10 Items I Got at Toys "R" Us Before They Went Out of Business

10 Items I Got at Toys

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What. Was under there though cookie. What's. Going on guys I am Matthias and, welcome. Because today. Is, quite, a special. Day as it is always. When, we make videos, on this channel this is Tanner here and Tanner went, to Toys R Us and why, is that strange other than the fact that he's a giant kid in Toys R Us well it's that Toys R Us is going out of business interesting. What do you mean interesting no I was just trying to play a play it up like wow you, how factor I'm the audience I was telling them that you were there nothing no you weren't there and someone else picked out these products man I am 22, years old I am NOT going to Toys R, Tanner. Went to Toys R Us and picked out ten, toys, that, you, got some major discounts, on because Toys R Us is going out of business, no one wants ties anymore, no that's not true everyone was just going on amazon.com good for you find, the savings I'm gonna let you know whether these are cash or trash. But, have a good or bad first item, whoa. Sharper image transforming, a remote-control, missile launcher car that's good that's just your Tesla yeah this is what my Tesla does. So. Here's, the thing you'd be playing with this car you've been driving it all around your parents have no idea you're playing with a weapon when I was a kid my parents didn't let me play with weapons so I had to fashion my own weapons, out of PVC pipes, and scurf oh are you doing, kids on the whole Oh fortunately. The other kid had a weapon to add departments hazard it's, not a Tesla but it's cool Wow look at that man that's not a joke man this is big is way bigger than I thought it was gonna be I'm kind of stoked you know but sharper image, you got a wonder always about sharper image why it's just like for the viewers not for me but for the viewer as well yeah yeah because you, never know if it's like trash, or if it's cat you. Know sometimes, they have really good ideas sometimes. They have just absolutely, garbage, ideas yeah sometimes you're like hey maybe we get a vibrating, for you yeah. Hey, maybe would you like it if this straw floated in midair and. Just try to suck it that way oh. Whoa. Whoa that's not hard yeah that was no yeah but how do you make it compress, itself. Okay. I just didn't like those sounds. Oh I, don't. Think the car did either. Try. Open again maybe it still drives yeah. Oh. What. The heck am I doing wrong, oh wait there's, literally a middle transformation, but Mat Zo is everywhere, like what is this guy's problem. To. Me look. At these other buttons and then these things they look so cheap in Austin you got this boss button, right here in the middle okay, let's try this again. Are. You really broke down yeah let's just pretend that goes up and there you go yeah see now it makes sense and then you I. Take. Everything I said back about Street instructions, kids. Turning. On this is so dumb what kind of car turns like that look. At the way it turns. Not. By dragging, its front tires yeah I still think that's a pile of guard green, gear Bad Dudes 6-inch, collectible, retro, arcade machine. I love bad dudes instead a real arcade game. Bad. Dudes vs. dragonninja looks like it so it's a real arcade game do you think that it's actually like on there it better be look at that price $29.99. If that's not a real working game I quit. Okay. Well save Tanner quits or not you have to be honest about it you have to quit ok Abby Curtis wait what is this karate, champ what this isn't bad dudes yeah dude I ran out of bad dude I'm. Trying. Let's see if it works hekia, did oh yeah it's working I kicked. The opposite way did he hit me no I'm still standing yeah it keeps resetting you does he keep it good why is he kicking only to the left not to point this room I was way, really see, that he's only kicking the left, oh wait. Use that, one might be kicked to the right it is what, the. Left one is kicked to the right, and the right ones kicked to the left ah I. Wonder why towards the rest is going out of business what's happening, this game stinks, we're the worst karate champ ever is he block yeah why does he have to start over every time he blocks why is this person so upset up there, wait. Wait oh, I. Think, that's it how big this thing is and stupid, game is like 10 kilobits and I could just fit in your phone but it's cool I'm, just gonna break this you're. Ready I, think they routed, the cables, wrong in this really, cool-looking though, so for style points all rated, caches.

For Actual, points all ready to trash it whoa. Is this like pinball but for hockey exactly. Okay, I, dig, it I feel like this would be Connors thing do we invite Connor for this to. You I mean he's a little competitive I'm, just asking if we already invited him no we did oh God, thank good yeah. Oh. What, dogs am, i right, I've already kind of assembled this thing for us ah all. Right so we got to pick our teams and all we do is wait wait what do you know what any of these teams are here you picked the LA Kings you picked these ones all right hey that's familiar I know you're in, LA kind of guy I, have a feeling the people that put this together once will, never put, it together with other people yeah gonna. Do it just keep ripping trying, to take one out am I really bad at this it's very possible that I am I'm gonna be the penguin since our old man because just broken out so this is the puck right here throw that in there, puck and then oh. Can. You play all, right oh, this is another goalie yeah I don't know who's my Argos. It's. Hard where all of the others say what, a betrayal this, explain why you, need to do the teams. So, I know who to beat you with. You. Could say it's too easy do, good. My goal is about to ruin you didn't I. Wish. Oh. My. God, okay we're scoring goals accidentally. The, point of the game is to have fun and, we're. Okay. Wait. Game. Is that fun we're having fun so I'll say cash but, I mean this whole thing is, absolute. Garbage. Look. Like if you cringe before we continue on to the next product I just wanted to give a shout out our subreddit or, strange. Products, I think is what it is I want to give it a shout out so that if you guys find, crazy, things and you want me to review them or make, fun of them I can't either. Or I don't know what I do really here but that's what I do go to that reddit follow it add a link and people, will see it and upload it to the top if it's great so please do. It if you want to be a part of this and I will click your subreddit, links next, item ooh. Air. Hogs, two in one drone power racers, muscle, car for driving and flying that's pretty cool but wait we're in the bottom of the tires oh something's. A foul can't, be a car, if it doesn't, have wheels I'm getting, so, what is it like a swamp mobile you know I mean the things in the swamps that like yeah reminds me of like that one old cartoon, where they used to go like running, around the swamp and it was like the one guy. Someone's, gonna know what I'm talking about. One. Guy wears this swamp it was that one guy Add, to Cart let's figure out what this thing is oh. Oh. I'm. Disappointed I, thought it, was a drone and a car but it's a drone on top of a car oh so it's just like using the car's body is like its body you know it's not really like. I'm. Saying using the car's body yeah it's, not you taking, advantage of it hey bro you Huracan said let's do this thing I'm a, little upset because look the drone separated, it they just slapped a drone onto a car it doesn't seem like what I thought I was fool what.

