The Truth About Shieldmaidens

The Truth About Shieldmaidens

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You. Oh friends. How are you my, name is Arthur ger and today I'm going to talk about the existence. Of ship maidens, in the medieval scandinavian. Society. Especially, when it comes to the viking, period. This. Was a video requested. By one of my patrons, mr., victor Stefan's, his, daughter is, curious. About shoot, maidens, hello, little carries this, video is for you sweetheart but. We all know it's your father who is really, interested in shield. Maidens for. Academic, purposes of course. Alright. The. Existence. Of shield. Maidens, is debatable. Opinions. Vary outside. The academic field some. Believe they, existed, others. Not, that much it's, a constant, balance between yes. And no. In. The economic field however it's. The exact same situation 50/50. Some. Argue, and present, strong evidences that support, the existence. Of field maidens and others. Do the exact same thing but to, support the in existence. Of shield, maidens so. In this video I will remain impartial, and present. You both sides, giving. A general, panorama, and then you will be the judge of that if chief. Shield maidens were real or not. Let's. Start this video it's. True that in Norse mythology and, both in sagas, and folk tales warrior. Women appeared, quite, often. Volker. Is to be more precise either. Supernatural. Entities or mortal. Women, and occasionally. Women, who are spiritual. Entities, of a person who often appeared, in dreams, Oh clad, in armor, and sometimes. On horseback, we. Not a doubt Valkyries. Are connected. To battle, and have, a very active presence. In the conflicts, of mortals, so, they are a good indicator, of perhaps. A past where, women in Scandinavia, had a very active role, in war. We. Also have some mentions of women, who, knew how to use. Weapons, and war, fierce, fighters. Such. Such. As the example of Freddy's edicts doctor presented. In the Vinland. Sagas, both the sex of the Greenlanders, and Eric the Red saga.

She. Isn't regarded, as a shield maiden but. Without a doubt she's, a fierce, fighter. And fought. Both northern. American natives miss Kier links and put, many others to the sword, of. Our own people it's, a very interesting account, you should definitely. Consult, and. Then. Of course we. Have accounts, of people who witnessed. Firsthand, Norse, and Germanic, peoples, in battle, and their. Accounts, tell us of warrior. Women shield. Maidens. Unfortunately. These accounts are too few which, leads us to believe that, indeed. Shoot maidens were, real. But, it wasn't, common, it was something that happened sporadically. But, at least we know some, women have had an active role in the, art of war. We. Have a very peculiar account from sacks, or grammatical in, his history. Of the Danes written, about the first decade, of the, 13th, century, where. He tells us some. Accounts of shield maidens, during, the Viking, Age of Denmark. A period. In history with, a significant. Temporal and cultural, distance from Saxons, own time but, still an important, account. He. Speaks about women, captains. In a Danish army and he, describes, them as such and I quote these. Captains. Who had the bodies of women nature. Disto, the souls of man and, then. Another, account. There. There were women in Denmark. Who dressed. Themselves to. Look like man, and spent. Almost every minute cultivating. Soldiers. Skills. In. Such as accounts, we have names, such as hepa and wizna being, shield maidens, and captains, on a, danish army, sella, a warrior. Woman and a very accomplished, pirate, viking. Lagata. A skilled, female fighter Deb, York also, famously, skilled, in battle one, of these women, Edna was. Even given part of Denmark to rule as a reward, for her prowess in battle and, then, she, was soon, killed because those. She, ruled thought. It was disgrace to be subjected to a woman's, loss. We. Have other names of warrior women and, despite. Their very successful. Endeavors, and, always. Running. Away from what. They were supposed. To do as women. In a patriarchal. Society they. Always end up either married, or killed. In success, grammatical, accounts, and I. Cannot help to think that these accounts, may, be to reinforce, the old idea that women have, no place in the battlefield, because. Sooner, or later they. Have to meet their fate to either get married or die, so, there seems to be in. These, accounts a certain, degree of religious, and social moral, and the stigmatization of, women. We. Have to take into, consideration that, Saxo, grammatical was a christian a cleric. And above, all it was a man a person. Deeply, acculturated, in certain ideals that completely. Disregard, the Valor of women. Even. Though he presented has more, than a dozen names, of warrior, women it's, clear, that he did not approve of warrior, women because. He always gives. Them the same fate, over, and over again getting. Married, or being. Killed reducing. Them to a state of domestication. Or two nothing at all. The. Problem, with these accounts, is that, these warrior, women remained, in folk legends, and accounts. From the Viking Age. Saxo had access, to such accounts but, being a Christian, in, a period, in history when. The mentality, changed, greatly and he himself writing. His accounts in Latin he, was clearly. Influenced. By classical, models even, his warrior women seemed to be closer to classical.

Concepts, Of Amazon's, rather, than a heathen, view, on women and the. Truth of these accounts isn't clear, it isn't, clear where truth meets anta's. II, but. Take notice that this warrior, women are not just classical. Fictions, brought to Northern. European, perspectives. A great. Portion of Sexsmith. Dear material, comes, from native, Scandinavian. Sources. Which, he used to compose a considerable. Part of his work so. Saxes tales at least in, the first nine books have. Strong, parallels, with Old Norse, literature. We. Have a couple of accounts of man who dressed themselves as women. Probably. The most famous account is when, the God who, dressed, himself as, a woman with, the help of Loki the joint, three stole, Thor's hammer and would, only return it if he got married with the goddess Freyja tool. Disguises. Himself as in, a bridal dress pretending. To be Freya he, goes to his own wedding with the giant got. His hammer back and killed. The Giant and all the other guests. But. We, have other accounts, in the sagas such as Eric Roth who, dressed, himself in, a woman's clothing to. Get close to the princess Sigmund, and, when. Questioned, why, he looks so masculine, his. Justification, is, simply. That he is a fighting, woman, a shieldmaiden. That's. Why she's so muscular. We. Have the account of Helle in el, viaje de índice, Varna where he'll. Be himself disguised, as a woman and when, asked. Why he is so, masculine, he simply states that he was was a warrior, woman. There. Are other accounts such, as these men. Disguising. Themselves as, women. For, various, reasons but, their. Justifications. Are always, quite simple, they are warrior. Women and that's, it which. People take, as something. Completely. Normal. Even. Though distressful. But, they take their arguments, as something, quite plausible. These. Accounts, from Old Norse literature. Show. That the, idea of warrior. Women was, not. Something, completely, out of the ordinary not. Only, in pre-christian. Scandinavia. But also during the medieval, period of Scandinavia. And Iceland. Because. Such, accounts, remained. And were. Quite, normal. To the Nordic audience, for, centuries. All. Of these accounts of Old, Norse literature, even sexist. Accounts. Greatly. Based on Old Norse, narratives, seem, to represent free Christian beliefs, in warrior, women and Valkyries. Which. May well be the remnants of, past. When, women really had a very active role, in world. Volker. Is most belonged to the spiritual, beliefs of pre-christian.

Scandinavia. Of a, past which, was no longer part of the belief structure. Of a, society when the accounts, were written down so, they were turned, into something, absolutely. Fantastical. In. The same way that might as well be what happened, to real, warrior. Women, with. The changes, in the belief system, of pre-christian, Scandinavia, a society. Always growing, towards, a patriarchal. System, of governance. Warrior. Women of the past were, turned into, fantastical. Beings, into, Valkyries, and with. The Christian influence. Valkyries. Became Amazon's, the. Written accounts we have that might, indicate warrior. Women existed, seemed. To be just fantasy, but. That may be because at first real, warrior, women were turned, into, fantasy. And that fantasy. Later was regarded, as half reality. Perhaps. We are facing three. Historical. Realities, pre, Viking, Viking, Age and Catholic. Period warrior, women turned into Valkyries. And Valkyries, turned to warrior. Women. Speaking. Of Icelandic, sagas, we have important. Accounts. Concerning. Women. Who take up arms and are, fierce fighters, I've, already mentioned. The, saga of the Greenlanders. Where. You can find, the account of fairies, Eric's dog team she. Isn't, regarded. As a shield, maiden but, she's a fierce fighter since. The very beginning of the account you noticed that this woman, is up to no good she. Departs, from Greenland, into Vinland somewhere. In North America, she, intends, to go with two men so. They can share profit because, North, America was a wonderful, place to get resources, especially timber, which, was almost inexistent, in Greenland, and Iceland. Upon. Arriving, to Vinland things go from bad to worse, Freddy's. Constructs, a lot of lies which. Leads to the killing of handful of man and she herself kills. The wives of such man she. Fights against, the northern, American natives, in battle. Rage she. Has terrible temper anyway. What, we have to take from, this is the fact that she. Wears man's, clothes, and wills weapons, she, was indeed skilled at least in combat. In. Neos, saga, we have a couple of interesting, accounts, of female. Characters, involved, in blood feuds and a, chain of blood, vengeance there. Is a horrible. Blood, feud between two women, elegant, and better, Cora to. Rival, houses sending members of each household, to assassinate. The others this. Feud, reaches. Such, proportions that soon every, member of the family is involved in people from outside. These two women shared, insults. And they, created a chain of events that leads to the death of so, many people. There. Are a couple of other sagas. Where women, are always portrayed. In, this manner either. Bloodthirsty. Or vengeful. Or even. Creating chains of lies and deceit, causing, unnecessary death. We, don't have come to explore, in depth other. Accounts, such as the ones I've described. But. You can explore, them in the Finland, sagas, newest, saga, nice Lasogga, like stella saga, Elvia. Saga, to name a few, the point is, Icelandic. Sagas were written during the 13th, century but. They report, events from the Viking, period, it's. Christians. Writing, about their past as Eden's. So. There seems to be a certain tendency to, portray, the heathen past as something. Very brutal, and almost stupidly, barbaric, when, compared, to the reality of the Catholic, period. There. Seems to be this tendency to, portray, hidden, women, as something. Very negative to, warn Christians.

