10 Websites To Make Money Online For FREE In 2020 (No Credit Card Required!)

10 Websites To Make Money Online For FREE In 2020  (No Credit Card Required!)

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Hey everybody so to kick off the new year I thought that recently I've, been doing quite a few serious, heavy video topics, lately so, I thought today I'm going to do something that is fun motivational. Well being educational at the same time I decided, to set myself a challenge but, something that I know a lot of you have wanted me to do could. I find 10, websites online, where. You can make money for, free, that's right I want to find 10 entirely, free websites, well you can make money without having, to spend any money to make it no. Head and subscription, services, no, head and fees nothing. Like that perhaps, this might become a series, if you guys like it but you know what the challenge, doesn't end there I decided, to up the ante could, I find 10, websites where people are making money online for. Free, without. Needing, a credit card and you know what I think I've delivered now, disclaimer, these team websites they are not going to make you a millionaire overnight but, as you'll see you're taking action people have built up money streams on these websites including, passive, income that now earns them a full, time income which, i think is pretty cool so I'm hoping that this video is going to motivate you and smash, some of those mental roadblocks, that you may have been having we think things like oh you need money to make money or you need to live in America or you, need a credit card because you know what those myths they, are not true what you actually need is to take action so, let's, kick things off with a bang because this, first website, it can be used worldwide, yep. This website is making people money worldwide, but. To do so you're going to need to know the secret hack which, I will show you now, when you see this first website I don't want you to click away because I bet some of you are going to go Sarah, look I'm not talented enough to make money using that website but, you know what I bet that isn't true, so website, number one RedBubble, calm, so.

What Is RedBubble and how does it make money well, there is a website that allows you to make money by creating and selling custom, products online so. It lets you create things like t-shirts phone, cases that sort of thing but, how do you make them well, it's simple once you create an account which, is absolutely, free and you into, your name and email address you, can start uploading artwork, and designs to products literally, at least in a minute no, credit card required you. Can choose which products you want to list and sell with your artwork online and, you can customize, your products choose, what color they will come in what, style add in your own custom product description, and title then. When a customer, purchases one of them such, as this t-shirt red. Bubbles production warehouse will print your design onto a t-shirt package. That t-shirt up and then ship it out to the customer, automatically. Without you having to do anything in this industry we have a name for the service, it's called print on demand and, as you can see once you've created and uploaded your designs onto the products it's an extremely, passive source, of income with, red bubble they pay you a commission on each product sold with the standard commission rate being 20%. Because they pay you out as a commission, you never have to pay any fees and so selling is free, and, I can imagine for some of you out there though there, are two big objections, that you might be having right now objection. One okay, Sarah but is it actually free sure, I can create a t-shirt, the south but what about traffic, don't, I have to pay to advertise, my t-shirt, the, answer is nope you, know how people come to eBay and they search for products that they want to buy here eBay, has invested, lots of money into advertising to, say the least and so, now it's so well known that, it's what you would call a destination, website, people, come here and buy products each day and so most a base sellers make their money just by people searching, for their products, well, rib bubble is the same it's a destination website people, come here looking for products that they want to buy and so, most red bubble sellers make money through free traffic that they get to the eliciting, sphere the search bar now it's on to objection, number two okay. Sarah that's great you know but what if I'm not a graphic artist you, know look, that's a cool picture on that phone case there but, I can't draw that and you, know what neither, could i I couldn't. Draw these sweaters, and I couldn't draw that cold t-shirt, but, here's the thing to, make money on red bubble you don't need to be an artist and, I'll prove it to you right now so, we're going to head on over to one of red bubbles most popular, products, t-shirts, and we're going to look the funny t-shirts by typing funny into the search bar and I think a lot of people are going to be very surprised, because, check, this out these, are some of the top-selling designs, right now on RedBubble for funny t-shirts, and a bunch of them are incredibly simple text-based designs, now. Let, me ask you a question does, this t-shirt here look difficult to make because how tell you now it's incredibly. Easy I have, very, little graphic design, skills I normally. Have to hire people to make designs for me but even I was able to replicate this design and make one that looks extremely, similar using. The free app canva, with open-source commercial. License fonts, and it, took me less than five minutes because it's literally, just takes anyone. Could have made this t-shirt uploaded. It and sewed, it and that's, the secret if you have no graphic design skills and you want to make money focus. On selling humorous, t-shirts, because often, types simple. Text-based designs, add to, the humor and make it funnier, than, if it had had a more complicated design. All right see sewed your funny t-shirts, that's awesome but how do I get paid Sarah well, RedBubble, have to payment, options first, of all they can pay up directly to a Pay Pal or they, can pay out directly to a bank now, unfortunately, bank, deposits, are only available in limited countries, however, there. Is a workaround, and that is paying in with Payoneer you can sit up here USA bank account to receive money in all online for, free, now most people don't think that you can set up a RedBubble account, to Payoneer, because, RIT bubble requires, your bank's physical, address, which, Payoneer, doesn't, tell you in your account info, but. They, will, send it to you if you contact, and ask their support by doing this people, have connected the Payoneer bank accounts to RIT bubble and they have accepted, payments, into it and I can imagine you're all thinking Sarah near this Oh sounds good at all but does this simple, t-shirt actually.

