10 (EXCITING) Digital Marketing Innovations | Must-Have For Your Business!

10 (EXCITING) Digital Marketing Innovations | Must-Have For Your Business!

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Thing, off Alan are you on the line I am. Awesome. Hello. Everybody so Alan let's let's start like what what are we trying to do here today give this like why did we want to cover things, and what are we covering exactly, well, it's the new year and we want to kind of go over some new exciting. Marketing. Trends and innovations that other websites have done a lot. Of these are ideas we could kind of emulate and actually put on your website where. I should you testing some of these things on ourselves and on our clients, so I think it's really good to kind of convey, some. Of the trends that we take a good or help in the future. Yeah. Absolutely I mean don't you sometimes. You're just sitting and you see something really cool online, you're like God why do I like to share that with somebody just looking, at it by myself. I'd like to deduct, it and and kind, of go through that with a group of peers so that's that's kind of what we're looking to do today and it. Really well said so if, you guys don't know who I am a John Lincoln and CEO here at ignite visibility, we've been running the company for about six years now we're, up to about, 70. People or so who work here in about a hundred and fifty clients, and just having a lot of fun staying. True to our mission to. Really just deliver best-in-class, services. And to, reinvest, in client success employee, success in the community, and still, working with two great pro bono clients, reality. Changers and peddle, the cause which, are two great organizations you. Should check out in. Addition that I also have Alan Bush with me here Alan's, like to say hi and introduce yourself, yeah. Absolutely I'm, Alan, Bush I'm the VP of strategy, here at ignite visibility, I've been. In the industry for about twelve years and I've been with ignite for, about, over, four years and, I'm the head of the SEO department, but I generally help everybody in the company I also, teach, a course on SEO, at UCSD we're, actually in the process of I think the fourth week right now on the online version of it and next. Semester's, not to give a plug but there'll. Be a, in, person, an online version both. Will be available so is anyone interested go ahead and sign up or hit, me up on an email and we'll I'll get you started. Plug. Away it's a great class and Alan, does a fantastic job, so definitely, check that out, so. Today, we're, gonna look at some of the coolest things online this is going to be interactive. We're gonna rate them together, on a scale, of one to five okay, so you actually get to participate and at the end we're. Gonna see what the coolest, thing was so, if you look in the chat feature you're gonna see a link to a Google form, and that, Google Form is something you can click on you can rate one, to five the, items one through ten we're to go through ten items and we've got some really cool bonus, stuff at the end the, bonus, stuff at the end I think actually might, blow, you away, I've, been doing all these demos, with, new, innovative, companies, I've got this new thing today called a rap I. 99%. Of people have not seen this it's kind of like this cool new innovative thing for mobile I can't wait to show you that so. So. It's gonna be fun but anyway so we're gonna we're gonna kind of rate these things and I just think keep in your mind like how can I use this for my own business how can I apply this is this actually something that's innovative and will work or is this something we shouldn't do there's, a lot of testing, that's being happening.

Right Now and, ask, questions, leave some comments, we want this to be interactive it'd, be about 30 to 40 minutes I think you got, the link to about there but you also have it in the chat so let's dive into it so, number one, Mikey, an. Amazing. Retail brand let's, go ahead and take a look at some of the cool new things, that Nike, is doing that we noticed. So. The first thing is this, wish, list icon, wish. List icon right. Next to the cart right there it's the same color as the button it's a UX, feature Allen, how do you feel about that it's. Really great because it puts it right in front of you so it's a lot easier to add things to a cart if you're not ready to buy it you could put this on your list for the future and it kind of keeps you keep locked into the website coming back so hey I really wanted to come, forget this later so. And it's a really good call-to-action, a simple, heart simple icon it's. Very recognizable and. I think one, of the things though you know you got to understand what this means the heart I love it basically I guess is what they're trying to imply here so, yeah finally kind of interesting. Let. Me ask this to the community do you guys feel like you know, that, that's a wish list and you know what to do with that and also what do you think the click rate is on something like that so if you've got to click-through rate of 30% on the page what would be the click-through rate on that wish list these are things to think about but, I'd love anybody in the chat to tell me do, you think that that's something that actually looks like a wish list icon, next. Thing we have today this is really interesting, so doing a search and think about this for all you ecommerce sites were looking at Nike again here do, a search for shoes on Nike what. Happens, the navigation. Bus open, it shows, you the top suggestions. And it also shows, you the top categories.

All In the nav right there this, is a company, that probably, spends, a good amount of money just, on their, search feature I've worked with companies that spend tens - 20 you know thousands. Of dollars a month just, working on search because they have so many visitors now. And when you see that feature what, goes through your head this. Is really great because it's such a visual component, and when you're looking for shoes a lot of times that's the first thing you think about how do they look on you and so what this is demonstrating, is a here's the top categories, that you can see but, B here's, what they look like and I think this will really improve the way the search functions, work in general you, know navigation. And in search is starting to kind of merge into one and I, really, encourage people. That sell like jewelry, or clothing that. To adopt, this because I believe could help your client base find exactly. What they're looking for I. Think. It allows them to highlight, inventory. Really, quickly which is great and that's something that's going to be a theme in this webinar today how do you get the most exposure, for, your top inventory. And. Then. Also Nikes, do an international, optimization. So international. Optimization. Is something. That we do a lot of here and that's the ability to launch, in different countries, and launch in different languages, and get ranked at different versions of Google right there's, Google Cote UK, there's Google es, there's, Google I n there's, Google CA there's. All these different versions of Google so you need to create different sections, of your website for, it so Alan when, we look at this international optimization. And you've, seen a lot of them do you see that this is being fully built built out any issues with it talk to us about that yeah. So Johnson. We do a lot of international optimization. Here and I've worked on a few of these clients myself on what I do what we did notice is they don't have the H, hreflang tags, which are important, for an international, optimization if you actually go to play.google.com you.

