The Impossible Disappearance Of Dorothy Arnold

The Impossible Disappearance Of Dorothy Arnold

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This. Week on a special episode of BuzzFeed unsolved, we investigate, the unexplained, disappearance of New York heiress Dorothy Arnold in honor of the upcoming CW. Show Nancy, Drew The CW's, new series Nancy Drew Wednesday's this fall is a dark and edgy update, of the classic book series featuring the titular teen detective, in a supernatural, tinged, mystery drama what's. Dorothy got to do with old. Nance in the show Nancy. Drew is tasked, with finding a missing. Socialite. So I'd, love to be an heiress I. Know. She's probably gonna disappear, or something so you want to be a trust fund baby I'd like someone to give me a lot of money for doing nothing and, then you want to disappear but I was yes I want, to get. A lot of money and then vanish from the face of the earth and I'd love for you to disappear let's. Get into it yeah, tales, of the missing wealthy have always captivated, the public's imagination and, today, we're looking into one such case that's more than a hundred years old, Dorothy, Arnold, Dorothy, Harriet Camille Arnold, was the daughter of Mary Parks Arnold and wilty perfume, importer, Frances rose Arnold, as far as anybody knew she'd had a happy home life cool to be a perfume. Importer, I'd. Love to be that what, would your fragrance be what was it what would the name be, mmm. It'd. Be musky I know that okay for a second I thought your fragrance name was gonna be just a chipmunk like chipmunk noises. Did. You imagine if someone said oh that's a lovely scent what is that. Okay. I'll, see you later on the, morning of December 12 1910. The 25, year old left her family home in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and told, her mother she was heading downtown to, buy an evening dress, according. To the New York Times when mrs. Arnold offered to accompany her daughter Dorothy, said no quote, when I find the gown I want I will telephone you and you can come down and see it end quote I'll tell you what she sounds like an heiress pretty curt yeah, with your mother how about when, I find, the, gown, I want, maybe. I'll talk to you then how. About your tag when, I need the funds I'll call you how about that yeah how do you think this lady's buying gowns I mean if she's buying an evening down you would assume she's buying an afternoon, gown in a morning down maybe even a sleepy time gown that's right her family believed that when she left at 11:30, a.m. she, had as much as $30.

In Her purse which, in today's dollars would be more than 750, dollars, holy moly that's a lot of key yeah, a lot of key 30 bucks going, that far in 1910, I don't even have 750, dollars in my bank account I've never had 750. Dollars in my pocket I rarely, have had thirty dollars in my pocket well I don't really carry cash anymore, who does Dorothy. Made her way down Fifth Avenue stopping. At a grocery store on 59th, Street to buy some chocolates, then in brentano's, a bookstore on 27th, Street where, she bought a copy of engaged, girl sketches, a lightly, humorous, collection, of short romantic, stories, quite. A lovely evening for, the lit for the for the ladies a nice little jaunt through the Big Apple yeah I. Love, a humorous, romantic, story well this story does not get humorous nor does it get romantic, okay, around. That time reportedly. 2:00 p.m. she, ran into a friend from college Gladys, King the, two talked about a party, they'd both been invited to the same party for, which Dorothy, was supposedly dress, shopping, Gladys, left to meet her mother for lunch and Dorothy. Was, never seen again whoa. There. It comes so the last person this year was Gladys they were talking about the big party they'd been invited oh it's gonna be a corker kind of like Gossip Girl II I guess there's a little gossip well like in the 1910s. Yeah yeah, they, should do a reboot. Oh in that in that era yeah let's, talk about more shows people should watch that aren't the one word I'm so what word establishing. Here is that we got our finger on the pulse of hot searing. Teen dramas, I don't, like how you said that and this. One's gonna be pretty good team, should never be prefaced by hot and searing you're just gonna have you going hi Siri teens, and, then just cut right. There well. That sounds good I'd like to watch oh now they have footage amazing, yeah now you should have both the unsolved, hosts talking. About hot Syrians, I guess at this point we might as well say it in unison ah, searing. Jeans when. Dorothy wasn't home for dinner that night her, family started, to worry the, morning they began calling Dorothy's, friends, by that evening with, no one knowing Dorothy's, whereabouts, the family began contacting private. Investigators. The investigators, searched hospitals, morgues and even prisons looking for Dorothy they, visited her friends in Boston, Washington, DC and other cities, but turned up nothing, detectives. In Europe even watched as people disembarked. From ships arriving, from the US to try to spot Dorothy, nothing. Shortly. Before Christmas with, the private dicks having made little progress the family went to the police when, they two came, up empty-handed the family finally made Dorothy's disappearance, public, On January 25th. A full, six, weeks after their daughter was last seen hoping, more clues would surface, despite. A $1,000. Reward by, Dorothy's family, more than 26, thousand dollars today no. Leads managed, to turn up Dorothy, Arnold that's, a long time I know they had the private eyes working on it but six, weeks, feels like a casual, pace what, are you gonna do I mean it she was 25 years old she could have run away maybe, when a 25, year old goes missing you're not thinking she must have run away you're. Thinking yeah she's probably doing, stuff she's, 25. Years old what do you mean most stuff I mean. When we started this show I was 25, yeah, if, I went missing for like a week do you think you'd be alarmed or what you might think so, that's that's nice I didn't think you'd be alarmed I think you you're my friend I don't like how you said that you said it was you're my friend why are you yelling at me you're right Oh God, I would be concerned if you disappeared, and we'd get a pretty baller season, out of it cuz it'd just be me bein like. With. Almost no clues it's time to make like Nancy, Drew and Nancy, draw up some theories about what may have happened to, the popular, socialite, because. It captured America's, attention for so long this case has countless theories associated.