The Heck, okay, so really, all it is is a drone, I'm sure dude they totally, got me they're like check out this drone car it really all it is is a drone and a piece of put a piece of what, even is this this is like paper plate material yeah, there's. The car no it's just pretending, to be a card oh. I. See, it because, of how a drone, works you can't go backwards. It's, either forward, or that's it so what happens when you get stuck into a corner, oh then, you turn into flight mode which. Is this honestly. Shout-out to the transforming, car earlier because it did way better than this there. We go. That's. Actually way more fun in the car yeah way better oh. You're. Still looking for that Jonny. Quest all right. As. A drone. This. Thing stinks so bad 34, bucks though what do you expect this thing is the dumb thing alright just saw it as a drone don't click, bait people this. Like click bait in real life dude look, it's the awesome car oh whoops, no it's not it's an empty shell of lies for, that I'm gonna stuff to say I'm a Stan I'm gonna have to steak at a trash so since, the toilet or us is disappearing, yeah I found this one myself, boys are s even though I said earlier I didn't go, it. Starts with this, so. At first I bought this cuz eyeless is all I needed but I was wrong it also needs. This which is sold separately which is where all the funds up oh my. Gosh it, stopped, well wait what is even this it just it literally just slings of all my words it just came with a bunch of parts but you didn't realize that you needed the actual, product, yeah this is super expensive guess how much this cost 100 bucks 150. $150. Yeah I think this is like one of those toys that, is like learning you don't even like education, it's educational. Yeah oh my word it's so much bigger than I thought it did its enormous, it's got little wheels on the bottom of it and everything so this is one of those educational, things where you like build a bot and there's the bowls that it comes with and here's some other things I assume it needs a nap searching, for robots, here's the app search, again no robots found I think I need to turn it on or something I found it oh wow this robot is like not, a joke dude, this thing's like made made, well I'm sorry it's just like kind of just like creepy, looking BOTS why so bulbous you know oh you, got excited hey. Are. You ready to program Oh. Oh my. Word it moves so fast I'm starting to get the idea of this so every, facet, of this BA every little facet, of this bot can be programmed, to behave in a specific way, and this will teach kids, how to program. Songs the code that's what programming is it then than that I'm assuming you can like program, it to do certain things right so if I wanted to program to go over here and like smack that car and then come back I could this thing is pretty cool I'm not gonna lie it seems like it's made really really high-quality the app works really really well so if you got that kind of dough lying. Around and, you're thinking hey you know what programming, seems to be a pretty lucrative thing right now maybe I'll set my kid up for success. Check. This product out myth personal. Robot I feel like I've seen this before guys let me know down the comments below if I have tried this I've tried so many products, what kind of a weird problem is that to have I think I've used this before, said, no one ever excites me it's like a little personal.

Robot, By WowWee and, the cart comes. With a little app lets, us try zero BOTS. Wowee-wow. We, not, sure, dude not sure. What are you gonna name him let's. Name him Brobot what up bro bot robot. It's. Like a hoverboard, ooh. 360. Spin I see you yeah it's like me on a hoverboard he will not stop shaking though I know why is he shaking so much what can you do mitt you could dance play, your favorite song from iTunes or you could battle challenge, other nips, head-to-head. And see who, is last Daniel, so. How do I get it to control its arms I don't think you can unless you maybe you pick dance and he starts table look oh no these arms are just positioned, Oh. What. The heck it, doesn't work it falls down hits, anything he just whines so now I have attached a plate, to its front when start stacking some stuff on it I'll try it Wario's oh. I. Thought he was losing his bow to robot. We're gonna go straight to six even, balancing, six Oreos though honestly, it looks like he's gonna deliver it to it you want some Oreos tanner whoa. What'd. You do to the other robot. Car. No, no, car. Before. We get into the next product big shout out to the, deep blue mermaid, can't stop staring at the beard that's right thank you much appreciate, ya look, at Lori's beard oh we're talking about yours, if. You want your own shout out make sure you subscribe click, the bell icon and comment within the first 30 minutes be part of that notification squad but calm it something funny so I pick it you know the same. What. Was under there though. Coming. Up eventually Hexbug, v2, nano tower infinity. Loop, set, infinity. Loop what is the hex bug I don't understand it's like a little I think the little bug that vibrates, like crazy and then you just goes places I don't get it I guess. You got to see it to believe it let's click Add to Cart, Wow. Look, at that, it's. A nano bug so, you can build like a thousand, different combinations. But what's the point but what does this do oh it vibrates, but why they're gonna vibrate upwards. Sounds. Like when I go to sleep at night it's. Vibrating, up oh. Don't. Do a little buck don't, do it. And. It just keeps going so it's just like a little vibrating, motor that, vibrates. And Wiggles, its way around with these like spongy, little things and you can just loop and loop and loop and just have it just keep going and going and going it's not really infinite because you have a battery and that means it ends but still interesting, nonetheless you, know he still goes down super, slow, no. Way, why. Did he go to the second tube so perfectly, that's creepy though I've not realized that he's stuck because oh okay, now I get the appeal it's just interesting, honestly. Sounds like it's ripping one giant, fart the entire time I think that's pretty cool I would say this one's cashed my arcade, portable, video game Center with 220, games remember.

