Why THIS Eyesore Replaced the Mob-Run Stardust Resort in Las Vegas?

Why THIS Eyesore Replaced the Mob-Run Stardust Resort in Las Vegas?

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Since its inception Las, Vegas has been portrayed as the epitome of opulence, and luxury while, this reputation aided, in transforming, the city into what it is today it is also negatively, impacted, Sin City when the Great Recession of 2008, hit no major city felt its devastating, effects to the extent of Las Vegas the majority of tourists could no longer afford, to spend exorbitant, amounts of money on travel especially, to places as highly priced as the strip thus, tourism and casino revenues plummeted leaving, thousands without work the recession also took a toll on multiple, developments, leading to the bulk of these projects, halting construction one, of the more notable failed strip projects was a chillon place now known as Resorts World hey everyone how's it going my name is Jonah stall and welcome to abandon explained, in today's video we'll, be taking a look into what led to the development of the strip's most recognizable, reminder of the recession, Peschel own place in order to provide you with a complete picture of what happened here we must first cover the history behind the infamous Stardust, Resort since I started this series these two topics have been requested, numerous times considering, these two establishments, directly, affected one another I thought it would be best to cover them both in one video if you do not want to learn about the history behind the Stardust skip to the time code posted on screen if you have any topics, you'd want me to cover in this series let me know down in the comments below also, if you enjoy the video at any point be sure to hit that like and subscribe button anyways, let's dive right into it during the early 1930s a small, railroad town known as Las Vegas passed a bill that forever changed the valley in 1931. Nevada Rhee legalized, gambling under, the wide-open gambling bill, the slaying the foundation, for an economy, that would transform, the sleepy little town into a world-renowned tourist destination, development, was slow at first however things picked up following the construction of the El Rancho hotel, in 1942. While this event seemed insignificant at the time the old Rancho paved the road for future developments, in Las Vegas, well many failed to realize was the opening of the El Rancho marked, the birth of the Las Vegas Strip throughout, the 1950s, Las, Vegas saw the development of a variety of casinos, that eventually became strip icons such as the mint the Flamingo and the Stardust, during, the early 1950s, Tony, can narrow conceived a plan to construct a casino in Las Vegas shortly, after recovering from an assault prior to moving to Las Vegas Tony and his wife lived in Beverly Hills California, on February 9th 1948.

While Meeting with two potential investors, for a casino project in Mexico, Tony received a knock, door after, opening the door he met a character who he assumed to be a delivery person the man handed Tony a box and uttered the words here, Camaro this is for you before shooting him in the abdominal region four times, miraculously, Tony survived the assault however his deal with the investors he met fell through after recovering, from his injuries, Tony moved his family out to Las Vegas Nevada, once settled, Tony devised a plan to construct the world's largest casino, resort the Stardust Resort and Casino after, finalizing his plans Tony purchased a 40 acre parcel, of land on the Las Vegas Strip, today this section of land is located adjacent to the Circus Circus hotel and resort following, his purchase canal ROH filed an application with, the United States security and Exchange Commission to sell stock in the property once approved Tony bought 65,000. Shares in the property for 10 cents apiece making, him the majority stockholder at, 51% he then sold the remaining stock and filed for a gaming license with the Nevada Gaming Commission, by 1955. Construction, was well underway on the project which expected, to have over 1,000. Hotel rooms up until this point construction. On the project had mainly been financed, by American, gangster Moe Dalitz, who provided Tony with three loans totaling to 4.3 million dollars, as construction. Progressed, Canal Row encountered, a major problem the Nevada Gaming Commission, refused to issue him a gaming license due to his extensive criminal history in response, to the sudden change of events tony struck a deal with investors, led by the notorious illegal, gambler from los angeles, Milton B farmer page to lease the Stardust for $500,000, per month on July, 31st, 1955. Canal, row encountered, a string of bad luck that ultimately, led to his demise within, one night he gambled away. $37,000. On a craps table at the Desert Inn casino adjusted. For inflation in, one sitting Tony managed to gamble away nearly three hundred and fifty thousand, dollars as the night went on Tony, and the dealer wound up in a heated argument over, a $25. Chip according, to the LVPD, coroner's, office canal, row suffered a massive heart attack and passed on before hitting the floor despite, the coroner statement, rumors began to circulate that someone had poisoned, Tony's drink witnesses, claimed that prior to authorities, arriving, on scene employees, removed cornero's, body from the casino witnesses, also claimed that the glass he drank from was immediately washed after his passing, despite the suspicious, details surrounding the death police never performed, an autopsy on, Tony's corpse, following, canal rose, John factor a con-artist associated. With the Chicago, Outfit purchased, the under construction resort for around four million dollars, once the purchase was finalized, factor, brought in the project's loan holder Moe Dalitz and the management team from the Desert Inn to run the resort to complete construction on, the resort the new developers, received a ten million dollar loan on July, 3rd 1958.

Tony's Vision became a reality as the Stardust, hosted their grand opening ceremony the main star of the Stardust grand opening was the Lido de Paris show at 9:00 p.m. the first topless French revue production, on the strip upon opening the Stardust, became the largest Resort on the Las Vegas Strip with the capacity, to hold over 1,000, guests the property sat on 40 acres of land with rooms arranged into six buildings named after six different planets, developers. Arranged the hotel structures, in such a way that permitted, at door parking for every guest developers. Also soundproofed, every room a luxury, provided by few casinos, at the time the luxuries afforded to guests made a stay at the Stardust one-of-a-kind, while room here only ran used six bucks a night or $50, when adjusted for inflation guests. Were provided with countless amenities, not offered anywhere else on the strip guests here had access to 36, different services, ranging from auto rentals to babysitters, the pool otherwise known as a Big Dipper pool extended, over 105. Feet and set a world record for its size, the Stardust also offered rooms with individual, temperature controls a rare luxury at the time the Stardust boasted one of the largest casino, floors on the strip spanning, 16,000, 500 square feet to put this into perspective the, largest casino floor on the strip today is at the Venetian Resort which is approximately, a hundred and thirty-eight thousand, square feet the Stardust original, casino floor could fit inside the Venetians casino eight times upon, opening the Stardust remained open 24/7. To keep up with the Las Vegas nightlife, in order to advertise the property factor knew he needed to create something completely original while, other casinos, boasted prestigious, circle drives elaborate, lawns and massive, fountains the Stardust took a different approach factor, installed, the world's largest cantilever. Sign to advertise, the resort the sign spanned 215. Feet and required an electrical, input of 3000, amps to operate this high electrical, input allowed the sign to be seen nearly three miles down the strip the sign also set a world record for its immense size shortly. After the Stardust Grand Opening the nearby Casino Royal Nevada discontinued, operations, financial, problems which plagued the project from the beginning of we forced the resort to close only four years after opening in response, to the closure the starters purchased and renovated the defunct property, the Royal Nevada was transformed, into the Stardust West which, contained the Convention Center and the high-roller suite from 1959, to 1964. This wing became exclusively. Known for housing both high rollers and the Stardust showgirls with the addition of the Royal Nevada the Stardust now had the capacity to hold 1,300, guests, during its first years of operation, the Stardust owned the only drive-in theater in Las Vegas due to the circumstances. The Stardust drive-in, became a popular hangout spots, for teens and adults the theater remained the only theater of its kind until 1965. When the Westwind drive-in, opened by 1961. The Stardust employed a concerning, amount of high-profile, criminals, a few honorable mentions, include credit manager high Goldbaum who was known under 11 different aliases, and had 14 criminal convictions, including one for assault casino, manager Johnny drew a trusted, associate of Al Capone and general, manager Morris Kleinman who served three years for tax evasion Moe, Dalitz and his team leased the property until 1965. When they became the owners of the resort from 1965. To 1970. Dalits and his team operated the Stardust International, Raceway in Spring Valley which, is part of the Las Vegas township, the Speedway hosted racing events such as the can-am and the USA sea championship. Car series world-class drivers, like Mario Andretti Bruce McLaren Mark Donohue and Jackie Stewart, competed, here during the Stardust operation, of the track in 1966. Eccentric, billionaire, Howard Hughes attempted, to purchase the Stardust for thirty point five million dollars, Hughes previously, purchased the Desert Inn for thirteen million dollars along with many other casinos, including the sands and new, frontier, his interest in the project stemmed, from its reputation as the largest resort in Las Vegas before, dollars could sell the project the Justice Department Antitrust, Division stepped, in and shot down the deal the Antitrust, Division ruled, that if Hughes acquired any more projects, on this trip he would violate the Sherman Antitrust, Act during, the late 1960s. The Stardust gave Siegfried, and Roy their first shot as headliners on the strip thanks to this the entertainers, gained popularity, in Las Vegas for their performance, with white tigers and lions the pair eventually moved their act to the Mirage selling, out every show from the first night to the last as the 60s came to an end Daleks sold the Stardust to the parven dorman corporation for an undisclosed, amount parven doorman sat on the property for five years before selling it to Allen sargent corporation, in 1974.