That The healin past was, not good and women's. Rightful, place was, not in a battlefield and they, shouldn't, wield weapons, or, it. Will have disastrous. Outcomes. So. In Old Norse and old Icelandic, literature, when. We see warrior, women it might, not be true accounts. Because of these religious. And social. Tendency. To portray, them as something. Negative to. Construct, a social, moral and create clear limitations. On the very nature of women. Forbidding. Them to act in a certain way because. In a Catholic, religious, perspective. Women. Had to behave, in. A specific restrictive. Way or. These. Sagas. Indeed portray true warrior, women that existed, real life should maidens but, the negative connotations. Are immense. Precisely. Because these, were accounts. Written by Christians. And the, social, and religious, stigma, is reinforced. But. Then we have archaeological, evidences. According. To archaeological, findings, women. Add defined roles, in cooking knitting, taking, care of the house and the children managing. The slaves that honed and taking. Care of the farm as well as the land we deemed their properties. During. Times of war and, the. Absence of their husbands, it wouldn't be surprising that, they would take, up arms to defend their, land their. Properties, and their, children. During. Times of war women. Were frequently. Left alone, with their children, if their, husbands, died oh the, Aspen's possessions, including, lands. Incomes. And belongings, went to their wives during. The Viking, period it, wasn't an obligation, for women to find a new husband, or, remarry. To, another man upon, their previous, husband's, death. They. Were absolutely. Free, to choose to, be without a husband, as such. Women, would take the role of their. Deceased husband's, as being. The head of the household, and also. As being warriors, taking, up shoot and weapons, not, necessarily. To go to war but, to protect, one's, properties. Now. Let's focus on the fact that women were left alone with their children. We. Know from, historical records, Old Norse, literature, and, archaeological. Evidences, that, children. Especially. Boys were. Often, trained, almost, since birth in the art of war to. Wield an axe strengthening. Their muscles, to lift a shield and start, to practice with the bow and arrow at the very early age to widen their, shoulders, and backs, the. The process of growth to be able to push, the bowstring, as further, back. As the coup as. Previously. Said women. Were left behind to take care of their, properties, and to. Take care of the children they. Had an important, role in the continuation of educating. The children in the art of war when men were away, children. Needed to know how to fight, because, someone. Had to protect their properties, when, mom and dad were. Away. There. Are historical. Reports, and even. Archaeological. Evidences of children. Killing, children. Sometimes. A young link no more than 12, winters, of age capable. Of killing a 15, year old, children. Learned. A variety of combat skills and techniques including. Fighting with their bare hands, even. Three year old boys. Played. A war game with wooden swords, and throwing.

Spears Covered, by a piece of leather so, that they would not hurt themselves or, others. Who. Trained, these children. In the art of war when, their fathers, were, away or God, the. Mothers of these children, women, had to know how to fight, or at least at the, very least know how to properly, use weapons, so they could teach their children and, introduce. Them properly, in the art of war, this. Doesn't, mean women, went to battle but, if they knew how to fight. Why. Shouldn't a widow or a woman. Who decided to stay single, go, to war or any other kind of conflict, why, shouldn't they take up arms and go, to battle if nothing, else prevented, them from doing so I've. Already mentioned Valkyries. At the, very beginning of this video because, we. Don't a doubt in, most accounts. They are portrayed, as warrior, women. Valkyries. Were one, of the most important. Mythical. Beings in pre-christian. Scandinavia, playing. An important. Role in, the. Religious, and spiritual, concepts of for both warriors, in general, and, women they. Are linked, to death cults, and with, destiny, as well as having the function of guardianship. Being. Spiritual. Entities who take the dead warriors, into, the afterlife, the. Valkyries, embody, the feminine, spirits, who guide and protect, the individuals, and the community. There. Is a wondrous. Variety, of metal, figurines, of Valkyries. Found, in grave mounds especially, in Viking Age burial, mounds for women. We. Have a number. Of, Viking. Age burial, mounds of women. With, figurines. Representing. Women with weapons. Often. Described, as being. Representations. Of vulgar ease and. The. Contents of the graves themselves. Contain, weapons. There. Are a couple of archaeological, sites of Viking Age women's, graves but I often like to mention the. Soviet. Mounds. In Bergen, Norway, and the, ones in America Sweden. The. Ones from southern, Europe. Most. Of the burial mounds in that area are of women, and in. Their graves there are loads of weapons and the. Most Abaddon is the axe the, weapon greatly used in battle but. Also in, domestic, affairs of course axes. Were commonly used by warriors in the battlefield but also as. Powerful. Symbols, of high social status, so we cannot say with absolute certainty that, these, women were. Indeed. Warriors. But. Certainly, there is this link to battle were. Maybe, even battle magic and religious, worlds connected with warfare, so. In a certain way also finding. Valkyries, in these burial mounds and such, spiritual, entities being female, in nature. May be, related, to the role of women as warriors. In pre-christian. Scandinavia. The. Bergerbar, burial, contained. A large number of weapons, and it turned out to be the grave of a woman it's. The so called burqa female, Viking warrior you, can look it up it's, a grave dating from the 10th century and the, person in there had, been buried with items, indicating it, had achieved elite. Status, during the during life weapons. And battle gear included. Shields and an axe, armor, piercing arrows, and two horses. This. Particular grave also, included, a full game board complete, with pieces suggesting. The deceased, was no mare soldier, but a warrior and leader a shiftin. Someone. Read a certain, military status. This. Grave was discovered, very early during the 19th. Century and. Excavations. Were held in. 1970. More than a century later and for, a very long time it was thought to be the grave of a man only. In. 2017. DNA, analysis, confirmed, that the person, was female for. 200, years it was believed to be a man, and only, one here and a half ago we, came to the conclusion it. Was a woman, and this. Is where the problem resides, for. Too long we thought burial, mounds filled, with weapons were, exclusively. For men and only. Now we DNA, analysis, more openly, available in, archaeology, we. Come. To the conclusion it was for both genders, we. Stand in a point where, it's difficult to overlap. Centuries, of evidences with. New ones that, contradict, them which, is why a lot of people find, it hard to believe in, warrior, women in the, Viking Age because for centuries the. Story we have been told goes. Against, that belief I. Have. Said, this before. And continue. To reinforce we. Must not disregard. The. Fact that Viking, warrior women have been found most. Of them during the 19th, century and, that. Makes an outstanding. Difference. In, the perceptions. We have of warrior, women these. Warrior, women for over a century have, been misidentified.

As. Males because, archaeologists. Acculturated. In a Western. Society we'd, strictly. Defined gender, roles view, man alone, as warriors this. Is a medieval Western cultural construction, that doesn't fit into the perspective, of hidden, cultures, especially of, northern Europe we. Assume, that man, alone are warriors, but. These assumptions. Are inaccurate. In archaeological. Contexts of northern. Europe gender. Roles cannot, be applied to every, culture, or every, civilization, of the past many. Societies, of the past didn't, have gender, roles so. We must take that, social, factor into consideration, that, way of thinking, that can no longer be applied in the field of human. Sciences. Specially. In history. And archaeology. So. I take, the opportunity to, give you a challenge, I've. Already spoken about Viking. Age women's. Graves in Scandinavian. Soil so. Now take a look by ourselves at the 10th and 11th, centuries Viking. Age Norse. Immigrant, graves of eastern, England, for. Instance outside. Scandinavia. Several. Graves, previously. Assumed, to, have belonged to man which. Actually. Turned out to be women, not. All of them but, with. An equal distribution of, men and women and the, great majority of these women, were buried with weapons. It's. Your homework so. Have fun, and take your own conclusions. You. Will notice that in this video I have constantly, contradicted, myself with facts, with. Factors, that lead to both reinforcing. The existence, of shoot, maidens. And the, absolute. Opposite. Because. That's. How we, eventually. Find the truth doubts, lead us to, lead us to seek the answers answers create. New doubts and on and on it goes we. End up contradicting. Ourselves over, and over again with. New factors, to support, or, disapprove. Our claims because, that's how we gather, knowledge. To construct a line of thought that. Later on might lead, us to the, truth. Even. Though archaeology. Has greatly, evolved, in the past 50. Years, there's. Still a lot of work to do, there. Are a lot of ideas evidences. Suppositions. And possible, interpretations. But, the truth is in the 21st century it's still, very premature. You, assume, anything, about warrior. Women in, the Viking Age let alone a definite. Conclusion, it's. Still, a work in progress. My. Good friends I hope you have enjoyed, this video a very, special thanks to my patron, mr. Victor Stefan's, for suggesting. This video and to. His little daughter Carey's, sweetheart. Don't, forget your, homework. Thank. You all for watching see. You on the next video and as, always.

