0014 - Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD. -Brick & Mortar CEO to Online Psychologist Business Coach

0014 - Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD. -Brick & Mortar CEO to Online Psychologist Business Coach

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Gary: This is episode 0014 of Gary's Glorious Golden Nuggets. And today it is my honor to have Ruslan Vasyutin who is a PhD psychologist has a 30 year background in working in brick and mortar businesses. He was a marketing manager and HR manager, a project manager, a director, a CEO, and chairman of the board. he began a private practice in business coaching, business training as. His background in psychology indictates is an impressive 50 scientific publications. He's authored three tutorials.

He is a member of the practicing psychologists and psychotherapists association in Kiev Ukraine, where he makes his home. He is the head of the division of international Institute of reflective psychology. This is a very impressive gentlemen.

I'm sure we're going to enjoy our time. So I wish to welcome you. Ruslan.

Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: And to Gary, I'm happy to be here and thank you for such a great presentation. I'm feeling like a superstar. Gary: Well, you are. You're a rock star in my friend.

You're a rockstar. And so I'm going to start off with just the first question and it's an important one. What is the one thing you wish you had known before you began your digital online career? Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: When I started my online career, I was considered to be an old-fashioned professional. at that time I wish I had more skills in digital marketing. later I understood it perfectly that the knowledge of the efficient utilization of digital marketing gives a huge advantage.

In terms of competitiveness and business scaling business development, so digital marketing knowledge and skills. Gary: However, that lack did not stop you from beginning your career. Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: I just didn't know that this is a problem.

Gary: everybody answers that question so differently because I, think it was really funny that. First or second time I had somebody, they said, I didn't realize I would be spending so many hours doing a job that only took two or three hours because you do in the beginning. It's an awful lot of a learning curve. No previous experience can truly prepare you for doing this.

if you're going to be a solo entrepreneur all by yourself, out there in the world, doing everything It's a, it's a learning curve. That's massive. Just a massive learning curve. how quickly did it take you to try to get these skills in line for yourself? Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: At the very beginning, when I understood the necessity of these skills the need for these skills, I just addressed professionals.

I found those who supported me at this time during this period, when I was trying to get some skills myself, right now I'm still accounting or on professional partners in these activities about understanding that enough to put requests, to put tasks to formulate tasks and controlling the fulfillment of these tasks probably it took me a few months. Gary: I found when I first started, I didn't have the language skills to understand how to express what I needed to people. it took a while to express that. when they come back talking technical, I don't know, but the truth of the matter is you can do this without being a technologist it's available to us all.

I Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: have very good friend of mine and he is available 24 hours per day. And every time I meet some difficulty with the formulations category is I just call him and he explains me everything immediately.

Gary: That's wonderful. That's a friend to keep in your back pocket for sure. That's really great.

So what's your biggest failure so far being an online digital entrepreneur. And what did you learn from it? Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: Fortunately my biggest failure so far, it wasn't too painful. And maybe it's something I had, but so far it's quite OK, but it's about losing time suffering from so-called. Impostor syndrome when you underestimate your talents, your skills, your experience, abilities, and professionalism, and that's wasting time for more and more preparations before the start. So your wait, you are unsure.

You try to. Be perfect and wait and wait, postponed and postponed this start. So I have learned from these that it's necessary to see the optimum readiness point. So when you are almost ready, you should start and yes. then develop and correct the process during the implementation because the time for taking decisions in online business is very restricted and that was something new for me. Gary: I find that that's really true in the online world start today.

Just jump in now too many people wait and wait and wait. And they see their good idea taken by somebody else. if you have a good idea, believe me, central casting on planet earth is sending the same idea out to about a million other people. it's just the first one to pounce on it wins.

just start and you will develop the skills. You will get better. You will just get better Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: learning by doing Gary: Great. Valuable.

As in two questions, folks, we have a whole bunch of golden nuggets sitting right there. Just a whole bunch of them. So this is really good stuff. Okay. So would be the advice that you would give to someone wants to pursue a similar career? Not exactly what you're doing, but something the same as you.

They're not going to really be competition to you, but what kind of advice would you give them? Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: Yes, of course, I am ready to share some experience in the form of a device already. And they can few actually first of course is to start almost immediately after having even a draft idea. And draft of unique competitive project, especially if it's unique, because if you, if you wait, somebody will pick it up in a moment already did it.

So it's necessarily to compete immediately after starting implementation of your unique idea. So to start almost immediately and Probably to have a reliable professional team. I was always dreaming of being independent professionally to work alone and to be alone in terms of professional adequacy and in terms of resources. So, there's no need for external resources, I am alone, and I am OK.

No, that doesn't work. And even in the online business, too many different directions, too many specializations, too many special, specific tasks and activities. So to my mind, it's necessary to have a good reliable professional complimentary team.

