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Ultimate Bohemian Makeover for Mia Stammer | OMG We're Coming Over | Mr. Kate

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That's very smart. No but you have to tell me in truthfully, though I think you are wonderful, I think you are brave but I think you're talented I totally, agree. But I don't need like Instagram, memes I need like real-life, talk. Okay. Yeah good good that was a test you pass it up. Can. Great. There's, so much we can make. Oh. We're, coming over. Open. Up we're okay, you're yelling, like so loud. Local. We are coming at you with another ohm do you were coming over yes we are on the porch about, ready to go inside. Mia stammer and Kyle hatches, house can, the dog I'll forget about can the dog hey guys I'm me a see Emma and I have a YouTube channel called Mamma Mia makeup. Hey, I'm Kyle hatch I am, a videographer in, the LA area and I, live stream on Twitch. You're, new to our channel for, Mia's hello, welcome and please subscribe to our videos we, make all kinds, of videos with, room makeovers, and, beyond I mean like you can binge watch I don't know how many 15, episodes are some enough of our series, where we do youtubers, homes, so, click. On somewhere, where that link is gonna be that playlist, also. You. Can become a creative weirdo that's what we're called here in this community yeah welcome, we celebrate, creativity and, weirdness because being weird is being you so let's get creative and weird shall we do. It let's, go bohemian. Here, we go. Your. House is so cool. It is thing like. This is such a funky, place this was probably built in what the fifties. And, it's like. It's. Kind of like Japanese, vibes. Your. Soil isn't really Japanese, no it's like let's talk about your, style cuz I'm very excited, so my living room is, a, mess I, moved in like five months ago and it still looks like I just, moved in I'm just wanting some, boho vibes I think it would match my personality more, and it's, also a place where I work. And vlog and just, live and sit on the couch all the time so, I just I just need it to be more comfortable, and more me I mean the inspiration, pictures that you sent me I love like I describe, them as like classic. Bohemian kind, of like 60, 70s. Vibes, which, you're okay with I am, definitely. Okay, I'll, be honest I didn't know what boho was before, any of this but when I saw the vision, board and when Mia talked to you about what she was thinking I was pretty on board with it I got really excited well if it's sort of the manliest, version, of boho because there's a lot of like neutrals. And browns and, you, know those kind of like earthier, tones as, opposed to like pastels, which. I'm so excited because it's so perfect. For the face kind of almost like you have two living room it's intimidating a little bit yeah, we never knew what to do with like the second part of the living room so it's kind of just like ken's you know run around area Ken's dance floor. This. Room is huge you guys so this is like. The living room but also the lounge there's, a fireplace in the center, kind of dividing. Two areas, that you would think would be two seating, areas so that's what we're gonna do in this space yeah cuz you have your TV area, over there with the l-shaped, couch, which. Like, we're okay with. Changing. Up for, the sake of your first, bag, we, currently have a couch situation. She likes the couch but for me, it. I'm not a huge fan I'm, a bit of a bigger person and it gives me back pain so. I'm really just looking for something bigger a little bit more comfortable it's not gonna make.

Me Want to stretch for two hours after I get off it is this cool. Funky. Nice build. As. You can tell like I kind of decorated, it but honestly last night I finally took out the Christmas decor. Ken. Is Kyle and Mia's kid he, is vivacious. He loves living up in the hills. In. Thinking, about this room and the kind of artistic. Lifestyle. That is being a bohemian I was like let's have Ken be our like bohemian, artist, since, ken is such an important part of your family. We, need a, photo. Shoot with him right yes, I. Was. Not expecting Ken's. To be part of the, craft project, but I'm also so, doing for us bohemian. Is very globally, inspired right, so it pulls from like a lot of different styles from around the world so, let's give him four different, looks. And, folding. The photo I'll be like guys yeah, you, can be Ken, Wrangler and your kids diagnosed, right yeah okay, all. Right so I've laid out the props here we've got flower, crowns, you've got a variety of sunglasses. We're so let's see what magic we can beat. Well. Under the hot. Neolithic. I'll delegate. Each. Other, oh yes each, other. Got. It alright, let's let's pay shall we yeah okay so we got the photoshoot weekend done I'm gonna edit those photos get those printed ASAP, ain't. Showed, it. Guys. Look paint. You. Like white walls which. I know about, you and so we're keeping the, majority of them white. But, this wall, is it's a toughy. Right so we're doing something different we're doing like an accent wall but in the bohemian. Style. What. Color do you think oh. Do. You know what color fishes, I don't. Honestly. I don't know. What fuchsia is I'm pretty sure fuchsia, actually. I don't really know what fuchsia I think species, will. Someone show me fuchsia, fuchsia, it's. Like an electric, raspberry. It's like if you took purple.