Well You know make money on red bubble the answer is it sure does you, see how this team shirt is sitting here in the search results, well, rip bubble is similar to it see search engine, if I type in funny t-shirts, and it see search engine I'll get lots of results too in fact, there are thousands, of funny t-shirts, on it's a literally. So, how do they choose which t-shirts, are going to list on the first page the, number one way that the search engine decides, that is worth sales if a t-shirt is selling, it will sit higher in the search results, we know then that all of these t-shirts on the first page must, have sold recently the. Same is with RedBubble we, know that all of the t-shirts, that are here on the first page have sold recently so. Yes simple, text based designs win funny can, so great but, Sarah you say how can I get those initial sales so, that my t-shirt will start ranking for bigger words like funny, when I'm just getting started well, there is a secret, hack which I am going to show you Rob, I then go for a broader humorous, t-shirt if you're stuck for ideas create, a niche specific design and look for niches and groups of people that have been ignored so, for example this t-shirt here it's pretty specific right, it's, about engineers, this is a good idea because engineers, are passionate, about their jobs and they love wearing career specific, match it's, just one problem, with this niche if, we do a search on rip bubble for funny engineer t-shirts, you, know what we'll see that there are lots of t-shirts already that, we would have to compete with for sales and so, that's what you should do come, and see if you can find groups of people who, don't already have any t-shirts, made for them so. If we check out another, passionate, career science, teachers will see that yep they have lots of t-shirts made for them but jokes about being specifically. A science, teacher but. What about another type of teacher what, about a drama teacher if we come and do a search for that we'll find something interesting while. There are t-shirts aimed at people interested. In drama and theater and general. Teacher t-shirts, there, are very very few aimed specifically, at drama, teachers, the, snitch is completely. Wide open for someone to create a great funny, t-shirt, aimed at them and to take all the sales and traffic, as a, gift for drama teachers because, again if you come to the search bar and this time type in guest speakers drama teachers, you'll see again. Will get gifts aimed at theater lovers and gifts, aimed at teachers in general but, very, very, few aimed at drama teachers, as this, group has just been completely, ignored, on red Bob it's, wide open for you or anyone, to come in and make great products for and, by the way if you have learned something new and you would like to learn even more about making money online and be sure to hit that subscribe button and click that little notification bar, next to it so that you don't miss out on any of our videos all. Right on to the next website and I think that a lot of people are probably going to recognize it because it's featured, on YouTube a lot, but. You probably never realized that it could be making you money and then it's actually making some, people over a hundred, thousand, dollars a year, largely, in passive and count now, there are two ways to make money with this website the first is the, slow way and that, is the more obvious way to make money with it however, after, that I'm then gonna tell you about the little know one way to make much faster. Money with it and to, make way way more money than you would with the first method and don't worry when a lot of people see this website they're, gonna go look Sarah I'm not skilled enough I'm not qualified enough I can't do it however, if you keep listening as you'll see you don't need to be special or have any skills at all so, we are here on Skillshare this, website sponsors, a lot of youtubers, and no they are not sponsoring this video, anyway. Normally, people come here and pay, them team dollars a month to get access to all their video classes, so for, example if I wanted to learn how to make a lasse I could just type that into the search box, and boom, I'd get given a bunch, of free video classes, I could watch such, as this one and here is what most people don't know this, class it was just made by some random guy because, anyone.

