Under $300 Kitchen Makeover! | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

Under $300 Kitchen Makeover! | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

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Hello Cato's, welcome to another on a budget video we're doing a kitchen oh I know or crazy. The kitchen is traditionally, the most expensive room in the house to renovate, update, cabinets, appliances, we're. Not doing, all that today because, we have $300. And you know we usually try, to really max out this budget so we're gonna do some cosmetic. Fixes so the kitchen that we are working on actually, one of our creative weirdos, Adriana, submitted, her sister Jackie listen, this house she's, married, she has a kid she works all the time she just hasn't had time to update her kitchen and she really loves that modern farmhouse look so, easy on a very sweet sister sent in a video asking, us and we, came over and met with them so let's cut it out footage I mr., Cade and Joey today, I am, nominating I, guess my. Sister and her husband, my sister is a speech and language pathologist these, past three years have, been a whirlwind, for them they bought a home they, also had, a child so, they've been living on a tight budget I'm nominating, my sister, because, she's such a hard worker and she's. My role model and, my, best friend and it's. Just I wanted to do something nice for her and maybe, you guys can pick. Them. Ah. Hi. Jackie, Joey nice, to meet you. Yeah. Very. Fun so. You're down for whatever. I. Think. We could do something cool let's get into our group, our. Sister. So that is Adriana and Jackie it is so great that we're working in a kitchen because, we have blue apron, sponsoring today's video and also for you guys the link is in the description, the first hundred, people to sign up are gonna get $40, off their first two weeks, that's. Budget-friendly alright. We've so much to do I'm gonna go check in with Joe you have to shop, we've to practically depend on my gosh two days. I. Miss you, you. Don't even need the introduction, you are no listen. What. Do you think oh my gosh so I want to do two, tones of, color I want to do darker. Cabinets on the bottom and later on the top which is like very in, right now and of course change. Out these knobs yeah all right so obviously we're, gonna paint the cabinet. Yeah can we yeah, you need to clean, and. We needed the gloss because we don't want to paint on years. Of living yes, the key with painting cabinets, is preparation. Which, is why we need two days for this project and then you want to do a backsplash, yeah, it's a backsplash. Let's do. Faux. Brick, with. Those brick panels that we've used before and be. A lot cheaper than having to get like backsplash. Tile and, rent the wet saw and all that stuff we could probably get away with just getting one brick panel, for, the backsplash which, will be more budget-friendly can, we style that because you can at least no we do not have budget to do that we, have so much stuff at the office it doesn't have to be part of the budget we'll just stop it mr., gates duties and pick up. Well. As not, more me I'm not part of the project tomorrow that's, just extracurricular, key. And. Then you're, gonna make me lunch today oh yeah. You're. Really thinking about today, Joey, is driving because I am going to be really. Thinking about this project I might actually be also doing some same-day, delivery on, my phone which, you know don't shop, on your phone and drive. Guys we don't usually shop. Same. Day but. Because we're shop same day deliver, same-day delivery but. Because we're doing two days we can like risk you know getting the thing at 8:00 p.m. tonight so, that, we can have it for Torah so, thrift. Store first. Okay. Wow. This whistle, so. Many housewares, of things okay so we're, bringing in freshness and, updated, miss. With, the cabinets. Fresh. Too did an updated miss yep okay technical, terms in order to give it that like rustic. Farmhouse look we. Want some, you, know woods and metals and things like that things that look vintage against, our new crisp cabinet, hmm, and obviously keeping it very low, with. Shopping, her kitchen you're just looking for like styling items like maybe something for that bare wall and, then, like stuff for the countertop but not keeping it too, cluttered like we're trying to clean it up make it look chic. Guys, a mixed, metal, rolling, pins Wow, whoa. Whoa. Julie. Yeah this flower container, yeah how, cute. $2. Yes, oh. My gosh look at already vintage. Farmhouse chic. Tim. Oh. My. Gosh. It's. Your size chainsaw. Oh. For. Like spices, or something sure. Something. About a plaid horse no. It's, not everybody we need something Julie. It's. Broken but imagine this I'm like oh it is I. Could. Probably fix, it yeah I mean that's a great deal we should get it. Here's. Our collection. Well it's a good collector and farmhouse, so this is obviously, we're bringing in the vintage with all these things but it's gonna be against, our more, modernized cabinet, got it there, yes.

