This Video Will Tell You Who You Were In A Past Life

This Video Will Tell You Who You Were In A Past Life

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Past. Life regression, therapy, is for, anyone, who believes, in, reincarnation it's. For anyone, who, believes in the amazing, healing, power of the, conscious and subconscious mind, let's. Make, a commitment, today as you. Go on your past life regression. Experience, you're. Not going to worry if it's. Fantasy. Imagination. Metaphor. Or, memory. The, best way to do past life regression, is to. Write down your. Intention. For, having this experience. Make. Sure it's an intention, that will make your life as a son or daughter of the 21st, century. More. Authentic, more joyous and better. For you some intentions, might be well. To discover, why I have, a pain, or an illness that no doctor can help me with maybe. It was a death wound from, a past life maybe, you're having a journey with someone in this life where. There's a repeating, pattern of pain and you. Want to find out if you traveled, with, that person, in the, past, perhaps. You. Would like to. Discover. A solution. And you're, having a dilemma right now and you want to see did you have that dilemma in any past life what. Did you do how. Did it turn out so. You can make a wiser, decision. In the, here and now I have with me today David, and I, have sequoia both. Of you think, about an intention. About, why you want a past life regression experience. And how, it might serve you as a son, and daughter of the 21st, century it's always best if you write it down that. Gets it anchored into the subconscious, now. We're. Ready to begin, get. Into a very comfortable, place you can sit in a chair like. You're meditating, or you, can lathe. Any place that you're most comfortable keep. Your eyes open and pick. One, spot, a single. Dot high. Up on a wall or on the ceiling. Now. Stare at it as you. Stare at it you'll, find that your eyes get. Very very tired in, your. Eyes, begin. To, blink. On. One of the blinks just go. Ahead and allow. Your eyes to close with. Your eyes closed, you're going to feel some very pleasant, little fluttering, right. Under the lashes when, you feel that, breathe. The word. Deeper. Right. In to. The bottom of your toes. Now. Draw all of. Your attention to. The soles of your feet and. Breathe. In your power work, your. Power work today is the work, trust. As you, breathe in the word trust into the soles of your feet up. Into your ankles and calves your calves and your knees your. Knees and your thighs you. Can let all of, the muscles relax. Wonderfully. Totally, and completely and. Now imagine. What. It would be like to. Trust. Your. Powerful, legs no. Longer to use those legs to run away from anything but, instead use those powerful, legs. To. Journey, forward. Towards. Your goal of. Fulfilling. Your intention. Of discovering. For. A better more. Joyful, life, today, now, breathe the word trust, right. Into the pelvic, floor and, there. You can access. Intuition. And. Wisdom. Now. Breathe, the, word trust, right. Into the appetite, you, can trust your, appetite. To, only have an appetite, for. Yummy. Delicious. Nutritious. Foods. That. Nurture. Nourish. And. Heal. The. Body. The. Mind and, the. Spirit breathe. The word trust, into your heart and. As. You breathe the word trust into. Your heart, you. Can breathe it in as a beautiful, white and silver, light. And. You can let it light up any dark areas, where. There's been rejection. Loss. Sadness. Or, even. Disappointment. And, breathe. In the word trust, like a beautiful, bright white and, silver, light. For. You can heal, yourself, in. The. Present. By. Understanding the past if, there's anything you're holding on your shoulders, that no longer serves you release. It. Let. The jaw relax and the. Teeth part you. Can. Remember. A. Yummy. Delicious, nutritious, meal, that. You've had recently. Remember. What the food looked, like. Remember. Conversation. Around, you of you're watching, a TV or even BuzzFeed, remember. What the topic was or. You can even remember, your own thoughts. Remember. What the food. Smelled. Like. And. Tasted. Like, and. What you felt like eating it. Because. You. Can. Remember. Now. Once, again, breathe. In, your. Intention. Of why. You're having a past life regression experience.

What. You want to heal, what. You want to learn what you want to achieve what. You want to release and breathe, in. That. Intention. For having this experience today and. Now. Make an image of what, you may look like with. Your eyes closed right now ask, your, soul, self, to. Detach from your body and let. Your soul self drift, up even, higher higher. Looking, down at. Your body. And. Let the soul self drift, right. Through the ceiling, so, you can look down at all the, rooftops, all, around, you in your. Mind's eye and, you. Can imagine or visualize picture. Pretend, or even. Just get a sense of what. All the rooftops look, like below. You now. Drift, up. Even. Higher. Even. Higher drift. Up even higher, so. That you can see some, bodies of water and. Drift. Up even higher so, you can see the, entire. Continent. Where. You live, drift. Up even higher let, the soul self drift. Up even. Higher so. You can see our beautiful. Bluegreen. Planet. Like. A marble. Spinning. On its axis, below. You with a cloud cover. And let the soul self drift up even. Higher to. A dimension. Beyond. Space. And time and, in. This dimension. There. Is a big, tree, floating. There it's. The Tree of Life for. All that hold fast to it. And. Let your soul self perch, on. Top. Of, that. Tree and. It's. Like nothing, you've ever, experienced. Or even. Ever imagined. And you can. Look around to. The infinite. Horizons. In every. Direction, but. Now look back down at the earth and. Use. The power, of, your. Mind. To. See. The earth. And. In your imagination, picture, pretend. Visualize. Imagine, or even get a sense, that. You are so powerful you. Can slow, down, the earth, and then. It stops. And. Now let the earth begin, to rotate backwards. On. Its axis, yes, you are so powerful. You. Are. Reversing. Time. And. You. Can watch the earth change. The. Continents. The. Waters, the, ambient. Light the, forests. For. We are going back. In time, and when. You're ready again. Breathe. In. Your. Intention. For, having your past life experience. And. You're not gonna worry, if. It's fantasy, imagination.

Metaphor. Or. Memory. For. You made that commitment to. Honor they. Experience, the conscious and subconscious mind, has for, you it's. True and, now. As, you, remember your, intention. The. Place in time, that, answers, your question is, going. To pull, the. Consciousness. Towards it like. A magnet and. As. I count, from. Ten, backwards. To. Zero, let. Yourself, get pulled, towards. Another. Place. Another. Time, where. You'll be able to see. Through. Younger, eyes. Here. Through. Younger, years, the. Earth was. A younger, earth and it. Will be. Imagination. Visualization. It, might be like, a memory. Like. A dream, like. A fantasy, or, like. A story, told by an ancestor. Around. The fire, long. Ago and, here. We go. 10. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Pulling. In towards. The hemisphere, the. Continent. The. Time, the. Country. The. City the, town the, space, five. Four. Three. Two. One. Zero. You. Are, there. Look. Down, at your feet or. Even. In your imagination. Like a memory. What. Are, you, wearing on your feet. Or. Are you barefoot. What. Are you holding in your hand. What. Is covering. Your loins. Are. You a man or a woman a boy. Or a girl or are, you in a culture, that's beyond, gender. Look. Around, you at the vistas, around you. Orient. Yourself in. Space. Are. There swaps. Our. Villages. Desert. Ocean. Forests. Towns. And, orient, yourself in Thai. Listen. Is. Someone calling to you or, do you know your name. And. What place are you and. What time are you, in. This other place in, this. Other time. And. Now. Breathe. In. Your, intention. For. Your past life, regression. And. Let. The. Soul self. Pull. You towards, the event, or events. That. Will fulfill your. Intention. With. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Zero. You. Are there. Are. You alone. Are. There other people. Is. It. Safe for scary. Is. It. Warm. Or, cold. Do, you recognize. Anyone. That. You may travel, with as a, son or daughter of the 21st, century, do. You recognize, anybody else's soul, for. Soul groups have a tendency, to travel. Together. What. Is happening. How. Does. It reveal. The.

Answer To your question. Now. It is very, very. Safe, and. Very. Educational and, very revealing, and very healing. To. Find out how you died. In that past life. So. With no emotion. And. No pain. Let, yourself, travel. To, the moment. After. You died in your past life. What. Was the death wound or. Was. It disease, or. Natural, causes. What. Part, or, parts of the bodies, gave. Out. So. That you went from. This world to. The world to come. And. Let your salsa. Feel. Lighter and lighter light as a feather lifting. And rising lifting. And rising higher, and higher up up. Up. Until. You arrived, at. The world to, come. Where. You will. Reunite. With. Every, incarnation, from. Every life in the past. But. You will also. Reunite. With, all the wisdom from all the lives you, will live in the future. When. You see. The. Next evolution. Of humankind. And. Now you have all that information. Wisdom. Perspective. And, insight. You. Now, can. Ask a, question. To. Your wise self. The. Compilation, of. All. Of. Your. Lives past. Present, and future. But. Now ask this, question. Why. Selves. What. Can I take from this. Experience. To. Make my life, as a. Child of, the 21st. Century. More. Joyous. More. Intentional. More. Authentic. And, better. So. That each and every day I, can. Be proud, of myself. And, listen. Very carefully for, that answer, it. Might sound like, a wise, voice. Like. The daughter of the. Divine. It. Might be a feeling, an. Insight. A. Vision. An. Idea. Or. Just a knowing. When. You get that. Answer. To that question. Memorize. It and. Now. Breathe. In, that answer. Right. Into, the pelvic, floor and. Make. It a part of your. Life. And. As you do that. You're. So powerful. You. Can use the power of your mind to. Return. To. The tree of life and. That dimension. Beyond. Time, and space and. You, can perch up high on the Tree, of Life for. Those who hold fast to, it and, you. Can look down at, the. Earth and. Use. The power of your. Mind. To. Slow, the. Earth and let. It stop and, then. Begin. To rotate, it back again going, in the proper direction, so. That time is moving forward, again. And. When you do that. Begin. To allow yourself, to. Descend. Looking. At our beautiful blue green marble, our, home. Our mother, earth. Coming. Down. Seeing your. Hemisphere. Where, you live. Your. Continent. Coming. Down seeing. Your. County your city. Wherever. You're doing your. Past life regression, and, come. Right through, the. Roof. And. See. Your body there with. Your eyes closed. And. With your next breath, come. Into your physical body. And. As I count, from. One up to five you. Will awaken. Refreshed. Alert, feeling, so, much better and you will, remember. Who. You were in your past life in everything, you experienced. As you. Think about it. More. And more and more details, will come, up into the conscious mind. You. Will remember. That. Wonderful. Gift which. Was the answer to your question, from. Your Y self, about. How can I use this experience, to, make the here and now more, powerful, more. Authentic. More joyous. So. That I can be proud. Of Who I am and, always. Make wise, decisions. For. Me. So. That I can honor my, highest, intention, for, myself my family and. Everyone. Who. I have the privilege to meet. One. To slowly, calmly. Three. Is that nice deep breath feeling. The breath in the body four. Is a very alert number and, five. Is eyes, open. Wide. Awake. Now. When you're ready pick. Up your book and. Write. Down the, answers, to the question, write. Down in what way this. Experience. Revealed. The answers, to. Your intention. And in, what way you're, gonna make positive choices, in your life because. You know what, you're. Too good to hang out in your comfort zone and. You. Want more out of life and. You're not gonna settle for Less, because. You know now there's only one direction and, that direction, is, forward I, hope. You enjoyed your past life regression. Enjoy. The rest of your day. Hey. Unsolved, is on a new channel and now you're part subscribe, here that was my part.

