10 Life and Business Lessons in 10 Years

10 Life and Business Lessons in 10 Years

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Hi. Everyone. Well. Today it's gonna be a little bit different it's, not going to be the, usual, webinar. Style presentation, that I do every, Wednesday because. Today. I am, celebrating. Ten years of, living. In Canada, and ten years of having. A home business as a, freelance, copywriter. And. Marketing. Consultant. And. Because. This is a celebration. I do. Still, want it to be useful. And helpful for you so. I will. Be sharing, ten. Lessons. In business. And in life that. I have learned these. Past ten, years and. I. Will be talking, about how. Do you go after a goal, when. You don't, know the first thing, about it, like you don't even know where to start. How. Do you keep going when, you've been, getting rejected. One. You're getting one rejection, after, another everywhere, you turn you just keep getting no and how. Do you overcome the. Impostor syndrome you, don't know what that is I'll tell, you later. On also. What. Else am I going to tell you why. You shouldn't get attached to your goals now. That may. Be something you haven't heard, from, a, lot, of other people and also. Why, do I have a side business still. Even. Though I am working, at, home. With. A day job that I love, and, an employer, also, that is a really. Excellent employer. That, I also love well. I'm going to share all of that with you, so. I hope, you'll stay with me in the next 30, minutes 45, minutes or so. And. If, it's your first time seeing. Me hearing me I'd, like to quickly introduce myself, my. Name is Lexie. Rodrigo. And as, I mentioned. I am a, digital, content, manager. Copywriter. Marketing. Consultant. Blog, and as you can see I love. Books I am a lifelong earner learner. A lifelong. Earner - I hope and, a, lifelong learner and I love to share whatever, I learn, with. Other, people, that's why I do this and if. You're watching say. Hello so, I know that you're here type, a comment otherwise. I won't know that, you're here also. Anytime that you have a question, feel, free to type, it in the comments, which, brings. Me to, some. Housekeeping, things, turn. On the audio there, is an icon, in the corner of the, screen, turn. It on so you can hear me get. Pen and paper because. You, might want to. Take. Notes right. I hope, to share something valuable with you and you, might want to know that down so, you remember, share. This video with your, friends and your family, who, might benefit, if you know somebody, else who's, struggling. To start a home business trying. To. Establish. An online business, I think this will help them and, as. I mentioned. Type, your questions, and I. Will get to them at the end of this video and even, if you're watching the recording, do. Type your questions, because I always go back and. Respond. To questions so. Whoever, is watching please, say hi in the comments so that I know you're, there, we. Already have. Ro, he is saying hello hi, ro he. Thank. You, cirrhosis. Congrats, thank you. And. I'm, glad that you, can hear, me loud, and clear. Ro hee so, ten years ago March.

2008. My. Little, family, little, family, of five, people me, my husband and three children. In, Canada, to, start, a new life and. It. Was also my opportunity. To make my dream come true, and that dream. Was. To. Stay at home and be with my children because ever since I had my first child and at that time I also had. A great job but. I realized, that, for. Most of my baby's, waking. Hours, I was, not with her and that. Was the beginning of when, I had that dream where. I thought, I wish. I could be, there for her like just stay at home, but. I also knew, that I didn't, want, to. Stop. Working you know what I mean I knew, that I wanted to keep, using my, brain my talents, my skills, I wanted to keep developing professionally. Of course I. Wanted to help. My husband, to support the family right. So. I didn't want to be just. I mean I don't want to use that term but I didn't want to be a stay-at-home mom, and not. Work so I I wanted, to somehow combine working, and staying. At home and at that time I had no idea how. To do it and you know what it took me 14, years. Before. I, could actually make, that dream a reality and. That. Was really one of the reasons why I wanted to move to Canada because. Of, the health care here whereas previously. My. Family we really needed me, to stay in my job because of the excellent, medical, health. Benefits, that I had, so. Anyways. Let's. Go to the, first lesson, okay. The. First lesson is to believe in yourself and. Really. When. You put yourself out there as, a. Freelance. Anything. Writer designer, as a coach a consultant. You, just have to believe in yourself and I'm. Not talking, about. Fake. It till you make it like I'm sure you've heard that right fake it till you make it and in. The beginning you will, like an impostor and I remember, my, very first business, coach Kelly mikaze, she. Had a little course, about. What. Do you do when you hear this voice in your head saying who, do, you think you are because. That's how it's gonna feel like when you're just getting started and sometimes. Even, now like ten years I've been doing this sometimes even now that voice, will just suddenly pop into my head so, I'm not talking, about fake, it till you make it, I've heard that advice before but I don't like. That advice because when you're faking, it you're deceiving.

