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Can you believe this the two of us in the same house is this, a crossover, episode no, it's. Getting around man seriously. Though how, are you. The. Art of the crossover, is one of the oldest, tricks in the media playbook as we know it today from. Alpha and Gilligan's Island to, Uncle Jesse and Steve Urkel and even. Archie, and the Punisher for some reason taking. Two or more, big, franchises, and mashing them together to make one big crossover, piece of media is a surefire, way, to pop interest, in all fan bases and gaming. Is not immune, to this phenomenon, because you see even. In the last couple years we've had some great crossovers. From all over, video games of all types of genres racing. Sports. Simulation. Platforming. And even. More but, when a character crosses, over into fighting games or a fighting game character jumps between games, from, the same genre it feels, ever so, slightly, more special. Game, developers, need to work that much harder to faithfully, translate, characters, to their intricate systems of their, game while still keeping the guests integrity, intact, and separate, from the rest of the cast in this, video I'll analyze a few crossovers, and guest appearances that are good bad, and sometimes. Just plain old weird. I. Don't. Think that I can do a video about fighting, in crossovers, without mentioning what is arguably, the most famous one Super. Smash Brothers was released for the Nintendo 64 in, 1998. After the most exhausted. Man in gaming, Masahiro, Sakurai wanted. To make a four-player fighting, game he, figured that fighting games don't quite sell as well as other video game genres, so, to compensate he, threw in some famous Nintendo, characters in a prototype that he was building and had, them fight it out and the rest as, we know it is history. But. You know I might be a bit of a stickler here but it feels a bit lame to congratulate, Nintendo, on giving the okay to put their own characters, into, their own video, game so instead. I'd like, to focus on the one moment in Smash history that I thought altered the course of the series forever. The. Event was III 2006. At, the time Super, Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64 was that system's eighth best selling game and super. Smash brothers melee was the GameCubes, number, one seller, moving 7 million. Copies, now. With the Nintendo Wii in its formative years the pressure was on to finally, show hardcore, gamers that Nintendo, had a lot more to offer them than just bowling with the family, and, whatever Red Steel was so. At an after-hours media, only briefing, Nintendo, unveiled a trailer for Super, Smash Brothers, Brawl and. With, this trailer Nintendo, started the slow and gradual. Change of the Smash Brothers series, from, being a simple showcase, of Nintendo's, vast catalog to a celebration of, gaming, as a whole, it. All started, right. Here. Shooting. Them. The. Announcement, of Solid Snake joining, the cast of Super Smash Brothers Brawl set, the internet, on fire. Snakes. Inclusion, in Smash is significant. In a few ways first, snake, was the very first third-party, playable, character announced, for the smash series, he's also the first character in the smash games from a series that's rated mature and his. Appearance is based off of the 2001, game Metal Gear Solid, 2 Sons, of Liberty which, to, this day has. Never been featured on a Nintendo, console, according. To an interview had a Okajima creator, of Metal Gear practically. Begged, for snake to be included in Smash and from, that point on all bets were off and it seemed like any game character, from any series, could join the fight at any moment, and, that was only reinforced, by the announcement, that Sonic, the Hedgehog, the company mascot of one of Nintendo's fiercest.

Former Rivals was joining the game's cast only a few months later when. The game did eventually make it to market fans of these series were delighted, to find that Nintendo did, right by these foreign franchises, giving, the characters varied and well thought-out movesets that emphasized their personalities. For, example snake really likes guns explosives, and weapons and Sonic, it's, gotta go fast. But. It doesn't stop there Nintendo. Threw in a bunch, of tributes, and fanservice for these games between the stickers trophies, stages. And music and even a special treat from Metal Gear Solid, fans on the Shadow Moses Island stage. Snake. You know who that is you're. Kidding, right it's. Mario, Mario. Made his first appearance in 1981. And since, then he's, become a worldwide, phenomenon, there's. Probably not a single person who doesn't know Mario he's. That famous. Good. Thing I survived, these. Days reveal, season, 4 Smash Brothers is one of the most looked forward to events of any, given gaming, generation, and since, snake and Sonic have joined the fight fans from all over the, gaming universe hang, on to each announcement with bated breath wondering, if a character from their favorite non Nintendo, game it's an invitation. To smash, the. Newest title in the series Super Smash Brothers ultimate, has a catchphrase that, is everyone. Is here, and that's more or less true with. More than a half-dozen third-party. Characters growing hands with Mario & Company and even, more cameos, that take the form of assist row fees and spirits with, even more on the way in the form of DLC, who. Knew that a proof of concept without, official approval from Nintendo, would go on to be one of the most ambitious crossovers. In all of videogame history and, when. You get right down to it the smash brothers roster, evolving, to include third parties is basically, analogous, of how, much better Nintendo, has gotten to catering to third parties and indie, Studios, I don't really have much proof for that claim but I'll say that we've come a long way. From the days of we we're. Making. My way back to fighting games without platforms, longtime. Watchers of my channel will remember that I talked about Street Fighter cross Tekken a collaboration. Between the number one 2d and 3d fighting, game franchises, for. Reasons that I laid out in this, video this, crossover, fighter which looked and played like a street fighter game didn't, quite take off the way that Bandai, Namco and Capcom were. Hoping it would one. Victim of the game's failure, was a Tekken team developed, Tekken style game named, you guessed it Tekken, cross, Street Fighter which, would have brought the world warriors into the third dimension for the first time since, the Street Fighter II X series the. Game's development was, put on ice around the time of Street Fighter 5s release but. Don't worry the Tekken team was continuing, work when a major update for the recently released Tekken 7, which will eventually feature, one of the most extensive. Integrations. Of a crossover character, into, another game series that I had ever seen, revealed. At the Tekken World Tour Finals in 2015, street, fighters Akuma. Was, announced as a new addition to Tekken 7 via the fated retribution update. According. To an interview with Tekken is Katsuhiro, Harada this. Crossover was in the works for years and took a lot of coordination with Capcom, in order to pull off as with. All of their characters, Akuma was built from the ground up from his model, costumes, and moveset without outside assistance from Capcom, in, order to keep as much Street, Fighter DNA, in Akuma, as possible, the Tekken team had, to go to the drawing board and figure out how they were going to faithfully.