The Last one we got that was similar to this said, that looks like a Mario knockoff, like real bad can, you imagine, 222. Knockoffs, and even the titles are probably just total knockoff - it's just depressing, yeah you got a wonder you know. But. I mean if you're that into, Mario. You know you might like the knockoff because it's like different levels you know that's why people like Mario maker do you think it has crazy hit sisters yeah like Super Smash Bros. Exactly. A. Beat artists. Nailed. It do nailed it go gamer portables isn't quite what was pictured it's actually pretty different Wow look at all the games over here just knockoffs 220. Of them I'm super. Curious to see if this is this is just basically I can knock off like Gameboy I mean it's only 20, something dollars right, 24 dollars so that's got to say something, you know when you can't like afford, switch. Because it's like an arm and a leg to buy that you know you can respect something like this family sports. No, if I want to play a game called family, sports minigame, education. Okay these are all the mini fighter. You. Can guess who's me, oh okay, yeah how it's going I kicked her in the face point, five speed how do you even land a hit don't, you know it's not okay to hit women it's 2018, what a game expressing, it's like no dude you can't win. You. Will always lose when you hit a woman some good life advice though we. Don't hit women yeah a bunch of d-bags. Yes I'm demonstrating just, absolutely. Getting demolished by this woman man this, is going on forever reset, let's try a different game, Golf at. Least you get into the game quake yeah I know I can see how you this could be fun for people you know it's like a quick quick little thing for a kid oh my gosh alright it. Tired we're, just saying dude oh. You. Really did not hit that far I forgot, how far I had to hit it or the didn't. Land oh there it goes they're going exacting, some feet right there at least it's straight hit on the fairway I I. Got a fairway, shot great job Tyga, I give him that 3-wood, Tyga oh you, over. Hit that you think so for sure into a tree most likely, like the green oh wow. The, great oh my, gosh. Becoming. A dad has made you gay this game dude. Oh. You. Didn't play the green properly. Bogey. Bogey, and. A bogie Anozie. Else, a tasteful, for 24 bucks it, worked well it felt like playing with the wheat you know yeah it, wasn't bad Power Wheels boring, volt ride, on oh, my god, that thing looks that, cool old tricycle it's enormous, this looks like a toy for Luna. Do. Look at that thing bro these kids are sick look at that Oh, what. Are you joking me Raymond looks like Batman's, bike yeah, this. Is so cool dude Oh. Kids these days have it all this. Kids off-roading, you know honestly lifting, for their mansion. I. Look for two trash cans again all right I was lucky if I could get my trash can and that would roll down this tree, my. Dad pushed me and then he ran away. At. The car do let's go check this out. Another. Level, the whole thing tilts, you see that it tilts so you can drift and step look, at these this dashboard broke come around here and look at this dashboard oh it's, so real. Your Tesla dog and it honestly looks like it's not. That, like I can kind of fit in it no does it design for like maybe like five year olds to seven year olds man aah dog for that price it's gonna be designed for like 10 up I think I see an on but look at this we have a shifter, right here, I think, that's reverse and that's forward and then you, got a pedal right whoo there's some delay in that that's, frightening where's the brakes, it's called friction go for it all right take it for a spin whoa. What. Makes you think that the cracking of the wheel. Because. He was about a hundred pounds less maybe. Is it like out of juice yeah. Either that or a totally fried it I just want to demonstrate the drifting so I'll probably do it like this. So. It's not really drifting on its own not really. The. Drifting feature just locks one of the wheels so, it it catches the ground and it'll just it. Won't really drift you it'll just kind of spin you out maybe it's you're really lightweight but I could even get it to I couldn't get it to Wow I barely even moved I'm out of breath that's gotta work out more, you. Couldn't even get it to get to the speed that's high enough to where you could get that feature to work good the drifting thing just kind of broke it too and I had to unplug, the battery plug it back in mm-hmm a little janky but if you're you, know if you're the proper weight I'm sure you get it to work I say to a dress.

Yeah, Recoil. Multiplayer, starter, set all right so it's like a laser. Tag basically okay, yeah I depart checkout. Okay. He, relaxed relaxed, tanner oh yeah there you go that's, the box multiplayer. Starter set the only thing that, it doesn't come with foot required, friends. So. Many kids just like I'll click on. Let's. Check it out take a look inside my box what do you see I see desperation. So turn on your phone, opens a recoil, app press the power button press, next, pull the trigger to verify oh, that's. Cool. There. You go connect a weapon so I'm pretty sure you, have to you have to put this on yourself like this and that's the sensor if you shoot it so now I'm gonna click battle, it's Mathias and Michael you're you're Michael now yeah I changed my name it's great GPS, tracking disabled, GPS power-ups, disabled, respawn on a timer oh that's so cool so if you're playing outside it'll. Place power-ups, like around, your your map that's cool that's lip that's really cool but you can't do that inside because it needs GPS infinite. Reloads though wait. Wait wait wait since, we don't have a lot of space in here tanner you know. We're. Gonna have a duel okay all right but Michael is gonna say when to go he's not gonna count down he's just gonna say go go. Dude. This is so cool oh you, feel, it, like recoiling, do this just sit I. Have. To kill oh I, got you. All. Right I've been killed by my thighs just a normal day at the office all right you ready not now we're even ready let's try again. Oh. What. I need to reload I got you yeah I. Like this is awesome the weights shaking your hand isn't meat is so cool. Michael. I. Was. Like five seconds flush I'm gonna do it oh I win I win we both got first place we both did. You know. We both got two kills and died twice we're. Both winners, I. Don't want both winners this is really cool though I'm, gonna take this home and play with one of them this is pretty cool though I'm not gonna lie I thought like it wasn't that much setup but if these didn't work perfectly, like they just did it would have been way too much setup but it was plenty of setup, for like how well these things feel and work you know so definitely, cash in then here, is a throwback episode, two the last Toys R Us we ever filmed. Good. Times am i right no more Toys R Us episodes, right because they're going out of business and this one here guess what it's no Toys R Us video and it. Is a laser gun headset. All right you shoot with your head no joke alright, so click one of those and if. You're new here subscribe and, we'll see you next time high five. You.

