03 Lesson Business Manager

03 Lesson  Business Manager

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Business. Manager, let's dive into this, lesson here so what, is business. Management well business mentor is a tool for managing access, to. Pages, and add accounts, geared. Towards companies, who. Need to give different permissions, to lots of different, people. Okay, so don't, worry if you've not used business manager before or maybe you've used it and you're, like holy cow what the heck am I looking at here first. Of all I want to tell you that it does get, easier it's a little bit of a learning curve for it but, it gets, much easier and I got your back I teach I have. A lesson here in the training that walks you through exactly. How to set up. Business. Manager so business manager lets you manage. Access, to pages and add accounts, and clearly see who, has access to those pages and add accounts and remove or change permissions. So if you've got people on your team for example that are working on your clients accounts, you, can give access you can remove and change permissions, and so forth and this is also where you pull. Your. Clients, accounts into business. Manager so, you can work on them on their. Behalf okay, and it. Really lets businesses, more securely, share, and control access to, their, add accounts, to their pages and other, assets on phat and Facebook. From. One central platform okay it's, actually, a great, tool but, at first it is a little overwhelming but once you get used to it it's a really, really good, tool, ok anyone. Added into a businessman, into business manager can view all the pages and add accounts, that, they work on in one, place, without sharing login, information or, being, connected to their co-workers, or whatever on Facebook, so, when, you so, first example here, is if. You start working with a client and. They. Are you, know you're gonna start you're gonna pull them into business. Manager they're not sharing with you like their password, or anything like that ok, so that's one example of where it makes it really really you're really easy to work on their Facebook ad account without.

Them Having to share. You know login, information or, anything like, that similarly. If you, have a team you, can give, access to your team to be, working. On different accounts, and so forth with permissions, and so forth okay so business, manager. Really. Good tool this is where you run all of your your, client accounts from. So business, manager ads manager, and all everything, else just lives within business manager and. Like. I said before the original set up does take a little time but once. You get the hang of it it is easy-peasy and don't worry we've. Got a tutorial. For. You okay so, if you're not signed up for a business it's free but if you're not signed up for it make. Sure you go to business dot, facebook.com. You want to click create account and then, enter your enter, the name of your business, select, the primary Facebook. Page of yours, and then, enter your name and work email address and if you don't yet have a page. For. Your before your business yeah. You definitely want to make sure that you had that set up and then you just move through the rest of the onboarding, flow that. They that they walk you through by, entering, the rest of the required fields. And. Then business manager then becomes your primary, login. To, access all, of your ads, for, your own business and then any kind of pages and. Clients. That you are working, with so business manager becomes your, main hub. Okay, so, make, sure to watch the step by step walkthrough for. Business, manager that's, that's, coming up next here in the training it'll walk you through step by step how to set everything up for yourself in business, manager. Hey. There Keri Swetman, here if we, haven't already met I am the founder of system and me and I want to welcome you to this training about. The most important, things you need to know about business. Manager, now, a tiny, bit about me, I run, an online marketing agency, and it. Focuses. Mainly on Facebook. Ads and sales, funnels, but, the biggest portion of my business is in done for you. Management. So, I run ads for some very well-known seven-figure. Businesses, and have been doing so since I, ran my very first ad back. In, 2012. So almost, five years ago, now I want. You to know that I appreciate your time and I love love, love that you're delving into building, and ads management, business because. It truly. Has afforded, me a lifestyle. That I love, and cherish and, you, can definitely. Definitely do, the same it's totally, possible if, there's, one thing I know it's, that businesses, are getting smarter. And smarter when, it comes to social media and, and. And, ads in general, and there really, is no shortage. Of ads, clients. Out there so, we, are all in a, very good spot very well poised for success so. Let's. Go ahead and get started I want, to lay a little bit of foundation here, just. So that everybody's, on the same page. Business. Manager, is just a, way for ad. Agencies. Or ads being ad managers, to control, access to different, ad accounts, to, pixels, and pages. So. It was designed so that agencies are businesses, with different Facebook ad accounts, can access, those ad accounts, from one central, location and without. Sharing, their. Personal facebook login so it, used to be that if, I wanted to help a colleague run some ads and I needed access to pixels, or other ad information, I'd, have to have their personal Facebook login, information to retrieve that info or I'd. Have to link my personal, profile, to their business account by, becoming an, admin, so. Business manager is essentially, a hub, for. Organizing. All of the information, and there's, an easy way to share, that information with whomever, you need so. It's quite a bit more secure, than than, simply passing. Everyone's log, and details, around so. I want to talk about you, know a lot of people asked me why do I need Business Manager and so. I wanted to tell you the top three benefits that. I feel. You. Know it's, so important, to use business manager as an ad agency for, so if you're wondering why you would, use business manager, the number one thing you know, as I was preparing for this, training I went and looked and I currently have access to more than 30, different, ad accounts, so the. Thought of logging, into 30 different places or. You. Know trying to get to 30, different accounts. And trying to find pixels, and payment methods its time consuming regardless, but, business manager, organizes. Everything in one central, place where I can access all my ad, accounts, all my client accounts including including, my own account. With, just a few clicks and I'll show you a little bit more on that as we move forward but the. Second thing is that it allows me to focus so.