Remake This character into, their game and here's, how they did it unlike. Most of the Tekken 7 cast Akuma, has a to gauge super, meter of which he can sacrifice half, the, - cancel out of an attack like FA DCs in Street, Fighter 4 but. The similarities, don't end there he has access to all of his special moves his normal, moves look and work the same as if they do in Street Fighter and the, way that Akuma utilizes, jumping, and pressure makes it seem like you're truly, controlling, a 2d character in a 3d space the. Tekken teams track record on the crossover characters that they put into Tekken 7 so far have been hit one, after, another from, piece noctus. And eventually. Negan. Each. Character, has been faithfully, translated into, tech at 7 but, what really pushes Akuma's inclusion, in over-the-top for me is that he, isn't just any regular guest character, because, harada-san, wants, every character in his game to have a real, reason to fight Akuma. Is actually, given a pretty significant. Purpose in the story mode of Tekken 7, here's. A quick spoiler warning so go to this time in the video if you want to steer clear of spoilers, for Tekken 7 story mode so. Accout was purpose in the Tekken universes, to fulfill the tasks given to him by Kazuma, Mishima, after she saved his life probably. Before the events of Tekken 1 that, task to kill, hey Hachi and Kazuya, Mishima the, only reason why he hasn't shown up before the seventh game is because he was quote, waiting. For them to get stronger, and that's. To me because I think Akuma wouldn't, have had any issues taking down the Mishima if they were at a weaker power level or didn't know how to properly, utilize the devil gene so, in a weird way by waiting to confront the me she was until, now Akuma. Is kind of the entire reason why Tekken exists in its current form at all which is wild. Considering, that Akuma, is a guest character from a rival fighting, game and with. The way that the story in Tekken 7 ends, I find, it hard to believe that, they won't mention him if they continue with the Mishima storyline, at Tec 8 all-in-all. Akuma, and Tekken 7 is a really, cool take upon an already, cool character and, I'm happy to highlight him as an example of a really well done crossover, character and as. For second cross Street Fighter Harada, has been keeping the hope alive but he's looking forward to that game's completion, recently. Saying in a recent interview that, the game is quote, 30%. Done and that, they could potentially, find the time to make the game if Tekken, 7 moved units which, it totally. Totally. Did.

Celebrity. Appearances, and fighting games are pretty notable because they have the traits of being number one incredibly, rare and number, two almost always, incredibly. Lame sure. You may get excited, for snake and smash brothers or Akuma in Tekken 7 but nobody ever talked about Fred Durst in a bike club game Bruce. Lee in the UFC games, or even the celebrity deathmatch fighting, game where the cast is made up of nothing but celebrities, the. Use of famous people in the fighting game genre has almost always ended. In disappointment. Except. For the Def Jam series but that's probably another topic for another video. Most. Celebs, really don't understand, or have that much time or respect for the medium of video games leading to less than inspired. Appearances. But, one game that you've probably, forgotten about, actually, has one of the strongest most. Interesting, celebrity casts that I've ever seen in a fighting game. Ready. To rumble boxing isn't your ordinary boxing. Game at least in 1999, this title featured an eclectic, mix out-of-this-world boxers, from the groovy afro, thunder to the intentionally, obnoxious, jr. flurry the. Game reviewed, well enough and garnered, enough support for a sequel just one year after this one launched but, one famous fan was so, enraptured, by the game that they wanted to play a special, role in the development of the next one that fan, none. Other than the King of Pop Michael Jackson. To. Those in the note this shouldn't, be a surprise Michael. Jackson was actually, a big-time. Gamer he, collected, games and consoles, set up his own arcade, at Neverland Ranch had, his own game on the Sega Genesis, helped compose the music for Sonic 3 and personally. Requested, to be put in the 1999. Rhythm games space channel 5 as the story. Goes as told by a manual Valdez, the lead artist for ready to rumble boxing round 2 Jackson, was put into the game as a playable fighter after weeks of discussion with the dev team at Midway he. Did the mocap for his taunts his own voice work and even got dressed in his iconic stage where to help the team with his texture modeling the. Result was a really, neat implementation. Of one of the most iconic and, most popular, famous people of all time when. The gloved one goes into his super powered rumble mode his feet start lighting up the floor he, attacks using all of his iconic dance moves and apparently he really, enjoyed how its participation, in the game turned out but. The celebrity, roster doesn't stop there, Shaquille. O'Neal coming off of his 2000. NBA MVP, winning, season, lint, his voice and appearance for the same game Shaq. Didn't go quite as far as Michael Jackson did in helping Midway but, he still played like what you'd expect Shaq, to play like in a boxing game big. Ol slow powerhouse, who likes to make references, to basketball. President. Bill Clinton, and First Lady Hillary Clinton, were absolutely, not. Featured, and ready to rumble boxing round two instead. Two characters with very similar traits, ages heights and appearances. Named mr. president, and the first lady were. And even. The lovable ring announcer Bruce Buffer gets in on the action as the, final boss of the game has the ever imposing. Rumble. Man ready. To rumble boxing round 2 was my personal, first exposure to crossovers. And video games and while they, may not have made the game any more fun to play I actually went back and played it for this video and man. Game did not age well back. Then these, guest characters, gave me some of my fondest. Memories as a wee, lad. Sticking. With boxing for just a little bit longer did you know that if you enter the code and macman in the character creator of Fight Night Round two for the Gamecube you will unlock a little back from super punch-out as a playable for oh my god. Jesus. Christ that's terrifying. Why does Little Mac look like he was stung by like a thousand, bees, look. At those eyes ah. Geez. Give. Me the heebie-jeebies let's move on. Yeah. Lastly. I wanted, to talk about the series that helped me get this channel it's start, Marvel. Vs., Capcom but. During the writing process of, this script I wondered exactly what. I would write about of, course the NBC series carries, a special place in the fighting game community's heart and it's, one of the most famous crossovers, idols to ever exist but. Both companies, share, top billing and none of these games treat any character, like a special, guest I couldn't. Talk about the history of the series or the games leading up to it like x-men children of the atom which did, feature an Akuma crossover, but I feel like that would be best suited, for another.