Is Allowed to make a skill share class and start, making, money with it me, you. Anyone. And, on average new teachers make between two, hundred to three thousand, dollars in their first month which, is pretty cool that's not the best part the, best part is that once you put your classes, up all that money that you're earning it, is passive. And remember. That is how much they earn in your first month with their first course imagine. What happens when they then go and create another, one and then, create another one, it, all adds up and once your class is live Irit had to do anything that, is how people have been able to make over, $100,000. Yeah but skill chef so, the way that you get paid on Skillshare is for, each minute somebody watches, your videos you get paid so if I wanted to learn how to make French press coffee I'd watch this five-minute video and then hit be paid for each of those five minutes now, you might have noticed that this says it is only had a thousand, students well. All that means is a thousand, people have watched a big chunk of this whole course but. The vast vast, majority of people will only watch, the specific, videos that they want so, for example most people will come in here and say you know what I just want to know how to make cold brew coffee, because. They only watched this one video they won't be noted as a student, but, he'll still get paid for all of those views just the same and as you can see this video is super simple, it was probably, filmed on a cell phone and bad ly Singh and based, on the audio quality, he probably just used, the cell phone microphone. And, here is another video course it's literally. Just someone talking, while they recorded, this screen there is no, fancy editing and quiet here and if you wanted to make even more money from your classes you could put them up on our third website, you to me udemy, is another website that also lets you sell your courses IMAX, go share which is a subscription, service here. People buy your courses individually because. Of that earnings, on udemy do tend to be higher teaching, guide.com estimates, at about 40% our, classes, have made over $5,000, no she go friend that makes about $25,000. A year with, one course which is neat however. You guys might be thinking well, Sarah that's great no there's just two problems, one, I don't have any skills I've got nothing, to teach how, could I make a class and then sell it and Sarah, I've got another problem with all of this that's great no but you know what I want even more money than that well, never fear because I've got you covered so here's what you do check this out if we come in and type in Photoshop, as we can see lots of people want Photoshop, tutorials, and guess, what, you can make these for free, most, of these tutorial, videos are just a mixture of talking over slideshows, and talking, over screen captures, of people, doing the editing and side of Photoshop, and even if you're like me and, have a quote-unquote funny accent, and people don't like the way that she pronounce words never. Fear because lots. Of these Photoshop, tutorials, also feature, people. With foreign, accents. But, anyway regardless, let's. Come on over to youtube and type in Photoshop tutorials, it, will get a bunch of tutorial, videos and you. Know what you can do you, can take the popular, topics and videos, recreate. Them yourself, and then, go unless, those videos on Skillshare and udemy. You, don't need to be a Photoshop, guru but, wait Sarah you say don't, I need to pay ten dollars to, buy a monthly, Photoshop, subscription, nope, Photoshop. Has a free 7-day, trial download, it and hustle hard for those seven days and record, lots and lots of tutorial, videos but, wait Sarah you say don't, I need money to buy screen capture software make these videos nope. Check, this out there is a free open-source screen, capture, software and, there, is free video editing software for you to use but, wait Sarah you say don't, I need to buy a mic, to do the voiceover well, not. A few have, a phone that can record, audio and, it gets even better because adobe.

Has An affiliate program that, you can use to make even more money so. If you don't know what an affiliate program is let me show you I'm here, on my website wholesale, tiered now, if we click on this link we'll get taken to my favorite ecommerce platform Shopify. And, if we come and check out the URL will see it has a tracking, code attached. This means that Shopify, tricks everyone that clicks on it and if they buy a subscription I'll, get a commission and check this out each year I make well over a hundred thousand dollars a year with Shopify commissions. With my affiliate links so yes. I very much believe that this is a superior, way to make money on Skillshare it's allowed but, you know what not a lot of people are doing it on Skillshare, so. Once you've made your Skillshare and udemy courses sign, up for the Adobe affiliate, program and get your tracking link then. Put, the link in the description, of your Photoshop, tutorials, and sow people but they can click on it to get a free trial for Photoshop, and each time someone buys Photoshop, or when they're Derby products you, will get 85%, commission, on their first month subscription, so, if you want to make even more money from. These platforms, create video lessons, on products that have affiliate. Programs, and free trials, for you to take advantage of and here at the tip Skillshare, actually has two different accounts you can sign up for you can sign up for their $10, a month account, which you can easily get a free two month trial for but, you don't need that to create a course to create a course on there and become a teacher all you need is their free plan and of course once, you have gone ahead and recreated. Tutorial, videos that you found on YouTube, what's, stopping you from posting, up onto YouTube itself so this of course is my fourth website on the list so, here is one of my tutorial, videos this, teaches people how to set up a Shopify, store using, my favorite ecommerce app the platform, Shopify lets been up for 10 11 months now and it's made me a fair chunk of change in Adsense revenue, nine. Thousand, dollars for one video not, bad but. The, real money of course comes, from affiliate, commissions I put, my Shopify, link in the video description people. Click on it and buy Shopify, so, while this video has made about nine thousand, dollars in USD, for ad revenue, alone it's, made tens, of thousands, of dollars in addition, to that and affiliate, commissions the. Thing is is you're probably like well sir look you are in a little, box there and I don't want to have to be on camera for my tutorials, you told me I didn't have to be on camera to make money from tutorial, videos and you know what it is true take. A look at this tutorial, teaching people how to set up a store with Shopify it's, even more popular than mine and there is no one on camera at OU it's just someone filming your screen while they click buttons, and talk over it so there is no camera required, and so if you aren't Skoob of filming and editing videos, tutorials. Are a great way to get started, making money on YouTube of course if you do have actual video skills then you might want to consider this next website shadow. Stock of course on here you can sell photos and videos that you take a stock footage and do, people buy this absolutely. I myself spend, lots of money on stock videos, in fact, I've used stock videos, and this video multiple times and some of the clips have bought have been incredibly, basic for, example, I bought this clip here which anyone. Could have filmed just by sticking a fork a really smart phone on a tripod that's. It no fancy filming, it's literally, just a still shot of people, walking past their forever 21 store, that, was shutting down due to their bankruptcy I know people that make thousands of dollars passively, each month of their portfolios, the, way that they make it though isn't, by selling, photos, it is by selling videos, that are in 4k these. Have the highest royalty, Commission's, so if Shutterstock sounds like something that you'd like to make money from I highly, recommend focusing on 4k video now, the next video is something that my regular subscribers will, probably recognize and, I think that you guys are going to be pretty interested, in some of the case studies that I'm going to show you and this, is that merch, by Amazon, see a lot of people don't know this but amazon has its own print on demand service, too that, works just like RedBubble you need to submit an application and, I do recommend, googling, these practices, for submitting an application but.

