We Play A Horror Game In A Real Haunted House

We Play A Horror Game In A Real Haunted House

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I. Don't. Like that sound at all. Hey. Everybody we're scared buddies and we hate horror games so, we thought why not go to an actual haunted, location, to play our horror game we're at the Winchester Mystery. House, I don't think so, real. Whispers. I don't think that's a real girls, are definitely I think scary, vibes are super, real and I can walk into a place and be like ooh this is chilling I need to be proved that this is a haunted location because, it looks like a very nice house okay, all. Right, admit one you go in you're on a nice tour a haunted. House whatever. You don't think that this will be any different than when we were playing in the studio No so there's, gonna actually be a challenge, to this we're. Both going to be in a dark room in the. Haunted house alone, and the, person who lasts longest wins we, should have like, a bet or something yeah, well why don't we just do money money. Like my - money. 50. Bucks yeah 50. Bucks, you. Gotta want to win it 50 bucks though isn't even the price of like up a game a triple-a yeah 59.99. Let's. Up the stakes I know I was saying 50s a lot now I'm going all the way 59. Yeah. Let's, go all. Right well let's. Go check out this manic lets get spooked. Hi. I'm, Kelsey hi, Kelsey, hi I'm Zack hi Zack I'm Susan and I'm going to be leading you through you're not a via known, worldwide, as, the Winchester. Mystery House come. Inside. Careful. Of the door mrs.. Winchester. Was a very, interesting, character, she, was the widow of William, Wirt Winchester, second. President, of the Winchester, Repeating rifle. She. Lost her daughter when, her daughter was only six weeks old and they had no other children, and she lost her husband, in 1881. To tuberculosis, at, the time spiritualism. Was very, very popular and. The legend. Is that she visited a Boston psychic, who, told her that her, family, was taken from her by spirits, angry, at being killed by the Winchester rifle. He. Advised, her to move west build. On a house and never, complete, it so, the story is she moved to San Jose in, 1884.

Purchased. An unfinished, eight-room farmhouse, three miles outside of, San Jose hired. A team of workmen, and work began on the house and it continued, for 38, years until, her death on September 5th. 1922. You will see unusual. Things in the house you might hear some unusual, things in the house and. You'll. See a lot of innovations. As well so, come with me. What. That's, weird. That's. Pretty weird, we're really, sure. And. If you want to go onto these stairs, Oh what. Why is this mirror here to, show that they just go to the ceiling oh my, gosh are. You this, is for real, no oh. Wow. This does kind of feel like a video game you're like opening it the dead end yeah and you'd heard thumbs on the wall stuffs right. Along here like, that. Loud yep that loud walking. By okay well. There's. A creepy doll there's, no need for that. This. Is her bedroom there, is a picture over there on the desk of her as a young woman, and a picture of her husband, on the wall she died in this room. See. This wreath this. Was a custom. During, Victorian, times it. Is made of human hair. Oh. This. Looks like a death wall this looks like a wall in a room in a horror game where death is coming yeah also looks exactly like a wall and Rainbow six siege a lot, of war damage, before we go to the basement over in this picture, is a picture of some of her workmen now, this guy right, here on the end he. Has been seen, throughout, the years by guests, and by people who work here we don't know his name so we call him the wheelbarrow man. This. Is where the wheelbarrow man is thought to have. Been seen so. That night, Friday the 13th all the lights were off inside, the house the lights were on here in the basement that. Light, there on the stairs was, turned, off though. But, we'd have to leave them on down here for safety purposes about, 2:00 in the morning one of our security, guards brought his sister down and she, came down the stairs like that sideways. And she, said I'm not afraid of ghosts I just don't want to fall the, light next to her started to come on, it was flickering on like not to make it difficult to see but trying to light up the stairs and stay. That way until she reached the bottom and her, brother and I are standing here looking at it going well that was strange, and. He. Said shouldn't the light be turned on and I thought maybe somebody loosened, the light bulb because sometimes, that's one of the things they use for paranormal, communication. Is to loosen the lightbulbs and talk, to it and see if it'll turn on went, up and checked fully.