Video A topic. Like that seems a bit too broad and I do, eventually, want to make that video but. I'd rather give it the attention it deserves but, then it. Hit me there. Are four, characters, in the entirety, of the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Who, made their first appearances, in these games never, to be seen again outside of some very minor cameos, and because. Of that they somehow managed, to be special, guests, in a series that is basically, made up of special, guests for, the sake of clarity I'm not gonna include sonson, in this list file her nbc-2, incarnation, is technically. The granddaughter, of son son from the NES version of that game I feel like there's enough similarity, there as say that they're functionally, the same character. So. Starting with the weirdest, character exclusive, no tomorrow, is a parody, of Japanese, comedian Noritake, naxi I'm, not all that well-versed in the Japanese comedy, scene but this guy must have been a pretty big deal because. I've come partnered with him and his television show to make his own personal, fighting game character, originally. They were supposed, to slot this creation, in an upcoming Street Fighter game but, instead they fit no tomorrow and the next game Capcom, was set to release which, ended up being Marvel, Super Heroes vs.. Street Fighter, the. Best way that I can describe his playstyle as if you mashed up Phoenix right from Marvel 3 and peacock, from Skullgirls, dude, has some strong, keep-away tools and throws everything, including, the kitchen sink literally. To, keep you out of his personal space if this, is the first time you're seeing this guy there's, probably a good reason for that no, tomorrow was only, available for play in the Japanese, version of the game which makes sense for obvious reasons there's, evidence to suggest that this character was actually in late stages of being localized, for western audiences with translated, wind quotes and some, alterations, to his super combo animations, however. I get the feeling like throwing in a character, who is a take on an obscure, Japanese, comedian wasn't, all that appealing to Western audiences and thus. Nori. Mara was removed, from English versions of the game. Moving. On the next one shot character in the series isn't actually, playable, at all, it's, the final boss of Marvel, vs. Capcom 2, and the only completely, original boss character in the entire vs., series this, I'm. Actually a big fan of a business design, despite. Being an entirely original character, for NBC to every, phase of the abyss fight looks like something you could feasibly see, in a Marvel comic book his, backstory, is also, very Marvel s essentially, being the embodiment of the concept of entropy spurring. Characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes, to action phase. 1 of this fight is a big hulking armored body and phase 2 is this weird slimy, thing and eventually phase 3 is this big honkin, beast to. Me abyss is actually up there with some of the most fun boss fights that I've played in a fighting game abyss. Actually, can't be put into hits done so, he stands, there as you dish out of beating and I played a whole bunch of cable in Marvel, vs. Capcom 2, so being able to just stand there and throw, out a hyper Viper beam with the knowledge that it'll hit and melt the heck out of abyss is health bar is the, equivalent, of getting a nice new piece of technology and peeling, the plastic, off it's so just cool it's so satisfying. Next. Up is a character, that is a bit of an enigma, a mingo, is a sharp dressing, cactus, and has a name that sounds like, amigo. He, can shape-shift had, his home town wrecked by abyss looks, like a distant family member of Ludicolo, and he, kind of sucked in mvc2 despite, having the potential for some incredibly, succulent, pressure but.

Getting To the point this is basically all we know about him there's, a rumor that I found that mentions that a Mingo was supposed to feature in his own game that was eventually canceled but there's no sources leads, or otherwise, any information, on what that game could have been and no, confirmation from officials one way or the other you. Could say that capcom is really sticking, to their guns on that one there's. Talk of a Mingo potentially. Being a rejected Darkstalkers, character, which I actually think is a totally credible guess considering. That his attacks feature him expanding, contracting and, morphing which are all very dark, stock traits, but. Considering, the state of the dark stalkers franchise, that's probably a bit of a prickly, situation to bring up because Capcom. Hasn't even come out and said anything, confirming, or denying even that tiny fan theory a Mingo. Is so obscure, that even, in his official bio and the Marvel, vs. Capcom complete. Works artwork, he's listed as being of a mysterious. Origin, nobody. Knows if a Mingo will ever show up in another game but at, least this'll, be the day that he gets his shine. Lastly. Did you know that Marvel, vs. Capcom 2 had lore. Yeah. I didn't, neither where, as Ryu is the main character of the Street Fighter series and as scorpion, is from Mortal Kombat the, last character I'll talk about in this video the magic wielding Baroness of the seven seas ruby, heart is apparently. The main character, of mvc2, we. Can draw this conclusion from, a few different points of reference she. And cable both get the center spot in the character select screen for Capcom and Marvel respectively, you can see what is possibly, Rudy's ship hitting built in one stage and fighting, on that same ship in another she, appears smack-dab in the middle of this marketing poster alongside cable, and, when you beat the final boss your, reward is a series of images from Marvel and Capcom heroes, in pictures celebrating. And having a good time on Ruby ship but, Ruby Hart no not her, she's holding what is left of abyss and all-powerful, being, in her hand before, she's like nah, I'm sure I'll have chances, to shine another games before chucking, that thing off the ship and riding, off into the sunset it's.