This, Is really important for me in particular and, maybe for you too but when I log into business manager I go straight to my ad account so there's. No distraction. With Facebook, and, that, is really, a huge distraction, for, me so so, I love that when, I go into business manager, it allows me to go straight to the ad accounts, there's no feed, or anything like that so this, really is a big deal for me and maybe. For you too and the third thing is that it allows me to, put my team in, there, and it allows my team to access, different client ad accounts, without. My. Client, knowing. You. Know that I have, certain. People working on their ad accounts so it's kind of it's it's all housed, under, under, me and under my business name and the. Client can't necessarily see. You. Know the people that I have working on their ad account and this this simply helps me scale, my business, by, bringing on more help, so, it's, not necessarily, you, know I don't want it to sound secretive, for anything it's simply that I don't, want to have to keep going to my clients and saying can you add so-and-so. To your, attic, counter can you add you. Know they're gonna be handling the reporting or they're gonna be helping me you know I don't want to do any of that so so I can just add my team in my my, businessman. And then, I, can give them access to, different, different ad accounts, so that's. Really a huge help for me and it's super important, as you're, trying to grow and scale your your. Agency, or your management, business so. The next thing I want to talk about is how to set up client. Ad accounts. In your business manager this, is obviously, a huge, Achilles. Heel for a lot of people I get tons and, tons of questions about, this and. Before. We even get started I just want you to know that there, is more. Than one way to do this I. Do. Check, in regularly with, Facebook, and as I was preparing for this, training. I did chat with Facebook yesterday and they did confirm that this is the way that they want us to set up business manager, at, this, time but. I do like, I said I do like to check in with them maybe, every quarter every six months to ensure that, I'm using the correct method, that they prefer because it, has changed, in the past the, way I do it now is not, the way that I set people up a year ago even, though you, know that method two at the time was given to me by Facebook. So, it's a good idea to check in with them periodically you'll, want to ensure you. Know you're in the right circles, like like, these types, of groups. On Facebook, that are talking about accounts, because it does change and and. Being. Amongst other, people who are you, know doing what you do can help alert you to any any, changes. So. Let's. Talk about this so the first step is you. Know. You want in. And I have optional, written here because it really is optional, you don't have to do this but, I'll show you why. I like, to have my, client make me an admin, on their business page I just kind of require that up front, if, there's really a problem with it if your, client really doesn't want to, do that for you then you.