And Red and mix them together and created just this beautiful, sumptuous. Pink, color we. Are not doing that on the wall so I. Love. It, terracotta. It's, like if you made a latte, with. Terracotta. Powder. This. Will drive is the touch darker than what it looks now. And. I. Have. More, planned for this wall but you guys are gonna just get it started. I. Love. Painting I've paid in my bedroom like five. Times and, I've helped Kyle paint and there's. Just something really satisfying about, it just you, can't do that oh I, can't do that no. You. Gotta show me that dual roller move. Guys. I do not own exclusive rights to the to roll the to roll is for all of you so please feel free to roll away there's. Nothing to it brah the key is you have to shimmy down the wall while you do it okay ready. Oh my. Gosh Kyle two rolls yes. I've. Never been more attracted to, you. Am. I doing like a really bad you're doing a fantastic job, no the first code saw was just getting coverage, and then, we kind of go in and tonight oh my gosh Mia is a great painter she just dope right in which I'm so, thankful, for SoCo, what are you doing on Twitch I have a variety show with colourful, lights and music and free styles and stories, so. You put on your own laser. Light show on the internet basically yeah. Pretty much what is it about the bohemian, style. It. Just seems so comfortable and. Yeah. And also really into like the muted colors, it's. Perfect, for this. House because it's like you want to celebrate, the nature, that's surrounding, the house I'm having is more like earthy, tones in here creates. More like an indoor/outdoor. Feeling, a. Perfect. Description. Like. I, might. Just do this every day oh. My, god you guys. Look, so great, do, you love this color yeah well I am, obsessed, what, about you pal I think it's one of the only colors that would work. Strong. Guys. You. Made such a good choice. Have. More plans for this wall and obviously the rest of the room we have to pull together so, I have a, big, plan for this wall but I don't want me and Kyle to see so bye. Guys good, yeah. Joey. Loves the hi-fi, Oh. You. Guys today's episode is sponsored by simply C it's actually a perfect partnership because a Kyle and Mia love technology and love, having a smart home and they, need an alarm system so we're gonna give them one I love how well-designed and stylish the system is the entry sensors the keypad, even the siren, is cute and they all come with removable, mounting, tape and no hard wiring is needed so it's the perfect solution for effective, reliable DIY, home security I mean honestly, I've worked with a ton of different alarm systems and this is by far my current favorite it's so easy to setup the smart features like reminders, when you leave a door open and it's sleek key fobs and small sensors, with long range I'll make, it my current favorite all of that plus it's monitored by professionals, who will call you in an emergency and send police it's, also super fast and consistent and you can use cameras to see what's happening right from your phone and its, built-in with all kinds of safeguards so even if you lose your internet or phone line or power or even if someone attacks the system it keeps working whoa it's. An awesome system, yeah and it's reasonably, priced it, starts at $14.99 with no contract so I'm telling you guys if you want an easy to install feature, PAC system check, out simply safe it really is home security done right ok Joey you could talk about this forever but, let's get back to the decorating shall we let's do it all right let's think through this we're, going to let this dry then, it's gonna get a second coat and then, you're gonna do the thing on top of the stove yeah ok so this is our that, what, we're calling this they're gone right ok so this is our DIY, mud.