If You're accepted, you get access to the print on demand service. All you need to do is upload a piece of artwork or a design and Amazon, will create these products for you and you can create an Amazon product listing that people can find just, by using this, search engine you, can set your own price add, in your own title, description. And fully, edit your listings, now some. People use merch by Amazon as a source of site income some people use a turn a full time anchor this, t-shirt here it was made with Amazon's merch by Amazon program and according, to the Amazon sales research, tool Jungle Scout in the past month it sold roughly, 630. Shirts, now, based, on the product price that's, roughly 4 dollars 50 cent Commission a shirt so, it made his Creator roughly, two thousand, eight hundred dollars in profit, this month alone and for, many people that's, a full-time income and check. This out the simple text-based t-shirt piggybacking, off of the new meme and phrase that came out of that incident this, t-shirt has been regularly, selling well since it launched and according, to jungle scout has, sold roughly 450. Shirts this month alone and since, this t-shirt is priced lower it has a smaller Commission per shirt of three dollars and seventy cents so this t-shirt made about, $1,600, in profit, which is nice, side income let's. See, so, the most according, to the jungle scout research, app roughly. At 1080. Shares and, at this price that made its creator roughly, three dollars a shirt which, means over three thousand two hundred dollars and profit, as you, can see this t-shirt has been up since 2017. Making, its creator money, passively, for, free just like with RedBubble Amazon, is obviously, a destination, website so they, take care of the marketing for you and bring in the customers and, just. Like with RedBubble its commission, based so if, i were to sell this t-shirt for. $17.99. Amazon. Would remove their fees to sell and produce this t-shirt and, pay out three dollars and seventy two cents as a commission, so you don't need to pay for the costs of producing the t-shirt to sell it amazon takes it out of the product price and so how do you get your commissions, well amazon, pays them out into a bank account and that includes. A Payoneer. Account all, right so my next web site it's a bit of a cliche but trust me don't, click away because.

