Top 10 Things to DO in NAGOYA Japan Toyota Stadium Rugby World Cup Series

Top 10 Things to DO in NAGOYA Japan Toyota Stadium Rugby World Cup Series

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In this video I'm gonna show you guys my, top 10 things to do in Nagoya. So. The funny thing about Nagoya, is if you ever ask someone from Nagoya what did it do in Nagoya they'll always say nothing but in this video I'm gonna prove them wrong for those of you who are coming here for the Rugby World Cup and don't worry we're gonna be visiting you at a stadium and I'm going to show you the around that area as well oh and before I start if you want to know what I'm doing the daily then definitely check out my Instagram, account and if you wanna help support channel and check out the Tokyo merch alright, without further ado pack up your Forks your knives your spoons and your chopsticks, cuz we're gonna go on an eating adventure, oh yeah, and bring some comfortable, shoes since I'll be taking you to my favorite spots, as well so Nagoya is a third most populated, urban area, in Japan and it's a capital of icy prefecture located, in central Japan it also members Toyota city which is yes where the car manufacturer, is located, but we'll get to that but this is the jr nagoya station and, if you're coming from say tokyo, or one of the major cities are probably going to come on the Shinkansen and this, is the station that you're gonna arrive in so behind me you can see a clock tower and an escalator area this is kind of like the Time Square area here in Nagoya station and, where a lot of people come to meet but also something to note if you're trying to travel around Nagoya, you can't just travel around on the, jr there is a subway system here, that's separate to the jr and that'll get you to like more of an extended, parts, of Nagoya most, likely you'll be using them a Tetsu and subway lines mate it's this gate is just underneath I may attach a department, store and if you keep walking down to pase you'll find another line Kintetsu, but you will use it to get around the area to use subways that go down to the underground walkways, and simply, follow the signs. Number. One miso, katsu at Abbott oil so one of the most famous foods in Nagoya is miso. Katsu and this shop behind me yeah batana has, some of the best miso. Katsu in all, of Nagoya only, run negotiation, but the original shop, is in the Apatow which, is a few stations away from here in fact that's where the shop got its name yeah, with dawn tone, at the end meeting, pork and it's on the ninth floor of the main Tatsuya, Catan which is right, above the major station, in the building, what's also nice about this restaurant area is they have a bunch of Nagoya specialties. Here and some of the most famous restaurants. They have this miso the economy, you don't which is kind of like a Musil, hotpot and they also have this hitsumabushi, restaurant. Which is kind of like an eel rice bowl also famous and Nagoya don't, worry we're gonna cover all of it I want to take you to some different spots but if you don't have time this is actually kind of like the best place to go because you can hit all three spots in one go anyway that all said let's, go inside miso, katsu is a fried pork cutlet encrusted. With panko, breadcrumbs, then dipped into a Nagoya special, sweet miso sauce in fact, Nagoya, is well known for its a love of miso so it's only natural that they created this miso infused, fried sensation, the sharp itself dates back to 1947. And has 25, stores throughout Japan I went to my go to the garage I said which means it comes with two pieces of katsu and two, different sauces with shredded cabbage rice, and miso soup all right I am so, freakin.

Excited To, try this I've been waiting, literally, all morning, to eat this the others whole culture, and I love it because you can enjoy two, different, styles they freshly, poured, the, ridge it can be so right. In front of you is awesome and then this one here are like a vs. trier sauce that's like a cutter sauce but this one is like the half-and-half and it would be complete, unless you, have there's, a yellow mustard. And this is some ground that sesame going. On there just to give it a little bit of, a crunch, and look after, that, loveliness. I could, just click on Bob and it's me so click, that bite. Oh. Wow. That. Is a succulent piece of pork and also has like a nice and sweetness, to it which I really like a really, thin layer of bumper so it's really quite thin it's nice right, yeah I. Tried. This book now with. Worcestershire. Sauce. My. Mouth is literally watering, I took a bite I felt, like I was about to rule all over my place it's, that good and that was one of Michael's favorite dishes in the go ahead and she's, from here so you know what's good, oh and, don't worry about Japanese, they've also got a full English menu. Number. Two Oh sue Shelton guy just, a 10-minute train ride from nagoya station Oh sue is the most popular show than guy AKA shopping, street in nagoya it consists of nine different shortened guys have meshed together so, you can spend the entire day here this spot originally started as an otaku electronic, store paradise but then vintage clothing shops started to pop up now it's a mixture of otaku hipster, and food spots with a variety of international, restaurants, like brazilian, vietnamese, chinese and, more all setting up shop in the recent years so this area could literally be my favorite, place in all of Nagoya you ever been to Tokyo it's kind of like a mix between. Shimokitazawa, I'm a, yokel and just like the street area and the vibe it's been recently like revitalized, and keep seem like an influx of more, shops been a lot younger a lot more hip and I just really enjoy the vibe and in fact it has a lot, of thrift. Stores if you're coming here and you want to do is I'm shopping, you want to get some like old-school, flavor then this is your spot I almost want to move here because it's.