People Right. You're you're lying lying, to yourself and lying to others and it's just it's just not good because people, will see through that and it's unless. You're a good liar it's very uncomfortable, to do and by. The way because, I have ten things to go through I'm going to talk really fast just. Let me know if you have comments if I'm not clear so. How. Do you, get. The confidence, in, yourself, when, you're just getting started with something. And. The. Advice that I like. To give other people is, to. Dig. Deep within. Yourself and. Look. Back at you. Know you have to dig into your memories really. And recall. Your past wins and your, past achievements, now. When I started, as a. Freelancer. I had had. Like. 16, 17, years work experience so. I had a lot, of work experience, to. Dig. Into like, I knew, I'd had accomplishments. Not as a freelance, copywriter but. Definitely, as a writer. And that was also different because up. Until that point all my work experience had been in nonprofits. So. But what I'm saying is you know your past achievements and, wins don't have to be directly, related to what you're. Gonna be doing now to what, you're embarking on but, it's just important, for you to, recall, those fast accomplishments. And write them down because, that is what's going to give you confidence. Then, you're not faking it right your, confidence, is real because, it's based on real, things that, you did and real, results, that you got. Now. Even. If you're, fresh out of university. Then. Look back at your. Your school life what are your your accomplishments. They're your, extracurricular. Activities, what, did you accomplish there look, at your volunteer, activities, really all. Aspects. Of your life even. If you've been a stay-at-home mom. From. The time you finish school and, then now you're trying, to start. Something a business, or even. Applying for a job. While. You, are stay-at-home mom I'm sure that. You accomplished, some. Things so. Okay. Ideally. Your accomplishments, are directly related to this, new thing that you're doing but. If not that they don't have to be anything. That makes you feel good about yourself, that makes you think that I am capable. Right. Look, at those experiences. Write them down if, you have to actually, it is a good idea to write them down because you, might forget and sometimes, we take these things for granted and we forget and. If. You, really. Can't think. Of any accomplishments. Then or. You, don't think they're enough then. Definitely go, out there and and seek. Some. Challenges, challenge, yourself, so that you, you will accomplish something, right. Okay. And. This. Is also it will give you a strong. Sense of what you are capable of and this is really. What kept me going when, I was getting, one rejection, after another I've been, there because, at some, point I left. A job. That. I didn't like and I did not have a new, job lined. Up I didn't have a job waiting for me and at that point I had been neglecting. My freelance business, so I didn't have clients, waiting, for me I didn't have prospects. Lined. Up I had. No prospects. So I was trying to get you, know one project, after another one. Work at home job after another and, just somehow I just kept. Getting nose but. I just had to remind myself I, know. What I'm capable of, and that, helped me to keep going until I, started. Hearing yeses. For a change, okay. Lesson, number two is. Choose. Your mentor, so when. I got started I am. In a grand new city a brand, new place right I had. Left behind all. The. Connections, that I had sent. You know from childhood and. Throughout school and and and, several. Years of working my. Network, here, in Canada, consisted. Of four. People right. My brother-in-law. His. Wife and their two children who. Were in high school. So. I. You. Know needless, to say I had, no idea how. To even got started and what. I did was I went. Online, and.

