The Hunt For La Llorona - The Weeping Woman

The Hunt For La Llorona - The Weeping Woman

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Senior. That you. Know let's go no score. Welcome. To a special episode of BuzzFeed unsolved, supernatural, in honor of the new movie the curse of La Llorona we're doing something slightly different we'll be looking for the titular antagonist. La dia Rona to see if there's any truth to the storied legend I tried to roll those arse curtains I know I heard you like give up it's fine I guess this is a good point to bring up yeah I'm half Mexican, yeah and I'm Sava Dorian so my family's from El Salvador's you speak fluent Spanish I do not I'm a shame in my family I speak it enough you say like your honor no your honor but. I wouldn't say like let your own now are, you good, now shame. La. Llorona well. I got. Better than him can you roll can you roll the extended, arm, like. Your own yeah. Can you put reading out Spanish by the white guy can you put too much mustard, on it like it's because then it's you're just being obnoxious yeah, well that was certainly good stuff we should get into finding. Lot at your own oh wow the. Curse of La Llorona is the story of a single mother fighting, to save her family from the evil Iona or weeping, woman who wants to steal her children, and make the pearl own because. La Llorona is the important, cultural, figure in storytelling, traditions, not just in Mexico and the US but throughout the Latin ex world we've invited our friend curly from BuzzFeed's, petal-like to come with us on this journey just jumping into this yeah let's get it out of the way yeah Shanee AK or bukhara you know this I'm a boob guy like, I'm definitely a cool guy but I love him but I'm thankful for you because every time the Internet I'm freaking, out with you I'm like like. You'll say something and I'm annoyed over the aisle really. Another thick as thieves Ryan you can't take that away from us let's just let's just let's just let's, just get into it camera, la Llorona x' mythology, dates back to pre colonization. And until more recently she. Had been largely a figure, of oral, storytelling, because, of this the story of La Llorona can vary widely between, families. I'm, trying to figure out where this Falls because it sounds. Arbonne London Park cryptid, is it somewhere in the middle of everything, which i think is why it's so Universal, which is why I like no Latin, country no matter who you talk to everybody wants to claim it as their own story everyone is like this is my story this is us and it's like this, is kind of universal. At this point according to one popular, legend La Llorona was abandoned, by the man she loved and left to raise their children alone, overcome.

With Grief over lost, love or perhaps filled, with the desire to exact, revenge on, her betraying, lover she, murdered her children, and threw their bodies in, a river, she. Died of her despair and as punishment for her murders, she was condemned, to wander the world in search of the bodies of her dead children you. Know I think that's a fair sentence, to, be honest you. Murder your children, maybe. You have to search for them forever in the after whatever yeah some, misplaced anger there, you, know her husband do you think you think it's misplaced I think I think she went too far, where do you think she went too far which one she killed her kids I'm. Sorry I came down. Well. Many a lot Llorona encounters, and stories, encourage audiences, to fear a spirit actively, looking to do harm other tellings, are meant more as a parable, where listeners merely, learn from the woes of the weeping woman I think, it's important to scare children like this yeah I think that's good I think it's great to legit like before lay it on that I was a happy, little, kid I lived, a great life right, soon, and I mean and then we, were like sleeping on like a maka what are they called a hammock oh yeah, and then Athiya came up one day and just changed my life she was cleaning and she could hear somebody crying. Outside of the window and so she looked out and, she. Saw this woman with, like all black, eyes like, no wife in the eyeballs and super. Super like yellow skin and like fur so it's yeah. They add a little bit I think that's where they add a little bit I have no knowledge of this whatsoever, were there any polish legends shame that were threatening, you with death all we had was good old santa clauss and the worst, the, worst you get was no presence, Wow no. And that was very devastating. For me it's been a way it was a way to make me behave as a child my. Mom, used it as a disciplinary. Technique, that's they do so, she told me that pretty, much if I didn't make my bed, la Llorona would, coach me in my sleep yeah if you wonder why I am the way I am it's because I've been threatened with death since I was able, to comprehend, language one. Scholar has related, that her family's lie yet on a story which was passed down matrilineal, II was a tale of a woman who was jealous her husband, showed more love for their children than, her she told him her concerns, and when he didn't change she drowned their children, in the river, her. Husband left her and she died of loneliness, when. She got to heaven God told her she could not get in until she found the souls of the children and, she now wanders, the earth in, search of them in, this. Version liar Nona's not necessarily. A threat to anyone outside her own family she would reportedly, find her way unto the scholars family, farm and cried in the fields, creating, a moaning noise on windy, nights. You. Got to know that if we do hear a woman who. Is sobbing moaning, a, ghastly. Shriek I am, going to bolt in the direction I will do I will give with a camera, yeah and unfortunately for. This. Very real woman I'm gonna be like I'd, see that you're crying. Can. You let me pinch you prove. That my hand does not go through your body just imagine, the plight of this woman she's having, a very emotional. Boys day of her life emotional, public moment and now three grown men are charging, at her full force ma'am. We got you, get. The net. In. Other tellings, laa donas lover was a man from a higher class who betrayed, her to pursue a woman, more befitting, his social standing while. Aya donas myth predates, her this version parallels, to the story of La Malinche also, known as Dona Marina Dona.