Pretty, Heavily implied that she's actually the one shuttling, all of these fighters around the world to, stop this and his ambiguously, ambiguous, plot as it. Turns out unlike a Mingo, Ruby, Hart is allegedly, confirmed, by, former Capcom employees have Killian to have been a dark stalkers character that was left on the cutting room floor I'd. Love to show you the video but you stream a white, LED at once was. Unfortunately. Father time hasn't been too good to the seafaring, French woman she, was pinned in as one of the main characters, for what was supposed to be a pirate themed social, game in Japan named, Geico Kai Frontier however. That game was canceled after being stuck in development hell for at least three, these. Days ruby heart is still looking for her next big break and she could get it in the, Street Fighter series, ruby. Was given a fighter profile, on the shadow loot combat Research Institute, and. While this isn't exactly the Ruby. Heart the artist says that it's actually, a relative, so it's good to know that ruby hearts character design hasn't completely fallen off of Capcom's radar. So. That does it for this edition of my guest character series there's a ton, of amazing, crossovers, that I didn't come anywhere, close, to touching like the trio of guest characters from Soul Calibur 2 and a whole bunch of others so, expect a part two to this video sometime in the future in the, meantime if there are any great guest characters you'd like to see me cover in this style in that next video let, me know in the comments below subscribe. To me on youtube follow, me on Twitter and twitch and have, some fun in the comments I'll see you again next time.

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Who's your favorite guest character to show up in a fighting game? Why were they your favorite?

Honestly MJ because that shit is actually hilarious.

Ezio in the soul series since Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelation were my fav games and it was cool to see him in a fighting game

Capcom VS SNK series (at least the ones made by CC) is basically King Of Fighters with Street Fighter characters that also have time traveling characters from other games (with no explanation). It always struck me odd that Nakururu and Haoumaru from Samurai Showdown and Hibiki from The Last Blade are there among cameos from the distant future of Star Gladiator. Not sure if guest characters or just part of the cross over. So I go with them because they also shared a special eye candy that when their blades clashed you could hear it. It was well thought out. Also Hibiki is cute

Sonic in Smash Brawl

Mai Shiranui in DOA5 last round

I like Raiden in Injstice 2


Honestly Geese in Tekken is already my new favourite, he looks so damn sick and they translated him so perfectly to Tekken. Tekken and it's 2D turn 3D characters are probably some of the most amazing character translation in any game ever.

Melty Blood's Sion in Under Night In-Birth, she goes by Eltnum and she breaks the 4th wall in her story mode. Fun character to watch in top 8s of tournaments as well.

Kratos in soul calibur and mk.

Top 3 for me were Freddy Krueger in MK9, Hellboy in Injustice 2, and Sonic in Super Smash Bros Brawl

Probably Hellboy in Injustice 2 In college I got really into the Hellboy comics and movies so when he was announced my roommates and I lost it Still tied for my main with Green Lantern Fantastic video btw! I can’t wait to see that Little Mac in the corner of my dark bedroom tonight...the horror...

To me it's Solid Snake and Sonic Smash Bros. Love them since Brawl announced them

Snake, because my dad played the _SHIT_ out of Twin Snakes on the GameCube way back then, on top of playing a lot of MGS2 on the Original XBOX. I even watched gameplay, and fell in love with the whole idea of avoiding enemies and whatnot, and how much of a Badass Snake is. It's why he's one of my favorite guest characters. And then there was Mega Man's announcement in Smash 4. When I saw that, I had a hard time picking my jaw up off the floor. And of course, who can forget the BELMONTS in Ultimate, as well as Ridley and Joker? Ridley for the fact that the Meme about Ridley being "too big" for smash finally became a reality, and less of a meme. The Belmonts because I fell in love with the Castlevania Franchise, and seemed like very unique characters. And Joker? well... I guess you can say that you never saw it coming. I could go on and on, but I'll just list my examples there.

I personally loved the TMNT on Injustice 2! They are so fun and well made...

You gotta cover Mortal Kombat as well as Injustice. And the other Smash Bros games. Smash 4 and Ultimate,

I know this is a little bit off topic, but I love how Project X Zone basically puts Tekken, Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter in the same universe

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16:55 a peka from clash but iys green

Shaq fu is the best fighting game with a celeb

We jave a Japanese Marvel vs. Street Fighter Machine at the arcade I work at so I get to play as Norimaru

7:19 . Poor Feng, that's what you get for killing you master.

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Michael Buffer not Bruce lol

IIIIIITS TIIIIIIIIIIME.... for me to fact check my own scripts before recording them.

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You'd think, but Raiden and the ninja clans have really taken center stage as of the last 10 or so years of MK games. Liu is kinda punked out in the last few.

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No mention about KOF huh? the first crossover fighting game ever ! or Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting both getting Ryo Sakazaki and Geese Howard as guest characters respectively.

SNK did it first with King of Fighters '94 being like an SNK All-Star, before Nintendo did their All-Star cast.

It's nice seeing 2 SNK Fighters on 2 Seperate fighting games, Mai Shiranui in DOA5, & Geese Howard in Tekken 7.

I've never wanted to kick Michael Jackson's ass more

Exept for games that have their own concept like Marvel vs Capcom or Kof (which is is cross over between Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury.) Adding characters from other licence in a fighting is only possible in non very serious games or mediocre main stream fighting game. Like For VF. You could never see tekken or any franchise character in A virtua Fighter. Neither in Street fighter because they try to respect thei franchise and prefer to do cross overs far awaay from their canon franchise. But some developers have no shame and are only interested by money

4:00 I dunno about you but I don't think 17 months is a few.

No mention of Lars being in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?

