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Hey everyone, I'm, here today with the newbie chess world gaming I'm here to play it. I hadn't, pre-ordered, so this morning, when I woke up it was already downloaded. And I was like I was so tempted to, open it but I waited, for y'all so if you guys would like to see my reaction and. Just watch me play, this new game stick. Around okay. I, was, not prepared for that. Am. I supposed to wait is the screen supposed to be black let, me try this again maybe I should delete it and then redownload, it let, me try that again. Okay. Okay. Um. Hold. On I'm gonna redownload, it. Okay. Open. It. Wow. Gotta, put in my birthday, February. 1493. Okay. So, I'm trying to like screen record at the same time but, um after, download. This, stuff on here so, uh. Wish. I could show you guys this, so, cute it's downloading but, it's. Cute along super. Cute. It's. Like I love your music. Son. Words of support to, BTS ooh. What. Should I send so it's. Like I don't know I don't know what this is is this to enter a contest but I don't. Know what to say. I. Don't, know what to say I. Love. You, I. Love. You 3,000. Russia. 30,000. Or. 300,000. 3 million, 30. Million I know, that's just yeah I'm gonna go apartment. I. Love you 30 million. Host. Oh okay. The game is starting, oh okay. So I guess it's not gonna let me um scream. The clip so, whoa. This. Is their new song. This. Is the first add I would never, ever skip. Oh. Come. On oh come. On. You know. Dude. This, is not a game, this is a movie, what in the world, okay what's. Your need my. Name is Jessica. That, ticket, what happened to the ticket why, is there a poster here for a solo performance. Of namjoon instead of one for BTS. Whoa. Maybe. Things will make more sense once, I'm inside let's, see when, does it start, it's already started, I better whoa. I guess, I got into a car accident and, there's a motorcycle stopped, in front of me are you all right yes I'm sorry I should have looked where I was going really. Sorry if, you'll excuse me I'm in a hurry, oh. No. Some. Saw somebody hit. Me with the motorcycle. Um I don't know who it is there was a helmet on and he. Dropped the bouquet, of flowers so I'm inside the concert now denied, you'd already performed. Whoa. What's. Going on oh. My. God yeah. Oh. My. Goodness okay rush, backstage, to see a tall lean figure standing, in the darkness Kim, Nam junior RM right, oh he. Doesn't know who I am homie, I am your manager excuse. Me may. I have an autograph I, would, do that as a manager actually I rummaged through my bag and got a pen and a pad of paper shoving, down towards managing. Chaos. Oh oh oh. I. Work for a big hit okay I didn't, know that okay well, he already signed a contract what, oh wait no okay he already signed with big hair okay, okay, so he, says he'll see me at the office we. Shall see there, is an employee ID. Badge, with my full name on, it it's the year 2012. And, I'm. In 2012, right now this, is like a movie this doesn't feel like a game that was already Stage one okay. I guess, the stage is art it's like I'm in the process of collecting everybody, okay. You have completed, the first stage, of BTS, world okay let's, keep playing so you can meet me can't imagine you legit, play listen you could really like, legit meet them that'd be pretty awesome but, you know which, game is good enough wait, you seem like you're new I'll teach you how to play mission you need to successfully clear, a mission, to get an autograph to me. Am. I supposed to be casting him no, none of this makes any sense anyways. Maybe. I shouldn't have picked up this book hey I'm getting tired of carrying it around, oh wait. That's ready. The. World who, is that. Hmm. Oh. Okay. I just saw him come out this way, I'm. Just already following people, I should go back in there oh. Whoa. Whoa. What. In the world okay. Whoa. Oh. Oh. What's. Going on oh. Okay. Oh. Oh. Oh. Okay. Dang. I got so many things to do geez, ceptin. Okay. Wow. You. Don't work here. For. As much as you, have questions I have millions, does anyone else work here I want to finish signing my contract. Whoa. Okay. So you just saved me away, I say Tim I'm definitely. Okay. Hello. Yeah. I. Brought. I would totally do, that for you. Just. Like my wrist really is. Hmm. Oh. I. Got. Another card. Jublia. Wow. I heard, you really have to get a signature today you're here for that aren't you can you help me fill this contract, out oh yes of course. Whoa. Okay. Oh. Okay. Well. How'd. You get my number. What. Haven't I heard. Who. Gave it to you. Don't. Worry I didn't do anything Shady to get it. Okay. The. Employee person, told me I should text and call this number from now on well that person did a good job I. Guess. I mean are, you sure. Does. That mean I can keep texting. Nice. Was. A good idea 2012 feels like it's going to be a good year, I'll, make sure that feeling becomes reality. That's. Extremely, reassuring I trust you oh why. Is that the only option. Why. Do I have so many problems. With this. Girl.

