The Try Guys Test Drunk Driving

The Try Guys Test Drunk Driving

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Sir, have you had anything to drink today. Nothing. That's. Beer sir. I definitely think, you're an EEPROM I under arrest you're free to drive drive let's. Go. In, this epic four-part, series the try guys will test what it's like to drive under the influence four. Different ways we're getting drunk we're getting stoned we're getting sleepy, and we're gonna be texting, we're doing this specifically, to show you why, you shouldn't do this and we're gonna do it safely. Science, ladies and gentlemen, barely. Sighs. Who. Is crushed, you crush the dark. DUI. Driving. We're, here at the beautiful Irwindale, Speedway we've. Got a closed course, set up and we are gonna get, irresponsible. Educational. These scientific, explorations, that we do with real-life applications, are some of our favorite, videos produce, because we're educated. The children, you hear that all of these things are bad I don't know how bad because I've never done them I don't do well that's not true actually I've kind of done them all I. Guarantee. You every, adult you know has probably done at least two out of the four things we're testing yeah I've definitely had, a couple beers or a couple glasses of wine and then driven home to tell us about some of the dangers of DUI, driving, we are going to talk to a traffic cop and I have 32 years of experience, seventeen and a half years recently overseeing. Traffic, crimes many many collisions. Investigations. Involving a pair driving as well as a doctor who is also an addiction specialist, I think it's a good public, service, type of experiment, because driving doing any of these things it's going to impair the person's ability, to drive. Safely, gentlemen. Gentlemen we have to get drunk yes. Legally, too drunk to drive a car we've done a few videos on alcohol before so we know how many drinks it takes against drunk therefore we're gonna drink what we personally, elect to yeah yeah. We. Gotta take to the course to see how we do like normal human, beings since, this is science. We are going to be doing a control, I'm completely, sober gonna, try out the course. Wow. Today. We are using my. Car because, my car is the most new I don't know why Keith is letting us use his car I think that's a horrible idea. Let. The record show we've designed the course that's difficult when sober, first, we, open on a straightaway, then an easy, left turn that goes into a serpentine, we stop at a stop sign at a four-way intersection, take, a simple, left turn into a. Lane, change then. We go into a stoplight or at least someone holding a stoplight because we tried to buy a stoplight which ones find one and, it was expensive, anyways. Then, we continued on to a fork in the road at one point we'll have to put the car in reverse we. Continue on to a couple of hairpin turns and then the road narrows, and narrows and narrows until, the. Car can barely fit we finished with a straightaway and then finally, a parallel. Parking challenge and of course there will be a couple, of surprises along. The way all. Right this is my sober run here. We, go. Who's talking so much what do you think he's saying um you know as the best driver of the tries, I feel like I'm gonna nail this course the try guys are all actually pretty great drivers, so if you see us fuck up in these videos it's because we're fucked up. Yeah, he. Could have made it but, you know what he was better safe than sorry if. I make mistakes how embarrassing. Because it's my car maybe he'll be more careful cuz he doesn't want anyone to hurt his car yeah I'm. Doing great sweet all right. We shall proceed slowly. There's. Somebody putting this baby in the car without me looking he's driving so slow now with the baby it's not just my own life I'm taking behind the wheel my, whole family's really ill of man that's outside he's trying to take this with speed now that's. Tight I am an excellent driver I am a terrible drinker Wow. He. Is the best driver oh, my. God I, hate reversing, like this weirdly this is one of my favorite things to do just because people look so sexy when they were bears I. Thought. I could do it we're gonna be measuring two things one, how, long it, takes us two, how. Many cones. It's. Physically, impossible to. Get through that's how Wes was born okay.