Looked. For. People to, learn from and, even. At that time. 2007. I started researching. It. Was really hard to figure out who I could trust. Right. And fortunately. I, ended. Up following. Discovering. And following, Nicole, Dean Alice. Eva, and Cali, mikaze. And I. Followed, these mentors, first. Of all because, they. Were already doing what I wanted to do, secondly. They. Were. Women. Like, me who. Have families. Children to. Take care of I. You. Know I also, made the mistake of following. Other people, other experts. And I, ended up really just frustrated. Because I couldn't do what they were doing and I realized, it was because. These. Were men, who. Were. Either single. Or if. If they did have children they, did, not have you know the primary responsibility. Of caring for their children and so they could spend 12. 14. 16 hours. In front of the computer you, know but, when I was getting started, my, youngest child was just 18, months old and I was even still breastfeeding, him so, as you can imagine I, could. Not match the, type. Of work. Or, inputs. That these guys were putting into their business and so I gravitated. Towards. Mentors. Who were more like me but who were achieving. What, I wanted, to achieve and we're. Doing it in such a way that was really, authentic. There's no hype and no, you. Know. The. Thing with the online world is there's a lot of. Underhanded. Things, going on. Unethical. Things so, I avoided. All of that and. You. Know I, hung. On to these people, I learned, everything that I could from them and also. It, turned, out that the people that, I started, following really, following, and engaging with they turned out to be my first. Clients. They, are the first people to hire me when I had zero experience. Writing. For the web, okay. What, else do I have here, let's. See, so, that is how you go, and, chase. Your goal, when. You don't know anything the. First thing about it find, the right mentors, lesson. Number three, is to nurture relationships. So. I, didn't. Just learn from, Nicole, and Kelly and Alice and others, I actually, developed. Relationships. With, them so, I joined a. Mastermind. Group my masterminds, I believe, that was called at the time but, it has had several, iterations. Since. Then and. Relationships. Really are, you, know not just in life but also in business they, are going to be your most valuable, assets. So. You. Can lose everything, that you own all the material. That you own but, your relationships. Will. Always, be, there and, really. It's like, looking. Back I, realize. That this, relationships. Are an, extremely. Essential, part of how I got. The best, projects. The best work. At home jobs, that. I've ever gotten. Okay. Next. Did I leave. Anything behind. Oh this. Is a really, good one. So. Lesson, number four, to. Increase, your income you, have to increase, yourself. Now. I enrolled. In a lot of programs, usually. At the end of the year where. They're. Gonna set you up for a new year and make the new year, the. Best year ever and. Usually. The first thing that they have to do is to set these goals. These. Outrages. Like income, goals and. I. Remember. Doing that and. And setting a specific income goal even though I didn't feel comfortable, with it and I realized now and and, it was such a struggle right to, reach that goal and. Have. You heard of. The. Income setpoint I believe, that's what they call it now, your income, setpoint, is that, income. Level where, you seem to get stuck. It's. Like, you. You can't imagine life below that level and so when, you're, when. It looks like you're going below, that level you, you do stuff. Like you work extra hard to maintain that but, at the same time it's like a ceiling, yeah it's like you can't imagine yourself.