With It we couldn't possibly go into all of them so today we're, just presenting, what I feel are the most likely our, first theory is that Dorothy, Arnold, ran away after. Searching her bedroom investigators found, information Dorothy, had collected about various, ocean liners she could take near, it, wasn't clear when Dorothy researched, the ships but, the cruise companies, were nevertheless contacted. They all told investigators. No Dorothy Arnold had been aboard their ships in my 20s, it would have been very suspect if I disappeared, because I was for a brief while, very, interested, in McMurdo. The Antarctic, research. Base that's where you wanted to go in your mid-20s you wanted to go to Antarctica, it's. Really cool look and it's there's a lot of ice you wanted to go to a frozen, tundra for, vacation, not just vacation, but I don't I wanted, to learn things and and just live, there maybe, I still can your weird guy man yeah you, wouldn't do it you're weird, dude no I wouldn't do that when, I think oh well you're just like Cabo, baby no, I'm not thinking Cabo, baby. On. February. 6th, 1911. Mr., Arnold received, a postcard, that had been sent from New York City that stated quote I am safe and quote, and appeared, to be signed by Dorothy, mr., Arnold however insisted, it was a fake and that whoever wrote it merely copied, Dorothy's handwriting, samples, that were published, in the papers, I'd, love for this theory to be true I would agree, Dorothy if you're watching this you're probably, 127. Years lady, o lady, but um you. Know good on you you live the good life. Dorothy. If you're watching this comment, top, well vote well get, to the top comment, wouldn't that be this show's greatest, accomplishment, that we pissed off vanished. So much that they unveil. --vs. After they you know that, you got so angry yes he came out well good evening Cooper. Was like, assholes. Listen, I saw what you said about me getting speared by a pine tree Hebe Cooper breaks silence. DB. Cooper break silence to dunk on ghoul boys while. Writing the New York subway in 1917. John Galvin, a man claiming to be a detective, at Scotland Yard grabbed, a woman, and reportedly, declared, quote I know you. Dorothy, Arnold I've got, you at last, end quote, the woman not Dorothy Arnold, but rather a mrs. Smith begged, strangers, around her to help, but Galvan insisted. He was a detective he marched her into an NYPD, precinct. Where officers, let mrs. Smith go and sent Kelvin to Bellevue Hospital for, observation I know you, Dorothy, Arnold come, with me I have. Got you at last. Another. Case crapped, fergal, but imagine, being on, the subway maybe you have your air pods in and some grown man grabs, you by the shoulders looks, you in your eyes and shakes you and goes I got you probably happens a lot in New York I've, got Sabah bleah true you know the subway and such but it's a wild place not, only did he grab her it's not like this was a moment of Terror just a moment he marched her marched her to the police, station made, her get off the subway walked, with her I'm assuming, while holding her shoulder still that's, insane imagine, the people at the precinct, - they this man shows up he's like it's the missing lady, we've got her at last, ma'am. Do you have any ID she, takes it out I, don't get this guy somewhere. Quickly. I've. Cracked it here she is Dorothy give me the money now, over. The following decades. Many others would come forward claiming to have seen Dorothy, or even, to be Dorothy, none, of the claims ever led anywhere, casting. Doubt on the theory that Dorothy, ran away is the fact that she left behind practically. All of her valuables, expensive. Jewelry that could have been sold to help her journey as well as personally, valuable, correspondence. With friends, so, let's say I look like Kim Kardashian and, because, we do yeah and she, goes missing mm-hmm, and I and she's. Not turning up and I. Just really, pore, through the archives, get, a good idea of what she's like, yeah you watched 10 seasons, of Keeping Up with the Kardashians I'll, take copious notes I'll, watch it on a loop for 10 years I show up a little aged yeah. But. Still you know I still. Got it you know it still got what she's got because I sort of look like her and I just show up and I, spent.