Alan Glick purchased the property using loans provided by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Central, States pension fund, click a previous attorney and real estate investor from San Diego received, one hundred million dollars in loans from Teamsters, central state pension fund using this money he first purchased the hacienda hotel then downtown, Fremont, hotel and finally, the Stardust if you've seen the movie casino, this story may sound familiar that is because the movie casino is based off the story of the Stardust if you substitute Stardust for tankers you know what happens next under Argent's, ownership Frank lefty, Rosenthal became, the unofficial boss of the casino despite, not having a gaming license while some dislike Rosenthal's, management, style the casinos all saw a massive spike in popularity Rosenthal's. Ability, to bring in high rollers resulted, in a sizable increase in dealer tips this alone made him a popular face on the casino floor Rosenthal's. Most memorable addition, to the Stardust was their two million dollar sports and race book the edition of this segment became the casinos most popular attraction, due to their abnormally, high betting limits nowhere else on the strip could you find a one hundred thousand dollar maximum, bed by the time competitors. On the strip limited bets between one thousand to five thousand dollars supposedly. The payphones outside the sports book were the highest-grossing in the country runners used the phones to inform out-of-state associates, about the starting, lines immediately after, they were posted, the Stardust line became the industry standard up until the book's closure while Rosenthal, made the resort an unbelievable. Amount of money he also oversaw, a table and slot skimming operation, of the Stardust this operation, led to millions of unreported revenue, being sent to the Chicago, Outfit and other crime families to, fund their illegal enterprises, inevitably. Things, came crashing, down when federal investigators. Confirmed that throughout the 1970s, Stardust. Employs skim profit, from the resort and distributed, the funds between several Midwestern mob, bosses, investigators. Alleged that millions of dollars in revenue went unaccounted, for and that the unaccounted, revenue was distributed, to criminal organizations. Before the Stardust reported their earnings towards, the end of the 1970s, Argent, corporation started to face legal issues related to the skimming operation, amidst the controversy Argent's. Told the Stardust to herb Taubman and Alan Sachs in 1979. Initially, things went well under the pair however, authorities discovered. That they to skim profits at the resort in response, the Nevada Gaming Commission, revoked their gaming licenses, and forced, them to forfeit control of the property in nineteen before the duo received a three and a half million dollar fine from the Nevada Gaming Commission, this fine set a record as the largest find ever issued by the Nevada Gaming Commission, due to the situation at hand the Commission awarded Boyd Gaming the rights to operate the day-to-day activities, at the Stardust in 1983.

A Federal grand jury indicted 15 people for conspiring to skim at least 1.6. Million dollars from the casino table games those indicted included, notorious, criminals such as the head of the Chicago Outfit, Joseph, Ayyappa Milwaukee, syndicate, boss Frank Bell story and Kansas, City Mafia chief Karl Sevilla authorities, later charged a group of Cleveland mobsters, for sharing the stolen casino profits with other criminal organizations authorities. Estimated, that the Stardust alone lost over two million dollars in federal, court Cleveland mobster Angelo Lonardo turned on his associates, and testified, against them the mobster turned informant testified, that his close friend who was the Cleveland Mafia's point man informed, him that the mobsters from Kansas, City and Milwaukee, had considerable, say in who the Teamsters pension fund issued loans to he stated these mobsters convinced, a teamster to issue a loan to Allan CLIC Sargent Corporation, lonardo also revealed at the Chicago, Milwaukee Kansas. City and Cleveland, crime families received monthly kickbacks, from the Stardust skim ranging between $40,000. To $100,000. He concluded, his testimony, by saying that the Teamster union official William presser received a $1,500. Monthly, pension from the skim before, the hearing began Kansas, City Mafia chief Karl Sabella and three others accepted a plea deal thus pleading guilty to lesser charges after. The trial the jury deliberated, for 36, hours over, a six day period before coming to a decision Chicago. Mob boss Joseph Ayyappa and four others were convicted of skimming revenue while secretly controlling the Stardust Resort in Fremont Hotel each defendant, was convicted on all eight counts each of which carried a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000, fine all four, of those convicted were over the age of 57 the oldest being Ayyappa who was 77, years old Allan Glick the man responsible, for purchasing, the Stardust and two other hotels on the strip played, a key role in convicting those involved in the skimming operation, Glick claimed in court he had no knowledge of Frank's criminal activity, prior to attending a meeting with Delbert Coleman to discuss financing, for the purchase of the Stardust and Fremont Hotel many, questioned the accuracy of this claim since Glick attended school with one of Frank's sons Glick, continued, by explaining that through the four mob family's influence, he received a loan for nearly 63, million, from the Teamsters pension fund he then used this money to purchase the Stardust and other resorts under his company argent corporation, teamster later went on to issue a second, loan declic for 25 million dollars this loan provided argent corporation, with the funding necessary to redevelop, and improve the Stardust Glick ended his testimony, by claiming his involvement in the skimming conspiracy, stemmed from his intimidation, of the crime figures prosecutors.