Nobody. Would know what time it is. What. Open. Up. Do. The. Streets idiot. So. Obviously, this is a wonderland, of stuff it's like leftover, stuff from little projects our house etc just things we've collected so I'm gonna pull from here a few things bonus. Items for, the dining room this. Or. Like down the dining table or something, very. Farmhouse, very farmhouse, chic and, throw, pillows up there and, rugs that, that. Natural fiber rugs might work perfectly. Actually. Grab. A. Little. Chair, a, stool. They. Haven't paint that that's pretty dirty well. I think it needs to be a plant stand, okay. I'm so let me stop at the office, thank you mr. Cade studios for, providing us some, items I might hopefully, have, time to style in the dining room oh he has so, much, stuff to do we're gonna stop at our house really quickly and, make. Some lunch for Joey Thank You blue apron. Hardware. Stores right we're, not gonna film that but then we'll go back and, start. This sucker, okay bye. Oh. My. God oh yeah that's what I want that's, what I want get this okay. That's the refrigerator, pack here. Is why I love, it because. Everything. Is already, pre-portion. Which, I like, because what. Happens with the other roadster we buy a lot of stuff and then eight brats in our fridge because, we. Bought too much I. Just. Open the can tomatoes, and. Look. Who showed up this. Isn't tuna, sorry walk scene I mean, no offense you're a good chef yeah. But, like this is where I like brainless. Because they have a chef so it's like chef. Made cuisine. How much does this cost us, it's like the meals startling. 895. Flats. Of bargain, that's. A, bargain. So. Fresh roasted, peppers, cheesy, Brad. Bragging. Let's click that link in description. How. To better move Faldo right, minute, here they going right. All, right. Yeah you got it I mean. So. Let's just go over what we got we got obviously. This panel. Brick, which is gonna be our backsplash, don't, worry we're gonna paint it white it's gonna be like that modern. Farmhouse, chic, look. That she likes we. Also got two, gallons of paint one. Per, color for the base cabinets, lighter color weight, for the top and, I, also ordered, the, same day delivery I, ordered these knobs this. Light, fixture or. Over. The sink this, rug to, browse sit down below, can, you help me break on the move seemed, to be backsplash the, end there I. We. Have to do plastic everywhere right, plastic. Everywhere, dee, gloss here's, your rag no, we're not Dee glossing yeah we have to clean first, guys. Guys. Painting. Cata tree is, kind. Of a pain. Yeah because with. Cabinets, you don't want to see, brushstrokes. You don't want to see paint flaking, you know you really you really got to be delicate and so okay, I'm gonna clean and clear the cabinets yeah and what I'm going to do is I'm going to number. All the cabinet, doors with. Tape, and numbers. Because, it makes their life so much easier when we have to go put them back on. Okay. They, have cleaned.

All Of these cabinets, and obviously. Remove them from the bodies and so, what, is the next step Joey. They've two options, thank you they're saying these and paint, them right which we ain't got time for and, also dealing. With like the dust and all that and all these contour, yeah see, any inside, anything, with little ridges and stuff is really so we're gonna use a, liquid, to glossa for what it does is it takes down, the top layer and edges in so. That way you have a more paintable surface. Basically, we're gonna let this dry I'll, go inside and Dee gloss the box like, a ton more doors and doors do so yeah you go do that and then we'll do, painting. All right so two, coats of this let it dry ten minutes in between then. Pain. All, right so the plan with this guy's is. This. Is gonna be our beautiful backsplash we are not gonna have it be brick color don't worry we're gonna paint it a beautiful chalky, white. But we're gonna do that after it's up on the wall so I'm gonna use my circular, saw to. Make the big, cuts and then. A jigsaw. To cut around things, like outlets, light switches stuff like that got, the right angle to measure, on, here, and are you you what are you using to attach, it to the wall. Panel. Adhesive, okay. Oh. Hi, brick see, you on the wall see, you on the wall. Okay guys it, is painte time so, all of these cabinets have been D glossed they are ready for their, coat of paint here are some tips for you guys because painting cabinets, is totally different than painting walls so. I have here. A beautiful. High quality enamel. Paint, this. Is my light color which I'm painting on the, upper cabinet, and then we're gonna do the dark color on the lower cabinets so, I have my chart here to, make sure that I am double checking that I'm painting the right color on the right number of cabinets, and, I. Have a brush, and, a foam roller so the brush I'm gonna use to get into their creases. Of the, cabinet, and then the foam roller is gonna be used over the majority of the, phases and the reason for the foam is so that we're getting a nice smooth, finish if we use anything that's like has, a more of a texture on it we're gonna get that kind of texture. That you get when you paint walls and we don't want that because these are nice wood. And I, also have some thumbtacks, on hand here which are a handy, dandy little hack trick the trick is to paint the backside and while it's still wet you put in the thumbtacks just in the corners, and they become little table. Legs almost right like little stands so that we can put these over and paint, the front side and both sides can be drying at the same time and we, won't worry about getting marks on it and all that stuff those guys. What. There. Be. Loose. Huh. Oh. Wrong. Switch, all. Right guys we have the brick panel backsplash, project, which you, know we have that giant wall, panel, an eight by four and, I'm. Really trying to maximize that, I'm just cutting it down into small pieces that. I can fit in place. And, then I'm gonna use some liquid nails and just get those stuck, on the wall there's, two ways of doing this you could either get outlet, extenders, but you.