A Long time I, feel I took, I fell down a hole I, have a beard I got stuck in a cave and. You just make up a story how. Would like what are they gonna know how, could they possibly tell. Well. They're gonna be like where's that mole on your butt cheek I mean. Don't know that no. I mean I guess, you're right so, guess what suddenly, I'm rolling, in there baby and there's, gonna be ten more seasons that Keeping, Up with the Kardashians. Under. The ran away theory, we should talk about a sub three of sorts that Dorothy, eloped, when police were brought on the case their first theory was that Dorothy, had eloped by the time the New York Times broke the story however that theory quote had been completely, abandoned, and quote, after, investigators, interviewed everyone they were sure knew Dorothy in any way every, one of Dorothy's family members and every, friend they could get the name of no, one was aware of any, secret marriage, but, before investigators gave, up on the elopement theory, one, potential, suitor merited, extra, attention. George, Griscom, jr. George, Griscom, jr. was a Pennsylvanian. Man in his 40s, at the time of Dorothy's, disappearance. The two had known one another for approximately. Four years though, Dorothy's, family never approved, of George mrs., Arnold even went on record to say she would never let George marry her daughter after. She went missing it came out that Dorothy, had met up with George, in Boston, a couple months before she disappeared, she had told her family she was visiting a college friend but there was evidence that Dorothy checked out of her hotel at the same time that George had checked out of a different Boston, hotel reports. Say that Dorothy, may have also pawned some of her jewelry to fund their rendezvous, while, the Arnold's denied this a Boston, pawnshop, was given the name Dorothy, Arnold by someone while she was in Boston at the time Dorothy went missing however George, had been vacationing with his family, out of the country for about a month, even, after replying to a telegram, from the Arnold's, that he didn't know where she was the, family remains suspicious, On January, 16th. Before the public even knew about Dorothy's, disappearance. Dorothy's, older, brother John confronted. George in Florence, Italy during.

This Interaction reports. Suggested, John even hit George and knocked him to the ground in, February. George ended his trip early and sailed back to America, he then hired his own private, investigators. To look for Dorothy, in the, month that George paid for them his investigators. Didn't find Dorothy, even so, if I'm George you are George yes, I'm not George but if I'm George okay you're a creep George I'm creep, I'm, a creep, yeah I want, to marry this. Heiress. Mm-hmm, I paid, for her to go, stay. Somewhere, for a little bit but if we want to open when's the perfect time to do it to, make myself not, look suspicious when I'm on vacation for. A month with, my family so she goes holes, up somewhere, for a little bit yeah, family comes knocking about doors she's missing where she'd been I don't know I'm on vacation, then, I hire. A private, eye you forgot the part where they gave him a knuckle sandwich whatever, if they hit me big deal I'm getting married I'm stoked hire, a private eye he, runs, around town looking for I don't tip him off maybe I tell him like hey by the way this is all bullshit I don't, know oh here's. Extra, money don't tell him well I don't know how much honor gumshoes, had at that time but probably none okay, uh then. I meet up with her later in like Sioux Falls or something, we. Get married, it's. Possible, it's, it's a fart gonna be they like find your identity then easy it seems like a lot of, steps. As opposed. To just saying to the parents yeah, we're gonna get married. Well. I guess. So you're right about that, yes. Yep. Our. Second, theory is that Dorothy, was kidnapped, and murdered this. Is the theory that Dorothy's, father eventually, came to accept as what happened to his daughter in the absence of clues the family came to believe this was the only logical, explanation, by.