Can See examples. Of this in their code they, have almost. Every language you can think of and it doesn't seem that Nike is doing this now there, are other methods of taking care of that and that's usually through the sitemaps and although. I did look at the sitemap some of the sitemaps weren't available, for me to view so. I'm wondering if they're just hiding the code and they actually do have this taken. Care of but on first, glance it looks like they would need help maybe we should call him up and ask him you can see if they need some SEO uh. Nike. Actually, was was a prospect, at one point here I think there's still a prospect yes. Please don't circle, back anyways. So generally, they've got some really cool very, innovative things going on with UX they've got some international optimization. That's very notable, we're. Not sure if the href link tags are set up properly that. Is Nike please, vote on Nikes, innovation, right now go to the Google forum click, on it give them a rating, on a scale of one to five and let's, keep moving and let's jump into these other nine really, cool items, that we have today, so. The next one is RevZilla so, RevZilla, if you guys don't know I've worked in motocross. And, motorcycles. And you, know bike, parts, and you know cars, and a lot of retail, stuff like that online you know they are pretty, darn good I would give them a shout out they've, done some really innovative things so it's always a good website to look at but. Just starting out with the basics, they've got something you don't see a lot of either your other ecommerce sites have Alan talk to us a little bit about what. We noticed well. We noticed that the actual number of inventory, is actually listed on the right in the header I think. That's a really good call to action kind of telling you what's going on how many items you should be looking at and what's. Available to, you and also, I believe search, engines like this as well if you add more inventory it'll, update the page and therefore just pretty, much as fresh content right away and right in the header and and. As we look at schema and those other items in the search and just start pulling they start pulling data like this and yet the more interactive you could be with your audience the more you can reveal. I believe it's for the better. Well. You know this is numbers. Or data right, the amount of products in a category, that's a piece of data you, can use a piece of data in an h1, here to differentiate, and show the user how many things you have you, can use that in your title, of the page your description, and we're going to get more into that later when, we look at another site who's doing even, more with that number so I'm pretty excited about that but, that's RevZilla, and then in addition to that they've, done some interesting things, with their category. Level optimization. I'll start out and cover, the first couple, so, one of the things we saw is they're calling, out the sale items, so the sale items, they put a little icon, on the top so that the user can see that, that is a sale they've, also called out the new items now the reason, that I like this is because this plays into supply chain management, right this plays into inventory management, and this, plays into margins, in the business model and e-commerce is more about marketing, right you've got to work with the business so if they want to move more, of the forma predator, 2.0, boots if they, throw that, little sale at the top of the category they're, differentiating.

That They're getting higher click-through rates, and as a result they're selling more but there's more going on in this category level optimization. What else do we know this out yeah. I really like what you just pointed out there because they want, to liquidate some items of goods that call out gets rid of their the things that they don't want there and also that ones I have better margins but, they've also done their SEO due diligence, and put their content on there they have basically 24 products on there so basically you have a lot of product. Names things that really say boots and and have. That keyword, language, in there and then they've also added the SEO content to talk about what the boots are all about and so this, is really good for their organization, and I think people, that are in this industry and have e-commerce should probably follow suit. Let's. Give it a boat, for RevZilla, what, do you think on a scale of one to five compared, to Nike how, good did RevZilla, do next, to article. Number. Two. How, we're number three and. This one by the way guys this is like fun like nobody's going to get like. We award or anything for this stuff we just made all this up right we're just trying to have a fun way to look at content and. Innovative. Stuff online so, don't worry about voting for for, the wrong thing we're just pulling in stuff, together and looking at it but, this next one is you. Know they're a local company here in San Diego we're in San Diego, and while, doing some competitive, analysis and thinking about some of our things that we do here we have this big 93.0. Operating, system which is how we do what, we do here right it helps with a lot of different things, bring clarity in the company what not we, noticed that San Diego County credit union was doing something really interesting, at the bottom, of their pages and this, might have, some implications, on how they rank so. Alan. You know you love. This type of project. Talk just a little bit about this one yeah. For sure and it really does adding, fa Q's is something that we have actually adopted here at ignite and we, encourage people to do that and the reason why is because it. Adds content, for one but also addresses, pain points that people have and it. You know it's, interesting one of my favorite tools is a segue to this called answer the public and you can get a lot of frequently, asked questions, from this tool they, have a creepy guy that talks about what that looks like you waiting for you to make a query but once you do you get a lot of great questions that people commonly ask online, and I think you could use that as a base for your fa Q's also. If they cues are generally, good for voice search if you actually think, about how you interact with your phone and you know what people use when they do they, usually do queries right they ask questions and they want to know something on the fly so um this, will be helped that, be found in the voice search things, like Alexa right, again. It makes the page rank of course because more, content, the, pain points as I mentioned before you could also be found in the knowledge graph and if you if, you've seen Google searches as of late either. Your, query will come up with a big knowledge graph at the top or a series. Of questions that are being answered X commonly, asked that open up new web. Pages and it, really helps to get in there because a is it gets your eyeballs on your website and then B if people have more interested in that content they'll click on it so the click-through rates are if you rank you get that aspect, of it and the click-through rates will really help them encourage, people to go to your website be a founder there so this also really establishes, you as an industry leader if you're able to to, address people's pain poison and just. Questions before they even ask them so, I really encourage people to kind of get in the habit of of adding these to the site a lot of people do but I still think it's is underutilized. Underestimated. Yeah. Really well said I mean we when. We added this to the bottom of the clients page we, saw large. Jumps. And rankings and then a 10%, increase in conversion, rates because you're answering all the questions on, the page it's a no-brainer right and, then as Alan mentioned for voice search I mean it makes it so you pull out those Rich Snippets that shows up in the Google assistant, right and all, that by.