Aside from the obvious targets of Soul Calibur, Killer Instinct, and Mortal Kombat in the next video, I'd like to see mention of the Spartan from Halo in Dead or Alive, who's time-traveling storyline is basically canon to Halo itself. The King of Fighters series was actually among the first games to feature guest fighters, but all of them have been pretty obscure by American standards. It's worth mentioning that Yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur is the Tekken Yoshimitsu's canonical ancestor. Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, and Red XIII from Final Fantasy 7 were included as guest fighters to help sell the NA release of Ergheiz, but Squaresoft made no efforts to effectively balance them.

that Yoshimitsu in Soul Calibur is Right Handed, while the Tekken one is a Leftie.

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I really appreciated the section you did on Rubyheart, I’ve always been a huge fan of this character. Her ship is where I pulled my screen name from! Lol this really made my day. Keep up the amazing work.

To my knowledge, the first crossover fighter was SNK's The King of Fighters '94. It not only featured characters from other fighting games of the SNK stable, like Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting, but from older, non-fighting arcade games by SNK, such as Ikari Warriors and Psycho Soldier. as well.

+Conrado Javier two of rival school characters appear on SFV

+PHANTOM GAMER Speaking of Rival School, that explains are Sakura Kasugano is in the roster.

By Capcom side is 1993 Saturday Night Slam Master and the 1994 sequel Ring Of Destruction:Slam Master 2 featuring Haggar from Final Fight as playable character later started with street fighter with final fight character. Slam Master is also a part of street fighter universe too like rival school and captain commando.

it all Started with Fatal Fury Special, with Art of Fighting's Ryo appeared.


Still no playable Bomberman in Smash. F.

Cloud Strife in Ehrgeiz. I went nuts as a kid.

I love that Mortal Kombat started adding in horror movie characters like Jason and Leatherface. I'm a huge horror movie fan and they just gel so well with that universe

Sonic was one of the main reasons I wanted Brawl

This was a great episode and a great idea for a series. Finally, YouTube recommendations actually recommending something I'd like... except I'm sure this was just a coincidence and it's right back to recommending me stuff I don't care about. Regardless, great work on and I look forward to more. However, I would be lying if I said that this confused me. The title suggest you would go through a brief summary of guest characters in video games but then went into 4 different topics unrelated to the subject. I felt this episode should've just introduced what you were planning on doing and give a brief overview of guest characters and split up these 4 topics into their own episodes. I know it's a pilot and maybe you have plans to actually cover specific topics, but it took me off guard and, even though it was a great video, I was confused because I was expecting a more linear history lesson. Hopefully this was just a fluke and next episode you can just take it easy and just cover one topic at a time. Well, regardless, I do look forward to seeing what you have next.

Thanks for the help! This was a bit of an exploratory thing with a few one-off crossovers I thought were significant. Definitely going to stick to a series-per-episode in the future. And hey, feel free to subscribe to see when I upload another!

I remember playing that japanese character once in MvC. It was a weird version in an arcade, some of the characters were different but the text was in english (or at least it wasn't in kanji, I was 6 and couldn't read english).

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Insta subbed, guest characters are what got me and probably a ton of other people into fighting games

ruby heart

If I remember correctly, Norimaro got scrapped internationally because hia ending made reference to stealing Chun Li's panties or something like that

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Masahiro “The Most Exhausted Man in Gaming” Sakurai.

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Hey Stumblebee, what are your thoughts on MUGEN?

It's great! I've lost so many hours to SaltyBet over the years.

All I know is that I flipped my shiet when I saw that RWBY characters would appear in Blazblue Crosstag Battle, even if the devs were super greedy when it came to the roster. Also, I definitely can’t wait to seen what guest characters we’ll get in Smash Ultimate’s DLC. If we got Persona 5’s Joker as our *very* first choice, then imagine how crazy the other choices must be! Also, including Donkey Kong in Punch-Out for the Wii was pretty cool. A funny story is that originally Little Mac was supposed to duke it out against Peach rather than DK, but Nintendo thought that they’d get into controversy with woman who thought her getting decked in the face would be offensive. So they decided to use the King of Kongs instead. Which’s the better option imo, since Peach would’ve felt pretty out of place due to how non-combative she is, whereas DK is a huge, powerful, 8-foot tall hulking gorilla. But hey, at least all three of them get to square off nowadays in Smash Bros!

Erm so it's only about Smash huh... You talked a bit about MvC but KOf or Capcom v SNK 1 & 2. So much could've been said...

Keep watchin! I intend to make this a series, so definitely gonna give these franchises a spot in a video eventually!

Abyss looks like the magna defender from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

This video was great

PLAY STATION ALL STARS BATTLE ROYALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Seriously mention it, It put Kratos, Dante, Big Daddy and Sir Daneil Frotesque in the same game

Issac in blade strangers

Blade Strangers is a crossover fighting game too

Awesome video

Do def jam

Dead or Alive has had some great ones. A Spartan From Halo, Virtua Fighter Characters, and Mai Shiranui.

Great video, Stumblebee! Really interesting topic for a video and I'm just glad we got another one of your fighting game analysis videos :)

Four words Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Really enjoyed this video, pls do another with Soulcalibur!

god i'd love for you to do a sequel. the first one i'd think to add was link in sc2. yeah its cliche'd but lets be honest over half the fanbase for sc exists because they wanted to play as link

it's a reason whu phoenix wright is in marvel vs capcom 3 because he is a capcom character that doesn't make him a guest character.

Another quality vid thanks for your hard work

Did you know that there was a anime fighter that is a anniversary crossover game celebrating the 20th anniversary of Dengeki Bunko (a light novel publisher) called “Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax” with Akira from Virtual Fighters and Selvaria from Valkyrie Chronicles being the guest characters in that game?

