The movie that SHOULDVE WON an Oscar!

The movie that SHOULDVE WON an Oscar!

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Before, this video begins a very epic announcement. That's right everybody. Origin. PC. Sponsor. Everyone. Say it with me loud and clear. Origin. PC, neuro. Origin. PC neuron. Desktop, it's a computer that I have look how that goes in the bar look, at this look. At this baby this. Is the computer I have but, they have announced newer on RTS, which, of course stands, for really, tight. Snowball, no that. Was a joke it's, called real-time. Shipping. As. Cool as real-time shipping. Sounds, it's ready. To ship real-time, shipping would be cool though they, sell for only, 1499. But there's limited, inventory you, gotta act fast, ok, the, neuron RTS, has. An NVIDIA, GeForce. R-tx. 26. C GPU, and a 6 core professor. That. Means you can perfectly. Game perfectly. Stream. Perfectly. Watch memes, and pretend that you have no any idea what, any of this means. I mean, I can't even pretend clearly. What. Are you some sort of loser that don't play games on ultra graphics ha. Pathetic. It's of course the latest graphics technology. Ok. Real-time. Ray tracing for, lifelike lighting, in such games like metro Exodus, and DL SS with, improved, performance, and fps. I know what fps means ok, guys, but wait that's not it, you also have three games including and thanks, to this little baby you can easily upgrade it, during. The future, as well it's very easily upgradeable, you will also get, lifetime. Tech support. In the, u.s. available. 24/7. 365, days, a year baby, you need help with your computer on Christmas, we got you baby but, that's not it what also giving one away that's right you guys get bread as well check, out the link in description for. Dear way way info, that's it for me for now enjoy the video. Smack. Like and subscribe, and epic. One. Man that is truly holy and holds, a special place in my heart, I think, of neoprene and no one else. Sorry Marcia but Neil Breen takes my heart, now who is Neil Breen you ask well, hi, thanks, for checking out my crowdfunding, site, my. Name is Neil Breen, I'm. A filmmaker. I'm. In the process of. Producing. My. Fourth legitimate. Feature film. Neil. Breeding is a legitimate. Filmmaker, and I made videos on his previous work in the past which, is nothing, short of oscar-worthy. Performance wife's. Director. Weiss everything. You've. Committed suicide, oh I. Can't. Help you out of this one Jim. We've. All we've been through I. Can't. Pull you out of this one, can't, pull you out of this one what can I say, Neil. Is the bass I love this background that he chose it says so much and, so, little at, the same time which, is actually, a great way to describe his film now a couple a couple of days ago me and some friends in Brighton we watched it another one of his films one of his older work called. The double, down now why don't we double down together and go through this masterpiece. Neal. Breen psychological. Thriller, Double Down it's, a masterpiece I'm, not gonna lie it's a little light it's a little hard to sit through there, are some moments I'm questioning why I watch this film but. There, are those golden, moments, and that's what we're gonna focus on today's, so, the film starts, up with this lovely footage, of clouds and you think wow this. Actually looks, pretty great, I like. The music it's made by Neal Green we don't know what Neal brain has done but, we know that he is involved, in this field there's. Now. I know what you're asking yourself will, there be another Neal green text on the screen please. I need to see more Neal brief text on the screen don't worry it is coming there's got to be patient, because. This video because. This film has to be in our 30 minutes so that it can be quite where producers, writen and directed by Neil brain, incredible. Actually, like this shots I don't I can't, complain too much it goes through this I could. Thank beautiful. There. He is. Look. At those sideburns Aaron, Brown Aaron. I always thought I was doing the right thing and preparing for life I was. The first in my class in college and computers okay all you need to know about this character literally, you don't need to know anything besides say he's a hacker, he's a genius I don't know he's there's a lot of things okay perhaps most, importantly, he, enjoys eating, tuna. At Akane's I. Don't. Need much to live on anymore I just eat tuna out of the can and live in the car. You. Know for being a genius he's really bad at eating tuna while driving Oh. Neil. Oh that. Was close that was real close this, is why you, never eat tuna out of a can while, driving please, let this be a learning lesson for all of you out there now, mercenary. For. Any nation it's gonna be a lot of shots I'm not gonna lie there's gonna be a lot of shots of Neil, Breen running through rocks and if that's not your cup of tea then, then you're just a hater and this movie isn't for you so you can just back away okay.