The Way I'm doing a presentation on voice search in San Francisco, next week I can't wait to share all that good stuff with you guys as well then, I've been diving into it quite a bit so, what boat wait, vote on Sanders accounts credit union and click, on the Google Form right there and give them a star, for, their innovation and, now we're into the next one MailChimp, this is kind of a fun one so I you. Know I think a lot of people are like oh you know John's a technical SEO guy but I mean I'm digital, marketing through and through and little, stuff like this like I just, absolutely, love it prepare for launch right we've got this icon, right there and when, I when, I see this what I think is how can I use this for all of our clients how can I use this for ourselves right, this, little icon is, a. Way, to. Basically show, somebody what, they need to do before, they do it so, how can you use imagery, next. To your calls to action so. That you can make, it so people take advantage of this call to action so a lot of times what you'll see is a person, who's looking at the call to action like they'll have their eyes kind of pointing over that way MailChimp, they've got a monkey. With his finger on top of the button right there so he's about to push it and, it just shows you you know kind of this micro, interaction. CTA. Hint. Right, and so, I just, love that UX feature it's simple, you, know I'm sending these emails out all the time and I, think it's something that we can we can leverage. For other things so. We can keep that one short but go ahead and vote on male champions you, think they've done a good job with that innovation, give. Them a rating. So. Now we're number five Lowe's, and Lowe's is a big. Company and they've invested, in a lot of different things and they've got some stuff that I feel like they put some time into and that's very important, for their own brand. And their own customer. So, let's take a look at this so Alan, maybe walk us through a few of these and I'll chime in on some. Of the others yeah. I like the aspect that they have different types of calculators, because there's such a broad store and they I think they kind of outdo that some of their competitors by adding calculators. Specific, to certain items, that you may need I've seen a lot of companies, like mortgage, companies utilize this feature but, but there's usually just one calculator Connick you checks. Whether or not you can afford a certain, type of loan but, they've done it for flooring, and for blowing valves, and roll installations, all these different things so it's like a calculated, edit they dedicated, to each part, of their store and.

I Really like that aspect of it also they. Added how to sections. For, people that are I mean that's, their demographic, right if you think about who goes to Lowe's it's a lot of do-it-yourselfers. A lot of people who want to fix up their home fix up their house do. Something really cool for the season upcoming for you know Valentine's, Day or the holidays or whatever it is and so they've added that feature within, there I really, think that they're probably doing really well in the organic market by providing this value, to, their customer, base and people sharing that information say, hey hey. Buddy I know, you had a, role. Insulation, that your project, you're working on today Lowe's has a calculator that could help you identify. Some of that stuff so the. Almost, educating, the client and letting them help themselves will. Bring more customers to their store so really, great work on their part. Yeah. When I see this I see calculator. But I see, more of a concept, I see a micro, funnel, and I think that every, business as it matures should be looking at micro, funnels so quizzes. Calculators. Things, like get people more information, and then prequalify. Them and then push them down the process where. They can eventually convert, so after they take the couch after they use the flooring calculator, as a next step you, know they're presented, with the option to get flooring right they might be presented with a video that, shows how Lowe's is the best choice for flooring. So, that people watch that and then eventually want, to use them so, think about online now. As more funnels, and what are those micro, funnels that can eventually lead to macro, conversions, we're, going to show you a really cool tool at the end of this that's, going to show you the drop-off, rate from start to finish of funnels on your, website that I think is super powerful we've been using it for our. Clients here, so. Votaw blows how do you think Lowe's did with those innovations, go, ahead and give it a vote click on that google form and at the end we will know how they fared, next. Thing TripAdvisor. Okay, so now we've got kind of a geeky, SEO, one but one that is incredibly. Powerful like. Incredibly. Powerful, and a concept, that I hope if you learn anything today you're gonna learn about something. Called dynamic optimization. So. When you work, on really big big, websites, with hundreds, of thousands or millions of pages you need to optimize things dynamically. And this is hard for people to wrap their head around sometimes. But basically using. A set of rules you, can optimize things like the title description h1. H2 URL. Structure you don't have to do it all one by one so. What you're looking at here is TripAdvisor, right, and TripAdvisor. Is the number one ranked, for, terms, like best, hotels, or hotels, near meet with this, particular.