Cloth, Wall so the next step is to create kind of a fabric look, to the wall because mud. Cloth obviously, is a cloth and it's usually done, on what. Ends up looking kind of like a canvas, it's sort of a coarse. Weave. Of fabric, I have a darker. Like, a slightly darker shade of this color that I think, I want to mix with some glaze glaze is. Just a medium like a latex paint that thins, the paint so essentially, it makes whatever color, you want slightly more translucent. And so I'm just mixing this glaze in I'm using this big brush with coarse bristles, letting the bristles kind of run, out of paint, as I go down the wall or go up the wall and by, doing it just in one direction it's, kind of creating the look of a weave. I. Know, right it turned out really well it's. A little kind of like anima, see yeah so. I wanted, to look hand done and hand drawn but I also don't want it to be so tilted, that it like skews, weird, so, I'm gonna keep, this laser line, going. Vertically, as I go down the rows so, now, that we got the mud cloth base, on where, the wall actually looks like a fabric Kate's gonna go on and trace what would normally be the bleach, marks it's gonna be where she's gonna paint, in the funky. Patterns, and while. She does that I'm gonna get some lights, on the wall so, we got these really cool lights and we're gonna hang those and swag those over where the, little coffee, table area is gonna be function get those up while Kate works on her butt cloth projects, African, mud cloth is a time-honored. Tradition it's, handmade, it's hand done which is perfect, for us because I'm, gonna just do, it by hand I'm going to use the, laser level, as kind of my guide, as, I go along to make sure I'm not making, the, rose too, slanted. Joleigh. What goodwill. Goodwill. Thrift, store fine, right. Like. So, cute, and oh. This. Shelving. Unit, you guys is kind, of shelfie, styling, gold /, nightmare. Because if you do it wrong it, could, just look kind of sad. All right so opposite of this awesome, accent wall we are putting a gigantic. Couch. Oh. Okay. It. Looks, great but, I'm. Not really loving the like loop it like it's a little Loch Ness monster. You. Guys know what I'm talking about like the double, hump of the Loch Ness and, all those photos, like, I know we're globally, inspired and, maybe, we could have a little bit of Scotland in here but it's, not the look I'm going for maybe we do some kind of cool, knot. Or, something in it like kind of like a bigger. Loop, not less. Lock, Nessie. More. Less. Humpy less, lock Nessie, more. Naughty. No. Idea what's happening here we, need to bring in the Rob okay, let's go, here. We go swag. Like this way, less. Loch Ness lumpy, dumpy whoa wait no home for swag swag. Swag. Swag. Alright. Why don't we bring in the couch first I know. Okay. So no. Bohemian. Room is complete, without a. Rug. And this, one is for this side we have more going over there so you ready for some epic rug cuddles, oh no. No no, yeah. This. Rug is awesome, it's like a jute, mix, but it has a pattern on it it's a very warm room with all of the wood that's, going on in the ceiling, and on the floor so, the red is perfect to kind of complement, that warmth. Just. Load, it on top. Okay. That means that. Do. We help me with this look, at this beautiful, woven. Coffee. Table, right we're mixing wood, tones is it also a nice long narrow, coffee table I played with a lot of shapes in this room because we have so many seating, areas kind of in a line they, have to differ in shape from each other I think I'm like not. Gonna be able get out of this couch sweet look at how gorgeous, these. Chairs. Are, right. Beautiful. These accent, chairs are. Badass. Oh my gosh look, at that. Huh. And. There's another one you guys know I love a credenza nice and long under the TV my rule is to always make sure that, the piece of furniture going, under your TV is wider, than your actual teeth we're gonna actually mount the TV on the wall just to really make everything, clean, here. All right well Joey's owning the TV I am going to do the dog treat, bar so. Excited, about this idea so. You guys know a lot of times people have bars right, in their house they've a bar cart or something where they have their classes and, you know their little accoutrements.