Know We don't have time for that so I'm actually just cutting around the outlets which is also fine because these are low profile, as you can see it looks great, that's about it so I'm just gonna get these measured, cut out keeps, them gonna paint them before, we glue them to the wall let's. Get our measurement on shall we. Okay. So in an ideal, world I would probably live this back dry a little bit more but, I have so, many, to do so I. Over. Look. At our little legs I'm gonna bore you with me and you watch me paint a bajillion, cabinets, but that's over here for two days so tomorrow when we're back we're gonna paint the backs up add the cabinet knobs and hopefully resistors. They are dry oh, my, god great. They. Turn out. Smooth. Smooth. Delicious. Alright alright so what is this trusty strong number one woman to wanted. To. What. No. Yeah 36, 7 it's gonna look great it's gonna look so good I'm so excited it's. Time to paint this brick okay so these are just some of the panels that Joey has just, so beautifully. Cut I mean how. Great is Joey guys let's just take a moment Thank, You Joey thank, you I don't know where he is, thank, you because. I come up with us up but I couldn't actually implement, it without him, okay, so I'm not gonna use the satin finish weight that we have on the cabinet's because I don't want these sweet glossy at all I really want them to have that look of like real, painted, brick so, this is this chalky, white pea which will give it absolutely ultra, matte finish. Okay, what I ended up doing was, two. Coats, on the. Actual, brick pieces, themselves, but just one, coat, on the grout so, that I'm really kind of covering, up more. Of the brushstrokes on the red tone but, leaving the gray of the mortar, grout to, show through so. Almost. Done more. To do. Your. Genius device. My, genius, piece of a box. I did, well if this is a straight edge here so we'll use the top hole and then use. The template, to, drill, the other hole but look love it right and so these are gonna go here, so Gorge, on all the cabinets, boom them them all around on the bottom too and then, we have these gorgeous cut, poles for, the drawers you're. So smart. What. Are you doing, are you ready for my show-and-tell yeah okay. You can help me okay. All right so we got our panels, you painted them they look beautiful. Yeah, we got a tube of panel adhesive super cheap like 50. Cents love, it and that's gonna attach all of these to the long great so we're just gonna apply a little bead around the edges, and, then, we're gonna use the panel grab technique, you, put it up you take it off and then you put it back up so, to. Get some of the pieces onto the wall yeah. You let it dry for like a minute and then you put it back. Gosh. Please look good. Sing. Me a song. Waiting's, on the, waiting song with, longer waiting we're, waiting waiting or. Waiting for the piano if I was grabbing grabbing, put. It back now. It. Will stay. All. Right so I'll put all the panels up free, i'm gonna, put the trim on them on these as well cool, you.