Title So, when you look at this title what, do you see well, it's different, than the rest you've. Got things, that are in capitals, you've, got a number-10. Best, you've. Got the Year 2019. You've. Got the price, right, and so, here, is something that can be inserted dynamically. Location. San Diego is something that's inserted dynamically. Price, is something that's inserted, diet dynamically, from the bottom-line price and then, they're testing, capitalization. And when you work with a large site like this it's really important, to, be testing. Category. In category, optimization. And this. Is something that they've done something that we do here but what if you change that out, or top hotels, or nine best or 34 best or you, change that price from 55, to. $49.99. Right, or 2019. If you had left at 2018, or going, through 2021. Right, or, you change the term hotels, to something, else right accommodations. Testing. These things in your title so that you can improve click-through, rates makes, a huge huge difference and. You, can also do the same thing with other elements on the page so this is TripAdvisor. This is an enterprise site these, are the type of things you need to think about and that's one reason why, they're winning in Allen, when you look at them versus the other elements, on the page I mean it's pretty clear why they're why they're, doing better don't you think that has a higher, propensity for click-through, rates yeah, absolutely it's, one of the things that draws your eyes if you think about all the ones on there they have some variations, of what your visor has done but the combination of having the Capitals the numbers involve the, year involved, and the price I think they're the only one that has all three of those elements in there if you think about it and so, I'm even though some and also you. Know the language of cheap, versus. Best you. Know I mean I'd rather to go to the best and. The price is there it's in still in the realm of the of what we consider cheap, but, the language thing something that's better it's not a you know cheap sounds like I don't want to stay there's gonna be cockroaches, or something up there so, I, think, it's better that they've done the right thing with the calls to action and it is probably evident why they're ranking number one right now I mean. Look at it I mean if, you go through this one by one you, know 16, best hotels in San Diego hotels from 39, and I okay yeah that's pretty good, hotels. Closest. Hotels to Balboa Park that's interesting, hotels.com, house hasn't quite a few listings by the way you, ever seed like quite a few listings in one sometimes, those kind of cannibalize the ability to rank number one so, if you see all those different hotels. Column. Listings Google. Is having a hard time figuring out which page to rank and which one to rank number one so they've got a lot of different pages there's a lot of different ways to deal with that in, those cases what, yeah what somebody will do is they'll put a rel canonical which.

Is Something that tells Google you, know rank, this page instead of this page from, all the suburbs to the top page, so, that you don't have too much thing, so they got a little bit of that going on there but also a lot of real estate but. But really though they've. TripAdvisor. Great, title let's, move on go ahead and give it a vote if you like what they did there with that title if it was incredibly innovative give them some good stars. Now. We're getting into leadpages. So. Leadpages. Has done some innovation, we're not talking about the product, here leadpages, we're talking about what they're doing on their website, for marketing. Let's take a look at it leadpages number. Seven, so. This. Is kind of interesting Allen we talked about this earlier today like what do you think about this concept. Yes. So this is really you showed me this one actually I was, really curious of how this one works basically it. Notifies, when there's purchases being made is basically user proof, I've seen. Similar technologies. And it actually wasn't as apparent, as this one whereas, it like shop locally, or something, similar to that where you. Would get you know the, user we get a notification after, you make a purchase to be able to share whether, or not you've. You. Bought a product but, in this case they're telling how many people are seeing it I know. Things like Expedia do that where you're trying to rent a room and they say hey there's five people viewing, this right now so it kind of gives us a sense of urgency and also you. Know let you know what's going on or how popular certain, items are in this case so, I do think it's it really, draws your attention toward, our and, it could lead to even more sales in the future so this is really clever. Scarcity. Everybody, really well said Allen scarcity. Right that's a concept, that all humans. Feel, right so, on Expedia. And these other sites what they do is they say hundred, people are viewing this page right now only, two are left only ones, left you, know and so on and so forth there's not enough inventory people. Want to jump in and they want to buy it especially in the travel space in, addition to that there's this other element of social proof, so, a savvy marketer, from the United States just, bought leadpages, monthly pro subscription. Right, that feels a little bit targeted, towards me in some ways and other pieces were probably a lot like me right like Allen so, what. This does is it, tells who's. Bought right, recently. And gets a notification so, there's social proof in, addition, to that there's this other element that create, scarcity, so, you. Know if I, set up ignite visibility. We're only signing, up you know another, four people this month and three people have already signed up which is kind of the case, people, are going to probably want to jump in or there's going to be you, know more types of you. Know scarcity, and calls to action so that's leave leadpages. And if you'd like to vote for them go ahead and do that in the, Google form and we just have a couple more and then we're going to do a rapid-fire on the innovation stuff, next. One Wikipedia. Wikipedia. Number. Eight we are going to vote for them so. Wikipedia, is, the number, one SEO. Site in the world and why, is that the case Allen what are they doing right from, a search engine optimization. Perspective they crush, it because, essentially. They, have all their SEO elements right if they have the code, optimized, it's, very easy to read for search engines they update, their content, one of the things you're finding out here is really update, their content so frequently, and and. They have user interaction, so people, in, internal. Link so because of so many things right with Wikipedia, and basically. They're like an SEO dream come true if I would ever give an analogy to perfect SEO I would. Generally use Wikipedia, as that analogy only because you, know that I mean they're super, popular as it is of course the amount of links that go to them but just their structure of their website the amount of information they provide it's, like as a search engine's dream come true to digest, that information, so I mean, in this case here, you can see how frequently, this thing gets updated and this is just Abraham Lincoln which was a historical, figure but it gets updated still constantly, we're still making changes in alterations, that, finding new facts out or adding new information.