Marina Was a slave offered, to the Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortes by a Mayan Lord she. Served as his translator cultural. Mediator. As well as concubine, Cortez. Had a child with Dona Marina then abandoned, her when his upper-class Spanish, wife arrived, figuratively. Her, murdered, children could be seen as the millions, of natives who fell under Spanish rule yeah, I mean well my Lynch is kind of like an iconic figure as well I've, never heard La Malinche been put in with, Leona like ever this is sort of a cinematic universe, yeah people are starting to do crossover, yeah exactly I think it's also like it's trying to assign historical. Value to at all to me this, feels like fan fiction but this feels like a shoehorn to be quite honest I, think the story still holds value as a legend, passed down from generations, mm-hmm, but I think they're gonna be set for like a lot of spirits, that they're kind of just like legends, that you will pass on and I feel like they do sometimes. Gain power. Because. So many humans, are giving it energy she gets around well now that we've learned the history or I guess, the lore why, don't we go try and find this woman and maybe she, could tell us for herself what's the actual tale let's do it wouldn't. That be something while. There have been unnerving. Sightings, of La Llorona all across North America from Mexico City to Chicago to, Texas, we're going to be looking for her in two of the most active, areas of reported. Sightings Southern. California. And New Mexico our, first stop in our search for la Nonna is the Aqua monza Pioneer, Cemetery in, Colton California. Acqua Monza served as the cemetery for the first non-native, settlement in the San Bernardino Valley, the, settlers first arrived, in the area in the 1830s. And the cemetery, is the last remaining piece of the original settlements, all, right so here we are at, Alba mon-sat Memorial, Cemetery. Yeah. Very. Creepy. It's. Nice to have some enthusiasm, I'm excited. Curly. Would you like to maybe. Call out to her yes Senora. Girona they had a third chiona, gracias, por tener knows I came to Casa T to get us here at the alguien gave, us a shame oh he. Said my name for, sure. Crucial. To our search, Aquaman, is also, located next to a canal, and close to the Santa Ana River la. Llorona is said to haunt riverbanks, and lake shores reports, on her powers vary but some include the ability to hover above water or even transform. Into a flock of birds. That's. Good that's a superpower. She's like an Animorph that would be horrifying, if we're like we got you cornered then I. Mean. You're thinking doves, I was thinking does Rose, crows, ask you ever loved a crow okay pretty vague like what if it's like pelicans, a huge. Block. Of pelicans, a little little, golden finches or hummingbirds. La Llorona is known to wear white and rumored, to seduce men who hear her crying and then kill them said to reveal cultural, anxiety, surrounding sex. La Llorona is often, posed as a femme fatale or, sexual, predator, in Rodolfo. Anaya's, 1972. Novel, Bless Me Ultima La, Llorona is described, as a demon, that wanders river banks and quote seeks, the blood of boys and men to, drink and point, la, Llorona also. Has, a bit of a femme fatale side, of her where she does go after men bad boys and, what do you know three ripe young men show her your biceps right I'm not going to show. Hey, why don't you show your legs well I'll show her my legs for some light you. Hear that I'm. Giving you two free tickets to, the shame a day with leg show spicy, calves coming your way lady have hope, you got a glass of water because, here. Oh. Damn. Oh no, no no it's too sexy. This, is for you, look at that calves action, why don't you guys keep exploring, I'll stand here in the dark for 30 minutes and see if anything happens to me here, we are guys here we are here we are well this is the chapel, on site in the cemetery and yep that's pretty spooky, I will say some people think she's a demon, which obviously.