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Is it not a error to concentrate solely upon the possible fighting abilities of women. For one the stereotype propagated by the entertainment industry in which a 'shield-maiden' needs heavy black eye make up, tight fitting clothes , a curvy breastplate and shrieks ayyyahh! as she slaughters a bunch of male warriors must be misleading for many people. In reality there was a lot more to raiding, war and exploring than a heroic fight and a cow-horn full of ale afterwards with the lady warrior in a dramatic panning shot while giving that 'I'm just as good as you men' look. What would be the necessary attributes of a warrior/raider in that time? a. Boat handling including rowing, possibly bailing out seawater and hauling on sails in harsh weather conditions, crew member need to be able to give others a break from work otherwise somebody has to do extra which reduces overall efficiency. b. Building temporary fortifications or shelters in cold conditions, those trees won'[t chop themselves down , logs need carrying , defences need to be prepared promptly and hypothermia is a reality sleeping out in the open. Would a woman have the strength and stamina to keep up. Female lumberjacks are pretty thin on the ground in modern times. c. Food, no supermarkets so need to be able to hunt and fish proficiently sometimes large potentially dangerous animals. d. Boat repairs another heavy job that needs all available muscle if the vessel needs to be beached for patching or mast needs replacing. e. Actual fighting, combatant needs to be able to cover a lot of ground fast carrying heavy kit especially if pursued by a superior force. Boys have grown up with weapons from early childhood so upper body strength will be far superior to a females because biology. One on one in reality it is likely a woman would be quickly defeated by even an average male fighter. f. Leadership, in male cultures men tend to start from the bottom and work their way up through merit, so with no employment quotas in those times it would be difficult for a woman to do this on merit alone, much less begin her warrior career at the top of the social hierarchy. Like my father I have worked as a fisherman in the North sea on Siene netters, it is a harsh unforgiving place especially in winter. In that time I have never once heard of a woman in that job, the environment just needs physical strength to get around on deck once the storms hit and that is before doing any actual work. From that perspective it seems unlikely that Norsemen would take women along for the basic reason she would take up room, food and fresh water of a man that could do three times the amount of heavy work before any actual fighting even began. This clip gives some idea of longship handling in modern times in calm weather, note the lack of females doing the work: This is what the North Sea looks like when she gets a little skittish and why you rarely if ever find women in such demanding environments:

No women weren't "shield maidens" I don't care how many excavations or how many burial mounds with women are found with weapons. Women were not warriors, they never have been and never will be. Don't believe me? I challenge you to go to war or even just visit a womans prison.

Birka woman warrior grave is a massive fuck up in Swedish archeology. The bones of several graves were mixed and many Swedish archeologists non ideologically driven are contesting the proposed woman warrior DNA finding. The Swedish feminist politics have perverted science a while ago.

I severed 21 years in the military, warrior women do exist, they are not common, but I had a couple of women I followed into battle. They are not common, but they definitely are real and do exist. It's not 50 / 50 it's more like 98 / 2 of men to women. But that is why they achieve near god status, because they are real.

Arith! I have a problem with your title "The Truth About Shieldmaidens" You can hypothesis you can have a very good opinion, your research can point in the direction of your view. But so many times I read the "TRUTH" about such and such! You nor I cannot know the truth for sure, we can surmise. Please don't use this TRUTH in your title or in what you are saying from a period none of us was born. I know this may seem harsh criticism as I enjoy your videos. I won't, expect a reply since you only take payment for that sadly. Truth can only be from direct observation and experience and even then one can only believe half of what one see's with one's eyes and nothing of what one hears from others.

The battle of bravalla and the siege of dorostolon had shield maidens fight in them. This is a fact by historical eye witness accounts.

Shield-maidens did exist - that is, there were women who carried the men's shields and other gear while on military campaigns. But actual fighting on the field? Very rare.

Many thanks for this excelent explanation.

Fascinating video,as always

Thankyou so much for answering this with both sides of truth and archaeological evidence. I have heard of some of it before. To me yes it just makes sense being that they had to be the teachers, protectors & keepers of hearth ,home & land while their husbands were away. It's also a naturally fierce reaction in some of us mama bears to be extremely protective of our children,along with the older parents that we wind up caring for if they survive that long both then & hopefully now but it is more rare. I have had women cousins & niece both in the military & they did do their parts in war time. Came close to full enlistment myself but physically they wouldn't have accepted me back then. So these day I just always appreciate my target practice time when able,as I always have. Yes there are at times more women that have more of a male mindset,its the trick of balancing both the feminine aspects we enjoy while also using the more male dominated aspects of war in times of need,like training with weapons,etc but not letting the emotional female parts factor in at those particular times, there by feeling the importance of wanting to protect the others around you in your family and or team. I'm greatful that recent DNA evidence has proven there were more women out there even though it was more rare to find. Especially since the Catholic's would always paint heathen women as horrible when in truth they just never Understood nor gave them a fair shake because of patriarchal belief back then. It's good to see more truth come to light in recent archaeological dig sites these days.

This is a fantastic video. Thank you very much for looking at all the arguments in detail. I felt this video was a bit more detailed than another one offered on a different channel for the same topic.

wars or conflicts often don't give people a choice and often in history women have dressed as men to fight battles. Some had no choice but to fight back. Sometimes women found or ended up in fighting and joined in by choice or not. Even in the 18th century saw women sneaking into battle for different reasons and win medals for bravery. It would be weird that no women during ancient times never did the same at least once or didn't get noticed. Seen women in modern-day hema events win melees against men twice their size and the same size, it is possible.

This is a great video!!

thanks for great upload..

"I am sick of watching angelie jolie beat the shit out of 6 navy seals. At some point I cannot handle this amount of suspension of disbelief" Paraphrased Comedian joke

So, are you saying that most warrior men didn't get killed but warrior women did? Or are you just saying women had the opportunity or obligation of marrying, but men had to be warriors? I'm not sure how you are framing the concept. I would think male and female warriors both got killed. I would assume women warriors had a disadvantage in combat then as they do today. Perhaps the issue is both the bias on those who wrote the stories and our own bias today due to how we have been conditioned to see thing?

Omg! Another epic video. Sweetheart thanks so much for requesting this topic. To do the homework reminds me of the advice Einstein  gave a professors daughter in Bologna. Arith thanks again for sharing such great knowledge with us.

How confusing and amazing. Thank you so much for this. My mind always goes to the meta-analysis... The fact that you just proved that Warrior Women actually existed along side of the fact that there are comments under your video denying that they existed tells me something important: The very idea is - even in this day of modern military organizations with women who fight - unthinkable to many. And clearly it was unthinkable then. So, even tho modern military personnel are trained to kill women combatants, there is still an element of shock and horror that can be exploited in battle. I suspect that it had a stronger effect back then as many of the people they fought were not necessarily highly trained military forces - and prolly weren't trained to kill combatants that were female - and would likely be stunned by seeing them just long enuf to lose their advantage. I suspect that the psychology of "Battle Fury" also comes into play. While I can only guess, it still seems to me that it can have a strengthening effect on a woman just like a man. We all know the stories about "Momma Bears". And while that is primarily protective, it can be leveraged or, if necessary, dissociated such that she may not have a way to compartmentalize the killing function the way many men seem to have. This may be why that one woman had what you describe as a "bad temper". LOL But I cannot know this experience. _And men cannot know it either._ Only women who have fought in the military can. It is they who should ultimately be answering these questions.

@Arith Härger Have you done a video on the "Wanderlust"?

Good video, tough political topic to discuss in this day and age. Unfortunately Hirst has created a vision about the subject as stupid as the way he has portrayed spiritual and political life from the era.

I don't think the concept of shieldmaidens or warrior women would exist without at least some basis in reality. But how common this was is a whole other question. Perhaps they were such notable figures in the legends and sagas precisely they were so rare and exceptional?

In England we can go back further than the Viking age to see preChristian warrior womwn. By Westminster Bridge, London there is a statue of Queen Boudicca and her daughters who, after the death of her husband,Prasutagus, became the queen or female chieftain of the Icenii tribe. After a huge insult by the occupying Roman forces she led to a rebellion, leading the tribes of the Icenii and the Trinivantes that destroyed the capital of Roman Britain, Camulodnium (Colchester) and the new Roman port of Londinium (London) destrying the 9th Legion bevore going north to Verlamium (St Albans). They continued north on Watling St (A5) where they met the legions returning from Anglesey, Wales led by Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, the Roman Governor of Britain, where they were defeated in a battle at an unknown location. Boudicca escaped and is believed to have commited suicide. This was in 60 or 60 BC, less than a decade before the death of Nero. We now wait for the sister video to this one titled "The Truth about Arith Harger by the Shieldmaidens." ;p

+colin Paterson @ The 9th legion consisted of young heavily armoured Roman women armed with 5 metre pilum constructed from purest gold, they could march at double time 150 miles in a morning in full battle kit, which, in some cases weighed over a quarter of a ton including their curved shields which were constructed from laminated lead and painted with the face of the Roman earth godess. The 9ths archer cohorts were reported to cut off both breast prior to every battle so as to make firing of their 1000lb draw strength laminate bows easier. A single arrow could easily strike down a Carthaginian war elephant. There were few Roman legions consisting entirely of males however the 9th were said to have several units of male light auxiliaries who had little actual function on the battlefield but after a fight were handy for foot rubs and filling baths with asses milk. The engineer squadron of the 9th are said to have built Hadrian's wall in a single afternoon through sheer girl power. Boudicca however was simply the Queen bee and after a lot of scratching, biting and hair pulling the 9th decided enough was enough and went into retreat and then disappeared from history leaving little behind but their standard which consisted of a figure that closely resembles the modern Oscar award statuette.

+Lee Wardle And the 9th Legion that were defending Londinium? I suppose that they just let them in and went down the pub?

Boadicea raided several undefended towns including London and a lot of civilians were slaughtered however once her army encountered a 40,000 strong Roman army who were tired from a two day forced march on the battlefield her 128,000 strong army were decimated down to the women and children in the baggage train.

+Arith Härger Neo-pagans tend to cherry pick and ignore things that do not fit in their pattern of belief. You have to take the rough with the smooth to appreciate the true depth of any belief. Cherry picking is often the way of followers of orthodox religions.