Acknowledged His testimony, as the truth to the jury and as a result Glick got off scot-free, controversy. Surrounding the Stardust finally laid to rest in 1985. When Boyd Gaming purchased, both the Stardust and the Fremont Hotel Boyd, gaming had a reputation for abstaining, from criminal activity leading, many to view their acquisition, of the property as a new beginning throughout, the 90s the Stardust underwent several drastic, changes being, one of the last resorts, on the strip from the 1950s. The Stardust underwent a 300, million dollar renovation to, modernize the resort in 1991. The renovation, plans included adding a new 32, story hotel tower along with two swimming pools a golf course and athletic, facilities, one, year later in 1992. Boyd replaced the Stardust famously toed a Paris show with a less established show known as enter the night well enter the night never received the same attention as Leto de Paris the show stayed with the Stardust for seven years before parting, ways in December of 1999, around, the same time developers, also replaced the futuristic, lettering on the original sign with blocky typeface, lettering, before the turn of the century Wayne Newton signed the biggest entertainment deal, in Las Vegas history in October, of 1999, newton signed a ten-year deal with the Stardust for a reported 25 million, dollars per year according to the deal he would perform exclusively at the Stardust for 40 weeks out of the year due to contractual, obligations. Newton's, ceased all performances, in the Hollywood Theater at MGM Grand following, his signing the Stardust renamed their 920. Seat theater to Wayne Newton theater in his honor the turn of the century marked the beginning of the end for the Stardust Resort while the casino retains some of its popularity they would never be as profitable as the newer mega resorts built on the strip towards the end of the 1980s, the Las Vegas Strip underwent a gradual transition due, to the steady decline in organized crime involvement. Long gone were the days of Rat Pack Vegas, as the strip shifted towards a more commercialized, and family-friendly environment.

This New chapter in Las Vegas history came to be known as the mega-resort era and kicked off in November of 1989, with the opening of Steve Wynn's Mirage Steve, Wynn's Mirage to a new standard for luxury on the strip and attracted droves of Tara as a result what followed the mirages astronomical. Success was nearly 25, years of rapid growth and financing, for projects, by the start of the 21st century the era of mega resorts was in full swing and the start of struggled to keep up in an attempt to become more competitive with the new mega resorts, the Stardust demolished four of the original two-story, buildings to make way for a plan 25 million dollar renovation renovations. Done to the resort included upgrading the public facilities, and guest rooms construction, of a new 340. Seat buffet and lastly, refurbishment, of the property's roadside sign regardless. Of these renovations the startups continue to struggle as newer resorts outshine the once iconic, resort in a last-ditch effort to save the declining resort Stardust officials brought in a magician Rick Thomas as a reformer in March of 2005, the following month in April Newton decided to end his run at the resort four and a half years early his departure hid the resort hard despite Thomas's, magic show becoming the most successful daytime. Show on the strip once Newton left the Stardust no one questioned, if the resort was going to close the question now stuck in everyone's mind was when it would close by 2004. Void officials, recognize that this Stardust closure was inevitable, in response, officials, created, a plan to potentially, redevelop, the site of the Stardust in July Boy put their plan into action and spent a hefty 1.2. Billion dollars, on purchasing, Coast casinos incorporated. This price the acquisition, provided the company with four new properties, the Sun Coast the Gold Coast the Orleans and Barbary, Coast a few months later in November Boyd purchased a 13 acre parcel, located contingent. To the Stardust for 43 million dollars, between 2004. And 2006, the company purchased several more properties, including, the land between the Stardust and the westward ho towards the end of 2006, a deal was made with Harrah's Entertainment to, trade the Barbary Coast casino, for 11 acres located adjacent to the Stardust, in total Boyd acquired 87, acres for the Stardust redevelopment. In January, of 2006. Boyd Gaming announced to the public that they would be replacing the Stardust in westward ho with a new project known as Ashkelon, place boy, described echelon as a luxurious, multi-use, complex boasting.

Five Partially, separated hotel towers with a combined guest capacity, surpassing, 5,000 people the projects out in 87, acres and was to contain 140, thousand, square foot casino floor a convention, center with close to a million square feet of space and numerous, other amenities the development, expected to become the centerpiece of the northern end of the strip with the development of echelon place buoyed hope to surpass tomorrow, and become the leader in luxury on the strip estimated, to cost four billion dollars, if completed Ashkelon place is believed to be the second most expensive hospitality. Development ever undertaken, the only project to top echelon is the Mirage and MGM, six billion dollar city center project following the announcement on November, 1st 2006. After remaining continuously, opened for 48 years, the Stardust Resort and Casino finally, closed their doors to the public once the clock struck noon the Bobbie Howard band led patrons out of the resort one final time to the tune of when the saints go marching in, after, operating for 24 hours a day seven, days a week the Stardust sat eerily quiet and empty for the first time in nearly half a century on March 13th 2007. At 2:00 in the morning the Stardust was imploded to make way for the planned construction of a chillon place the demolition ceremony included a fireworks show displaying, a 10-second, countdown to the implosion despite, only 430. Pounds of explosive, being used in the demolition the Stardust became the tallest building to be imploded on the Las Vegas Strip, almost immediately after demolition wrapped up construction teams began prepping the land for construction after the prep work was completed construction. Officially begun an echelon place during the summer of 2007. Developers. Presume the project would be completely, finished by 2010, towards, the end of 2007. The United States began to undergo an economic, recession that wreaked havoc on the tourism economy well established, casinos experienced, severe problems, relating to the recession planned projects seemingly felt the brunt of the damage on August, 1st 2008, Boyd Gaming announced that construction on edge alone would be halted for three to four quarters due to the poor economic conditions project. Officials announced that they intended on resuming construction, upon the recovery of the credit market and the Las Vegas economy, this was bad news for many Las Vegas residents, who were relying on the opening of places like a chillon place to bring jobs to the valley during the subsequent, year the recession continued, to wreak havoc on the valley Boyd Gaming took a massive hit in 2009, when the company experienced, a massive drop in their share prices and revenue the recessions effect on Boyd's revenue resulted, in the company losing millions of dollars in profit after tough deliberations. Boyd officials concluded that the best course of action was to suspend construction, on Ashkelon place until the economic conditions in Las Vegas improved, in a statement released by Boyd the company stated that while they believed in the long-term viability of Las Vegas the current economic conditions in Las Vegas would not support a project like Asheville on place the company concluded, by stating that construction would not resume anytime soon and that local should expect, to be suspended for three to five years three years after suspending, construction, Boyd gaming announced that they plan on finishing construction, at a chillon place Boyd stated this time around they were determined, to claim their spot as one of the top luxury destinations. On the Las Vegas Strip following, this announcement Clark, County granted Boyd an extension, till 2018. To finish the project plans to resume construction fell through less than a year later in 2013. When Boyd gaming's told the 87, acre site to the Malaysian gaming, company Genting, Group for, 350, million dollars, Genting, Group is a well respected gaming, powerhouse, based from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, the company owns several casinos located.