Going. Beyond that level so if it, looks like you are going to surpass that level you somehow sabotage. Yourself or or, whatever. But. Your tendency, is to stay at that setpoint. That, income setpoint, even if you want to go beyond and the, funny thing is that, when. I first, got started, when. I, was. Finally. Freelancing. A full-time. My. Income. Was. Exactly. The same as my income, was. In the Philippines like if you. Converted. My income, from, Philippine pesos, to, Canadian. Dollars they, were, the same and so. That struck, me I was like huh. Isn't that strange Ecch so that appeared, to be my income, setpoint, and I, realized, that I think. One of the reasons, that we have that income setpoint, is, because. Of like. That's, where. Our. Capabilities. Lie, and experience, and also our self-image, is, and, so. If you want to increase your income you really have to start from within. You. Know it's not just a matter of suddenly, increasing, your rates or. Suddenly. Making. Offers, that are more, expensive, I mean of, course you can do that but, you're not necessarily. Gonna be effective, unless you, work on increasing, yourself. First and that. Means yes, increasing. Your self-image, but. In order to do that you also have, to be to feel worthy, of, it, so if if, necessary. You, go out there and get, additional training. You. Know read more books get, more practice. Do. More things, so. That in your mind you are worth like, double. Your income or whatever your income goal is if you. Want to earn. 200,000. Next year you, have to start with. Yourself increase. Yourself, and make yourself the. Type of person. Who makes 200, thousand, a year, right. And you know this, that. You're approaching that when the idea of earning, two hundred thousand a year doesn't feel ludicrous, it. Feels totally achievable, and, totally. Natural to you and I, noticed this because you know I've. Experienced. Doubling. My income and when I look back and I I think wow. I. That was my income goal like. X years ago how funny that at that, I thought it, wasn't achievable. Or it, felt like yeah. It's achievable and when I achieve it it'd be all amazing, and, now it feels like such. A small amount so, that means that there was an increase, an. Internal. Increase. First. Before. The. Income, will, increase, okay. And I think that's really also tied up to the first lesson which. Is believing. In yourself. You just know when you've been working on yourself, then. You know what you're worth right. Okay. Lesson. Number five is it's. Not easy like, especially when, you're, going. Online you're, establishing. An online business there's, so much hype and, everyone. Says this. Is, gonna be like, so easy, so. Cheap not like a brick-and-mortar business. You know you can. Set. It and forget it you make money in your sleep, right, that's, what everyone. Is saying all, the, successful, online. Marketers. Are saying you. Can go. On vacation and. Still. Be making money, yes. That is true and, I've experienced. That I've experienced. Waking, up looking. In my email and seeing you've, made a sale you've made a sale or you've made an affiliate sale, or, just. Seeing oh my gosh there's a deposit in my PayPal account for several, hundred dollars because, of whatever. Right. And it's. True you can. And you will make, money in your sleep but. You have, to, put in the work first, right. That's, what, a lot of these people don't, say is you have to put in the work first it's not going. To happen magically. Right. If you, want to make money in your sleep you have to create. A product you, have to setup, you, know a mechanism. For people, to discover, that product, tool and get on your sales page you, have to set up a way to get paid you, will, probably have to set up no automated. Sales. Sorry. Traffic, attraction. Mechanisms. Whether it's paid ads or, content. Marketing, you have to set up a funnel, or several, funnels, and you, have to test. Your funnels you have to monitor them so, you do have to put, in the work first. And then, you have to maintain it once, you have a funnel, that's converting. Magnificently. That's. It's bringing you a thousand, two thousand dollars a month you, can't just set it and forget it, you have to actually keep looking. Into that funnel. Monitoring. It making, sure that. It's. Still performing, well and then you know if let's say you're feeding that funnel through Facebook, Ads Facebook is.