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Noone can prove that.... they coud say everything to trick you

Come on buzzfeed.....

I was Obama’s son in my past life

Dam some lady with a whip killed me

I am a white woman with EDS and died as a little black girl in the desert when looking for water. Eaten and drowned by a crocodile.

I was a little wealthy girl living in a city in France. I died in a car crash. She couldn't answer anything to my recent self. She said that my soul is too young to know the answers. It's all up to my recent self to find out now

I was a potato in my past life.

I've always thought i was a american airplane pilot who had a airplane crash and somehow i think my name was charles or something Let's find out

i was a little boy in a small village that lived near the forest. it was snowing and i died alone freezing to death. interesting

i'm not entirely sure what this was but something happend... and it helped

No bullcrap this kinda gave me an image of the past life thing. I was a citizen in germany during ww2 who had a group of people that Were against Hitler. I died of natural causes I was a brown girl who lived on hawaii and learned music I was also an aspiring artist during the renaissance period but couldnt get as famous as the renaissance men. I was a sculptor. I then while closing my eyes i just saw random faces of people that i never knew AND NOW IM JUST SCARED

I usually find it so hard to meditate, but this was truely amazing! The whole 20 mins seemed like nothing and my mind legitimately feels so calm and rested, I don’t really know how to explain but it’s amazing!

I seem to have been a pogo stick

i got 12 minutes in

That was some get out type of feeling I couldn’t finish

In the past I was some random princess? (Btw I’m a girl)

I was a little girl abandoned in thick mossy foggy woods with no shoes and just a dress I must have died from starvation or exhaustion Cuz it felt like I just gave up and layed down because i was so tired....

All this is did is just made me sleep

It can be useful if you want to sleep or rest I think

I saw a blonde boy in a deserted area and he was the only child and his parents died as the soldiers were shooting during the war and they took the boy and treated him as a slave and then when he was old enough he went down to the war and died because of shooting and his name was Richard and it was so painful to watch that scenario , I literally cried and the irony is that I really hate wars and my answer is: pain is what will u get but it will be worth it .


She said BuzzFeed and killed it

it didn't work for me, i never meditate but i tried my hardest and kept a very calm mind, it didnt make a difference

Turns out, I was trump's dignity in the past life

In my past life, I was a women named Emily in the 1700-1900s. My lover died in a carriage crash and I was with him and also got very hurt. I had a little brother and an orange cat. I later killed myself because I was too lonley

ashley langlois nothing wrong with lonley, Emily

I woke up in the middle of the video

I did this for shits and giggles.

What even i legit started crying this was too intense. i got taken to ireland ( in australian ) and i had a bow in my hand, i got left alone in a forest ( purpose was to stem my anxiety)

Please do more!! Amazing loved this

why i cant do it??

I was a random man in England who’s dad did not approve of him and I ran off with a girl or something?

Did anyone else end up getting 2 separate senarios and more questions

I wanted to find out why my legs are weak all the Tim and I found out my past life was as a 7 year old and I was called Koomba. I lived in Madagascar and I died by a shark attack. It was in the south coast near a jungle. I was in the water and a person called Tika shouted something but but I couldn’t hear so I ignored it and my legs got bit off so I died of boood loss

Would age effect this?

I find these things very creepy. Not gonna try. Just came to see the comments. And I too think it plays with your subconscious, and that’s all to it

I asked myself why I felt so much pain and apparently in my past life I was a young child who was abused and thats how I died, but it's kind of weird 'cause some nights I would wake up with random bruises all over my body.


Americans are so strange

How does it work I tried it twice but i still see nothing of my past life

In my past life I was a furry

Worked until you asked what I was wearing. Because in my mind I was a wild cat

I was a white privileged male

I was a potato in my past life and you should know my death wound....

I was a vintage pornstar in my past life.

I didn't think anything of it but I got so deep into it and felt so good and relaxed and I saw someone in a desert with a village. Don't know what that means but then my dog barked and snapped me out of it

I was this adventurer who looked like a woman version of Indiana Jones and for me I got kicked which shows that I get pushed around because I always apologize even if the other persons wrong. I got kicked so much so I started bleeding and I starred floating up then I fell back down an drowned in water which explains my fear of going out in oceans, this test is pretty cool, when I opened my eyes I felt so peaceful and my body was in a different state, so relaxed.

I don’t think I had a past life I think I’m AN OG

So it worked for me, i was a woman with long red hair barefoot surrounded by sheep and the hills of the Scottish highlands, i died of a heart disease in my late fifties. It was a really calming experience, give in on every word and you’ll imagine yourself wherever you want to be

Astrid Kilde how does it work

Didn’t work

I was an African woman in a desert (so North Africa maybe?) Riding a horse or a camel. Then i killed someone by hitting their head with a rock. This might be the reason i suffer now

I read the thumbnail as „Get demonetized“ more times in a row than I am proud of.

I fell asleep lol

I don't think it worked for me. But I was very relaxed. I saw a bunch of pulsating, swirling colors. And an expansive grassy field with a ginormous rock tower in the distance. Twenty minutes went by like five. And when I opened my eyes, my arms felt like they weren't there. No discernable past life that I could make sense of. Lol.

Aw heeeeeck naw... i saw "get out"... & thats what im bout to do. Im outta here!

I lived in a small village by a forest then I was on a rocking boat in a storm but I survived and died of natural causes I think

I saw a near-death experience but not my actual death. I had no idea this video was this long because it only felt like a couple of minutes.

I’m a young Muslim girl with black curly long hair with blue eyes skinny as can be with a unibrow very independent.... I broke my left ankle

I don't trust easily all I could hear was the saliva in her

Jesus christ lol i was imoteph in ancient egypt lol i didnt even made up that it came by itself

i was a smaller version, i saw my great grand uncle. He passed away about 2 weeks ago... He said 'keep fighting'. I was standing on a beach. With my feet in the waves, he stood in front of me and we were facing eachother... my head feels dizzy now.

I was a white woman living in like the 1900s in Europe lmao but I’m asian

This was abysmal. She went through it WAY too fast.

I was a woman in my mid 20s, Maybe in the 50s, ignore quite sure. I had red heel boots and a black spotted umbrella. I was wearing a black and white dress and my hair was pinned up. I had red lipstick on and a mole above my lip, very similar to Marilyn Monroe. I was walking down a brick road lined with houses at night, it was raining, and 2 men came up and shot me in the chest

I thinj it worked. Or maybe it just forced me to "create" a story I think I was apart of an indian tribe, kind of reminded me of yakari, if anyone remembers the cartoon...

i visioned myself as a mid 30s house wife who lived in new york, at least what i saw looked like a city in new york. i visioned myself crying on the floor in a living room being pointed at by a man, next my death happend in a kitchen and i believe the man who probably was my husband shot me in the head with a silver gun. i saw my body just laying on the floor lifeless... not sure what any of this means tbh

I was a boy living with my brother, mother and father in a poor village in Greenland I think it was in the 1900s. My parents were always drunk and were in massive debt. The debt collectors came and ran over my brother as we were playing near the road. And soon after came in and killed my parents and me. - sad story really? I don't know how i saw this but i did.

What i saw was someone running with a gun in sand. It was running away from someone, and it hat no time to answer my question. So that was interesting

You were gullible in your pasts lives and this life

While this was happening I caught myself tearing up for no reason when she mentioned people around me

I was a little girl from the 1950’s I tripped on a train track and my legs got amputated

My A.D.D kicked in at the 21 seconds mark. Did it work on anyone?

I think like the governors daughter in Pirates of the Caribbean, Missy, to use an easily accessible reference here. She hardly believes, as she speaks to Capt. Barbossa, in ghosts. And has to accept, whether her captors are immortal or not, that they are trying to take her life. So, whatever it takes to either get free, or fight death, to do, it has to be done. Not an easy thing. The character is bright and brave. And why believe in ghosts ( past lives), when current life is difficult enough. Stay even keeled,( stay legal) and don't let yourself ( meaning everyone) be pimped. Hypnosis. Crazy. Ghosts?. Good luck.