Screwed In the, switch was turned to off I tested. It it worked so, the only time that night that light came on is when somebody said they were afraid of falling, so. Whoever, is here. Seems. To be very considerate. And polite, it's a nice a nice ghost yes. And. Then over here is. One of the spookier, areas. Oh. Oh. That's, flickering, light is oh. I, love that I love it I love it so much so, this seems like the area where literally everything scary. Has happened so, I think we're gonna come back at night I'm, play here, yeah. Yeah I guess let's go get our PC, and setup. Have. Fun good. Luck. Almost. 11 p.m., we're now gonna decide who's gonna play the game first I want you to play first I definitely want you to play first well I guess. Rock. Paper scissors rock paper scissor, shoot. Great. Weight, was lifted. Any. Seams right directly in front of where all. The apparitions have been, enough. Saw I know it's time to go it's, time to go I'm not smelling your stuff I'm, not so, cool. Enough Stalin good luck I can't even see you anymore it's so scary, do you see this there we go in there is that really where I'm going oh my god okay well. Alright. I'm. Fine I'm fine I'm fine Kelsey. Are. You ready for me to close this door okay yeah. I. Feel. Bad doing this honestly, it's really miserable. Okay let me know if anything bad happens, you let me screaming, I don't know if I will that's kind of a scary thing Oh goodbye. Oh, my. God this is getting really real guys this is getting really real. This. Is getting a little too real real. For me I guess I'm gonna. Be. Fine down. Here. Okay. So I'm plugging, in oh this. Music is fun that's, oh god it just started without me didn't, it how long is she gonna last ten, minutes, new game layers of here - I have, every layer of fear activated. Oh, that's. Not, good, that's bad, Oh. Oh. No, I'm getting out of here what. Oh. This, is already bad this is already really bad I really don't like what's already I'll, open the door any door will do any door, will do. Oh. What. You. Are oh. God, oh god oh god oh. The. Unmooring, act, 1. Oh. Thank. You man what. A nice guy. Can. I not switch that act okay, do it this is a puzzle game I need to figure things out I don't. Have the. Emotional capacity. For actual storytelling right now what if I don't make it through the tutorial, section what, if I just want to give up right now oh. I. Hate, that unhappy. Unhappy, about that situation let's go upstairs. Yeah. I take a tour take a tour let's snoop around what's.