Do Break I do knobs. Okay. And. Then the big reveal well sorry another. Stop and I still gonna want to do some bonus over there. Booya, five million more to go. They're. Here. It. Looks so good you guys what. Do you think. Holy. Crap. You. Guys. $300. For, this kitchen or as you guys can see the, two-tone, cabinets is just really glamorous and beautiful and. It really has just totally updated the feeling in here but of course you're still seeing classic, with the modern farmhouse fives and it, was so important, that we prepped and did it right, to paint these cabinets so this is a lasting, finish for them will, last until they have the budget to totally redo this kitchen, and I just love, love. The brick I mean Joey and his cutting skills this. Brick backsplash makes, such, a big difference in here I kept the styling, fairly. Simple, but of course we needed to bring in the texture, with, our thrift store items they look so good I love that clock on the wall and just all. The elements, of wood and metal and okay the, bonus room you, know I couldn't, help myself we see this room from the kitchen so, those items that was used to the office, just styled over there that's actually a, piece. That she had in her other room they can move it back they want but it looks really good there they should keep it and yeah I'm so, happy the knopf looks so good this rug the. Texture, oh my, gosh I. Had. An accident, I was. Clean enough. There. Here by the way is. Kind of cool though actually is kind of okay. We'll let it dry okay I'm gonna bring them in. So. Okay. Okay okay. I'm. Gonna place you Jackie. Right. Here. Keep. Your eyes closed, okay okay, so picture your room picture. Your kitchen. Before. Do you remember it looks like you kind of had to. Do. You like my backlash is faux but, it's in, there, right. You can. Beautiful. Only, on the same kitchen you come oh. There's. A branch and if we didn't know if I bring your friends bikes this is gorgeous. Oh my god I'm so much with, the two-tone, and. Bloggers. Are good yes we. Spent less than $300. Doing all this. So. I went to the thrift store and found a little kind, of like you, know farmhouse. Five touches, which. You, can style and add all the rest of the things you need. Your, new gold luxe. Oh. Beautiful. I know aren't they so cool and then we added that little wooden Lynch also and later style is a little breakfast, let's a little stool, over there. And. Then of the bonus stuff, I guess I took your your. Buffet. I had. A great time. Mice. Like, my, best friend and you know my role model and I, am quiet because of her and like she takes care of everybody, before she takes care of her stop, and. All. Not so me years, ago we, that you sponsored. Her mom. It. Was it was a long couple, days yeah. We're. Probably gonna leave, we're. Gonna let you guys even. Er, we'll, go cut. Ourselves and, where's dinner baby. Blue. Enjoy. Yeah. What. Do you think guys new style you guys always ask in the comments, like how do you not get paint on your clothes, proof. That we actually do I have no my shirt - but. It's minimal, that. Was, holy. Surprise. We put down yeah I am very surprised, I hope that you guys got inspired for. Your kitchens because obviously it is possible, to do a kitchen on a budget and you. Just have to be a creative, weirdo about it oh and we will post these projects, on the blog if you guys don't already know we. Post a blog post on mr.kato chrome with every single video we released and it has all the details on the projects, and the steps and all that so, that you guys can follow some, of these for your kitchens. Cuz at faux brick oh my gosh Joey we just tell. You I. Mean. I said, this to you guys I'm saying to Joey I couldn't. Do this without you I can do it our you know what I mean, I really. Thank you so much probably really thank you if it's so sweaty and you work so hard and I really appreciate, you know it's all the day's work I really, do I really, do. Thank. You for watching guys leave us a comment follow, us on social media and, blue. Apron for sponsoring today's makeover. Yes, and for feeding us thank you that was delicious, give. Us a thumbs up leave us a comment below let us know what budget, video we should do next what type of room, should, we do next thank you guys for watching and, we'll, see you next time stay weird stay wonderful. Okay. What, that's, me and you. Joey. Oh. My. God, I. Can't. Date you anywhere, wheat what did you just do I don't know that. Is not representative, of our relationship, Oh.

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I was looking for this exact thing with the white cabinets and dark counters and then *BAM* Mr.Kate and Joey always know exactly what to do! Love it!

What an extremely annoying video. Chock full of ads, unnecessarily long and shes not funny. Shes cheesey and obnoxious

suuuuch a beautiful transformation!! also, couple goals af

Yo that girl did not waste a second after the reveal to talk about how amazing her sister is. So sweet! xx

Hey Mr. kate i love all the videos you guys make and I love all your DIY projects, the makeovers with really budget and creative way Im recently married and im living in Ankara Turkey planing to buy a apartment and after seeing almost 80 % of your videos wished you were here and could help us get the best apartment hope you can come :) :$ if you cant believe me i will be decorating all with your incredible ideas Love you bothhhhhhhh

i feel like you could’ve covered the countertops with marble or some type of design of contact paper because it’s pretty dark

That kitchen looks amazing!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

I really appreciate the sheer amount of work to make this look so simple! So glad the sisters loved it!

I literally did this to my kitchen minus the brick backsplash a year ago! Painting cabinets is the biggest hassle but it totally refreshed my kitchen!

Any Louisiana people notice the shirt she was wearing

Sooo amazing, I LOVE this series!

I’d love to see a Kitchen series! My kitchen is very dated and could use some TLC. Thanks Mr. Kate, LOVE your videos.

You guy should do a class room

Can u do my room ? Lol

They should do for the ace family ‼️❤️

"im gonna kook now" lmao

Instead of bringing back trading places on TLC who still have outdated designs give Mr. Kate a show already!!!!

Also i want a full tour of the storage room prop room at the Mr. Kate studio pretty please

You guys nailed it !!! What a transformation as usual and love how you use everyday items and people love my mr. Kate family

prefer there other theme song

that joey is fine af

What did you use to clean cabinets? The name of the cabinet paint?

This looks amazing. I would have never thought of painting kitchen cabinets different colors but I love the idea! Oh also I just learned the other day that it is possible to paint over rust, I found it very interesting and I would love if you showed how to do that in one of your videos one day. It would be interesting because when I go to thrift stores and see rust on a metal object I steer clear of it but I guess I do not have to if I paint over it.

You guys are geniuses. Looks like a brand new kitchen.

Who wishes Mr.Kate would makeover your room I do like if you agree

Omg! Come do my kitchen! You two are amazing!