I was a white guy named Noah who died from a gunshot wound in my chest. Insightful

This thing sent me to sleep! For 6 hours! I’ve never woke up more confused in my life

I guess in a past life I was an Irish farmer in like 300 ad

I was a man

I got to about 7 minutes, and lost my focus

... I’m not sure if this works.

My anxiety stopped me halfway through the video. Now i see everything much smaller and my problems bigger... thanks buzzfeed

Oof I really tried but nothing happened

had a regression that i was a young child that died in a school fire w my best friend in the 50’s. after telling a friend about what i saw she did some research on school fires in the 50’s and found one in chicago that supported the scenario i was in and what i saw myself wearing at my time of death. i can officially say im freaked out

This didn’t work

Reading these are amazing.

in my past life i had ligma and sugon

I bet you that if your answer is to leave your family behind, all this fake positivity will go away in an instant

I was a bottle of windex

I fell asleep halfway through oops

Idk about this, I tried to follow it and 4 minutes in I started to imagine demons... Soooo..... Yeah.....

I was a young girl traveling with a father figure and a sibling on the Oregon trail and I died by a Native American tribe attacking our camp and I was hit with arrows

slightly After victorian age. a city in europe wearing a pink dress. my baby died, who i loved very much, and husband left me. i felt worthless and committed suicide. stabbed myself in the heart..... brutal.

I woke up laying in a field of all white flowers. Surrounding me was the forest of deep greens and it was around the time of sunset. I stood up and wore white shoes and a brown leather bracelet around my arm but no clothes. My skin was dark olive and my hair dark and long as well. I walked forwards and the feeling of the light wind bristling against my body hair made me smile. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my right top thigh and felt scared all of a sudden. In my peripheral somewhere I saw a white wolf with light grey eyes following me as I ran at top speed to the bright yellow light just beyond the horizon. I could hear the ocean and when I reached the cliff I stopped to see the sun's orange hue cast over the sea and atop the surrounding rocky beach. Suddenly the pure white wolf was right next to me and stood tall and proud nearly at my height. It didn't look at me just looked across the sea like I was before. I felt relaxed and at peace. At some point during my peace the pain was gone in my leg but my neck began to ache and sting. I fell off the cliff and next thing I know i'm staring up at the cliff where the white wolf's coat is now stained in blood but still looking off at the sea. My intuition question: why am I such an indecisive person? I feel stuck at this point of my life. If anyone wants to, feel free to work this out for me and tell me what they think since I can't seem to figure out what this means. Thanks.

This was very interesting.

I was a British boy named Brian in my past life. He was drafted into the military to free the Jews in the Holocaust but was shot and killed after releasing a camp. I cried when he was killed because he didn't get to do what he wanted to do in life and felt he wasted everything, it was really insightful.

I focused on the pain in my right lower abdomen. I imagined I was a young women who lived in Western Europe and died during a c-section. Interesting.

I got to be a nice rock


literally half way through i panicked and just kept thinking over and over again, "i want to stop now, it's time to stop" but i couldn't get my eyes to open. And then you start talking about death and i started to get a migraine. i was like nope i'm done and rubbed my eyes till i could open them.

My imagination led me to visualize an astronomer from maybe when the Mayans existed. I environment was jungle like. I saw a temple similar to the Mayan temples but I feel like maybe it wasn’t in the Mexican region. It was more like South America. I was barefoot with only leather clothes for my private area. Nothing on top. I not sure if I was man or woman although I think man. I visualized my death was due to something invading the village. I tried to hide in a sort of hut but I was found and my throat got slit. I couldn’t visualize the one who slit my throat. Then I pictured a pack of whales and had a knowing that I should spend more time by the ocean

I was some guy named Phillip. He/I was walking on a strange road in Alaska. I felt cold. I looked at my feet and I was barefoot. I was up in the mountains and I think I fell off, or froze. It was CRAZY I felt like a different person. Wow! Idk if it was real or just my imagination but i felt different

I definitely saw my past self. I was a Native American woman who was attacked by a bear. I couldn’t escape of defend myself because I was alone in the forest.

SO APPAERANTLY I WAS IN THE ALAMOE and I was a MAN, weird, and I saw my little town, since I was out of town, and i was holding a revolver, and I hear some horses neighing, and a wagon of by the looks of it cowboys showed up, and they were surrounding me, AND I saw my friend in the wagons with them and apparently they were all turning on me, so I tried to talk things out with them, but they didn't care they pointing there guns at me, so I took mine out, but it was too late, they shot me in the head, right above my right eye brow, ( I guess thats why I get headaches there all the time) and I almost died instantly, SO THATS MY STORY, I bet they were heading for my town next........

Didn’t work. fak

I was a girl living in the woods living in a triangle shaped hut like the indians and died by a tree falling on top of me but I think I made it up idk ?

I’m not loosing my soul

Took to long so I left

I was a child in what I'm thinking was either Eastern Europe or Middle East but all I could see was forest. I actually almost had a panic attack because I could hear screaming and just kept running away from it and ended up crying irl (sounds fake, I know, but I was terrified). I wanted to know why I have such a strong connection with my best friend who I've known since his birth and turns out, I had a twin brother. My mind calmed down the moment I saw him and I just felt so safe and happy to see him. In the end, I was shot and fell into a river but I'm not sure which one actually killed me. The answer I got was simply "live". Glad to know my past lives are just as talkative as I am lol

I use to be a printer apparently

Too much like witchcraft so I didn't attempt it. I don't believe in past lives.

I was a middle aged man on the roof of a skyscraper in New York because of a fire. I jumped off and died as the firemen missed me. I never recalled the year of when I died or whereabouts it was. I looked it up and the building looked the same as it did in my vision the Asch fire in 1911, 164 people died and that day. Also for some reason when we were to see all of our past lives and what we would become in the future I saw Abraham Lincoln, which confused me. No, I’m not American, I’m British.

It didn’t work

Im very scared to try this

I saw myself in England as an apprentice to a popular author. I tried showing my work to him and he berated me. I ran away crying. I has just decided that I would give up writing for good and assume a banal position I knew I would be miserable in and then I had a heart attack. Welp. Ha

Everything was dark and I saw a thin white light coming from a door it was scary and cold?! My heart was beating very fast and I saw bodys moving around the room even though it was dark I think I saw a smile too

I saw...absolutely nothing. Nothing at all.

I was in the 1940s taking flowers to my wife or something like that I dunno it was really weird and blurry and the way I died was spinal cancer /: lol

I was a ligma patient

I was a boy in ww2 delivering letter for the British army

the weird thing was i saw a bunch of past lives, like one that looks like in the medival age and one that looks like i was in some chinese kingdom. It was so random that i shocked myself halfway but how i died was the same every time... i got stabbed .-.

I was a king of an ancient civilisation, at my coronation I was shot in the heart with an arrow, my supposed mother had fled and I remember a woman trying to pull out an arrow from my heart all the while crying hysterically. I belive I was a child, also my answer was; you will know when the time comes, it all comes in due time

Well I'm at 7.51 like out of the planet and then my boyfriend called

I followed everything and nothing happened :/ probably did something wrong... oh well

I was an Egyptian or something, and when I looked down, I was wearing cloth sandals and my clothes were a beige colour. My hands were small (a child) and dirty, and I was standing in the middle of the desert near sand dunes/pyramids. Suddenly there was a flood, and I was drowning and sinking and as I looked up I could see my family at the surfaces trying to grab and reach for me but they couldn't. I could see blue all around me and felt scared to open my eyes and look at the water. My limbs felt numb and it was cold.

An astronaut during the Cold War Space Race. My name started with an F. And I was an astronaut because it made me happy. I’m very confused as to how that answer came to be. But this was crazy.

I was a little Irish boy who died of heart attack so that's fun

I was a leopard?! That explains my weird dog like behaviour

I’m scared to try it

I was Indian and that confused me. I was running from bandits and me and an accomplice got shot through the head. Me and my sister both have birthmarks on our head. I died in the position I sleep in and am afraid of the dark. I... Im not sure if I’m dreaming or not but it felt semi real.

I don’t think it worked for me, all I saw was my light through my closed eyes and I felt dizzy but I didn’t see or hear anything..

Didn't work for me.

I hate buzzfeed

I felt so relaxed... so light and I felt as if my room was bigger than it should have been? I was a Japanese woman wearing a kimono staring out into the "backyard." I was holding some sort of bell. Then all of a sudden it was a warzone. There was fire everywhere and my eyes were scurrying around trying to find someone? or something? Then I was laid out on a stretcher of some sort. I don't know what it means but it was creepy...

I saw that I was an afghan woman, I was in a cave with a man and 2 younger children probably my daughters. We were in hiding and I tried to get out of the cave and then I was gone. I dont know what happened, it felt like I was suddenly thrown back in the present that I couldn't focus after that.

I typically have stomach pains like in the uterus and when I went to get it checked out they said it was nothing but then I did this and I was a woman about 23 years of age I lived in a small village in Ireland I had red hair that I cut short to annoy my mother? and grayish-green eyes with freckles on my pale face and I was pretty tall maybe 5'8. I wore men's clothing to show I was not just some weak girl?, my name was Eden Hydes and I meet a boy I think a lover and I pulled him close and told him something I think I said I was pregnant?, he looked scared or maybe it was anger but after i said it he stormed out of the little cottage we were in. after this, he came back and pulled me out the house saying he had something important to tell me? I followed him out to the forest and it was cold and covered in snow he then pushed me and had out a knife to which he then stabbed me in the stomach where the baby would be he then ran off and all I remember is looking to the sky and seeing snow fluttering down on me. and that was it and what an experience!

i was a white, tall woman who died in 1990. i had ginger hair and i was researching animals in africa. i died from a alligator attack. i was brutally pulled into the water by my leg and i was ripped into pieces. the man i lived was trying to cling on to me but it was no use. i remember i loved the man very very much. this is scary af because i think i am falling for someone right now.