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Alike if you agree that Matthias would look like Joseph Seed with yellow sunglasses on

For toys like the bike, why not bring out Mariah? She's small and light, more realistic of a test? XD

I know wats he talking about cus I watched it

It's your beard

I am that is

Is tanner drunk or something????????

Matthias cut your beard you lookcool

Matthias I join

Matthias that robot was doing sex with car

OMG you should dye your beard

Matthias i love your beard

The recoil

I have one and it is really cool

Tanners cool no one ever says

Matthias you should do a BU vid with the recoil laser tag gun


Matthias man slurp i slurp need slurp toys slurp r slurp us slurp

poor toys r us

Matthias you should to lit or quit

Can you do a 10 strange dollar Store items with Markiplier?

Nice typing Matt

Matthias, love your videos but just an fyi dont know if your of the video editors realise but you have errors in the editing. If you look in the back ground by tanner when your flying the car drone you can see the programming bot but you had not reviewed it yet. This is not the first time its happened in your videos.

Matthias ii

hey matt the toys r us near me is still going strong also please check out the hand trux xl on amazon

Matthias I’ll miss toys r us because I get discounts for nerf guns example: Walmart $100 toys r us $80

ummm say that again?

weird? they still have them in Canada

I am mad at you Mathias I have a mip it’s really cool

Matthias your beard looks like the new style steve roger

Well its not gone in Sweden

Matthias there is still toys "R"Us in the philippines

I thought that wen tanner crinckled the bad soccer people cardboard thingy, that it was oddly satisfying

NO THE FIRST TOY WAS GOOD MAT!!!!!!!! WTH????!!!!!!!

Do the recoil challenge on team edge

You should get a cool fish tank for your office

In the proses of marking you and your beard look like cranous from god of war

6:49 though... XD

Was the show "The Wild Thornberries"??

You see it before

Bring Bryan back

You havent it was somthing else #tannersucks #12000$mattias

I have the game system

I actually got the go gamer portable as a 2nd birtday present my cost $15

I had captions on and everytime you said toys r us it said toilets on us

Choose infinity cube fidget pen chinese yo yo 3d pen

My IT teacher has the dash but more expensive!!

I think maybe Tanner is talking about Swamp Thing a TV show about a scientist that is turned in to a swamp creature, I love that show.

Get anki overdrive for the next video

We need more dollar store or walmart videos pleeeeeeease.

CAN I PLEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEse have a shout out PLZ (Loooooooooooöoooove u guys)

First comment


That's a quadcopter, NOT a "drone"

7:19 anyone know what cartoon Tanner's talking about?

Tanner was thinking about Scooby Doo!


We have dash at our school and it works really well

What row did you get the beard?

U looked better without a beard

Go go go go go!

I have the exact same game but instead in an arcade version which is the family sport one

Happy birthday to luna

"this is just paper plate material!" . . You mean paper? Lol

At 10:22 I died “HEYYY”

Have you ever watched Avengers Infinity war yet, it’s awesome

I work at toysrus :/ I’m really gonna miss it. It was my first real job.

Please get rid of the beard. Please. Like if you agree

I actually have a hovercraft version of the muscle car/drone

In the Philippines we have something called "Toy Kingdom" All hope is not lost Edit:The item in 16:45 rather just buy a Game Boy than this

It's a air boat

Man, who else need money for the new battle pass?

Tesla. Tessssssssssla. With an ssssssss, not a z, MAT

Lovin the beard

I dont living America but see why toys r us is going out of business btw love the beard

I want the drone car though please

my fiend was asking me why do you think Toys R Us is going out of business and i just send her a link to this video haha

Bro bot is from jimmy neutron

Tanner the 22 year old kid Awesome

R.I.P Toys R Us

Johnny Quest!

Love the beard Matthias

I never got how when tanner slams the box it hurts Matt’s ears

The show tan man was talking about is the old Scooby-Doo

OMG Tanner is so freaking cute!!! #Tannersquad

Did anyone else see the robot that Matthias unboxed later in the vid 8:52

I got the recoil thing for Easter and it worked great

Mathias your slogan could be The beard is here

Well I'm Canadian I still have toys r us...

We have that blue robot in my high school's library...

i got a sharper image robot claw and i turned it on and then it broke

Bring back the photoshop series so you can make your beard a bear face

11:10 it looks like the robot from wall-E

How dare you not know what a Hexbug is! I have 30........

#notification SQUAD!!!

tanner... Little Rescuers is the cartoon you are thinking of...

Yes you have used it before

Make luna into a toy and cash or trash her.

Bruh, when you said “sans” you sounded way to English. (I speak Canadien french btw)

6:18 ASMR with Tanner

the beard is so fabulous.

ami the only one who thinks he looks like a lumberjack wit dat beard?!?!?!?!

