Top 10 Things to DO in KOBE Japan & Kobe Beef Spots | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

Top 10 Things to DO in KOBE Japan & Kobe Beef Spots | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

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In this video I'm gonna show you guys my, top 10 things to do in Co Bay. So. Kobe is most well-known for Kobe. Beef but there's actually a lot more to do here, so from Osaka station Kobe, is only about a 30 to 45, minute train ride that's so if you're visiting Osaka, it might be kind of a cold day trip or weekend trip to visit Kobe, as well so in this video I'm gonna cover some things to do in Kobe as well as where to eat some Kobe beef and before I start if you want to help support the channel definitely check out my Tokyo merch and if you want to see what I'm doing either daily definitely. Check out my Instagram account alright fasten your seat belts because I'm gonna take you on a ride through Kobe. Number. One shopping. Streets shopping. In Kobe is ubiquitous well, luckily it's all within walking distance when, you first arrive at Sun Omiya station you'll, be greeted by department, stores like Sogo and marui but if you're into more local shopping scenes that then is a must-have enter into the shopping straits also known as a shooting guide so Kobe has a bunch, of shopping streets the one behind me is called in with the muddy Shore tank guy and it's one of the biggest shopping streets, in kobane, the other one that's pretty large is sannomiya, sent the guy in fact there's a plethora of shopping, streets and scattered, throughout Kovach, what's nice about most, of them is that they have a covered, area so you can walk around even, though it's raining all, within the same area there shoten guys like you could erode sanchita toll, road and coca shoten guy and now I'm under the coca show that guy and you can see it's a quite narrow work there's just a lot of stuff here as well if you want to check it out and don't think they have the newest shops here but it's, still interesting enough, and just. On the west side and the honky you, have a show thing guy that's filled with Eva kaya's little, restaurants, and just a little bit of like drinking bars that you might want to check out what's really nice is that all of the shopping streets and department, stores are all, within walking distance so, if, you're really looking to do a shopping day then, definitely easy to do it here and to be honest I kind of prefer the shopping here compared, to places like Osaka, where. It's just a super, super crowded the streets here are not as busy, comparatively. Speaking, so. This area right here is, right by the coal basin Omiya station it's, actually in fact right next to it and it's known to have a lot of coal based a teppanyaki, shops, it's also right next to took your hands in this video I'm not gonna be showing you all of these places because I think it requires a, full dedicated, video for that but I will so be showing you so my top spots to have some Kobe beef here anyways, let me just show you a little bit around this area so we're the deaths of the coab a steak jungle, oh wow. Look. There's. Even a Spider Man right there I guess he's looking for some Kobe beef as well, number. Two go, baby from him he is Ella if you're looking for a nice bowl of ramen but, also want to enjoy your Kobe beef then, this is gonna be the spot and you don't have to go to the most expensive, place in the world to have a nice, cool baby it's so unique because it takes a ramen and Kobe, beef two things that I love and puts it all together let's, go inside and let me show you there's. Always ramen is definitely, one of a kind the broth is made from a five Kobe, beef bone and vegetables, produced in Kyoto that brought itself makes a full 16 hours to mature I threw down on the creamy she'll ramen which comes with Kobe beef rare steak meat miso and Kobe beef see me on the side while Michael won with the show ramen with a tender Kobe beef steak topping interesting, fact all soups are made from the same ingredients, that utilize, a different method, of cooling to alter the taste and texture.