I was a girl during WWII in Amsterdam and I saw all the Jews getting sent to concentration camps by the nazis and seeing that made me cry. It felt so real I heard people crying and screaming.

Soooo cool me and my bast friend did this together, I was a little girl in the late 1800’s and my name was Amelia.... I don’t know how I died but it had to do with poinson so either I positioned myself at age like 15 or 16 or my question was awnsered and the person I saw in the butcher poinsoned me, who is now in my current life!!!!! Super duper duper cool I would love for buzzfeed to do more of this. And the way I should make my life more happy is art

I had 50 subs in my past Life Can we reach that Again

I was an English teenager who lived in the medieval ages I was stabbed or cut in the head and I was near al lake. I was left alone and felt like I had nobody

i was a frog ?

I was a girl that was african american who were 21 and had died from assassination

Ligma boys

i kept zoning out and thinking of other things, like she'd say "eyes closed" and id be like "what did i eat for lunch yesterday"

i was a young handsome male singer who was secretly in the closet as gay. after i came out to the world, i felt like a new being but became bashed with darkness and loneliness. i was very happy with the love of my life. then i was murdered in a dark ally way by a slit to the throat by a knife and then a gunshot straight to the head. my soul rose and i died with a purpose. the purpose to inspire others to be true to themselves and express who they really are. to accept your destiny and live life fully. lesson learned: everyone has a purpose, and mine was to show who i really am, become the happiest man, and live my life for myself... not closed away and hidden.

i was an asian woman iving in a village long time ago but then i died because i got hit by a bus? but there were no busses in that time... man my imagination sucks

Imagine actually liking Buzzfeeds contents

I have a headache

The feeling of going up out of my body was insane. I was an African woman in I believe Nigeria and I kept getting the year 1706. I herd rumbling and everyone looked panicked. I looked over and someone was yelling at me to run which I can only feel was the spirt of my best friend. I started running and then rhinos came charging into the village running people over. Suddenly I was run over. I remember looking around at the chaos and feeling scared but also at peace. I was told when I asked my question that everything happens for a reason and to not let it control my life

I'm not sure whether this really works, or is just my imagination coming through. I'm not precisely sure. However I enjoy reading others stories, so here it goes.... I became a twelve year old girl with bare feet in a small village in India, sometime in the past. My village is poor, but I can tell I am wearing a pretty red patterned dress, and when I look around there are straw huts, people walking in the hot day, and dust being kicked up in the air. I walked out of the village to the river and I was surrounded by trees, long grass, and nature all around. When I thought about people, I think I had a mother, older sister, and grandfather who loved me. I died when I was attacked by a wild boar. I only remember it running at me and falling and that's all. In short, I don't know if there was a lot of meaning, but I think my imaginative story told me "Dont be afraid, face your fears, and come alive". For the most part, I treated this as a fun game. :)

I was a little girl named “Nadula” in a Southern African village and no one was there to help feed me so I died of grief and hunger

I was a groupie name Eliane and was strapped in the abdomen while running. My stomach always hurts while I'm running .

I want so bad for these kind of videos to work for me but they never do =/

I was a nun. As I was watching all the other nuns going back to the church, someone sneaked behind me and slit my throat

It didn't work for me. I really tried but after the video my head was a little bit light-headed.

When she was counting down from 10 my eyes just started fluttering uncontrollably and all I saw was darkness and weird foggy figures


I should clarify it was the exact same way Batman’s parents died except with a knife I was even at a ballet maybe just watching Batman had something to do with it.... my “name” was not Martha FYI.

I was a fox?

I’m a young girl living in egypt who was a slave and her master beat her sister but she couldn’t stand up for her b/c she didn’t have enough confidence

I was a poor European boy in an empty street who got stabbed through the stomach and bled out

So mine was weird . I was looking at myself in a store window in 1946 in Buffalo NY. This guy called my name and I turned and saw this guy I used to work with (I haven’t seen him in 2 years) . He told me to hurry or else we were going to be late to meet my parents. When I looked at him I felt complete. Three years later I died married to someone else . I gave birth to a boy and I bled to death . The weirdest part is that I had this crazy connection with this guy when we worked together , We just clicked , I never had that immediate of a connection. It also didn’t feel like the right time because her was dating someone else at the time . Maybe the next life we will get it right .

I was on a small isolated cottage in some wheat field. I spent my days doing chores with a husband who would be gone most of the time. I would cry all the time thinking I was not good enough since my husband had a bad drinking problem. Till one evening he returned and stabbed me in the back where I actually have a birthmark that resembles a stabbing wound. I cried while doing this. It’s like I could remember the pain and sorrow in my past life. Now I understand why I have a hard time believing people actually love me. It’s because I always thought my husband never did. I think my message for this life though is to try to think more positive as my last life was all sadness and a deep depression as it seemed in my head. Very inspiring.

idk if i made this up or my imagination but i was a short gurl around 5’2 ft but then i went rock climbing & i had short hair & i died by falling down the rocks while climbing i also remember getting dragged by some animal , thats reallt all i really see o wtvr

I woke up at the middle of the video cuz I couldn't see anything even thought I was feeling weird. Is it a big deal ?

I was some sort of soldier in London, right before I was born. I died from being shot in the stomach. I could feel the pain and see my fellow soldiers around me.

HOLLDDDD UP... Breath the word deeper into your toes also FYI this is a scam

This is amazing. I am in tears. Thank you so much

I'm not sure if it was suggestibility, because someone once said birthmarks are reminders of your past life, but I saw a girl, in a different era, a different country, running away from a lover, with some mysterious stranger chasing us. Then, we ended up being shot by an arrow, mine being right where that supposed birthmark should be.  What scared and convinced me though was the feeling of actual dettachment, except on my chest area, wherein I physically can't breathe properly, throughout the experience. Then, I found out that right after getting shot on the chest, that girl I saw fell to a lake, drowning. It was surreal, definitely not what I thought it would be. I'm going to delve in deeper into this past life regression.

BuzzFeed is cancer

I was in the Southern US, during a war. Not sure which one. But I jumped off the cliff to escape from someone who was screaming at me. I'm deathly afraid of falling from heights, to the point where I freeze jumping off a chair.

i was a girl named annette in the 1920s. i lived in london. i died of pneumonia and no one was there to comfort me when i was dying

I was a 9 year old boy I got bullied and hung myself in a bathroom after I was told by other kids I was worthless and shouldn't be alive. My past life was a little different from what I imagined.

i was an african soldier, not really sure where i was or when i was in africa, but i remember we were running towards a point and then its just bright light and then darkness

In my past life I was Morgan Adams boyfriend.. wait.. that doesn't exist xD

I tried following along but it just didn't work. I think I drowned. Near the end I saw myself in water, watching a boat's shadow go by me.

I was a young French women in 1933 France, a criminal and my love was a baker and he died. I slowly used my stolen goods to buy out a company and devoted the rest of my life to endless work of wealth but always under a fake name. I changed my name often so it want quite clear my birth name. I died when something in my stomach went wrong.

it didn't work on me or my friend :(

I was a country girl, not sure of the time and place. But I was so sad because my husband died, and our cottage was dark and quiet. Our dog Juno cuddles with me at night because I won't stop crying. I think I died from loneliness if that's even possible, and was still so worried even after death because no one would take care of Juno. Maybe that's why I love dogs so much? Or I could be projecting too.

Good lord those two people at the back freaked me out.

I know this has something to do with your imagination but whatever this is crazy , i imagined myself in a country side desert area with a wife and kids , I was white male and we all died in a disaster like a tornado and it made me feel very sad .. Hm crazy :/

While drifting away from the Earth, I got a sharp pain on the left side of my abdomen, then a nauseous feeling. Probably because I'm afraid of falling to my death. I had to stop. It scared me.

I was girl of about 11 to 13. I don't know where exactly I was, but I think it was Southern Italy or Greece. I was running barefoot on a beach, holding leather sandals. Laughing, singing, dancing. I can feel the sun on my skin and on my hair. The sun begins to set as dusk approaches. Mother will be angry that I've lost track of time and lost my shoes AGAIN. I run through fields of wheat(?), tiring quickly as the plants pinch my feet. The water is much farther away now, the sun even lower in the sky. A slight chill approaches the air. I can see that home is still fairly far away, although I can see firelight from the window. I hear a snap from behind me. I turn around. I man. He grabs me before I can think of running. I'm on my back, the plants stabbing me. I'm screaming like a horrific bird, until his hands are around my throat. I flail my arms wildly, and attempt to yell "Stop touching me!". I'm too weak to get him to stop... my insides hurt. My butt hurts... I can't breath. I try to bring breath in, but I just get cold. I can't fight anymore. And I just fade away...

I think it worked anyway though. My dad and I don't get along in this life because his soul raped and murdered mine in a past life.


By the way FBI don’t come after me

holy wow

I didd by jumping off a high rock...that's why I'm afraid of highs...

I tried it half way through i opened my eyes cause my laundry buzzed. Last thing I saw in my mind was me in a field. She asked what i was wearing and I saw myself wearing the same thing I’m literally wearing haha. I don’t think this was in fashion.

Idk what happened but I saw a woman with duct tape over her mouth in a van and I started crying

I only got tired and numb :/

I was in a forest surrounded by pine trees. I was standing in a clearing with a small log cabin and a garden. I was wearing white shoes and a knee length blue dress. I was in 1930's Canada. My husband was calling my name, "Sarah". I knew he was mad at me and was going to beat me. I died in a hospital alone. I just stopped breathing.