Hey mr. Kate! You guys motivate me on idealizing my dream house!❤ Please do make a video about basement to a gym/entertainment room. Pleaseeee..



These budget makeovers are the best!!!!!!!!

I'm early For once Yayy

I love your videos so much! So many new ideas and inspiration! Keep up the good work! Love you guys!

You are such an amazing and cute couple. Really enjoy your incredible transformations!!

Heyyy mr kate I have a cool bald room where you might be able to make something fun! I like to craft but there has never been room to store the work so they disappeared in the trash which I find very unfortunate! Please respond to this even if you can’t do this make-over! Ps i live in Dutch/Holland

Basement makeover!

They should be on HGTV

Me Kaye could u plz subscribe to my channel NXTtrainer

do another room makover challenge plleeeaasseee love ya!

Love it .

I love all your videos!!!i'm a new subscriber but i always watch your videos :) i think you did not do a good job i think you guys did a FANTASTIC and AMAZING job!!!!!! lol I really want to have a room transformation for my room:) It looks like you guys used more than $300 because it's so cute and awesome!!!!

Oh‼️My‼️Goodness‼️ What‼️A‼️Great‼️ Idea‼️ I'm definitely borrowing a part of this makeover. Thx‼️

What app do you use to make your layout of the room?

Can you do my room plz

So creative.

Amazing x

Mr. Kate is a genius. Just so we're​ clear.

Their kitchen before the makeover is already 50 times nicer than mine

Love you guys!!! Love the kitchen! Goals for sure :)

I fricken LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Kate you are so sweet! “Can we style that too??” Lol and Joey “those are just Kates extracurriculars” lol

“i had an accident.” “joeyyyyyyy—“ “they’re here by the way.”

Love it

Mr.kate and Joey you guys are so creative! The kitchen looks so beautiful!

one of the best you've EVER DONE!! such an amazing difference! and the Bonus room wall-decor looks incredible too!

You two would be so refreshing on HGTV!

So gorg!

Kate and Joey are the best couple I know

Love you Mr. Kate!!! You are the bomb!!


I love the end where Joe was messing with the statues!

Girl, love your hair color, compliments you perfectly!!!

This is awesome! I wish I had the time to paint my cabinets, I have 2 small kids. I’ll prob have to pay someone to do it. Mr.Kate, please share what products you use to keep your hair nice and curly. Love you guys!

I love your pink hair

Ugh I love her hair!!

I wish u people were here in india or may be i were living there.. love you guys.. love your work

Lol I died with Joey at the end

This is INCREDIBLE!!! I love that you guys give us DIYers some amazing tips along the way too!

u have incredible ideas

Omg Love the City is my church's local thrift store!! Thank you for stopping by!!

Wow my parents are wasting 120,000 for remodeling our kitchen this looks amazing!


Hey I'm new to your channel I love what you guys do can't wait for what you do next


Can't wait for the next video! I'm so excited to see what you did to Mia's room! Luv u Kate and Joey!

I love mr kate so much

No matter what I will never stop loving you

OMG i LOVED how you guys redid the kitchen is was amazing‼️❤️

I would love to see you do any kind of room in a gothic style. :D


I love ur videos inspired by u guys obsessed. I love it.

Can u do my room and living room

Am I the only one that thinks she looks a bit like Halsey?? She's so beautiful!

Can you do a diy mirror dresser or nightstand

My eyes are wet... so kind of her Sister.

wow so good but not a fan of the clock

Do the makeover for my home

Ms. J!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Adriana)༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ✨❤️

Kate was in the Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement I'm SHOOK

What is ya snap to follow? Thanks! Luv to watch ya! Ya motivated me. Thanks! God bless u both!

Could do you like a closet to nursery or anything for a baby in a small space?!

The intro looks like if it was taken from "my strange addiction". They look insane lol

Loved this project!!! You both are amazing, i might just tackle this one with the hubs of coarse, you made it look so easy lol the last 10 seconds

Under $100 video

Joey and Kate is really a perfect match!

Mr. Kate Please do a Craft room or Art Studio

#mr.kate I love you guys so much and inspire me with your creativity! i am only 13 but I love interior design and I feel like I'm learning a lot from you and how small things to fix up can make a massive difference! -liv xxx

U both r amazing awesome love from india

Amazing job

You should do a $300 budget for a childs bedroom. You nailed the kitchen!! Lysm ❤❤

I love kitchen makeovers!!

What colour grey are the presses

Could you possibly do a video on how to decorate a attic room, I just don't know how to style my sloping ceilings xx❤️

Can’t believe I almost missed a video!!!