For Making cocktails well, we. Are going to take this and do. It. Bohemian. Dreams are coming true one. Floor pillow at a time. Floor. Pillows, are key, if you want that Moroccan feel so we have this beautiful tray, table in the middle it's round and then, on top of the furry rug I'm placing, these, floor, pillows now floor, pillows are floor. Pillows you want to make sure that you're getting floor pillows instead of cushions because there are thicker above the fireplace I'm placing this really cool kind, of linear, mirror. Thing, it has a kind. Of a mod look to it again we're playing with different textures, and I'm painting it with the command strips which is perfect so we don't have to damage the stone on, the fireplace I also styled a stack of birch logs, which is just a really nice cozy, look. So, no this is gonna be a layered rug. The situation, look at this very. Morose. If, you wanna go you mean look layer, rugs, oh this. Works, built, softer, blankets, but why are you holding my hand like that why are you only my hand like that what are these her goes there no, what. No. You're usually holding winsome hands okay. This, was great this was the warmest, rug cuddle I've ever had okay. Okay, let. Me know when we can leave. Beside. This fella, okay so this is going over here because, that we're maintaining a walkway to their dining room buddy oh yeah, yeah irons, here, hello. Dining, room how. You doin, yeah, so dining is here, and then. This is like their seating, area adjacent to their dining, room because over there the couch is facing the wall for the TV this. One, we're having it face out to see this beautiful view guys this, is where we're celebrating. The view right. We're really appreciating, nature we're, bringing the colors of nature into the room so we also need a nice viewing, spot to, view the, view oh. That. Is great. I've been wanting to use a daybed, for so long. And this, one is awesome because it doesn't have a back so it it's a daybed. Slash bench. The, reason why it's not a bench is because it's wider so it's like a daybed, depth, but it doesn't have the back which is perfect, because we. Are gonna be placing chairs opposite, to it and so that way there's no back conflicting. With the viewing, of the nature out the window to match your shirt. I might. Have planned that. Robles. Are so important, so on the couch I'm styling, a leopard, throw pillow with a Killam throw pillow with a furry one again. Really playing with texture, but with the textiles, it's like you want it to feel like you've collected them over, your travels, across. The globe. So. I'm playing a lot with levels, with the plant so in the other corner opposite, the big tree I have some hanging plants we've got big lead smaller, leaves and then some plant stands, coming up from the bottom plants, are also a big part of styling, the Shelf the portrait, of the family, of course has to be on the shelf II they look so cute together I love this candid pic of them I brought in a lot of frames I removed some of the shelves so that we have some bigger openings, and then I'm also placing a ton, of thrifted. Items I went, to the thrift store and I just combed the aisles and got, a bunch of different metallics. And, just things, that tell the story of kind of a global. Look over by the fireplace and placing more plants, i've got this gorgeous palm, tree, i mean we just have greenery, going on everywhere, in this room and i'm loving, it. Guys. Outlook, unity Victor. And a hoof of course I can't guys, hashtag. Wheel of poof I. Think. We're done here I think, it is time for, me. And Kyle to, check out their space. All. Right Joey you got Kyle I got Mia go ahead train it okay yep. Grab, it. Get like so, much more nervous really. Walking. Down my own hall in my own home and I don't know where I am. Being. A dining room so, I've never been blindfolded before, and this. Makes things so, much more nerve-wracking I don't know about you I've. Got a stomach full of butterflies right now okay. On, the count of three. Oh. Right. Now I'm thinking, am I gonna cry, and. I, think, I am crying, a little bit, wait. This looks crazy. Yes. A demon, so this is where you can enjoy the view. Take. It so. This is, this, is your dog treat, bar. And. Those are those are little math those. Are his yoga mats doggie yoga mats rolled up in there how epic is in the wall. That's. Perfect. So, I was, inspired by money loss though African, mud cloth.

Boho. Japanese, dinners on the hole. And. Then. Kyle here's, your new. Super. Cushy. It's. So good it's, like it feels so much bigger. Well. He me and it's like so your inspiration, photos right it's like school right. We. Talked about I was like I wonder if they're gonna come up with some creative lighting, thing yeah, and those obviously, we don't have a mom right put those turn on those lights. This. Hutch is awesome. All. Of the different textures, in here yay. I, love this. Fun. Designing. A certain something this is like the way beyond anything. I could have dreamed it was a big room I mean what's, so great about it is you gotta kind of constantly have pretty views, I like, no matter our city it's like every film. Anywhere, exactly. Your backdrop, yeah. Well we should bring Canon can. Unleash. The can. Don't. Be on the rug. What. Does Ken would. You, like we. Have some larger cookies here, or there's one smaller, never look over there, they actually smelled, really good when I was putting in Ashley. You. Owe, me. Dog biscuit, me, do a trick. So. You guys loved it. I'm. So like check you out on. Time. Guys. Stay, peaceful, and beautiful and loved I. Think. This is my new favorite episode oh yeah. Oh my. God I cannot, believe how, good that turned out I know it looks so, beautiful, I, just love that, we're celebrating, like the history of the house outside. The bohemian, lifestyle, they're artists, and I think Kyle was psyched about it was nervous about you know he loves the couch ken, loves it I mean it's photos, I mean it's obviously, very me, aesthetic said okay, guys make sure and check out Nia's, channel. Subscribe. To me if you haven't, get on it she's amazing, and also go check out Kyle's content, to he's really cool stuff yeah go watch, him twitch yeah, go watching twitch and also go follow him on Instagram you've, got a greatest known Instagram while you're at it why don't you go follow us on. And. How, about a big thumbs up for Kate and that mud clock is. There anything she can't, good, yeah. I, Alain. Uh. II, pushed. Shishito, peppers, shishito peppers yeah I don't like shishito peppers I always get the hot ones you're so talented, thank, you to see weird see you we'll see you later we love it. If. You're, Roman, you know the Romans easily, enter this trick hang. On I'll bring you to something to nibble on all I finished their own I'm. A Roman Empress, oh. No. No, first photos aren't washed those aren't peeled no coming, back, sending. You back servant.

