We Made A Giant 25-Pound Ramen Bowl For A Sumo Wrestler • Tasty

We Made A Giant 25-Pound Ramen Bowl For A Sumo Wrestler • Tasty

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Oh. I. Think that this ramen. Bowl is gonna be like 20 times the size of, a normal wall around open, your eyes. Hi. Welcome back the tasties making it big I'm Alvin and I love making the giant food personally, I've been a fan of sumo wrestling for a very long time I've always wondered you know how do they train what, do they eat how do they maintain that, athletic, prowess at such a size so today I've, invited yamas. On from the USA sumo to come in so, let's go meet him and see what he wants to eat. Thank. You for coming in I've always, wanted to meet a similar wrestler, like you can, you tell me what it's like to be a sumo wrestler. Very. Hard. But, very. Nice. What. Is the training like so, we, wake, up at 6. A.m.. Training, you, finish today noon 6, hours of training yeah, very. Important, after eat sleep, why why do you sleep make, big. Body yeah. Eat and then sleep. Are, there any misconceptions, you, know about sumo that you think need to be addressed. Jancuga. Deposit, rhetorically connery cohesion. Are heresy, hood of a car to rotate a car down to today so, Tom, Segura not chicken. One of my dreams is to cook for a sumo wrestler like you what, giant, food would you like me to make for you today can, you make me vomit. Gyros yeah. What. Kinds, of ingredients, do you like in your ramen cashew. Egg, okay. Green. Onion, okay, seaweed. What. Kind of broth do you like I don't watch don't, kotsenburg oh me too. Thanks. Okay. I have to think about this might be tough but I think I can do it oh thank. You appreciate it. So. Uh I, don't, have to do I got to make a giant egg I gotta make homemade. Ramen broth big giant ramen noodles and somehow make a giant pork and honestly. It's kind of a lot to deal with I think I'm, gonna have to call in some backup I got a Fred in mind that I think could really help me out so I'll be right back. This. Is my friend Inka she's a producer at BuzzFeed she's made some amazing videos, you might have seen a lot of the cool stuff that she's done she's amazing in the kitchen, Dinka welcome, to the show thank you thank you have, you ever made, ramen before I have. Not. Made ramen I've made other kinds of noodles like, Tony's. Noodle soup okay um stir-fry, noodles well you have a lot more experience than I do so I'm glad you're here today we're gonna make a giant ramen, full disclaimer this isn't anything particularly, new channels. Have done similar versions but we want to do our own take on it I think what the first thing we're gonna do is make the broth so we're gonna make a Tong concert broth they have a lot of meat pork, feet chicken backs chicken, necks a lot of kind of odds and ends and pieces the reason why they use these odd cuts is because I think it adds a lot of flavor right it's a good way to use up like the normal cuts you wouldn't just eat. Wow. This, is. What. The water, going in. Listen. To the back boy let clean off any impurities, I'll, be, right back. Okay. So while, the bones and the meat are blanching, we are going to charge some vegetables and the reason we do this is so that we can add some smokiness, to the flavor at some, depth you know I like to bring that heat all right, listen. To that sizzle this, is like three pounds of onions like, 25 cloves of garlic. That's. What I like to see I take, a while because, there's a lot of vegetables that we have to go through yeah. Look great all right, so nice. And caramelized it's not ten minutes I took a nap you know I heard do all the hard work but I got you a tray if. You don't try your vegetables, that's also okay but, always like black fits here it, really enhances, the flavor right, it's like flavor bits yeah flavor bits we have our hard, vegetables Thank. You Inka for making, it happen I'll make sure I put more work in so this group project doesn't become a failure. Yeah. This is what. The bones look like after, being boiled and skimmed a bit so we're just gonna take them out trying to go fishing you see that layer of fat that's, how much stuff came out of it this has a lot of impurities, and kind of the weird bits from the bones it's not really that great to save so I'm gonna go dump this out so we can get a cleaner broth going, I'll leave the heavy labor to you sure yeah, literally. It carry my weight. We. Have to put the bones back in here we go oh oh.