You Know my track record record, with demons not my favorite so they actually have a little while. Llorona shrine, right here creepy. Also, my, girl Bella lupa is here that's, my girl I'm happy she's here she's here no one can mess with us we're reaching out to whoever lives, inside, this chapel hopefully, that is why Llorona now, la gaitana we came here all the way from Los Angeles we, came here to find out why you drowned, your children, look. I'm not here to judge you I just want to know why maybe he's here to judge of course I'm here to judge you she drowned her children. I don't think it's cool that you drowned your kids lady we're, going to turn on a device here that may help you speak to us spirits. Of this Chapel, you, know that new sound you were looking for listen. To this. You. Like that. Box. Is here tonight ask. Who's inside here alguna. Personaje anthro como, se llaman. No. Tsunami. I couldn't, even understand that I was so fast it, was sound like Spanish. That. Sounded like hello, yeah. We're gonna need to hear more than one or two words in a row. What. Who. Was thank you so much, who. Was that that, was pretty crazy. Yeah. You sound surprised, oh I, mean I loved it what, do you know about La Llorona. Twist. Your arm in, a box. Twist. Your arm in a box sort, of makes the other one a little less. Next. In our search we will travel to allow you Donna Park in Las Cruces, New Mexico where. Many locals, claim to have seen her along the banks, of the Rio Grande were, lucky enough to be joined by one of these locals, willing, to share her, story. Ok. So here we are in Las Cruces New Mexico with. Artists Ellie to tell us about her experience, with La Llorona so I was, about 12. Years old and I see like this silhouette. It's like a figure and I can't see your face I can't see you know like features so I'm making this figure out and I noticed that I can't see their feet like their feet aren't touching the ground and right, then I started getting like okay what the heck and then like right then I hear love whales of you, don't know yeah and I booked, it and I'm like knocking on the door and by the time like I figured out what I was looking at my cousin was already gone so I think she had seen her before I did so, I'm pounding on the front door like please somebody let me in and I was crying but I didn't want to like making noise because, you don't know what's right there I didn't, want her to get me and finally.

Somebody Opens the door and I just like running and I jump, under the covers and I'm just crying, had, you known what, she was when you saw her or were you like that is like it or not well, like I was like what is that but then as soon as I heard like the, whales sound. Like oh god, like, give me the creeps cuz were here they, were just like like, crying like so, I don't know how to describe it it's like this bear like she you, know what I mean yeah see this is what I mean I was kind of early on my people see her and they're like we, know you, just know well, fellas we've arrived yeah. I, you know Rona Park made. It we're here The Crying woman a popular, Spanish tale about a woman who cries for her lost children along. The river a little bit of revisionist, history there sounds, quite sweet when you put it that way those we should probably go look over there by the swing set right oh yeah, let. Me feel it let's go where is it. It's. Right under that bridge. What's also funny when you kind of see these places and you know this is where I'm gonna lose it later your, virginity, yeah. My virginity. Which. Reminds, me I have something to tell you I had, some very special plans for you. Donna. Smith has largely been seen as a moralistic, and cautionary, tale that is meant to keep men women and children on. Their best behavior for, example children, are cautioned, not to play too close to waterways, and to get back home before dark, for fear that La Llorona would, get them okay, so here's the playground, this is where she. Would prey on children well. I got prey ground who. Would, think that this is a good idea though are you saying curlier that you think it's a bad idea to build a playground, I mean if you know the story why would you be like you know be great actually this, is like the park that you bring your kid when you hate them like I believe, she'll get him I'm scanning the park right now for heat signatures I'm not sure if la. Llorona would show up but she a spirit, is she a demon I'm not really sure, but is. That noise you. Hear that it. Said that children should be very cautious when they're in this park obviously, we're all grown men so, maybe we could act like children or we have brought some things that may, bring out the inner child there you go Shane I have here a photo of you as a child that's. Me and, there I am look we. Kind of look similar yes but you best, buds geez. Right. Now we're, calling out to the entity that calls itself La. Llorona lay, it on that the wailing, woman look. At this boy with these pinchable, cheeks it's, me now I'm him.

