows me Baalim, allows me to split test my landing, pages, it. Also allows me to figure out which, landing, pages are working, with which adds and, it automatically. Optimizes. Based. On what's. Going to make me the most ROI, what's gonna make me the most money it also allows me to get insight, into what, US states or what countries, are the most effective. It allows me to check out what, is, PS or IPS. Or devices or device models. Or device, types are the most effective, for my advertising, to, allow me to figure out whether to, optimize. A certain, landing page, experience. Or to, change. Out my landing pages for a different country and a lot of other very advanced. Things. That are really important, to affiliate marketers such as myself who are doing, big volume, you don't need a deep analytics, tool unless you're making over ten thousand dollars a month that's what I tell people but after you're making ten thousand dollars a month a deep analytics, tool will help you take your marketing game to the next level by, giving you better insights, and the better allowing, you to split test what. You're doing in your marketing, so big fan of volume, they helped me scale my, business, from, doing fifty thousand dollars a month to five hundred thousand dollars a month and I just found this is kind of funny they actually have a quote, for me here so. Volume. Contributed. Massively to. My business growth from 1. Million a year to three, million a year it's intuitive, and user friendly, giving me the ability to manage. Large, sets of. Advertising. Data that's, pretty cool they've, featured my quote on on. Their. Homepage I'm. Also friends with the owner so we hang out sometimes but he doesn't really run the company anymore we. Just we just kind of go off and do fun things like I, don't, smoke cigars and jacuzzis, and stuff, like that so. That. Sounds really douchey. So, here's the next program, which, is this, is this is called a marketing automation program. It's called keep, or Infusionsoft.

As It's known. Here's Infusionsoft. Through advanced, automation, and, Infusionsoft. Is software. Really, it's a CRM, that, I use very often in my marketing, to, help me. Figure out you know sending emails to people sending, texts to people sending, you, know I have, a bunch, of different marketing, channels that. I use, in for. My own product, which is my six-week, course called the super affiliate system this allows me to talk. To all of my customers effectively. And people, in different stages of, learning. About my, educational. Courses so. Great. Product, it, costs. Pricing. I think it starts at about two hundred dollars per month it's, more of an advanced software for, when you start building an email list MailChimp. Is great as a free program for email lists but, Infusionsoft. Is really the next level once you start moving beyond, email lists and doing other forms, of marketing, this, really helps you manage. You, know attribution. And all these other things that MailChimp, MailChimp. Is just kind of a little tool whereas. Infusionsoft. Is sort of a toolbox, where, you put all your tools and helps, keep out all your different marketing channels organized. The next marketing tool I'm going to talk about is call, loop now call loop is something, I like a lot this. Allows me to send SMS texts. And also our VMs ringless, voicemails, to, my customer. So our VM ringless, voicemail SMS, text messaging, is right there and, this. This, is a great way to market if you have the phone numbers of your customers, if it. Is you you, should be sending them text, messages, you should be dropping them voicemails, now don't, overdo text, messages, or voicemails, people, will get very annoyed I send, about you know maybe one text message a week maybe, one ringless voicemail, week is, kind of good. On the annoyance, scale you, might maybe you send more maybe you send less Donald. Trump sends me one text message five. Hours, it's, kind of crazy he sends a lot of text trying to get more, money out of me but, the, point being is, this. Is a great cheap, effective. Software. That allows, you to reach your customers in a very, very. Very, effective. Way and I can't stress enough how effective. SMS, text messaging, and ringless voicemail, if you, do indeed have your customers, phone numbers so totally. Use this it's, four cents, to send a text four, cents, to drop a voicemail, on somebody's.