Throughout The world most noteworthy being, the Aqueduct, Racetrack Casino. In New York City which contains the world's largest slot machine floor Genting purchased the site with plans to develop a Chinese theme Resort on the 87, acres after, the acquisition of echelon, place executives. From Genting Group received an invitation to attend a local press conference, at the conference company, officials revealed their plan to construct a 21 million square-foot Chinese, theme resort named Resorts, World Las Vegas, upon, completion the project would contained four hotel towers with a combined room count of 6,500. Rooms aside from the typical shopping and dining areas, developers, revealed part of their plan included building a replica Great Wall of China a panda exhibit and a 1 million square foot Convention Center company, officials stated construction, and Resorts World would occur in four phases over the span of 24, to 36, months officials, also disclosed, that phase 1 of construction, would span 8 million square feet and include, 3,500. Hotel rooms to reduce construction costs Genting intended on corporated the structure of Ashkelon place into Resorts world to design phase 1 plan to accommodate numerous, features such as a seven and a half acre indoor waterpark a 4,000. Seat theater and a bowling alley construction, on the first phase was expected to cost around four billion dollars, in break ground in 2014. Genting officials estimated, that Resorts world would open by 2016. And allege the property was supplying nearly 12,000. Jobs to the valley residents, of Las Vegas found the announcement, of Resorts World to be a pleasant surprise, although the Great Recession began, four years earlier in 2008, Las Vegas was still experiencing, its devastating, effects from 2002, until the economic crisis unemployment in the valley had remained on a steady decline before, the recession unemployment in Las Vegas had around 4% two, years after the initial onset, of the recession unemployment in the valley skyrocketed. Upwards of 10% throughout, this period economic crisis the hospitality industry was, suffer greatly from the drastic decline in tourist spending as a result many Las Vegas residents lost their jobs and found themselves unable to find new employment with the announcement of Resorts World Las Vegas many felt that things might finally turn around for Las Vegas Resorts, World received support from several Nevada government, officials including governor, Ryan Sandoval, and Senator Harry Reid both Sandoval and Reid praised Genting Group for aiding in the recovery of the Las Vegas economy, by providing employment to thousands, of people construction got off to a rocky start as groundbreaking was delayed until May 5th 2015.

One, Year after the initially planned start date the project now expected, to be completed by mid 2018. Two years after Resorts, World was initially scheduled to open shortly. After construction broke ground construction, on the project slowed, down considerably as the months wore on work on the project appeared to be on a steady decline Genting, Group also became increasingly quiet, about the project and begun only posting construction, updates to Facebook by February of 2016, numerous, locals questioned the resort's status as barely any work had been completed with, the current pace of construction many. Doubted the project would open by 2018, in May of 2016. Genting, Group announced their plan to ramp up construction later that year assuming construction, stays on schedule the company expected the project to be complete by early 2019, Genting attributed the delays to the Malaysian currencies, depreciation. Which decreased the company's global purchasing, power along, with waiting on approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission, for a gaming license the project set in limbo for about two years as Genting Group geared up for resuming construction. In 2018. Over a decade since Boyd demolished, the Stardust to make way for a new development Construction, was finally in full swing in May of 2018, Genting posted an updated, timeline for construction on Resorts World which plays the resort's opening at the end of 2020, since Genting released the updated timeline Construction has stayed on pace with the aggressive timeline this is attributed to on-site workers, be increased six-fold since the start of 2018, towards, the end of July Genting, group representatives, informed News 3 Las Vegas that the two hotel, towers now stand 22, and 25 stories tall more, than double their initial height at the start of 2018, the representatives, also informed, news 3 that both towers will stand 60, storeys tall by the end of the year and be topped out in the fall of 2019 in order to remain on pace with the aggressive building schedule company, officials claimed that the number of workers will increase daily as construction, expands out to different areas this is good news for the vegas construction, industry since Resorts world will continually, provide more job opportunities as construction advances, as 2018, comes to an end construction at resource world continues, to keep up with the aggressive building schedule while some skeptics, believe construction, will not be completed until 2021, or later many locals remain hopeful that the project will continue to stay on track and open, on schedule the northern end of the strip has been plagued with abandoned, developments, and declining foot traffic since the initial onslaught, of the recession, the Fountainbleu Las Vegas now known as the drew cease construction, in 2008, around the same time Boyd Gaming announced construction, on Ashkelon place was suspended, like Resorts World the drew is expected, to open at the end of 2020, with both projects, being highly anticipated, many expect that they will revitalize, the northern end of the strip upon opening at this point only time will tell what becomes of the former side of the Stardust I personally, believe that when resorts world opens it will be a successful addition to the Las Vegas Strip, Genting, group appears to be studying the market as well as carefully, calculating, what to build in order to compete with the already established casinos on the strip while the strip is historically, one of the most competitive markets, out there Genting officials should have no issue competing, assuming they play their cards right with proper marketing and generous gaming promotions, Resorts, World is poised to take over and dominate the northern end of the strip if you enjoyed the video hit that like button down below this video was actually a suggestion I received from one of you on one of my latest videos if you have any suggestions, for future videos let me know down in the comments below also be sure to hit that subscribe button and that bell icon so you can stay up to date on my latest content, thank you all for watching and I'll see you next video peace.


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Do a video on where to find hookers


Lol. No,this is abandoned. What ever happened to the rise of cheap hookers on vegas and why did that fail?

They'll find you if you look like a sucker.

what happened to the Olympic Garden on N. Las Vegas blvd.?

If you’d ever seen the movie Casino, you’d know how to pronounce Tangiers.

It appears Resort World is design to cater toward the Chinese customers/gamblers, like the Lucky Dragon. Hopefully, RW will have a better future than the L' Dragon.

Hopefully, before the Chinese exterior décor becomes too permanent.

From a personal standpoint, that Asia theme does not appeal to me. I wonder how long it takes before Resorts World rebrands into something new?

It's slowly turning around for Vegas, but the whole, "putting your hopes on one development" thing can blow up in a cities face really hard. Vegas isn't immune because of it's size.

Good video! Can you do sahara next?

Hopefully they won't get caught by the same trap which caught out another Asian-themed resort on the strip.

I do agree resort world will dominate the north end of the strip I am excited for it to open

Great vid. Really well done. Vegas history is *always* fun.

Great video! I learned SO much about a subject I previously had zero interest in haha.

Yayyyy!!!! Awesome xoxo Do you only do vegas stuff btw?? I was curious about the Playboy club at Palms. What was there before and what happened to the bunny tower and all the playboy stores. Is the Hefner suite still there and blah blah. What you think??

He's a Vegas local, and a kid, so his content is localized around Southern Nevada for now.

I personally think the more depressing story involves the Frontier.. like, the construction on the project didn't even begin! Seeing a video on it would be cool! Great one as always!

Great Job !!!

Not to lie, although the Stardust was a great piece of history Resorts world looks sooooo cool! Can't wait until they open Also can you do a video on the New Frontier and why it's a bunch of nothing?

We started coming to Las Vegas in 1975 at that time they were shooting a movie across from our hotel. Coming back in 1985 the place changed so much and our room was so dated we decided to vacation else where.The Rat Pack was great for the area it was small compared to today but if you could bring them back to full honor the place would buzzing sorry Las Vegas. We invested in St. Barth and still make money.

Well done!! The Stardust was a favorite. Actually attended the post-closing auction of items from the hotel and casino. The sports book was the BEST in town.

Vegas is a dust bin! Always construction to blind ya from the truth! Macau killing Vegas 12x over.

This sounds like the movie Casino.

Great historical background on the strip. Nice tie in to the Fountain Bleu. Always wondered what happened to the Stardust. I noticed in a few background a few shots of Frontier hotel. I remember when the hotel had people on strike for years. Walking the picket lines for years.

Really good job on this video. Felt really high quality.

I love this stuff


You forgot to mention the New Frontier/Last Frontier in the history of the strip! Great video though...