Changing All the time so you have to look, into your ads accountant. And see, if you're still getting the traffic, the, conversion, and you're, still paying you. Know just X amount per click, and so on, okay. So, it's not as easy. As, people. Make, it sound B so be prepared to, do, the work and as. I always say it's. Going, to require either. Time. Or money or. Both but. You. Know you do, have to invest, something if, you. Don't have a lot of money usually you can accomplish the same thing but it will take more time okay. And if you really want to fast, track things then, you. Have to throw money at it and if. You can invest. Both time and money then, all the better you'll probably see results, faster. So. Remember. If you're watching please say hi in the comments so I know you're there and if. You have questions just. Type it in the comments. Questions. Or you. Know if you disagree. Or agree with what I'm saying. Feel. Free to express, yourself please. Okay. Another, very important lesson lesson number six is learn, how to sell, so, I don't, know if if you're on my less than you know the story of my very, first business. Right that, I started. When I was a, little, girl I was in elementary school I was in grade school I tried, to sell cookies now. They. Sold out. Everyone. Like wanted, a cookie or two and, but. When, I. Was. Going to collect the payment I could not do it I was, very uncomfortable with, selling. To, my classmates, to people that I know. So. You. Know nowadays. You. Just have to learn how to sell if you're gonna go into business you. Have, to learn how to sell and you have to be comfortable with it so, how, did I go for from, somebody who couldn't even sell one. Cookie to, now. Selling. All the time okay. Well it was a gradual. Process, for, me like I mentioned, my previous. Jobs. Before, coming to Canada were all in non-profit. And when, I was in the nonprofit world I was perfectly. Comfortable. I, had no problems. Whatsoever. Asking. People for money for, my, nonprofit right, because it was for a good cause it, wasn't for myself and. I. Remember, my, most. Successful, you. Know, fundraising. Thing. That I was involved in was, a. Fundraising, document. For sixty million, dollars. Oh wow. And we got it so. That, was really a big win now. Brett, I learned. How to sell gradually, from, working. In non-profit I, became, a web copywriter. So, that means that I was selling and asking. For money online. So. Everything, was happening on the web I didn't. See other. People's, faces I did not have to come face to face with them I did not have to give my pitch to them, in person, my. Words my web page was doing all the selling, for me so, that was completely. Comfortable. Right, like, they could be rejecting, me and I, would, not know it I wouldn't see, if. They were mad, at me or if they were calling, me James so. So, that was a more comfortable type, of selling, but, I did learn the basics, of selling. Okay. Of salesmanship. And. Then. Move. On to, you. Know selling, through a webinar, or, a. Private message where, there's more immediate. And. I can actually, be. Rejected, and and. See the rejection. But. I became even more comfortable, when I worked for an SaaS. Company. That, software, as a service, that, was my. First. Employment. In, Canada. It was a work at home job so, what I did was I had to do these web-based. Demonstrations. Okay. So this is not face-to-face, in person but through web conferencing. So I would demonstrate the, software, and then. I would, try to close the sale so. That, was something again, more immediate. But. I learned, how to, distance. Myself from the result and to. Detach. Myself and it was I guess. A little more comfortable, because I really could. Not take it personally, because I wasn't, pitching, my services, I was pitching, a certain, product that, I didn't. Make so. Even, if the person ended, up not buying I didn't take it personally, and I. Remember, the worst thing. The. Worst rejection. That I got was this person, saying to. Me well, your software, looks. Like it's from the 1990s. Why, would I want to buy it so. You, know after you've, experienced. Something like that you know these rejections, they toughen you up so. Then you become a, more. Confident, seller. Because. You realize I can get, rejected and I'll survive, like it's not gonna kill me and it's. Not the end of the world and even. Though this person may. Reject me. This, other person will say yes so. Now. What, I'm trying to learn is to really get more, comfortable with. Selling. On. The phone again. Not. Something. I'm. Comfortable with, yet or, confident. With yet and. Selling. Face-to-face. Like in-person. Selling, to somebody that is actually. In front of me so, that's something I. Would like to develop and. Be. Comfortable, with and be good at now. So far like, with my job and with my business I. Don't. Have to do that but, I still that's, still skill, that, I want to learn because.