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this is my favourite room they have ever done

This has definitely been my favorite!!! You guys did that! WOW

OMG my favorite two couples in one video so cute


The first coat looked similiar in color to mia's legs


congrats to the 2.3M followers Mr. Kate! you never fail to amaze us!

oh my goshhhh this is soooooooooo gooooooooooddddd!!!!!!

kyoooooooooooool & mamamiaaaaaaa!!

Your outfit is so beautiful, Kate! You two are awesome! Can you bring back the episodes where you go shopping for all the stuff for these spaces?

WAIT did they tell them about the technology for home safety thing?

Lmao that crack though

This is my favourite transformation ever!!!!

Kyle: I’m a bit of a bigger person Me: looks at Mia Also Me: a BIT



that is amazing I love it

im beyond irritated that I dont live there

Is it bad that I cared more about Ken than the actual people?

Idk if anyone else caught this but look at 9:49. Bottom right


OH MY GOD!! THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! I love the dog part of the place. I also love her bohemian style, I JUST LOVE THIS VIDEO



#we love big poofs

awe haha Kyle's reaction was so cute

#welovepoofs/luv you guys

i started crying!!!!

the past omg were coming over videos/makeovers were ok bUT THIS ONE THO!!!

They should get their own show on tv honestly

You guys should decorate the new Valleyfolk offices

Why does Kate always look like she is going to Coachella

OMG Ken!!! The cutest! I love how the room turned, everything about it!


Absolutely stunning!!! Please convince them to paint the ceiling white (except the beams). It'll emphasise the beauty of that room shape, colours and outside scenery so much!

I need a Kyle


She made such a good choice, but Lauren also match made them


Anyone notice the wooden hands on the self unit? Aren't those the same ones they used as pointers when the realtor and the architect went over to their place in OMG We Bought A House? xD

It should be called OMG we’re going out. It flows better

I really want to know what me Kate’s house looks like if this is what she she does to strangers house

The room of my dreams!

Looks amazing and so inviting!

When Mia kissed Ken instead of Kyle

AMAZING TRANSFORMATION!!! I’m wondering how much this all cost??

Kate and Joey, This has to be the BEST one you've done!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE every room you've transformed, but this one was am in complete AWE over!!! You guys NEVER let me down! Thanks for being amazing!

So good!! And those photos


Great couple!

Wow, they actually helped Joey paint the ENTIRE time!

They have got to do 8 passengers house in Utah

Just when I think you couldn’t get any better, jeez! You keep outdoing yourself every time Mr. Kate! Congratulations on designing this beautiful space!

imagine watering all those plants

You guys NEED your own tv show

Joeys butt crack


Love the design, but love their reactions even more

I didn't expect the son would be the dog haha!

The audio in this vid is really weird, is it just me

MamaMiaMakeup I so agree with you

MamaMiaMakeup I love you, your so lucky as well

Love you Mia I love ur house!


Mia I bet you CANT WAIT to show Asian girl squad your new living room!!!!!!

Kyles face for the picture is hilarious

Wait but I’m shook because that house is so gorgeous

You guys should Have a vloging channel and do This one to of cours

can't wait to make my house look like this! you guys are so amazing!!!!! please Mia make them do you whole house!!!!

Awwee kens little fluffy tail

Kyle kinda reminds me if joey

“ you can binge watch i dont know how many 15.” *watching 20th video*


Amazing!! Obsessed with this outcome ☺️

#CreativeWierdos #WeLovePoofs #MrKate #JoeyTwoRolls

Did anyone see that ram skull thingy that was also in laurdiy and Alex wassabi's house? (For clear view see 26:48) Both look so cute in both houses!!!!♥️♥️

So inspired by this space!!! The greenery, textures, prints and travel inspired decorative pieces. Ahhhh!!!