Phone So it's, cheap its. Effective, and it's. Easy so. Use. It now another analytics, program, that you can use which, is I just kind of consider foundational. Analytics, is, Google. Analytics, Google Analytics, is right here you see is the, base. Foundation. For, really. All. Marketing. Analytics, if you don't have Google Analytics, on your site you. Are, missing, out on a huge amount of data that is available to, you so here we are in my site we see there's I, don't. Know like a hundred and eighteen thousand, people, there's. 170. 160. People, on my site right now and, it's, late at night okay, so we have I, mean I don't know why so many people are on my website and. It's so late at night sounds, kind of crazy but you, can you can learn a lot about your customers, you can see you know where they're coming from where in the world they're coming from you know thirty-five I mean, this is kind of interesting, only thirty five percent of the people that visit my website are from the US and we can also look at you know various other information. You know how many people are using desktop computers. Versus. Mobile devices, I can, see you, know I can also look at the demographics. So, let's say I wanted to look at the demographics of, my users, I could, say okay most of them seem, to be kind, of younger and then it's kind of we have you, know pretty even distribution of older people I can, also see that I'm more popular among males than. I am among females, it's about two-thirds, male and one-third. Female, now, if you're a female I highly. Suggest you, visit my website to get this ratio, more even, but there's a lot of other interesting, information that, you can gather from Google, Analytics that can help you make marketing, decisions again. If I'm advertising, on, Google, this. Will allow me to figure out what, categories. That my, audience, is in for instance in market. Segments, is a really, important, category, in. Google, AdWords now, if you you can be an affiliate for my program this information, is pretty helpful and we see that most. Of the users, are in this category business. Services, advertising. Marketing. Services. Which makes a lot of sense we, can also see that these categories, are pretty. Niche, down. These. Are pretty specific categories. And, these would be categories, that we'd want to focus on, categories. Like employment are broad so, almost everybody's, going to be in them again, the correlation might. Be off but this is all data that can help us be, more effective, at, what. We do which is advertising, and marketing it gives us more data, and that's, that's the point of analytics, is giving us more data more, options. Available to, us to, really be specific and get. The most bang out of our buck now we have three more. Tools, to go through I know this has been a mammoth, episode, but, I hope you're sticking with me and learning some stuff here give this give this video a big fat like first of all if you are getting some value out of this because yeah, I mean if you're still here you are pretty. Crazy, because, we're going through all these tools and and, and. Also by, the end of this video let me know what tool you like the most I'll talk about that in a second, now, for photo editing what I use, I use this I've been using this since, 2009. I. Never. Took a course in photo, editing, I took some like you know I watched some videos online and, it took some tutorial. Courses but. I never actually took a formal, course in video editing but, I use Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is. My, preferred go to photo. Editor, now photo. Editing is a super, essential, skill if you're marketer or I find it very helpful it's not super essential but it's very helpful especially if, you're putting up ads that include images, you. Can also impress, family, and friends, and what-have-you, but, being able to edit photos has helped me a lot in my career as a marketer, because it's allowed me to be. Able to create advantages, for myself that other people may not have it's, allowed me to make, photo stand, out more it's allowed me to make things pop. It's. I'd meet another layer of optimization. That has, been very helpful for me now, photos. Have been moving, towards, video video, is actually I'd. Say the new big skill in advertising, back when I got started in advertising, there, was no video there was no way to advertise video. Back. In 2009. So that brings me up to my next. Software. Online marketing, software tool which is Camtasia. Camtasia. Is so. Cool, okay I'm a big fan of Camtasia it allows you to record your screen and. Capture. Video I'm actually using. It for, this, video, on YouTube right now isn't that cool and it, allows allows. Me to draw on my screen, it allows me to highlight things it allows me to, point. To things and. Allows. Me to do all manner of cool.

Doodads. That. Allows. Me to share more stuff with the world now as an, educator, I'm on YouTube and, I also have training programs you. Know I have my six-week, training course, and I also have, an army. Of affiliates, that want to learn how, to better advertise. And, how to better market, my, my, own products, and part. Of the reason, why a lot of people market, my products, is because I try, to be, a good teacher and show, people how to market, my products, in the best way possible and, to do that I need a very good screen, recorder, and video, editor to share with people what. I'm doing and how to market, effectively on the computer, so, this helps out a lot and there's a free trial of it if you are going into YouTube or if you are sharing things with other team members let's say you have virtual assistants, or, whatever. Contractors. Camtasia. Is a fantastic. Tool to help share stuff with them this brings me to my last tool, and, I'm actually gonna give one bonus, tool on top of this which you'll like, and. You'll. You'll have to subscribe to my channel for the bonus tool nah not really but you just keep watching the video but, zapier, and this is an automation, software. Zapier. Helps connect, all of the different, kind. Of tools that were work with google, analytics or. Can help you connect slack, with, with. SMS. Or all these different things that we're using it, can help piece together the. Puzzle if. Certain puzzle, pieces don't fit together zip, year is. Really. It's like a one size fits all it's it's an essential thing. To kind of mop. Up whatever, whatever. If MailChimp. Doesn't connect with Infusionsoft correctly. Zapier. Will make it connect correctly, so, zapier, is great, at just connecting, all of these marketing, programs together and making. Sure everything, in your business runs without, you having to touch my business runs, without. Me having to do anything, at this point I didn't. I didn't. Really do much in my business today but. Everything. Runs and everything runs without me having to worry too much about it because I use tools like Savior to keep everything connected, now. The one bonus, tool that I'm gonna show you is a is. Actually, a really cool one I just came across I totally forgot about it's called gif, iam this is how you make animated, gifs. Very. Simple, very effective, and it's, a free gift maker, I've. Gotten really big into gifts lately so these moving gifts um not gonna go too deep in that but if you enjoyed this video please, give it a big thumbs up make, sure if you want to learn more about online, marketing and, learn. How to make money online you know make, sure you subscribe to this channel, I do affiliate, marketing and, by subscribing to this channel you, will get a free course, it's ten videos. On. Affiliate. Marketing, it will show you from soup, to nuts how. You can get started and help you understand. The business model so. You can go out there on your own also I have my own course I have a six-week course on, affiliate. Marketing, showing a more advanced strategies. And kind of longer, you know takes a while to go through six-week, course but, basically we're, going through you know I'm going through advertising.

Placement. On these different ad networks also. Leave. A comment what tool was the most useful, to. You. Okay once, again comment, below what. Tool. Was. The most useful. To. You because. When you comment what the tool, was most useful to you I may make a video on going. Deeper, into. Using. That tool, more. Effectively, for my business and for your business so looking, forward to seeing you in future videos, thank, you for, tuning into this mammoth. Episode, on Internet.

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