I'm Gonna tell you the secret as to how you can actually make, money on it alright, so I'm here on Fiverr now if you don't know what five hours it's a place where freelancers, can offer their services in the form of one of goods that, people can buy it's free to create and list of goods selling your services so. If you're a freelancer this is a great site to make money and seriously. I spend so much money on here I have spent thousands, buying people's ghosts last years so I know a lot of money can be made on here because I paid people thousands, of dollars each year now. Usually people. Hate Fiverr as a suggestion to make money because, they'll go it's. Too, competitive, but. That's, because everyone. Is trying to make goods like everyone else is doing such, as offering a blog post rank service, lots, of people have this and so to make sales you need to have lots of reviews to stand out or if they're artistic, they are trying to make gigs around super popular services, like, designing, t-shirts for, print-on-demand stores, again. You'll need lots of reviews to stand out but. You know what that's. Not how you make money as they broke freelancer. On fiber nope, check, this out sneakers, are a popular, print on to my product because they can sell for high prices, so, I wondered, either any goods that advertise print-on-demand, sneakers. And well. It turned out that there was only one listing, I could find on fiber and that was that there might, have been more than this but they have been very poorly, optimized, for the search keywords. And so this listing, despite being quite new is getting lots, of orders. This is a service that lots of people want and need and there, is only one person offering, it and there are lots of services out there just, like this but lots of room for you to come in and take over the, key here is to do the research and, don't, just try to sow what everyone, else is and, if you are a freelance, writer based in the USA and you just want to make money writing I don't want to have to hustle for clients, be sure to check out the site Tex, buco the way this works is that you sign up for the website and you take a writing sample test based, on that you're assigned a little most, people I know who've got A's and B's in English class at school your four star ranking immediately, earning, you one point four cents word once, a science you can even log into the orders portal, choose an order and write the article for it now. I don't know about you but I can easily fries to one thousand word article, in an hour which would be fourteen dollars an hour with, a four star ranking, but. If you work on your writing craft and hit that five-star ranking, now, you make fifty dollars an hour but yes unfortunately I'm, fairly certain it's, only available for Americans, however. The, next website it is available, worldwide, anyone. From anywhere can make money with it check. This out twenty, eight thousand, six hundred US dollars in the past five, months, this. Was how much money was made for my next website Instagram. You. Know there are a lot of opportunities, for people to earn money online with, Instagram so. Those twenty eight thousand six hundred dollars was made from free organic, Instagram, traffic, from one, page with less than fifty thousand followers in a specific niche by a friend of mine and they, built that page just, by posting great niche specific content, they didn't pay for any ads and so, the way they monetized, it was they created an ebook for, free using. This free ebook creator app, and the next they created a free two week trial, on click funnels and they, made a mini website that, sold their ebook and you, know you can actually sell, products, but click, and pay nothing over, that two-week trial period which I found pretty insane, that they don't make you upgrade early, if you actually try to sell things and so, after that they didn't announce their ebook to the Instagram, page and within, their first week they had sold over, $7,000.

And Of course over, the past five months the made over twenty eight thousand six hundred dollars in total and they, were selling, their ebook for less than $20. But, people, I am, sorry I have, to admit something to you I lied. To you today, this method wasn't free because they also bought an $8 and 88 cents namecheap.com, domain. Name and connected, it to the funnel instead of using clip funnels free subdomain Sara. How could you you promised, us only free, methods, and eight dollars and eighty-eight cents is not, free that's, eight dollars, and eighty-eight cents look, I'm sorry you're right let, me make it up to you by showing you two completely, free, methods, that, you can use to make money with Instagram here is one way this, Instagram main page for cats or when you click on the link in the bio and links you to their print-on-demand store, where they are selling their own t-shirts, and remember. What anyone can do anyone. Can create their own free print-on-demand store, using, rid bubble and start, selling t-shirts with, free Instagram, traffic, right, now and here. Is another way do, you see this Instagram page, somebody, has built it for free just, by re posting keep, photos, and videos of dogs well, if you check out the latest post we'll see that it's actually a video ad for a product that creates a custom necklace of your dog and if, we cheek up your buyer will see a link to that product this was a paid advertisement bought. By this online store we're felicity and they likely purchase this Instagram shoutout, ad on a site, similar to the next one on my list sharp, cart this, is a website that lets Instagram, accounts, sell, shoutouts you, buy it for a limited amount of hours usually and, after, that it gets deleted this, allows pages, to advertise, without, clogging up your feed, without, chat. Ups are an easy low, effort way to make money on Instagram, but, of course you, could take that money you earn from them and reinvest. That back into an $8 an 88 cents domain name, makes even more money, so. Did I deliver on my challenge let me know in the comment section and if you have any other websites, you'd like to add to this list and be sure to put them in the comment section so, that you can help clear that mental roadblock, that a lot of people have that makes them think that they need money to make money and, of course if you would like even more free training on creating a print-on-demand store, they'd be sure to download my free ebook the six tips at six-figure, online stores follow to make over $10,000, a month and you'll find links download that ebook and the video description below.

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what if i have cool design i made and i dont want anyone to steal it what do i do? Anything I should do first?

Shopify doesn't give an access to everyone to their affiliate program.

Over delivery content!

I fight poverty and overcome the challenge with the help of INCREDIBLEHACK.TECH i make cool

Wonderful ideas!!! Thanks for your research and making this amazing video! I already started my redbubble account! I love to draw and taking photos and im sure all of those will be good on t-shirts!!! Thank you!!

Great video. You are very easy to listen to and have a very dramatic/creative personality. Love it

I typically can't stand these types of vids, but yours was actually informative! Please go for the series, I'm curious what else you could shed light on :D Thanks either way for the awesome vid!

Sarah, Thanks for the inspiration on taking action and providing us the knowledge on making money online. I tried the 14 day Shopify store and when I ready to commit full time I will make sure to go through your affiliate link.