Thank you my friend. I was going to mention Boudicca, Joan of Arc and even Penthesilea, but I thought that would be extending too much. Those are very good cases of History undermining their existence and turning into them into legends, folklore or political satire of the time. I wanted to focus on Scandinavia only and keep imparcial as you noticed. Concerning shieldmaidens, it's still premature to assume anything concrete. There is a Swedish legend of a woman called Blenda, a woman from Småland who leads the women of Värend in an attack on a pillaging Danish army and completely destroys it. But see? "Legend". This is what happens to historical women in the western society acculturated in definite gende-roles stipulated by the Church. Isn't it a bit strange that many neo-pagans still follow the same line of thought of the Church even when evidences against such way of thinking is right in front of them? I should have mentioned Veleda and Aurinia, which had a clear influence on the Germanic tribes. Men following what women dictated. There were a couple of Germanic tribes whose main goddess was Frîa, the wife of Godan, tribes of warrior-men in matriarchal societies.

There are alpt of examples of strong warrior women look at Boudica that bitch did alot of damage to rome before the folly of her companions killed her.

Personally I believe "shield maidens" did exist in the viking period, but I don't think they would have been known as shield maidens. I have nothing really to back my belief in this lol but I feel they would be less concerned about labeling people then we are in this day and age. Maybe I'm wrong but if I try to put myself back in that time, I think I'd have bigger things on my mind like making shore my family have what they need to survive. Just my view though :) Great video as always

Shield maidens did exist and eye witness accounts along with remains prove this. The battle of bravalla had shield maidens fight in it so did the siege of dorostolon.

They seemed to be very concerned with status, also. And rank. And this is usually tied to titles.

Well presented material as always. Thank you.

Thank you very much :)

I see shieldmaidens

Many thanks to Victor and his daughter Cerys for asking about this, and to you Arith, for speaking about it. As a woman, it's obvious to me that in patriarchal societies throughout history we have had numerous reasons to kill, whether we are on or off the battlefield. I'm not surprised that the burial mound in Birka Sweden contained the remains of a woman. I appreciate your thoughtful, informative videos!

I'm gonna add her grave to my Bucket List.

As with today, they are exceedingly rare, and as with today, even then they're generally outclassed and wouldn't last long on the front line in a melee.

Please, I know woman that would knock men the fuck out. Chris Cyborg and Amanda Nunez would beat every commenter in this vids ass with ease. Some of the greatest warriors of all time were women. Joan of arc was a bad ass woman warrior and she was only 17 years old when she accomplished her feats. One of the greatest snipers ever in history was a female.

+Archaeoptery X Oh, I missed the part about sniper viking women.

Osric Leondegrance Depends on the situation. The use of weaponry is a great leveller, especially in cases where skill and nimbleness matter as much as brute strength. Some the most renowned soviet snipers during WWII were women, for example.

Hej Arith, thanks for another awesome vid, an nice beard. :) Bí well hon.

Scandinavian women as a whole tend to lack the gender dimorphism found in other women... My guess is warrior women in Scandinavia were a biological possibility before the Church essentially started domesticating human beings with their Middle Eastern morals... (puts on grimdark space helmet) DEATH TO THE FALSE CREATOR!!!

I've long wondered the same thing. My mother's family is Swedish and my father's family is German. All of the women on both sides of my family are fairly stocky and muscular in their build. I'm the same height as my brother and have nearly as much muscle mass as he does. I'm a couple inches shorter than my husband, but as broad across the shoulders as he is. On the few occasions where it has been necessary, I've been able to physically defend myself without any problems. My husband loves the fact that I have a fierce, warrior component to my personality and that I am capable of looking out for myself. As a combat veteran he is glad to know that I'm there to cover his back, just as he does for me. We make a great team. :-)

Have you seen Arith's video on Oden?

If the other army has more bodies everyone would be needed. Women children could use bows. Amazonians talked about by Roman's. Sculpture of goth killing his wife then killing himself in battle.

Excellent video, thanks for doing this one. very insightful.

Archeological findings has shown female warrior graves

What is your take on why women would have been chosen to join the actual fighting? Was it simply that the vikings wanted to bolster their forces by bringing every adult they could get to battle? Was it that women held a role of a spiritual importance, a mascot perhaps, in battle? Did women actually take part in fighting or did they act more as officers on the field of battle?

Yes woman fought in wars, the battle of bravalla and the siege of dorostolon had woman fight in them.

I would imagine some women then just like now were suited to battle. They enjoyed it and were good at it. And as for their "endings" there is NOTHING SHAMEFUL OR DEMEANING ABOUT MARRIAGE!! If the warrior man could and did get married why not the warrior woman? Having children for either sex was and is VERY important. THAT WAS THEIR IMMORTALITY!! Eventually every warrior gets old and dies. Property and name SHOULD be carried on by children. This is how we are remembered. This is how and why they are THEY are! AND WHY we are here today!! ALL soldiers DIE. Whether or not they survive BATTLE. It doesn't matter whether you're a man or woman. It is TRULY SEXIST to believe otherwise and DEMEANING to our ancestral mothers whether they went to war or taught their children at home to make them somehow LESS because they chose to get married.

+Alan B'Stard M P Chavs?

it is said the Britons had women behind them egging the lads on in wars ? " Hit the bastard Wayne"

warrior women are real theirs plenty in the netherlands!

they did not exist

Yes they did, the battle of bravalla and the siege of dorostolon had shield maidens fight in them.

+Alan B'Stard M P Rik Mayall

+colin Paterson yes fictional

+Alan B'Stard M P Or even a fictional MP?

+TheBaconWizard Christ knows how a wizard could run that train of thought

+Alan B'Stard M P Religious thinking was demonstrated, regardless of whether that is attached to any particular religion or not.

+TheBaconWizard who said was religious?

+Arith Härger mate, they did not exist

You religious types need to learn. Fact is not determined by belief. The truth is: You don't know.

Your comment comes after the first 15min. of the video, you didn't watch till the end. Take your conclusions after.

Saga of the Volsungs. Nuff said.

Women in battle is wasting resources, not that they are a waste, but that they are a very very importants asset compared to men. The men fight in battle to protect their women and children, and putting women in the frontline without absolute cause is just stupid, becuase they are important to reproduce, on the other hand, men are expendable because 1 man can get unlimited amounts of women pregnant. The vikings had a tribal mindset and this was their mindset, one of keeping the family order, therefore they would not put their woman on the line, unless certain circumstances as in the very last line of defence, and perhaps few individuals rising through the ranks and one that has power and such, but ultimately a band of women on a battlefield would not only not happen but if it did it wohld be a terrable mistake for the tribe.




i am now making a wish//////that this man gets a channel on tv to create knowledge for our youngsters...I am a white witch...SO THIS NOW WILL SOON HAPPEN IN THE AGE OF AQUARIUS ...YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO EDUCATE THE FUTURE ...MARI HAS CHOSEN YOU



Great presentation, Arith, but I have NO doubt you will get "blow-back" from New Age-y, social agenda driven individuals invested in making an ancient basis for their contemporary beliefs!

I think sheild maidens held the spare sheild and spears for the men in the line and passed them to them when needed and also provided medical care as tacitus states in germania. I doubt they were active fighters except out of nessecity such as being outflanked or routed. it seems that while feminism is being pushed so hard very suspect that a women warrior was found as we know that people that dont replace themselves go extinct, that rule applied before as much as now.

2 reasons we can be sure that NO successful culture had significant numbers of female warriors. 1- in any violent competition, men have several advantages, and so the presence women in an army would weaken it compared to equal numbers of men and would therefore lose to and be erased by the army using all men. 2- women dying in combat would have an impact on the birthrate, whereas men dying in combat has no impact on birthrate. Thus, a culture with a significant number of female warriors would inevitably drop population after any significant warfare, even if they won.

"She is up to no good" haha, I love your way to tell the stories. Amazing research work behind all of this. My respect!

Studying the lore will give you many references which take you onto other stories. When researching I always take into account the loyalties of the author, because certain prejudices or desires will have them make changes of their own. Snorri Sturluson for example had very definite christian leaning and a want of making stories better than he had previously written. Piecing things together in your own mind you see a picture of the past because you know of your own experiences. It is all a look into a time before our modern religions. Each person may know in their own hearts what to believe of that time.

Great video as always, Arith!

+The Pagan Goy and because of this... do you feel the same way about small men serving as you do women? If you're talking about physical strength here, include them small boys. They get love and respect too, so dont leave em out.

+The Pagan Goy I genuinely hope you figure out what is so tangled up inside you that you feel the need to put others down to raise yourself up. That's not what real men or good soldiers do. We are meant to pull people up, not push them down. You are failing your God given mission. Unacceptable.

+The Pagan Goy actually, I was planning on it long before that but it's not like I could serve effectively if I had to poke myself in the ass with hormones everyday. It was a preemptive decision, not something I made afterwards. I'm sorry you feel that way but in that regard, your home, heart, head, and bedroom are no places for women.

Exactly. It's sounds like the military made you feel so inadequate that you felt compelled to get a sex change. The military is no place for women and It never has been.

+The Pagan Goy also, I dont like being thanked. The fact that your insecurity is this obvious is really indicative of the fact you *know* you are low in value. If you were a fish, you would be my hook and release. I hope you become more masculine so you dont have to feel so by beating down everyone else. Nothing I say will matter to you, and that's okay. But as one vet to another, your disrespect for your brothers and sisters is absolutely disgusting. Cant relate.

+The Pagan Goy you really need to get a girl and hop off that MGTOW bullshit. Your virginity can be smelled from here.