You Know what if you, know how to sell, you will never, go, hungry really. You will always have a way to. You. Know make a living for, yourself and for your your. Loved ones but, I am happy that I have discovered a mentor and she, is so, good at sales, that. I think, she could, probably sell, ice to, Eskimos. So. I'll let, you know I. Will, definitely share with, you in future presentations. Whatever I learned from this person so. Let's move on to lesson. Number seven, and this is to let go of attachments. Now. What I've learned is that. We. Can set. Our goals, and, be. So attached to them and so attached to the results, that it. Really. Becomes, a, source. Of anxiety, when. We don't get those goals and I, have been there I've done that that's why I know that's, why I'm telling you this and the, same goes for your. Ideas, your opinions, your. Creations. As. A writer I can. Get very attached to the. Things that are right and. You. Know my, client my, employer, they don't always like them right, they don't always like my certain approach my, my, approach. Recently. I was writing. Something for mercy, and i really, really wanted to use. The. Mario, video, game as a metaphor, but. My. CEO danny did, not like it so i had to scrap. That idea no. Matter how much, I liked it. You. Know someday, I will be able to use that metaphor I'm. Just, setting that aside for, now but you must, never get. Too attached to your, ideas, to the things that you create to, your. Opinions, because. You could always be wrong right and. Also. Don't. Get too attached to your goals what. I found is, when. I'm too attached to my goals when I'm too attached to a certain result I. Become. Stressed out I become unhappy, and then the journey, you. Know to. Try and achieve that goal it's. Not a joyful one it's not one that. That. Makes. Me at peace it. Becomes, a struggle. And I know an end to attach because, it feels like I'm I'm. Grasping. Something you know and I, find that when, you, relax, because. Okay. I you, have this goal but you're not so attached to it you relax, and then. Sometimes. The. Result just. Approaches. You in and. And there's, less, struggle, no struggle, even, involved. And I, don't know if you've noticed this, but I. Am. Christian. And Catholic, I'm. A believer. And. So. I whoops. Something. Happened with my connection. I. Acknowledge. That I don't know everything, and I cannot, control, everything, in my life and I. Recognize. That I, believe. In in a God who, is in control and what. I've noticed is, that. Sometimes. I want something so, badly. And when. I don't get it I feel, so terrible. Because. I have been attached to it but. Then I, realize. That, something. Else comes along that is even, better than. Anything. That, that. That anything, I, may have imagined. Or, dreamed, of, or thought. As, possible, so. For. Me I, don't. Think it's a good idea to be so attached, to your desires, and your goals because. I, want. To leave space, for, that. For. That thing. That, is. Beyond. My, wildest, imagination. Do. You know what I mean has, that ever, happened to you before where, you thought. Your. World would end because, you didn't get something and, then.

Later. On you, got something, else and it was even better it's. Even better that has happened to me several times and, because. Of that I remind, myself okay. It's okay to have goals. It's okay to have desires, but. Don't be so attached to them. All. Right. Lesson. Number eight, if. You don't ask you, don't get, so. Again this ties into. Believing. In yourself, and knowing. How to sell. Sometimes. You. Know you have an idea and, you. You. Want to work with a certain person maybe, you want to partner with them or you want to pitch something, to. Like. Your your eye your, dream client, but, you feel timid. Or shy or, intimidated. Just. Remember, that if you don't ask then, you don't get and, so. So. For, me I turn this into a challenge if I'm scared, about. Approaching. Somebody, I turn, it into a challenge and just say. See. What will happen just, do it and, see, what'll happen I mean what's the worst that could happen the, worst that could happen is they'll say no. Over. They'll ignore you and that's, okay because I've, lived long enough and I have lived through enough. Rejections. To know that that's, not going to kill me and it's not going to be the end of the world so, remember. That when. You want something from somebody. Remember. If you don't ask you don't get so just you. Know. Get. The courage to go, out there and ask, lesson. Number nine is to give without, expectation. Now. Sometimes. We're. Very like, I don't know do you feel like this like when somebody is asking you for something do you feel like suspicious, that that, person might be taking. Advantage of you, yeah. So, that's something, that. Can. Come up right and what. Happens is, especially. For, example I I. Do charge. For. Coaching. Or consulting with, me like, if you want to pick my brain for. 45. Minutes an hour or, whatever I do. Have, like a coaching, program so. I charge people to pick my brain.