Don't hit women don't hit man

I can't believe he kicked the mip they are lit

Spell icup

rip cookie 20??-2018

Did anyone else read all that list of games

What! You don’t know what a hex bug is? They were my childhood

I have a mip and you didn't put his off-road tires on so he couldn't go over bumps and is really useful for carrying small objects

Keep the beard its cool #beardforever

Smash cookies

rip Toysrus

I have never been to toys r us

I love your vid

Rip toys r us ( like for respect)

Wait what?! Toys R Us is going out of business?!?!? WHAT?!

love beard

sad toys r us was child hood:(

If I could rate your beard dope or nope I'd rate it DOPE!!!


beard like it

you can still doo toysrus episodes you just gotta get someone in Canada to send you the stuff.

Love the beard soAWSOME

you used to look 25 now you look 50

i respect the beard

Omg the beard I didn’t see his vid and this is what I see and I love your vids

The dot is so fun I have it at my school

My future kids will never get to experience what I did

You were putting a lot of pressure on the car. The more pressure the more weight it feels. If you get an 80 pound kid it may drift more. The ad did have the kid drift perfectly. I don’t think that will happen. But it will probably drift more with a kid. (Also I’m only 12 so don’t get mad if the information is wrong)

Old boi

It was funny when mat said vibrates like crazy btw i cringed when i saw tanner stroking his beard

Matthias you know that Sharper Image is a catalog brand right?

Matthias do you live in florida

Matthias u and tanner r sooooo funny but tanner is trying to hard

Matthias Juan

Well hi mat nice beard hey could ya send me the shooting car i want to shoot my friends lol nah I dont need it

not in finland they didnt HA

when Matt said if you want your own shoutout I thought he was going to say if you want your own beard

welp you could come to Australia they still in business over here >.< i think a 7:10 he was talking about the old cartoon: Hey Arnold!

My baby brother has that missile launcher car.

I have mip

Stash it or smash it like if you agree


I Love your vids man!!

and your beard


Put a higher voltage battery in that drift vehicle

This is so disappointing that everyone is just ordering online. So many businesses are leaving and it makes me depressed going to the mall and all the shops are gone.

Mat the recoil thing would be good for a call of duty challenge like go to the park or something and bring 5 friends and play like a free for all

Dash has a miniature version named Dot.

The show Tanner was talking about, was it Scooby Doo?

Who thinks this is like shark tank

I have dash the robot at my school

Can you send me the driffting car

I think he should review Burger King foot lettuce like I u agree

Wow so many has cringed

I wanted the air hogs 2 in 1 for chistmas

7:09 I believe Tanner is talking about Jonny Quest (not the horrible cartoon of a boy with his smart scientist sisters that's Johnny Test) Like so Mathias and Tanner can see

I have the my arcade but mines side ways


23K people cringed, nice

That's a nice looking beard

I HAVE A MIP! I'm so weird xD


I have some of the wheel Bot at my school in Australia it is fun but you need a iPad

But the blue one

I've Always wanted to see how recoil works fr thank you you don't now how happy I got lol

Super Mario Sun Exposure

"Notification Squad" ... Aka no-life weirdos.

Dye your beard blue

Same can't stop looking at the bird

you don't look like a 12-year-old boy anymore ):

Rip Geoffrey

When I heard Toys R Us closed: CYA BUDDY! I’VE GOT TARGET!

I’m ten years old and I’m 5,2

“Was that a cookie?”

I don’t wanna grow up in a toys r us kid They have a million toys at toys r us that I can play with I don’t wanna grow up I’m a toys r us kid They have the best for so much less that will really flip your lid From bikes to trains to video game It’s the biggest toy store there is GEWIZZ I don’t wanna grow up cuz baby if I did I couldn’t be a toys r us kid More games for toys OH BOY I wanna be a toys r us kid R.i.p toys r us 1957 - 2018

I feel so bad for that poor mip, they don’t deserve it



I subscribe and liked this video.can I have that knock off phone thing

Yeah you already reviewed the mip


the nano bot is just a fancy brush bot lol, cut the head off a tooth brush super glue a vibrating motor like from a play station controller to it with a button cell battery and, a switch it you want to get really fancy. same thing

9:40 we have those at my school lol



How can u hate mip

I got the drone thing and it was broken and wouldn’t get an inch off the ground

I bought a DC motor from Amazon 13 dollar for the motor 50 dollar for the shipping

Good memories I'm going to miss Toys R Us

What is mil doing to the car XD #matthias

I love hexbugs I have about five bugs and like ten pads for them

Lose the beard

Mip went rip

Poor brobot what did it did it do to you

13:10  Matt : if you want your own— Me: beard Matt: shout out I thought you were telling people where they can get their own bead

Johnny quest is probably the show with the swap boat

I got that doe because I make da pizza

I also have hexbugs and there fun

I have a mip and its really fun

I have mip but it's black so stupid you need app

Toys R Us was my childhood My parents would never buy me any toys and I just looked at them

hah mario sun exposure

what does a painter do when he gets cold he puts on anther coat

the beard is amazing im jelly


Him crumbling those hockey people was not cringe it was asmr

I almost spit my milk at 12:47

my school uses the robots called dash n dot


(Finds a battle axe) *IM GONNA DO THIS WITH LUNA*

Nice bread

please do a BU episode with those guns

I heard Tanner fart when he poopcookie

I live in New Orleans so I knew what Tanner was talking about.


15:14 Props to the editor! I forget who it is but I think it's CJ, I know it's definetly not Patrick tho...

tanner loves his church shoes

I have Dash at my school to help us code

I know that toys r us is going out of business

Am I the only person who sees AMAZING potenital for Team Edge content with that Recoil laser tag stuff?