You Can just get away from here, we. Ain't got time for this I want to watch Neil breathe remove my life one look at that and look at that claim, absolutely. Incredible. Or get he married you know as a passionate. Fan of Neil Breen's work there, is a car there are a couple current, beams one. Of them being an excessive. Use of laptops. Neil, Breen loves, to use laptops, why, use one laptop when he's can use two laps down to assess and why use one phone and break you can use two, phones simultaneously. No. One abuses, laptops, like, Neil Breen. Don't. Know nail. Yeah. Don't. Do it Neil don't, do, it god. Damn it me a look, first. Book me don't hit that book, with, them god, damn can't wait any longer I don't care how angry you are go god damn e you. Don't don't not again my. God, not. It. Someone. Stop, this man. I. Know. You're, upset it, has a deeper, meaning I'm just really glad that laptop, has made it an apparent, here as well, satellite. Dishes five. Laptops six. Oh he's got five laptops six. Oh. There. Are very dangerous Wars, going on that. Will never end, he's. Talking about t-series, vs.. PewDiePie that's right I snuck that one in there so, Neil Green is basically like an undercover agent, type, of really, hard to explain Neil brain character. Is like a super. Rogue. Agent. To secret, war. Underground. Desert-dwelling. Character. I disappear. He. Can disappear home and he, also has a force field. Which. Is pretty much filled with cause for shield sir if an intruder the force shield will cause death if an intruder draws near just letting, you guys know that that's the thing that Neil Breen has this, is important for the plot and story no it isn't but that is not necessary, in Neil, Breen's films, okay you just don't understand. Three. Laptops at the same time port or truth, how many laptops do you use at the same time huh one. Two. Threes. But there's no waiver is that way it's therefore there. Is far own but there is for laptops, I didn't see the fourth one my mind sorry, guys I gotta rewrite this review so now we have more shots of neo brain running around in the desert an excellent. Climber and an, excellent, athleticism, but. He's about to find something, in these rocks now, place your bets in the comments please what. Do you think Neil, brain is, gonna find in the rocks, the. Winner gets. Gets. To smash like on this video what is he finding. Another. Laptop, everyone. The. Fifth laptop. Makes this appearance. Yep. That's a laptop yep. Confirmed. It is in fact a laptop. Remember. We were seven and it was love at first sight, we. Loved each other since because. You have matching, pants, is that why Neal, there.

He Is again with the laptops, now to. Be clear here we, are 17. Minutes into the film and we. Haven't seen, or. Heard any. Dialogue. Whatsoever, it's, just been nothing but this and Neal. Breen talking. Over the footage there was an error in the calculation, okay, all right but, let's go, to, the, best fit in my opinion, of the entire film it starts, off with the footage of a very public pool as you can see here. Then. Cut to Neal brain beam naked, in this pool with naked lady I. Love. You, will. You marry me. Yes. Yes. Yes. I, will marry. You. Can tell she really feels, strongly. About this clip now I definitely, want to be in this shot okay I guess what I want. To show myself as, much as possible, I'm. So happy I. Can't. Wait to be your wife o Neill B nail. Breathe that's a laser. We'll. Always be together I, need. To know that, watch. Out Neal, breathe how. Does she not see the laser. It. Is possible. Anything's. Possible. Thank. You watches, jeez. Is. It me or is, it hot in here god. Damn that was sexy, ah ah. I, cannot, recreate, that fantastic sound only one man. Jeez. That. Is the, shriek, of pure, agony. Now, if you thought this whole scenario was obscure enough I guess we it gets a spear. Okay. Sure. Oh. Not. The flower. Okay. Cut to her then. Wait. For it. Yes. Thank. You very much Neil Breen for that immaculate. Shot. Beautiful. Fantastic. Art. And. He's gone oh. Okay. There he is I. Find. Myself waking. Up on the ground. PJ. Pointed out this when we watched at it it's like we see him waking, up from the ground we, don't need him I'm sorry Nia I don't think what he need him pointing. Out that, he's waking, up from the ground as much as I love the, soothing sound of Neil Greene's buttery voice just just, a thought the. Whole plot of the film kind of sounds like Neil. Greene's personal. Thoughts, I don't know how to explain it but showing this I'm always amazed, that how, governments, all over the world are so concerned, about nuclear missiles, and nuclear bombs and. All. The very expensive, and secret technology, involved. The, reality, is that, chemical and biological. Weapons can. Be much more destructive to, societies. And economies, in. Nuclear weapons all, right Alex Jones all right thank you appreciate it, oh. He's. Laying on the ground again. Now. Wait. What just happened did he wake up or did he find himself waking, up in the ground is, that what happened Neil, you're not explaining, what's going on. Just. Got a check if pretty pie stone winning over t-series okay. They're fine. I've. Received their directions now. Introducing. The greatest, character, of all, time. Neil. Breen is walking. Through the desert in the middle, of nowhere and he stumbles, upon none. Other than. Desert, Santa. Desert. Santa everyone. He, sits in the desert I don't know what desert Santa does now. Unfortunately. Don't get too attached, to desert Santa I know as I love him dearly as well but, deserts. Ain't that the. Old. Man. You. Don't look like a tourist to me then, don't point, your gun at him Neil brain. Its. Desert. Santa. Where. Does he go in. That's. Some fine climbing, meal. What. Is desert Santa gonna do. Follow. Him, there's, no way desert Santa can follow him that was some way too tricky of a path no, one could ever do that no. One has to parkour skills to. Follow neoprene, in the desert. Neal, Breen knows this of course. No. No. It. Was a. Goddamn. Me he shouldn't have tried to follow neoprene, the path was too strict he got outplayed, desert, Santa.