Look. At that that's, when his head was the size of a melon and not the size of an exercise ball all, right Shane, what if we pretended to be your children okay. This is actually I'm not trying to make a mockery of this I think it may be we well I was thinking I could maybe push you in the swing well, I can't, believe we're at the park here look at this big tall friend of mine yeah it's, my favorite, place to be I'm, gonna push you on the swing now it. Would be really bad if, something came out and did something to me like dragged me into the water until I couldn't breathe anymore and cease to exist, push your friend curly, to push, curly do ya, uh-uh. Well. We're. Gonna look in other parts of this park, maybe. You'll find us there maybe you won't, remember. We. Used to be these boys, we're. Still tasting, at, least one source says, the legend of the weeping woman is very strong, in Las Cruces where locals are reportedly, very superstitious, and, claimed a spot liar Dona crying, and walking, along the river with that being said we'll, end our investigation. In the same fashion that many locals, have encountered, her bite each of us walking, alone, along the, riverbank hoping for a face-to-face encounter, with the, famous and deadly, liar. So. Curl is out there doing his solo walkthrough, he is doing his first solo Locker he seems pretty excited yeah, maybe, because he's never done one before alrighty yeah so I am walking now by myself within, my lonesomeness. So. I am. Not really scared, I'm kind of just like come, on like let's see what you got girl were you left and I'm not trying to provoke nobody I'm not trying to make you angry or nothing I mean, look you don't know how, dope. Would it be if we showed the world that, you were here you know I'm sure we should call you my little your, energy, on that if what you did is true. It's. Pretty fucked up are you genuinely concerned, about this walk through this. Investigation I, don't I don't know I haven't I haven't seen any signs yet but you, know you, never know oh oh. I keep. Like, thinking. That I see something, but, like I think they end up being like. Trash bins. I think, Curly's on his way back here how do you think he fared. Probably. Fine I can see maybe the silence, getting. To him you know he is very, perceptive, when it comes to energies, and stuff so it's true he may have felt, something out there I feel like we haven't, heard him though. Are. You here, hello. I feel, like now's a good moment to spook, me I kind, of have, gotten a little gassy walking up and down this river oh here, he is it's, cold out there yeah. I know, you. Seem awfully chipper, yeah. I mean it was a lovely walk. Seeing. Is how that's the first thing you said you mentioned the cold I can't imagine that actually anything, happened, right I kept thinking that I would see things and, then I would look and do it oh it's a trash can the shadow is playing tricks in your mind or I'm like I see walking and then I'm like oh that's my shadow I'm. Gonna go jump, out there and do my own thing now what. Soaps I'm setting an alarm oh. All. Right, I'm walking to find my old pal. The, whaling woman Donna. Hope, she's out here I'm, approaching, the spooky, bridge that we walked under earlier. God. I'd love it if this lady showed up and just drowned my ass can.