That's. Tremendous. The froth itself it looks really, really creamy but, in fact it's quite light because almost like an are refreshing and brought the onions give it like a nice spring, flavor basically, the first thing is we're gonna add Kolbe a rare, meat to, it you're, nuts let's add it for too long or, also get fully cooked so just gonna like dip, it in it, so let's have a bite of this. Wow. The, meat flavor. Sensations. That's getting me out of my seat I don't. Know where I'm going but it's getting me out of my seat, so so excited, I have my chopsticks, backwards, it's inductive I just, added and miso right, to it and it's giving it a little like darker kind of look. Mmm. Better. Than this but gives it kind of like a grounded. Beef kind of taste this makes it even more meaty, absolutely. Ordered, on the side and some, home baby, sushi. And, so there's three levels here you can get economy which is kind of red you, can get the chooklotto which is like the middle fatness, and you get that a crime Kobe beef sirloin but for 160th, 2,400. EMM that's a little bit steep for me to take so I'm just gonna go at 800, yen that's for one so Maiko is actually gonna get the other one unless she doesn't want it and I'll heat the second one. I. Get. The marble, in that made this is straight up all, the, but some wasabi on top I'm gonna go Santos on this and just put on the gauntlet and the Snapple. Is, definitely, a rich piece of meat you can taste all that fat and olive oils, melting. On your tongue. Number. Three bilko, son jarocho son also known as Mount Rocco offers, the best panoramic. View of Kobe and Osaka from sannomiya station it takes about 20, to 25 minutes to get to the bottom of rooks on cable station and it's about a 10 minute ride up the cable car to get to the observatory. Right. Now actually. Pretty cool looking it's just so beautiful riding this cable, car right now all right we made it to the top let's, go check out the view. Wow. So, check me out I'm on top of the world I, love, this place you, can see that kobe isn't very much on the ocean you can see that it's just surrounded. By ocean it's a fun little fact for you guys if you ever are here and you ask a local for, directions, they. Don't usually use north, and south they just use a mountainside, in Seaside, mountainside, being north in seaside being south so that behind, me is south and we are north another thing worth noting is that you can come here during the evening while, the city is all lit up and it's also a beautiful sight so you can enjoy during the day and you can also enjoy it at night kind of a romantic spot so maybe if you fellas out there are looking for a romantic spot to take your girl this could be the spot in fact just, this, area here there's not just this, observatory. There's quite a few restaurants as, well as things, to do there's like a botanical, garden there's even a kind of a ropes entry course that you can go to we won't be doing that in this video but, there's quite a lot to do up here as well so not just observatory, but if you wanted to kind of spend half a day here and you definitely could if you wanted to. Number. Four Adam, owns in so, if you're already in Kobe then IV my own scent is a must-visit spot, for those owns and lovers you can simply hop on a bus from San Damiano station or Kobe station and you'll be there in less than an hour in fact.

And, Is known as one of the top three on cents in all of Japan there are many hotels in the area but I enjoyed seeing at Hyo a all yoku the hotel has a seven, hundred year history offering. Several different ons and options and also serves a beautiful, tricycle. One. Thing that I truly loved was the in-room Piasecki dinner experience a classic, email it basically means that you get a little bit of everything served, in small dishes and often, with seasonal ingredients oh wow, look. At this that is a lot of kanji you can't read it it just means there's gonna be a lot of food today like seafood right in front of me apparently, is not all there's just like so much more to come and have it all nice and done, look we have some soba, noodles there, this is the toppings, here and then you put the soup on top check, out that concession, plate I think that's Thai right there you have some Abby maguro. Right, there. It has all these like little appetizers. But. The thing I'm most excited about, we're in copyright to this will. Be beef can, you guys just see, the marbling, and, that beef. Coil. Cookie use a select, cream of quality coal a beef but those not familiar with, Kobe beef it's known for its fine textured meat fibers and marbling, it's nothing point as low so it doesn't get too heavy. Nothing. Like a sizzling, piece of meat I certainly like a little bit of rare so I don't cook it all the way through but the lady says that some, of you cook like the hotter parts you're good and so. That looks. Good to me to be honest I don't know if you guys can see that but that is the Kobe, beef cooked. To, perfection. Oh. That. Is tremendous. As one of the most tender beads I've ever had I just can't stop smiling because the, meat is so good, blown away by this meal thing, is if you guys really want to know how the smooth taste then you just gonna have to come here I'll leave with the link in the description so you guys can make, your own reservation, and check this place out. And. The, oats and that psycho yo Kaku are pretty dope with a traditional, Japanese stylings and there's even private baths for those who. Like to keep it private, it's. Just so relaxing I'm nobody long center and it's such a nice day thank you it's so funny like you can see this water ground, effect, it's, supposed, to be really, good for your skin oh and, don't forget to check out the street food in the area during your stay I just, can't help myself I always gotta try the street food. Well. That's a nice fluffy. Texture, but it also has some indented, into it in fact I thought it was gonna be cheesy but it's not that cheesy which is still pretty good oh. I, brush for brush. I. Was. Like yeah. This. Is amazing, this is is great you can walk around in fact there's a lot of walking trails here so if you're like into hiking you, wanna see some nature then this is actually a good place to go yeah it's like it's actually a good place if you want to just get away from the city and relax a little bit so we've just walked up this little hill and this area here is suppose really against in meaning this is where the original onsen.

