100% Gain Adnan Super Strategy 2019 - Part 2 [Best Binary Option Strategy]

100% Gain Adnan Super Strategy 2019 -  Part 2 [Best Binary Option Strategy]

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Hi. Guys thank. You - Jonathan on today tips and, welcome. From oversight, guys. In, part. One I showed. The. Tales of, on. 200, to 300, out. One one hundred in one day and. In. This video I will. Show you how to earn 100 and, guys. Our, badasses 300, now I took, my trade, at, nzdusd. To higher site because. Tons, at the USD, RSA. Showing, that this, chart, is at, oversold. So, I took my trade, here to higher, side, also. I. Will. Prepare this chart for, martingale, if I will lose the state I will use Morten game, at. The spire of this trade in. The same direction but hopefully, we will win this trade. Guys. I am using blingy herb and calculate. RSI. 14, period. 80. Overbought. And 20, oversold. Right, I am using RSI. For. This state. We. Won on this trade and, now you can see our balance is 310. Guys. If. RSI. We. Will show that market. Is at overboard. I will. Take my trade, to lower, if. Our, signal show that market, is at over sort I will, take my trade to higher, side and. If. I will see that. I, am losing this state I will use a martingale. At. The, next candle, the, same chart and the same direction. There's. This. Usdchf. This. Market is. At. Oversold. I. Took. My, trade here to higher side. Guys. Please note date, and time two. Days developed May and time. Is 6 a.m.. Because. I, have promised, that you can earn 100, in one hour so. You. Can. Money. To this time and it also. You, guys I will use martingale. At this trade. Yes. I took again, my trade head to high side. Guys. Please. Try to use only one step of martingale, and more. Steps more, risk. So. Try. For only, one step if you will win our loss and. Try. To not to use more steps. I took. My trade again to higher side. And. This, time I am using reverting. Year step to. $63. Now, you already this chart for martingale, but, hopefully, we will win in, this state. Yes, everyone. This. State, the, usdchf. Now. Our balance, is. 332. Yes. There is also a signal at nzdusd. This. Market, is at overbought, and I. Will take this trade to lower. 31. Second. Yes. I took my trade here to lower. I will. Also. Prepare. The. Window. With, the same chart, nzdusd. But. Hopefully, we, will win this state and no need for, martingale. And, as this is reversal. Candle strategy. I, am, using. RSA. For this, strategy. So, we, won over this dude how our balance is 341. Guys. If you liked my video please like and, commit. Don't. Forget, to subscribe and. Click. On, hell-bent. Icon, next. To the subscribe button to. See the notification, of our. Future. Videos because. If you need free, signals, you, can join our telegram, channel and, telegram. Channel, link is in. The description, of this, video. Guys. I am providing free signals from. 9:00. A.m. to, 2:00 p.m.. GMT. Plus 3. Also. We have paid service, also we. Are. Providing. Paid signals, but. If. You want free, signals you, can join our telegram. Channel. Because. There is signaler, to you euro-usd. Market. Is at. Overbought. I took, my, trade to lower here. I, will. Prepare, this chart for. Martin, game. I will. Use this. Martingale, with. X. 2.5. Here, I will hire gains. And take. My trade to lower. And, as I will. Take. My tail too low here also again. Because. I. Lost. First, martingale, so. This is the second step of martingale, here. Yes. We won over this trade and, now our ballast has 362. This. A UDC ad this is also at. Oversold. But, usdchf. Also. So. I. Took. My trade at. Usdchf, too. High. Because. The. Usdchf. You can see RSA. In. Already. Crossed oversold, and AUD. CID RSA, is near the. Oversold. So, I, took, my trade at the usdchf. Now. I will ready, this usdchf. Chart here for, martingale. If, I will lose us TCH of this state I will, use martingale. And I will use $25.00 for, the state. Whereas, there is. Shooting. Star at, gbp/usd, I, took my trade to. Lower. And. Also, I won the state the usdchf. Does, give, us day you can see there is perfect shooting, star, so, I, took. My trade, to. Lower here. Yes. We, won over this trade @jp, USD, and, this was the shoe test our perfect suitor star, so. Now. Our balance, is. 380. And. Only. 15, minutes before I. Start. This straight, you. Can see still the, time is. 6:15. No. Got. This gbp/usd. You. Know this, market is at over sword and. This. Candle, is also. Extra. Large. But. No going up. I took, my trade here at a UDC, ad and, this, market is already at oversold. So, I, took my Ted to. Higher here. You know where's here I will use Martin, game and I. Will take my tray to higher up in here. You, know because I took again, history to hire. Now. I am using Marting, in step 2. We. Won this, state and, girls. Now you can see our balance. Is. 402. And the. Time is. 622. So. Guys. Within.

20. Minutes I read. This target, 100, and. Guys. Thank you very much to, join the, non trading tips thanks. To subscribe, our channel. Please. Like our, videos, thank you very much.

2019-05-16 18:59

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sir tournament m km se km kitny number pr ayen tu profit dete hn total 30 number ki list hoti hy please tell me

+Adnan Trading Tips sir abi ek or tournament cal raha hy jis ki entery fee 4$ hy or prize pool 10,000 hy tu is m minimum kitny kren tu hamen profit den gy

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Sir will this strategy will work in real market, and how many martingal steps we should use to be ensure 100 percent win

+Adnan Trading Tips sir I think in 5 minutes chart this strategy needs less steps? I am right?

yes,only one step

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What settings did you use for Bollinger bands and RSI ?

BB 10 and RSI 14,80,20

what time you use? when the USA market open or when the London Market open?

I´m you FAN, thanks for your time to share it videos.

hello sir. i just want to tell you that i watched the part 1 of the video yesterday, and tested it today. i just want to let you know that the result is incredible. in the first 1 hour, i doubled my account and tripled in the 2nd 1 hour. this is the best strategy ever. thank you sir. if iq option doesn't' block my account you will make me rich

What settings did you use for Bollinger bands n RSI?

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Dear Adnan this is the better and working startegy compare to triple RSI.

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@Adnan Trading Tips sir abi ek or tournament cal raha hy jis ki entery fee 4$ hy or prize pool 10,000 hy tu is m minimum kitny kren tu hamen profit den gy

@Adnan Trading Tips sir I think in 5 minutes chart this strategy needs less steps? I am right?

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