April, The family was so convinced, their daughter was dead that they started requesting the police give up the case in fact, both her parents evidently, wrote Dorothy, out of their wills because, they were so certain she would not resurface, look. I am. NOT going. To pass judgment on a family, that is going through grieving. But. Let me pass some judgment. It's. Weird that you would ever want the case to be stopped being investigated I guess that kind of prolongs, the grieving, period but, at the same time if there's a chance you would think you'd want to keep going and then, I don't know how quickly people write, dead, children, out of wills yeah I don't know either, what, is that like six months later about four and a half months that's pretty quick I've, got stuff in my fridge it's, been there that's, a full season it was a full season a. Season. That's, that's, pretty quick it's. Weird that he would jump to that cuz if people were like I'm so sorry I bet, she's out there somewhere and he was probably just like I bet they stabbed her I. Bet. They killed her I bet she's dead I better ride her out of my will it's, a weird thought but once again I don't, know what it's like to go through that grieving process so possibly, this is what their process was and then you know it's weird to us because we're Outsiders and we're idiots and you know we're looking at this 100 years later but I think, we could say that's a bit odd and move on seems odd let's move on perhaps the strongest lead in the murder Theory comes from one edward glenn norris in 1916. Glenn norris was serving time in the Rhode Island State Prison for attempted extortion of, a clergyman, he claimed he found God and wanted, to come clean to the warden about his supposin involvement, in burying, the body of a woman he had come to believe was, Dorothy, Arnold Glenora, said that in what he remembered, being December of 1910. A man at a bar named Benoit asked, for help from him and another man that some reports named little, these. Guys sound suspicious, little. Sounds. Suspicious. Or like the star of many many silent films yeah I mean the only little I trust is Stewart, and that's it but. His is a little Stewart no oh a little oh the mouse mouse. Boy no man here's a mouse man he drove a car little. Louie does say he sounds like a funny little like what's, little Louie up to this week, Oh. Murdering. A woman Benoit. Glenn Norris and little Louie were tasked with moving an unconscious. Woman from a house in New Rochelle to, a home up the Hudson near West Point, the, next day Glenn Norris was informed, that the woman had died and he was asked to return to the West Point home to help bury her, Glenn Norris allegedly buried the woman under a concrete floor in the basement and was paid 250 dollars, for his involvement by a wealthy looking man there has been some speculation that, man who paid Glenn Norris could have been George Griscom, though there's no hard evidence to support this bad, dudes. If your, friend comes up to you and says I need a favor, help, me move a lady and. You're you're like yeah sure into her apartment no, oh no no she, is unconscious. I've, got a mover, just. Oh we could taken her to the doctor no no -, a quiet, quite, home somewhere, upstate where she could rest yeah, yeah. Next. Day by the way oops. After Glenn Norris confessed, to helping bury the woman thought to be Dorothy a team, of detectives searched, a home match England Norrises vague description, on April 21st. 1916. When, they got to the basement the, team was surprised to find an area of the concrete floor that appeared to have been broken up in the past the, area however was, small about, five feet by six inches and the, caretaker, claimed the floor had been broken to fix a gas pipe when, authorities returned, a couple days later with the owner's permission to dig up the spot they indeed found a gas pipe within, the year authorities, were satisfied, that Glenn Horace's claims were false the, third and final theory, were discussing, today is that Dorothy accidentally. Died during an abortion in April, 1914. The Pittsburgh home of one doctor Cece Meredith, was raided by police. Meredith, his nurse and another doctor one each a--let's, were all arrested the home was used as a private office, where woman would come seeking abortions.

Let's Made a statement to the DA that at one time Meredith. Had told him Dorothy Arnold had been one of his patients from, the way Meredith spoke of her let's infer that she had died and her body had been cremated in, Mayor this office, and while Lutz didn't admit to seeing Dorothy himself, he did testify that he'd witnessed another young woman who died in Meredith's care be cremated, in the basement in their, raid detectives, did find two oversized, furnaces, in Meredith's basement, their speculation, that Griscom, could have been who had impregnated, Dorothy but evidence of this or of Dorothy ever being in Pittsburgh for an abortion is scant at best just, two quick things about that one, even back then women didn't have control over their bodies so much that they would have to go to a basement to get an abortion from a creepy doctor who would throw them into a funny little furnace not that that's relevant to today at all donate, to Planned Parenthood but number two. I don't, really, know if, this. Applies to her I don't know if she got. The abortion went there or even got impregnated, by Griscom, or if the Griscom thing is even true so so this may be more. More. Just a wild public, imagination there is circumstantial, evidence, that maybe, this happened because Lutz, one of the three people that was arrested in the raid did, say that the other doctor, had told him that, you know Dorothy. Was one of his patients whether or not that's true who knows she, could have been there before. Disappearing, as well that or maybe he's trying to shave some time off of his sentence just lying yeah, just lying he's, lying yeah. He's lying to get time off possibly. Or it, happened I guess we won't know I mean, sorry. Why we're here yeah I know it's the end of the episode and you were hoping like the. Boys are gonna crack it we never do that's.

The Guarantee stories. Of missing socialites, have always captured, the public's interest, something, about a seemingly perfect life gone astray continues. To fascinate our, darkest imaginations. For Dorothy Arnold a lack of clues that confounded, investigators. Has also given rise to a slew of theories, to debate over for more than 100, years despite, decades of attention, in global searches as for what actually happened, to the 25, year old New York heiress, on that December day remains. Unsolved. What. Theory do you got here if, any now. Me I'm. A bit of a romantic. So. I'd, like to believe that she eloped I think, she ran away just ran away no eloping, just scram, I think she might have ran away and in 1910, how hard is it to run away probably not that hard yeah what'd you burn your ID that's it you're, a new person now anyways check out Nancy Drew on the CW, it comes out on October. 9th Wednesdays this fall she could have solved this case I think I think she could have she's certainly better at her job than we are.

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