Always. In curt well said always improving, always, updating. Great, internal, linking sourcing. All their information, credibility. Building. Themselves up as a brand that other people, want to link to Wikipedia, is. Doing, an amazing job they, are literally, the, number one SEO, site online so. Says SEM rush and others and. That's. That so go, ahead and give them a vote if you like what wikipedia is doing also in addition to that I think it's that concept, for your business, what, does Wikipedia, doing they're cure, creating content on a continual. Basis, updating. It for their most important, pages if you can do that you're, gonna rank really well also, into, I rise, so now we're jumping into Marketo, and then we've got one more after this by the way number 10 is my favorite, so you're gonna want to check that out but let's take a look at what Marketo is doing here so, Alan talk to us a little bit about this chat bot chat, bots are a big deal right now I've had so many people in here giving us presentations. On chat BOTS I want to talk about this one a little bit too but brick just break it down for us yeah. So basically the yo you've probably seen this on websites where you jump on the website and then a little what, they call a little chat bot comes up and also they have started a discussion with you and it open those open up questions in case you had questions you want to talk about right away Marketo. Is actually personalize, it so it basically it, tailors to the page that you're on and in, this case we went through and did the see Marketo in action page and when you click on it it says skip the forum start the process and book your personalized demo right now and then it even gives you answers to whatever, you have there so I did, it on a couple different pages and actually it was it was a slightly different format. Slightly different verbage and slightly different answers that would give him from, the chat bot right away right off the bat so you're already having a conversation just by simply opening that and then, and then in this case you, may not you don't want a reply right now you just click a button or you say yeah let's just book the demo right away you click a button you barely even have to type so think, about how it might work if you're on your phone you, don't type very well on your phone so if this chat bot works you could just start pressing buttons and it makes it a lot easier for the user experience. So. Specifically. Think of a chat bot as a funnel, and what, are the most common. Questions in way that you can funnel them down further in the process, and I, believe they used to trip here for this one. To create this trap bot and you know are you qualifying them as a customer you qualify, and then from an information perspective like do they need information, or they do they want to become a customer that's, that's one if they want information pushing, them down in the information, funnels if they want to be a customer, pushing, them down into customer, qualification. Funnels and, are. They going to be making a purchase right in the chat bot there's a lot of services. That allow you to do that now and then also how are you creating a seamless. I bought experience, from, Facebook from, your website Google. My business is. Now going to allow you to start having a chatbot feature inside, of there and now there's programs coming out that integrate, with all of these right so, what's your chat bot strategy. And and here's what I would say do. Not do this unless you're a big company do, not do this unless you just have a ton, of people asking. Questions all, the time because, otherwise you're, not really ready for it but if you're a big retail, company, big and entertainment, and, I've actually gotten this advice just. My own personal perspective but, then also a lot of the chat box company have told me this during demos you know it's kind of crickets not worth the investment if you're really small you're just not there yet so, go ahead and vote on marquette o--'s chat, pod experience, how. Well do they do on a scale of one to five how great, is that innovation and now. We're going into the last one which, is, cool. But, I don't want to sway anybody to say it's by saying it's the coolest but it is cool so, now, we're getting to experts.

Secrets, So expert secrets, is is. A little different it's a, marketing, campaign okay, done by click funnels Russell, Brunson and. Click, funnels is a service, that basically. Allows you to build landing pages and build funnels associated, with it so what I love about this is look, at this landing page okay. Look, at this landing page and think about this landing page from a lead gen perspective, compared, to your landing page for a lead gen perspective, maybe yours is better I don't know I'm not looking at your landing page right now but I am looking at this one I can, tell you they put a lot of time into, that copy, for, the title and, they put a lot of time into this person. This video that they've created and, they're, getting people in with a free, book which, you have to pay for shipping and then that gets you into a funnel, where, basically they try to upsell, you to using click funnels and building a course on there so that you can be an expert and sell, your knowledge to other people, in, addition, to that they've, done a very good job with, the paid media site on this so, they are retargeting. About, 15, to 20, different ads to. Anybody, who's come to this page in a sequence, and I just want everybody to know that's a really important, thing in retail, right now or seeing more and more if, somebody watches 60%, of this video over, 90, days we're, hitting them with 30 different pieces of creative, every. Other day and seeing that conversion, rate go from 1%, to 2% to. 4% to, 5% so. Using that remarketing, audience and that's something we're working on at ignite right now for a lot of clients is taking, it to that next level but. Clickfunnels, this. In particular and, a lot, of respect for this guys very good has. Done a great marketing, campaign here, and Alan is anything you want to chime in on that one yeah. I really love this because everything's above the fold there's, a lot of questions, that are saying certain things a lot of uh called. Great calls to action they got a video provided, and, yeah. Like you said they probably did a lot of effort and trying to figure out the best way to to, write the even the copy like. The first thing starts off with a sentence, and then it's like get your free copy and then find, your message build a tribe change the world all this great language that, makes people want to go well what's this all about it adds a sense of like almost, mystery, but like you'd be part of a great.