So Sometimes, if somebody approaches, me and says. Like. Like. Can you spare 15 minutes I just want, to get, some of your ideas. About. This topic, then. I might hesitate. And, think mmm, this person gonna take advantage of me but. You know when you have a, relationship. With somebody and I I mentioned, earlier that one of the most important lessons that I've learned is to nurture, those relationships. So, if, this, person is not a stranger. Of course then. Then I say yes and and. I. Do it in a way where, I'm not thinking okay. I'm gonna say yes but I expect, this person, to, pay me back by doing X. Y Z with me or for, me right so, so, give without expectation, and. Help. People, a lot because I remember, you know especially people. Who are just getting started, who, are you, know at a stage that. You were. In probably, a few years ago, then. Then, do, when. You have that opportunity then, do help because, I find that. You. You eventually get. Something in return and it. Is. Usually, not in the way that you expect so. For example, that person, who wanted to pick my brain. I did. Not say, hey, I have a coaching, package if you want you can pay me I didn't, I got on skype with her I didn't charge her right. And I let, her pick my brain and it was an interesting topic for me as well and I, gave her a lot of good ideas and you know what I had, no expectation. Whatsoever, but. Several, months later she, referred me to, what would turn out to be a an, extremely. Good. Client. Extremely. Good. Client, that has given me the. Profitable. Projects. So. You know when you have that opportunity to, help, somebody, out especially, somebody that you. Already know, then. Do. Give that help but, don't expect anything. In return but, do. Know that. There. Is something waiting. For you in the future just, something the, the return is not what you, would necessarily expect. So. We, come to, lesson. Number 10 and that is be an idea machine. I, don't know if you're familiar with. The. Book. Be. An idea machine I think is the title, of the book something, about idea machine by, James. Altucher and. I. Think. It's very important, to have plenty, of ideas because. You. Know these ideas are, really. What's going to get. You results. Of. Course you have mentors, you. Have books. Websites. That you'll be reading and. They can give you ideas but. Always take note of the ideas, that you come up with because. Those are, your unique ideas, I have. Several. Lists, of ideas, I have a list, of ideas for my, video. Presentations. Ideas. For my blog ideas, for Mira see my employer. I have, a list of ideas for, just. General, business, stuff. And, like. Random ideas, for my home my, family and. I capture. All of those ideas and, I take note of which ones I can. Implement right away and, which ones to implement, next because, you never know where. You're gonna get this fantastic result. Because. For example this idea, that I've been implementing. Where I do a live presentation and. I repurpose. It into a YouTube video and into my blog post, that. Has, turned out to be a really great. Idea and has allowed, me to grow. My reach and my audience, and to create content, consistently, without. Too. Much work on my part so, you you. Know challenge. Yourself in the book the. Idea machine, book he says you, have to come up with is it 10 or 20, ideas a day and that's, hard I tried to do that I don't think I I. Succeeded. For, a long time but you know challenge, yourself to come up with, even I don't know 5 ideas a day even just one idea a day it's. Already, more than what most people get. Right and you, know what your ideas, those are, what's. Going to set. You apart from everybody, else that's what's going to make you unique and that's. Where you're gonna get, your results. And I. Wanted. To share, a. Bonus. Lesson and that is to be, self-sufficient. And, this, is also the reason why. I have, a side business even though I have a day job that I love and an employer, that I love I still. Have a side business because, I realized, that I, do. Not want to feel, like. I'm so scared I might lose a job I'm so scared what, if this happened to the economy. I just. Want to be. The. One who. Feels. That I can make my own opportunities. If necessarily. If necessary. I don't, want to be dependent, on a, person. Or an, organization or. Even, in the, government so. And that. Is why I feel like even. Though I have this terrific job. I should. Also still be nurturing my side business. Okay. So. Think. Of that like what are are. There people or. Things. That you're dependent, on especially.