I tried this at work and got very relaxed but not quite there. I want to try again tonight in bed.

I don't really believe in past lives, but I like to keep an open mind and not rule anything out. I saw myself on the streets of London, and I knew for a fact that it was 1815. I was a boy. I was upper class, and I recognized a woman across the street, but I couldn't place it. I didn't know her face, but I knew HER. And she seemed really close to me, too. Like a past love interest, or a best friend, or even family. The whole thing was more like an old photograph than a memory, with muted colors and blurry edges, and though everyone else moved, I couldn't walk. I was standing, and I had been walking before, but I couldn't walk in the memory\fantasy. When I pictured my death, I was really old, and the number that I just knew was my age was 83. I saw myself dying. I'm fairly certain it was lung cancer. Idk if it was real or not, like I said, I'm a skeptic, but it was surreal and interesting, and at least relaxing nonetheless. So yeah.

Want to now something cool.. read more

Not exactly sure if I made it up or what. But I was somewhere in Italy (I think 1800’s) in a blue dress. I heard something like “Caneva” or”Canava”.? I think I was being hung in a public setting. I’m so confused, I have no idea. I do have some marks on my neck, but I’m not sure if they’re birthmarks or what

I was a steampunk girl named Zara Nora who drowned when she was 24 and was lesbian

So I was a an indian (native American) in the 17th century and I got runner over by buffalo while hunting for them... no wonder I view them weirdly in real life

This actually worked for me, i was an italian girl who spoke italian aswell as english, my name was celine, i was strangled while i was asleep, i was around my 20's, and i saw a vision of my soul mate, the sides around his hair were shaved and his hair was golden brown and parted down the middle. Not joking i actually started crying while doing this, it was when i saw my soulmate. I get really emotional everytime i think about how he looked, for some reason he looked similar to michael campion and he spoke english only. i lived in the 1700's in a small cottage with a sunflower field nearby it, i guess i worked there because i saw a basket in my hand, i had thick fluffy curly hair and tan skin. thats most of what i remember.

Well, that was crazy. I didn't see just one image, it was a weird flickering of pictures in my head from different eras. Weird.

I was shot on the stomach in Indiana while on a storm. I was a volunteer on some sort of charity in the 60’s. My hair was short and dark brown.

I was a rich American man who went to a party I think and I met a woman who felt familiar but I didn't know who it was we danced and as I left I was lying in bed, I could almost feel my body getting weak as I was breathing, then i woke up...

In my past life I was a bin, in Japan in a noodle shop, someone vomited in there and I died, and then reincarnated into a recycling bin.

I was a blonde 5 year old girl who had to get stomach surgery and died on the operating table I searched the internet after this and there was a Paige Young who died but it was 2 years after i was born.

I didn’t think this would work on me. But then I found myself imagining/dreaming of this other life and I felt such overwhelming emotions when it was time to look at the instance to answer my question that I was shaking, crying, and had an immense sense of fear. Freaked me out. Maybe it’s just my imagination but either way learned something about myself, great video

I lived alone, Popular though , and I chose my death wanting to moov on whith a power that would be hidden and never be found. The people who knew about me were hidden

This was really weird. I was a little girl in some fields i don't know and i died because of an explosion on a sunny day

To much time

i think i was a woman, in the 1940s. i was standing at the edge of a cliff in the dessert. there was a man who was pointing a gun towards me. the thing is, i have a fear of falling and i have a birthmark very near my right eye.

She got a good sleep relaxing voice didn’t work but I did fall asleep

I don't believe in past lives but this was so crazy. I was a 19 year old girl with beautiful features and light brown hair living in Florida in a friendly neighborhood. I was standing near the beach on a road and looking out at the sea. It was sunset. A car drove and hit me and my left leg got severed. Then I died.

I was a hawaiian girl that got sacrificed by being thrown off a mountain???

I was a girl named aribelle..... I committed suiside

I was an upper class British girl who lived in Boston before America became independent and I was in love with a explorer looking guy...that is so weird because I am Asian??? But in the past life I had red hair and now my nature black hair has a red tone to it which is rare in Asian lol

I was a child that was with a family but then I was stuck alone in a dark room

I’ve always hated being alone

maybe I just have a lack of imagination tbh

I couldn't stay focused

In my past life im a panty. Best life ever.

I couldn't focus but that's normal for me

I really tried but it didn’t work for me :/

I was a 20 something year old woman in the mid-1920’s, I had short brown hair and had designer clothes but lived in an apartment? I have a fear of mirrors, so when she asked why we were here and stuff, I saw past self standing in a mirror, then I heard footsteps, then there was this man standing behind me that I saw in the mirror, and he stabbed me in the back (i felt a numbing pain when i was stabbed) and I passed out and I guess I died???

Please tell me cause I on edge about doing this

i was a hippie young woman in the late 60s-70s living in a camper with eclectic and psychedelic design. i was barefoot. it was beautiful. i saw the sun set through my window. that's all i could see. it wasn't clear about my death; it looked like a perv grabbed me. i saw a gun fire but it did not feel as realistic as the whole vision/experience. maybe i was strangled. idk. i've always had the flare for the hippie lifestyle that i could not explain. i'm not saying i believe this woman; maybe it was just my prior consciousness feeding my imagination. but it was interesting.

I was a slave

I'm a female scientist probably in England and I died because of car accident.When i died,a lots people around me.I had a family.But I didn't remember my name and now i knew why I always loved England and i had a lot of operation.

What's funny is I identify as a therian, so this whole "hands & feet" doesn't work, but I have other ways

6:15 gotcha

I was a lady named Elizabeth and I was at a ocean and I died cause a shark attack and o got bit in the head My name is Ella and I have my birthmark on my head

according to what i saw i was a prostitute in toronto and sis got too spooked to go on past that

I was a fat Asian boy who farted in a Japan temple and the king killed me my shoving a sword up my butthole. Guys I’m joking

I was a chinese spy against the japanese in Foshan back in WW2. When the japanese were marchind down the road i saw, my dad and my sister being dargged onto a pick up truck. The next scene was was during the winter, i was in a small hut with a comrade as if writing something. I died being captured and shot in the neck. My advice was appreciate what u have now before its too late

idk most of the answers all i could tell was i was a woman and died from drowning in a cold body of water

I don't think I'm able to be hypnotised, nothing happened at all.

I was hitler

I was a young boy in New Orleans who lived in a very small house with my mother and younger sister. My name was Oliver, and I sold newspapers on the side of the street everyday because I was forced to work instead of going to school (I think it was because my mom liked my sister more than me). One day after a group of teens beat me up and stole all of my newspapers and money from that day, I went home. When I got home, my mom got mad at me, and I tried to run away but she ended up breaking both of my knees and shooting me in the back of the head. This was freaky, IRL I have horrible knee pain and a birthmark in the back of my head.

yep didnt work

I was a homeless teenage boy in Greece who made a living by playing a harp or something and then i died in my 20’s from some sorta of disease. Something to do with my chest and stomach, but that’s about it

Yoooo I thought this was bs but I tried it to prove it wrong but legit I was a ballet dancer. I hit my head and got a concussion. Msmfkvoksnwkfg

Buzzfeed is a confirmed cult now, right

I did it and I had bright red hair and freckles and pale skin from the west of Ireland and I had peasant clothing on and died of natural causes in my bed beside my husband and surrounded by my children and I actually cried when I saw my death and I don’t know why this is very creepy because I’m irish and live in the west of Ireland right now and I don’t know what my name was but it began with an s


i was a pale girl, blond hair almost white. Her name is Mary she had enough of seeing her parents fighting..she ran into an ally and was kidnapped. I’m not sure what happened after that but she was shot in the stomach slowly dying..Most of the people in the comments are joking around but if you focus hard enough you’ll be able to see your past self tbh though I was a bit creeped out!

I did this thinking it wouldn’t work I was bored so I was like “I might as well” But it did. I saw myself as a Native American man, I was in a forest, with a spear. I was shot by a white man. And then my back started hurting, right where my birth mark is Woah

i found out that in my past-life, i was jimmy dean.

Disproportionate amount of traumatic deaths in this comment section. Was open-minded to the prospect of this potentially working, but seems like a load of hocum.

I was a profesinal esports roblox player in my past life.

Well this sucks I was a girl like mid twenty’s(really good looking ;) ) in the 1950s ..... I was married and we had kids yes I was surprised to and I died from old age in like mid nineties maybe I couldn’t see it but. I saw my myself staring at me for like a few secs and she mouthed a one letter word I don’t know if this is bogus but I’m spooked that’s all I could make out.... mad about being a girl though >:/

I was a young Chinese boy who was given away by his parents. I lived with an African tribe until the age of 20 where I soon left to discover who I was. I set sail for China, my home state, where I was killed in the rough Indian Ocean, alone and afraid.

I got a young boy from Italy that got hit by a transport truck on the way to give roses to his grandma

My eyes wouldn't stay closed for some reason.

I was a little girl in white dress who was standing in field barefoot. There was a man standing nearby who had a rifle in his hands pointing at me. Like... What Did just happen

I was a 36 year old girl and I died by choking on cheese? Lemme try again.

I didn't feel anything

I was a young boy in France and my family left me stranded and i was alone ,no one was around.But i was eventually kidnapped and murdered

i was a bottlecap

I was a little boy and it seemed like I didn’t have a favorite food cause I didn’t eat that much and I didn’t know that much about me

I really did not expect this to work wtf

Anyone knows cooper Myers from Hartsville he is gay rude mean evil bully heartbreaker fake friend fake lover! Fake! Liar! Block him hate him on all social he has he has a female heart! His snap chat is cooperamyers

interpret military grip deny bind album pure opening accounting.