So cute how Joey always looks like he wants to kiss Kate whenever he looks at her. ❤️

Four 15-second​ ads? You guys are really getting bold

loveee it !!!!!!

Wow, small changes but it made it look like a total remodel, so fresh looking! Please do a challenge for a small bedroom that must be utilized for mulit purpose: guest bedroom/avid user craft room/makeup room. Would love to see this room done minus all those plastic draw bins with stacks, ugh would prefer it too look like room with actual furniture, etc. Okay it's a tall order but I have been trying to wrap my head around this type of room. Thanks dolls!

He's cute & she's pretty

Yey! Clicked like even before watching...

30,000 dollars to hire them to do a 300 dollars kitchen makeover

Did you fix the clock too?

I appreciate how kind you are to one another. Xx

I love the 2 tone look

Beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice!

WOW! ...this pink haired bitch is annoying. I'll never watch this again.

Amazing, love it

This is amazing, I love u guys so much. I am your biggest fan ever. Love u. You are so creative.

Hey mr. Kate! I have an idea for you guys! You should buy old, worn down trailers or campers or RVs for cheap, renovate them and then either sell them or donate them! I would really like to renovate a trailer but I'd have no idea where to start! It would be really helpful for me and I'm guessing other people too. You could probably make it a series! Anyways, I love you guys and your channel and I hope you take my idea into consideration.❤


I love your work i live in mexico and ive had the same room for 7 yeas and its kinda ugly i painted one wall blue and hve a colorful eifel tower on the other btw im 13 so i cant do much i need help

You gays are good if only you could come and do my room plz I need a room make over

Hey Mr Kate I love the way you design I love designing as well I've always wanted to enter the $10,000 room transformation but I don't know how and that's probably not going to happen cuz I live in Wyoming I know I'm a kid but I love organizing as well as you do but of course yours is way better BTW ILY

Would you ever use spray paint (in a can) for kitchen doors? Am thinking of doing exactly the same thing to my kitchen but don't want to spend thousands getting a painter to spray paint our door.

Mr.Kate will you come to Australia and decorate some home down under??

Lindsey Hutchison has w

Lindsey Hutchiso

What thrift store did you go to!?? Amazinggggg transformation

I swear Joey looks like G-Easy and Kate looks like Halsey

It's amazing....

Love it

please come to DC!!!! the more i watch your videos the more i am crying for you guys to come here

please pick me to win a a room that you pay my room is little cramed and I share with my 2 brothers and my sister

You didn't upload the Mia stammer video

How do you nominate a family member cause my mom really needs her whole house even all the rooms and I really need to pay my mom back for everything she does for me and my brother

So I would really appreciate you guys so much and I have been watching for about 3 months and my mom always says we really need that and she always says that she needs to change cabinets,doors,door knobs,trash cans,couch’s,and everything like that

Do a basement next

Amazing transformation, as always! You guys are so incredible!! I love the way you work as a team to bring everything together!! I wish I had half the talent you do!! Stay creative, stay weird..stay a creative weirdo!!

When are y'all going to get a show on HGTV?!? I would totally watch it, I love everything y'all do!!!❤️❤️❤️

What is deglossed

I love yooouuurr woooorrrkkkk!!!!

I don't mean to be negative and I'm loving this video but just had to pause the video to say how disappointed I am at Blue Apron for how much plastic they use.. Do we really need vegetables individually wrapped in plastic?! :'(

I wish this could happen to my moms kitchen she is always upset with her kitchen and we are broke this would be amazING

What a happy show! I wish you could redo my kitchen. I live in a rented house so I'm limited. I need help with a pantry area and dining room area, because this kitchen doesn't have neither. We eat in the livingroom, and I hate it. Help?

What is the name and brand of the paint that was used for the bottoms cabinets? Thank you!

Where do I submit a video??

Wow that is incredible! Great job! Only 300$ I can't you are magicians!

A home library room on a budget!

I was looking for ideas for my bed room and one of your videos popped up and I've been in love with your ideas, style and togetherness ❤ OMG i wish you guys could come to Jamaica to help me out

Mr.Kate, you look incredible with your pink hair and red lipstick! Especially in those striped pants! But WOWOWOW that kitchen looks amazing! So stunning!

I love how all of you transformations look amazing in the end and i really want you to do my room!!!!!! PLEASE COME TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!

if it's her channel and she's like the interior designer and stuff, why does he have to keep telling her what to do and how to do it?

Awwwww you guys, this should be like on a HGTV show or something

You should do a Makeover of Socraftastic's house

I so wish you could sort my room out but I’m British so that’s impossible

Hi Mr.Kate Hi Joey I love u guys and ur work , am such a big fan of u both, keep up the good work going . It would really help me if u guys could show us style a doctor’s office , clinic As I am Doctor and would love to take tips from u guys to make my work place creative too Plssssss come up with a video for it Love u

A like for the feels at the end.