Behind Box, number one nothing oh that's the thing let's pick that up esteem. Traveller the room has been set up as per your request the reel was delivered shortly before departure wish, you fulfilling journey respectfully. Thank. You a curse for, the room oh there's. A thing in here too okay, look. At this okay, do I put it oh look at me I'm building a thing oh I gotta watch a movie love this for me love. Watching, scary things. Happen. In. His time please, the parts of many man Oh Shakespeare, sing, it to me. Oh. Sam. Okay. Oh. Act. Is are we already on act two I don't even know, Wow, my wife I got I discovered, a thing. This. Scaredy-cat, is becoming a scaredy. Lion. Oh. It's. Like a garden. There's. Like themes Oh love. The, music, here loving. Look. It's outside, oh my gosh I'm Titanic oh look, at me I'm outside I love outside outside, the best place outside is my favorite place to be 59.99. Coming, my way fresh. Sun okay we'll just go, we're. Gonna go we're gonna go in this elevator in this enclosed space inside, a game. It's. Just in game it's just a game oh, you. See oh that's good, that's I love, darkness, oh it's. Red now in. This room please. Keep working please. Thank, you yep, yep yep you know I'm not gonna like dilly-dally. Around--, although. I should dilly-dally, around because it's the longer I'm in the game without oh. I. Hate this this is uncomfortable for me oh no, oh, no oh. No. We're. Just blowing through the rooms Oh, drip-drip got. Some keys. Here. Keep. Going down here. Oh. It's. A hammer can I got back to. Me. No no, just, want to open it and look at it. No. I'm good I'm good, thank, you thanks. I'm good though oh no, oh, no. You. Know I'm just gonna head out uh. Oh. Well. I, guess, we'll go to the DA okay I'm, trying to think about what game I'm gonna die when I win. Wow. What's most, terrifying. In this game is how many doors there are there's just so much to explore, and so. Man I'm just really lost in this game right now oh I. Think I did something right and. I'm unhappy about it. Oh. Love. This oh I'm. Happy I'm so happy to be in this room with this globes. Okay. Oh God. Hi. Okay I just OH. Oh. God. I'm lost, oh okay. Oh. Okay. That, looks like a thing I can whoo. Lights camera action achievement, unlocked who loved that for us hi, what. Are you what's up with you uh, thanks. Me oh my god I needed, that thank you so much game getting. A little bit progressively, oh. Oh. Okay. Oh oh. No. No. No, no you, know I'd rather not oh we, need a code. Are. You sure I don't, know what that is I don't. Know what that code would be to, used games maybe, thirty, dollars each, oh I, saw something on the ceiling it's zero, to eight. Who. Love that love, that they would put that on the ceiling over there zero, -. That's. Where I put all my passwords. On. The ceiling, well that worked we're in buddies. That's. Captain vanes to you mr. Hadi okay. Remember the name quartermaster. Oh I'll, have you walk the plank Oh fun. There's definitely. A man sitting at this table I, love. It love, it love it love it love oh. Okay. Okay it's just a fake. Man and. Oh. I'm. Good I'm, good. All. Right look she's. Gonna get jumpscared. And. I think she's gonna leave anything. On the ceiling that's important oh that's that's kind of a thing that's, happening. Up there that I didn't notice I think, that goes there oh here. We go okay I see some stuff I could play out here, okay. No no drop it drop it down low go. Oh. I. I, did, the thing right but I'm unhappy she's, being way, more brave, I'm. Really impressed. That. Was. Just his head falling off I'm fine. Well. I mean I don't really feel that fine, but I'm like fine you know oh my gosh I saw something through there. Cute. God oh god okay there's two new people also, on a tourney. Table, oh. That. Looks, not, good to, have on a ship, I. Don't. Ship that, just. Left or right as x marks the spot or. An arrow this, is don't go I'm gonna trust it okay. That's. Like. Almost, 20 minutes. She's. Gonna know if I don't do something. That's, also locked Oh though, there's door number, three oh my. God oh my god oh my god oh my god oh. Okay. Okay, I think, she's calling it oh, my. God my heart just feels like a thousand, miles a minute, anyway. I think I. Think. I'm gonna call it. Good. Job jeez, I think. Brady's. Like he decided it was over all the, tension just like deranged for me because I'm like I didn't realize no whole body was just like the. Whole time and they're all like. Thirteen. Oceans. Yeah that's way more than I thought, yeah. Dude I'm honoring.

Are. You are you ready to tag team euro. Dollar thirty minutes is more than I thought I, play to win I want to buy that game nine bye, buddy yes, this is actually it yep, this is it I'll be listening on the outside Hey. I. Feel. Bad doing this, be. On the other side man, so. We're having Zach pick up where I left off because, he kind of I didn't, know but, he was listening into everything I did to. Try to get a one-up on me so I'm making him start from where I was it might be an asset to him because he hasn't had to deal with like the, vibes. That's, been like leading up to this moment but it also might be hindering, him because it might get harder from here I don't actually know so. Kelsey. Was, playing this and. Now I'm playing this, if. It is a. Spooky. Atmosphere down, here I'm gonna try to forget about that it's, locked. She, set me up for failure. There. Seems to be a a guy a dead. Guy, oh it's, roped off that's. For the best Oh. Oh. Dear. Lord. All right so there's, a water leak now it, was loud, why, am I even on, this boat oh. This. Door opens, real. Slowly Oh. Oh. My, gosh. What. Oh there's. Whispers. Whole. Area who is this project Charlie can follow. Hopefully. Left. By fellow pirates is this a pirate, game to lead us to a safe harbor. What. Oh. The. Water needs to stop leaking, because, that's loud as hell Oh. Oh. Shadow. Of a person. This. Game is terrifying. And, I know this shadow is me but that other shadow is somebody else. I've. Been down here. Oh. The. Boats moving. Boats. Do that nothing. To see oh this mannequin, is not letting me through okay oh. My. Gosh. This, person, who did this dotted line on the ground was very nice but also, it. Could have been better, oh why. Is this mannequin, oh, the. Mannequin that I saw. Is, now in a different spot, shall. I approach, Oh. Don't. Approach the mannequin, if you don't have to that's just that's. Just stupid. I, love.