I love your content and am starting to try to make money. Quick question, why wholesale TED. Not wholesale Sarah. Thanks for the free content.

@Wholesale Ted Cool! Thanks for your detailed reply!

Jamey M ???

@Clinton Joshua you gotta get rid of that road block, failure isnt bad.

Jamey M it’s not real though I’ve tried it too

Can I use the same design for different print on demand websites?

Yes you can

Has Anyone Tried These? Do These Work?

Check out the lovely comments I have received: https://theecommclubhouse.com

@Wholesale Ted yes, i just want to know if the viewers and subscribers have tried making money this way

Has anyone tried these? You mean like all of the successful examples you have seen on this video of people doing all of these things and making money?

I Want To Make Money For My Family

Roblox clothing designers be like:

Video start 1:57 ☝️

I sincerely disagree! Some of the most common questions I've been getting asked in the comments section like: "Does this work worldwide" "Will this work in the UK" Can be answered by watching that first 1:57 & not skipping over it!

I'd really like to sell on Etsy, but they don't allow Paypal payment anymore, only bank transfer for some countries, and mine is not on the list. :(

Got rejected by merch :( ... maybe I'll apply again

Daddy likes you sooooo much!!!

the besT ! thanK'Ss

Hey, Does Any of them Pays Through Western Union. Please answer

Hey I would like to contact you through email for help. I am looking to start a print on demand business. Currently I’m on Shopify, but I am very new to this. I am 20 years old and a student trying to start something. If you are interested contact me at thatlostcloth@gmail.com Thank You:)

RedBubble is BIG SHIT. When you upload design, you can't find product on site, because it doesn't exist. Why? Because you have same tags as others who upload design before you, redbubble said.

You're so adorbs. Thank you for adding to my list of things to learn.

Can I do it from my phone?

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Any small channel. Let's grow together


Sarah thank you for this video it was awesome :)

Is it just me or the facebook ad works only on day ONE? My Facebook ad sets often quickly get purchases on day 1, with good ROAS, then get 0 purchase after day 2, and never get any purchase again since. This happened to almost all my Purchase-goal ad sets. Sarah, have you encountered those issues? How did you guys fix it?

Hello sarah , please Help me to get accepted in merch by amazon

Money is only a tool. he will take me wherever I wish, but it will not replace me as the driver

websites to make money internationally that pay over paypal , am from africa

Someone give her some water please, hahaha

Hey Sarah will you be doing videos on StreamStoreCloud?

Sarah !! Thank you for teaching us how to earn money I know you are from Australia, I know about the fires, is everything ok ? or do you need help ? you have helped us a lot, it's time for retribution, greetings from Mexico city !

Hi all. I hope you are well. I am currently setting up my own drop shipping store and am hoping to join a drop shipping community to ask some specific questions relating to my journey and to get some tips on set up before i go live. Does anyone know where i can go for something like this? Thank you :)

I need your help please I don't know what I am doing

Hmmm how long have u been working as a freelancer

Sarah, you are AMAZING!

Your videos are just absolutely fantastic. I had no idea about the number of free ways to create products and earn online revenue. My wife and I are expecting a baby in 6 months, and I've tried to find some new ways to create more streams of revenue to help take care of my family. Your videos have been a huge inspiration and help. Thank you again, these have been invaluable.

thanks for your share, a fan from Viet nam


so thankful I am able to pay all my bills all cause of this *Easy laptop life .c om*

too many t-shirts websites...

I took the plunge Jan 1st I've spent about 6 hours every day working on it. I found 500 products that will fit my niche imported 200 of them and I'm now slowly working on images, titles, and descriptions for those 200. I'm also working on a brand Facebook page and building my Branded Instagram. Maybe 200 products were too many to start but I don't plan to officially launch until Feb 1st. I've found MANY potential Instagram pages that I can get promotions from planning on contacting them Jan 26th and have a budget of $100 for them might be low I'm not sure hoping to buy at least 5 promos. Even planning on dropping $100 on Fiverr to get 4 or 5 of my own exclusive niche fitting T-Shirts.

What is the software that you used to design t shirts

Way easyer!!!!

Ok, you're officially amazing! Probably the best video I've seen on how to make money, without money. I'm at a massive roadblock on which direction to take. You've sorted that out! Going to go down the print on demand, photoshop, affiliate and Instagram route @unshakeableminds (cheeky plug

great video but the only system that earned me easy bucks is *Easy Laptop Life .com*

No doubt I just got myself $10,000 through bank by *expendablemoneysolution. Com*

Thanks for these ideas!!