+The Pagan Goy women can do anything a man can do except squirt baby juice and have prostate cancer lmao

+The Pagan Goy OH MY GOD BRO LMAAAOOOOOOOOOOOO you cannot be serious. If you are... how about the fact that I am now a full man? (MAN, not male). From the sound of it, I can safely bet that your dick is smaller than even mine XD god, dude. This is *rich*

+erwin eichmannId also like to inform you: Supporting women to fill any other role besides wife and mother works to destroy your own society. Men can literally do everything a woman can do besides give birth to children. Of course the Vikings knew this thats why women who had the most children held more status comparatively... To venerate any other role for women higher than the role of wife and mother is anti patriotic and works against ones own country, it is treasonous, it encourages the government and private enterprise to look elsewhere for a population. And encourages your own country's decline. By supporting false rhetoric and the myth of the "strong independent woman" you are encouraging the further decline of female happiness that has Now out paced male happiness. you further the collapse of a society you swore loyalty to. Such behavior is treasonous and not becoming of a combat veteran or a woman. Correct yourself!

+erwin eichmann Im a combat vet myself. Women are mediocre in the rear and complete garbage in the field. You're not a warrior, your dead weight. You sat behind a desk, probably deployed to some fobs and you probably tell everyone to thank you for your service... ask any person whos seen combat, male or female and they will tell you the battlefield is no place for women. Btw where did you serve? Fort hood?

Done. US Army Vet. Served as female. 9 years.

Deal with it?

+Lee Wardle In the case of Colchester that was true, they were mostly retired but in London, which was an active port and transfer station I do not believe it to be so. Or at least by the accounts that I have read.

+colin Paterson @ The nearest thing to defence these towns had were Prefects ( older retired legionaries who were there essentially in the role of police) and garrison troops who were certainly not front line class infantry either in training or equipment. Keeping in mind that Roman soldiers were expected to pay for their own kit so newer recruits and auxiliaries could not afford the good stuff. They would have been mainly skirmishers armed with a spear and several throwing javelins normally used to harass the enemy before the heavy infantry cohorts began to move to the front. Written history can indeed be swayed toward the victors however on the other hand the Roman's are known by historians as excellent record keepers, which, on consideration makes sense because they had a large Empire to manage so a comprehensive and efficient bureaucracy would have been necessary. I cannot remember numbers of Romans off hand but it was certainly not enough to make any kind of meaningful resistance against the Icini tribal alliance. As I remember from accounts of the London (Londinium) raid the remaining Romans including any soldiers attempted to take refuge in a large temple only to have it burned down while they were still inside. To this day there is still a layer of soot buried several metres deep beneath the streets of central London that marks the scene of the carnage that took place in the old city.

+Martin Belfast The Roman accounts tell us otherwise.

+Lee Wardle They were not civillians as you previously stated and don't forget that our accounts come from the Romans themselves.

They were not warriors they never used a weapon in battle. They where figure heads only. And their knowledge of warfare wasn't anything great.

+Blood Eagle 88 Joan of Arc was a tactician and inspirational figure for the men she led, but she never physically fought in battle.

+Merianya S Thank you for posting, Merianaya! I, too, am Swedish and German (and Scottish) ... I'm not stocky, but I have a naturally muscular build that I never had to "workout" to gain muscle. Because of my height, I guess I'm intimidating to some people and also because my body appears very solid. My body is definitely feminine but it is clearly, solid.

+slayback98 oh you're right. it definitely happened in cases of desperation, for the exact reasons you said. But desperation means everyone fights, even kids to whatever extent they can. This is entirely different from a culture of warrior women, and changes in no way the fact that any bow intended to do lethal damage at significant range will have a draw weight that favors big, strong people. Yes, target and small game bows CAN kill. But nobody takes a toy into war on purpose. They use dedicated martial weapons, so that they have every chance of winning possible. Bows designed to kill people require strength. The better the bow, the greater the strength required. The best archers are, have been, and will always be big, strong men. The fact that a few women have shot bows doesn't change any of that. And no successful culture encouraged their women to take up arms in normal life, so even fewer of the potentially strong enough women would have actually seen battle. The "cultures of warrior women" are fantasy. Pure and simple.

+Christian Swensen umm "war bow?" You mean the English long bow that wasn't invented til the 1300s?? The tartar was used by the huns against the Roman's. And would be the technology the indo european would took with them north as they moved around. Why? cause use litte materials to make it. Laminated wood and bone paste for glue. Not every woman or boy would be fighting but alot more then you think. Because you die or become a slave. Why you think the romans ran into so many Germanic fighting woman that shot bows and called them amazonians?

I understand that archeologists can identify skeletons of archers, because the repeated strain of pulling a war bow actually changes the skeleton. I understand that a war bow would be drawing 75lbs and up, many over 100lbs. I understand that pulling a bow of that weight is literally impossible for most people, even grown men, and that's why trained archers were highly paid and valued professionals, not the rabble portrayed in movies. Real war bows are for big, strong people. Period. While it's true that some women are capable, they're rare and always have been.

+Christian Swensen you don't understand combat archery. You don't throw 5 arrows at a target. You shoot 50 at one target. Slings and arrows would be the easy more effective way for someone smaller. David and goliath ring a bell? Myth of the amazons cutting off their breast, in reality the wrapped their breast so they could shoot better aka sport bar. Women children could not be in shield wall be weak points. Maybe a spear? And to become a great archer you started out as a young boy hunting game. I started out with 35lb bow. Bear recurve like 55-65. They would used something seminal to the huns "tartar" believed its called not a English long bow.

Bows more universally require high upper body strength than most other weapons. The concept of the little skinny person excelling at combat archery is complete fiction.

They exist..

It makes a lot of sence for a woman to know how to fight, there has been many cultures through out time that did this, the Huns, ancient pre Christian Britan and even Scotland had warrior women.

A successful shieldmaiden would not look like the hollywood presentation of shieldmaiden . They would look more like a dude if they expected to succeed in the close up methods of the time .

The female is the deadliest of any species

'Bitch, get my shield' = Shield maiden.

Women have been found in warrior roles the world over. There were even women masquerading as men pirates during the golden era of piracy. I suspect shield maidens did exist, but they weren't petite, sexy little things, but rather trangendered brutes that were closer to men, and capable of keeping up.

+erwin eichmann You deserve to be mocked and humilated ad nauseum. You're a fucking disgrace to real men. What an embarrassment to the human race.

+knownonly Mind your own business anonymous coward. I don't converse with anonymous hit and run cowards on youtube. Deal in your own filth first.

+Oxtoa Wolf Your comment reminds me of a quote by Tacitus: ["A specially powerful incitement to valor is that the squadrons and divisions are not made up at random by the mustering of chance-comers, but are each composed of men of one family or clan. Close by them, too, are their nearest and dearest, so that they can hear the shrieks of their women-folk and the wailing of their children. These are the witnesses whom each man reverences most highly, whose praise he most desires. It is to their mothers and wives that they go to have their wounds treated, and the women are not afraid to count and compare the gashes. They also carry supplies of food to the combatants and encourage them. _It stands on record that armies already wavering and on the point of collapse have been rallied by the women, pleading heroically with their men, thrusting forward their bared bosoms, and making them realize the imminent prospect of enslavement -- a fate which the Germans fear more desperately for their women than for themselves._ Indeed, you can secure a surer hold on these nations if you compel them to include among a consignment of hostages some girls of noble family."]

Perhaps if given the choice of getting raped, and enslaved or picking up the sword of her fallen man, and continuing the fight it seems plausible.

+Evocati Do you mean "valuable"? Because taking on something expensive that has little value is a good reason to throw it out.

+Evocati No they weren't.

Women were too expensive to society to throw into a battle

"Scandinavian women as a whole tend to lack the gender dimorphism found in other women" Uh, Scandinavian people are big in general, but gender dimorphism exists here as strongly as it does anywhere else. The fact that many Scandinavian women are strong has nothing to do with gender dimorphism not existing. The average height of men is 181 cm and for women 167 cm, in Norway. Women and men all differ in size and shape, and some women are bigger than others. Also, gender dimorphism has nothing to do with morals. What you *make* of our biological differences has to do with morals; whether you accept them and celebrate them, as a life-affirming morality would do, or whether you try to overrule them or denigrate them, as a life-denying morality (or system of evaluation, like capitalism/socialism) would do.

Well, it might seem logical and pragmatic, for women to be trained to be at least competent in warfare. When, the boys go off “Viking”, someone has to guard hearth and home. From that, it’s a logical evolution to female warriors. Even with men it takes a certain personality type to be a warrior, especially in an era where one had carve-up your enemies like a side of beef. Yes, women are generally more lightly built than men. But, as my grandfather (an ex-drill sergeant and sniper) used say : What can not be taken by force, use deceit,subterfuge, and guile; In mortal combat there is no such thing as cheating, there is only alive or dead. That which is called cheating in civilian life, in war is ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Arith man, id love to know the proper way to cast runes. I have a new and was under the impression that you just draw them, but when i had them read professionally the seidhr cast them so intricatly on a large cloth, this is entierly new to me - please consider doing a video on that, i see many videos about runes online but little about their actual use.


I’m curious...I’m half Irish and half German, so, can I follow the old Gods? I know this has nothing to do with the video.

Hello Arith, Nice video wich got me thinking, On facebook the numerous archeolical/medieval combat meme pages aoccasionally post this Zombie article that occasionally appears get's debunked then dies a grizzly death in the comments section. it's always the same with the same title I think it goes like this..."Turns out all those viking warrior burial mound were not for men but for wommen!" Or some click bait like that. I can't remember all of the details like what site it came from but I remember the article being very condecending and boasting it's main point, that being the pelvic bones of those burried since a wommen's pelvic bone is shaped diffirently to a man's. This article keeps reappearing like a zombie getting debunked due to it's narrow focus and outright dissmissed whenever it decides to emerge again. So I was wondering maybe such Irritating articles may be contributing to make people dismiss the Posibility of shield maidens. Because to be honest that article made me do for a while. Food for thought.