It's Been 2012. Okay. Oh. So. You get your own mobile phone in here okay, oh. Oh. So like okay. Oh. Okay. So. I can, talk to them anytime I, like this game no, wonder it took them two years. Wow. So, what I'm getting is I'm, all alone in, the. Year 2012, I'm, glad everything, worked out we've got me and younger contract, listen. Up newbie 20 talks are very important, here at the comp mm-hmm. Oh, my. God she's leaving me I'm all alone. That's. Something I would see in real life you can't leave me. Company. As a president, he's out of the office most at a time but he exists, he, exists. The. Department, head looks overjoyed, okay. She's really gone search braids. Oh. Oh. My. Gosh. We're. Getting closer, girl. Yes. That is a good point so. Far I got so. Far I met up with sugar, I met up with RM, and I, think. I signed both of them but I still need a sign more members, judging, by this one I feel like it's gonna be j-hope, so let's. Go ahead my arm started hurting itself. Whoa. Is. It. Jay ho. Okay. Oh. It's. Raining whoo. He's, dancing, in the rain oh, my goodness. Homie. You grow up and then, you perform, at Wembley, you're, selling out stadiums now. What, sold off I only. Think to each other day oh. He. Appeared, okay. Oh. Janine. You're. Like a butterfly oh my god you're so beautiful. Oh. Hottest. Soul with the kidney on it what did you mom I realized, the light was off no wonder it was so dark sorry. Yay. I. Got, a message from j-hope, I look. Forward to working with you, oh man. Okay. Over. To kill Ottawa okay. And you dashing, and stamina, who has the most passion, and stamina, well Danny, this is so hard Oh what's, the world, is she just. Oh. Yeah. Leveled. Up okay. To, be honest I still don't, know fully. What, I'm doing, I'm just kind of pressing buttons and figuring, it out um so. I just discovered, Jen, I'm, still trying to collect everybody. You. Were chasing me like a whole pack of wolves, oh my. God sorry, I scared you what, happens when you get desperate I didn't want to miss you I just really wanted to invite you to audition I. Thought, about her Chucky but oh yeah yeah ha. Ha ha, angel. My, god so, good-looking, like. He's, like the, boy you want to bring home to your mom like oh my god it's. Anyways, yeah. Yeah, up here I'm, almost, there I need to collect three more, three. More members. Sorry. My dad texted me. To. Care that passion, and wisdom, touched passion, and wisdom each air monitor of the world hello, man, oh, oh. My, gosh oh my. My phone's vibrating whoa. Oh. Man. I absolutely skipped him damn it I'm looking for the other members now you. Come with me that's okay. Donna. Lauria's, ship and interesting, than that well, did you spoken ah so. I said, it might delay your debut, I need, to find the other members. Okay. Great, thinking. Rani. Armando's, na mama da da da homie though they. Got a job tabby, she's, good. Don't. You even, wanna. Know. Oh. My. God I, can't, believe a freaking game is, giving. Me butterflies it's, just a game oh my goodness, Jess come, on so, I don't know who I'm picking, up next, I think. It's Chum look since we joined last so. Oh, my. God yeah. Yes. Okay. Finally. Found him I shoved, a business, card to him okay. I'm. Like I'm like very anxious. This Dean gets me really anxious I don't know why my, gosh.

He's, Gonna. I. Need two more people all, right so, so, far I got RM. Suga. J-hope, Jen. And Chun rule and, I just got Terminix card I still need a look for. V. And she. Mean I gave him my business card I don't know if he's gonna come but, yeah, we shall see yeah, and, leveled up again oh. I. Love. How the phone vibrates, it feels so real like, my. God. Okay. He messaged, me I called, on. You. Call, me anytime, call me. Care. If it's a butt dial. But, dial me any day why didn't you pick up because it's you, can. I go I'm, sorry I heard, everything from Duffy Canyon. I'm, sorry, I heard, it so. I. Still, need to get B and gene. Okay. Is he gonna appear. Okay. Now, we just need you mean well, seriously, it feels so empty without, him. Okay. I, guess. Pete really does have my back okay you, said that I should follow my heart and you wanted me to be happy doing whatever I choose, give, me courage. You, give me courage I love you too. Second. You walk through that door you are already in look. At how cute he looks like. It's. Come, I. Collect. Them all guys, thanks. Good job good job I got, V and Qi mean in one day good job good job I'm pretty sure everybody else did it but I just feel proud of myself right now oh. We're. Moving who, do you talk about a woman won't, yes. This. Is their new so home. Okay. Okay okay all right, so that was a little bit, of my reaction and, a little bit of me playing the game I hope, you guys enjoyed, it I can't wait to continue to play this, I'd love to record everything, and, I want it to screen record it all but then it, wouldn't let me screen a chord I try to show, you guys a little bit through the camera but I, hope, you guys enjoyed the video and, yes I hope all you guys become. Excellent, managers, I. Kind, of need a manager I mean judging by the clothes that I'm wearing right now like I got holes in it somebody needs to my manager needs to buy me some clothes. So. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if, you guys did please don't forget to like subscribe comment. Down below and, let me know what you guys think about the game what is your favorite feature and, I, will see you guys in my next video bye.

2019-06-28 16:11

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