Right. Look this is very funny though I get it yeah, I, felt. Like it was a pretty good representation. Of, typical, traffic obstacles, you'd have but just condensed into a small course how am I supposed to do this haha, you're drunk or sleep-deprived, or anything since I was sober I was able to do it all without hitting any cones I really can't imagine this being much more difficult, regardless. Of what substance you put into me we'll, see I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with the fact that drinking, and driving is not a very safe thing to do and in fact leads to many many accidents, and even deaths in this country. In. The United States over ten thousand, four hundred people die annually, as a consequence, of impaired. Driving before, people go out to celebrate we ask them to think, how they're gonna come back home safely, we're doing you know why you don't do it. So. Alcohol is a central. Nervous system depressant and it's, going to slow, the brain down take we're on The Bachelor, he's getting really drunk and then like all I had them go after the same person do you for a sec oh wow this might be the alcohol talking, but. I think. We really have a connection hey, Keith can I borrow you for a second I don't really like the way that Ned told you guys I mean I could tell that you weren't into it yeah. I. Haven't, picked the final one yet Ned you're going home. I. Used, to not drink very much and then I had a baby, now once the baby goes down for a nap mandatory, three. Glasses of wine here's to Ned's, wife what am I like drunk, I'm very, loving. Oh my, god. I. Just. Want a party let's amp this up guys, I have a really low tolerance to the time that I drink too much I guess stomach ache go go go but. Everyone's. Different and some people are much more sensitive, and can be impaired at a lower limit I feel like the times that I actually get the most drunk is when the cameras are rolling for try guys video so you ever play. Drunk. He's like everybody's, friend, I mean Keith in general is everybody's friend. Whereas. Some patients, who, are more chronic alcohol, abusers, can have a higher limit, in their blood but still seem, like they're pretty sober, so it really depends on the person Eugene had the most eight, or nine drinks that's so many and thirty, minutes, I'm. What people call an avid. Alcohol. Enthusiast, when I'm drunk I'm. Confident. Does everyone here know of big dick energy is once we start to get to about the legal limit which is 2008, then we start to see coordination. Problems, pretty. Good problems, with judgment, depth perception, can change. As. The, person drinks more and more this is going to get worse and worse back. I hate. Working with you. Let's. Drink, some more drinks. Wait. What. One we have but we gotta drive now we'll see you on the rig where we got to breathalyze one more time point, one, two, oh. We're. Ready to drive before, the traffic stop actually, occurs we look for indicators, of how this person is driving sir have you had anything to drink today well, you, know I had a couple glasses of wine yeah. Have. You been drinking today. Science. A good, court then I'm gonna be mature. What. We do is the, field sobriety test a person, is gonna walk a line as the windows to the soul, seven. How many of you think. One. To. Baby. Baby. My. Friends are drunk round the designated, driver is, hot. Also, there is a finger to nose. Elevate. Their foot six, inches off the ground oh it's okay. One. One thousand, two one thousand, seven one thousand eight, one thousand, from look at me go guys I'm crushing this. Right. Now. All those are indicators, of that. Person is able to drive, a motor vehicle safety, I can safely say you're, very drunk.