Hello Sarah, is this possible here in Japan? Thanks!

There is nothing stopping you from doing any of this except for Textbroker :)


Your smile is sooo cute!

You absolutely delivered. Lots of great content. I personally enjoy your accent, so keep it up : )

Works in Europe?

why not try and meet miningethack1btc@gmail. com this one i have used and i am telling you it works all over russia, spain, america etc

Of course, why wouldn't they!

Good, may ALLAH bless you

Taking action solves a lot of problems.

Ok, after making my IG page, should I switch it to be a Professional account?

@Wholesale Ted Thanks!!!❤❤

Yes because that will give you more options such as having deeper analytics

Is this world wide or just in the US

The video shows only 1 USA only website

!!!! I've been sitting around making digital art for over a year! I'm taking these pics to the bank!!!

I'm really so blessed I can now support my family thanks to, search in Google with-out spaces *LIVE ONLINE JOB. CO M*

what is that editing site called in the redbubble part ? anyone knows ?


What are you talking about your accent is cool

Love ya Sarah!

420k subs

At 4:50 what type of format did she use in order to write text on that? When I use the t-shirt template they look very small on redbubble

She can get my money anytime .. What a honey !

Wholesale Ted is a crafty huckster . She's a creation of the modern commercial internet of 2020

If you're doing print on demand business (shirts etc.), should you use multiple sites (Redbubble and Merch by Amazon for example) to sell same designs? Would you get more traffic (and possible buyers) that way for less work?

Okay . So I can opt out of it at anytime and it will not continue to charge me ?

Some people stay subscribed for a month and finish the videos, others stay subscribed for longer, it's entirely up to you!

I love you

But my question is, if you don’t have a credit card, where would your money get paid to

what is the app called you used to design your shirt ? camver is there a link maybe please and thank you.


You are so inspiring and I love your energy!!! Gonna start my print on demand now! :-) thank you so Much and Happy New year!!!

Mam can I have earn money online.Is it possible I feel like day dreaming.I am from india

Great valuable info - I will be starting taking action today! Thank you Sarah for this great motivation and FREE make money ideas! I would love to see this as a series with more wonderful information.

Dear am new..here lvly vedio ..lv u 14xXgGSdVKXHzHAB22e3VxRopRSL6MVuDr


Hi Sarah, which software are you using to create the text that you used as an example for the redbubble part? 4:48

it was Canva

Im new subscriber from Philippines, would you be my mentor? Guide me to be successful, dont worry i will not ask you for your money. All i want is to know how to earn free money quickly & easily. Without making any iligal

Do you prefer Redbubble over other POD's like Zazzle? if so, why?

wow,this isn't click bait....nice

Can't someone steal your shirt ideas logos or designs?

If people let others stealing IPs stop them from making products then we would have no products!

Wow Wow Wow Thank you. So much great information. I have used some of these., But you make them seem more interesting then I thought they were. Happy New Year. I hope we all make money.

Hey there I’ve come across the ecom website funnelgenie.com ..... is this site for real ?? Could you check it out plz

Such great information! Thanks for sharing this!

I love her accent ♥️

thanks a lot, helpful, trying some of it subito!

Thank you for your videos! I am hoping I am headed in the right direction I have been watching for a while now and built up the confidence after these to start building this NXTLVLUS.com if you have time maybe tell me what you think I love the brutality lol makes us better

Happy New Year!! Thank you for the video!

Great video= so I just liked, commented, & subscribed

Am I going to pay taxes for this?

No matter how you make money, you need to pay taxes on it.

Another outstanding video Sarah! Thank you so much for all the value that you are delivering to the masses who are constantly searching for alternative forms of income! Happy New Year to everyone!

It`s 2020, let`s not just talk about making money, let`s make it! Good luck and Happy New Year

Really really helpful thanks so much

@eSatafrika Memes But you're useless so what's the use?

Complete and utter bullshit. Then again you're not making $ from a store you're making it from lying to people on YouTube and selling useless courses.

woooow! Even now cannot believe I just made 562 d0llars with this brilliant web-site here, *Get PaidHome .c o m*


What do you think, can we dropship from Etsy?

Can You Please make a video on how to create and approve merch by amazon account? (2020 updated)


Lepoto da li se ti smeješ i dok spavaš?

Why does she turn me on


GREAT video! So many helpful ideas and websites. My wheels are now turning on ways to make these websites work together. And there's NOTHING wrong with your accent...

Hey Sarah! I was wondering what your opinion of dropified was. Could you do a video and talk about dropified vs. shopify? Thanks!

I have 4 subscribe but I won't give up.

talk too much at start

You’re so cool and authentic Sarah. keep it.