You Imagine I'm, gonna walk out to the river here this, is where the lady is said to be do you think Shane. Is out there screaming right now he's probably doing some stupid bit where he's pretending he's a kid oh hey. There miss oh it's just me a, little. Boy, I'm. Out here all alone at, night, oh I. Sure hope some lady doesn't show up and kill me check. This out Oh. Sure. Would love a little. Lemon soda. Maybe. Some peppermint, sticks Oh. One. Thing I don't want is to be murdered tonight and. Then he'll move on from that he'll start wailing, and, then when that eventually. Fails, he's gonna move to his his, old standby, of asking. Law Diadora to murder him in various ways well, I sure would be bummed if a lady showed up and drowned, my ass right now fill, my lungs up with water why not I'm. Sure you'd like to shut me up sure you hear you heard plenty for me tonight I know you had sweet curly out here before me and you're going to have the timid man come out here after me but. I'm. Really. Probably. The biggest get out of the bunch hey. Back. Yes. Let, me guess I'm not gonna like it out there I really liked it yeah that's. A good what'd you do I. Tried. To appeal, to that lady's interests yeah she. Wasn't having it. Frying I think you're gonna have a good time yeah I think so too that'll be fun so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna tap into my childhood, self oh my. Okay. I'm pretty far out now. Me. Somebody. Help me find my mom. Mama. Oh god it is pitch-black, out, here there is nothing, but. Me um what. Do you think he's doing being nervous and. Talking. To the air. He's. Probably super scared huh yeah, yeah. Doing. That kid bit pretending. I was a kid again actually, made me even more scared it reminded me of how I used to feel when my mom would tell me about you, think. I'm gonna break out the spirit box seeing that now I'm in the middle of nowhere. Hello. My. Name is. Ryan. Who's. Out here with me I'm. Reaching out to the spirit, of La Llorona. What. What. Was that. What. Who's. Out here with me, it's. All me just being by myself now's your chance. I'm. Talking, to you La Llorona if. You're real, tell. Me why you did it why did you do that to your children to your Nino's I just. Want to know. Maybe. I could help you. Lots. Of twists. Turning. It off. You. Know this was kind of liberating, I feel like I just stood up to a childhood bully alright, let's, get back into the warmth I actually forgot I was cold hey. What. Up how'd. It go. Did. You see me page I got a female voice that said, it. Was a twist all I know is, that, my mom's our I gave, her the perfect opportunity to, get a two-for-one, Bergara, special, that's when she blew it I guess, the.

Ghoul Boys prevail, again this time. Oh I. Don't. Know. The. Legend Alya Dona has loomed large in Latin ex cultures, for lifetimes, to this day she remains a huge part of the culture her story will continue to haunt children, and adults alike but with so many different interpretations and, legend, surrounding the weeping woman whether she still wanders, the world in search of her lost children remains. Unsolved. Karuna.

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Mm but is anyone else seeing the parallels with the story of Medea?

"I'm being out-spanished by the white guy!" I'm crying

Ryan: I'm Half Mexican Donald Trump: *REEEEEEEEEEEE*

is it just me or did the [unintelligible] at 21:48 sound like "don't fall in"

#postmortem Have sightings of La Llorona been reported in places outside of North America? Or can I rest easy, chilling over here in Northern Ireland?

#postmortem I was a bit disappointed that you kind of ignored the fact that in this ep the spirit box caught the clearest voices ever and that "twists" came up two times. The answers were also pretty much related to what you said or asked before, so when that man's voice said "Do you hear that?" I almost lost it at home, whereas you seemed so chill onsite lmao. Still love you guys, greetings from the country of "Senf". #BUNgivesmelife

Lemon Soda hahahaha

*Every Culture has ghost lile La Llarona* Irish have the banshees and Asia have the Pontianak or Kuntilanak . It was created after a mother died in childbirth and will kill children

A *prey*ground 14:40

Fam “I’m being outdone in Spanish by the white guy”. Spanish did originate in a white country sis....

'U know, u never know.' 'Oh hell nooo!'

This particular episode has me dying of laughter! Im trying not to wake up my family at 4am. 11/10 best episode so far

I don’t know if anyone has said this already but isn’t this the story of the pilot of Supernatural?

19:23 real friends

"do you hear that" legit gave me chills. wtf

“You’re virginity?”

If they really want to connect with spirits they should practice meditation- there are different “prayers” you can do to connect yourself with the earth and can control the type of energy you give off which could increase the amount of contact you have with the ghosts

#postmortem at 21:48 it sounds like someone who sounds like Shane is saying "Don't fall in". Then like 30 seconds later someone else says "lots of twists, so", the twists could be that there are lots of twists in the river current making it easier for you to drown!

I live in el Paso and I'm kinda shook that they went to Las cruses

21:48 sort of sounds like 'I don't want it' in a sad voice

Why am I watching this at 3am

omg I’m from las cruces and had no idea you guys came!! How cool!!!

For post mortem. Would you guys be able to save one of you if she had grabbed you and took you into the river? Are you prepared? Hope so never want to lose you, love you both x

Gotta love how they gave La Llorona/La Malinche the Ricky Goldsworth piano music theme

"Señora Llorona, deja de ser chillona" jngrbjkngbjnFGKTKN I DIED PFFFFFFFT

Did no one notice that the word twist was mentioned two different times? With the spirit box?