Know, That. Could be a problem but but it doesn't you don't have to have them make you, an admin, on their account it's just something that makes it easier for me, it, there's any issues, or anything that needs tweaking or whatever I can just handle. It myself without having to go back and forth and back and forth of the client so the first thing that I have. Them do is to make me an admin, on their business page and you simply have the instructions, listed out here they're. Simply going to go to their Facebook business page click, on settings, click, on page roles and then, enter the email address, you use, to, log into Facebook. And. If you have you. Know a personal, email address that you use to log into Facebook that you don't want to give your client you'll, simply need to be friends. With your client on Facebook, first before. They can add. You, so once. You do that you, will see a sign, like this that says you, know this, this, ad account has invited you to become, an invitation. I mean an admin, and you've accepted this invitation, so. That is the first thing that I particularly. Do. And, then, the next thing is to, add their page so, I'm gonna walk you through that you want to go to business. Facebook.com. And, once. You set up a business manager account this is where you will go to access. Your business page so I do. Tell. Clients. That if they are going to set up a business manager, account. That. From, here on out you'll go to business, dot facebook.com/, to. Access, your business page, and and, some people, don't. Like that and, some people don't really care it's all really the same it's. Just a different, URL. So, you. Know if you, if they like to toggle between, you. Know if, they like to post from. Their personal profile, and jump over to their, business from that personal, you, know it's not necessarily going to work like that when they when they jump over to their business page it's going to say go to business, manager, to. Edit. This page or post to this page or whatever, but. That is if a client, is getting. Or has a, business. Manager, account ok so, not all of my clients do have their own business, manager, account and. Like. Was saying a year, ago we. Set things up differently, Facebook advised me to set things up differently, and they advised, me to advise my client to get a business manager, account so a year. Ago I would have told, my. Clients, that they needed a business manager, account at this, point the way that it has updated it's, not, really. Necessary. It's, helpful, if your. Client runs a whole ton of ads and if they're a big bigger business, it is helpful for them to have a business, manager account, but it's not necessary, and so. You. Know I'm not going to talk too much about making. Them get a business manager, account when, it's really just not necessary, at this point particularly. If they're only running ads for their own business, if they, have multiple pages, and, multiple ad accounts, they, will want to get a business manager, for themselves but, if they are one business. With, one ad account in one Facebook. Page then, they do, not have to get a business manager, account at this time. So. Back to this when you add their page you're going to go into your business manager account, at business. Facebook.com. And. In. Adding. Their page you'll go into so. These, are all business. Managers, that are linked, to me but. You're, going to want to go into your own, business. Manager, account there so this is mine here Carrie Swetman and. Then. From, in there, you. Are going to, click. On this. Guy up here where it says business, manager, and all. Of these options will. Pop. Down here, on the left and you'll, hover over all tools or click on all tools and then. You'll go over to business manager, settings. So. This is how you are, going to add their, page to, your business, manager. Okay. So, here. We are these, these. Items. Here on the left are the most, important, things you know I don't deal too much with, apps or. Product. Catalogs or, really any of these things outside of. People. Pages add accounts, Instagram, accounts, occasionally. We'll share some pixels, but. That's. A little bit more in-depth and, not. Something that most. People will be using so. We're gonna focus here on people, pages, add accounts, and then, Instagram, accounts, if you're running Instagram. Ads so. From. This. Page, you're. Going to hover over the. Little flag. Which is the pages they've got people pages.

And Add accounts, so, once you get to pages, and all of these pages are. You. Know the different pages that I have access to, for. Clients, so, you, know if you have access to pages they'll show up here, after. You add them so you'll want to go over here to the, blue button and click on add new pages, and. This. Little box will pop up. Let's. Talk about this for just a second so when you claim a page. This. Is. Like. You, are saying, that it's yours so if you're gonna claim, a client's, page you're. Basically, bringing that page you're saying that is yours and you're bringing it into your ID account I mean into your business manager as your. Own and so, it becomes. Difficult for, your client, to, get. That, back ever. It, is possible, but but it you know you have to go through Facebook, and basically. Convince, them that it's, it's, theirs, and not yours and, so. I don't use that a whole lot this really would be used, if you're brand new setting. Up your business manager and you want to claim your own ad account in here. The, next, section. Is what we use the most this is request, access to a page and so. This, is basically you're just going to. You. Know request, access to a client's page and then, bring that into, your business manager so the client still has everything that they've always had. That's - and still has their page and it's theirs but, you're just requesting, access to it and then, the final option is to create a new page and that's. Pretty self-explanatory that's. If there is no page and you're inside business manager and you need to create a new, page. Ok, and then, the next thing that pops up once you click. On that request. Access to a Facebook, page is this box and so you'll type the the page name right in here and so, this is one of the reasons why I asked them to make, me an admin, of their page. First. Because, then their, page, name will pop right up in here you click request access and, then. It'll. Ask you what, your role is. What. What kind of role you want with the page what. You're requesting and. You. Know this is up to you the the two main ones that you'll want is either the page admin, if you're, very, comfortable with your client and feel like they're comfortable with you and you, want to, have all, rights, to. You, know whatever you need to do in their page or. Page. Advertiser, and that, will get you page at page advertiser, and page analysts, together so, those, are the two that you would want to probably. Use the most one. Or the other page advertiser, page admin, admin, and. It just really depends on your, comfort level, with, your client so if. You request page advertiser, there may be some things on down the road that you. Know you find yourself thinking yeah you know I'm gonna have to ask them to. Fix this or to do this because I'm only, an advertiser, on their page and not an admin, so. That is up to you and then. Once. You hit. Let's. See what that says once, you hit the request, access, button this. Screen will pop up saying either that your request, has been sent, or. For. Me because, I make them make me an admin, first it says, since you're already page admin your requesters, approved. Automatically. And so then their page is automatically. My business manager if you aren't, an admin, on their page and you're not going to ask for it then it will send them a request and, they'll, see that request in their notifications. On. Facebook and. So. When. They you. Know you'll obviously tell, them to look for that notification and, then, they. Can approve it from there so it's just kind of one extra step so that, is how you add their, page now. The next thing you're going to have to do is add, their, ad account so. You. Know a lot of people, myself. Included it at times feel like this is also cumbersome. You know you have to go. Through all these steps and it, can, feel like that for sure but.