That's. Flattered, so, we have the charred vegetables really, er shiitake, mushrooms, love, these these are so good in every, type of broth ready. Those, these, are what is done what, are those these are leeks, okay 1 2 3, make. It rain, well this is like what 3 bunches yeah, Oh scallions, we got your, vegetables, children, thanks. Mom. I'll. Get higher than you can. This. Is gonna need to cook for like 8 to. 12 hours because it's like a really nice broth that cooks for a long time basically slowly simmering, it I'm gonna take this into the back to cook. We're. Gonna make some ramen noodles from scratch as, you guys can see we have a couple of ingredients here flour water, and counselee, also known as lye water it's a sort of alkaline, solution, I don't want to get too scientific here, but what it does it makes noodles. Chewy that's what gives it that sort of like springy mouthfeel, I've never made these before, all. Right let's just get to it so it's, kind of like pasta but like there's no egg right yeah. But. Surely. Light-water. Kicking. Up a notch. Making. A sound oh. Okay. Yeah, look at that yeah this spring, it, comes back I feel like since you did a lot of the work with the vegetables, I gotta pull my weight you know you can't be the guy in the group projects, that just like sits, back does nothing, and then just like shows up on the last day I was like oh hey guys how's it going oh you finished oh thanks thanks for the ate. Alvin, talks a lot I'm sorry it's the first time I've had a friend on the show your, lives just lonely in me that's, true you. Can tell that there's a lot of what is it gluten, gluten yes there. Is a lot of gluten because it's taking a lot of like arm, work. Good. Okay you're literally. Like. It's nice I don't slap how. Else do you check of it smooth I'm gonna say this is done how do you feel we just need it let it rest a little relax, a little and then we can roll it out into some Noons. All. Right let's go yes. I always know it's dramatic as I thought. I'll. Take how do you think that that's. Satisfying, oh yeah. Yeah. It's, like a mochi, ice cream it is a good, time mochi, ice cream would, not taste like it two out of ten do not recommend we're just flattening, out so then it can go through the pasta machine all right so this is currently set at zero zero is the thickest setting we're gonna start with that and then see we. Can go from here oh come on look at mine all right, you go first. There we go okay. Okay so that's the beginning it. Has to be a gradual, process slowly. You get it thinner and thinner which, is why we're going wet from 0 to 7. To 7 like many, times it's pretty labor-intensive. It's why you need to people in push, squish squish. We. Have the fettuccine attachment. I'm gonna put the crank over here and, then if you want to feed it through okay. You. Got it I do. Got it you go. Okay. That's one how. To use my dough might be here for a couple of hours. Roth, is still cooking eight to twelve hours is a very long time so we're gonna get started on the pork the chashu we have a pork belly here I think it's beautiful piece of meat let's get close on because this might get a little bit messy. Because. You know how when you go to ramen shops you see that perfect circle of meat that's what we're trying to replicate we're gonna need to tie it though because if you roll it up yasss to do that so how about one person ties the other person has to hold it together alright, hold.

It Tight hold it tight roll it up tight you want to go under the meat and. Then oh wait that's how came out it, is slippery. Hmm oh. He's. A key one there. We go oh no, fingers are lost today all. Right we have it in the pot we're gonna add the. Braising liquid the, soy sauce whirs I know it looks like a lot of soy sauce remember. This is a giant, pork, roll yeah, it's like three bunches of scallions, in here this is socket. Let's. Save some for me oh they would run off with this then, the sweet line meeting. And. Garlic. I got. You ginger, look at that good timing well add a little bit of water to top it off we're. Gonna braise this for a while until it gets really nice really tender the fats going to come out and all of that sauce, that just went in there it's gonna seep right into the meat goodbye pork baby. Are. You ready for this I want to see you how are babies - one -. All. Right let's bring this to the Train okay. Gently. Gently. All right the baby has landed it's, very tender it's very, tender, cheers. Cheers. Hmm. This, beautiful broth right here we're saving it because we, are actually going to marinate, our egg in this, sauce no, ace yeah, all right you want to take care of that I want to start wrapping this okay. We. Have something very special this is an, ostrich egg and, this is a normal. Egg for, reference you know it's kind of like you versus the guy she tells you not to worry about this is not easy to break and you've had like experience, with ostrich eggs and yes I have I have made an ostrich. Egg egg McMuffin, before yeah, this. Feels like a grenade like there's no thin show sumo. Wrestler said, he wanted a nice soft, boiled egg. That's. Kind of what ramen comes with it's like nice right it's like beautiful its marinated I think we're, gonna have to resort to a technique called sous-vide. Essentially, it's circulating. Water around, the egg at a fixed temperature to, cook it even. All the way through this, is gonna go in the water do you want to give it a name eggy. Okay. Cute baby, Peggy's, gonna hang out in the water we're, gonna cross her face and wait for a couple hours and see what goes on. Here. We are three, hours later I'm, just nervous. I mean I know he's been sitting in there for a long time. Soft-boiled though yeah I don't, know if it's gonna work but there's no other way to find out then to take it out and crack, might open. Oh. Gentle. Gentle. Eggy we're, gonna use the back of the knife here where's more buns and just. Slowly hack away at it, ready ready whenever you are. Felt. That one oh. It's. Very soft, it's, like jello. No, water boy I was just going to say that okay, okay it's definitely, not cooks, this, is not what a soft-boiled, egg. I, think. The yolk cooks, way. Faster. Than whites and. Suvi is all about cooking at an Emer temperature right so there's no real, way you. Can Suvi, it where this. Is under, and this is over I think we might have to sacrifice a, soft-boiled, egg and, just go with a harder, boil it's better to be safe and edible. If it's not a soft-boiled I think Amazon, will understand, I would think he would appreciate the fact that he is eating an egg in not jello, eggy I served as well Haiti, has served as well thank. You for his sacrifice may, you rest in pieces. Moment. Of truth, you can you help me good okay. Emotional. Support wouldn't, be bad there good job Elvin you've got this oh well you can do it Elvin so we got a second, one what, do you want to name it eggy, jr.. Good. Luck oh. That's. Cute. Do. The honors know you gave him a face. He's. Just looking at me with the eyes. Only. One shot right this is one shot yes is. The last egg that we have.