Organization, If you join and then, and, then like in an on a purely, just aesthetic, note everything's. Above the fold basically yeah I don't really have to scroll down to see anything and I think that's an important aspect of the specially building landing pages you don't want the user to have to do, too much just fill out the form press, a button and you're ready to go so they're, in a great job here quick Falls. You. Do an audit on your website, right now and I just got off a call before this with a client, if you do an audit then. You go through every single page and you make sure that there's a button above, the fold on mobile. A button. Above the phone a little text and a call to action on mobile, for every page you. Are going to see an increase in conversion, rate between 20, and 70 percent that. Is totally. True in their studies that show that the study says 55 percent, but it's different for every business if, you look at this same one on mobile they've, got a button above the phone they're using proof the thing that we just showed you a moment ago that says, how great it is and how many people bought it they've got a great creative, video that that, kind of gets people into this mindset. Movement, marketing, and that's another thing that they do well, is movement, marketing, right so. Kind. Of getting people feeling like they're around something and we, kind of feel like that a little bit here at ignite like, we're, for better marketing, right taking, it up a level doing better marketing, innovating. Every single day like that's why we're here today we want you to join us and in that movement in a way but. They've done very very, very good work so that's clickfunnels go ahead and vote on that and then now we're going to get into these last couple bonus items one which is something that I literally hated at first and now, I can't, stop thinking about it I really, really like it so so, let's jump into that but now just finish up your boat click on the Google Form and we'll, be saying the winners at, the end of this so, let's get into the bonus items so bonus, items, okay so the first one is this one that I've been talking about a bunch it's this concept, called breath okay. So, what is a wrap well, a wrap. It's. Just this right here if, you click through it it is, a interactive. You. Can put forms in it you can put buttons in it it's like a brochure that, you can spend a people on mobile and at, first I was like sifting I'm not really that excited, about it right I've Tec, knowledge is hard to impress me the, more that I thought about it and the more that I thought about how, we could use this for, clients, to display retail, products, how, we could, use this to, we've. Got you know 150, clients in a lot of different industries what's. The main thing you want to show to showcase your business so.

This Is a wrap it looks beautiful on mobile it's like a little mini mobile, microsite. With full abilities, for forms, videos. Animations. And, it's. New its brand new not many people are using it yet except for the big guys and you heard about it first for, the ignite visibility, because I got a demo last week, so that's wrap and Alan. What did you think when he saw rap for the first time like you were more excited than I was. Yeah. You showed it to me I think, after you got the initial excitement you showed it to me afterwards and I was like immediately impressed with it because the implications, of what you could do with it I mean the interaction, right there like. You said it's like a micro site and it's. Mobile-friendly, which is you know the big innovation, obviously with the tech and SEO, now is a. To be mobile-friendly and if you're not or if you don't have your ducks in a row this might be a really great answer for you to get the messaging, out there and I think that it's, just really I don't, know I'm interested, to see where this goes because, you know I don't know how it's really good for your marketing, I don't know how you can distribute it if you can put in party email campaigns, you can put in. Your newsletters, there's. So many things you could do and then it's like sending a package to somebody here here's what I got check it out if you like it come visit my website but. I really enjoyed this I think it'd be really great for certain clients. Nailed. It yeah we'll, have to see where it goes in, the demo I did, see they have full analytics, also which is pretty crazy, so they'll show you exactly. What, locations, somebody interacted, from what, they clicked on within each slide. You. Can you can get a bunch of great stuff they've got this great map that shows you you know where where, people are interacting with it and then you can advertise it, through, all the normal mediums, so so that's wrap took me a minute to wrap my head around it but now I have wrap my head around it yeah. Yeah. Fun for you pun intended last. Couple ones we got here today we have two more I think and.