Water Comes from let. Me show you right. There just. Like steaming it's crazy and just, right next to it there's a temple, literally this is a place so you just want to walk around and explore. Number. Five qqg. When Kobe opened its international, port in 1868. This foreign settlement, was constructed, designed by British civil engineers the hundred and twenty-six blocks were auctioned, to Western foreigners, unfortunately. Seventy percent of the buildings were destroyed after the World War two air raids in 1945. But Kobe City decided to preserve the remaining buildings as cultural, properties, known as QQ cheese it's now home for luxury brands in western cafes personally, it's not my bag but Japanese locals enjoy walking this area as it feels very much like a western country. Number. Six Chinatown. 19 machi so, if you're visiting Co Bay one of the must business, spots is monkey machi also, known as Chinatown, so it's a smaller Street it's not as big as your common Tokyo, but, it's definitely worth the visit especially if you're looking for some street food and that's, why we're here today monkey, machi is the area of Kobe where Chinese were forced to settle after the Kobe port opened as they, were not allowed in the qqg, area settlement, monkey much he was also burned down during World War two so the area went into a dark period after the war but again we built in the 70s into the non-key machi as we know today 90 machi is one of three, major China towns in Japan along with the Oklahoma and Nagasaki. I found that Kobe Shinedown has more takeout shops and all-you-can-eat restaurants, so it's a perfect place to get your street food on. Let's. Try, this bad, boy in, fact it's a breakfast, right now this is my breakfast I haven't eaten anything all morning, straight, off the steamer, she was just cutting the duck fresh, right. Now and it has cucumber. Mmm. You can smell the sweet sauce for, me to go by. No. We, are in Chinatown, we have a ride that's. Delicious. It definitely tastes a sweetness, of the sauce, the meat is very flavorful you can tell that the duck was just cut this morning the veggies, are really. Really crunchy, the sauce itself gives it like it brings it back down with the sweetness it's almost like a Chinese burrito and so check out this place behind me is called Rio shogi it's already ten o'clock in the morning and there's just, the longest, line in the world it has some of the most delicious aroma but definitely, think we need to decade a full video for this so we're not gonna do it today but if you guys come here then definitely this pot is worth checking out, number. Seven you cut satay you, cut satay is a small, shop hidden in the basement of this old shopping mall san plaza so. This spot doesn't have Kobe beef but I just love it so much that I had to include it don't worry you won't be disappointed, if you guys are looking for a quick view cuts a place this is my recommendation, and check out whether, the meat what I love about this place is that you get like three different sauce you get a demi-glace, sauce ponzu. Otoshi sauce onsen, tamago sauce, and you get like a spicy, tomato sauce into, the goo katsu it's still red in the middle meat, is really nice and it's like crunchy. On the outside. What, I love the most is that you get like the nice tender, juicy. Moist. Meat. Center. And, then you have the nice crunchy, shell. What, a fantastic. Meal you dip it into some egg and then you put it on top of your rice like this. And. Look at that, combination. Just. A little piece of happiness of every single bite. Number. Eight the bay area so, we just arrived at home base station, it's only a few minutes from sannomiya and more than watching area and there's just so, much stuff to do here there's shopping malls it's, right by the ocean and I'm kind of psyched to walk around this area Harbor land is just in front of Kobe station you can also walk from Sonoma and Motomachi station as well, so. We're entering Kobe, harbor land right now and check, out this ceiling. That's. Amazing, right. So. This is MEA, you can see it's quite an expensive mall, look behind me how much this space, there is and this huge, main, corridor, here divides. The north and the south sides, of the mall there are quite a few malls here in this area but this is one of the larger ones so if you don't have a lot of time and you want to do your shopping in this area and this would be my recommendation, Lumia, is your garden-variety shopping, mall where you can find many fast fashion shops and domestic, brands you can walk through Mia tours ocean to get to mosaic where, you can find restaurants, to the open, space and.