Just So chill and who knows maybe I'll become Paulo for Melissa I don't know maybe not all, right let me show you around, and this way here, is like a mini, electronics. Store Evan we've got Mario and, even, Ultraman and if you're looking for anime and manga related, stuff they have month at okay just behind me and I think we just hit, a Pokemon. Spot, everyone. Here is playing Pokemon, and there's even a shrine, at the end of the street, number, three your, Nagi bocce Central Market located, in the heart of Nagoya this 100, year old market is about 13,000. Square meters and consists, of 300 stores source, from local harbors such as cheetah Peninsula Macao Bay and Issei Bay so you know the seafood is fresh so this place is like my mini skeezy, in Nagoya since we are here doing dune time most, of the shops already closed so if you come here in the morning then you're gonna find a lot more than fish shops open, so one thing that kind of separates it from Asia market there's a lot less street food shops per se and you'll find a lot of sit-down shops and one of the things I love the most is, that you're able to walk around and you can see what people are eating so you can kind of like see that the portion, sizes you can actually see the dishware and some restaurants you can only see a menu which, makes it super, helpful to decide what, you want to eat so one thing you'll notice with a lot of these shops is that you, won't see a lot of tourists, just a lot of locals here which, is nice because you know that you're getting local, prices. Number. For Nagoya. Castle have. Fun storming the castle who, knows where that's from anyway, Nagoya castle was, built in 1612. By Tokugawa, no es su the castle was burned down during World War two and was later rebuilt in 1959. In fact the IT area itself, played a key role in Japanese, history three of the most important, world owners were based in this area. So. Were the castle of all castles, in Japan, in fact, Nagoya castle was, the first castle in Japan to be dedicated and national, treasure it's actually known for having the Sachi HoCo, on top it's kind of like a golden at tigerfish, at the, top of the roof also in Nagoya castle has, a more floor space than, any other castle in Japan, unfortunately. We can't go inside of it today cuz it's closed, for another like four years apparently. Due, to construction but, you can go into the Hamato palace which is pretty dope let, me show you inside home, aru Goethe and Palace was under construction for 10 years until just, last year, it served as residents, for Shogunate and is Fanta Lee decorated, with gold covered walls and elegant japanese-style paintings, and. Right. By the castle there's this place called in, sha Chi yokocho, and it has a lot, of popular, Nagoya, restaurants. So if you're coming to the castle, and you're looking for a place to eat then this is not actually, a bad place and so let me give you a list of all of the top spots in this area that you should definitely check out if you're into doing gotta try the miso Neko me you don't at Yamamoto.