This was so cool I actually saw what I was in the past I was a girl in Germany and my name was Anne and I heard my mother call my name and we were running bc of the war and I saw people getting shot and my dad was shot that explains what I have so much hate in my heart and so much fear in my body bc it was every day waking up to more death and I’m in a conflict with god bc so many of the people I loved died and my death was bc I was helping my mother and I I was shot in the head by a soldier and died in my mother’s arms that’s why my head hurts so much

My name was Margaret. I lived somewhere in America, not sure where, around the 1940’s. I had something to do with world war 2, but I was probably just caught in it. Sometime later I saw a man a recognized deeply. He was who now is my grandfather. After this some sort of loud sound made me go deaf, which is the cause of my misophonia and why I want to learn a lot about being deaf. I died In some sort of crash. Before I died, I had a big regret about not living my life to the fullest. So that was the message from my wiser self. Wow. Now I have to ask my grandfather if he remembers meeting a girl named Margaret in 1945.

I think Grandma forgot to take her meds

Is it bad that this really unsettled me

I slept through kkk

I was a 34-year old white man, standing next to buildings in the USA. I was wearing a suit and had a briefcase with me. I don't know what or who killed me, but I was bleeding out from a wound in my stomach. I saw myself as a dark-skinned child in my next life. Hugging a tree and looking at a horizon.

I got no answer because it didn't work to me

I was a man in 1987 and my name was Bob. I died in 1995 either from a car accident or a heart attack, which I'm guessing it was a heart attack because I was born with a heart problem

I fell asleep doing this . In my past life I was a woman and I died at 10:21 in a hospital bed in the United States somewhere (New York or Washington

I don't know if it worked but I think I was a pirate and I don't know how I died.. How does this work ?!?!?

I was russian hunter and I got killed and bit by a bear right where I got my birthmark, my upper butt

I asked if my husband and I (I believe he is my soulmate) had ever love each other before and I saw him and he said that we have always loved each other and we will always find each other.

a young adult working for the italian american mafia. i spent my time collecting money owed and offing others, or with my beautiful wife. i was rather tall, and wore dark but oddly nice clothing. she was gorgeous, with deep brown eyes and dark hair. italian features and dainty hands. i do not know our names, for the only times i really saw us together, we were dancing to music in a quiet house. we lived in a fair sized building and when i wasn’t working we were together. i was killed by a man who snuck in an open window one night, shooting my wife and i for our affiliation with the mafia. i was shot three times. once in the foot, and twice in the back before my lungs gave out. he left out the same window. the answer was “be satisfied. don’t do what you think you have to just to be safe.”

I tried so hard to make this work and focus on her voice, but I'm not sure if I just made up my "past life" with my imagination

I was a young middle eastern woman with a baby in a clay house, I was in a cave for a bit with a man attacking me and after my death my child (now. A seven year old boy) came up to me crying

who started watching and turned it off because you realized it’s 20 mins long

Good god, I've done past life regression before this was just as terrifying as the last time, I was a little girl in like 1400-1500 I was somewhere in Italy and I was holding a stuffed bear I was alone in the street, then everything went dark and then I was in a cage with 5 other kids who where all a year or 2 younger then me, it was Freezing and I was defending everyone else from something I couldn't see then I was running through a field and I felt taller so I guess I was older and I was then shot in the legs but I kept running until my legs just gave up and collapsed, Then I was found bleeding in the grass and begged for my life and then I shot again but this time in the head,

In my past life I was a country girl in maybe the 1700’s/1800’s and then all of the sudden I was in London and it was raining and like I waa crying on the side of a road and this guy that looked like Hugh Jackman came up to me but I couldn’t hear his voice even though his lips were moving. Then it ended and when I woke up I was like what the hell because everything was tinted like a shade of blue? Hella confused rn yall

What if.... you don’t believe in past lives? Then what? (Not trying to bash anyone who believes in past lives just saying)

All I saw during that experience were different shades of purple.

I tried so hard, I really did. I kept my mind open to the experience, but nothing happened. I mean, I could imagine myself wearing anything I wanted, be anywhere I wanted, do anything I wanted, but I couldn’t see any specific life or experience.

I cannot focus this long

I was a American solider named Jack in World War 2, and I was leaving home (New York) to fight overseas. My family were sad and angry at my choice to leave. I died in Japan by a gunshot wound to the chest. My arms went out so I dropped the gun, and the my legs gave out (I fell). I could see each foot step and kick at me while I was dying. This is really scary and really weird! Jack’s family never agreed to any of his decisions (LIKE MINE!) He just ignored them, and went his own way.

I was a small native girl. I wore worn cloth shoes and had my hair braided to the sides. I was playing outside on a mountain when I fell off of it and rolled onto a frozen lake. My best friend called out "EMMA!" to me (I guezz that was my name) and the ice cracked. I fell through it and sunk to the bottom. The current pulled at me, and my leg got caught between 2 rocks. I drowned. This experience freaks me out because for some reason I refuse to swim/boat/do water sports above rocks and boulders. They really freak me out and sometimes i start hyperventilating if i swim over them. Now I know why

I was a Greek man and I stole a chicken so I got stoned to death... My brain... Damn


i cant get this to work for me, does anyone have suggestions that might help?

I was a girl in her teens wearing black strappy shoes made from leather and a white tunic.I couldn't see my face, only my legs, feet, and the hem of my tunic. I was all alone sitting on a ledge in the prairie. The grass was very green and there was a breeze on a bright sunny day. The the right was my village. I apparently enjoyed spending time outdoors and liked solitude. I died from old age and sickness.

I don't think I did it right... I saw nothing. Is it possible that I have no past life?

I was a woman who was not rich but not poor. I got shot in the head and I had 7 children. It makes sense that I got shot in the head because I have many problems with my head like migraines and headaches and lots of eye sight problems.

I did this with no hope, but when she said "look at your feet" i saw them, i saw my hands, it was Egypt and i was a little girl, when i was going to the point where i died, my sister came in my room and i couldn't concentrate correctly, but at one moment i started crying like in real life, and even after i woke up the tears kept coming down my face and i still have a weir feeling. This was AMAZING. I'm going ti try it again at night

Oh and the needle I think repesents my two birth marks on my neck

Well mine is that I was in Alaska and there was a random tattoo shop and I worked there so then someone got 2 small and one big needle and I died by stepping on ice and it broke and I drowned my name was sion and I was in a wolf pack

I been trying to do this video for the past 3 days and chicken out every time

i was a woman who lived in new york around the 1920s and was shot on the chest by my abusive husband

I was a corgi named princess WTF

I was a buttplug

Have same as hexa but instead I was a Russian ww1 soldier who died in a tank while a German zeppelin was going down then after it crashed I was driving the tank and we died be getting blown up by artillery

What makes me disappointed is that whenever i try to focus on what she's saying , i start thinking about the things that can distract me like my bra and other things

“This video will safely hypnotize you” *clicks off video*

i was a southern barmaid in the old west?

In my past life, i was from the future who died in the past.

I was a young girl in the 1950’s I was walking somewhere and as I walked there was a fight breaking out between people it was a race fight. I was just trying to get to where I was, I felt like I knew the people who were getting beaten , I wanted to help and I tried but I was stabbed in the middle of my chest. I felt the blood rush out of my body while I struggle to catch my breath and I slowly faded away into nothingness I was alone. I need to live my life to the fullest because anything can happen.

I don't know if it's me or what, but I swear I could see a little girl that seemed to be hiding from troops during the Holocaust in Ww2, Am I Anne Frank?

Who else just fell asleep

mine was... very interesting Was a mermaid (not the pretty ones as we imagined)... died from being bitten around my stomach by a giant shark. I mean I do get a lot of stomach cramps, I am very intrigued by sharks and often contemplate about sea monsters and mermaids... but this seems way too imaginative to be an actual past life experience... is it?

I was a boy that died from hanging him self

It didn't work for me but I can't feel my legs and I started crying

Weird, i didnt get the answer. Im an asian, but I saw myself as young blond europian girl (during 1600s i guesa)who running for her life and got shot in a stomach in the cornfield by an unidentified man. The place was pretty awesome, everything green and nearby sea and far beyond theres a castle. I just wanted to know why my breath smells crap all the time, that it almost destroyed all my social life.

Actually crying because I asked myself a v personal question and I ended up being a woman in an almost deserted desert town and the only thing I could hear was animals around and then suddenly I was out in the middle of the desert that surrounded my town and nobody was around and it was sparse and I was starving to death and the sand was hot and burnt me and I felt so weak and so disconnected and then I died with my white cloth faded and torn but before I died I scratched and scratched at my arm to ease the pain of starvation and the burning sand and I didn't think about it till now but that's where my birthmark is and when I asked all my past lives what my answer reveals about me I just felt a feeling of like pure fear so yeah I don't know if maybe this was something that I just made up in my head but it sure felt like super real

Idk if this is true but i tried this 3x and is all diff. But the only thing same is that I was shot. And this last time I was sort of a 20ish girl in the dutch or swedish village uphill. I woke up standing on the hillside where my house is and i am enjoying the view and the ocean/ lake beside the hill and i came back and saw my friend pointing a gun at me(?) I think she shot me at my chest but i dont know. The entire time i am alone. And i just kinda know that rn if i see a chance I must grab it and i must not give up. I dont know why but maybe this is why I am very carefree now and i like to live my own way

I just kept seeing myself on the ocean right from the beginning I probably drowned or something

I am christian. I am offended. BuzzFeed you need to be more religious friendly. Check your privilege.