Not those who are just follow you, but who are just following you, but those who are complimenting each other and supporting your ideas and giving you qualitive feedback. In order to develop and make it better. Of course what else to take into account the global market and global clients. Of course, it was my mistake from the very beginning also that I was accounting on local market. Okay. I will start, I will see, I will collect the feedback and then blah, blah, blah, blah.

No they are waiting. Millions of clients are waiting. And if you help community have communication channels, if you have language abilities if you know, at least English. So go ahead scale your business and try to try to get the furthes corners and places of the world because definitely somebody there is waiting for your services and ready to pay. What, what else? To be 24 hours online, especially at the very beginning.

Yes. Even sitting in your home at your home. But being at least available for feedback for me, it was, and it is very important, especially if you, if I work with international clients, And at the same time, not to ignore your family because business is business, but the family is the most important thing in the world. I think that is so available, but not ignoring the family and probably the last but not least Don't forget about social responsibility. For me, it's also very important because it's, became quite fashionable and popular to get rid of these remnants social responsibility. We are doing business.

We are sharks. We don't care about these. Sweetie things.

And but no I'm sure that a modern contemporary business and even online business should be based on humanitarian values, human values. And it, should Take into account the needs of the social needs not being oriented directly to these needs, but taking them into account, developing products, developing promotion campaigns, developing activities, partnerships, and business relationships. It anyway helps business and it's even profitable to be socially oriented and socially responsible.

I'm sure. Gary: I hope people brought trucks to carry all the gold out of that one. That was there was so much in there.

I'm just going to move on to the next question. Here is what resources have helped you the most? Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: First of all English English helped me very much from the very beginning.

In Soviet times when I was born it was popular to learn different languages, but that was the right choice to learn English because it helped very much to, get to the outer world in nineties and later. To get a lot of additional information, a lot of additional opportunities, learning opportunities, communication opportunities, and now business opportunities. So English of course, that's the first and the most important.

The second education I had a few higher educations and this unique combination of academic backgrounds helps me very much in dealing with different business fields. In different builds, acting in different business fields and calculating with different people understanding them does networking of course, networking building network, developing network, supporting network, and not only accepting information, but sharing information. So exchanging information, knowledge, and experience.

Other resources, multi business orientation and experience. So I pass through different businesses and that's gave me a good understanding on different fields and different opportunities on the market. What else? Management experience, of course, project management corporate management group motivation and organization of group work, organizational for team work, it helped very much. And of course my military experience I wasn't military guy and this strict discipline and highly intensive organization of business processes in the war conditions. It helped him very much to be.

Attentive, always ready for quick right decisions and for responsibility for them. I will Gary: tell you, I fall back on my military background all the time. it's always with you in it. So having told us those resources, can you identify three people, three influences, three authors that have guided you to where you're at now on this online career. Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: Actually it's frankly speaking, it's difficult to define only three, but frankly speaking really both parents in different ways, they influenced my development and my future considerably both parents, father from his side and mother from her side and such person is my daughter.

Its my little daughter, she is eight years old, but she taught me a lot more than I learned before I helped build thing. So she, teaches me a lot and she continues to teach me a lot on, helps me to develop myself and my network, my relationships and my attitude. To people and to the events around me. So probably these three people are the main influencers in my life.

Of course I have mentors. I had teachers, professors, friends, but those three, those three people are the main, Gary: that's really a beautiful statement. And I think it's really true for most people. So that's fantastic. What is the most common myth? About your career path that you would like to debunk? Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: Great question.

I like it very much. love the first one that it is very easy to, see a person through and through if you're a psychologist. So people think you're magician just necessarily to sit at the person. And you'll look through this person and you understand everything and are you're already with your advices. No wrong.

I'm sure that it's necessary to investigate, to research, to understand, to be involved to blah, blah, blah. Do a lot of work, really to, understand a person, especially if you want to help this person construct, but not to create an image or illusion of help. And the second myth is that everything is possible online. No mistake, not everything is possible online, especially in psychology and in psychological practice. Many things are possible online, but if we're talking about real human touch, If we talk about a real rapport probably it's necessarily to be in physical presence.

Of course there is a lot of methods how to avoid these physical presence, especially taking into account this quaranteen and, and lockdowns, but still it's necessary to take it into account and to use at least from time to time. Gary: I will tell you that it's so important. Those concepts you just shared because a lot of people think you can have some form of intimacy where you can have it on an emotional level and you can certainly have it in a spiritual level online, but when it comes to the physical. That physical level. The number of times when you're having that rapport with somebody where you really need to experience that vibration, right? That that's, is the component that oftentimes it's missing, especially when somebody is so guarded, when they're open, you can get the vibration online, but when they're really guarded against the world, because they've been so damaged, that's really the difficult part. I'm so glad you pointed that out.