Ready. To dress. What's. Up my name is Zack and I'm too, drunk to drive so today, I'm. Gonna drive babies. Are you safe is your seatbelt on, so, safe I feel like I'm at that party where you have a lot to drink and then you hang out for an hour and you're like yeah you know what I think I'm okay to drive it, was just a little beer no. You can't drink at the beer. I'm. Tipsy. That's, what I would say right now I would say I would be tipsy watch your most drunk friend fucking, nail this drinking. And driving is 100%. Preventable, you choose to, drink and then drive I don't even know how dangerous I am right now let's, find out bitch. Let's. Go. 100%. Preventable. Let's. Go. It's. My car alcohol. Actually. Decreases. Your ability, to make good judgments in, your frontal, lobe the cortex, the part of your brain that helps, with decision making I here we go we're gonna drive done. Here. We go so we all have normally, a nice filter, that's going to say you know what maybe we shouldn't do this or maybe we shouldn't do that. Nice. And safe but. Not too slow because I don't want people to think I'm drunk but what happens when you start drinking alcohol as that filter, starts, to get diluted, and go away would. You drive right now like for real for real I would drive right now Oh. And. We're, able to sort of say oh you know it's okay let's go ahead and do these things that normally, we wouldn't want to do. I. Think. Any adults, who tells you that they have not pushed it just a little bit is lying to you I'm gonna stop even though I don't have to. I've definitely been. In that situation where, I go out I have a drink or two and I, feel, fine and then by the time I get home and I'm pulling into my driveway I'm, like oh boy, I should not. Undermine, the intersection, okay, nobody's, coming this way. What. Are you kidding, me. That. One real the cone looks good the car looks good I mean I think a lot of people, do this because, it's really hard to, gauge your own sobriety. I just knew this guy I know this guy he's always spectra with me everyone so it's like Keith just seems normal and I could be like super, fuckin sloshed everybody's like he's fine Wow. Fucking. Doing great I'm not proud of it but I've driven drunk before you, fucking, ready bitches let's, say we're all bitches when I'm legally drunk we've tested and proven that I feel, sober, which is dangerous Eugene has this Eugene drinks Eugene no Center Drive. Okay. Mike don't get, yourself. Jack. Drives, talking, on the phone, stresses, me out, Eugene drives listening, to loud pop music stresses. Me out Keith drives like to safe stresses. Me out put, your head down let. Me see it my backseat, be, careful, high five yeah, hey. Cheryl. You have a while your question, is Oh. Fuckin. Up my car. Won't. You back that thing up Wow you, were fine mama watch your back. You. May not be able to determine, where your lane is going to be you're going to be weaving, throughout, the lanes right I hit Cohen. No and, oftentimes. If you're really drunk you're gonna fall, asleep you're in the intersection, right. Impairment. Affects your reaction, time. And. They cause traffic, collisions, because of that. Before. People go out to celebrate we ask them to think how they're gonna come back home safely use public transportation user, taxi, do not drink and then drive now of course there will be a couple of surprises along. The way Oh God. We. Got a dog on a skateboard. Dog. Skateboarding, I would never hit a dog. Stop. Hitting start hitting. Coach. What. What. When. There's a loss of life we, have to respond, and knock on the surviving, family members door and let them know that their loved one is not gonna be coming home and that can happen to anybody.

That. Gives us motivation, to do what, we do and try to save lives by, doing enforcement. By doing education. Such as this video oh the dogs fine. Look at the dog get, out, of here. My. God. You. Guys ever know, anyone who got into a drunk driving accident oh yeah well that's a lot heavier of a subject to turn to but they say no else we're gonna talk about it they died, yeah that's what happens when you drive. The. Dogs over on that side I know I think the diversity god stop, fucking. Up my car, bro, the closest that came to me is a drunk, driver hit a car that my sister and her friends were in yeah everyone was okay so they got lucky yeah I had a couple dangerous a couple kids my high school got drunk driving accidents it really also depends on the age so a younger driver like 15, 16 17 would. Have even more of an effect because they're not used to driving it's not such an ingrained habit, in their brain. About. This car, crashes, are the number one. Cause of accidental deaths, for our young people in this country we need to do everything we can to prevent them okay we say that. We're. Good to go the, consequences, of drinking and driving are very very serious first the driver is gonna get arrested, is gonna lose his or her freedom I want to do this thing without fucking about the vehicle, is going to get impounded, the driver, license, is going to get suspended the, insurance, cost are gonna increase. Also. Telling, your employer, that you were, arrested for drinking and driving and that may have implications as, a condition, of your employment the, monetary, cost is, well, over ten thousand dollars taking, everything into account. This. Is a big game. Stop, dude stop fucking up my car. They. Can make out I wanna make it parallel, park this bitch, driving, is very complex, so, although we get used to it and it becomes a reflex after, time we need our vision, we need our hearing we need our coordination, if you don't have all of those things going on you're not going to be able to be safe on the road. So. Whatever ones final thoughts. That. We all crush it I think I can fight you right now if you needed to my reflexes are good did I hit a couple of cones maybe. Did, I finish, the course in half the time yeah, doc, seemed okay I've, skated away from the accident that went exactly according, to, plan. What. Happened. The. Morning after driving, drunk I feel I, don't, even remember everything, about the drive you know I couldn't, tell you all the things I did wrong I remember, feeling, just this surge of confidence like I have never felt before this, was funny and fun because it was a simulation but each, one of those cones that could be a pedestrian I'm hearing what I actually did during the drive and it's so different from, my memory of the drive in my mind I, did. Pretty well but. If you look at it I was, a nightmare. And also, my friends were there, it's. A pretty dangerous video, when you're driving it's not just you everyone, else is on the road too and even those mistakes for like small things initially like clipping cones, or clipping, corners, when you're drunk and you hit something, it's a DUI, it's, a $10,000. Ticket and you go to jail there's just no excuse not to take. Nuber or a taxi, if there's no safe way to get to it from wherever your party may, be today's a party, you drive drunk once you, do great you have this undeserved, confidence, for being drunk now you've tricked yourself into thinking that you're good to go, this.