Los Pollos Hermanos well yes they wanted to build two but my guess is because of the recession they decided to cancel plans for building a second tower, well at least they actually managed to complete the first one

+Frozen Kebab http://www.vegastodayandtomorrow.com/the-plaza.htm

+Frozen Kebab Trump bout partial land behind the New frontier where the Trump tower is now at, I had heard they were supposed to build two towers but not sure how accurate that is

Los Pollos Hermanos The Plaza like in NYC.........if I'm not mistaken Donald Trump own/used to own this hotel in NYC and there is a Trump hotel nearby the site of the New frontier......I really should check this out

+Frozen Kebab it was supposed to be built as the Plaza like the one in NYC but when the economy fell back in 07 they canceled the project.

Los Pollos Hermanos yes! Why did the New frontier got imploded and now it's an empty land?

Great video and I really liked the historical background on the Stardust.

Thanks for suggesting the topic! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed :)

Theys was legit boss...

Fascinating content & excellent story telling!!! I would love to see the Binion story in a future video if you could please!

Have you ever tbought about doing a piece on Foxwoods Resort and Casino in CT?

Very interesting, BUT: Tan-JEERS, Pair-EE (C'mon, Man), and Harry S. Truman?

WOW, What an amazing story! Who ever knew that Jimmy Hoffa's Teamsters union was so heavily involved in the early history of Las Vegas. Really awesome video Dude!

Great history, I have been to Vegas many times, and I lot of my questions were answered today. Keep up the go work!!!

What about the solar company that was blooming until Nevada energy took them out?

Many thanks for this work, following Vegas from Sweden and would love this project to be a success. I will hit Vegas in November :-) Hope you can do a update on The Drew when it comes alive :-)

Can you do a video on the decline of fremont st? How its gone from iconic to a mess...ie..st performers...slotzilla...the disappearance of iconic figues...ie..vegas vicki..etc..thanks

Yeah, really can’t head down there anymore...Scary and really sad!

Glitter Gulch was closed and demolished approximately a year ago.

+dave smith yea but to an awkward bastardized version of a once badass boulevard

Vicki will be back.

+Yvonne S vegas vic looks sadder and lonelier than ever

+Yvonne S and the golden goose sign too. Travesty!!

+Lyle Gorch i think it sucks

+Lyle Gorch I think it closed last year.

I think it was very nice of Vegas to provide a roof and AC for all the panhandlers, homeless weirdos, and icky-icky rednecks on Fremont St.. BTW is /GlitterGulch still there?

Stellar job, Jonah !! VEGAS !!!

Wait a minute. The FBI was late to the party...again?

Thanks for posting, I love Vegas!

well done! can't wait for the next one

Pic credit: Mob. NICE


i want the binions casino histry,nothing else

kaiokendo I too would like to know what is the status of Binion's. I know the casino is open but not the hotel?

Super wordy script!! Construction of the construction.... really?

Excellent research dude, another great video. Keep up the good work.

get on with it !!!!!

5 years time : 'why did the resort world hotel collapse'. Asian money men rushing to complete a project with an unrealistic timetable? What could go wrong...

They are working at this place again.

Hey great video I smashed the like button have you heard of the underground train or trains that government use to get to Area 51 and other places I don’t mean the floods tunnels either

I haven't been in Vegas since the mid 80's so don't blame me !!

How about the failed and quietly demolished Harmon Hotel for a video topic.

running voice at the end is difficult to bear

Can you do a video on the jockey club towers and how it survived when the city center & cosmopolitan was built around the hotel and when Robbie knievel jumped from the first building to the second one live on tv on Thursday February 4 1999 on FOX

I would like to know were they haul all of the debris from the hotels that have been imploded. A video would be cool.

Maybe it is not necessarily a good thing to talk so fast that people will want you shoot you in the face. narrator SUCKS

your "robotic'" voice is too much.. make the video longer, and speak slowly....please... your content is fantastic ! there is no train to catch...

Do you ever stop to take a breath, so very annoying!

Q is anonymous. Really. Believable? It could be your mama. Garbage crypto.

Thanks! But, I'm still hoping you'll do one of these about the Harmon Hotel debacle!

It’s on my list of places to cover :) Glad to hear you enjoyed!

How can do you a video on the Stardust and not include a reference to this (1996 film "Swingers" which prominently features the Stardust)?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWSVtnG2LEU

I gambled at the Stardust 3 months before they closed. And I gambled at the Riviera too during the same trip. And remember, the movie Showgirls was about a fictional show at the Stardust.

I mean how many rooms do u really need. There no fully booked now

I've said it before. The north end is doomed

thank you for the video.nice to see about las vegas.

All this stuff will be built. Your an idiot.

You're* :)

In the picture @ 3 :11 is that Robert De Niro???

Great video. Overall, you almost always do a really good job. Pronunciations: Tangiers = Tanjeers and Lido de Paris = Lido d Paree . Dude, I'm happy to help with pronunciations as this seems to be where you always get stuck. Just message...

Eggs was Vegas......auto correct sucks

Actually, the Resorts World Complex is in full development, and Fountain Blue is now going to open as the Drew. It may take time, but. Eggs always wins.

Wow learned alot, great job on this piece!

"Tangiers" is pronounced TAN-JEERS. The "Paris" part of the world famous cabaret and burlesque show, "Lido de Paris" is pronounced PAR-EE (as in French). That's the show that put all of Vegas on the map and continues to this day at its original venue in France.

Great video buddy, kind regards Richard U.K

Subscribed. Great overview

Thank you for subbing! Glad to hear you enjoyed :)

I loved going to the stardust my last year was 2008 i went twice ,your vid states it closed b4 then my convention was in oct 08 not sure were you got your dates it was imploded later that year or the next yr our convention group moved to another boyd location in summerlin

Glick's intimidation of the crime figures. no.

Trump 2020. His vision is perfect.

I have a suggestion """ take a pill for ADD or smoke a joint """ you talk so fucking fast I just lost my buzz....

Drove by last week. Looks like it is getting taller!

By the way, I believe that only the Tropicana and Flamingo are the only two remaining OLD hotels on the strip. Tropicana opened in (1957 I think?) and the Flamingo 10 years before that. It's not in your nature to do videos on places that didn't actually end up caving in, but if you want a new type of topic, maybe you could talk about how these two places managed to stay open and operational to this day comparing them to something like the Dunes that just stood no chance. The Dunes was located in basically the same place as the Flamingo too.

If you slow the speed down to .75 it sounds like the narrator is drunk. lol

can you do Nickelodeon Studios

Best business deal ever. Sold stardust top dollar bought Treasure Island next door for half that and competitor blew himself up.

Do St. Regis next to the palazzo

So you still think there are no cartel run casinos Lol .

The hotel in the movie Casino is pronounced “Tan-jeers”. Not “Tangers”

Wow, this is an awesome video well narrated and outstanding research, very informative. Great job!

Thank you! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed :)

relax a lil bit man...good vid tho

He should've took the food and beverage job.

chines themed resort casino what kid of hell if that? I enjoy if there is an asain section in casino because it adds to the ambiance and experience, but to have an entire casino of that size in Chinese theme, that would be very depressing place to be. No one will go in that casino, you don't need market research I can tell you that now. People will not fly halfway around the world or the country to stay in some asain theme casino.

Stardust the place of MILF hookers,stiff drinks and the best damn sports book on the strip...I miss you so. As for Resort World,If it looks like shit,smells like shit,taste like shit then it must be ....