Great. Thank you. if you could step into my shoes, Ruslan. And you were thinking, boy, I wish that bright guy, Gary, over there in England would ask me this question.

What question would that be? Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: Probably. What is your dream? Ruslan. Gary: Ruslan. What is your dream? Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: Well, I am dreaming of being really useful. To people, to be valuable to people with my activities, with my services, with my professionalism, with my deeds And the second thing I would like to, I would like absolute happiness for my daughter. That's very important for me.

Gary: I think that that is what parents should have for their children. And I like how you say, you know, your dream and the things that you want to have, because I can't imagine anybody actually getting on board as an online entrepreneur. Who does not believe that the here to provide value to other people, the people who provide no value are charlatans and they vanish the people who provide real value are here for the duration. And I think that's one of the myths about being online, that you can hide behind a screen that you can hide behind a promotion.

A true entrepreneur online creates a relationship with people just like you do in a brick and mortar business, but you're, you have to be so full of integrity. You have to be so congruent with who you are online because people will detect a fraud quickly. Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: Absolutely right.

Gary: So that's, that's where life is. That's how we get things done around here. it's really a pleasure to speak with you and people are probably wondering, all right. I like what this guy has to say. How can I follow him? How can I get more information? What, would be the best way for them to do that? Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: Welcome. Anytime I'm on Facebook.

I'm on Instagram. I'm on LinkedIn by my name. so welcome. Gary: All right, look, folks. I I'm going to have it all in the show notes.

Don't worry about it. Just keep driving safely, wherever you are. You don't need to pull over the show notes. We'll have all the information in there for you.

So, yeah, please go ahead and look them up, but we'll have all of the contact details and they will be in English. So that would be really simple for you super R uslan you threw me off today because when he came on for the interview, his name was written in Cyrillic. Oh yes.

And I said, Oh, I can read for real. Like, I know what that says. It Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: wasn't me. Who did it.

Strange. Okay. I had to register in another way. Yeah, Gary: yeah, everybody has to do however, they got to do it. So I give everybody two minutes to say whatever they want to say Ruslan And so.

It's your opportunity to speak to the world and tell them anything you want to say whatever's on your heart. Doesn't really have to be about business. It can be. It's just whatever you want to say.

I now give you the time. Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: Thank you, Gary. And I knew about this opportunity, but purposefully I was not preparing for that. I didn't write scenario or thesis because I wanted to be.

Natural and sincere, and really wanted to use this opportunity to share something important. So I was trying to select the most important thing. I'm still not sure I'm 100%. Right. But let me say first that I feel now some special inspiration doing these counseling and coaching online because at the very beginning, a few years ago, when I. Quit the big Australian company as a chairman of the board.

I was, I'm not sure that I can start something new principal in you. But then I became self-confident and I believed in these, in myself. But it was difficult. And I understand that thousands of people in my shoes are facing the same problem, especially now. And I would like to share this confidence it's possible. It doesn't matter how ols are you doesn't matter what experience you have.

It just necessary to see clearly the goal. To be confident and to be open and to be human oriented. I'm sure that helps in building business in whatever age, whatever place and whatever time. And. Probably the second thing is something more private and more special from me, but I would like to share it. It's not regarding business.

I have a daughter with a special needs and eight years ago, which was a real trauma. And it was Quite difficult to survive. Remaining able to work, to provide family, to create, to live and to develop. And now I communicate to a lot of mothers and fathers are in the same situation and I am, sincerely trying to share actively my experience of overcoming. These problems. It is possible.

It is possible to overcome this. It is possible to continue to develop, not just survive, continue to develop and build, a new level of happiness. In new reality and it's possible to build it, to create it and control it and enjoy it. So I'm always happy to share these special experience with special parents. And I'm always open for that including in the frames of my non-profit organization that is also mentioned in my social network. So that's it.

Thank you for opportunity, Gary. Gary: Thank you. Ruslan. Thank you so much.

I really appreciate your words. I appreciate your sincerity, the feelings that you evoke as you speak about these things, not only professionally, but also about the personal aspect of life. We, we are all. We are all wounded in many ways.

And yet we continue on in this life giving of service, giving of ourselves, of extending compassion to others. And to me, that's what the whole online world is all about. I have never seen so much grace courtesy. Kindness expended to, towards me in business than I have experienced since I've come online, it's been a real wonderful opportunity. And I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your share today, ladies and gentlemen, that's going to conclude this episode at Gary's Glorious Golden Nuggets.

My friend, you have touched my heart today. I thank you so much. Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: Thank you for this great opportunity. Gary: we'll say goodbye to our audience.

Please feel like what you hear. Subscribe, please kindly share with others that you think will be touched or benefited by this discussion today. Ruslan Vasyutin, PhD.: Thank you. Thank you very much.

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