Scar Is from a car crash that I was in when I was in fourth grade, no one was drunk that was just a normal people driving 30 miles per hour and I almost. Nothing. About a car is a game, if used incorrectly it's, a weapon, it's not just here's. A video, slap. A bandaid, on it everyone's, good we, individually, as people who do drink need to examine, the way that we approach. Our confidence. And pride when, we're drunk and I think this video really, helped me to change. The way I approach, my own drinking culture and, I think that's something I have to do in a life change I think we all knew going into this video this, was gonna end up bad but, we also wanted to experiment some other things what's it like to be high and driving, sleep-deprived, and driving to text, and drive three more videos to examine and compare what it's like to be under the influence and behind the wheel click that subscribe button, someone's, gonna get hurt you want to see it. That. Is par you for a second I think I've fallen in a deep hole and I need a strong man with a rope and I just feel like that, zach is not in it for the right reasons remind me of your skill set dental, hygienist assistants, what I thought.

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"What dog?" What a mood.

"go wild, daddy" Xd

Obviously don’t drink and drive. That’s so stupid. Your drink will spill.

My mom used to always be like half drunk when she drove but it's all over now.

Vines I think The Try Guys can relate to drunk Keith: *FUCK YA CHICKEN STRIPS* Zach: Excuse my potty mouth- *SHUT THE FUCK UP* Ned: I’m washin’ me and mah clothes.. Eugene: -looks at empty shot glass- this bitch empty *YEET*

Eugene is big dick energy

I drive like a fucking god drunk, and like a secret agent stoned. This is false

I nearly lost my sister to a drunk driver just 3 days ago. Thankfully shes fine now but this video made me so anxious and tense. I just cant imagine what would happen if i lost her... thank you guys for bringing awareness to these issues!

Eugene was fucking ready to go when he was drunk

I’m watching this video while drunk, I totally empathise with these guys right nows m

Ned is going to come to his sons prom when Wes is a senior and show this to his whole grade. I know it

Are these guys gay? What the fuck

When I’m drunk nobody can tell

You guys should do a plane flying simulator with out any experience

Someome: uhhh, do you have a problem with me?(attitude) Me: 10:30

I love that you’re doing this experiment

A couple years ago some friends and I went out for drinks and when it came time to go home I made the choice to call an Uber as oppose to getting in the car with them ... the next morning I was told the car was wrapped around a tree and not one of them survived. Please be smart when going out!!! Never get into a car with someone who’s drunk.