Arith man, id love to know the proper way to cast runes. I was under the impression that you just draw them, but when i had them read professionally, the Seidhr tossed them on a cloth and read the face up runes rather than pulled them one by one - please explain!! Id love to hear about it from your perspective.

Anyone can follow the old gods. Your ancestry is irrelevant compared to your beliefs and deeds.

Keeping our minds open

We know for ex there was "knights" buried with sword and shields, who never saw combat. just noblemen who was wealthy in medieval time. we even have infants in scandinavia buried with axes- clearly they couldnt use those. So was it a status gift? did the weapons have spiritual protection? or meant for the after life in defense? I dont know. nobody does. Here is another issue with "women burials" like the one in Birka, they have no injuries on themself- 0.

People have no idea how much Christianity really screwed with our culture and pushed misogyny where it never existed in Northern Europe.

Carolyn, I enjoy your work and have within the last year and a half started this journey. As a former Pentecostal minister I am well aware of the horrible actions of the Abrahamic cults. It's nice to have more and more sources to study and glean information from. Thank you.

This was a nice run down and I'm glad you did it. The rise of interest in ethnic-European culture has unfortunately coincided with some circles of youtubers who promote inaccurate ideas about history and culture. It's nice to see YTers who are actually intelligent and informed. I have shared this around.

They exsisted. Beleive me

Very nicely presented. Its not easy to be that fair, let alone when we are presenting someone with new information. I also liked the pacing. I havent heard some of the arguments against sheildmaidens. Having grown up with a sister close to my age I never had to wonder if a women could have a warlike nature XD

​+Lauren McLain @ I am not assuming anything, honestly trawling, seine netting would cripple a woman that's why they don't do that work. Just like squeezing a watermelon sized object out my butt would severely mess me up. Men and women evolved to do different things nether one is better than the other at them.

Whether you see women out there on the boats you work on or not, probably speaks more to current views of women, their exposure, and access to such things. You are underestimating women. You are assuming that women were not taught how to do things from a young age just like boys were. Why is that? Assuming a woman is responsible for the kitchen, and she uses wood to fuel fire, how can she possibly do so, especially if men and older boys are gone, possibly for long periods of time? My guess is that she would have to be able to gather, chop, and cut whatever it is that she needs. She would have to know how to start a fire on her own. She would have to know how to do a lot of things on her own. I know women that chop wood themselves. I learned how to chop wood. My best friend hunts and fishes. I'm certainly not tall by any means, and neither is she, we're both close to 5ft, actually, I'm slightly less than 5ft, but we've both spent long periods of time backpacking with heavy packs that were at least 40lbs in wilderness areas, and both of us did just fine. I weighed close to 90lbs when I was doing stuff like that. I backpacked and camped in winter and in snow. I worked in a stock room and helped move furniture on a daily basis. I did ballet and gymnastics, I was good at running cross country, I started riding horses when I was 9-years-old, I snow boarded, and I have no doubt in my mind that if I was trained to fight from an early age, I probably could've been decent at it. I would lack size and strength compared to men, but I'd be agile, and fast, and I'd have stamina. I might be smarter at fighting than some men. I might have other skills that were valuable, such as skill with a bow and arrow. I might be good at sneaking into areas, watching, gathering information, and bringing it back without getting caught. I could totally see girls that showed an interest in such things being taught how to fight, use weapons, work on boats, etc..., especially prior to Christianity's influence regarding women doing things like that. Have you ever been pregnant multiple times and given birth? Referring to women as somehow lesser than men is ridiculous. Women are more capable than you're giving them credit for being. Women that can hold up as well as men in tough conditions, that can pull their own weight, do things commonly associated with men, they definitely exist now, and I'm sure they existed then. Women also had/have to earn things, work their way up, just like men did/do, and if they were doing things that men typically did, I'm sure they had to earn their position in whatever they were doing. So yes, you are definitely underestimating women. You shouldn't just assume that you see no women out on the boats you work on because they are women, and incapable of doing what men do. Instead, try looking a little deeper, ask questions about how men started doing it, why, when, what would it take for a woman to earn a place on board, etc...?

Thank You...It's shocking to see how many men underestimate women.

how do you know that? in sweden we have hällristningar on rocks even 3000-6000 years ago of humans with spears on boats.

+Blood Eagle 88 you don't need to know how to fight or have done any of it to hold your banner and scream something about God.

If europeans collectively pooled their sex chromosomes they could build for themselves the race they desired

+Christian Swensen if desparation means everyone fights, why wouldn't they also train and prepare their women and children? That's a warrior culture

Yeah but Birka for ex where they found the "woman warrior" was a peaceful trade town, that people visited and had no hostility or was known for pillage or war.

Of course there's shield maidens. There were female Brennan and so on. If the work needed done someone had to do it. It doesn't matter to my mind if it was done by a man or a woman, we would not have survived a winter if we divided labour like they do in warmer climates. We did not change who we are to suit modern times and we aren't going to in the future either.

I think the small details like "oh I'm a warrior woman." And them finding that casual explanation acceptable is more telling than a full fledged tale of a warrior woman. You can pass off an extravagant tale as just that... but when it's a common casual thing... that's very suggestive of it being at least normal enough that it is plausible. Good video.

They did exsist and still do exsist if you think they don't try the red maiden who terrorized the irsh into submission sheild maidens could be made all was needed is for her want to be one then she was taken away to be trained by her father or an uncle or even a brother just like any male as early as 8 yrs old up to 13 then among the group she would perform such rites as a preist for the fallen to make Shure those who fought with bravery were honored and burried proprly after battle which gave rise to the valkyrie without any xtian interference ! And in the society it didn't matter your gender as long as you could do the job! The rite for making a dheildmaiden still exists and it involves three stages 4 if she wishes to move forward to a volva afterwards it is a complete cycle not just a run n the ladder to say they didn't exsist is completely stupid!

They should have destroyed us. They failed to do this and now they are being culled. Everyday some priest is called out as a pervert. The truth is coming out on them and they will not survive themselves.

+Kirsten Kellogg such a sorry state of world affairs... that the most tolerant people are the most likely to die out and be conquered. I swear, until my last breath... the 14 words. europeans will exist now and forever. Be resolute my beauty and we shall.

+NwoDispatcher IKR? (((We))) are too nice and programmed to tolerate, while being overtaken by the "rabbit-like" breeders.

Simple biology dude. If you send women into battle, you lose the next generation. If you send children into battle, you lose the next generation. If you send men into battle, you win. People are NOT equal. A child or an adult woman is not equal to a man in battle. It's was true in the beginning. It's true now. Likely, it will continue to be true to the end of mankind.

Yes, we live, we walk we breathe, we fight.

+Archaeoptery X Did you intentionally ignore the term "melee"?

+Kirsten Kellogg the other races are too slated for dispossession. This is a world empire

If anything, everything I've read on biology and evolution suggests just the opposite- that sexual dimorphism is more pronounced in Europeans than in other races.

+NwoDispatcher I hope your words ring true for the Ages; it is a pretty dark time right now, but then again, it has ever been brighter than right now. It causes me grief that we have no "home lands" anymore unlike other races!

The Celts had warrior women. Queen Boudica is one that comes to mind .

Of course you can, you are white and only the extremist pagans hate non whites following the pagan religion that said follow what you believe in other people aren’t important

Joseph so Boudicca held the guys swords to the battle? I bet you wouldn’t say it to her face

+Wayne D House What about her? She was a leader and figurehead, not a fighter.

Osric Leondegrance ever heard of Boudicca? Think your argument falls flat there

Krushurpants havent seen even one here though lol

+Wayne D House Boudicca probably served as a sort of standard-bearer; she was a symbol of the Celtic rebellion against Rome. You could picture her like a Joan of Arc- she didn't do much of the fighting, but was a source of inspiration for the men - a "cheerleader" of sorts. Note that Boudicca was routed quite quickly by the Roman legions once they caught her in the open field. It's a bit irritating why so many of you venerate this woman. She is on record for plundering and pillaging Roman towns and cities when the opposing troops were elsewhere.

+L. A. Chancey Flicking a really long needle with a blunted point around is not combat.

+Wayne D House Stop being so thirsty, and take a reading comprehension course.

Again, it depends on the level of expertise in each battle. Amazingly enough, from experience in fencing class, UGA 81-83 I can tell you, from a class of 48 people, one other male and I would always decimate the class in Grand Melee. Again it depends on the experience of the group, skill, confidence and courage based a lot on experience. I grew up with a mean set of cousins, pine burr wars in the South, horseback riding and working in the fields since I was 5, followed by 4 years in the USMC. I could outshoot most men in archery, rifle or pistol. Now I fight with a pen, but miss “the sword.”


Women were warriors they just didn’t use the term

Shield maidens were few they were the descendants of the gods that's why they were shield maidens. Regular women wouldn't of stood a chance

But did she fight? or did she send other peopel to fight for her? I have never seen any evidence she fought herslef, meaning, she is about as much of a warrior as the current british queen.