The Vibe of this nautical stuff but it's kind of ruining, it for me too nautical. Tattoos, okay, those never go away. Oh, there's, like a set, in a, mannequin. It. Looks like a play. And. Spin, the wheel which. Direction. Okay. Off to see oh. Just. Enjoy the ocean breeze. Hello mannequin can we talk. Wow. Oh I. Found. Something. You're. Never gonna guess it's locked I feel. Like something's happening on this boat that I'd like to be a part of oh I. Found. A secret. What. Was crouched oh. There. Are jump scares in this game. Stay low let's mark I found, a key, and. Boy. If I. Okay. Oh. Wow. Ships. On fire. Okay the world's burning, I ring. The bell that seems like something I shouldn't have done oh it's, all black completely black and. Back. I'm. Back, what'd I win. Oh. I. Found, a way. That's. A little disappointing. Cuz. Now I gotta keep playing the game, ooh, black. And white fine aesthetic. Fun. Let's. Pull, the drapes whoo I'm in like a, whole. Film, sooo yeah great no there's no color anywhere, right now oh. Ha. I don't like this. Be ready to go back it says oh. No. Okay. This whole black-and-white aesthetic, I don't know why it's freaking. Me out but it really, is Oh. See. Oh oh. I. Don't like that sound at all. There's. A map on the ground and if they think I have time for that then that is truly. A mess on, their part oh I have time for it that is a complete. Lie, oh. Oh. Okay. Mannequin. In the mirror shot, another, guy dad. I did, it I went. In the pitch-black room. Okay. Let's stop thinking about, hold. To, run. This. Might be it for your, old friend oh. Oh. I'm. Trying to run oh I'm. Trying to run. You. Know there's nothing worse than a game telling you to run. Looks. Like I. Know I. Know you killed. Her you killed her truth is, it. Was her killing me huh oh I got an achievement oh that's freaky some time kind. Of me a door, to nothing. Very. Winchester, oh wait, I opened it the wrong way. Sometimes. The sounds, change in your. Okay. I shouldn't look back in real life that was stupid, that was stupid I hate. This I hate this I hate this, Oh. A. Lemon, that's, an odd, item, to find whoa I ate, the lemon oh my. Hands are super, shaky. Do. We trust the arrows, it's raining, now how's. It raining inside that's actually, I. Don't. Know if I can do this much longer I am so, tense. It's. Not good for you whoa. There's. A noise oh. Oh. Oh. I don't like this. That's. Like it will. Hello-o, oh. Yeah. You know what I don't need to prove anything to, anyone I'm done with, doing this I'm. Done with doing this okay, let's, go get him. Then. Better, Oh. Sweets, freedom. Start. Down there so you, did really well huh, but, you didn't, beat me by, like five, minutes. Like. It, was close. Close. So, how do you feel like now that you've experienced, it the environment does change it doesn't it oh yeah. The studio environment, changes it a lot I did you look back at, all no I could not I could not bat oh okay, I shouldn't, look back in real life that was stupid, I didn't see anything did, you feel anything I had this person I, thought severe and since they should like don't look around don't. Upset anyone Oh God. Hi not, if you don't feel that no that's just mean it was just like. It. Was just so. Dark, this was incomparable, from like sitting, in my bedroom, alone with all the lights out or, even in a studio filming. Together this. Was absolutely, next level unlike. Anything I've ever done for sure yeah worse than VR oh yeah. Way worse way. Worse I thought five minutes at Freddy's VR was bad weirdly, yeah like what was weird is that like I had like such a big reaction. Worth. For those but I felt like it, was I was like so. Internalizing. And like trying to just hold, on that. Like my whole body was just clenched. And then. Oh my gosh it was it was a it was wild I always used to say that VR sucks because you can't look away and but, actually during this all I wanted, to do, the game yeah, because I didn't like it's just got, me it's just it's gonna get worse. It was weird all right so Pam money Mike I don't, have cash no one has cash that's, it. I. Will do I will accept Benbow yep. Yeah. Yeah, let's get outta here, okay, bye bye. Winchester. Mystery House, thank. You.

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