We've. Got hot jars so hot chart Allen part is my hot hot jar yeah, jars are a great, what. We call heat mapping tool it, basically tells you how people not only where. People coming in to but what they're doing, on those pages and it's important to understand the interactions, I mean Google, Analytics has to some degree but I don't think they have it compared to hot jar and, I've seen some really great software is a hot rod of the past it's also free for, a certain amount of sessions so for people that uh that want to just test it out you could go ahead and do that and it basically tells you how people are interacting with the pages where they're dropping off in this case we're seeing the. Drop off point so all the way up to from, the dashboard from the homepage to the registration, page and then the dashboard, so basically this is where you're converting everybody who made a past registration, and got to the dashboard is your conversion, and then you can see well fifty eight percent of the people who dropped off the homepage well. Why is that so you got to figure out where your calls to action are maybe you can make some decisions about where. You need to place your buttons or your pricing model is different and then you see 44%, dropping off the pricing after the 58 percent drop off the homepage all, right well they something wrong the pricing maybe, we could adjust those things maybe we can see we. Can highlight the middle range and make three choices rather than one and. Then again you can see the registration maybe, there's a problem with the form or the form is way too long on mobile those are decisions you have to make I've seen a lot of clients that have a lot of information, that they, need from their their prospective clients, and their, mobile, form is just way too long so, people just don't they don't have all day to fill out a form so they just go home forget about it maybe make an easier mobile form or someone can contact you later and then, maybe that will help improve your conversion, so Bachar, will be give you some great insights as to how, the users, are interacting with your website so you can make these decisions. Well. Set the price. For traffic. Will only continue, to go up the. People who are gonna win are the people who can convert, that traffic at the lowest rate right, the people who have the best conversion process, the service that people want the most it's, the least expensive, for them to acquire, customers that's, who's going to win and hot jar allows you to do this with this funnel there's, also the. Funnel report, inside of Google Analytics which, is good but I like this one it's clean the one in analytics, allows, you to slice and dice by.

Traffic. Source anything. You can think of location. Landing, page stuff like that so but this is this is good and simple which is great okay, so I have two more and then the last one is something that I just found, today, it just brand-new today it's right, it's brand new spankin, new and it's going to affect a lot of people but this, one is just an industry, study so we did an industry study where, 300, marketers, revealed, a disruptive. Shift, in the, digital, advertising. Landscape. In how much they're going to be putting into. Marketing. Dollars in each additional, channels, and we want to bring this up because one we want you to check out the study but, too because we think that studies, are something that all businesses should be doing every, three to six months, because it allows you to manufacture press, so, think about how can you do a study for, your own business and, if you want help doing it we're happy to help you do it if not execute. It yourself because we highly recommend it and then, the last thing today so. This is really interesting. We found this feature inside. Of Google today on a mobile phone so, if you click start, story, you. Are going to see a story that, has been created. About. This particular, person and there's other celebrities. That have it as well this is Kelley Robbins and if, you click it it's going to show you a story, about his life his life story now what's really important, about this is if you end up getting one of these for your business, and almost every business has a knowledge panel, right, that's what this is not, all of them have this because not all of them have a is. Incredible, as this human being is in my opinion but, if you claim this knowledge panel then, you, will be able to modify, that in and do all that great stuff ok so, that's really interesting new, kind of bonus thing we just saw today and, if. You want to see what it looks like I think that this is really important. So, I'll show you real quickly what, it looks like if you play this on a mobile, phone so. It, looks something like this. It. Will flip through and tell you a story of this person, and this is a feature. That, is. Inside. Of Google, that could, end up popping up around every, single person's, brand so. That's that, so. Get all your votes in right now last, call for votes and now, is a good time if anybody has any questions, go ahead and get those questions lined up put it in the chat I think it'd be fun just to have a little conversation about.

Some. Of these things so. Go ahead and do that in the meantime we're, going to go ahead and look, at who the winners were and a ton of people voted, so thank you very much for doing that and. We. Have our first question coming, in. Allen why don't you take this one it's the, question is raps new but, what's the best way to use it for a business. For. The RAF's program. Its. New, so you know it's really hard to see the implications, though but that being said it, really draws the eye and I think that you could use it for email marketing you, could use it as included, in your newsletter, when people want to know certain things about what you you, do and. Then I'm, wondering I don't know how this works but if there's a way is it possible, to text people that URL so if you do SMS, which some people are still doing you, can use it at the URL and then all of a sudden now you have of the, such of rich visual experience, that's on their mobile that they can click on and. It's through text so, there's so many ways that you could kind of take this and run with it because you. Know you got to think about the audience is geared towards it towards the mobile, market and then most, of the people that are you know you know your calls to action for example what I mentioned that that the funnel that people were going down we're leaving you maybe provide, that as a senate for them that could take that with them so, yeah, there's a lot of ways that could be done on where, i'm trying to wrap my head around all the, ways that could be done and then try to figure out okay let's see you, know give it a test with ignite or to test with some of our clients, that have products. And, see. How, much it performs, what it does for us but i do think it's a great experience so I think it's to capture, the people that. I would use it in a variety of different channels. Agree. In text, right now everybody, has the highest, open rate out of all these other delivery. Platforms, so that's a really good point. Alan is that using, text, would be really really good for this next, question is how, do you code, dynamic. Optimization, into. A website. So, that's kind of a tricky one thank, you for asking that, what. I would say is on WordPress. It, cannot. Be done through. The Yoast plugin so, you just go inside Yoast the rules are already set up it will you can put in the dynamic, optimization for. Titles and descriptions, just right in there it's real easy if, you're working on a bigger site it kind, of depends the framework, but. If it's a PHP site, you know you would build that pH, be and you, would have it either be custom, or, if it's like a CMS. Like Magento, but yenna works like WordPress where, you've got an option just to put in or, work with the rules that they have there and. Then it's also a little bit different if you're like on a Ruby on Rails side, or asp.net, I think, it's just the, big point is it's, dependent, on the type of platform. Your website's built on would you say that's correct Allen anything you want to add to that yeah, absolutely that's, um that's exactly. How it is it's, it, PHP. Makes it a little easier is a database, driven websites makes, a lot easier to to code that in there I will. I can't tell. You the exact coding, but, what it normally does is it grabs elements. From your header or your, title tag or whatever it is and that that one one slows shift and change they, shift all the other elements in there and then you can individually cater.