The beard look fab :)

You know team edge played with these

Is not you want is what you need

The mip went oof. Rip

Looks like James harden with the beard

I did to make weapons out of pvc but for the fun of it

Go to 3:15

my cousins got the same product on 15:00 i love it when something i know is on his videos

Tanners beard is so underrated, smh (SORRY IS I SPELT IT WRONG)

At my school I do dash

Hi Matt I love your vids

For the “car” drone it should be a... Crash (get it because trash + cash = crash and cars crash)

OMG! 15:11 and that whole part is so funny. Look at all the puns!!!

Oh yah pim the robot

I HAVE A HEX BUG its rlly old tho it was my brothers and it dosent really work lol

Matthias 7:09 does he mean camp lake bottem



Bring back Sam!

You should cut your beard

Instead of crashing the toys you better give them to poor kinds

You are a poor mans pewdiepie.

Good olddd MOBO hobo memes

15:12 How long did u take to write that !!??

You were dissed by isaac butterfeild

Air Hogs is running outta ideas LOL. Even though they made really good stuff in the past. PS: that LEGENDARY BEARD

You remind me of a lumberjack

I don’t like the beard

Guys I swear I just got free $2136_real money from this_amazing website>>>>pypmon.win/?V3o9v6 Try once.

9:56 that’s what she said

I want Brian back

Go to 2:07, 9:53, 10:26 and close your eyes

S high

With casmo

Damn U don’t look like u looked before

Do not hit women cause we will knock you down

Younger kids will never get to see what Toys R Us was like

Can't stop looking at tanners beard

Fun fact, Toys R Us isn't closing down in canada because they're actually doing REALLY well here so uh... Cross the border if you want to go to toys r us!

I swear i cannot stop starring at you beard bro #beard life !!!!!!

Please shout me out

plz bring back reading your comments

I have crippling depression because toys r us is leaving I’m crying

Yo tanner killed bro bot

I ❤️ your vids

17:50 luna then 17:51 dat face

7:07 you talking about jonny quest? edit 8:48 THERE YOU GO

Does tanner mean Scooby dooby

That beard is getting me to watch more of ur vids

Matthias's beard: cash or trash? - Trash!!! Like if you agree

R.I.P Toy "R" Us

Funny thing is Toys R us is still in business here in canada haha

My Libary has dash and dot u have to have cards so u can controls it

Knock knock Who's there My damn My damn who? My damn foot is stuck in the door

Whoever stole toys r us's money shame on you. toys r us is for kids to have awesome toys and now we can't watchu got against kids having fun? I'm a kid and I'm very sad about what happened

You have a beard

That was in the background

was that a cookie?




We all have proof that Matthias has recoil from his vlogs


Is it bad that I'm 15 and I knew that Tanner was talking about Johnny Quest

My school plays with the robot.

I went there in till I found out how much things costed there

I like your beard WAS THAT A COOKIE??

I miss Toys R Us already


#migetlumberjack make this a thing

I love you mattias your like a lumberjack and not a tiny one I saw that coment

I have the MiP and I rally liked it. The battle mode is fun.

omg thank you so much for the shoutout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your channel also sorry for the spam lmao cant stop screaming someone send help 0-0

I'm trigerred cuse  tanner tried to stomp on mip >:(

i think i know what tanner was talking that tv show is "Swamp People."

Your beard is so sad

Love the bired

he showed 23 different Mario games

I really don’t know what what I’m doing here but this is what I do

Was that a cookie?

That chest hair tho

You should update the images you use to accommodate for your DOPE beard!

#notifacation squad (late) WHERES BOBBY THE MACHINE

Goodbye Geoffrey

Tanner it s called Johnny quest

even if a women is gonna attack you first or you are gonna die from fist don't hit em no i think equal rights women hit ya K.O em

XD matthias went DIABLE JAMBLE and kicked the robot

I have the 1st item

Youtube is real life

Was it a cookie

You already used the recoil gun on team edge vs legendary shots

I have a MIP. You can control it with hand motions and it actually has many different behaviors and programed emotions.

You took away pewds beard MAT

Tanner's beard looks a lot better than matthias's

Dash,We have like 4 at my school and there creepy when reading in the library

Also you guys should use the laser guns on Battle universe

I really want the laser tag guns

Tezla? Tesla!

With the drone car you snap the drone onto the car and the air pushes it go to my channel to see how

Editor is a Nintendo fan


Get rid of the beard

That first car gun thing I got for Christmas and I personally find it awesome and it actually workd

Rip cooky

I absolutely LOST IT at the mip

You have seen it but not used the robot

its jonny quest bro

the intro gives away the fact that the MIP is a trash it.

Do one were you review living things like doges

I have the missle car

it's called a fan boat

Do you mean hemen

its a edumicational toy

Make more

Matthias 5.1mil

Matthias Please cut your beard it makes your head look too big and there’s not that much up there not trying to be rude so plZ!!!

Toys R Us went put of business because white people stopped having kids and the ones who still do, stopped shopping in public because it's too dangerous with all the diversity or "cultural enrichment" that's been forced onto us since the 1965 immigration act.


Matthias nuuuuuuuu

Matthias :


How much is that power Wheels car

When i was in kindergarten i bought my first game from toys r us with my own money i bought a small car and i’m 17 and i still have that car its pretty sad that they’re shutting down


The beard is almost as hairy as my......

The sound is out of sync

I wonder were did all the producs go on the first ever video till today?