You guys should do a bathroom!! :) love you guys!!

What about to do room makeover in India

Heyyy mr kate I have a cool bald room where you might be able to make something fun! I like to craft but there has never been room to store the work so they disappeared in the trash which I find very unfortunate! Please respond to this even if you can’t do this make-over! Ps i live in Holland

no offence, i always feel like I've seen you two in a porn video ..

Really nice makeover! I am going to makeover my... well my whole house actually. I was a little concerned about having all dark cabinets in an already dark kitchen so the white upper cabinets and dark lower is great! That's what I am going to do with mine. Thanks for the inspiration!

Joey is amazing

Wow! That looks way more expensive! Very nice!

Small patio space!

Did any of you see the whole in Joey's glove?

Can you do my room on a budget I share my room with my sister she's 18 and I am 11 love you mr kate

Well if you're looking for another project, my apartment needs major help

We want another ep of omg were coming over pleeeeeeeeeeesaaaaaaaasssssseee it is my fav show of all time

My name is adriana

I watched every mr. Kates videos. And then I wished that they could do our house a super fab make over. But we have no money to pay them and I live in Philippines. I wish I have their talent tho. I love it!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAASEEE do a makeover for a basement with minimal light. I haven't done anything I want to my bedroom because I have one tiny window with hardly any light. Love you!

The ending

I Love you so much Kate

it look was fabulous

Wow!!!!!! It's amazing how all the details can change a look! Love it!!!

omg at the very end where Joey almost broke that thing!!!

They should have painted the inside of the cabinets. When I painted my kitchen cabinets I did the inside makes a world of difference.

Wait did she say that was an ugly light????!!!! How rude it’s perfect


They should do a Mr Kate warehouse makeover Xp

Do you do this for free?

amazing job !!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is not the blonde guy from buzzfeed who goes eating everywhere right?

Holy crap! This was AMAZING!!!

“It’s your same fridge” Lmaooooo

You should do a bathroom makeover in under $100.

under $300 patio/backyard space makeover!


Nice to see sisters that love each other that much.

the ending aweee

What an upgrade...M♡M of 5

The kitchen looks so good!!!

Great as usual, but the kitchen was in almost perfect condition to begin with.

Wow, we have been redoing rooms like this for years and I love that your showing people that they can do it too! You have to put in the work though!!!

Do an outdoor patio room!

What lipstick is Mr. Kate wearing?

Omg!! What a transformation!! I love you Mr.Kate!! ( and Joey )

Do a Music Room Next!!!!! MUSIC ROOM

what did you use for that floating bar?

OK, WAIT!!! that floral on Mr. Kate's backsplash!!!! what is that and where did it come from???? :-)

I watch your vids every day I subscribe to you

Lets just talk about Kate's pants. Theyre dope

Why are you guys such a beautiful couple?

Thanks for all the creative, I am buying a new home your opening my creative to endless possibilities. Xoxo

I like the old intro song

you two do such a phenomenon job! how do you not get paint on your clothes? lol

is it just me or theres much more wall space for the brick that we saw them move around? lol HOW? Really magicians. This is SO EFFING AWESOME. The kitchen is a killeeer. I would actually start cooking if I had it haha

you should do a bathroom

love this

you gotta tell us the thrift stores you visit! all of the ones I go to dont look like this! some places you go to are insane!

Maybe a garage space on a budget? I know we need to find a budget friendly way to update our garage door and shelving and such. I’m sure you guys could put a cute spin on an invite space like that.

Love it! Turned out beautiful.

You Guys Are Too Cute, Love You Both

New subscriber, I absolutely love your ideas. You guys are so cute together

Kate is goals. So cute! So fit! I love her!

omg PLEASE do a bathroom

Push pins.

Can you guys come down to India. I really Wana see your work here!:)

Only $300 dollars??!

Love it .Whats is the color name of down cabinets?

They are so cute and perfect together!! Kate is the decorator and designer and Joey is the fixer and repairer, I think we can all agree that Joey isn't the best decorator..

You should redecorate only using Mr.Kate studios supplies

How do you submit someone? Ilysm


Wow I wish you did it to my kitchen

Mr.kate can u make my dining room

do a basement renovation

Kate and Joey are the best. They do the project and then go the extra mile and do more in the dining room. Wish I could fly them out to NC to help me decorate and renovate my house. I could sure use the help. Just got this house and moved in this weekend and it really needs to be updated. Thanks for the renovation video Mr. Kate!

Im sorry if you guys have already answered this question but how do you submit yourself to have your room designed? Thanks in advance!