They Even have a much a house here if you guys see my coated video you know they have a bunch of tiramisu you can also get it here in kobane so this is the mosaic area, in Harbor City so you can see here to my right there's, actually the harbor and this whole area is just littered, with restaurant. Famous places like one my left eggs and things be, could a donkey, they have Starbucks just like so many different, places also, has kind of like that Odaiba Dex kind of feel very much more relaxed, and if you're just looking to get some food and this is probably a good spot to do it and you can also enjoy the ocean I don't know like for me there's just something, about being. By the ocean, smelling. The fresh sea water just, like over there yonder, you can see the mountains which is kind, of like very, relaxing. I don't know what do you guys think and right now do you see that boat behind me it's called concert', oh it's, a two-hour ride and, and they play jazz on the teppanyaki dinner, cruise it's, pretty dope and for the kids there's even an oompa museum here a ferris, wheel and a little biking mount playground. So. This area feels a very much similar to kind of like a smaller version of yokohama but the one thing I really like about it you get all of like the good parts of Yokohama but you don't get all of the crowds I mean look, at this area it's a Saturday, middle. Of the day and look at all of this open space look, there's even a cute little Starbucks, right here right by the harbor. So. This is American park you can see there's not a whole lot to do here but kind of children relax by the harbor you can see to my right there's a Bicol bay sign over there where you can take pictures of and the park itself it looks like at the moment they're renovating and you can actually go on the pole grounds, cuz it's like just still dirt but on the outer skirts here like right behind me right here you can just like hang out guess you would just consider this a chill spot. So. You may also come across the cove a brick warehouse nearby it's pretty cool for a stack of bricks but there are many sorts of you don't have much time it's probably okay to skip. Number. 9 Kobe beefs sketchy, at Ishita, so Kobe beef can be in so many different ways and at this spot you're able to choose from shabu shabu yakiniku. Or sukiyaki, today. I'm gonna do one my favorites I'm gonna do its keyaki, but you're gonna have that in two other options as well what's nice about this place is all of the tables aren't go sheets in meaning the private, works so, if you have a family, or if you have some friends and you want to just kind of have no privacy you, can do it all in your private room and I don't know if you guys have this in your country but they have a bail server so you just press this Bell and they come when you want it's, perfect so for this video for all intensive, purposes this. Is the ski a key set menu there's actually, the read different, sets that you can get so, we got the kiwami, set it's a most people call maybe in this restaurant and I'm quite excited to, show you guys I don't know if you guys know taste difference but I hopefully I can. See. That fat just marbled, into them meat itself Italy. Sliced. So. The scale key set comes with a hundred and forty grams of thinly sliced Kobe beef sirloin and shoulder vegetables, and appetizers, raw eggs and grinded yams are served as dipping sauces a nicer. Skanky, restaurants expect the server to cut the first round like this place first place a Kobe beef is cooked through the Kobe beef color, then a mix of sake and soy sauce that meeting and two are also having hot water stuff. It's. Best to grab the beef as soon as the meat is brown to avoid overcooking. Afterwards. Cook the vegetables on the pan as it is to soak up all of the Kobe beef flavors, oh the, white Esau is pretty salty usually oh and mixing it with a smooth raw egg it Malden's out the taste to perfection. One. Thing is the raw egg halted, color. And you kind of just like to dip it around and like and. We have our first night. Ah. The. Booth is just so tender it's, then you can feel the fatty like juices, it's not even like meat that's tender. A slice, of heaven that's. What it really feels like eating, right now, we have a lot more pieces of meat to go so I'm, gonna do that again if. You literally do this all day and. Number. 10 Akashi, Aki kokuto. So, we have a Hitachi. Which is basically your Colby version of takoyaki, but it's even a little bit different can see when it's served it comes in like a comic.