Hes wrong about a few things. The mgm is the the largest casino floor in Las Vegas. Im a Las Vegas native for over 30 years. This clown probably doesnt even live in Las Vegas.

Awesome job! Very well done. A lot of info in that time.

Interesting story. It sounds like the moment they changed the older Stardust signs out, things started going downhill. I've never been to Las Vegas, doubt I ever will. But it's fun to watch videos about.

I remember The Stardust had a AM radio station inside or next to the sports book. As a kid I lived in the desert in the middle of nowhere and before cable it was one of the few things that was on at night, I prank called these guys (before caller ID) nightly and they would flip out. In hind sight I wish I wouldve recorded it because they got so angry on air.

+thatDonOguy I grew up on Jim Healy on KMPC so always loved sports talk from a very young age, now I remember it was KDWN aka k-dawn, I think Art Bell got his start on K-dawn and also was at the Stardust as a kid with insomnia Art Bell was like my security blanket and you really can find anything on YouTube.

BTW, here's a brief excerpt I post here some years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRjzJCyxqW8

Yup, that radio station was KDWN-AM and Lee Pete use to host that show from the Stardust for a long time.There's a YT'ber named Carzy Cav who has posted his phone calls over his channel. I even recorded a full two hour show from the early 80's and posted it up on Internet Archive. R. I. P., Lete Pete!!

Good Vid

Thanks bro I appreciate it!

Lots of interesting facts, but I feel compelled to do some fact checking because your photos, in most cases, were totally wrong. Come on dude, Al Capone was dead long before the Stardust was conceived.

Unfortunately, I can’t use any picture I find in these videos. I can only use royalty free images, hence why some of the pictures are like that. Thanks for watching!

All of the Asian tourists and business travelers that used to stay at the Mandarin Oriental (now the Waldorf Astoria) will make Resorts World their lodging and gambling destination in Vegas when it opens - rest assured.

Get someone else to read the script

many other places in the world to bleed money, vegas is ok in doses

I know they have reinvent themselves but Las Vegas has no history available

Old school Vegas sounds so much more fun

You are talking too fast.

Make moar videos. Gimme gimme gimme!! Youtube has made my brain an information sponge.

talk about speed speaking FSO had enough after 9mins your next vid USE SUBS

I used to hang out in the Stardust race and sports book every day after it first open. They would write the tickets by hand any people would change the numbers. A ten dollar ticket would suddenly be a $100 dollar one. They would befriend a tourist and ask them “ if their going to cash their ticket cash mine while you’re up there. If they would get questioned the cheater would disappear. A lot and I mean a lot of altered tickets were cashed.

What you don't mention is that most of these construction workers are Chinese immigrant workers. Many of them don't even speak English.

Your photo of the Hacienda Hotel is not the original Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip C'mon brother get it together.

I can’t use some photos since they are copyrighted :( that’s why some pictures are incorrect

The El Rancho was built in 1941...

The Mint Hotel was not a Strip Icon Since it was Downtown. It no longer exists as it was taken over by Binions Horshoe Hotel and Casino....

I would love to know more about what happened to the "WET" project. It looked massive and amazing. There was going to be a water park and an indoor ski slope

The eyesore is better than a bunch wife beating, drug dealer coke heads running it, the mob is dumbest shit ever, idoits with guns and drugs, who shoot , kill, lie, steal, cheat to get what they want, every mob on the planet should be huddled in a casino , doors locked and let them eradicate each other, lmao.. DUMMYS

Thanks amazing video loved the history


I loved the Stardust

Excellent video

Taking 12-15 years to develop the Stardust property is mind-boggling! In 2008, smart management and developers could have done a major redevelopment of the Stardust in 24 months... The numbers show that tourism is declining in Las Vegas, because of corporate greed - expensive room rates, charging for every small service, resort fees, etc... Do we really need more cookie cutter hotel/casinos on The Strip?

Totally agree, now major parking fee. Being from California I would go to Vegas 3 or 4 times a year, a cheap getaway, and if I lost on the slots or tables, so what! still had a good time. Now, I go every other year, and gaming money is tied to a budget of the whole trip. Hope the great minds of Vegas know what they're doing, the next downturn of tourism could be the"mob" hit of death.

Love your videos man. I really dig the history behind the subject.

I was working on the echelon place project when it shut down. The news media knew before the workers did. We showed up to pink slips and news cameras. It was rough

Jon... another AWESOME Vegas vid. LOVE IT! keep it up brother!

VERY THOROUGHLY researched and reported!

THE NEW VEGAS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stay at Whiskey Pete's ! Unless I get compat at the 2 little mobbed places that are still there.

Moe Green started Las Vegas and Michael Corleone had him taken out so he could have his brother run it. Just joking ,this is a good video ,keep it up.If you need info about mob stuff,my Uncle and his Father ran a few Casinos ,I still get comped at 2 old Casinos. It is very interesting.

Great video, well done!

3000 Amps to run the sign? No, 3000 Watt maybe. 3000Amps could run the whole building.

Skyvue! Please do a video on skyvue!!!! I’m very curious about what happened to this project.

With all this pilfering of pension funds, I guess the pensioners are happy to get 2 bucks a month that they're probably ordered to gamble away at the casino.

Yo you spelled happened wrong in the thumbnail

Yo thank you I’ll fix that right now

Thank you for all the work you put into these videos!

The Legend Of Gutshot Tony

Great video. How about doing one on the effect (or non-effect, depending on who you believe) of the lowering water level in Lake Mead?

make a video about Freemont, thanks

Have you heard of the eyesore on i4 in Florida? I think it's been covered by other people before.

I'd kinda like to see a vid on where all these casinos were/are. A blueprint progression of this year, here were all the casinos, in February, this was sold, in April, this closed in July this was imploded and this was built in it's place, etc.

Gentings concepts looked awesome

your video on foutain bleu was very informative. Thanks bro

Glad to hear you enjoyed :)

Do one on the fountain blue!

I have made a video on the Fontainebleau! Here’s the link to that video: https://youtu.be/rRIHL5Ehhc8

i hope both the Drew and Resorts World are happening - but I think one of them will not make it unfortunately.

great video thank you

I don't understand all the negative comments on the pace of your narration of the video. I noticed nothing irregular nor hard to understand in the way the way you read your text . Great! In my opinion.

why do you put a picture of Al Capone and Lucky Luciano? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever....

I have to use royalty free images otherwise my videos cannot be viewed in the US :( I try my best to use the correct images but sometimes there isn’t a royalty free image

They should have kept the old font. The new blocky font had no style whatsoever and looked out of place with the stars. The big red letters on the new tower looked like a generic strip mall sign. Stupid move. They should have kept the 50's style and just upgrade the technology.

Why not do a update. Like on "friends of ours" in Kansas City. Your comments mention the movie "Casino". Check out the crime bosses son who went to "Harvard"? Hey wasn't that another movie, no this is for real. Now check out the yellow pages, where there is a lawyer with the same name as the crime boss(A grandson?) But then go back further to the Truman era when a wise guy was killed by a lawman on a street called Armour. Now, look it up, his elderly son, who I remember from when he owned the now "imploded" Mid-Town Liquors, at 39th and the Paseo, now "owns" a mega casino, outdoor concert venue, hotel, & etc. resort On the Kansas side of K.C..

wow, that's a great video!