«Viking» society was very patriarchal. Women weren't allowed to chose their husbands but were sold off to them by their fathers or tutors. They were allowed to divorce but only under very specific circumstances. They weren't allowed to wear men's clothing or assist to.the.'«Thing». They had no say in the tribe's decision taking either. So it is fair to doubt they participated in battle with the men. There are no historic accounts of Viking women fighting Saxons in England or the Franks in France, not one. Most battles were recorded by monks, scholars, or scribes....none mention women. Furthermore it is not because you find a tomb with weapons and female remains that indicate the weapons were hers, and no female «warrior» skelleton shows any sign of a wound on the bones indicating she died in a violent manner, but scores of Viking men's bones show signs of wounds. To finish, basic common sense show how ridiculous Viking men would have been exposing their women to danger by placing them on a shield wall where they would have been cut to pieces in seconds by men who were meaner (testosterone) taller, stronger, heavier and way more muscular than women. If women could fight as well as men then why not let them compete against men in MMA, boxing, fencing, have your answer. PC Nordic. countries contemporary feminism wants to rewrite history to suit their neurotic anti-nature agendas.

You would have to be mental to think women warriors existed outside of very specific, out of the ordinary circumstances. For instance if their home was being invaded, yes they would fight to protect their children - in saying that, the children probably also fought. But to think they were sent out to war? Good grief, what fantasy world are you living in?

That beard tho... very epic! SKÅL!

+Joseph project much?

The Pagan Goy, so basically you are saying you don't believe in evidence. It may be a small percentage but there are women who can kick a guy's ass. Few and far between yes. But possible. I myself have no interest in serving or fighting. I would do my best to protect my family though despite that.

Yes, brother. All Europeans are welcome. Hail Odin.

+Joseph where are your badges and ribbons?

It was important for the women to have children..

I thought the men were the warriors to protect the woman.. I'm sure there were women fighters.. But not Sheild maidens.. It was the men's job to protect and the women to heal.. That's how I see it..

As aways... A great video and kinowledge incredible! Thanks a lot!!

+pazu_ near my house is a runestone that just says its raised by two brothers for their mother. viking women are mentioned many times, but not much is said, just appreciation. I do know that one of swedens oldest noble family, "natt och dag" (night and day) started with sigridsson (sigrid is a female viking name) so son of female sigrid. and it has been speculated they came from a famous viking family. sigridsson the son of sigrid became a great knight in 1200 ad. why did he name himself after his mom? and not his dad? and why did she have power to educate him and train him to be a knight yet his dad is never mention? who knows.

+quezcatol makes sense haven't watched the video yet ill do so later today though. Another thing I've heard about shield maidens is that their duty may have been to stand in the back line of a formation and pass forth shields as the ones in the front line broke or the men holding them died interesting stuff

+pazu_ could also be a city guard - she was buried with 2 horses remember? that isnt something vikings usually did, ride around on horses. might have been a scout for Birka and been well known for it as well. riding from A-B as a delivery between villages or to warn etc.

Most likely buried with their father's or husbanfd's swords

The problem with most historical works we read or rely on for our window into our distant yesterdays is " Who " wrote them, and " Why " they did so. Furthermore how much of " Their " own opinion or bias they wrote into their some cases thease opinions may be presented within works for many reasons, from the desire to be published without their works ( or themselves ) being branded as outlaw by the established society enforcers of their age. To just wishing to upset the order of their day. And history books in general from most periods of history always lacked full truith..Harkening the old phrase history is normally written by the victor again into question...thease works survive because the victor's let them...Some times the whole point of some historical works is just to keep the subject matter alive so it remains around " To " be debated or researched by a newer age and mindset...Than we add the other problem of older historical written works...we cannot prove " If " or " How much " honest or truithful research the author did before presenting their works to the world of the day. As we were not there to be present to bare witness to the book's writing, and as the many authors too were also not there to observe the events they the older historians who wrote about things far older than their age lacked many tools to scientificly prove or disprove the events..( again falling back to the research end and the lacking of it ). Plus some who write their books have proven they knew little about the culture for which they used in their subject they added to their works " fillers " based on their knowledge or understanding or again their own opinion..or the knowledge and understanding of their intended readers of their age to make the work more digestable and understandable...Now as for Shield maidens and Warrior women...from a non academic standpoint but a human one...There would have been many daughters who were taught the craft of the sword and to fight by a father or mother...just as today many teach their daughters to understanding if you will...Just because one wields no weapon does not mean one can not die because of learning to defend one's self can reduce that threat..And as for old grave sites with women who were buried with the tools of war..well generally the ancients buried one with what was theirs in if a woman was buried with a sword, bow, axe, or shield...well conventional wisdom says it was probibly their posessions...

One thing that also should be mentioned is the quality of the male warrior bones compared to the female warrior bones, male bones had obvious wear and substantial amount of damage on them, while the female bones often had little or none.

+Marie marie all women who do sports are warrior women!

Lol what a stupid ignorant thing to clearly have not a single clue what paganism is women were not warriors or chieftains or some whores that had 5 or so dicks to fuck like you idiots think that pagans were...women were women and they knew they place in society... Christianity actually brought cult of a Holly women and they brought feminism into Europe making distraction within family and hatred towards men

I also feel that the taking of half the Fallen as a Sign of Her Martial prowess as a Fighter ?

Speaking as a infantry soldier from the 1980's and 90's, even today the vast majority of women make piss poor infantry soldiers, they are too slightly built and weak to carry the loads and they generally lack the aggression to fight and win effectively. A 1,000 or more years ago where strength and aggression was even more important, in actual hand to hand fighting, in a shield wall, not a chance. Shield Maidens were a thing from poetic sagas.

Jackson Crawford has a video on it. There is also battle of Dorostolon where women were part of viking conquest and combat troops in offensive war.

It makes a lot of sense to me that there would be female warriors. The Scandinavians were not people who could afford to waste resources, and human power was the most critical resource they had. They could not afford to waste any able-bodied talent on something as stupid as gender discrimination. Hail to our warrior grandmothers, defenders of our homesteads and legacies.

I remember in school we were told that woman was warriors but most of the time they were set to protect the town from other towns when the men were out looking fir new land and plundering etc

Who is "Hirst"?

Why would women want a place in battle is the real question.

Wow, the nazi pagans have really been doubling down lately. Poor Arith.

Carolyn Emerick Norðfolc Volklorist No. Sucking up to Arith like that won't work. You're just exploiting Norse paganism to make your simple minded bonehead politics seem more mysterious and glamourous to impressionable people. It's really transparent. You're just another would-be nazi demagogue. Take your poison elsewhere.

Osric Leondegrance Why do you care so much about this debate? Are you politically invested? Perhaps you are a sexist? Or even a racist?

+Eric Ward my grammar is poor because as you probably can see from my name English is not my first language so forgive for that hope you can understand.. Well that's a problem I am Slavic and in out culture there is not single one poem...story...tale about women warriors...yes there are tales when woman picks up a weapon etc but to arm herself and go in war lol no...the same thing was with Nordic and Celtic people... now can we believe in those tales from sagas etc? Cuz we all know that they were written by Christian's and interpreted by "modern schollars" and we all know they are so hard forcing that "black European" propaganda... Just imagine woman warrior going to raids with rest of vikings...couple weeks on sea...say 50 men and 5 women...what u think is going to happen?

+Nebojsa Matic First: It would help your points if you used proper grammar. (Hate to be "that guy", but it would help. ("Do it smart thing" Come on) Second: While I agree that in most situations of putting women on the battlefield would end poorly, the fact that there is a number of them in the sagas and legends of the North give them a (minute at least) basis in fact. If they never existed, what's the point of telling stories about them. The general acceptance of men being stronger than women acknowledged, there are sometimes acceptations to the rule. There have been physically big, strong women before today's time, so what is to say that some of them didn't join the shield wall? As for the history as propaganda it, you are right. There is always going to be a certain level of bias in recording historical events, especially since the rise of Christianity, but that does not stop the critical minded from sifting for the truth.

+Eric Ward first of all we can't use "official" history as real source cuz it's all propaganda.. So you have to think logically.. Does it smart thing to put women in army???? No it is not end of story they are not capable as men maybe 10 women would be worth as one fighting man.. Just look those bodies of those so called "women warriors" do they have any wounds on their bones?

+Nebojsa Matic What's your source for that??

We have both depictions and mentions in the saga of Shield maidens. Legends often have a grain of truth to them. We also find women buried with battle gear although it is uncommon.

+quezcatol very interesting indeed

The reality is that at earlier times a woman's role of child bearer and nurturer was crucial to society and dictated, if nothing else, the roles in society. At a time of high infant mortality a woman would spend most of the fittest part of her life in those activities. The concept of manhood in those days was much more defined and welcomed. Today we have a complete inversion and manhood is actively discouraged. With woman being encouraged to step into traditional male roles including combat combined we now see males completely losing their way. There is an insidious agenda afoot and we should not play lip service to it.

I am afraid Boudica is not a good example. The only near contemporary account of events was written by the Roman historian Tacitus and he wasn't a witness to events so received the information 2nd or 3rd hand. His 'Annals' describing the final battle of the Iceni states that the women of the tribe watched the battle from the side-lines in their camp. He then puts words into the mouth of Boudica in making a fine speech to her troops but this is pure invention and not the first time he second guessed the oratory of opponents of Rome before a battle. He later states that she committed suicide after the battle was lost. There is no indication that she actually fought. The tale was greatly embroidered in following centuries until it took on a mythological element which can not be taken literally.