Yeah So home game they also have a hitsumabushi, eel, restaurant and of course the yeah baton shop that I showed you earlier. So. Now I'm taking you to a 100, year old hitsumabushi, eel, restaurant luckily it's only a three minute walk from Sakai a station, but just a little warning you can't make a reservation, so expect to wait in line during peak hours or visit, between lunch and dinner like me so. One thing about this restaurant they have a fish, pond just, right outside. This. Is an annoying specialty, called hitsumabushi, you. Can see them nice crisp. Tender in this not, yet part it's a cut and really, really the thin strips. It, has smells, it's so good it's. Taken our first bite. That. Is amazing. Cannot, go wrong with this cannot this one has a nice crunchy. Texture to issues you can see right there like how will it speed that, is and the sauce itself. That's coated on the rice it's, a little bit sweet but not too sweet I just. Can't get enough for. The thing is there's actually three, ways to eat this so. The first way to eat the dish is to simply eat it with rice and the second way is to add herbs green onions and wasabi, all. Right, let's. Taste this onion, wasabi. Paradise. Double. Damn that's good and, wasabi is another like flavor, on top of that flavor that is amazing. Third. Way is to actually put. Some, green, tea, in it or the other place before it and they have actually used kind, of like a broth but on the bowl when you're here they specialize, in putting, green, tea. That's. Just like a completely, different flavor. That's. Great. Where. You know fellow, I'm, at Toyota's. Museum. Number. Six Toyota, museum, so. If you're into cars and I've gotta show you this place let's, go, all right now let's swing by Toyota, which is about an hour away from Nagoya, you've. Got a ticket, to ride, fun, fact in the city Toyota is named after Toyota, Motor Corporation which is also located, here in fact I recently made a day in the life video at a trio - car repair shop so check that out if you haven't seen it yet so this is the first car to implement. A front engine and rear-wheel drive it. Was actually a race car and this one is steam-powered. It's. Like I just won the race, the. Museum, showcases, about a hundred and forty cars from all over the, world from different time periods including domestic, and international manufacturers. Alike if you love cars this place will get your motor running look, it's, a closed car motorsport. Put, that thing in the sport it's, good good one. Thing to note there is another tomato museum, in Nagoya but that one is more about the history of the Toyota company itself if you're like me and just want to see some dope cars this, is a spot. In 2009, and they only sold a 512. Live. Number. Seven Toyota, Stadium, so you were to say them is about a 15-minute walk away from Toyota station so if you come to watch a game you might want to consider a car unless you're drinking or don't mind the walk in which case don't, drive so we're here in beautiful Toyota.

Stadium Now, if you're looking to catch a soccer match or what the rest of the world says a football. Match you can watch the Toyota grandpa's which is the local football club they're kind of funny the sounds like grandpa's, like my grandma, and grandpa why, would they named it grandmas anyways, you. Can watch them here or, if you're coming here for the Rugby World Cup this is also what are you gonna be viewing it but there's actually one little secret spot that I wanted to show you that's worth taking, note. So. The reason I love this place is that it's fairly inexpensive it's, I got just like a little over a thousand, yeah it's like ten bucks and for like a full complete set, meal but, you get this great. View. Look at that you see the bridge you see the river just on the opposite side of this room on the other side it actually faces. In, so you can see the game from that side and so if you want to get some food and then get to like watch the game you can do it from there as well so one thing you need to be aware of when going to the men's toilets, is, that the toilets itself, there is a one Western, and there's two, japanese-style. Toilets, enjoy. Using those, number. Eight Nagashima resort, so. Nagashima, resort is comprised, of three different, areas you have the amusement, park you have the spa area and you, have a full real-deal. Outlet, mall so although this place is about 50 minutes away from Nagoya, you can get here easily, via shuttle bus I'll leave a link in the description and in case you guys want to find this place along with all the other places in this video this place has 60 different attractions which is the largest in all of Japan I was really really excited, to show you guys inside, today but, unfortunately because. Of the g20, event, being hosted in Osaka this year the park is closed right now and unfortunately I can only show you the outside so, this one right behind me that you can see is called steel dragon, and it's actually the longest roller, coaster, in the entire world and this blue green roller coaster it's called Acrobat, and it's supposed to be the largest flying roller coaster, in the entire world there's even a water park in the summer with all sorts, of attractions that's so definitely, fun, for the entire family and, there's a spire called ume, no shima it's essentially, a baseball, with body care services, and it even has hot stone services, if you're into that so basically if you want an adrenaline, high you go here, if you want to get relaxed then you go to the spa and if you want to go shopping they have a full album all here that's one of the best in Japan let, me go show you now so, this is the mall area and more specifically, it's, where all the local brands are so if you're coming here you won't just find a lot of but. You'll find a lot of Japanese, brands, and. Check. Out this rich so there's all these cool umbrellas. Of a number. 9 parking. Area so. If you're gonna go ahead there's, a chance that you might actually be driving, around to get around to all of these different spots in the video if that's the case then I definitely, recommend going, to one of the parking areas where you stop along, the highway, if you go inside it's not just like a little convenience. Store but, they have everything. Inside. In fact we can almost do a video just on street, food here they even have a lot of souvenirs, let me show you what it's like inside, so we're at the Korea highway Oasis which is one of the biggest parking, areas in Aichi, and it, definitely, has that entertainment, Park vibe look. At that it's a whole tub, of miso, so they have all these drinks at the rest area but, they don't sell alcohol, I wonder why oh my. Gosh look at this kuribon.