I think the addiction dr. Is addicted to MnMs

I know everyone is commenting on the drinking driving junk but can we take a look at the doctor persons tie look at it it's the peanut mm

A drunk driver driving a semi truck almost rolled over the car me and my friends were in

I got in a car once with a girl and I had no idea she was drinking (I was in the back and it was dark) but when I finally realized what was happening I was so anxious and scared. But I couldn’t just get out of the car in the middle of the highway at night in the middle of nowhere. That was terrifying

You are just shit drivers sober Drinking helps you hydratate And drive better

Totally worth it

The docs tie thou, it's just

What I love is that Keith was so pleased with himself for balancing so well on one foot, he turns and they're like ABSORBED with the tray of macaroons and he just puts his foot down and yells, "YOU HAVE MACAROONS?!?!?"

Not exactly the most scientific with the added distraction of the boys in back but not in the control

This will be a long read, but it's WORTH it!!! Do I have a story to tell about what NOT to do if you drink and decide to drive like a fktard... This happened back in the early to mid 1990's. My Sister and I had decided to meet at a clue we used to frequent called "Blue Planet" here in Houston,Tx. I arrived about an hour or so earlier than she did, and that night they had .75 CENT drinks..ANYTHING YOU WANTED!!! So needless to say, I had had about 6 different drinks before she got there w/her then baby daddy. We started dancing and having a good time when this married Man asked if I would dance w/him and I agreed although I told him upfront I was married, and ALL we would do is dance! He laughed then said he was just there on business and needed to de-stress a bit. So we dance for a bit and had a nice time. We decided to take a break from the dance floor. He offered to buy me a drink for dancing w/him and I accepted. the problem was...We were in a VERY loud club, so when we walked to one of the bars, the bartender could barely talk w/you and vice versa. There was a group of ppl standing there w/shot glasses of what looked like a clear liquor, so I yelled to the guy "I'll take 2 of those"! I got the drinks, thanked the guy and after drinking them both down I headed back to the dance floor....God was I EVER SO WRONG!!! I had already had about 6-8 drinks and then , and I added 2 shots of Goldschlager w/REAL gold in it on top of that shit! Idk how long it was, but in mid dance I abruptly stopped, stood straight up and announced "I gotta go, NOW"! I found my sister told her I was leaving, then promptly walked past 2 HPD Officers!!!!! So much for doing their job! Anyway, I got into my car, and her boyfriend asked me if I was ok to drive... I looked him in the eyes and said that yes I was and that I did that all the time, and he let me go! I literally CANNOT tell you how the fuck I got from Richmond avenue, all the way to I-45 and west road...A LOOOONG ways away! My sister claims they followed me most of the way and that I was speeding up then slowing down and swerving a bit! Somehow I made the tight turn from 610 to I-45 and BARELY missed slamming into the barrier and possibly falling over and killing other ppl in the process. My thing back then was I would eat either before, or after drinking to minimize the hangovers. Than night was no exception. Idk how I didn't get busted tbh! But I exited my street and went to a McD's. I knew I was GONE when I fell asleep in my car in the driver through like 5 times!!! I got my food, and by the grace of god I made it home. I crystal clearly remember calling my sister and leaving a voicemail telling her I'd made it home ok. She claims she never got it, but I KNOW I left that message. anyway, I had an obsession w/eating LOTS of cherries from the bar,. I'd been home maybe 20 minutes, ate some of my food and felt instantly sick! I didn't even make it to the bathroom, I spewed all over the hallway floor by the washer/dryer, and left it there till the next day. now this happened not too long after my mom died so I drank quite a bit back then. anyway I woke up late the next day, and when I came out of my room all my dad said (we were living w/them to help care for my Mom while she was dying of cancer.) was "Looks like a drunk parked the car"! I also saw ALL the cherries and other food plastered to the floor outside our bedroom. When I went to look at my amazing camero I got after a car accident (Not my fault! A Woman pulled out of a parking lot fast and slammed into my passenger side door throwing me into a ditch. Dislocated my right elbow, broke the equalizer right thigh, broke the steering wheel w/my chest (seat belts were not a law back then!) and now I have a permanent hairline fracture in my breastbone. thus if I ever need to have CPR done on me, they can break it easily!)...I realized that somehow not only did I park half in, half out of the yard/driveway, I missed hitting his car by inches! The hangover was brutal, but it taught me that not only could I have killed myself, but I could have killed someone else, or worse and entire family. Other ppl drive now if I ever decide to drink again which is literally next to never! but I digress. If you do one SMART thing in your life, GIVE YOUR KEYS to someone who can drive you home SAFELY! Trust me you DON'T want the repercussions, the fines, or the SHAME of a DUI on your record!!!