A Sushi plate and you can see that it's like almost like, a, blank. Takoyaki. Ball, and then, what you do is you, get the broth and the bottle service is like a regular. Dashi. When, you take it and you dip it in and this is like the first way you should rather dip, it in like that and it gets a little bit moist, oh. That. Broke apart. And you can see how it's breaking apart it's crazy. So. What you'll find is that this version is almost, more like a pancake I think I've ever had a fluffy pancake before it's, a lot more fluffy, and airy than your regular takoyaki. What. You can also do is add a sweet takoyaki, sauce on, top and, then, dip it into the dashi soup if you like a little stronger taste you might like this better and, you. Just dip it in just. Like so. That's. What I'm talking about so this place here it's pretty much a place to like hang out with your friends I'd like to have a drink and they have some vodka sake like this is more like it generally a drinking place so it doesn't open, until 5:00 in the afternoon but, it closes that three, a.m. so, if you're having a long night in your partying then definitely stop, by this place alright so that concludes my, guide of Cove a if you'd like to help me out and hit that like button if you want help support the channel then definitely check out the Tokyo merch and if you want to see more of my Japan guides I released, a video every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. Japan time so hit that subscribe button and the bubblin and I'll catch you guys in the next one.

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man, korea looks just like japan, but not as nice. the people act more like chinese than japanese tho

Way too anion. A

We were in Tokyo last week for 4 days and tried some of the places you recommended in Shibuya ... 4 days is way too short . we love Japan and hope to be back soon. We enjoy watching your channel ;-)

Hello Paolo! Do you know where to buy cheapest instant noodles store in tokyo? Ive been looking for MACHURAN SEIMEN noodles. i hope you can refer a store where I can buy it for pasalubong. Thanks!

Loved Kobe. Took some pics there.

I live in Kobe!!!

納得できない店が数店あったが、、 仕方ない。 それも、受け入れよう。 できれば、喫茶店の西村コーヒーも、入れて欲しかった。

Thanks for the videos. They are great, I am having the opportunity to know more about Japan thanks to them.

Have an awesome trip saharla!

The introduction of your Kobe is like the guidebook of the person who does not know the field at all! At first, from Osaka to Sannomiya, I can come in 22 minutes. Though I introduced Kobe cow ramen, there is Kobe cow of the imitations. You should all think the shop with the figure skating of Spider-Man and the cow to be an imitation in the same system. Though the official manager is a Japanese, the true manager is a Korean. And a price is high because Nankinmachi (Chinatown) there becomes a sightseeing spot. As for the real Chinese food, as for the reason why the local person does not eat in Nankinmachi, it is really easy because a Chinese runs it though I can enjoy it. This is because there are a lot of Chinese restaurants which a Chinese runs near Nankinmachi. This is because there are many shops which that one is more delicious, and are cheap. When it was so high and was popular because there was the friend of the restaurant owner of Nankinmachi, I heard it. Because if hear it when laid 言 when is popular, and repeat, come only once anyway; くったて-affiliated ボッタ; it was said, and said. Therefore the shop where reputation is showy should post overambitiousness. Because even if the shop with the ability does not do reputation loudly, a visitor comes. A foreigner particularly a Chinese and the Korean think about though I run the shop in a standard whether oneself makes a profit, how the Japanese will be pleased with a visitor and run the shop. Though it understands it, it is splendid that a Japanese is funny.

no kitano area?

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神戸はいいとこですよ!僕の出身地ですがみなみだけではなく、北も素晴らしい!Kobe is very beautiful!!

do a okinawa video pls!!!

It's not a bill, just a paper to inform what kind of food they gonna serve. Just it. I think many restaurants do the same, or airplanes sometimes. It's common.

@fatcrewz is that where they did the Initial D movie ?

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