+Prydwen3 thanks man really nice post...yeah whenever I hear misogony or bigotry or similar I can tell they are brainwashed

I might be a heathen but will not ignore the nonsense feminist myths that abound. Women were particularly attracted to early Christianity and the early church actually worked to prevent some of the excesses against women that were allowed in pre-Christian cultures. This, for example, can be witnessed in Adomnan's writings including the Laws of the Innocents.The Cáin Adomnáin recounts that an angel told Adomnán to create a law that: 'women be not in any manner killed by men, through slaughter or any other death, either by poison, or in water, or in fire, or by any other beast, or in a pit, or by dogs, but that they shall die in their lawful bed … … he who from this day forward shall put a woman to death and does not do penance according to the Law, shall not only perish in eternity, and be cursed for God and Adomnán'. Please stop misusing language by the word 'misogyny'. This mean a hatred of women. People who believe the natural differences and roles of the sexes do not hate women. To suggest otherwise is a disgusting slur and a typical tactical of the morally bankrupt cultural Marxists.

I think the warrior woman Scáthach from irish mythology who taught young men (very young by modern standards, adulthood was as early as practicable back then) combat in small groups is something anyone trying to work out what shield maidens and the origins of the idea of valkyries were should have a good hard think about. Is being trained by someone who has not lived the warrior life in full ideal? Maybe not. But in the Bronze Age and early Iron Age they worked with what they had. There were fewer people, people were more occupied just getting by. There was no unemployment line. There were fewer guilds and associations yet, demanding you not take up that trade or the other trade unless you met certain criteria. Shield Maidens would have started as girls who were obsessively fascinated with combat (possibly high functioning on the autism spectrum... what were such kids into in the Bronze Age?) who in their adult life encountered circumstances where earning a bit of money would be nice (widowhood? divorce? disabled husband?) and would have just have made the offer to train and set a price, and been successful or not via reputation. And a lot of them would have been successes. There's an awful about about early combat training that has nothing to do with having had personal experience of war. Anyhow that's my take on shield maidens and valkyries... once everyone would have known that a shield maiden was a girl who was obsessively interested in combat, could hold her own against other women and and probably headed to becoming a great early teacher of it whether to her own kids or others, and valkyries were the extension of an established pattern, your mother having brought you into this world of conflict, then possibly a shield maiden having taught you your first formal lessons to bring you into the adult world of conflict... then on your death another woman, the valkyrie, takes you to the gods to be part of the godly world of conflict.

My woman stays at home, my job is to protect her.

Still trying to meet a shield maiden

in my youth i was a gang member there were NEVER any women in man on man fighting.. NEVER… the men would not have allowed it… look at hells angels or any other violent male group.

+Morten Bruni The Roman accounts tell us otherwise.

I love your avatar!

they can't be trusted

+Joseph Percy where are your badges and ribbons?

+Joseph Percy project much?

Thank you for your thorough presentation. Something to consider the region between the Ural and the Black Sea also contains burial mounds with women in armor and all thee accouterments of war. This was written about in the book "Warrior Women" and the archaeologist associated these finds with the Greek mythology Amazons. These people were the precursors of the tribes that moved into Europe as the Aryan tribes that became the Germanic and Scandinavian peoples. So it is possible that this is a very ancient ancestral tradition that was brought into Europe, and as you mention grew out of favor due to the authoritarianism of the church. I appreciate that you mentioned all the recent archaeological finds in Scandinavia and Brittain. And I loved how you tied the duties of the mother into training the sons for war. That connects to the Celtic myth of the Morrigan teaching war to the hero Cuchullain. So I would say that there are hints that this was pervasive and tiny hints of a very different ancient world than what the priests wanted us to believe.

I know you dont believe in hell but as the old adage says, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Women are great warriors.

i would find it very likely that in cultures that werent infested with abrahamic belief systems it was not uncommon for a certain percentage of able women to chose the path of a warrior and it was not a big deal, this has happened in almost every non roman / non-abrahamic culture and of course is now more common than ever before...look at the very secular curdish YPG for instance and of course ironically the Israeli Defense Force (despite being literally the definition of an abrahamic culture, this was dictated by secularisation and the necessities of a small population fighting against all sides) The Britons had Boudica and most certainly other women fought within the normal ranks, the era of the migrations had entire populaces move around and be constantly engaged in fight for survival it is barely realistic to assume there werent a certain percentage of able bodied women engaged in active warfare. I do concede that patriarchic structures are not entirely a thing rooted in judaism,christianity and islam when it comes to europe but religion has undoubtedly been the most influencial factor for the past 1700 years at least only to be countered by enlightenment slowly gaining traction since the 16th century. And women in combat units is only a very recent development in almost all modern countries. Physical limitations on average still are a factor that cant be ignored though. I am not convinced that the mere stamina required to move around 60 pounds of gear constantly in difficult climate is something the average female trained body can achieve reliably compared to the average male with a trained body.Even for a trained 220 pound muscular brute that is no easy feat. There are exceptions of course on both sides but were speaking averages here.

Lesbians love fighting. The gay rage is real...

+Nebojsa Matic hahahahahs never hear so much bull shit hahaha.

You are right. Christianity was the biggest enemy of all cultures and murder AND exciting nearly every native culture. This religion is the biggest lie in history of mankind. From their traditions to their God jesus is everything a lie. Unfortunately wonderful native cultures are dead because of them.

flash453 that would make sense. I mean, if many of the men were gone, mama bears would rise up to protect.

We were only 2 women in my field artillery platoon back in 1989 (Canada). Armed combat was not popular for women and we had to be as good as men at our job. It was hard but we were dedicated. Battle is not something the majority of women are interested in at all, but once in a while some of us are built for it because we are stronger and tougher than the average woman. I don't doubt there were women warriors in many cultures over human history, especially before patriarcal religions, but they surely were uncommon as they are today.

Those weapons in the grave belonged to a fallen husband. How do you not know this? Seems logical.

Religion has destroyed history. Almost all myths are based in facts. Women had to protect their homes and children so yess why

Oops I didn't finish my thought so yes why wouldn't they have been trained and who trained the boys when the men were gone I agree with you 100%. I also believe that she'll maidens were real and even if they didn't go out and fight in large numbers at battles they were there to at least to protect their homelands and no Christian or any other male dominant religion appreciate or respect a woman defeating them so they tried to wipe them from history or at least discredit them

You're wonderful. Thank you so much for your content.

+Martin Brown The Roman accounts tell us otherwise.

All the women get married or were killed, which reinforced sexist ideals? Interestingly, it seems all warrior men also end up either married and living happily ever after or killed. So as far as I can tell, that's normal and not stereotyping.

Great video. Really good video.

I would be greatly interested to read any accounts from Franks, Saxons, Angles, Celts, Arabs, etc... who fought against the Vikings in hundreds of battles that mention any women warriors among them on the battlefield I personally have found none. Shield maidens were more probably women who stayed behind the battle lines and replaced broken shields or weapons for the warriors fighting on the shield walls. Thus the words "shield maiden". Does that make sense? A lady being buried with weapons does not prove the dead was a warrior, or even that the weapons belonged to her, they may have belonged to her husband or a member of his/her family instead. Furthermore not one skeleton of a woman buried with weapons show traces of broken bones, slashes, or any kind of wound showing she fought or died on a battlefield, contrary to Viking men skeletons oowhichf which many have traces of wounds. Women in nordic societies had very little freedom contrary to contemporary popular belief, these societies were very patriarcal, women were not allowed to chose their husbands, their father, brother, or another male tutor sold them off to their futur husbands, they were not even allowed to dress as men so being allowed to fight amongst Viking men is highly improbable. Nor were they allowed to enter the Althing which was reserved uniquely to men. They were allowed to divorce of course but only under a few very strict conditions. The series "Viking" is a skewed politically correct fable particularly when it depicts nordic women as individuals with the same rights as men which is ludicrous and does absolutely not reflect real Viking societies.

You got men plowing through the enemies. They would r#$e nearing that

As a Dane - You're fill oe shit

@Nebojsa Matic hahahahahs never hear so much bull shit hahaha.

@Prydwen3 thanks man really nice post...yeah whenever I hear misogony or bigotry or similar I can tell they are brainwashed

@Eric Ward my grammar is poor because as you probably can see from my name English is not my first language so forgive for that hope you can understand.. Well that's a problem I am Slavic and in out culture there is not single one poem...story...tale about women warriors...yes there are tales when woman picks up a weapon etc but to arm herself and go in war lol no...the same thing was with Nordic and Celtic people... now can we believe in those tales from sagas etc? Cuz we all know that they were written by Christian's and interpreted by "modern schollars" and we all know they are so hard forcing that "black European" propaganda... Just imagine woman warrior going to raids with rest of vikings...couple weeks on sea...say 50 men and 5 women...what u think is going to happen?

@Nebojsa Matic First: It would help your points if you used proper grammar. (Hate to be "that guy", but it would help. ("Do it smart thing" Come on) Second: While I agree that in most situations of putting women on the battlefield would end poorly, the fact that there is a number of them in the sagas and legends of the North give them a (minute at least) basis in fact. If they never existed, what's the point of telling stories about them. The general acceptance of men being stronger than women acknowledged, there are sometimes acceptations to the rule. There have been physically big, strong women before today's time, so what is to say that some of them didn't join the shield wall? As for the history as propaganda it, you are right. There is always going to be a certain level of bias in recording historical events, especially since the rise of Christianity, but that does not stop the critical minded from sifting for the truth.

@Eric Ward first of all we can't use "official" history as real source cuz it's all propaganda.. So you have to think logically.. Does it smart thing to put women in army???? No it is not end of story they are not capable as men maybe 10 women would be worth as one fighting man.. Just look those bodies of those so called "women warriors" do they have any wounds on their bones?

@Nebojsa Matic What's your source for that??

​@Lauren McLain @ I am not assuming anything, honestly trawling, seine netting would cripple a woman that's why they don't do that work. Just like squeezing a watermelon sized object out my butt would severely mess me up. Men and women evolved to do different things nether one is better than the other at them.

@Joseph Percy where are your badges and ribbons?

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