Once It's all set up it really, is so, helpful, to have everything, organized, and in one place so and, there's really just three. Steps to this so, we've already added their page and now we're going to add their ad account again you're. Going to be here business manager all tools, and, then business manager, settings just, like we. Did with adding, their page and. What. Did. The same slide twice sorry about that and then, so over here under. Add, accounts. Is where we'll be so we already did pages, now we're going to do add accounts, you click on add accounts. And. It. Will bring you to this screen and, all the add accounts, will show up here on the left if you have them in there if not, you click add, new, add accounts, the. Blue button there on the. Right and. Same. Deal, so this little screen pops up claim. And add account is like. You're saying that, you, moving. Forward this, is going, to be your ad account so it's basically taking, the ad account from the client, again. You would really only do this if it. Is your, ad. Account. I. Can't. Think of any other reason, why you would be claiming, and ad account other than it being yours, or maybe. You really have, a client, that is like 'hey i don't know you're your mom or your dad or something, that where it's comfortable for. You to claim their ad account but other than that I really wouldn't. Be. Using that one so, then the middle guy is request, access to an ad account same, deal. Where, that's the one we're going to use and. Then create a new ad account is. You. Know pretty straightforward, there if you if you select this it's, gonna ask you you know which page you're using, and. It's. Basically, you know you're starting from scratch you're creating, a brand, new ad account for a brand new page or for a page that, you. Haven't used before so, those. Are those three options and. Then, once we click, request, access to the ad account you. Need, to, ask your, client, to come, up with their, ad account. ID and. I've included this little link right here because, it has the. Most straightforward. Directions. To. Give to your client so you can just send them this you can either you, know copy and paste the instructions, from Facebook, right you know in an email to your client, or just, send them this link and tell them it's the very first thing on the page it, just basically says that they're gonna go into the ads manager into. Their ads manager. From. Their business page and. Once. They click on that, in. Their, URL, they, will find their, number, their ad account number, their ID so. It's it's super, straightforward it's. Not intimidating. You know here are the instructions laid out so oftentimes. I'll just send them this link or, I'll, just tell them you know here's here's exactly how to do it you're going to go into your ads manager and once, you're in there you know the URL will, have your ad account ID right in it and I'll, tell them you know which, number to copy. So. It's super straightforward and then they'll send you this their, account ID you, type it in here and, click, confirm, and then. You'll be all set up they'll will have, your. Ad account so now you've got their page in there you've, got their ad account in there and now, you've got to the third step is to put. People, to. Ad account, so, for. Example you. Know here's me and I, have you. Know all these ad accounts, over here so and pages. So basically, what this is doing under people, is it's saying which people, have access, to what and so if you have team members in here, you, will go into each individual. Person and give. Them access by. Saying, assign, assets. Here. So if you, need to add a team, member you'll you'll, click and add new people.