A good bit probably gets recycled, but what’s left over, yeah! What he ^^ said.

Trump vision: a Saudi and Russian owned America.

Can you do a "what happened to the girls from 2 girls 1 cup" video

Thank you for the history. How about a piece on why Treasure Island got rid of the pirate show.

yes...the wonderful Stardust. 1984...eating in the buffet and a big roach came from under the table and ran across the top. It was ok...he didn't eat anything. The videos about old Vegas are outstanding!

. Scout you better watch who you’re talking to

Probably at your moms house

Yes I want to know

Were getting more tourists from the east because statistically speaking they make more money than us west coasters 300-400 a night is nothing to them and they mostly have major corporations they work for pay for their stay

My grandparents went from Indiana to Vegas every year for their vacations. They always stayed at the stardust. I also have relatives that live there and even when we would go see them in the 80s and early 90s, we always stayed at the stardust. I can remember when the mirage opened. Even as a young man back then, I felt the originality of Vegas slipping away. I really enjoy your stories on the old hotels of the strip.

Mob Vegas was the best Vegas ! Bugsy!

It will open just in time for the next recession.


Excellent historical video, I loved it!! & live here. Good day!

Your speedy voice was irritating and annoying, lengthen video , there is no fire

2007... oof!

. Scout

+Rob Fowler aww man that hurt my feelings, I give I give you win

. Scout Maybe if you had more than a third grade education and not cousins for parents / adopted your life would have worked out

+Rob Fowler no ones talking to you boy

Turn it to 1.25 and it will actually damage your brain!

Dude, the fuck's up with the speed talking? You forget to take your Ritalin or something? Slow it the fuck down.

Holy crap so much fast talking. Slow down!! This whole video is like listening to an auction.

The Stardust was a classy piece of history. Style through and through. Replaced by yet another monolithic resort. Sad. We never value our history.

Great update of Stardust Property.

talk slower man

8:40 RIP Danny Gans :(

Its pronounced "Tunn- Gieer" G as in Giant not Gun.

this resorts world is Under construction open 2020 is going up.

Koala Lampar! LOL!

The title is not a question and should not have a question mark.

Same narrator as honey badger video.

It certainly had more class.

It was actually much safer for "Joe Consumer" when the mob ran things because the mob didn't and wouldn't put up with punk-ass thieves; and the mob didn't have to go through the judicial system to deal with and get rid of punk-ass thieves.

Thank you glad to hear you enjoyed!

Glad to hear you enjoy the videos! There will be more coming out soon!

Trump vision: a Saudi and -Russian- Israeli owned America. There. Fixed it for you.

And influenced Matt Groening's Bart Simpson.

The Stardust was my favorite casino . I really miss it. :(

I stayed at Circus Circus before. The place is huge.

What became of "The Vineyard" in the Boulevard Mall ? Back in the 80's it was a great little Italian restaurant , very old Vegas clientele.

You really need to talk slower.

If you set the video playback speed to 0.25 X @9:15, the narrator sounds wasted and confused. Lol !

A ten year contract paying Wayne Newton $25 million a year? I think I see the problem.

So China is brazenly planting a beachhead in Vegas. No thanks.

The way you say the Cornero's name is really annoying. Just say it naturally, stop trying to add a little Mexican to it.

terrorism and big government monitoring in vegas has destroyed vegas to a point where nobody will ever willingly want to go spend money there ever again. The death of vegas occured at the harvest festival amd the announcement of body scanning to enter resorts

what became of the "Dales. Malls in Minnesota

Yes because when you own the land and make yourself rich and powerful you do not have the freedom to give "Your" money to others. -the government

I don't think most Americans are going to want to spend their money on China since we lost so much of business to them. I think China would have done better to stick with an American theme in America rather than a Chinese theme.

The whole city is fkn corrupt to the core.

What did Al Capone, Harry Truman, and Bobby Kennedy have to do with the Stardust? All three were pictured in this video.

Those images were used since I could not find royalty free images for everyone mentioned in the video. Thanks for checking out the video!

Loved the old mob-run Stardust, a great place to chill and gamble with- polite mob guys hangin' around. Las Vegas was a better place when they ran it, for the customer at least.

just don't win too much in a mob run casino lolz otherwise yeah I bet the atmosphere was pretty nice.....

I agree. I used to go there often.

What happened to the StarDust Roadside Sign?

It’s at the neon museum! I don’t recall how much it is to enter. However, that museum has most of the old Vegas casino signs. It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t!

stop and take a breath

His sped up voice is irritating. To better understand him, use video settings to slow down to .75

I find it understandable. If he did a normal voice speed, video would be 45 minutes long. Aint nobody got time for that.

The expansion of legal indian gaming casinos and internet betting throughout California has hit Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe gaming hard. Gamblers no longer need to travel a half day or fly to Las Vegas when most population centers of California are an hour away from a native american casino or sports bets with a few clicks of the mouse. Nevada is a poor state and their philosophy result in very little environmental laws or incentives. No personal income taxes results in no interstate freeway system (unlike the other continental 48 states), inadequate police and fire, no appellate court, etc. They can't pay for much when the economy is good and they largely depend on wealthy Californians to visit as tourists.

All these mobster movies made in Hollywood portray Italians as mobsters. Funny how the Jewish run Hollywood covers up the fact that the worst of the worst in these mobster movies are all Jews. Such a blatant cover up and so many of them murdered or paid to have people killed.

Very impressive history on the Stardust, love all the little details you included!

Thank you, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the video :) Thank you for supporting the channel!

Then the recession of 2020 happens and the site shuts down again...

Interesting, but you really need to slow down. At least add a beat between sentences. It’s just exhausting listening to this.

He talks as fast as Ben Shapiro, and that is fast.

13:43 I had no clue that Valentina Matvienko was involved!


Resorts World = Lucky Dragon 2.0

A Chinese themed casino... what could possibly go wrong?

Exactly! We all know how well the Lucky Dragon is doing

Your pacing of narration is like trying to read a giant wall of text that has no paragraphs. Great information in this video, but without structure and strategic pauses (i.e. segments), it's difficult to digest and remember much of anything. This is what the other comments are referring to when they say "slow down."

+Abandoned Explained No worries. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to be filming my VO’s in two sittings to avoid the speedy audio :) Hopefully that will help

The Drew. Echelon Place. CityCenter. Yawn... The theming made each hotel/casino a uniquely attractive destination! Fun in the illusion! Drawn into the fantasy! An “escape” to different environments! Detailed designs to entertain the eye! Grand celebrations of other countries, cities or cultures—all in one fantastic place! Now? Soaring glass structures, sure. Interior spaces that are gorgeous upon first visit, but not long after become common and uninspired. Fountains like you could find in any metropolis. Ho hum. The theming made Las Vegas as interesting for so many as thrilling as it is for children walking from one Disney-themed land to another. Watch all the cities around the country build their own soaring glass structures with gorgeous interior spaces with fountains. Why make the trip to Vegas anymore?

I lived in vegas and witnessed the stardust implosion in 2007. It was pretty crazy. You couldnt see 6 inches in front of you for about five minutes afterwards due to the black cloud of debris.

Those new buildings are supposed to be 60 stories high. Wow!