Do you have any tips about becoming a professional interior designer xxx I luv u so much

Ello there Person reading dis comment

Someone went shopping at World Market haha


Sooooo good

do they get paid to do this?

This room looks sooo good !

For those wondering where to find an exact match of the white peacock/leafy rattan chairs, I found them at: www.grandinroad.com/daisie-rattan-chair/1020095

WOWWW!! everything is perfecttt


This is the far most amazing makeover this channel has done till now ❤❤❤

I love singing the intro!!!

This is actual GOALS!!! In love

"it's the paint"

You should really consider making a interior designing magazine!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Mr kate you are a Amazing Designer ,you are a gifted person. i love all of your video's. It is Beautifully done.♥♥♥ Oh by the way that Loch ness monster comment had me lol it did look like it lol you are funny

OMG I wish you could come to my house! I am having serious trouble, my rooms to small for all my stuff! I want you to come to my house sooooooooooo badly but I live in Australia! I’m only 11 but I NEED Mr. Kate in my life at the moment!

U guys are awesome

Mr Kate can we get a bathroom makeover video? I can't recall if you did already. But even if you did you can always come with more cause you have so many ideas. Each room you do has a unique touch.

I can’t believe Joey licked the paint roller! By the way mr.kate you are the best! Whenever I see another video l click it in a mil second ! Love you

love this its so cute and boho love the chairs for there view

Joe’s butt is showing

I can sit and watch your videos alllll day lol , you all are so good at what y’all do

22:34-22:36 got me dead

Ok. Who saw Joey’s butt crack at 9:49-9:52

I absolutely ADORE this!! It’s so cozy yet refreshing all at once!

Omg you guys should do episodes about after the design! Like 6 months after you decorate their house, you guys visit and see if they changed up anything or something!!


Awe i love this!!! I absolutely love watching you guys make rooms into such beautiful transformations !! You're my interior design inspiration


Can't wait to see u collab with Daisy

I would have bawled my eyes out

Omg I wish y’all would come over and do this for me

Mr kate you should do amber shool's apartment next

This is the best you guys have ever done Im in love!



I really need someone to do my place. I will legit pay her my life ! Mr. Kate can you do my place??

Lol u can tell that mia got mad when kate said her style is Japanese

#we love poffs

why is it mr. Kate while you're a girl?

You know that brown poof? I HAVE THAT POOF!!!!!!!!


I am AMAZED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Wish this could be done to my really tiny room!!!!! YOU GUYS SHOULD CONVINCE A YOUTUBER TO LET YOU GUYS DO A ROSE GOLD MAKEOVER!!!! At least that would be my DREAMMMM!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! PLZ CAN YOU HEART MY COMMENT???? THAT WOULD BE SO AMAZING!!!


THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD ONE! LOVED IT TO THE MOON AND BACK! You're my inspiration to become an interior designer myself. Thank you.

Amazing! Love the daybed and rug under it. Love Mia's reaction when she seen the light. lol Love the floor pillows. Super cute. The paint job is great. You can do anything if you put your mind to it Kate. I believe in you!

Do this for my parents room it's boring need decor

i love it dont get me wrong but for me it feels a tad to cluttered and accessorie heavey, is that just me

Ahhh I love it

I was so ready for Kate to say Bark Cart


Um tbh it's actually super ugly I could design it better

Hello Mr. Kate, College life is coming soon for a lot of us, and at least I know I'm struggling trying to find a cute but budget friendly way to decorate such a small dorm space. It would be awesome if there was a way to make some videos about dorm decorations and maybe some tricks for small living spaces! ps I love your videos

Omg you did so good I wish you could come do my rooms(I said rooms because my parents are divorced) you guys are so good my room is not my style it would be my dream for you to come decorate my room love you guys

When Joey said "shall we" I was like: "OMG CORINNE FROM THREADBANGER." Mr.Kate you have to colab with Corinne.

Why isn’t this a Netflix series

#WeLovePoofs ♥️♥️♥️

Can you show us how to decorate small spaces?