And. If, you need to assign. Them assets, then, you will you. Will click that button there, so if, you if you've already got your people, in here you'll simply assign them assets, but, what I want to really harp, on here for a second is that all three of these steps have to be completed, in order for an ad account to be set up properly and for everybody to be able to or, for you to be able to work on these ad accounts, so you've got to put their page in there you've, got to put the ad account in there and then, you add yourself. This. Is the final step, cumbersome. Maybe. A little bit but. This is the way that it is so, surely. There's a reason that you have to go through all these steps but so. So, basically I would click on myself, and then, click on assign, assets. If, you're like I said if you're adding a team member you, would be here in the people we're here in the people, tab and then, you click add new people and you just start going to type in a. The. Name of the person or an. Email address and, then click add that person and I. Do think it sends off a request, saying. You. Know Kerry Swetman has added you to this, add a calendar has, added to you to her business manager and and asks, them to accept, it, but, that is for adding new team members so if. You. Don't. Have a team and it's just you in here you do need to add yourself. So, so, you add yourself and, then you'll go to assign, assets, to get the. Difference. The. Different assets, to eat tag to each person, so when you click assign, assets, to, carries women you'll. Get pages, and add accounts, and product catalogs, I. Don't. Use this too much just because my clients, are not they. Don't I do, have some retail clients but they don't have huge, Arsenal's, of products. Or, huge product, catalogues so I don't personally use that a lot if you do. You. Know if your clients, have lots, and lots of products, then you're probably more familiar with, that option, than I am but basically, that's just a way you know this is just the final option you can put people on. The. Product catalogs that you've added. For. A particular, ad account so what. I do is, go, and you, have to do this one by one so you'll ad carry's Swetman or whomever, yourself. To the page first so you click on pages and. Then. It will go over, here and tell you all the pages it will list all the pages that you have access to. So. You just go through and check off whatever. Pages. You want this, person to have access to and click Save Changes and, then. You'll you'll want to do that again, that. Same process let's. Go back here for a second that, same exact, process, for. Ad. Accounts. So. Right. Here when this box pops up you'll click assign, assets, sorry, let me start from the beginning you'll, click assign assets, and then, you'll click on add accounts, and then. All of the add accounts, will show up in here and again you'll just check off whatever. Add accounts, you want this person to have access to and click Save Changes, so you have to do it twice you have to do the pages and the add accounts, and then, of course if you're using product, catalogs you would do it a third time but you, have to go through and do do. It like that so. Again. I'm. Gonna harp on this for a second these are the three things that you have to do in, order. For, a client ad account to be set up properly in business manager, and for you, or your team to be able to work, on those attica without any you. Know error. Messages, and all that business so you you, have to first, set up the pages, then, the ad accounts, and then tag. People, to specific, pages and add accounts, okay. Instagram, account so so. This is where, you would add if you're if you're advertising for Instagram you would just click there and then you you are gonna need your clients, Instagram ID, or, login. Or. Their their, handle. And then, their, password, to their to, their Instagram, account in order for you to add it you, can also. Ask. Them, to go in and add, it if they have a business manager they can go in and add it themselves but, otherwise so, again, it just depends, on how comfortable, I feel with the client, in. The onboarding, process I do kind of say, you. Know if you, want. Me to add your Instagram account you're gonna need to send me your login details or. You're. Welcome to do it themselves and quite. Frankly most of them are like waving their hands like yes you do it for me please do do it and so, people don't really have a problem giving, over their login details but, just know that if they have a business manager account, they can do. That themselves. Same. Process so, you go in here do Instagram, accounts, the. Login add the password, and it will tag your Instagram, to this. Ad account. Okay. So, that is how you, set, up a client's, ad account, so I hope all that make sense. You. Know like, I said it can be tedious.

But. That's. How you do it that's the process you. Know and that's the way that works and that's the way that Facebook has advised us to do it at this point so. Hopefully. That helps and then the next thing that I want to go through is navigating. Around the business manager, and kind of the things that I use the most and and what I what, I think you you. Might want, to know or what might be the most helpful and. This really let. Me just preface this this is this is how it looks right now as you, probably know Facebook. Does update, this interface periodically. So keep, that in mind and depending, on when you're watching this training it might look a little different but, just know that typically even though they updated, most. Of the pieces and parts are still here somewhere they they may be in a little bit different of a spot but, usually it's all intact, as far as you. Know the different functions, and also, know that you, know they. Are updating. It to be more friendly then I get people you. Know they'll say wow you know they've updated it again and, I do feel like that sometimes too but. You. Know their goal really is to make it better not, just to not, just a tormenta, so, keep. That in mind so. As far, as the settings go. Everything. Can be found when, you log into your business at facebook.com/, and. You. Go into, your ad account so you'll just click in. You. Know your, particular ad account and if. You have more than one if not it may go straight here. Hover. Over business manager click on business manager and and, this will drop down and then you click on all tools, and really everything. That you need is right up here, so. I. Find. That very very, convenient, I, use. A lot you know, I'll show you what I use a lot we're gonna use the most obviously, the pixels, so, I can click over there to the pixels I know you guys will be talking a lot about that in your training so we're not gonna go into it but you, can access that, from right, here. Audiences. This is where I create custom, audiences, custom. Conversions, that's, where I you. Know go. In and create all the custom conversions, or Thank You pages and whatnot. You. Can get to the ads manager and the power editor but typically, what's gonna happen, is you know your frequently used things, are right, here so this is generally, where I would. Go to ads manager and power editor but obviously, these are the things that I use the most. You. Can get to your own billing. And payment methods or to your client billing and payment methods here. There's. Some different settings right in here. But. Mostly, I. Use. Audiences. Pixels. And. Then, the business manager settings right here and. Custom, conversions, of course one, thing that I did want to show you guys that is so super, cool is, this. Creative, hub so, let. Me go back there so right here, this, is a new a new option. And. When. You go into that creative hub, this is actually. I. Just, think this is so neat that they've. Created this way for you to to. Generate mock-ups. Of the ads and, you. Can give these to your clients so that they can see how the ad will. Look and and honestly, it's I think it's cool that I can see what, it's going to look like so when, you click on that creative hub it brings you over here to this screen, and then. You. Can you, can click on, let's. See this. Button right here create, a mock-up and, you or you can scroll down oops sorry. You can scroll down and. There. Will be the different ad types that you can create a mock-up for or, you can just click on this green button and, it'll, ask you what kind of mock-up you want to create, so. I'm, just doing a regular, website. Link ad right here and you just input, all of the so. It's asking in the page name you. Know you would put your clients page name in there it's just asking you that so that everything, over here looks, like, their. Ad looks, like what you know what, you want to give to a client so you put their ad account name their or their page name in there you. Know you can upload their profile picture if. If. You have it or just grabbed it from their Facebook page and upload. That in there again it's just so that it looks exactly like their, ad will look and, you plug in all of the content, under here and then, you can, save. It and send. It to your. Client, you, can send to their mobile phone it's. It's just really a cool way to let, them know. Exactly. What. You've created, without. Having to you know click all around and, the URL. For, the or. The permalink, for your ad you. Know and send them over to the permalink or take a screenshot I've, done a lot of that here's what the ad looks like with. A screenshot so you can really, create a. Lot in here, just. As an example to, show them so I think that's really neat.