I was a young girl in what looked to be Italy and i died by a volcanic eruption

I was a Spanish soldier defending my city on the coast. I was searching for my love but could only see her as an angel drifting far from me with nothing I could do. I don't know exactly how I died but it felt like I lived longer than that night and it felt peaceful. My future self showed giving a relic from the hand which I see as giving to others and being less selfish. The whole thing felt like it was hard for me to concentrate and as if the speaker was moving from ideas very fast, but it all still worked out with quick imagery and feelings. I really felt away from my body

In my past life I was a little Native American girl who only had my father,my father was holding me from my long braided hair. My body was scared and pierced. I was on top of mountain looking down and our village. I died as a young adult in my 20’s. My question was, Why do I have more of a relationship with my father than my mother?, answer was because I never saw or met my mother in my past life. My father and I both have the same birthmark in our right arms. Their freckles that are all over our arm up to our shoulder. Idk if that means anything. This thing was weird. You just have to be open minded.

I can't focus well but I had a feeling that I got shot by a gun in my chest because I had a gun shot like birthmark in it

honestly all I see is spiral and it's getting smaller and smaller so am I a spiral line??

I was a bear that was shot by a hunter and turned into an animal rug. R.I.P

I was a soldier named jared and my death was from a enemy and he shot me in the head with a Ak i have 3 bullets in my head and eveyone was gathering around me yelling that i was gone and then later people where in my grave and its said thank for your service you will be rebembered in my grave stone

My name was Matsuko and I was a Scholar in 1870s Sapporo or Akita who loved her grandmother and her best friend. I died by burning on the stake??? I learned to trust the people you love more I think. Not sure if it was accurate but my legs definitely felt numb and heavy.

Welp my name was madam Victoria (couldn't picture or hear a full name) and I was at a mascarade party when I guess a man or a couple of them got me to go outside where I was I was stabbed in my stomach then died. Comes to find out I was also pregnant.

Lol it didnt work for me D:

I couldn't bear children and my husband died in a house fire. I couldn't save him. There was no one else around. I was wearing a long dress. I later died from starvation on a yellow life raft

i literally fell asleep.....

My name was Elizabeth, I had porcelain white skin with a pretty golden braid. I was in England (some small city) in 1892, I looked down to see I had dirty feet and I was wearing a white dress (a little filthy). When I looked around I just noticed a guy with a hammer mustache with a top hat and nice pants with a vest looking at me weirdly, when I kept walking I felt conscious he was still looking at me when I walked, which he was. I switched to the house I lived in, it was dark the floor was wood and I was scared of the outside world because every time I opened the curtains I was just afraid someone was looking for me (that guy). I felt lonely in the house and it was only one room, all I had in my hand was a loaf of bread. I went to what seemed like the kitchen and self harmed myself, then later to find out I had hung myself. :(

I followed the instructions & stayed focused so much that I fell asleep for a good 2 hours. Was that normal?

I was a German soldier in WWII, I think, it was kinda confusing. But I could see that I had a green uniform. I was shot on my chest and died somewhere in Russia surrounded by snow. It's funny, I have asthma and I'm allergic to cold temperature.

It didn't work lol I never get hypnotized I don't know why

This didn’t work. I’m kinda bummed about it. Even though I don’t 100% believe in reincarnation I was open minded and still nothing happened

I didn't go anywhere or anything- I didn't really expect to tbh. I did start crying a little bit into it and my left arm and right hand went numb. I felt all tingly and not much else happened. I can't picture things in my mind's eye which is irritating

I ate a pot brownie before watching this.. but.. I was a adult lady in black heels and a red dress, in a city hearing honkers and people yelling. Next i’m at a bar/club, invited to dance, draged to the toilets and um yeah, raped.. then running out to the street, hit at the leg by a car, flying sky high while hearing the ambulance.. This tell me: 1. Why i don’t like clubs.. 2. Why my sexlife is at minimum.. 3. Why my leg sometimes at night cramp at the same spot every time.. I’m a little scared that all of my ‘problems’ happend at the same night.. But the brownie is good tho

I was a lost Hawaiian who couldn’t find her way back and starved to death smh , but the island was never ending empty

I don’t understand if this worked, because I felt quite anxious the whole meditation. I have issues currently with depression and anxiety that make me uncomfortable when in situations I can’t control. I imagined that I was an African woman in her teens and I was quite small. I was wearing colonial rags in a small kitchen. My current boyfriend in this life was a white missionary who I had fallen in love with and had a relationship with. It was a forbidden relationship. I saw him across from me as I was being stoned to death by my fellow villagers. I think my name started with a K. I also imagined that my parents were a white man and an African woman as well. I had yellow green eyes. Being surrounded by my people in my moment of death related heavily with my current anxiety of people turning on me, and being out of control. I was an outsider, and eventually lost my life due to that. Doesn’t seem all too historically accurate, but it was interesting nonetheless.

Ok in my past life I was a wealthy popular woman somewhere around France my life was perfect I had 4 beautiful children and a perfect husband we traveled the world and one day I was 53 and I was stabbed directly in the heart by someone I loved very much and I remember them and myself crying not knowing why they did this.In my life right now by my heart and chest I have lots of very bright coloured vains all leadin* to the same place and all connecting to my heart.

I was a skier that fought cancer i had 3 kids and a husband The thing is I have never seen snow and I know someone that has cancer

i was a caveman. i live alone in a forest. i have a light tan skin, beautiful hands, long curly hair, and average toned body (i was a man btw). then, i moved to israel. i was in a village in a desert, it's like a village in the bible. there's like horses and everything. it was a beautiful afternoon, i was wearing slippers with feathers around it. i was also wearing a ring made out of feathers. it was in the 1700's. the sun goes down, total darkness arrived, i was in the middle of a forest. walking. alone. then suddenly, a huge wolf attacked me. scratched me on the legs. all my bones were damaged and cracked. i was helpless. i was slowly dying in the cold, lonely, and dark forest. and i eventually died. alone and sad. and what weird was, i was born with stretchmarks on both of my legs. it looks like wolverine scratched it. lmao. i have exams btw, but i watched this instead of studying.

I tried for about 3/4ths of the video and I felt and got nothing from it which was really disappointing I was really hoping this worked

I was a 30 year old man named Markus who was a steel worker in New York. I died tripping on a girder and falling to the ground... Ow, that must have hurt a lot. I asked why I'm always so sad, no matter what I'm doing or where I am ... And I felt beside me, the presence of another worker, a girl, with me. I realized it was my best friend and as Markus, I loved that girl so much, but never confessed my love for her...

i was an ancient African warrior who died from trauma to the head

Okay, so I saw myself as a slave in the old Egypt, and I'm pretty sure aliens abducted me and killed me, but I fell asleep during the hypnotization... Kinda scary but interesting

I fell a sleep while watching this video

I'm SO shook!!! I did this and visualized a viking named Ilga, then looked up the name and it's actually an old norse name!!! CRAZY

Why were there picture edits if our eyes were supposed to be closed...?

I was a street painter in belgium And there was this girl that i love that keeps me motivated to keep on painting for a living. I was in a cozy street, and it was bit rainy, i was in like a small shelter holding a warm coffee, i keep painting everyday mostly portraits a woman.. I died because i was shot by a guy who was jealous of me because of me always painting this girl of he also loved..

Normally this stuff doesn't work on me, but I felt like I laid down for a minute and it turns out the video is 21 minutes long?!?! "Choose to trust yourself" is the line that stuck with me in my head. I didn't think this would work, but I saw a version of myself in the past, in my mind. A old feudal Spain or France setting in which I'm dressed nearly like royalty, but not wearing shoes, standing in the mud, watching an execution of sorts from a castle wall. It's someone I love on the stand. This person actually looks like someone I know very well now in 2018. I felt hurt in my heart, but never saw an actual guillotine fall. Later I poisoned myself to make the heartache stop, but I feel like it's traveled with me to 2018. I also got a glimpse of a small girl in more peasant-like clothes - I'm unsure if it was me further younger in this life or someone I may have helped. My name started with an "R". It seems to me I'm destined for heartache and to be separated from the ones I love.

So my reason was to know myself in general. if anything wierd would happen in my life I could remember who I was and smile. I didnt see much about me. and I am confused: I saw a very young Girl -probably in the 1930?????- who looked like me (like said in the video I could have just ,ade up everything just to HAVE something to turn to...) just witha fatter face XD. The vision was a bit blurry, I do not know where I was but I (I presume I was the girl, I saw everything out of her perspective) was wearing some sort of fancy dress that reminded me of sailors. I was holding a woman by the hand, I presume it is my mother, and we walk towards an old ranch...but at this point I am not sure because now I get the feeling I was in old greece.......wut.? But I think I just made that upXD nervermind, my mom got shot before my eyes as we walked toward that THING. I did see a country side, but I have to admit that I got startled by my real mom and woke upXD so..... yeah but I really think that my mind just came up with this just to feel like I had a past. And I could also have been the mother, I am not sure...The thing is, that there was no tension whatsoever. we laughed(but the womans was was even more blurred) and just slowly walked towards something. It is like somebody shot her to prevent that from happening. But I saw nobody.... WIERD AF oh yeah and the girl wore some sort of black sandals and everything had a sephia tone to it. I also feel like the woman tried to protect the girl????? wich is why I , as the girl; did not see any tension. I think she knew that there where people trying to shoot her but the didnt want to sacre the girl, so she tried as quickly as possible to get to that "ranch" entrance. the more I think about it, the more I feel like I was actually that woman...everybody In the comments that experienced this know how they died, but I did not UNLESS i was the woman. BUT I HAVE NO REAKING IDEA HOW THAT EVENT OR GIRL WOULD BE CONNECTED TO MY LIFE NOW

My name was Hannah. I lived somewhere in the middle east, with a husband and a son and a daughter. We all had long black hair. I saw a large ruby ring on my finger, and I was wearing light colored robe like clothes. My family all became sick and died, along with much of my village. I saw myself wandering the desert with a long staff in my hand. I died in a sandstorm, alone and depressed.

i was native american. dressed in barely clothes. just enough to cover my breasts and bottom half. i had a stick of fire in one hand. all my people behind me, all scared. i was defending them but ended up getting my throat slit, my legs giving in.