And. So it continues, to hammer his head with a knife oh okay. It's not. Let's. Focus on let's focus on this side this is a hard-boiled ostrich egg not the prettiest thing but, hey you know sometimes, children. Don't turn out the way you want them to and that's okay we love them we'll all the same we should marinate this right yes okay we have that. Down. To. The marinade we're, gonna add some more soy sauce to this to help cover it so you can get a full on bath you don't want any white sauce, we're probably gonna leave this sitting, in there overnight, I, would say the damn thick egg. It. Is day 2. This. Has been cooking for 12 hours, let's. Go let's do this oh. It. Smells so good that. Is delicious, right, Oh anything we can eat everything in here, all of this stuff went into that broth so you know the, broth is gonna taste good, look. At this nice. And like milky consistency. Oh. Dear. Oh dear all right all right so, it's lo how. He did it. It's. Delicious yeah I think we can always add more salt and more flavour later we want it like such as that sauce from the braise. I. Mean. As Alvin says go big or go home that's what I like to hear let's go. Pork. Baby he's back it, seems like it's holding its shape fairly, well gloves one, two three that. Was weak one. Two three. That's. A spiral, of joy right there all, right that's one a slice number two oh. One, of the most beautiful, things you've ever seen that's six. Slices hopefully, that is enough for this, very amazing. Man it. Is time, to assemble. We. Have our. Beautiful eggy jr. here he has been sitting in this little soy, sauce meeting. Suck it back for a while we have the pork, belly, ginger nori, seaweed, scallions. And. Obviously the broth but, more. Importantly enjoy, my ramen and calls for. It's. Like the one my mom has it home like every Asian family has a version, of this and a pair of pretty lone chopsticks, to go as our pretty, big bowl oh, so. Dark, wow this marinade really like sink in Wow you want to cut the I can hold it for you I don't want to cut your hand these. Are tasty hands they're valuable actually you know what. All. Right cool goodbye eggy whoa. This. Guy's tough wait. Hold up. Break. Him open. Whoa. Cheers, oh. I. Think. The, next thing we should do is to sear the pork belly add some color to it like how it looks in like ramen shop we could sear it in a pan or. Pop. In the oven. Or. Time, to get lick oh yeah. All right agent Lam proceed to target one copy, that fire will. Status. Report agent lam target, is slowly burning. Huh. Target, known as pork baby is proving to be quite resilient, but, there are signs of, distress. Good. Like the fat is crisping, a really, nice. So. Fun, something, about fires smoked, meat and fat, it's like my. Favorite thing in the world. Look. At that, look. At that this is the best day ever. We, are now entering the noodle, zone so we have the noodles from yesterday we have a pot of boiling water here and we have an ice bath after, I cook them I dump it in ice water just, so it lowers the temperature and, so it won't continue cooking how, many servings do you think we're actually making here I think. That this big giant ramen, bowl is gonna be like 20. Times the size of a normal bowl, of ramen this is the final. Mission. We. Should save the broth for last probably, build everything else first starting, with their noodles like. That nice, cool right, here I'll help you get the nori, in this. Beautiful pork coming, in hot. Last. Piece going, in the prettiest, girl, at the prom all, right. Let's. Do the eggs get, it against the wall I want, an egg in right other egg is going. Nice. Oh No, let's tip it over I'll, do the Tokyo scallions, some, touch some pickled ginger there. It is, this. Is our oven this is this is a ramen this is one ramen. For a one minute well, we got a lot of liquid and I don't think we have a lot of space to do yes what's the strategy here, the strategy. Is there is no strategy too weird for it. Until it's full I like this strategy we're. Just gonna put in this the braising sauce first okay. Okay I want to go in with some broth. It's. Hot, that. Didn't even make a dent good, thing we made a lot of broth here. We go again. Good. Job. This, is actually, the most victorious I felt it's making a giant burger I think this is done you think we're ready to serve. Jamison. I think he's a very hungry guy and I really, want to see if what we made stacks up to what, he expects because we put a lot of work as well yeah you have my respect ramen makers out there oh and we did good good good. I. Will clean up. Close. Your eyes go go go. Almost. There almost there then turn around. 1. 2. 3, open your eyes. We. Have that tonkotsu broth with a homemade ramen noodles big cashew, on ostrich. Egg this this this is for you thank, you how do you feel.

Are. You hungry yeah. Thank. You. I. Would. Do this all over again in a heart, or soul. Do. You think do you think you can finish it all are you can to everything okay, so luxury my, friend coming here oh yeah. Okay. You're my grand akitoki, Oh. In. The today, I so very thank you so much thank, you. We. Did it thank you for helping me today definitely. Have not, done it without you the name of the show is taste he's making a big I really, don't think could, have gotten any bigger today a lot, of time and effort, but, I think it really paid off it was really fun if you want to guess what we're gonna be making leave, a comment send us a message and thank you so much and we, will see you guys next time until then. You.

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