Amazing makeover! Hope i can do somethin similar to my kitchen but its so tiny. Just like the rest of my room which is only 2x3 mtr. Oh hey! Maybe u can help me decorate? I work abroad for my family. I live alone and can only rent the tiniest studio. I still dream of coming back from work to a cozy, welcoming and relaxing space. Hope it will be the idea for your next project. Stay magical you two! I love you!

I like the old intro that says can't wait to decorate there so much we can make how will it turn out OMG we coming over

Uh one of the best ones yet!!!

I love the transformation!! Did she get to keep the Mr. Kate items you used for her dining area?

Love this video!!! You should do a bedroom make over where the budget is $1000

I need to request someone how do I do that?

Why do I love this 2010 intro

Love how real, real, real you guys are! I Beautiful!

Which paint did you purchase for the cabinets and what is the brand of de glazer stuff?

great job!!

I want love to see you do a room for scrapbooking

Mr Kate should do an we are coming back. Where you see the room 1 year later

Did I miss the paint color names?

Why do they always start the makeover before they eat lunch??

At 23:10 they had the same reaction

Lmao My sister doesn’t even reply to my text

It was amazing, but at 23:08 their faces were already like "in shock" even though they didn't see anything...

I can't wait until my fiancé and I find our home! All of these videos are getting me so excited to makeover our own space

Wow - look at all that plastic that's being used to package your food! Not very good for the environment.

The kitchen in the beginning is really nice and looks brand new though

You both are so amazing and talented in visualizing and putting things together... ilove being a creative weirdo fan....


Hard Work!

budget office loft!!!

Do an office next

Omg amazing

thats amazing but my favourite thing is how obsessed with joey kate is lol you guys are too cute

My name is Adriana

so your a boy?

The intro is kinda cringey

I wish you guys could do my room! My room looks like that but in room form! IM A CREATIVE WERDIO!!❤️❤️love you Kate and Joey!!!

I love u guys so much

U guys should do my room next

I love this kitchen

Why is her name mr.kate if she is a girl

Love you guys

It always comes out good when its on you!

This is one of my favourite makeover's I've seen of yours! Also I never comment on things but I had to say this was amazing!!!!!

It’s *time* to stop

Can someone tell me what thrift stores they go to? They seem to always find great stuff there

I've been watching your videos for years on so many different phones

Where did you guys get the faux brick wall from?? Because I was hoping to create a faux brick wall in my bedroom and that would be absolutely perfect!

I love you guys so much, you are super super creative, every touch and change you make, really gets my emotions, when i see people's face after they see transformation. Love it my weirdo.

I am soo mind blown the transformation is #goals!!


I wish you guys can travel to New York

Mr kate is the best!!

You are wonderfully Talented!

I hate that they act so much, but i love the work that they do

Joey and Kate


BEAUTI_TULLLLL job yall! wow what a difference

Can you come to my house? I have ants in my room and I am getting older and I feel like I don’t have a room anymore

You are awesome

Joey those eyes are just AMAZING I could look into them eyes for hours.

dreaming of you guys doing a makeover on our house but as I say it is just a dream since we are far from your reach sob

I love u all so much , its so inspiring omg

This is amazing! We can’t afford our dream overhaul yet so I’ve just been doing *nothing* with the kitchen, but *this* is doable change at a doable cost!!! Thank you for sharing your awesome powers of positive change! Are you willing to share the two cabinet paint colors?

You guys have the best channel ever!!!!

You should see if you can do Gabbie Hanna’s filming/office room since she recently got it professionally organized and cleaned

I like how this looks like a TV show AND a youtube channel mixed together. It's very unique.

Joey:” do u remember what ur kitchen looked like “Yes ugly”

you are sooooo cuteee

i love you so much guys

Hello there mr. Kate! I was just wondering, have you considered using https://www.thesmarttiles.com on a project? Not at all a sales pitch, just have been curious as to how they may work & look in a space! xx

I would love for you to do my room

Omg omg this amazing can you guys pls come to Ontario Canada next I really want to meet you guys ❤️❤️

You’re such a cut couple you guys should be vlogging

So much talent! Her artistic eye is amazing

The girl who got pinned is so happy❤❤

Adhesive stickers can also be used for kitchen cabinets.

Wow I love it ... looks amazing


Never read the comments when u haven’t finished a video cause then....... they will spoil it

I wish you could do my room makeover but I do not know that would you be able to come to my country

1. I had my doubts, proved me wrong= looks amaze balls! 2. Thumbtack trick BRILLIANT 3. I love you guys! y'all are so cute!! Love yalls channel, deserve way way way more subs!!

•••••i am hungry •••••



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