Your face hair is called The John Wick

i lick your vides

I hate the beard

11:39 suicide

7:06 that's the face u make when u run out off cheesecake 1 like= 1 cheesecake

Thanks for the videos Don't hit woman!! ;3

At school we use that blue and orange bot

its a litl robot to play with


10:22 Lmfaoooooo



Come here boy tell me what it says

your barber sucks

it is okay to hit women sometimes. like when she trying to kill ya.

did anyone catch when tanner said"im a little hard"?

not you Tanner

I don't know about every toys r us in Vegas but at least one is not closing yet, supposedly a man wants to buy the store

You shoud do Fun or None

12:52 *PEASANT*

Use it for battle universe that will be a good vid

The there really going out of business is because the founder of toys r us recently past away, also known as a war hero who served during the world war era.

You looked like Jfred in the video

that is so sad


I has that nip robot


I have that robot

Matthias got that pewdiepie beard

Get off that beard

Still in Canada.

Your beard is awesome I wish to have a beard like that one day

The cartoon is called swamp thing! I loved it so much!!

I think that cartoon was jonny quest


i love how you both said you mash a cookie you guys are the best

remove your berd

havent laughed so hard ever "robot no bad robot" xD

Didn’t team edge use the recoil set in battle

All becuz of mistur yeff from amazon

I've never been to toys r us

ToysRus expectations : "HEY GUYS LETS SPEND $999.99 ON A TOY PLASTIC CAR! ToysRus Reality: "Hey guys instead of spending a 1,000 dollars on this plastic car lets go to Walmart and get the exact same thing for $245." Point is ToysRus expectations were to high that is why they went out of business. If they just lowered the prices to fight against super stores they might of stayed in business.

Matthias the Viking

You probably used the monkey

Rip childhood


He have changed so much!

You've used that on team Edge that Lazer tag thing


The extreme Lazer tag chanlang

That chest hair tho

Matthias I have a drone that can actaually drive and fly not like that cheap fake one

Y toys r us

You could of sold those toys for a lot of money


I have the MIP personal robot. It takes lots of work to actually make it function and to me it's not worth it.

i love your vids

great veds

geat veds

that one guy

Not many people cringed

that drone car sucked

Toys were us

Wonder coach continent boom around several result symptom advocate donor craft.

Cookie lives matter

I used that robot and another called dot in my gt math class and we loved using them

Matthias we have dash boys at out school. It is fun. Hope you see this. Love your vids

Your beard is thicc I like it


"What kind if car turns like that" cars you break and cars that are toys for kide

Those guns would be dope on battle universe

Hi goat

it would be scooby doo

he looks like steve rogers from infinity war! ha ha ha ha ha lol

where the memes at Hate the kiddos in the comment secrtion

I think he is talking about swamp people where they hunt alligators.


From walli lol

That bug Got me to miss one of My toe nails

Just realized daft punk is in the background

My teacher has the dash robot thing it so funny bc it makes weird noises

dat robot tho

How do u not know mip. It came out in 2015/14 and I love that robot. Yes I have one.

The robot at 10:00 we used in school to learn programming. In school we had 5 of them and like all accessories and stuff.

Can't stop staring at your nose

Hey man I was wondering where you got those helmets in the back I’ve always wanted a star lord one ever since I seen it come out

RIP toys are us

try dude prefect product

I have that dash robot thing at my school :)

Matthias your beard is very long

Matthias It didnt went out of business, the owner died,

Its not going out of business, its moving to a Canada only store

Matthias K


Matthias wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwewwwwwwwwwww

R.i.p. Toys "R" Us I actually used to go to there but now it it went bankrupt and closed

shaf your berd you look a lot beter without abeard


I am so sad

r.i.p toys r us :3

Do an only "Sharper Image" episode

Is it just me, that Matthias looked like a Danish Messi??

Go go go go go

Why did that person say the thing about your beard now I can’t stop looking at it

I can watch your videos for hoursssss This Chanel made me not board at my dads

I saw a street with your name exept not double T

10:20 heyyy

cringy soiboi

17:50 lol matthias

ppl in the comment section if u r a marvel fan u should know this......... would u rather be daredevil or be quicksilver??? plz answer

I would be quicksilver

It's what your mama said which was wrong

Not in Canada Land take the L

His name is mip

I have a sharper image 3d printer and it printed a car and all i had to do was add wires

it is so funny I almost fell off my bed

Lol toys r us is still in Australia


So that's why PewDiePie get rid of he's beard

It’s a empty shell of lies

So toy kingdom

You have used the recoil things on team edge or battle universe

u look better without beard

Can I have that rkadgamepleeeeeeeèeeeeesssssssssss

Matthias if I was you I will donate all of the toys in a charity or homeless children

I made weapons out of mechanical pencils in school

c'est la vie Toys R' Us! Whats next Chuck E Cheese? Who remembers Discovery Zone and KB Toys? :D

The Mip is dead inside bro

rip nerf gunz

tanner you deep that bread

I lways want a mip

I always want a wip

made for luna

Oreo more like. Floor-eo

A pvc pipe really!

I have that go gamer thing now its just in the basement chilling

Maaaaaat's a lumberjack and he's oooook.

i am so mad .


nice beard... lul

Matthias: Heeey Dash: Heeey Matthias:Triggered

Tanner does not have a beard☺☺

how much was that gun thing I want it!

Yo u should make a "dad" Video where u do a trendy or bendy(could become one) !!! Please!!! Like so Matt could see! Shout me out matt

At first when Mip groaned I thought somebody farted

no more bad dudes

I have recoil

I have the mop it is so fun

With the dash toy from Toys R Us we use those in computer class for coding

i like hexbugs

Oh hello beard I didn’t see you there

Omg. I’m eating Oreos right now.

We have dashes at our school there so annoying. the only good thing is you can program them.(and make fun of them.)

I believe in equality. If a woman attacks me, I'm punching her right in the face. If I held back, that would be sexist.

I have a version of that it’s a hovercraft.