Financially. And how. Can you, become. Less dependent on that. Okay. That's my bonus lesson for you, so. Do you have any questions, guys. Type. Them in the comments, even. If you're watching the recording, type. Your questions, type, your insights, if you, disagree with anything I, said I do welcome. All opinions. And even. If you're watching the recording I will. Get, get, to your comments, and we'll respond, I respond. To all the comments, that I get, so. I just, want, to. Look. At the comments that we have gotten here so far. Glen. It says congratulations, Thank You vana and thanks for joining me I. It's. So much fun you know when. When. You guys join me live, and. I think it's. Embarrassing okay. Great. So far Thank, You ro he and. Jeff. Says oh it's, ten ideas in the. Book so, you come up with ten ideas not twenty ideas a day so. Challenge yourself come, up with ten ideas in a day can you do it too light Jeff, I'm assuming, that you've read the book were you able to, are. You able to generate ten ideas a day, just. Curious, or am. I the only one who had a really. Tough time with that. Representation. Thank you i I'm, glad. That you you think, it's great and, I hope that I was. Able to share something that that's. New for you you know to. Give you some new insights, so. What. Were the new insights, that you got, were. There any I, start. Again. So. Ok, jeff. Says he's just. Starting, it ok, let me know how it goes alright, I. Think. I'm also gonna be challenging, myself to come up with you. Know to add to my list every day at least just even just one idea a day. And. Row. He is also going to start with, the ten ideas, and he he, actually did it for a while yeah. What's. Even more interesting. Is which, of these ideas that you actually implement and what results, did. You get so. I would be interested to find out maybe. I will go back to my list and. See. Which. Of the ideas turned, out to be really good ones and Jeff. Thank you I am glad that you enjoyed it. Yeah. Thank you guys. Okay. Hang on we, have a question here. I. Would. Like to be a freelance copywriter what's. Your advice excellent. Excellent question. And. Yeah. Well I started out I'm still. A freelance copywriter first. Of all be really good at copywriting. So, learn, copywriting. There's a lot of programs out there I recommend. The program by, aw AI. What. Else, yeah. That's a really good one to get started with, really. Solid, basic, foundation. And AWA I will also help you to get, some samples, out there so, that you can you, have something to show your. Clients and I do believe, the, AWA. I still has a challenge, where. You could, Sibley urn I think. $10,000. Like if you win that challenge there, copywriting, challenge, and rohi. If you want, the specific, link. Just. Send me a private message and, I'll send you to AWA. Ice, link. For, copywriting, their copywriting, programs, also. You. Know and. Find, out early on like which specific. Type of copywriting. You, want to do so you want to do, like. Okay. Alright. So Rowley says he bought the course by Carl Galletti, I. Honestly. Have not heard of Carl, Galletti, but whatever course, you. Have invested, in, finish. It, okay finish that course, and be. The. Best student, of Carl Galletti, get. I challenge, euro heat to get Carl's. Attention. And interest, and get him to actually, know. You and, and notice. You by. Being the. Best student. In that course. And that. Means going. Through. The. Course actually, finishing. The course you'll be surprised, how, many people do buy courses, and do not finish them and I am guilty also, so. I. So, my challenge for you is to actually complete the course. Be. The best student he has ever had so, that he will take notice of you and.

He. Just might. Give. You a good project or even hire you himself so, that is my challenge for you rocky complete, the course be, the best student and implement. Okay, if you don't have. And. It actually even. Includes. Calls with him so all the better if, you don't have clients yet use yourself as. Your. Guinea. Pig pretend. No no not gonna be big, but use yourself be, your own client. Right. The best copy that you can write for yourself for your website, and that. Will be your. Sample. Right there and if. You can and. When. You get results. Concrete. Results, from your own copywriting from being your own client, then. That's, something that you. Can share for example. When. I was getting started I would tell. Prospective. Clients, I have this website and I doubled, the traffic, on that website by doing this and it was my own website but that was a specific and concrete result, that, I achieved. And that I could tell them I, did. Alright, any. Other questions. Guys again. You're welcome thank. You for, joining me and. Spending. 50. Minutes with me I do. Appreciate, your. Attention. And most. Especially your time because I know that you, will never get back these, past 50 minutes I hope, it has been worth it if, you have any questions, or comments just let me know and if you have ideas for topics that you want me to cover then. Send, me a private. Message or type. It in the comments, and join. Me again next week, I'll be interviewing, I believe, somebody, so, that should be interesting it's, not going to be just, my face that you'll be seeing. Every. Wednesday 11:00 a.m. Eastern, come back to. This, page, and I'll. Have, something good, to share with you enjoy the, rest of your week take care thank, you once again bye. Bye.

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