Cider, What, the hell does that taste like and look a frozen, bag of fried chicken even. Better just, waiting for my bus to arrive and since, that's key and Mae's house are nearby you can get Ghibli Goods here too. Right. Michael which one do you want to win that beige one okay. I'm. Gonna win this for you Michael I. Got. It. Let's, try. So. And this is the newer side you can see that there's a so much more space Wow, but thing is there's actually not a lot of people here I think what happens is that travel companies and the buses take people to the original, place oh my. Fried chicken is ready sorry. We'll continue this later. Look. At this a fresh, fried, chicken. Well it's not really fresh because it was like in the shelf but she actually, refried. It it's literally super hot right now. Crunchy. Outer shell, and nice, and tender in the middle that is what I'm talking about and spicy. Ass so. This is what, I wanted to show you guys look. There's. A ferris, wheel right, here, I'll, breast up with a real-deal. Ferris. Wheel, that's. What I'm talking about and check it out there's more people. Playing Pokemon. Another. Pokemon. Sighting, and number. 10 trained noodles, kishi men at Sumiyoshi, this, is a can't-miss Nagoya delight served, on the train platform. It's called kee Sherman which is a unique, style flat noodle, noodle I recommend, eating it at Sumiyoshi. Which I shops on most jr platforms, both local and Shinkansen. I went to platform 3 on a local train line because it's not as busy as the Shinkansen, Side, it has a full menu oh and they have fried, food on the local, platform shops, like this one, Michael ordered the original key cement noodle with egg and shrimp tempura toppings, and I, got that dark miso, based kishi man cuz you know I like my soup thick with, three C's. So. Check, this out I got Mikey Shaymin right, so let's have this, you, can see how flat the noodles are compared, to, regular noodles. More. Of the. Buddha. Is kinda like a like a tofu, but let's try some of this fried heart-stopping. Tempura the new look they've actually soaked, it in the broth itself. And pride any. Minute in this house. Mike picks up on the drop on the egg itself look at that that egg is just perfectly. Cooked it's just kind of melted. Into the soup I love how there's still a little bit running. All. Right so that concludes my, top things to do in Nagoya before, we go I wanted to thank our sponsor Japan mobile sim without, them I wouldn't be able to make these videos do you guys know with more than 400,000, fans coming here to Japan for the Rugby World Cup sim cards are expected, to sell out what's nice is mobile will ship at Japan sim directly, to your home or you, can pick it up when you arrive in Japan for, the Mobile Japan sim in your phone you can navigate directly to, the stadium like the one behind me keep over the scores find, the best transport, links translate, phrases or menus or update, your social media accounts with all the cool pictures you're taking here in Japan here's 5 reasons why you should choose mobile one you get free shipping to your home address two, you can choose to pick up the sim here in Japan also, for free three mobile, offer a free exclusive rugby.

Supporters, Bundle which includes free. Beer. Who else gives you free beer with a SIM card for, they have english-speaking, customer, support and five a majority, of the profits and goes to charity, buy a SIM from mobile today by clicking on the link in the description, below finally, if you want to see what I'm doing on the daily then check out my Instagram account and if you want help support the channel then definitely check out my Tokyo, merch if you want to see more videos like this and my Japan guys then, hit that subscribe button and the Bell button I released a video every, Saturday morning 9:00, a.m. Japan time that all said catch you guys in the next one.

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