20:34 "Koala Lumpar" try again buddy

Awesome video! Thanks. Very very interesting for me to see the progression​ from the Stardust era to now.

Thank you! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the video!

Nah I actually railed a few lines before making this video lol I’m just kidding (even though it sounds like it) To prevent the speed talking, I’m going to record my longer VO’s in two sittings. Thanks for checking out the video!

When I lived in Vegas in the early 80's the Stardust was far from "Classy" In the late 80's I stayed in the old rooms....... what a dump.

R T Agreed!!!!!

Robert DeNiro’s line at the end of Casino was spot on. Everything is run by corporations now.

No kidding

In California we have an incentives that allow for some of the concrete and stone to be crushed and graded on site and then re-used in the construction of the new building. It can also be done by rented offsite machinerary at greater expense. Many building in California strive for LEED certification by using environmentally friendly measures like this. However Nevada is a poor state and their philosophy result in very little environmental laws or incentives. No personal income taxes results in no interstate freeway system (unlike the other continental 48 states), inadequate police and fire, no appellate court, etc. They can't pay for much when the economy is good and they largely depend on wealthy Californians to visit as tourists. The end result is that economy and expansion of legal indian gaming casinos and internet betting throughout California have hit Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe gaming hard. Gamblers no longer need to travel a half day or fly to Las Vegas when most CA population centers are 1 hour away from a native american casino or sports bets with a few clicks of the mouse.

use settings at .75 speed

the underground Plaza at Dupont Circle in Washington DC would be a great video to make, and why was it abandoned

This guy sounds like a fast talking, Napoleon Dynamite's brother, Kip.

I wonder if people would have gone to visit an "Authentic 1950's casino"? It could have been marketed as "when the mobs ruled" or something like that perhaps. I think that would attract me to see something different than the normal fare on the strip.

I have less than zero interest in going to a casino themed like this.

You need to stop ending your statements with questions marks. aka upspeak. Otherwise good video.

Decline of organized crime in Vegas.....Bwahahahahahaaa!!! Yeah, right. The way you pronounce certain words in maddening!

Omg the least beleiveable thing is that they use to enforce anti trust

Performed in the "rat pack" Vegas. Really was the best, and the most fun. met and saw some of those characters too. Sure not the same now.......

New York New York is an eyesore? Have you seen Circus Circus?

5:02 The postcard shows a Corvair. It is not a myth

Thank you for pronouncing Nevada correctly ^_^ How about the decline of the resorts up in the Ozarks? What happened to your Twitter page?

Eyesore? I think it looks pretty freakin cool.

This guy doesn't know how to pronounce Tangiers

Nice. Didn’t know what I was stumbling past black out drunk last time I was in Vegas.

I have done that!!!! I luckily, didn't wake up in an alley. The security got me to my room....in a WHEELCHAIR.(MSS)

"Jenting" Every time.

+Abandoned Explained; sigh.... It's pronounced 'LEE-doh DAY PAH-+ree'. Seriously, your could read the Wikipedia page on this hotel (WITHOUT giving ACKNOWLEDGEMENT!), this ISN'T quantum mechanics, it's really not even 'foreign language', per se - it's well-known (and if YOU doubt know something,, you should ASK. It's really simple.

+Abandoned Explained; ls Vegas is the 'wine of opulence and luxury' (0:03)? To perhaps people who've watched too many cheap films, certain groups of people flush with 'new money', but, it is nothing but sleazy tackiness, now with the added bonus of being (ugh) 'family friendly', and the place for uneducated, horny college students to lose their parents money and begin working on what will end up being with them a lifetime; permanent paunch. Lose the frakkin' 'family' nonsense. Seriously, LOSE, like you hear of it happening in the woods. Nothing is more ridiculous than going into an expensive restaurant - one that DOESN'T have a drive-through window, nor did the meal get served in a bag

If Vegas was the Most expensive place on Earth ? It would still be packed . Giving away Hard earned Money to a Casino is almost a Religious experience .

I think you meant portrayed not betrayed at the beginning

You sure do talk fast...

Moe Dalitz's last name is pronounced "DAY-litz".

Moe Dalitz, Maishe Rockman, and Jackie Presser are the pieces to the puzzle you were hinting at in the early history of the Stardust. The Las Vegas Strip is a hidden child of Cleveland, Ohio; in a bunch of different ways.

wow this was like listening to flemloraps but 5 times fast lol thanks for sharing

Businesses fail because of mismanagement nothing more. A lot of times people are put into management that shouldn’t be there.

Vegas was a better place when the Mob ran it.

Yeah... Me too. And the Sahara.

Pretty sure it was 25 million for 10 years.

And Newton still ended up broke.

The tickets sold, cost more than enough to make that 3 or 4 times over.


Addressed to Blank Stare, the anti-Semitic asshole.

Fuck you, Jew-hater.

What wonderful jewish supremacy. Hypocrite.

Unless you won too much, you'd end up crippled or dead. You didn't have good health insurance back then either, so you'd endure a lifetime of pain.

Id rather take my chances with the mob than the jews that run LV now.

? It’s pretty easy to follow what he’s saying.

Mike O we already are seeing the price of consumer goods rise due to the tariffs, the real estate market is leveling off and revenue coming into the government has fallen off due to the tax cuts for the rich. The trickle down theory failed with Reagan and Bush. Don’t forget Trump has had many bankruptcies and all his income comes from real estate sales to Russians and to the Saudi’s. Plus his loans are mostly from Russia billionaires. Trump wants to deregulate like what we saw with Bush in 2007. Yes I believe we will have a recession in 2020 no matter who is in charge. The damage has already been done and it will take many years to fix. If you go to fact check dot org you will see all the lies Trump has told with his false figures and his supporters do not have a clue and are in a racist cult and believe every word he says. The man is a narcissistic fool, phony and a con man.

Only way we're going to see another recession is if the Reps lose the House and Senate and Trump doesn't get re-elected. If the liberals gain back control, we're all fucked.

2020 WILL happen and yes,it may be another BAD time for us (US)people. I predict this to happen,people. Hang on to your assets. SHTF stuff will happen. Maybe guns and ammo will be a good idea,soon. 2 years to buy.

We should learn by our history,not tear it down. The tourists dictate the flow of money.People's values do change and that's why we also will change,with the times. It seems like every ten years,values and people change a LOT!

I`m from the New York area. But I`v been here a very long time. The minute I heard they were making Atlantic City, I knew Las Vegas was doomed. But the gaming world never see`s that. They think that they`ll always be the winner. Las Vegas will never again, be the only kid on the block. A lady was on tv one night years ago, saying, why should I go to Vegas now? We`v got gaming right here on the Mississippi. And now what? Gaming all over the world. And I`v never been a drinker, gambler, or smoker. Just common sense. But then when, did a gambler....?

A great documentary full of history. I would have liked to watch it all but the narration is far too fast and clipped. So I quit before half way. Shame.

NEVER TRUST THE CHINESE to keep to ANY agreements! We have abandoned construction sites in the UK bought by the ‘ping pongs’ from China promising the world then running away on the deal! They are purely trying to acquire LAND in as many countries as possible, WHY? no one knows. But highly suspicious

Your channel is great, I think you need to look at your audience as a little smarter. I see many comments about pronunciations, just research a bit more. Haha and none with the word "wanna" like the example at the end. Hope this helps future vids bro

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