21:48 sounds like “ run from it “ or am i just trippen

Try Macinac Island in Michigan, there have been tons of cases from a flirting ghost to a man who killed himself then haunts the woods surrounding the Island. Even a little girl named Lucy who died when her parents left her for a business trip around Michigan, I can't remember where though

hispanic kids who were scared by la llorona bc of their parents unite

That must be where they got the idea for the Woman in White from the Supernatural Pilot! They changed a few things, but her husband cheated, she drown her kids in the bathtub and then jumped off a bridge. After that for years she wandered a stretch of road and any man who was unfaithful she would kill them, Sam and Dean forced her back into the house she killed her children in and they (presumably) dragged her to hell when she returned. That episode scared the hell out of me XD

Post Morten: why were the children’s souls lost? Don’t children automatically go to heaven?

"Señora yo no los conoscos"

"Let's go to the places where more sightings are reported" Me: Wow, they came to Guanajuato and Xochimilco!!!! "Let's go to New Mexico and California" Me: WTF!!!!

omfg my dad was hiking and heard a woman scream-crying and yelling in spanish and we live in socal, wack

I believe investigation in the dented head little boy is a must:

Ok but why do I watch these alone in the dark

Wow I’m shook that they actually came to New Mexico

You guys should investigate Syracuse Square (formally the Mason Building) in Fairhaven, WA. There’s been reports of many hauntings in that building including one about “the woman in green”. Bellingham, WA is known to be pretty haunted in general, also the restaurants are pretty dope.

I got a La Llorona ad during this

Buffy Star SAME!

LMAOOO they just bring pictures of themselves as children, whyyyy

you kids need to deep dive into Heaven's Gate- you could even contact them lmao

i wish this was in parts, this one may be my favorite

He should've kept talking after he got an actual response...."lots of twists" ok bye.

I think Ryan and Shane should investigate the mystery tomb or the legend of the cotton tree in Tobago

Investigate skin walker canyon Repost if you see this

Bruhhh who was speaking tho?? Sounded like Siri oof

shane gets draged to the river shane danm thats some wind

I could be La Llorona because you can see me having a mental breakdown and crying at 10pm in any parks. Neighborhood watch who? I be swinging on the swings and bawling and cursing at the world.

He’s gay

i have been waiting for this day

gEt tHe nEt

As soon as it was Shane’s turn to have a walk. It turned to his face and I started to burst out of laughing so hard

The Wailing Lady somewhat reminds me of a Witch from the Left4Dead Series. For #Postmortem, don't you think it is quite common for any culture to have a "Wailing Lady of the Townfolk", and its counterpart, the "Hot Gorgeous Lady of the Mountains"? For an instance, many Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Filipino horror movies usually depict Wailing Ladies, which is very creepy. And there is always a Gorgeous Lady of the Mountains that will help the protagonists out. If not, a priest or a shaman-like person. And it is always that because of one definite reason: The Watcher. All Praise the Watcher! #alwaysaBoogaranRyantist

I’ve been dying for this video!!

i never knew about the new movie actually this is my favorite urban legend and i felt exited when i saw this because La Llorona is my favorite from snarleds ghost guide so yea i got it from snarled i also know why she drowned her children

"I'm getting out Spanished by the white guy!!"

"My girl, Guadalupe, is here, so... I'm happy she's here." As a Catholic, that was funny. HAHAHAHAHAHA


You having a horrible day so you run away and cry in the woods and 3 grown men run up to you holding cameras screaming

One other version of the story of La Llarona was that as punishment, She wore the decapitated head of a horse. #kelpie

*other parents*: if you don’t behave the boogeyman’s coming to get you!” *Hispanic parents*: La Llorona will drag you by the feet if you don’t behave!”

Just hunt her down with *LA* *CHANCLA*

Mom: If you don’t make your bed la Larona will tear your body open and eat all your organ and leave the rest to her demons Me: So your threatening me?

Why are the Llorona and the Siguanaba so similar my parents are salvadorian and my mom wouldn't really mention the llorona bc I think it's mainly a Mexican tale but my mom used to scare me when she told stories about the Siguanaba

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