To Certain things but, um but yeah if you really have a troubles with that on we have plenty of developers, that can help out and, address. That so if you have any major questions about the actual coding I don't, claim to be a coder but I do now know, how it works and when we do actually an in-house what we do is develop. A dynamic. Optimization keyword. Strategy. So, is we basically give you categories, and then you rotate them out based. Around what we're doing there so it makes it a lot easier to. Give, a blueprint, to, how to optimize, it and once we do that then we ended off of the development team. Awesome. OK, we've got a whole bunch of other comments in here thank you guys so much for jumping in and comment and I appreciate it. Donal scripts is a service, that works in tandem with clickfunnels. App helps you write dynamic, lead generation, copy, and. Seems. Really cool so thanks, for shouting that out really, appreciate that. We. Also have, a, question, do, you have a URL, example. That we can send around for the wrap I do. It's the. URL, is inside. Of here this is actually what it is but. We can probably. That. Will be in the presentation, that is emailed out later but you can also I. Could. Tweet that out probably on so if you want to follow me on Twitter hey I'll get another Twitter follower out of it too so that. And then, let's. See how important, is s the, faq, page is. A link, in the footer enough. So. That's kind of interesting Alan talk about like the difference between the FAQ, page and then the fa Q's at the bottom, of the page like I have some initial thoughts on it like you the FAQ, page really, helps with conversion, rates especially in a longer sales cycle type, of business, but, if you put it at the bottom of the page that's also, very good but it needs to relate, specifically. To that product or service that page is about so. That's the difference right yeah. That's how I review it as well I think with the FH use on the page itself or at least a few of them you don't no need to cram them all in there I mean the well the San Diego credit union did a good job I'm cramming a lot in there so they add maybe much they pretty much everything that's related to that topic but, I do think if you add your major once so that maybe the top, five or top 10 you'll. You'll get a lot of benefit from that and if you're thinking about it it kind of tells the story right it gives you know that you're. Getting the content above you and then once, you read that content you might have some questions about the content so they already provided. You the questions that you might ask and it's right on the same page rather than going to a new page so I think for optimization, purposes and on, some level CRO, the.

The Content provided. On an FAQ, on the, page itself, tells. The story a little bit better and then that way you're not leaving there and then they make it their decisions. Thank. You okay another question came out which, is a really really good one how. Is rap different, than a responsive, landing page or responsively. Designed email. Feels. Like we're missing something like, what is it. That makes it different so. That's that's what how I felt, initially to, initially. When I saw it I was I, was kind of like again not easily impressed. After. I saw, all the different usages, of it I think here's, the fundamental difference it's. It's flippable, on your, with, your thumb or your finger, on a mobile phone seamlessly. And, and. You can do 80. 90, percent of the same stuff with like other landing page builders. And stuff like that I'm familiar with like all, them all right but, this one. Really seamless, as far as clicking flipping, from side to side it's like an online magazine and, then flipping up and then, also the. Analytics. Are like. I haven't seen so the backend analytics, show, you who, clicked on what by location, and they, extrapolate. All this other really interesting data so I would say like 10, 20 percent of the features in rapper new but, the concept, is is interesting because, it's a standalone, link, that, you can send out that's fully trackable, and I would think of it as like almost like an online coupon or brochure, that can be filtered out all around the web and again. Like at first not, impressed after thinking about more and more kind of sunk in so maybe maybe it'll be the same for you so. That's that, cool. Oh we got to pick the winners that's the last thing so we're gonna pick the winner right now or not pick the winner see who won one based. Off of the boats so. Number. One had. One, vote for third two votes for, fourth or, four four stars and one vote for five. Two. Did. Not do as well three. Is a contender. With a couple votes for four and five stars. Number. Four. Did. Okay. Number, five had, two, votes for, five stars and one vote for four stars, number. Six had, three, votes for four stars and one for five stars, number. Seven, was kinda in the middle number. Eight did, okay okay. The winner is. Number. Five what was number five. So, I can take a look at that. Those. Good, job lows we, are we, like your calculators, apparently, it was really close, and I. Would, say it was pretty pretty pretty darn even so, that's it for our webinar today hope you guys had fun with this experience, again we just wanted to showcase, some cool stuff we, like looking at this stuff online we hope you did too if you like this one you, know send, us a tweet on Twitter and let us know or, or. Something like that or give us a comment in the chat we appreciate, you or just always looking to provide value, and we, hope you had a great day and see. Online anything, else on your end Ellen know thanks for everybody for joining and we'll see you online take care guys see. You online have a great day.

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