They should've added the gray woven poofs

Omg do the ace family! Or elles play room!! Whos with me??

9:49 butt crack

On my goodness oh my goodness i never knew I needed this! I'm am in LOVE with the house and the decor is just !!!!!!!! How? Amazing!

I subscribed

Omg Kate! I looove your outfit♥️

Did anyone else spot a butt crack at 9:49?


I am really interested to know what a large room makeover like this cost them. I love that you do rooms on a budget, but I would also like to know how much these rooms can cost when you buy all new furniture and decor. This is gorgeous!

aye 1 m viewer

The wall though , the furniture though, the everyone though!!!!!!!

I wish they posted more I love this channel so much

How much do you pay

LOVE LOVE LOVE this makeover!!!

Lol mia in her Christmas socks

I subscribbled

This is craaazy awesome !!!

I love this, probably my favorite makeover yet! only mr. kate would call chairs bad ass hehe!

Ndnsnjamsifnrnfjrbr #speechless

You guys never cease to amaze me. This is absolutely stunning! Your creativity and ability to create the most beautiful things out of items most people skim by, or simply the unique perspective you cast with different decorations and designs... I love seeing what all you come up with!

10,000 if I win the giveaway but my wish to buy house because my house apartment is too tiny my father pay rent and I have to take of my mother that have cancer for me I love see you guys working hard transformation the youtubers room or anything is really nice I understand the giveaway is just only transformation makeovers keep working hard

i love this one, its the best one yet.

MamaMiaMakeup where you using a phone because computer the heart of computer is

Helen Clark eww I would never say you said that

Omg I love your video I subscribed

MamaMiaMakeup can I live here’s???


❤️ Who wants ƫo ħave SеX with me? Sęe my SEXy photos wiyg.meesocial.ru/profile ❤

You just get better and better.

Wow. I envy the size and the deco amazing job u 2

Who likes the video before even watching!

Mia loves Kenmore than Kyle


Anybody else on a Creative and Weird Mr.Kate marathon?


I am just like....still wondering how Mr.Kate gives a choice to choose the colours for the owners aka Mia and Kyle and then make an awesome diy idea with it!! Without even knowing the colours!

Wooooooowwwww, this room gave me the feels! Absolutely breathtaking living room

i swear this is the best deco they've ever done!!

Your like my ART teacher

Their reactions are the cutestttttt


This looks so good and her facial expressions are so cute

7:56 I DIED

Hi mr.kate i love watching your videos and always wish you could help me with my bedroom mine is really small but its also really boring all I want is a room that id like to hang out in and not be unhappy with it I can't make a video cause my parents wouldn't let me but I hope you read this comment!

I love you guys you have inspired me sooo much and now I whant to be an interior decorater

i’m new here and i just have one question… why is her name MR. kate if she’s a girl ? pls don’t hate on me :))


Hands down my favorite room you’ve EVER done!!

The bro hug at 23:22

Guess who binge watched?

The. Peacock. Chairs.

You should do RawBeautyKristi's home! She's remodeling :D

I'm African

I thought it was so cute and funny when Mia kissed the dog instead of himmm ❤️

mr.kate can you tell us where you get your decors


Can you PLEASE please do a bar cart styling video? Like a bar cart 4 ways or something?!

Tell Joey to go pull up his pants


Omg I love the room

who else is here from her vlog?


Has anyone else noticed that Kate dresses what the theme is in the room

8:02 you can't do that lmao i wonder whyyy

5:53 "kiss it!..." *mia starts to kiss Ken* "each other... Each other!"

omg after going through the items in the description I can't imagine what the budget was

9:49 Joeys butt


Why do you call you self mr Kate


I just came from Mia's channel

Oh my goodness, I'm so in love with their house

This room looks absolutely incredible! Oh my god you guys did a fantastic job! :)

In about 10 years I want you to come to my first house and decorate it Paris themed. I love you guys!

#we love poofs

They just keep getting better and better!!

I can’t believe this dumbass girl is famous

I am a biggggg biggg fan of both of you.... may God always bless you... you guys are amazing and look so cute together ❤❤

Girls Hugging (23:20) VS Bro’s Hugging (23:23)

anyone else scottish and found it wierd when kate said scotland cos of her accent ?