The stories in this this comment thread is so sad.

I honestly would love to be on the other side of the party

Is it just me .. i dont think ill pass even sober... The cones looks so confusing


Oh gosh, I'm worried for the bb birbs but also I know it's gonna be high hilarity. Their mums are gonna be... well.


wtf, you guys call U turns hairpin turns?? what a dumb name

My inlaws were hit by a drunk driver years ago and my mil was left a paraplegic.

But when you listen to eurobeat too much You will in the drift course Here if you want to hear one

Eugene at 11:01 is honestly such a mood HAHAHAHAHAH

“This is one of my favorite things to do just because people look soooo sexy when they reverse.” Oh, you do, Eugene. You do.


0.08 in America huh? The legal limit in AUS is 0.05.

I never drink and drive and I am an above average driver. Just not worth it.

9:31, Keith is so cute. Look att me go guys, YOU HAVE MACARONS!?!?

Good for u guys for leaving buzzfeed and making content on ur own

I really hope this experience as well as all of the comments and stories from viewers is enough to make people think more about their decisions. My best friend got hit by a drunk laywer in April. I lost my best friend before i even finished my first year of high school. This was a rough video to watch, but thank you dor making it.

"My friends are drunk, I'm the designated driver," "Designatedly *hot* !"

"Uhm you know, as the best driver of the try guys-" Spot on impression

Genuine thanks for making this series, I don't think a lot of people understand how dangerous driving under the influence really is.

“Can I borrow you for a sec?” Lmaooo

Can you pls do a video with Saf

That's why Uber was invented

Other try guys has cup of alcohol Eugene has entire bottle Edit: wait what if you had to be drunk to drive so then if you didn’t like being drunk or alcohol and stuff you wouldn’t drive so less people would drive which would make less pollution :P

reminded me of MYTHBUSTERS

If you guys don´t try pole dancing I will kashoot myself

somehow all of these videos are super homoerotic

@10:57 HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE do i see an m&m tie??? that is straight up adorable... now back to regular programming

12:51 -"You fuckin' ready, bitches?" "Yeah, were all bitches..."

How does one even text and drive? Like sometimes my friend stext at intersections but like don't you need your hands to text

Oof! My nards!!!!

keith is a better driver high than sober

I love the doctor's M&M tie. lol

This video is so well done! It’s entertaining and it really leaves the audience with the message that they shouldn’t drink and drive. It starts off with the guys having fun and then there is the really emotional part when they run over the dog and talk about people that have been killed in drunk driving accidents. Really educating and really entertaining! Love you guys for doing such a good job

Is it just me or did I already see this like 4 months ago I'm so confused

wisconsin has very very light laws on drinking and driving

Did his frontal lobe tell him to wear that tie?

“I never usually drank but then I had a baby” mood

I’ve driven stoned most of my driving life and I found I drive better


Soooo...Mythbusters has been gone long enough for everyone to forget that they already did this.

This is my favorite video on the internet. I loved the dog part

4:04 the guy running in the background is me running away from all responsibility

Anyone reading this, please don’t ever drink and drive

“I drive just right.” **rams into cones**

love all the try guys video!!

Anyone else think the doctor looks like Brent Spiner?


Excellent PSA!

they need the drunk jack: the ultimate hands free device for any impaired driving, guaranteed!