You. Can do carousel, ads and. There. Are several different, kinds of, options. In here so definitely. Take advantage of that again, that is right in the. Business. Manager, it's a link here to creative, hub so. Definitely. Take advantage of, that it's really really a neat, thing a neat, offering, I find and I've been playing around with. Some. Of the new, canvas. The, canvas adds, in here so I have one client who's really which I love when I have a client who's like yes let's try that. So, she really wants to try a canvas, ad for that for her upcoming launch so I've been messing around and here creating. Her canvas ad and it's really, cool because I can show her exactly, what, it will look like and we. Can kind of work out the, bugs and and. See everything really. Clear so I think. That's neat you can really, create a mock-up for your client, so. That's. Really. The last thing oh no I wanted to show you one more thing yeah so if you in here, if you are in your business manager and you're having trouble you. Can. Click. On this little help button, up here and then click on contact, us and. Then. Tada. The. Heavens part if this little chat window. Is here if this little chat button is here man, you are in luck because it's not always there but. I, love. When. It shows up there when the chat function is there it really it just makes my day because that, way I can get instant, answers. So. You. Click on that chat button and really they will help you then and there on the spot I've only, had I've heard other horror, stories, about people saying you know that they knew more than, and whoever, was on the chat function but, I've, not had that experience I had one experience where, I think, by, the end of the chat the person was so tired of me that they were just like do. Whatever here, do this and and I knew that what they were saying was not the best option but other, than that. Every. Time that I've chatted with that when them it, has been so incredibly. Helpful they're lovely, and nice, and, knowledgeable. And when. I hang up I just think oh my gosh that, is so awesome that I just, got my questions, answered on the, spot and so you, know you're not waiting three. Days or whatever for, an email, back from. Facebook. So that's, the other thing that I wanted to show you or the final thing that I wanted to show you and again, that is just in your, business manager. It's. Going to show up here is the little help button and when you click it this window pops up and you just click contact, us and then, use, a page, comes up and you'll scroll down just a little bit and see. If the chat button is there otherwise, it's, just ask community, and email so there's just two options here so. You. Know if you see that don't think that you don't have it or whatever it's, just not open at that time so check back. That's. Really it I hope, that this has been helpful I know, a, business manager can feel intimidating. And and like. I said cumbersome. But I have. Truly, grown to love it as as I've added more and more clients to my business it has definitely. Made, it far easier to keep everything organized. And make. My life a lot easier, as I navigate you. Know really, all day long from account to account so. I, hope. That this has been helpful for you if you'd, like to connect with me I'm, on most of the social media platforms but in. Really the most active on Facebook and on Instagram so, feel, free to connect with me there and I. Really, wish you all the success in, the world as you build your own agency, I can't, wait to see what you create I think it's awesome and, there.

Is So much business out there to be had so I really, do wish you all the success in the world thanks. So much guys bye-bye.

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