Im literally Him On the couch lol

Fbsjckskcksokcs she kills every room she does like it’s crazy !!!!!!!! Sooooooo nice

Times the word *BoHo* was said: 56


Is Mia kinda small or is Kyle just soo tall??!!

Really nailed this one, it looks amazing!

Fdouble like omg ! I am so proud of you guys !

I feel like if joey grew his hair really long and wrapped his left arm in tin foil he'd actually make quite a good Bucky.

I need you guys to do this in my room

Love uuuu

This is so cringe, yet still entertaining

I love this!! This is my style!!! Thank you thank you!

you can see she loves this

( please hold a dog's butt when lifting and carrying them. their full spine needs to be supported )

This room is insane!!!

Pls do another video Natalies Outlet

if they need it you should colab with Niki and Gabi

lol at 9:50 you could see Joe's butt crack!!!!!!!!!!!!

this turned out amazing!!!


Mr Kate and Joey Two Rolls!! I need your help!! We are going to move house soon and we would love either your creative advice or for you to decorate!!! You guys are the best decorators in the whole WORLD!!! Please consider us, we love your designs and you are such an inspiration! Please reply to this comment! I don’t know how else to reach you! Love you Mr Kate!

7:57 I swear Mia is a cartoon character

That is so cute

Do jake pauls bedroom

BEST room you did so far in my opinion. SoSo pretty!!

OMG this is one of the best rooms you guys have ever done! I am obsessed!



They didn't tell them about the security

i love u guys more n more n more n more n................

I felt a real bromance in this episode

MamaMiaMakeup love you sooooo much mia

MamaMiaMakeup I

MamaMiaMakeup you NEED to buy the house now!!!

I found these guys last summer and honestly, that theme tune use to urk me but now i sing and screammm along lol

GUYS!!! You should do NATHALIES OUTLET FOR YOUTUBERS!!! Honestly you guys have to MEET!!!

Joey and Scott Disik could be twins! They look and act so alike!

Do these people pay you to do their room?

This is one of the most amazing rooms I’ve seen you two do

my fav one yet

why is it mr

should of made corgi butt art

Definitely one of the best if not THE best makeover youve made!!


You guys should do a omg were vloging over or whatever

I shed a single tear. It's just so beautifuuulllllll.


Hey guys!! I’m a singer and would really appreciate if you would look at my channel. Feel free to comment feedback!! Love to all!!

damn amazing job kate wow u took this place to another lvl great job

*intense music* *they look at each other* *joey licks the paint roller thing* Lol AND JOEY 2 ROLLS IS BACK BABY!

Its so good all I have is this plane boring dumb ugly room but you guys won't come to me bc of wher I live pleas check ou my channel and comment and I will give you guys a huge shout out

Mr. Kate, i luv ur videos and i myself want to be an intetior decorator in the future. Although, im only 13 im very certain on my future. I just wanted to ask u if i could get a degree in interior design but still be a interior decorator. Luv u Kate!!!



Who else wants Mr.Kate to come over to my house!

This is so beautiful!!

I see a crack a huge on too try to find it 9:49 ps not the house a person

How do you get them to come to other people’s house but if we aren’t famous

This room is definitely one of my favs!!

you guys are awesome! Love You Guys!


Please do sinplynailogical! She just moved house

I’ve been watching mr Kate for a few years now and this is the BEST makeover I have EVER seen you do, beautiful

You need to collaborate with amber scholl

Omg this is soooo gorgeous!

Oh my God first of all the living room looks amazing mr. Kate you did amazing and why is that mr. Kate you kind of look like Halsey

What plants do use most frequently?

Was it "let's wear white and not tell Joey"

14:51 im from scotland

mr, kate how about doing a bugdet make over for the bathroom????

This makeover may possibly be your best one yet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

When Mia when for her dog instead of her bf. Same

It just gets better and better each room you decorate.... You guys are just so talented!!!

I would love to see a feng shui inspired design !!!


#we love poofs

Someone tell me. Why in the hell did I teared up?

Ohh my...

You didn't tell them about the alarm system

# we love poofes

scotland is the best and also i am sottish

Do u like art


U forgot to tell them about the simply safe

After this, Mia definitely NEEDS to buy that house! The transformation is so AMAZING!!! ❤


This is the best they have ever done!

I wish you could help my room... i only have a blanket and a pillow and a hardwood floor...

MamaMiaMakeup E


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