"It's just like a little vibrating motors that vibrates"

My old school had dash

You used the wired sensor on the recoil guns wrong it goes on your back. There are sensors on the guns for your front and sides...

Bring in Connor or Sam :)

Good beard

i did not like your beard at first but now i'm starting to get used to it. good job with the beard dude

I laughed SO hard at the Mario podcast titles that the editor made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it

i love these videos and think tanner is a great assistant on them but i dont think it would be the same without you matthias. i know we argued about bryan leaving and tanner has taken over from him so well but this channel is matthias.

I didn’t cringe but still liked.

matt your beard is amazin

matthias lookin like captain phillips

17:37 he said tasteful instead of cash

I have a gameboy

tanners beard is almost bigger than matthias's # Notification sqaud

Johnny quest

how close in can you get to your nose bro

17:51 shots fired

Matt haven't u used the recoil guns before

What about cozmo???

Toys "R" Us is only out of business in the US, its still open in Canada where i live.

I have that prtable mini game center still XD

Hi Mathias when I'm down like today or scared or mad I watch you and you cure me I Looooooooooooooooove your vids

Hey Matt, have you seriously never seen a hexbug?

Is that a cookie.

That one kid's robot bot was funny. "Hey!"

Didn't team edge use the Recoil stuff?

The drone is fun

Omg Matthias is finally turning into a man

Matt let me lick ur beard ins awesome

Check the video - could be good, Oh i recognise that dude, fucking stop suggesting this - can't stand him.

Only in certain countries as toys are us: out of business it is coming

Omg I almost died when he kicked mip

It starts with this eeeh


Plz send me that hockey game

your thoots is verry white

No offense but I don’t like your bierd

The show that tanner was talkibg about its johnny quest

Me to

Yo Why did you smash a cookie?


Matthias llyhhhhhhhhhhhhjhhjhhhhhhhhhhhhhh L.mhy jump h

Rip toys r us but where I live there still is toys r us!

Good luck if a toy breaks.

My scool has like 7 of those blue robots

R.I.P Tanner #TeamEdge

I thought the first toy was one of those cars that kids can drive

I havent been here for months and..... you look like man now Mathias!

Do a Matthias or tanner

"NO CAR No"*violently kicks robot

You are the best

no I don't

Hi give me a shout out my name is kaypen

Matts toy reviews!

Canada's toy r us is still up

Fan boat

We use the dash bot at school

"No! It's an empty shell of LIES!!" Literally my parents '*love*' for each other.... :*)


"Its so much bigger than I thought it would be " ..That's what she said Matt

No one likes tanners beard if u could call it that

It’s so sad I use to love going there RIP toys “R” Us

MIP IS MY BEST FRIEND WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

you shuold play sims 4 and react to it

No Cosmo

wait, so they are going out of business EVERYWHERE?!

That's what she said

Your beard is soooo thiccccccc

Never smash that cookie!

he kited high

Love that chest hair that pops out at ya like a random employee in Walmart

Hi Flashmonkey08

Why did you hurt the robot

Cant stop

I remember mip

I remember hex bug there

I'm unsubscribing because of ur beard

U look weird with a beard

Tanner meant scooby doo

I have the air hogs drone/car and it stopped working after 3 weeks

I like your beard. I look back to your old videos and i creng no afenc oh and i subed

You know how dash was after the drone, then why is dash just sitting right there on the carpet 8:54

Rip brobot

I now what TV show he is talking about

Hi.. I like cheese


Every time tanner says something, Matthias wished Bryan is back.

nO THE BEARD IS BACCCCCKKKKKKKKKK // Awh man, I can't believe one of my favorite stores has gone out of business! That's so saaaaaad :ccccc

Can I have it

Can I have it ?

You know what's trash your beard

to be fair I didn't think that was a button eather...

Cut the beard

I have the car shown for the first item

He looks like he would be bald but he's not

mine has not even put out closing signs

Love the beard man

Toys R Us never actually went out of business I went they a few days ago

only in murica tho

I knew what the one guy was talking about. The show is old , I'm talking older than 20 years maybe.

these vids are Soo funny

IS THAT A COOKIE?! 乁(ಥ ʖಥ)ㄏ

You are so funny.

Keemstar 2018 matthias

Is the beard as soft as it looks

You tried the monkey version

I have MiP he is cool


Robot and car sitting in a tree kissing kissing

Mip has more than one mode without the app if you spin the wheel.

15:57 lol top left corner

You're funnier before you had your beard

Legendary video mat ! Lyl #latenotification sqood

Hey guys, If you want to see some quality movies go check out BPS Productions. The crew is from Bulgaria and I promised to advertise their work. And what a better place than Matthias video.

I punch a woman if they punch me

Rip toys "R" US

was tanner talking about wild krats?

nnn...ice beard


Toys r us is over priced

How much for the guns at the end please

Matthias Logic: Cozmo is probably a piece of trash rolling on your desk Also Matthias: Wonder will teach kids to program. My logic: THEIR THE SAME

whaen u post it is night time 4 me and I have school so yeah...

rip toys are use

what is REKT doing on Matthias - 13:20

Well shouldn’t we say... Beard day!

Matthias now reminds me of Cartoonz

Do one with nothing but drones

Hair cut day???...

I have mip and he is great

did they officially go out of business yet the Toys R Us

Toys R us is not going out of business but they are restructuring and renovating itself to be better!!! All stores are open and websites too!! Just to clear all the debts of theirs and they have support from others

Bro I went to to toys r us out of business sale for a rubix cube , $13.99 with 10 percent off !!! Went to Walmart down the road same rubix cube 8.98 , no fucking wonder your going bye-bye

The little monkey you got before is the same brand as mip

*Good Video :D*

is alex ok tho?

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