Do all of these work on mobile phone??

Thanks for the share! I just found a neat little method that helped me skyrocket my clickbank earnings! I actually made a video of how I did it on my channel. Feel free to check it out.


1:11 truth be told.. even if you have a ton of money, you've lived in America your whole life, and you have a bunch of credit cards with a massive limits on them.. drumroll please.. if you don't take action then you'll never do anything anyways. You have to overcome YOU and then you can overcome anything else. #yourwelcome

I wasn't expecting it to work, but I actually got a working gift code from

The only place that seems to have valid gift codes in their giveaway is

I discovered

Can you send me your email adress? I have question for you

Great channel. Thanks

We definitely like it and want it to be a series Sarah, good way to start the 2020.

Great video and excellent info. Will try the ones I haven't tried yet like redbubble and even Merch. Thanks. Happy new year. :)

I still have a crush on you

I am following everyone who's following me, let's support each others please

I've never seen a easier & faster system to make moolah than this website *Fun Online Work .c o m*


If i were recording this video and then saw that VAGITARIAN T-shirt I would've lost it right there. I would've ended up screaming in the mic. Well done Sarah! Well done.

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Try WinboxDollars.us?r4 i made over $550 this week with them!

Is Redbubble the new endorsed provider? better than printful? also does anyone have any knowledge of Spocket it has high marks on spotify but ive never heard it mentioned by Sarah


whoever has got a smartphone can earn on the internet with *F u n O n l i n e W o r k .c o m*

Great video, thanks. Mental barrier has been breached!

Very lucrative and earning friend video. Thanks for creator.

U talk cute a f.

What a great video please create more videos like this

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Nice tips mam its very helpful information thank u for sharing..I'm from philippines

Does print on dimand sites also sell products if we don't promote them I m asking because i dont have any fb or insta pages to promote product.

+1 281 560 3036 Eric Change my life

Hey re Payoneer, is it only the US that can link their bank account via Payoneer? THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTENT

Is this the site? https://www.shoutcast.com/

can i upload the same design on redbubble AND etsy ? or do i give up the rights of my design exclusively to them ?

SOOO GRATEFUL for you and this resourceful video, you more than delivered Sarah! thank you ! P.s. I ♥️ your accent✌

@consulting insultant Maybe both? Yes she is making money, because that is why she is on YouTube in the first place, is it not?

A words can’t express how much am glad working with hacker Michelle I got another 10,000$ text +1(484)999-0082

Me encanta tu personalidad Sara. Eres tan sencilla y encantadora ♥ Cheers from Argentina. xD


How you know all these websites is astounding to me.

My family is so poor right now and I just want to help my Mom with bills, my phone broke the other day and I won't be able to get one for another few months too. I'm kinda crying from stress right now

hi smiley


You just earned yourself a new sub and thumbs up!!! Thank you!

Wow i love what you are doing,keep it on going.

Thanks for the great tips

I just wanted to say thank you for posting these videos. They have been very informative and educational and have given me great insights to starting my own business.

HI Sarah!! Your videos are the BEST!! Your information is concise yet so full of relevant info. You are tied at #1st place for my absolute favorite Youtuber!!! Much love and thanks from Montana Edit: I need those t-shirts

i'm new to your channel and i'm just wondering you keep talking about payoneer but is there other sites you recommended for my income to get sent to as i'm also going to do commission based work other than selling through redbubble/amazon etc.,

Payoneer is easily the best

Here in Brazil youtubers do not indicate good sites to make money online.

Wholesale Ted ok, I will watch for parts to understand, thanks

This video does

Hey Sarah You are just magnificent


You are just amazing! Thank's a million for all the great tips.

I've watched several of your videos before, but I Subscribed based on this video you posted. Great content. Yes, please make a series on free ways to make money online.

So after I've found an idea for a gig on fiverr.. How do I go on selling the print on demand? What are the next steps?

Amazing thank you sooo much for sharing this I have soo many ideas and my book is doing really well on Amazon called “ All Boobies Need Love to “ a breast feeding narrative. I now know how to put my ideas into action thank you!!!!!!!!! New subbie


Good morning, any Sara followers who speak Portuguese or live in Brazil and want to share ideas?


I know all of these things on the list, but do I take action? Nope! I'm an Ebay seller fed up with all of the 'stuff' (stock) and I need to concentrate on money I can make without the need to have stock laying around waiting to be sold. Another good free way to make money is publishing on Kindle. A little skill is required, but not much if you can think outside the box. I have paid my 9 published items no attention for a couple of years and it still makes me a modest amount each month.


Best Android apps watch add seen online income

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