This made me laugh so hard

4:21 yes they do i thought i was the only one that thought that

MacarOons? Are you guys having MACAROONS?

I like that you're convincing people to not drink and drive, or at least trying to that's great. But they way we went about this is terrible. There is so much bias in what we did that it is a terrible reason to be convinced. It's a great thing that we're trying to convince people that driving drunk in incorrect and causes danger to ourselves and others. But the "test" here controlled so few variables that it's not meaningful.

What do you think they do after this? Just very drunk in the office?

It’s really hard to gauge how much of a pussy you are... practice makes perfect, you fucking pansies!

You crushed the dog. What dog lol

12:54 "Yeah! We're all bitches!"

As a science experiment, there weren’t 3 drunk people distracting the driver in the car during the sober test. This experiment definitely holds truth but it could’ve been a little bit more accurate by just testing the drunk version with only the driver in the car

7:24 Yes, we do, Eugene. Its you.

9:55 Lol!

Sober Zach.... nice guy good boy Drunk Zach......BADBOY

Best job ever you get to drink, get high and you get to do it with your friends ;!

Please, does ANYONE know the song at 7:51? It’s been driving me crazy ever since the video came out.

I am loving that doctors tie

“You hit three cones, that could have been guess at her wedding!”.....”They were cones!” #weddingsinger

I’m so distracted by the doctor’s m&m neck tie

I would buy alcohol that Eugene sold

KEITH: are those macaroons? you guys have macaroons?

I’m worried about Eugene. I hope he’s not being as unsafe as it seems he is. The world needs his talent and style. I lost a friend who was a “professional drunk driver”. Her 3 kids no longer have their mom and her parents no longer have their daughter. My brother is diabetic thanks to the impact to his pancreas during a D&D accident. My naturally tall, athletic brother now has to deal with testing sugars, insulin, a bit of a gut, and a crap immune system . Be careful y’all.


I honestly always plan to steal peoples keys when they are drinking and might drive home


15:01-15:10 are you sure about that?

I was a passenger in a car hit by a drunk driver. I was 7.

“some patients who are more chronic alcohol abusers” *immediately cuts to eugene using the breathalyzer*

but i couldn't drive this course sober?

The dog on the skateboard has me literally laughing out loud in a hella public place. I can’t.

The doctor chose an interesting day to wear that tie

“Go wild, daddy!” Okay Eugene.

How controversial


driving under the influence driving


I mean ... I really really like the accessory on Eugenes shirt collar...

Get rid of alcohol


omg i have the cup zach was holding, i feel special

According to what this guy says you need to be a safe driver, I wouldn't even be able to drive safely while sober

Sober or drunk, most people suck at driving. The driving test needs to be amped up so you actually need skill.

I want that m&m tie

The traffic light was expensive but you could rent a whole speedway? xD

Do a Texting while driving one!

Interesting statistics but... are they just for the US or do they apply globaly?

Zach: Nah, I fucking nailed it!

I’m very unloving

Never jealous

Big dick energy

Eugene:You’re fucking ready, bitches? Zach:Yeah, we’re all bitches. Me:

7:21 to 7:25 they all got that radiating out of them

"I can safely say that you are very drunk" " *Ready to drive* "

The alcohol limit in the caribbean is four times that .35.. Catch up boys

The owner looks so big next to his car

Love the music, good video :)

Big dick energy

crystal dahmer I died when he said that

I loveeee the doctors tie!!!

Low key looks like fun

My dad was killed February 16th 2008. He was 29 years old, I was five. Some dumb ass was driving home drunk as a motherfucker and I lost my dad that night. Thank you so much Keith, Zach, Eugine, and Ned for showing people how dangerous this shit is. It means so much to me, I hate people and have no respect for anyone that says "it's OK, I've only had one drink." It doesn't matter, One IS ENOUGH to intoxicate you, for some people. I hope all four of you learned that this stuff isn't a joke and you never drink and drive again. For your lives, or others.