Does Ryu Hayabusa count as a guest fighter in the Dead or Alive games? The first one, at least. He does come from another franchise that at least on the surface doesn't seem to have too much to do with DOA series, but nowadays he's just as closely associated with DOA as he is with Ninja Gaiden. Could probably also mention Freddy Krueger in MK9. To me at least, that seems like such a turning point for guest fighters in modern fighting games (especially as DLC).

We just gonna not mention the TMNT in Injustice 2?

id love to see a video ojn Fighting EX Layer or perhaps mention it in the next video with Terry Bogard being added in

Can you do some vids on injustice 2 You got TMNT, Subzero, Raiden and Hellboy


We need Ultra Instinct Shaggy in Tekken pls

He might be in mortal kombat

The Tekken 7 OST is great

Great video as always, though that first Smash part has me dreaming still, don’t mind me, just here still hoping Grand Theft Auto becomes part of Smash Bros DLC... the series is so popular and critically acclaimed, only beat by Mario and Pokemon in copies sold with GTA V alone being 100 million of those. For me, it’s only right and purposely crazy but fitting to include V’s Michael De Santa with Franklin and Trevor as echoes armed to the teeth, they could even have a final Smash similar to Captain Falcon.

Stumblebee exactly! Isn’t it fucking bonkers?! I love it as much as I love the series. But it’s also technically not actually out of the realm of possibility with what we already have but it is as relatively unexpected as it is fitting. Rockstar and Nintendo respect each other a great deal and has put out plenty of games on Nintendo, Nintendo even revealed a GTA game at E3 2008, 4 of those titles where GTA games so GTA has been on Nintendo more than Persona. GTA is basically the most played and iconic franchise that isn’t in smash. I’d love a spirit or assist, people who are bummed when that happens to their characters are honestly spoiled... Also probably could be the most profitable Nintendo could be with DLC: The few people who haven’t played GTA V since they’re mostly Nintendo fans are exposed to it through Smash and would be interested in an inevitable Switch port, while everyone else would likely buy the character since the crossover is so crazy and interesting. And hey, it doesn’t break the one rule Smash seems to actually have, looking at you Goku...

Out of all the requests for Smash Bros that I've ever seen, this is certainly one of them

I miss Amingo and Ruby Heart man

I'm guessing SoulCalibur will get a dedicated episode.

+ONYX GOLD Yeah, I'm sure Disney would be fine with one of their characters being sliced and torn apart.

I heard kilo ren would be in mk11

Hey dude, honest feedback here. I've enjoyed the video for most part...But it was also very unfocused!! The video was "The History of Fighting Game Guest Characters " but you started already with Snake in Smash, then you jumped right into Akuma on Tekken7, then famous people on fighting games and then you finished with some original Marvel vs Capcom characters. So things felt kinda random you know. The topics were interesting and well written and could make for interesting videos on their own... but as an entire video, I think it could have been more focused you know? If "Be My Guest" is supposed to be series (which I hope it is, because it is an awesome idea) maybe next time pick a smaller topic inside of the guest character subject and focus on that?? One suggestion that I really liked from the comments here was guest characters in Netherealm games. And there is A LOT you can talk about with just that topic! Like, how well the characters translate into the games, how well they were recived by the fans, how some of them even show up on mobile versions of the game, how the community enjoys trying to guess them, how they are chosen, how can Netherealm possibly keep trying to top themselves (I mean after Hellboy and TMNT on Injustice 2, the only way they can top themselves is if Goku and Spider-man shows up on Injustice 3!!) etc...

This could be easily fixed by changing the title to "guest characters in fighting games" or something like that.

+Stumblebee You are welcome!! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the constructive feedback! This gives me a lot to go on :)

Next time I'd like to see a mention of the Virtua Fighter cast jumping into Dead Or Alive 5

I'm surprised you didn't talk more about Soul Calibur 2. I know that wasn't the first fighting game with guest characters, but I feel like it was the one that started the trend of using guest characters as a major selling point, not just a fun bonus. I know I'm not the only one who bought it because of Link.

Next time! :)

Special Shoutout to Urban Reigns. Basically Def Jam from Namco. It even features 3 special guest characters which are Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law from Tekken and they're very well implemented. I wish that they would've make it a full Tekken featured cast and balance it well so every character is viable. Same thing for Def Jam FFNY. The stats ruin those games for fair vs gaming.

Stumbled across that during the making of this video! Seems unique. Will check it out for future installments of this series.

I think I've said it before, but I really love your content dude! I appreciate fighting games so much, and seeing other people talk about specific things in fighting games is great! Have you thought about making a video where you talk about different / creative fighting game mechanics? Some examples could be how Phoenix Wright works in MVC3, or the GRD system in UNIST?

-furiously scribbles notes- I had an idea for this exact video! I think it'll be the next thing I seriously take a look at doing.

A shame Ruby Heart doesn't get any love these days. If only Sakurai-san considered her for SSBU, even for just a support trophy.

Please talk about the guest characters in Mortal Kombat and Injustice, that will be awesome.

Roy Arkon Agreed! I am as well, and I’m glad Mr. Boon did them justice. They haven’t looked that good since the 1990 movie.

+ray ciannello Same here, I'm a big TMNT fan and I was super hyped for them. In fact, that was the hypest I ever was for a fighting character since the reveal of Reptile from Mortal Kombat (my all time favorite fighting character) for MKX.

Roy Arkon that Tmnt reveal trailer blew my mind... I can still get hype even watching it now lol

Can anyone remind me the name of the song atarting at 19:24 please?

Stumblebee Thank you my dude.

That's the Airship Stage theme for MvC2 :)

Think I'd like to see King of Fighters to get a shout out in the next part. KOF 94 combined 2 of fighting game franchises and older arcade games from SNK like Psycho Solider with some new faces. Later on, in KOF 14 featured some more guest characters like Nakoruru and Rock Howard.