This didnt work. Im sad

Someone send this quality to memeulous

Damm I was 69

I'm happy I tried, thank you

Well that’s 22 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

I was a British gentleman and I got crashed by a car it was in the 1950’s and I’m pretty sure I got a birthmark on way waist somewhere

I was a young woman from '800 England who lived in a village. I worked as a maid and I had an affair with a lord/earl. I got pregnant and died because of childbirth. When I asked her my question "how do I know how to trust others?", she answered " Follow your heart".

okay I really had to stop because I couldn't feel my body any longer and I almost felt like I stopped breathing. scary...

Welp i was a dude named alex who was gay in my past life and went to a festival with my cover up girlfriend.(she encouraged us to go) Died in an alleyway due to a robbery and got stabbed multiple times in my thigh, which explains my huge birthmark there lmaO

So wht i was tryin to figure out was if me and my bf were together in the past and I saw myself in a tall grass field and there was a little barn and there was a road and a guy that looked exactly like my boyfriend his name was Christopher and he would ride his horse out side my the barn that i lived in every day and i would be waiting out side the barn waiting for him and then he stopped coming i think he died and i felt so much loneliness then all of a sudden i felt so cold and idk wht that means this was so creepy omg

Trump supporters react to racist votes (regrets of votes) impeachment

I didn't have a name or I just didn't hear it, I was a old monk and I was holding 3 blue marbles, and I squeezed them. I woke up in the spirit world exactly like the one in black panther, and me and this black woman held hands and spun and my best friend was bassically the King there and I got ordered to be executed because 2 different races weren't allowed to communicate and in real life I wanted to find out why I always feel sick. And I got bashed by the guards and got a sledge hammer to the stomach till I died. I learnt to never be racist and all ways be out going and I have never been racist. I'm spooked tbh

So apparently I was a man in Ancient Egypt. I saw myself with a pot of water by a river amongst many other people. Judging from my clothes, I'm probably in the middle working class. Anyways, I was walking towards a girl and handed her the pot of water and we walked together and she almost tripped but I caught her and steadied her. I believe she's my lover. As for my death, I was executed for breaking the rules. I saw myself being burned and my lover crying. So as for present me, I'm actually a girl from USA. I have watched tarot reading videos before this where I was told I was in Ancient Egypt and I was a rebel as well as a healer. As for the guy I have a crush on, his tarot reading said he was a female healer in Ancient Egypt. Don't know if this influenced my past vision. Also my crush is pretty clumsy and trips all the time so that stood out to me when the woman from my vision tripped.

I had a dream the same day I did this and it was so freaky

The best I got was a African boy around 8 or 9 and my mother was pregnant. However, she could not carry my baby sister to term and she died of a broken heart. I tried reaching out to her, but she didn't answer. I tried reaching out to other villagers, my people, but it's like they couldn't hear me as if I was invisible. I died suddenly with a spear in my left shoulder.

My answer was to just be happy

Uh.. yeah, no. I’m tempted but I’m way too scared to do this. LOOK AT ALL THESE STORIES IN THE COMMENTS. You people are horrible if you’re lying.

i was tupac and i got ligma

bro all I know is I was attacked for wanting to be with someone and I ran away, I WAS ATTACKED IN A PUB in summary I died brutally and my answer was 'its ok dont be afraid '

Nothing happend

I didn't remember anything, all I did was uncontrollably cry. If anything, I just felt an intense amount of pain.. @buzzfeed plz help thanks

I invented cars

And Ligma ballz

I was a tree.

I’m unsure if it was imagination or reality, but it answered only one of my intentions. One was why I always felt so lonely... When my eyes were closed I saw wolves for a long time, and then a small boy, young but able to run or walk or talk or be smart enough to find help. I was in a forest, and I was the boy. The wolves for a while seemed okay, peaceful... And then the wolves silhouette took over the boy’s silhouette. I could see fangs... The boy fell to his death at loss of blood. I could see the red seeping from him... And as I looked around, I saw nobody was there. Only him and the wolves that killed him... No help, family, or friends... Not even a sound.

I died in Pompeii and I still didn't get an answer :(

how tf do you guys do this I tried but I just cant

This is insane! I didn't get my whole story but i definitely felt that out-of-body type experience for a min. I started crying.

I was in ww2 as a American running threw the blown up streets as I find my friend we run into combat where I get shot by a shot gun in the kidney where I have a BIRTHMARK

I'm sorry but I feel asleep 5 min through

It worked for me. I was a woman in Germany and I was on a tall hill. All I could see around me were mountains, and a little cottage with fields of sheep. I was holding my son, and I could hear my husband calling me. My name was Nicoletta. Then I saw my wedding. My grandmother and parents were there, but my husband's parents weren't. The priest married us and I felt very happy. I died of old age with my son and husband beside me. This was long ago. 1700s I think. I was poor but very happy with life.

It worked for me. I was a woman in Germany and I was on a tall hill. All I could see around me were mountains, and a little cottage with fields of sheep. I was holding my son, and I could hear my husband calling me. My name was Nicoletta. Then I saw my wedding. My grandmother and parents were there, but my husband's parents weren't. The priest married us and I felt very happy. I died of old age with my son and husband beside me.

I was in the woods with a rifle in my hand it was midday I heard three gunshots and all I saw last was 2 people looking at my face

I was a young boy about 5 named Robbie It was the 50s and I was in america I ran away from my house into our small town barefoot with enough money for a milkshake, I died because I was running on the road back home and tripped and was run over by a car before I could get up my answer: Yes you will be okay

I don't think I have the patience to wait 20 or so minutes:'>

I was a white school teacher on a reservation, trying to help the children retain their heritage, and I fell in love with one of the tribe members who was around my age (maybe 30s?). Though, I couldn't get much more out of this as the person's questions (from the video) were coming too fast for me to even experience anything else. It was odd that the delivery was so slow until the past-life regression part. Give the listener time to think, please.

I was a Spanish man that died from being cut in the head

Too tired

This might have worked for me. I couldn't feel my body throughout and I did see something but I don't want to share it. I was interrupted my my flatemate working on my room door so I want to try it again. But later when its quieter

I felt like a princess or someone really joyful to be with wtf

My foot hurts ALL THE Time and sometimes it hurts too much to walk and no one knows why. I've been to so many doctors. Maybe in a past life, maybe someone slammed a hammer on my foot like in the movie Misery lol

I was a boy in Scandinavia and lived out in the forest with my family and was chopping trees down with my father before I was shot in the neck with a bow and arrow

im mad this didnt even work

this didn’t work for me. i went into it really hoping that it would, but now i’m disappointed. am i doing something wrong?

I was Abbigail. My memories were fuzzy because I felt fear for most of the memory, but there was a bonfire in an alleyway along the streets of maybe somewhere in India? Then all of the sudden we had to run, my little sister was with me, I was probably 10 or 11, she was 2. I got her to safety but I noticed something that made me go back, maybe it was a person or something that was important to me, but I didn’t make it. I felt a tingling sensation as if that’s where the entry wound that would have in my chest and when I woke up I noticed a mole on my chest right where I felt the sensation. Coincidence?

I felt strange but all I know is that I’m affirmed in that I need to release the past live in he now and trust in myself and not let my worry or my loneliness get in the way of my progress like I do so often because I’m in control of my destiny no one else is

I was a black girl in a village in Africa(1600s or something) I was playing with my friends or babysitting some children with my mother who were by a tree and I think they were attacked by hornets(I am deathly afraid of any stinging insect bees wasp exct.) and one or two had a horrible reaction and I think one died? Later maybe a year or two I was bitten by a mosquito and got some disease and died. (Idk what that means) I saw my past selves(all female) there was this one Inuit girl and a Indonesian girl who stood out the most. I then got an image of my best friend(in this life) and got the urge to go talk to her. It turned out I just talked her out of suicide(she has depression and crippling anxiety) I didn’t think this would work but I’m extremely glad it did.

My experience was very strange. I was a man living near a body of water in South Africa. I had a spear. During the part of the meditation where we were supposed to see where we died, I walked into a dark cave, and then it ended, but I don’t feel like it was death-I confidently walked into the cave, barefoot, and it ended-

I’m not sure if this worked. I was a girl but I don’t remember my name. I kept thinking about my own, so maybe my name didn’t change. I was wearing like traditional old european dresses in the 40’s. I was somewhere in Europe maybe between the 1920’s and 1940’s. I was like a in a typical town. I was in the city center. It was more colonial like. Then I got transported to a highway and it was all wooded, kinda like the pacific northwest. I died in a car crash. Someone hit me head on. I am more confused. I can’t tell if it worked or not

I was a India trying to stop Christopher Columbus from changing the land I had two kids and a woman behind me and then we ran off. Half of my people were dying of diseases and I think I died from old age

I just came to know That I died single in my past life.

I was in a car crash

Can't have more lives

Guys, you only live once

i was standing on top of a chilly mountain, cold and alone and was holding a crystal ball. my hair was dark and curly and i wore a very thin sheath clothing. i died by falling from the high and straight into the sharp rocks and a huge, pointy one pierced my stomach. i had nobody beside me and i dont know what the time or date was. my question was; why no one liked me (romantically) in this life? and what i saw was totally not the answer

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