Outplayed. Son I. Was. Drawn to him I felt. I knew his spirit now this is actually a love story between Neal, and desert, Santa which is quite tear breaking. The. Blood is gone from his head, but he's. Still dying. What. Are you saying deserts ain't him, lend. Me your wisdom. He. Gave him, what. Did he gave him. The. Desert santa stone. That's, a nice shot and, that's. A nice Barrett you just just, put some rock over him he'll be fine, he, gets he's, alive he's just sleeping, in his rocker babe, then. We have Neela. Visiting, his parents I, guess I don't I don't. Know what's happening here I. Like. This I like this shot it's kind of aesthetic dad. It's. Like a good wallpaper. We. Are filled with love and, we. Are at peace well, that's nice, so, apparently, even if you're dead you can still not properly walk in it, still hurts to walk on gravel, and stone how, about that hey that just looks painful. All. That we do is drive around and get caught up in spectacular, car chases, and dude. Buildings. Blowing, up and wild gunfire, and, so on that. Only happens, in the movies and on TV it really doesn't happen in real life. In. A real life everything we do is done very silently. Undercover. And, electronically. The. Public, never knows what we're doing it's all done in very, very secret, ways I'm. So water please. Can. I have some water please okay. Yes. Speaking. Of Secrets there. Is one I want to share with you, my. Daughter Megan was just diagnosed with brain cancer no. No. I'm sorry. That sucks. What, a lovely Miam looks delicious, she's got brain cancer so. He's putting his hand, on her brain, now, back to more, footage, of Neil Breen climbing, my favorite footage I could watch this my, entire life. Look. At things look, at those moves grab the rock oh no no I grabbed it anyway that helped, that helped him on the line oh no, it didn't you grab another Rock Neil he, got the rock fantastic. Is he gonna make it up he made it up. No. One else can do that it's. Me. Give. Me the president. Contact. Has been out what, in that what, is happening. At this point I don't really know what happens in the middle of the film it's one big blur to be honest and we're. Just gonna we're, just gonna skip let's, move away from the cars they. May be wired. Watch. This. Extremely. Smooth oh. Sorry. That's. Okay, no damage. There's. A bug, device on the car now how. Are you. I. Don't. Really know what's going on to be honest I don't I like the bit where nothing happened, and it didn't make any sense this is the Metal Gear Solid. Play what does that even mean so. Neal green drugs this couple, kills, the guy and when. The lady wakes up this, is what he has to say. We're, in Las Vegas last night, we went to the club danced. A lot drank a lot laughed, a lot and, had sex out by the fountains. Then. We went down to the strip and we got married. Hey. This is Las Vegas baby. Imagine. You wake up you don't know where you are, Neil brain shows up and says last night we, drank a lot we had sex by the fountains, we laughed a lot and then, we went down to the strip and got married, hey Las, Vegas, baby. What do you do what, would you do if this happened, to you what. We're. Married. Then, literally, ten, seconds, later get, out get. Out. The. Marriage, is over. Marriage. Is over, this Carla had a once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity, to. Marry neoprene, and it, only lasted, five seconds, gosh damn it ten seconds, well at least you experienced those 10 seconds, of pure joy, and bliss and love. I'm. Pretty sure Neil isn't supposed to need that skull. But. I like the touch anyway, Hey look it's more Neil running in the desert Jess.

Look. At him go look, at him go. Oh. Excuse. Me. Contact. Literally. Literally. Me, when. I accidentally. Bump into someone oh. Excuse. Me. Contact. So. Relatable, I think that's why I like his films they're just really able another. Reoccurring. Theme in needle, spoons that, Ferraris. That's. Right is that the sake no, it's, the same Ferrari, I, can't, help you out of this one Jim. He. Just took Jim's Ferrari, he loved that car I don't know if there's any point of me explaining what's going on I think it's better to just appreciate. These, these, golden, moments like this one for example. Holy. Shit it's him. Yeah. It's. Him how. Can that be. How. Can that be possible. I. Was, wondering what happened to all the tuna cans, does, he recycle, them or does he just have, a cardboard, box in his trunk, where he keeps all the tuna cans and I'm just really glad that we finally had the answer what, happens to all the, tuna cans Neil green leaves, no questions. Unanswered, now, of course in the end we, get to see one of the best Neil, green running. And. Screaming. Okay. Go. Nia, run, like the wind nut, run like you've never run before. How. Long is this. How. Long is this gonna keep. Okay. So, the movie ends with Neil green walking away with, nothing. His. Girl. Or. Nothing, I don't, know but the most important, part of the end is actually. The credits, because, we have directed. By neil brief musical. Director, Neil green editor. Neil pre production, designer, Neil Bri production, manager Neil green casting. Neil green and most. Importantly. Lighting. None. Makeup. And hair none. Locations. Neil bridge catering, Neil Breen Erin, brand Neil cream, I. Always. Wondered who does the lighting, in this video it's impeccable. Who is this none and how, do they do it so greatly so. That was double down everyone, hope. You guys enjoyed, I'm gonna leave a link you can support, Neil breeding and buy his films, in the description. And check them out yourself, because they are really something, to admire and appreciate thank. You guys for watching this video if you enjoyed smash like let me know if you like this type of stuff and I'll see you guys next, time.

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