I too am an avid alcohol enthusiast

“They die?” “Yeah, that’s what happens when you drunk drive” That sounded so much like an adult explaining it to a kid

i literally don’t know why but i feel so sick and uncomfortable watching or reading about or listening to ppl drink or do drugs. i don’t know why. i just feel so eeeeeeek but anyways

My cousin was killed by a drunk driver. So I'm glad that you have all these facts and hopefully people will change their minds and never drink and drive.

The legal limit in Australia is 0.05

Eden Styles ye

I can’t understand how people think that driving even tipsy is okay. I can look at myself and realize that my reactions are delayed and I love my life too much to put myself at risk bc I know I am not invincible

lost all respect for Eugene

14:24 LeT mE dRiVe

Instead of some of the videos they show during drivers ed they should show these, it literally gives the same information and is more interesting

Ned please see this Do you ever watch old videos of yourself on YouTube and think "Wow, one day my son may see these."


The doctor reminds me of the comedy teacher in Borat

Wait, did Eugene say big dick energy?

veronica stephens yes , yes I believe he did in fact say big dick energy

You should make a series of Barley Science

One of my uncles was killed by a drunk driver and my sister lost a lot of friends throughout high school to drunk driving. I refuse to drive drunk or let anyone drunk drive my car.

7:23 i love eugene so much

Are you guys going to do a hangover part in the series?

Eugene, I’m worried about you.

This really helps me a lot since I’m taking driving class and learning about what i should/shouldn’t do while driving.

"wassup guys my name is Zach and i'm too drunk to drive so...I'm gonna drive."

For a minute I thought you said Urbandale instead of Irwindale because that's where I'm from

at 15:08 why did he speed up to like purposely hit a dog? Like you guys are trying to prove a good point and thats really good because no one shouldnt drink and drive. But you guys are over exaggerating some points and trying to hard to prove a point

LOOL “chilren”

okay, like, that tie tho

“What’s up I’m Zack I’m to drunk to drive..... so I’m going to drive”

My dad was killed in a drunk driving accident when I was 6 weeks old so it’s nice to see someone showing the effects to others. Stay safe everyone.

The one thing I hate about this video, those red PLASTIC cups, I mean, they legit just killed 20 sea turtles right there

Anyone else thinking of Jim lahey? "I'm right in the pocket bud!"

“I’d never hit a dog never hit a dog” *Hits the dog...*

Ned is so cute

my mom is a former alcoholic and once got a dui after getting drunk at one of my swim meets and hitting both cars in front and behind her trying to parallel park. pls don’t drink and drive. you’re all smart enough to know not to. be safe i love u

In my opinion anyone who drinks and drives is an idiot and should have their license taken away for longer than they do or even permanently, and they should be charged a lot more than what they charge now because when you make the decision to drink and drive you’re both effecting your own life and basically saying you don’t care about the people’s lives around you and if someone demonstrates while driving they don’t care about the safety of those around them they are a danger on the road. Drinking and driving is pretty much staying that you’d rather kill yourself or an innocent person rather than paying a few dollars to take a bus or some money to take a taxi.

A 6th grader from my school died because his dad was drunk and collided with another car and the son died while the father is in the hospital

so nobody’s going to talk about how Eugene look at the camera at : 5:12. & 5:17 !?

i learn

I can't parallel park sober. Can't imagine trying to do it drunk.

i likeh how the doc has a m&m tie

Zach: I’ve kinda done almost all of these Police: *Open da fuck up*

Where did the macarons come from?

“Go wild daddy”

I died when i say them roll the dog

The doctor looked a little bit like the legend himself Robin Williams


is this legal

Love you Eugene.

Avid alchol enthusiast has AA in the name lol Seems like a good educational series (and reason to get messed up at work lmao)

The doctor has an m&m on his shirt

I dont trust Ned at all.

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