2:58 I like how you just skipped smash 4.

+Duperghoul Gaming I meant just that transition from brawl to ultimate.

He showed the Mega Man trailer. He didn't want to spend to much time on smash

Can you do a top 10 Best fighting game bosses I never seen such a list before. People only do most hardest and unfair fighting game bosses

3 bosses I actually liked in fighting games are Heihachi from Tekken 4 , I-no and Order Sol from Guilty Gear

Any bosses I should keep an eye out for?

Does yoshimitsu count as guest in soul calibur? :D

+Conrado Javier also 2 Kumas

+Reshirou Krieger Just like how Tekken's got 2 Kings, 2 Armor Kings, 2 Rogers, & a Legacy of Jacks.

No, I believe they're two entities from the same clan in the same timeline, Tekken is just the future of Soul Calibur.

I'm still waiting for Square and Capcom to do a crossover fighting game.

Im kinda sad you failed to mention *Tatsunoko vs Capcom* , as a nostalgic 80s anime fan, its a delight to play as Doronjo and the Yattermen at the same time, not to mention my JAP version main Hakushon Daimou did not even get to the US version. And now Capcom doesnt have any rights of Tatsunoko anymore, a possible sequel is pretty grim right now

TvC was the best fighting game that the Wii had! Really want a remaster. Also I had NO CLUE that the Samurai Pizza Cats were a Tatsunoko property.

Great video but there's one major detail that was overlooked, not surprising though... Akuma is the most important character for this topic - his inclusion in X-men: CotA was THE Precursor of all things "guest character/versus/cross-over"

For sure! I'm gonna hold off on that topic for when I do a video on the Versus series as a whole.

What is this a crossover episode? I guess it is

Love your channel bro. Do some virtua fighter if possible in the future

yo dog this some good shit keep it up man

No king of fighters? That game was practically the first one back in 1994. To much time wasted in smash that isnt even a fighting game.

Saerch up the best selling fighting game then we'll talk.

+ALongLeggedPissedOffPuertoRican it's a pushing game.

Smash is a game where you fight each other. It is a fighting game.Get off your elitist horse.

Oh, and I'm definitely going to touch on KOF in the next one of these I do. The fact that they threw the dudes from Ikari Warriors in a fighting game is hilarious.

+Stumblebee no king of fighters

I fall under the umbrella of smash being a hybrid 'party/platform fighting game'. Imagine Cricket and Baseball. Both bat and ball sports, but fundamentally different types of game played by almost completely separate communities.

Amazing video. You did Akuma's inclusion in Tekken 7 justice!

Just Put Terry Bogard in everything... please!

Amazigh Gamer yeah but he should be in EVERYTHING

He's in Fighting ex layer

Fr tho

Yes!!! Geese is great but give us Terry!!

I actually consider Son Son III as her own character, she has a lot of uniqueness’ to make her different from the character she was inspired by.

Brooo that MvC2 soundtrack almost made me cry of nostalgia


Amingo is such a fascinatingly bizarre character. My guess is that he was originally designed for a more comedic fighting game, think Waku Waku 7 or something like Darkstalkers Jr, and the decline of arcade fighters at the time led to its cancellation.

Jump Force's potential guest fighters

For me it’s either Kratos from mk 9 or the Tmnt from injustice 2

Snake and Cloud in smash. Hopefully I can add Sora to this list.

Ken. If he never existed I wouldn't be playing these games to this day. Ken is fucking awesome. And sonic was also a really cool announcement too. The belmonts are 10/10 tho, hell yeah castlevania!

Stumblebee Cloud 1000000000% Cloud in Smash

Gotta go with Predator from MKX, Ryu in Smash, Cole in SFXT, the Street Fighters in Power Rangers Legacy Wars and anyone who challenged Capcom in the Vs. Series.

Stumblebee I’m always backing up to Darth Vader, Yoda, and the Apprentice/Galen Marek in Soul Calibur 4

The Female Spartan in Doa 4 really surprised me and was very well done

Has to be sonic in smash bros brawl cause it was so surprising.

I can't wait for the Mortal Kombat episode. There are so many guest characters and r they are all unique!

Tf MJ doing in the thumbnail?

It's not that hard to faithfully translate Negan, or "big guy with baseball bat," at all when you just have to make sure he hits hard.

Mortal Kombat 11 OWES me that Freddy vs Jason Crossover!!! And were getting Walking Dead X Tekken

i still own and use my Street Fighter x Tekken Piggy bank arcade lol

I would totally watch this as a continued series talking about more examples.

I can't believe I never knew Michael Jackson was in a fighting game. Where has this been all my life.

"more or less true" "arguably true" dude come on bro its true dog lol

Doesn't Nintendo technically own Bayonetta at this point?

Damn it, I keep forgetting that Michael Jackson really loved video games.

They need to make a ready to tumble 3, those games were so much fun

Liu Kang is the main character of Mortal Kombat from a plot standpoint

MUSIC AT 16:50????

6:35 "The first time the street fighter universe was in the third dimension"? You literally just mention SFXT which is 3D

As in 3D movement. Not referring to the models

Crossovers in fighting games have always been exciting to me. I guess the reason for this is because the very first video game that really got me into gaming was Super Smash Bros Brawl. The thing was me and my brother are Sonic fans but didn't know anything about other series like Mario, Zelda, or Kirby but our half brothers did showed us the E3 trailer of Brawl and we thought it looked cool and had vivid memories of playing Melee from time to time whenever we visit there house but we oddly kind of didn't really too too much interest in the game (despite thinking that Meta Knight looks like the coolest thing ever) until Sonic was announced in the game, which then changed everything. Once I got Brawl, I then became a new fan of many many series. Kirby, Zelda, Mario, Star Fox, F-Zero, and I explored to many other franchises that were from other companies like Metal Gear (since I though Snake was cool in Brawl), Megaman, Pac-Man, Klonoa, Castlevania, Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur, soooo many to list. And of course being a sucker to the Crossover kind of games, I of course took a liking to the Capcom vs series. Anyways, I absolutely love this video. Can't wait for a potential part 2.

MGS2 was on GameCube bud.

Stumblebee Oh you’re right I’m wrong lol. I was thinking of Twin Snakes lol.

Link? Are you sure you're not thinking of the MGS1 remake?

3:20 snape lol

I thought it was pretty cool to have Ryo from Art of Fighting be a secret character in Fatal Fury Special!

Little Mac looks like a retarded gargoyle

That's MICHAEL Buffer, Bruce is his brother (and UFC announcer)

Marvel did have a character named Abyss

12:40 So he finds a way to suck at whatever the boxing equivalent is to free-throwing?

Like how this guy pretty much shows all the Smash Game Rosters but doesn't show Smash 4

Pfffft, The best guest character in a fighting games is obviously Obama in Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation.

Does bayo even really count as a third party character anymore

I went back and forth on that, actually. Yeah she's a sega character but with nintendo publishing on the second and third bayonettas. I made sure to tuck her away in the back, just to be safe.

So hyped you mentioned Ready 2 Rumble. I loved that game as a kid!

I feel like you didn't mention some earlier guest characters since you started with snake. Gon in Tekken and Pepsiman in Fighting Vipers come to mind. I thought you'd go over the earliest example of a guest character then go from there. Dreammix TV Fighters could have gotten a mention too. Also Ruby Heart did show up in the cartoon OK KO as a fighting game character which was a nice reference

2:37 Red Steel was a good series, Red Steel 2 mostly, its one of the few third party games that really made use of the motion controls. Hope they'll do a Red Steel 3 on Switch

Norimaru taking selfies before selfies were popular.

Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series.


+Stumblebee thanks

Sure thing. Here you go bud:

Parm Mann Turtles in a half shell.

paper mario isnt mario

Liked just because the bojack intro

I just wanted to see why mj was in the thumbnail

There is an X-Men villain named Abyss that was one of Apocalypse's generals in the Age of Apocalypse alternate timeline, but I don't know if there is any correlation between him and the boss from MVC2.

wow I'm amazed MJ was actually involved in Ready 2 rumble

Talk about the Ninja Turtles and Hellboy guesting in Injustice 2 and Boogerman and Earthworm Jim in Clay Fighter.

Snake is the best guest character reveal in smash bros history. Change my mind

That's Michael Buffer... Not Bruce. Great video nonetheless.

A personal favorite crossover fighting game of mine would be BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. It's pretty niche in the gaming community as I've noticed most adult oriented genre audiences like racing, FPS and fighting tend to cater to Western or non-Japanese games.

ICP and other Psychopathic Records people were in Backyard Wrestling

I think it's interesting to mention that the King of Fighters franchise started as a crossover game not unlike Smash originally was.

One thing that should be important to note about Smash guest characters, is that it seems like the guest character needs to be connected to Nintendo in some way, if any at all. Whether it'd be their series originating from a Nintendo console, or having at least one of their games included on one, it seems that's how they are usually accepted for Smash. But it's not to say that this rule could be real and may be meant to be broken at some point, who knows.

+mikejonesnoreally The original series where Persona came from, Shin Megami Tensei, started on the Famicon. Also the Persona Q spin off games on the 3DS.

What link is there between Persona and Nintendo??  Ah.  Wait, scratch that.  Answered my own question.  :)

I'm fond of Ruby Heart. She's one of the few things i still like from MvC2. I'm glad Capcom hasn't forgotten her at least.

I got into fighting games when i bought soul calibur 2 because it had link on the cover. Good times

I like them but they can be slightly depressing like Freddy in one mk and Jason in the next.... LoL

_Better_ be a dedicated Def Jam episode.

Capcom lets some of their greatest characters just fall off

Please do a video on the def jam games!

DOA 5 by the time the final version of the game and all the DLC were released, you had 4 Virtua Fighter characters, 2 Ninja Gaiden characters, Mai from Fatal Fury, and a Dynasty Warriors character as guests.


Those people reacting to their favourite character announced are sad, immature, stupid and CRINGE. Retarded people ruin everything.

I stumbled upon one of your videos from reddit, these are great! I'd be curious your take on whether or not you think the fighting game genre as a whole is a niche genre or not. I have been in a longstanding debate about it among my friends who seem to think that they are. And they're not alone in their thinking!

Huh, interesting. It's definitely not niche. Maybe at the upper level of play, sure. But when I think about niche genres, I think about stuff like Zachtronics or Sim games.

yongyea in witness protection after bethesda sends irl dark brotherhood to his house.

But Smash is a Party Game not a Fighting game

I kind of would like to see a video on the cameos of Akuma And some my favorite guest characters would be the Soul series guests, megaman and zero in onimusha blade warriors, megaman in sfxt, the 3rd party characters of smash, and a couple others that are escaping me at the moment I am personally waiting for the TMNT fighting game with Usagi Yojimbo or a Kamen Rider 2d fighter

loved the video, but i feel you went on a tangent at the end, because the video was a guest characters in fighting games, and it somehow ended about originals characters in mvc2. Which is fine, i really hope you do talk about the grand daddy of all guest characters series, King of Fighters.

2:49 I like how in the montage you just skiped Sm4sh.

wanted to subscribe but you didn't want to include the music used in the video... BIG no no. You should ALWAYS do this, especially if you truly enjoyed your experiences with that music. Music is a large part of why we enjoy much of the media, and it's really disrespectful to the artists as well as the content to just not leave a reference.

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